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41. What Is The Special Needs Information Center
posttraumatic stress Disorder. special Planning for special People (filmed on a school for Young Children with Autism spectrum disorders Recommendations for
Special Needs Information Center A Project Funded With Support From the Zionsville Education Foundation What is the Special Needs Information Center? The Special Needs Information Center provides faculty, staff, parents and community members with easy access information about special needs. It is hoped that access to this information will help our community provide the most appropriate education and environment for all students. If you have questions about the Sepecial Needs Information Center please contact Kim Abel at How Does the Special Needs Information Center Work? The Special Needs Information Center is housed in the office area of the Pleasant View Elementary library. Current videos and/or written materials defining special needs and addressing current best practices for addressing those needs are stored by subject in multimedia bags appropriate for storage and circulation. Materials may be requested by contacting Kim Abel PVLE Librarian 873-2376 ext. 17022 Materials will be sent through school mail or may be picked up at Pleasant View Lower Elementary.

42. Welcome To! Disability Information
for each Scout with special needs). Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Early Childhood disorders, Obesity. Autism, Fibromyalgia, posttraumatic stress Syndrome (or post-traumatic
Early On Lead Poisoning Positive Behavior Support No Child Left Behind ... Detroit Parent Network Where to find help for a child in Michigan Anywhere in the U.S. , or Canada What's New? Help Text Menu ... Translate Last Updated: Disability, Disorder and Disease Information Featured Resources E-ssential Guides: Topic-specific PDF Booklets - Each guide focuseson a specific topic and includes articles and expert interviews, along with suggested resources. Download a guide, print, and go! Find articles on the latest research from the National Institutes of Child Health and Development - click here The National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) Check out their health topics A- Z or search their downloadable publications database Gelart XTRA - A seating and standing system developed for children with movement disorders like cerebral palsy or spina bifida. Click on a topic below to get started:

43. ISTSS History References
Irrational reactions to posttraumatic stress disorder and Viet term study of posttraumatic neuroses in CR Figley (ed.), stress disorders among Vietnam veterans
References Countertransference in the Treatment of PTSD . New York: Guilford. Armstrong, L. (1994.) Rocking the cradle of sexual politics. Reading, MA: Addison Wesley. Askevold, F. (1976). The war sailor syndrome. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics The crime victim's book . New York: Brunner/Mazel. Issues in law enforcement: essays and case studies. Reston, VA: Reston Publishing Company. Bastiaans, J. (1974). The KZ-syndrome: A thirty-year study of the effects on victims of Nazi concentration camps. Revue de Medecine et Chirurgie 78, 573-580. Post-traumatic stress disorder in children. Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Press. The trauma of war: Stress and recovery in Viet Nam veterans (pp.69-98). Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Press. International handbook of traumatic stress syndromes (pp. 915-924). New York: Plenum Press.

44. Ed Psyc Central: Birth - Grade 12 General & Special Education
Related Resources; National Organization for Rare disorders; CHADD); National Center for Post Traumatic stress Disorder; Corey H. Updates; special ed Law Regular

Educational Technology
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45. Kids In Mind - About Staff - Manager And Directors
Emotional Distress / Post Traumatic stress Disorder in Children in early onset ed and clinical Australian Paediatric Eating disorders special Interest Group;

46. Internship5
Risk Youth with special Emphasis on Individual Therapy with Adults, Character disorders. State University, 1991; posttraumatic stress Disorder, particularly
CONSORTIUM STAFF BY AGENCY CENTER FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTS Bertram, Chris, Psy.D. , University of Denver, 1998; Child and Adult Therapy and Assessment, Family Therapy, Systems Perspective. Donelson, Earle, Ph.D. , Kent State University, 1997; Individual, Group, Couples
Therapy, Adult Assessment. Gentry, Sonny, Ph.D. , Memphis State University, 1982; Individual, Group and
Marital Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology. CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES Murphy, Laura O., Ed.D. , University of Memphis, 1985; Chief of Psychology
Department, Childhood and Adolescent Assessment and Psycho-Educational Intervention, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Positive Behavioral Supports, Interdisciplinary Consultation.
Paavola, James C., Ph.D. , University of Texas at Austin, 1972; Child and Adolescent Assessment, Psycho-Educational Intervention, Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions, Interdisciplinary Consultation. Todd, Janet L., J.D., Ph.D. , University of Kentucky, 1997; Project Coordinator of UT Center of Excellence, Child and Adolescent Assessment, Psycho-Educational Intervention, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Interdisciplinary Consultation, Special Education Law. Wilson, William M., M.A.

