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         Portuguese Literature:     more books (100)
  1. Kinship and Polity in the Poema de Mio Cid (Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures, Vol 2) by Michael Harney, 1993-05-01
  2. Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 9: Post-Imperial Camões (Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies)
  3. Adagio para o silencio. (Portuguese).(Review): An article from: World Literature Today by Malcolm Silverman, 2001-03-22
  4. Knowledge of Hell (Dalkey Portuguese Literature) by Antonio Lobo Antunes, 2008-03-18
  5. A Companion to Latin American Literature (Monografías A) (Monografías A) by Stephen M. Hart, 2007-09-20
  6. Cartas De Amor De LA Monja Portuguesa / Love Letter from a Portuguese Nun by Mariana Alcoforado, 2004-02
  7. Canaan (Classics of Brazilian Literature) by José Pereira da Graça Aranha, 2007-11-15
  8. Some notes on the Cortes Polyticas de Appolo by Agostinho Manuel de Vasconcelos. : An article from: Portuguese Studies by Diogo Ramada Curto, 2005-01-01
  9. Jorge de Sena on Cinema: some further insights into the genesis of O Fisico Prodigioso?(Critical Essay): An article from: Portuguese Studies by Mike Harland, 2004-01-01
  10. The subversion of history in Memorial do Convento.: An article from: Portuguese Studies by Ana Paula Arnaut, 1999-01-01
  11. Thirty-two Cantigas d'amigo of Dom Dinis: Typology of a Portuguese Renunciation by Rip Cohen, 1987-03
  12. Um Auto de Gil Vicente and the tradition of comedy.(Almeida Garrett's 1838 Portuguese drama): An article from: Portuguese Studies by T.F. Earle, 2002-01-01
  13. The Border: The Future of Postmodernity (Baja California Literature in Translation) by Sergio Gomez Montero, 1994-01
  14. Theme and Image in the Poetry of S¦a De Miranda (Oxford Modern Languages and Literature Monographs) by T. F. Earle, 1980-06

81. Portuguese Literature
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82. Portuguese Literature - Jose Saramago
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83. Faculty Of Arts: 3800B 6.0 - Portuguese Literature Of 20th Century
Faculty Of Arts. Portuguese Languages, Literatures Linguistics. Rm. S561 RossBldg., 736-5016. AS/POR 3800B 6.0 portuguese literature Of 20th Century.
Faculty Of Arts
Rm. S561 Ross Bldg., 736-5016
AS/POR 3800B 6.0 Portuguese Literature Of 20th Century
Differs from
printed Lecture Schedule Term Section LOI Type Meet Cat No. Days Time Room Instructors Y PO SEMR CANCELLED

84. Modern Spanish And Portuguese Literatures -
Modern Spanish and portuguese literatures (Library of Literary Criticism) reviews. ModernSpanish and portuguese literatures (Library of Literary Criticism).
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Women's Fiction
Modern Spanish and Portuguese Literatures
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85. Department Of Spanish And Portuguese
portuguese literature, Thought, and History since 1850. (Paper Pg. 5 inParts IB and II) Reading List. From the beginning of the nineteenth
Printer friendly version Applying Faculty Departments ... Facilities
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Home About the Department How to find and contact us Staff Profiles ... Societies
Portuguese Literature, Thought, and History since 1850
(Paper Pg. 5 in Parts IB and II) Reading List Prescribed texts and authors: Miguel Torga, Terra Firme, Mar, Selection of Contos; Os Maias; Florbela Espanca, Sonetos; and ; Maria Judite de Carvalho, Tanta Gente, Mariana As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor ; Almeida Garrett, ; Almeida Faria, O Conquistador; Paula Rego's paintings. Introductory Reading (Lisbon: Biblioteca Breve). A full Reading List for this paper is now available on-line Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages

University of Cambridge

Sidgwick Avenue,
Cambridge, CB3 9DA
Tel: 01223-335005
Fax: 01223-335062
Last updated on 08 January 2004 at 11:31

