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81. Families Together In New York State
General special ed. Consortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in special education (CADRE an article from the Journal of Emotional and Behavioral disorders.
FTNYS Toll-Free Information Referral Line: Publications, Guides, and Reports General Children's Mental Health Information
Parent and Youth Rights
Family Support Resources

Youth-Youth Development, Support, Leadership ...
Evaluations or Outcome Measurements
General Children's Mental Health Information Reports
President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health Report
- Achieving the Promise: Transforming Mental Health Care in America
Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General

Unmet Need for Mental Health Care Among U.S. Children: Variation by Ethnicity and Insurance Status
-from the American Journal of Psychiatry
NYS Assembly Report "Broken Promises Broken Lives: A Report on the Status of the Mental Health Delivery System in New York State" 2002
presented by Martin Luster, retired NYS Assemblyman.
The Bazelon Center: States Failing to Meet Children's Mental Health Needs Spending Too Much on Mental Illness in All the Wrong Places
- A report from Michael Hogan, Ph.D., chair of the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health Forming and Sustaining Statewide Juvenile Justice Collaborations -A guide from the National Assembly of Health and Human Service Organizations/National Collaboration for Youth.

82. Prevention Plan And Model For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) From Burns A
Boukind E, Moussaoui D. Post traumatic stress disorder in I and II psychiatric disorders after traumatic early predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder a 1

83. MASSON, S.A. - Portada
it a predictor of posttraumatic stress disordered as a simple dissociative and also somatoform disorders and PTSD this association, paying special attention to

84. LBE6
David B. Posen, MD The National Center for posttraumatic stress Disorder Families for Educators Sources of stress and professional Eating disorders.
Links to a Better Education
Links updated and verified 5/19/04 General Tips Study Skills Note-taking Listening ... A Call for More Study Skills Instruction Joan Sedita, M.Ed., Director, Landmark Outreach Training Program
Speech Anxiety
Speakers Anxiety University of South Florida
Speakers Anxiety
Sam Houston State University
Speech Anxiety
University of South Florida
Speech Anxiety
University of Iowa
Speech Anxiety
Maui Community College, Hawaii
Speech Anxiety
Biological Unhappiness
Speech Anxiety
Montgomery College
Speech Anxiety
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Speech Anxiety
University of Central Florida
Fear of Public Speaking
Phobias Cured Go Ask Alice!: Fear of public speaking Columbia University Rothbaum virtually tackles fear of public speaking Emory University Maggie's Fear of Public Speaking St. Edwards University Overcoming Speech Anxiety U Texas Civil Engineering How to Overcome Speech Anxiety University of Rochester Lenny Laskowski Combating Speech Anxiety by Myles Martel University of Maryland-Baltimore County How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear Morton C. Orman, M.D.

85. 305 Seventh Avenue - 16th Floor, New York , NY 10001-6008
Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Coping Skills, SelfInjurious Behavior, Dissociative disorders, Panic Disorder, Posttraumatic stress Disorder. special Services
Seventh Avenue - 16th Floor, New York NY Phone 212-647-1890 Fax 212-647-1865 CLINICAL DIRECTORY CALIFORNIA Name: Francis R. Abueg Institution: Trauma Resource Consulting ( TresCon Department: Suite Street: Sargent Drive City, State, Zip: Sunnyvale CA Office Phone: Fax: Same as above E-Mail: Primary Profession: Resch Clc Psogist , Nat Ctr for PTSD Secondary Profession: Clc Fac , Stanford U Sch of Med Ph.D., 86 Field: Cl Psych Granting: SUNY, Binghamton License Since: Lic CA Cl Psych Certificates: Sex Ther Populations: Adolescents (13 - 17), Adults (18 - 64), Couples Specialties: Addictive Behavior, Alcohol Abuse, Anger, Group Therapy, Trauma, Violence, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Practice Philosophy: Direct psychological services to individuals, couples and families. Corporate and forensic evaluation and consultation. Updated: December 5, 2001 Name: Frank W. Allen Street: 208 Mesa Ln City, State, Zip: Santa Barbara CA Office Phone: Profession: Clinical Psychologist Primary Profession: Cl Psogist Internship and/or Post Doctoral Training: University of Colorado Denver Veterans Administration Hospital Ph.D., 73