47. Fetal Neonatal Ed. -- Collections
Personality disorders Posttraumatic stress Disorder Psychogeriatrics Sexual and gender disorders Sexually transmitted Postgraduate Hospital special needs of

Archives of Disease in Childhood - Fetal and Neonatal Edition Collections
Beginning with the September 1998 issue, all articles in Fetal Neonatal Ed. are assigned to topical areas originally devised for the electronic version of BMJ . Please check back here frequently to see these collections grow.
BMJ USA - March 2004 (4002)
Accident and Emergency Medicine
Other Anesthesia
Cardiovascular Medicine
Congenital heart disease
Heart Failure
Ischemic heart disease
Valve diseases
Venous Thromboembolism
Other Cardiovascular Medicine
Drugs: cardiovascular system
Chronic diseases
Complementary Medicine
Critical Care / Intensive Care
Dentistry and Oral Medicine
Therapeutic - see individual specialties
Adverse drug reactions
Pharmacology and toxicology
Emergency Medicine
Other Endocrinology
Drugs: endocrine system
Evidence Based Practice
Changing physician behavior
Radiological diagnosis - see Imaging Techniques
Colorectal disease
Gastro-esophageal reflux
Stomach and duodenum
Helicobacter Pylori
Small intestine
Pancreas and biliary tract
Liver, including hepatitis

48. Review - Treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder ...
focuses on assessment general strategies, the special role of Treating posttraumatic stress disorder A handbook and practice manual for Anxiety disorders.
Book Review
Treating post-traumatic stress disorder:
A handbook and practice manual for therapy
The Australasian Journal of Disaster
and Trauma Studies
Volume : 1997-3
Review of:
Treating post-traumatic stress disorder:
A handbook and practice manual for therapy
by : Donald Meichenbaum
(1997) John Wiley: Brisbane.
Reviewed by: Kevin R. Ronan
Department of Psychology
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Reducing stress in working with PTSD clients: The value of a practitioner's guidebook.
The amount of empirically-based attention directed towards Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since its inception in DSM in 1980 has been extensive. The book Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Handbook and Practice Therapy Manual for Therapy Owing to the fact that the book is largely an attempt at organizing numerous handouts, it is important for the reader to read the Prologue/Introduction to get oriented. Some effort has gone into organizing these handouts in a manner that has a logical flow. As a consequence, the book contains eight "sections" as they are referred to that focus on epidemiology/diagnosis, a narrative conceptualization of PTSD, and assessment followed by general and specific treatment procedures and finishing with some additional information/resources. Each section also finishes with a section called "Testing Your Expertise" designed to help consolidate learning from that section. The second section offers a narrative perspective on PTSD from a constructivist epistemological perspective. This section is brief but can be valuable when used within an empirically-based treatment approach. One area of particular value that the handbook goes into some detail on is the use of metaphor as part of cognitive reframing that can give some meaning to events that are sometimes hard to understand. In our own work with anxiety-disordered children and adolescents, we have found that children benefit by being able to call upon their own "Fear Force" or other superhero when coping with emotional reactions to fearful (or related) stimuli including traumatic events (e.g., Kendall et al., 1992; Ronan & Deane, 1997). A strength of this section is in providing lists of examples to describe various emotional states (e.g, metaphors for hypersensitivity, psychic numbing, intrusive ideation, loss) as well as a long list of "healing" metaphors.

49. The Daily, Friday, September 5, 2003. Canadian Community Health Survey: Canadian
Forces Mental Health Survey, a special supplement to of five mental disorders major depression, social phobia, posttraumatic stress disorder, panic

Friday, September 5, 2003
Canadian Community Health Survey: Canadian Forces supplement on mental health
On September 3, 2003, the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) released the first national results on mental health and well-being. Data are available today from the Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey, a special supplement to the CCHS. The target population of the CCHS itself does not include full-time members of the Canadian Forces. As a result, the Department of National Defence commissioned Statistics Canada to conduct a supplemental survey of armed forces personnel, including personnel on reserve status. This survey measured the prevalence of five mental disorders: major depression, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, and general anxiety disorder. It also measured the prevalence of alcohol dependence. Information and definitions related to this release can be found on the Statistics Canada website. According to the data, 15.1% of the Canadian regular military forces reported symptoms consistent with one or more of the five mental disorders covered in the survey, or alcohol dependence, at some time during the 12 months prior to the interview. The prevalence among the reserves was lower (12.7%). The survey found differences in the prevalence of various disorders between regular and reserve forces, and also found differences between rank and gender.