86. Portuguese Literature Awards
portuguese literature Awards. INSTITUTO PORTUGUÊS DO ORIENTE / IPOR Language,History, Anthropology, Political Science, International Relations.
Portuguese Literature Awards
    Language, History, Anthropology, Political Science, International Relations. Professional jornalism.
  • Literary prize for Portuguese presence in the Indian Pacific Region.
  • Literary translations in oriental languages. History or Portuguese heritage on the Navigations Era.
  • First work ( Poetry, Fiction, Novel ) in Portuguese.
      Books published in Japanese on Portuguese authour's translations or Portuguese studies.

  • The best international politics project relevant to Portuguese external relations.
    First work ( Poetry ) in Portuguese.


87. 2004/2005 Guide To Undergraduate Programs: Portuguese - Courses
320 Introduction to portuguese literature I (AL) (1st sem). 321 Introduction toportuguese literature II (AL) (2nd sem). 440 19thCentury portuguese literature.

Spanish and Portuguese
Portuguese Courses
Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese Faculty
The Courses
(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.) Note on Elementary and Intermediate Portuguese: No more than six credits may be earned for any combination of courses at the Elementary level (PORTUG 110, 120, 126). No more than six credits may be earned for any combination of courses at the Intermediate level (PORTUG 230, 240, 246). 110 Elementary Portuguese I (both sem) 120 Elementary Portuguese II (both sem) 126 Intensive Elementary Portuguese 6 cr 230 Intermediate Portuguese I (both sem) 240 Intermediate Portuguese II (both sem) 246 Intensive Intermediate Portuguese 6 cr 301 Conversational Portuguese I 309 Brazilian Women: A Multidisciplinary Approach (SBG) 311 Advanced Grammar 312 Advanced Composition 315 Portuguese Civilization 316 Brazilian Civilization 320 Introduction to Portuguese Literature I (AL) (1st sem) 321 Introduction to Portuguese Literature II (AL) (2nd sem) 322 Introduction to Brazilian Literature 408 Brazil in Film and Fiction (ALG) 425 Medieval and Renaissance Portuguese Literature 427 Literature of the Portuguese Overseas Expansion 440 19th-Century Portuguese Literature 446 20th-Century Portuguese Literature 450 Brazilian Literature to Romanticism 451 19th-Century Brazilian Literature 456 20th-Century Brazilian Literature Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese Faculty
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

88. 2004/2005 Guide To Undergraduate Programs: Portuguese
320 Introduction to portuguese literature I 321 Introduction to portuguese literatureII 322 Introduction to Brazilian Literature I. III. Upperlevel courses.

Spanish and Portuguese
Courses Spanish and Portuguese Faculty Contact: F. Fagundes or J. Ornelas
Office: 406 or 408 Herter Contact: D. Patai (Brazilian)
Office: 402 Herter
Phone: 545-2887
The Field
Majors and minors are encouraged to study abroad in a Portuguese-speaking country; advisers should be consulted.
The Major
The undergraduate major in Portuguese consists of 36 credits. None of these credits may be taken Pass/Fail, and a grade of "C" or better must be obtained in each course. Entering students who wish to major in Portuguese and are at the intermediate level are urged to take PORTUG 246, an intensive course that enables them to begin the major the following semester. I. Pre-major preparation: (6 credits)
301 Conversational Portuguese I
311 Advanced Portuguese Grammar II. Major Core: (9 credits)
315 Portuguese Civilization or
316 Brazilian Civilization Choose two of the following three:
320 Introduction to Portuguese Literature I
321 Introduction to Portuguese Literature II 322 Introduction to Brazilian Literature I III. Upper-level courses

89. VoS - Voice Of The Shuttle
General Resources in literature (Other Than English) literature In portuguese. Biblioteca Virtual de Língua e Literatura

90. Central Library: Resources For Portuguese Language And Literature
Resources for portuguese Language and literature. BibliographerPaula Covington Phone 3226282 Go back to Resources for portuguese Language and literature. 11/28/00
Resources for Portuguese Language and Literature
Bibliographer: Paula Covington Phone:
Description of Vanderbilt collection