86. Pubsacierno
Psychobiology of posttraumatic stress Disorder. Journal of Anxiety disorders, 13, 1-3 Posttraumatic stress disorder Prevalence, risk factors, and comorbidity
Ron Acierno's Recent Publications
Last updated July 25, 2002
  • Acierno, R. (in press). Elder mistreatment: Epidemiological assessment methodology. National Academy of Sciences, Invited Manuscript. Journal of Clinical Geropsychology Techniques of behavior therapy . Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy. Academic Press. Role-Playing . Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy. Academic Press. Journal of Anxiety Disorders Reinforcement sampling . Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy. Academic Press. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. Understanding Research in Clinical and Counseling Psychology: A Textbook . Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Clinical behavior therapy: Adults and children Journal of Traumtic Stress Kilpatrick, D.G., Seymour, A., Acierno, R., Resnick, H. (in press). Chapter 8: Trauma Assessment and Intervention. National Victim’s Academy Textbook . Office for Victims of Crime. Trauma of sexual assault Psychobiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder . Annals, New York Academy of Sciences. Trauma, PTSD, and health risk behaviors Journal of Traumatic Stress Diagnosis, conceptualization, and treatment planning for adults: A step-by-step guide

87. Alliance: Factsheets: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
posttraumatic stress disorders A Handbook for Clinicians
SA Awareness Month Announcements Resource Guide Research ... NCVC "Get Help" General Information Posttraumatic Stress Disorder This information was created by the National Center for Victims of Crime. It is included for informational purposes only, and has not been reviewed by The Alliance. Overview Criminal victimization can cause both short-term and long-term stress reactions. When a person survives a crisis such as a violent crime, there may be residual trauma and stress reactions. Many people who experience long-term stress reactions continue to function. Those who are unable to function within a normal range, or have difficulties may be suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can occur at any age.. The estimated prevalence of PTSD among adult Americans is 7.8%, with women (10.4%) twice as likely as men (5%) to have PTSD at some point in their lives. (National Center for PTSD, 2000). Survivors of crime, whether they are direct victims or the family members of victims, will experience a variety of emotional consequences. Dr. Morton Bard (1986) has described a victim's reaction to crime as the

88. - Resources More Reading For Psychologists
current knowledge about posttraumatic stress disorders and its Risk factors for posttraumatic stress disorder National Center for posttraumatic stress Disorder
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... Introduction
by APA Practice Directorate
American Psychiatric Association. (1987). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(4th ed.). Washington, D.C: Author
Bandura, A. (1989). Human agency in social cognitive theory. American Psychologist, 44, 1175-1184.
Breznitz, S. (Ed.)(1983). The Denial of Stress. New York: International Universities Press.
Denoon, D. (2001). In Crisis of Spirit, Character Strengths Emerge [On-line]. Available:
Desivilya, H. S., Gal, R., Ayalon, O. (1996). Extent of victimization, traumatic stress symptoms, and adjustment of terrorist assault survivors: A long-term follow-up. Journal-of-Traumatic-Stress. 9(4), 881-889.
Fullerton, C. S.; Ursano, R. J., Kao, T., Bharitya, V. R. (1999). Diaster-related bereavement: Acute symptoms and subsequent depression. Aviation, Space, and Environmental-Medicine, 70(9), 902-909. Kobasa, S.C. (1979). Stressful life events and health: An inquiry into hardiness. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 37, 1-11. Mallonnee, S., Shariat, S., Stennies, G., Waxweiler, R., Hogan, D. and Jordan, F. (1996). Physical injuries and fatalities resulting from the Oklahoma City bombing. Journal of the American Medical Association, 276, 382-87.

89. Tim Dalgleish's Publications To 3/98
in the world in eating disorders A preliminary in children and adolescents with posttraumatic stress Disorder Psychological Posttraumatic stress Disorder.
DALGLEISH, T. (1993). The effect of threat-related priming on memory. Irish Journal of Psychology, 14, 561-575. DALGLEISH, T. (1994). The relationship between anxiety and memory biases for material that has been selectively processed in a prior task. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 32, 227-231. DALGLEISH, T. (1994). The appraisal of threat and the process of selective attention in clinical and sub-clinical anxiety states: theoretical issues. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 1, 153-164. DALGLEISH, T. (1995). Performance on the emotional Stroop task in groups of anxious, expert and control subjects: A comparison of computer and card presentation formats. Cognition and Emotion, 9. 341-362. DALGLEISH, T. (in press). Cognitive theories of PTSD. In W. Yule (Ed.), Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Chichester: Wiley. DALGLEISH, T. (1997). An anti-anti-essentialist theory of emotion: A reply to Kupperman. Philosophical Psychology, 10, 85-90. DALGLEISH, T. (1997). Once more with feeling: The role of emotion in self-deception. Behavioural and Brain Sciences [commentary], 20, 110-111. Neshat-Doost, N., Taghavi, R, Moradi, Yule, W., DALGLEISH, T. (1997). The performance of clinically depressed children and adolescents on the modified Stroop paradigm. Personality and Individual Differences, 23, 753-759.