50. Nat'l Academies Press, Psychosocial Concepts In Humanitarian Work With Children:
TRY OUR special DISCOVERY ENGINE 2001 Posttraumatic stress disorder in the general population and Joseph, S. 1999 posttraumatic stress disorders in children
Read more than 3,000 books online FREE! More than 900 PDFs now available for sale HOME ABOUT NAP CONTACT NAP HELP ... ORDERING INFO Items in cart [0] TRY OUR SPECIAL DISCOVERY ENGINE Questions? Call 800-624-6242
Psychosocial Concepts in Humanitarian Work with Children: A Review of the Concepts and Related Literature
Committee on Population ( CPOP
Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xii Introduction and Contents of Report, pp. 1-23 References, pp. 24-28 Annotated Bibliography, pp. 29-128 About the Authors, pp. 129-132 GO TO PAGE:




CHAPTER PAGE SEARCH THIS BOOK: The following HTML text is provided to enhance online readability. Many aspects of typography translate only awkwardly to HTML. Please use the page image as the authoritative form to ensure accuracy.
Ager, A. 2001Responding to the psychosocial needs of refugees. Pp. 13-27 (vol. 1) in M. Loughry and A. Ager (Eds.), The refugee experience . Oxford: Refugee Studies Center. Agger, I., Jareg, E., Herzberg, H., Mimica, J., and Rebien, C. 1999

51. EDP Publications Since 1995
impact and posttraumatic stress disorder associated Group treatment for posttraumatic stress disorders Conceptualization, themes special series co-edited by
Educational and Counseling Psychology
Faculty Publications
(1995-present) Eric Anderman Anderman, E.M. (1999, September). Why do students cheat?  Boys' Life Anderman, E.M. (1998). The middle school experience:  Effects on the math and science achievement of learning disabled adolescents.  Journal of Learning Disabilities Advances in Motivation and Achievement , 303-337.  Greenwich, CT:  JAI Press. Contemporary Educational Psychology Elementary School Journal Contemporary Educational Psychology. Journal of Educational Psychology Journal of Adolescent Research Middle School Journal Journal of Early Adolescence Journal of Research and Development in Education Contemporary Educational Psychology Principal Journal of Research and Development in Education. Educational and Child Psychology Peace and Conflict:  Journal of Peace Psychology Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology Journal of Early Adolescence Contemporary Educational Psychology American Educational Research Journal Lynley Anderman Educational Psychologist Contemporary Educational Psychology Elementary School Journal Journal of Early Adolescence Contemporary Educational Psychology Kathleen Chard Clinical Psychology Review Group treatment for post-traumatic stress disorders Conceptualization, themes and processes

special Task Force on Vietnam Veterans. Chief consultant Horne and R. Watts (ed.) Australian Academic Post Traumatic stress disorders Cross culture perspectives
  • Post-Doctoral - Harvard University,
    Summer, 1974 - Moral Development Research and Assessment
    With Professor Lawrence Kohlberg Michigan State University,
    June 1973 - Ph.D. in Personality and Social Psychology
    Minor: Clinical Psychology Michigan State University,
    October 1971 - M.A.: With Honors and Distinction,
    Major: Personality and Social Psychology
    Minor: Clinical Psychology Baldwin-Wallace College,
    June 1969 - B.A.: Cum Laude with Honors and Distinction in Psychology
    Major: Psychology Minors: Philosophy and Biology
  • Professor, Department of Psychology, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. 1981 - Present Director , Center for Stress and Trauma, Behavior Management Associates. Beachwood, OH. 1990 - Present Executive Director, Forensic Center for Traumatic Stress,1998 Int'l Advisory Board, European University on Mental Health and Human Rights

53. Anxiety And Stress Disorders Institute Of Maryland (ASDI), LLP
Information, treatment and training for excessive worrying, anxiety disorders, stressrelated disorders, and post-traumatic disorders.
Home Page

ASDI's Specializations

Professional Staff

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Treatment of Depression

Dealing With Worry

What Is Panic Disorder?
Dealing with Panic ... Specific Phobias OTHER COMMUNICATIONS Community Resources Commentary About Drug Treatment How To Live A Rational Life Terrorism and YouThe Real Odds ... Health Anxiety Your Mental Health Resource: Home Page Virtual Office of Gibson Building
Welcome to The Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland, LLP