91. WESS Iberian Language And Literature Web
The Iberian Language and literature Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in WWW Gateways for portuguese Language literature. Associations. Reference Shelf
Iberian Language and Literature Web
The Iberian Language and Literature Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in Iberian language and literature. We do not strive for exhaustiveness but rather for quality. The resources organized here have undergone a selection and evaluation process. If needed, annotations have been provided augmenting the research value of these resources to scholars. Acknowledgements
Table of Contents
Associations Reference Shelf Bibliographies ...
What's new on the Iberian Language and Literature Web

Reference Shelf

92. Newberry Library
An independent research library and educational institution located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Strengths include genealogy, European exploration and settlement of the Americas; the American West; literature and history of the Midwest; Native American history and literature; the Renaissance; the French Revolution; portuguese and Brazilian history; British literature and history; the history of cartography; the history and theory of music; the history of printing; and early philology and linguistics. The collections number 1,500,000 printed titles, five million manuscript pages, and more than 300,000 historic maps. Research affiliation Research Library Group.

93. VoS - Voice Of The Shuttle
Venezuelan Writers (from homepage, click on Culture for more on literature) (Embassyof Venezuela). Top, U. California Santa Barbara Spanish portuguese Dept

94. Study & Learn Portuguese - Course & Classes In Brazil, Salvador, Bahia - Portugu
Learn and study portuguese in Salvador, Brasil, with an experienced teacher. Private and semiprivate instruction in Brasilian language, literature and culture.
Deutsch English Group language classes (max. 3 people) One-on-one private course

95. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Spanish-American Literature
The literature produced by the Spanishspeaking peoples of Mexico, Central America, Cuba and adjacent islands, and of South America with the notable exceptions of Brazil (whose speech is portuguese) and the Guianas.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... S > Spanish-American Literature A B C D ... Z
Spanish-American Literature
siglo de oro Napoleonic invasion. In terms hardly less passionate than theirs the insurgent Spanish colonists celebrated their struggle against the domination from over the sea. The romantic movement, following in the wake of neo-Classicism, had owed its great success in European lands to its evocation of traditions of the medieval past. Naturally, none such existed for the colonists of the newly-found lands, and it is rather with respect to matters of external form than those of substance that romanticism found a reflex in the Spanish-American literature. In general, it may be said that, of the various genres, it is the lyric that had received the greatest development in the Spanish American regions. The novel has been written with more or less success by an occasional gifted spirit; the drama has not fared equally well. For a more detailed consideration of the subject with which we are concerned it seems best to deal with it according to the geographical divisions marked by the existing states. Mexico auto and seem to have been written between 1567 and 1600. It may be remarked that from the very beginning of the Spanish rule it had been the custom to perform the little religious pieces called

96. Welcome To CEDEI / Bienvenido Al CEDEI
A notfor-profit institution of higher learning in Cuenca, Ecuador. Courses teaching English, Spanish, Quichua, and portuguese, and courses on the literature and culture of the Americas in English and Spanish.
Welcome to CEDEI / Bienvenido al CEDEI
International Visitors
Be part of our world Founded in 1992, in recognition of the 500th anniversary of the meeting of the Old and New Worlds, the Centers for Interamerican Studies (CEDEI) is a not-for-profit institution of higher learning, dedicated to the study of American languages and cultures.
Centro de Estudios Interamericanos (CEDEI)