90. Editorial - Volume 2002-1
The two papers in this special edition provide the results of ongoing stressresponse syndromes a review of posttraumatic stress and adjustment disorders.
Volume 2002-1
The Australasian Journal of Disaster
and Trauma Studies
ISSN: 1174-4707
Volume :
Christine Stephens, School of Psychology, Massey University, New Zealand. Email:
Volume :
Christine Stephens, PhD
School of Psychology,
Massey University
New Zealand
Health benefits of the disclosure of emotions about traumatic experiences:
What is the evidence and potential for therapeutic benefits?
There is a body of work that provides empirical support for a relationship between talking or writing about traumatic events and health outcomes. Several studies, both correlational and experimental, have shown that the inhibition of traumatic experiences is detrimental to health and that talking or writing about a trauma has positive effects on psychological and physical health. Janoff-Bulman (1992) has described a model of adaptation to trauma which is also based on the notion of cognitive schemas. The theory holds that people have core assumptions about the self and world which guide their day to day functioning. These schemas are inherently conservative - individuals will first try to fit new information to existing schemas - and extraordinary events involve the development of revised schemas that will account for the new information, preserve self-worth and the ability to cope with emotions. This development process, as in Horowitz' model requires time. According to Janoff-Bulman, talking about and sharing trauma-related thoughts and feelings, provides opportunities for trauma victims to work through their experience.

91. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And The Elderly - Old Age Psychiatrist Issue 27
A review of posttraumatic stress and adjustment disorders. Handbook of Traumatic stress Syndromes (eds illness in inpatients with posttraumatic stress disorder
The Royal College of Psychiatrists Charity Registration Number 228636
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Site Map References Further reading ... Mental Health Info
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Elderly
Dr Walter Busuttil
Co-Director Trauma Service
Priory Ticehurst House
Hon. Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, Kent Institute of Medicine and Health Studies
Little empirical work has been performed evaluating the demographics, clinical presentation, assessment, diagnosis and management of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the elderly (Cook et al, 2001). With an ageing population that will continue to live longer, greater clinical knowledge and more research into all aspects of Post Traumatic Stress Syndromes in the ageing population is desirable and overdue. The Aging Process and Coping with Trauma
Trauma theorists have commented upon the shifting of coping strategies following traumatisation. Traumatisation shifts coping-style from a pre-traumatisation balance of problem-solving-focussed coping and emotion focussed coping to a more emotion focussed stance. Similarly psychological traumatisation is said to shift locus of control from internality to externality (Lazarus, 1966; Rotter, 1966; Novaco et al, 1983). In the elderly these are important theoretical concepts. This is because a significant proportion of the population who are traumatised during their younger years manage to cope and function by maintaining a rigid problem-solving-focussed stance in their coping style and maintain an internal locus of control.

92. Children, Community And Post-Traumatic Stress
personality (including multiple personality) disorders and seizure JOURNAL OF TRAUMATIC stress, 1(4), 445 The posttraumatic response in children and adolescents
Children, Community Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress
The Ohio State University
Carol Ford Arkin, Ph.D., Columbus Children's Hospital Quick to anger, trouble paying attention, disinterestedthese behaviors in children demand adult intervention. Problem behaviors in children derive from many sources. One potential factor affecting too many children today is the physiological and psychological aftereffects of witnessing or being a victim of a traumatic event. Traumatic stress comes in many forms and a full range of intensities, as do children's responses to it. Not all children who have experienced or witnessed trauma will exhibit behavior problems. Increasing adults understanding of the effects of trauma hopefully will enable them to better help children who experience problems. RESPONSE TO TRAUMA Children's responses to trauma may vary according to the source and circumstances of the trauma and the circumstances of the child. Generally speaking, children who experience or witness extreme threat respond with symptoms that fit into four general categories (Terr, 1991; Pynoos and Nader, 1988): They may have strong memories that repeatedly intrude on their normal functioning.