Devoted to women's physical and emotional health vaginismus, sexual sysfunctions, pelvic pain, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, sexual abuse, PMS, sex therapy, menopause, female adolescent problems, incontinence, eating disorders, depression, posttraumatic stress, anxiety panic attacks, fibromyalgia, adoption infertility counseling.
Devoted To Women's Physical and Emotional Health
Ditza Katz, PT, Ph.D. Ross Lynn Tabisel, CSW, Ph.D.
54-A Sunnyside Blvd., Plainview, NY 11803
Phone (516) 576-1118 Fax (516) 576-8876 Email:
Have you seen us in Private Pain - NBC's News segment about Vaginismus?
Did you read about us in Glamour
W elcome to WOMEN'S THERAPY CENTER! We offer a unique body-mind treatment approach to the following health concerns of women:
  • Vaginismus
  • Dyspareunia
  • Vulvodynia
  • Vulvar Vestibulitis
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Female Adolescent Problems
Treatment is intense and uninterrupted, with both professionals present for the duration of the session so that any emotional and physical concern may be addressed right on the spot. Therapeutic approaches include hands-on intervention, sex therapy, counseling, guidance in the areas of self-care and personal hygiene, urogynecologic/sexual care, patient and partner education, and alternative medicine. The ultimate goal is to enable the patient to lead a healthy life. Our patients favorably comment about their extreme comfort and confidence in the fact that the treatments are rendered exclusively by women for women, unlike their past experiences with male practitioners where openness and expression of feelings were difficult and embarrassing.

55. The Brain Dynamics Centre
he goal of this Centre is to shed light on the workings of the human brain. The disorders studied include ADHD, posttraumatic stress disorder, social phobia, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, Parkinson's disease, and traumatic brain injury.

56. Mental Disorders
Treatment of Posttraumatic stress Disorder Expert Consensus Guidelines. On post-traumatic stress Disorder - APA Online (US). Dissociative disorders.
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Diseases and Disorders Links pertaining to Mental Disorders Alert! Patients and laypersons looking for guidance among the target sources of this collection of links are strongly advised to review the information retrieved with their professional health care provider. Start Page Contents: Anxiety Disorders Asperger Syndrome Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity Autistic Disorder ... Trichotillomania
Mental Disorders About Mental Disorders - Internet Mental Health (US) SAMHSA's Nat'l Mental Health Services Information Center - (US) Medical Emergencies in Psychiatry [G Clancy] - Virtual Hospital Mental Health Disorders - Mental Health Infosource (US) Search the PsiTri database (EBM related references on Mental Health Disorders) - (FI) Mental Health Information from the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) The Enpsychlopedia search service A guide and a Mental Disorder Symptom Index from Mental Help Net [JM Grohol] - (US) The Psychiatric Review of Symptoms: A Screening Tool for Family Physicians [DJ Carlat] - Am Family Phys, Nov '98

57. After The Diet--Helping Humans Overcome Eating Problems
Resources on nutrition and stressrelated problems, including eating disorders, weight management, PCOS, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder.
After the Diet™ Helping Humans Overcome Eating Problems Ayudando a Personas con Problemas Alimentarios "I learned that if I didn't respect and care for my body...I'd have no place to live." ~~After the Diet client Visit Our English Home Page Visit Our Spanish Home Page/Visite Nuestra Página Principal Español More About Us What's New ... Contact Us Join the After the Diet Network mailing list Email: P.O. Box 11985, Glendale, AZ 85318-1985 Phone: 623-486-0737 Fax: 253-559-2561 Last updated: April 2, 2004
Who Are We?/¿Quiénes Somos?
After the Diet™ is dedicated to helping humans overcome eating problems. We emphasize the word "human" because there is no such thing as perfect eating. When the pursuit of perfection becomes the focus of life, we lose the ability to be productive, loving, and involved in the world around us. We prefer to put the focus on a balance between healthy eating, exercise, and relationships with others. After the Diet™ se dedica a ayudando a problemas con problemas alimentarios. Ponemos énfasis en la palabra "humano" porque no existe una manera de comer perfectamente. Cuando perfección es el foco de la vida, se nos perdemos la habilidad de estar productivos, amorosos, y interesados en el mundo alrededor nosotros. Preferimos poner el foco en balance entre comer sanamente, actividad, y relaciones con otros.
Our Philosophy/Nuestra Filosofía
We are more than a place to learn about food!