97. Old Catalan Language And Literature
Class notes for a course in the study of Old Catalan language and literature, offered by the Department of Spanish portuguese Group in Romance Philology at the University of California (Berkeley).
University of California, Berkeley
Group in Romance Philology
Catalan 285
Old Catalan Language and Literature
M 2-5, 2505 Tolman Hall
Office hours: M 1-2, 5211 Dwinelle
or by appointment in The Bancroft Library (642-3782)
Spring 2000
Charles B. Faulhaber
The Bancroft Library
Required Texts
Recommended Texts
Syllabus Weekly Assignments and Class Notes Phonetics Chart Link to digitized Images of Catalan manuscripts Norms for Transcribing Medieval Catalan Manuscripts Select Bibliography Student Contributions How to Access Berkeley's Digitized Medieval Catalan MSS Links to Internet Catalan Resources
Required Texts:
Badia, Lola. . Barcelona: Empuries, 1985. [or 2d ed.] Martorell, Joanot. Tirant lo Blanc a Constantinoble . Ed. Manuel Llanas and Ramon Pinyol i Torrents. Barcelona; Edicions 62, 1997. . Valencia: Eliseu Climent, 1996.
Recommended Texts:
Alemany Ferrer, Rafael.

98. Brazilian Books, From Brazil, Portuguese Language
portuguese Language books from Brazi in USA. Brazilian literature, news about Brazil, dictionaries.
Brazilianbooks Home About us Contact News ... Shopping
Books from Brazil
in Portuguese
Browse Books Biographies Brazilian Cuisine Brazilian Literature Brazilian Fiction ... More subjects..
Special Features Top 10 Fiction Top 10 Nonfiction Brazil Bestsellers 2003 Harry Potter Collection ...
Find Brazilian Embassies and Consulates in US

Brazilian Books - Portuguese Language
In kids new book

O Genio e as Rosas
Paulo Coelho e Mauricio de Sousa Paulo Coelho e Mauricio de Sousa together for the first time, in this extraordinary book for kids !! >more kids recommendations In Fiction Beijo da Morte Carlos Heitor Cony Fiction or not fiction ? One extraordinary novel, about the mysteries death of Jk, Joao Gulart and Carlos Lacerda. In Fiction Carnaval no Fogo Ruy Castro Chronicles about one exciting city… Rio de Janeiro, Essays, History… Samba. Now, top bestseller list in Brazil. In Music Letra So Caetano Veloso Caetano’s poetry and songs. Produced under the artist's direction, 180 Songs, includes Caetano's personal reflections on his songs. >more new releases In Bestsellers 2003 Mentiras que os homens contam Luis Fernando Verissmo such lies are almost true.

99. Isabel Ruivo Curriculum Vitae
Translation of poetry, lyrics and literature from portuguese to English. Curriculum vitae.
Address 12/73-75 Hall St. Bondi 2026 NSW AUSTRALIA
Pager No. (02) 9515 8888 # 88851
Telephone (02) 9365 3901 (AH) (02) 9515 3222 (BH)
Fax (02) 9365 7534 (AH) (02) 9516 2800 (BH)
Home Page
D.O.B. 12 April 1959
Place of Birth Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality Luso-Australian
Arrival in Australia 1988 EDUCATION 2003 English Pronunciation for Overseas-Born Professionals - University of Sydney Continuing Education Program 2002 TESOL-Teaching English as a Second Language Exam CELTA Course with the ACE - Australian College of English - Bondi Junction Advanced Course for Court Interpreters sponsored by the Attorney General Department of NSW and the CRC 2001 Revision of Undergraduate Subjects: Descriptive Geometry, Urban Planning

100. Portugal - Literature
Os Lusíadas (1572; The Lusiads), a history of the portuguese (the name Lusiads modeand the most national of great poems in any modern literature, and many
You are here Essential Info Culture The literature of Portugal is distinguished by a wealth and variety of lyrical poetry, which has characterized it from the beginning by its medieval lack of and later achievement in the antional epic, by its wealth of historical writing and by its relative slightness in drama, biography and the essay. Understand that, and you can understand anything!
The early cancioneiros ("song-books") evidence a school of love poetry that spread, with the language, to Spain at a time when Spanish literature was as yet undeveloped for lyrical purposes.
The romanceiro, on the other hand, was much influenced by that of Spain, though not sharing the latter's predilection for the heroic.
Strawberry World
Home Essential Info Places to See ... Contact Us

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