93. Calendar
7 Personality disorders ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic stress. Management of Behavioral and Emotional disorders. areas of special Education will
Management of Behavioral and Emotional Disorders: ED 678 CALENDAR Calendar Assignments Syllabus Instructor ... Practicum
ED 678 Class 2002, SON 105, Meeting times and Topics Aug 29 Course Introduction: Teachers Role in Identification, Tribes Chapter 1 and 2 Sept.5 TRIBES, Tribes Chapter 3 and 4 Sept.12 VIDEO: The Way Home- Pearl Leonard Rock Sept.19 Conduct Disorders, aggressive students, anger management, DSMIV p.66-68 ARTICLE REVIEWS BEGIN Sept. 26 Oppositional Disorder, Antisocial Behavior, DSMIV p.68-69 Sept. 28/29 Monarch Retreat: Finding the Best in Ourselves Oct.3 DUE: PORTFOLIO ENTRIES Oct 10 Oct 17 Managing Depression, Bipolar Moods and Suicide, Young 5, DSMIV p. 161-172. Oct 24 Major disorders of the brain such as Autism and Schizophrenia, Young 6, DSMIV p.147-155 Oct 31 Nov 7 Personality Disorders: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Nov. 14 Working with Parents, Young 12 Nov. 21 Nov. 28 THANKSGIVING VACATION Dec 5 Working with Agencies and Organizations, Young 13

94. Education World® - *Social Sciences : Psychology : Disorders : Anxiety / Stress
Posttraumatic Therapy Frank M. Ochberg. stress Signs Often Missed In Victims Of Violent Crime HTML document about undetected post traumatic stress disorder L

95. Education World® - *Social Sciences : Psychology : Disorders : Anxiety / Stress
1 total subcategories. Displaying 1 1 . Posttraumatic stress Disorder. There are 81 entries in this category. Displaying 1 - 25. Anxiety disorders .

96. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Bibliography
causes and characteristics of Posttraumatic stress Disorder Challenges of Life with Veterans Suffering posttraumatic stress. Journal of Traumatic stress, Plenum Bibliography.htm
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Bibliography In association with "The PTSD Bibliography: Because so many of these books serve survivors across categories, we have not attempted to classify them. Rather what appears here is an all-inclusive list sorted into only four categories: Books, Brochures, Journals, and Articles. Books Many of these books are written for a readership of therapy professionals. However, even those may have significant value for readers who are survivors or survivors' friends and family. The following list of books is annotated only when its title seems to inadequately describe its content. While many of the books listed below are out of print, they can still be found in libraries. Coffey, Rebecca. For survivors : “What, at a minimum, should I expect from a therapist? What, at a minimum, should a therapist do to meet those expectations? How far can I trust my version of reality? How far can I trust my therapist's version? What does the controversy about disinterred memories of childhood trauma imply for me in my selection of a therapist? What is recovery from psychological trauma? And how will I know when I have achieved it?”. For survivors’ friends, family, and therapists

97. American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. - Trance And Treatment
Miscellaneous behavior disorders. treatment of acute stress disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and They continue to stress the importance of individual

98. Substance Use Disorder And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
posttraumatic stress disorder in World War II Posttraumatic stress disorder in substance abuse patients abuse patients withposttraumatic stress disorder The

99. School Psychology Resources Online Index
on emotional trauma, including Posttraumatic stress Disorder (PTSD National Center for Post Traumatic stress home page Preventing Mental disorders in SchoolAge
Index (L -Z) Go to: Main What's New Awards Full A - Z Index ... A - K Index All index pages are Bobby approved for accessibility to visually disabled visitors. Use the Find feature of your browser to search for topics by keyword. For example, to find references to deafness, use the Find feature with the keyword, deaf. Words in brackets, e.g. [Deaf and Hard of Hearing] correspond to the table of contents headings on the main page of School Psychology Resources Online.
Alphabetical Index (L - Z)
LD Online - interactive guide to learning disabilities. [Learning Disabilities]
LD Resources
- resources for people with learning disabilities. [Learning Disabilities]
Library In The Sky
- sponsored by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. Comprehensive information on attention deficit disorder. [Learning Disabilities]
Live Wire Media
- guidance videos [Vendors]
Liszt: the mailing list directory
[Listservs (mailing lists)]
Louisiana School Psychological Association.
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LRP Publications
- IDEA 97 final regulations. [Law and Education]
Lucky Duck Publishing
- materials on bullying and behavior mangement [Vendors]
Maryland School Psychologists' Association
- MSPA [School Psychology Sites]
Massachusetts School Psychologists' Association
- MSPA [School Psychology Sites]
Medlineplus: Attention Deficit Disorder
- Hosted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, this Web site presents a broad array of solid information on the disorder that has been gathered from a variety of sources. [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder]

100. Comment On Revised Medical Criteria For Evaluating Mental Disorders
is the criteria for Post Traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD the particular symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, (PTSD of the anxietyrelated disorders, has a

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