58. Ami E. Hartley - Art Therapy And Counseling, San Francisco
Art therapy breaks through creative blocks for people struggling with life transitions, relationship issues, addictions, ACA / Codependency, depression, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, grief and loss.
Art Therapy Hypnosis Contact Are you feeling unsupported by your environment? Do you
feel anxious or depressed? Have you turned to addictive behavior to avoid feeling? Do you have difficulty forming and maintaining relationships? Maybe you feel unrewarded or abused in the workplace. In my interpersonal approach to therapy I do two things:
  • Listen in a deep and supportive manner.
  • Help you to strengthen your capacity to direct and guide yourself. In Couples Therapy I also help with communication skills and building trust and empathy. I am trained in art therapy and hypnotherapy, which I can integrate into our sessions or apply exclusively in either modality. I believe each of those who enter therapy are seeking a happier, more balanced life. All sexual orientations welcome. Degrees: M.A., M.P.S. Licenses: L.M.F.T. Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist license # MFC-31024 Certifications: C.A.S. (Certified Addictions Specialist), C.H.T. (Certified Hypnotherapist), A.T.R. (Registered Art Therapist) Areas of Emphasis:
    • Couples / Relationships / Families
    • Life Transitions
    • Employment Issues
    • Eating Disorders
    • Co-Dependency/ACA
    • Self-Esteem/Personal Growth
    • Hypnosis/EMDR
    • Addictions
    Theoretical Orientation:
    • Humanistic / Integrative / Control Mastery
    • Art Therapy / Hypnotherapy
  • 59. Books On PTSD // National Center For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    treatment of PTSD and related stress disorders. Ethnocultural Aspects of Posttraumatic stress Disorder Issues Adults with posttraumatic stress Disorder (PTSD
    Home Topics Facts Publications Documents Video Assessment About NCPTSD Most Popular Pages:
    Books on PTSD
    Recommended Titles for the VA Clinician by Fred Lerner, D.L.S., and Julian Ford, Ph.D There is no shortage of books on post-traumatic stress disorder. The National Center for PTSD has hundreds of them in our Resource Center. We have selected fifteen titles that, in our opinion, would form the backbone of the VA clinician's working library. Please consider this list just a beginning, and consult our Web site and PILOTS database for other books and articles in your particular areas of interest. PTSD in General In Traumatic Stress: The Effects of Overwhelming Experience on Mind, Body, and Society , edited by Bessel van der Kolk and colleagues, several of the world's leading experts on PTSD attempt to summarize the current state of knowledge about the effects of trauma on psychological, biological, and social systems, and to examine the interrelationships among these different realms. They present a range of treatment options that have been developed for different trauma populations over the past two decades. The scientific aspects of traumatic stress are covered by Matthew Friedman and colleagues in Neurobiological and Clinical Consequences of Stress . They examine basic science studies of stress from a variety of approaches, and describe animal models of neurobiological processes that have heuristic value for clinical theory on the pathophysiology of PTSD. Later chapters discuss laboratory and clinical abnormalities detected in human subjects exposed to normal stressors and in PTSD patients exposed to traumatic stressors. Research findings applicable to the detection, diagnosis, and psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy of PTSD are also reviewed.

    60. Forensic Psychology Expert - Jonathan R Aronoff Ph.D.
    Providing forensic services including psychological evaluations for posttraumatic stress disorders, record review, and expert witness testimony. Includes profile, publications, and presentations.


    Curriculum Vitae

    Contact Us
    Psychological Evaluations for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, Risk for Sexual Offending, Risk for Violence, Fitness to Parent, Custody, and Competency to Stand Trial
    Jonathan R. Aronoff, Ph.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    Board Certified Psychoanalyst
    Diplomate and Board Certified Forensic Examiner
    1 Clark Road
    Stockbridge, MA 01262
    Office: (413) 298-4544
    Fax: (413) 298-3790
    E-mail: Forensic services including psychological evaluations, consultation, and expert witness testimony in the following areas: Psychological Evaluations : Diagnosis and psychological profile, trauma and post-traumatic stress, risk for sexual violence, risk for non-sexual violence, fitness to parent, competency, and custody cases. Consultations : Review of psychological and psychiatric records.

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