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         Portuguese Language:     more books (100)
  1. More Portuguese in Three Months (Advanced Language Course) by Hugo Language Courses, 1999-03-18
  2. A Portuguese Primer (American University Studies, Series VI, Foreign Language Instruction, Vol. 9) by R. Anthony Castagnaro, 1990-04
  3. Teach Yourself Brazilian Portuguese (Teach Yourself Complete Courses) by Sue Tyson-Ward, 2005-09-30
  4. Cronicas Brasileiras: A Portuguese Reader (University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies)
  5. Portuguese: Programmatic Course (Foreign Service Institute Language Learning Series) by Foreign Service Institute, 2003-04
  6. Brazilian Portuguese: Lonely Planet Phrasebook by Marcia Monje De Castro, Lonely Planet Phrasebooks, 2008-01
  7. Mastering Portuguese: Book Only (Mastering Series: Level 1) by Foreign Service Language Institute, 1988-02-01
  8. Basic Portuguese (Brazilian) Complete Course: Cassette/Book Package (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses) by Living Language, 1998-06-16
  9. Trilogia de Nova lorque ("New York Trilogy" Portuguese Language ed.)
  10. The Oxford Paperback Portuguese Dictionary
  11. Portuguese Dictionary (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses) by Living Language, 2002-04-16
  12. Com Licencia!: Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers (Special Publication) by Antônio R.M Simões, 1992
  13. Teach Yourself Portuguese Language Life and Culture by Sue Tyson-Ward, 2002-04-23
  14. 201 Portuguese Verbs Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses, Alphabetically Arranged (201 Verbs Series) by John J. Nitti, 1968-06

121. Gramática Da Língua Portuguesa
Phonetics, grammar and exercises with answers. portugueselanguage site. Author J. Jo£o Campagnaro.
Participe dos melhores negócios na Internet

Gramática da Língua Portuguesa

Este livro foi escrito com o objetivo de torná-lo cada vez mais adequado às condições atuais de ensino.Solicitando uma urgente necessidade para o ensino de língua portuguesa não só em Portugal e no Brasil, mas em todos os países em que se estuda o nosso idioma. Mais sobre a gramática Simulados Megazine
Prepare-se para o vestibular
Você pode adquirir Volumes I e II do Livro Gramática da Língua Portuguesa Edição número 3 Comentar Ler outras opini ões Download agora mesmo e experimente alguns dos recursos disponíveis do progama completo no CD-Rom da Gramática Portuguesa Download Software Versão Demonstrativ a Pessoas que visitaram nosso site
Fale com o Professor
Você poderá tirar suas dúvidas enviando perguntas . P erguntas mais freqüentes.

Certified translation from Spanish, portuguese, French to English.
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123. Study & Learn Portuguese - Course & Classes In Brazil, Salvador, Bahia - Portugu
Learn and study portuguese in Salvador, Brasil, with an experienced teacher. Private and semiprivate instruction in Brasilian language, literature and culture.
Deutsch English Group language classes (max. 3 people) One-on-one private course

124. - Redirection Service Provided By Easyspace
Foreign language training/translation for business people, includes French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, portuguese, Japanese and Russian. Lists classes, introduction and contact details.
Easyspace redirection for Your browser doesn't appear to support frames - please click here to view the site.

125. Mgert - Global Vocabulary Lists
Ten words per week for foreignlanguage learners. Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, portuguese, Slovak, Spanish.
Submit a Link
Do you have a favorite language site? Send me an email and I'll try to include it on my Links page. What would you like to see?
Is there a list that you would like included, send me an email and I'll see what I can do. When learning a new language, adding to your vocabulary is very important. Many websites focus on grammer, sentence structure, or maybe verb tenses, but not just on vocabulary. Mgert is all about vocabulary. In fact, Mgert will add a new vocabulary list each week, separated into topical categories such as animals, body parts, or the weather. The word lists will also be cross-referenced into as many languages as possible. Start by choosing your language to the right. Then, choose the language that you wish to learn. Just think, by concentrating on just ten words a week, you'll know over 500 new words in just a year, not counting all the other words you learn from different sources. Thank you and enjoy!
English ~ English

suomi ~ Finnish

Français ~ French

Deutsch ~ German
español ~ Spanish

Each week Mgert will feature a language with a basic wordlist.

126. Portugal Roots Web: Portuguese Surnames, Coat Of Arms, Fado, Jews.
George Pimentel introduces the language, fado, discoveries, cuisine and architecture of Portugal, along with the history of surnames, family crests, coats of arms, and portuguese Jews.
Portugal Roots Web
A superior webpage about Portugal, Portuguese coat of arms, Portuguese surnames, coat of arms of Portuguese families, Portuguese
surname histories, Portuguese surnames and origins, Portuguese fado, Portuguese Jews, fado music of Portugal, Portuguese Jewish surnames, Portuguese family crests, family coat of arms from Portugal, Portuguese language, Portuguese azulejos, pictures of Portugal, Portuguese
discoveries, Portuguese cookbooks, Portuguese cooking, Portuguese music and cds, Amalia Rodrigues and Portuguese cuisine.
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are FREE, when you purchase your family coat of arms** A family crest/coat of arms is a very important part of your family's heritage. Proudly display your own in your home by ordering today! The history of your surname is unique and fascinating! an ancient landmark? CLICK HERE BACK TO SITE MAP PORTUGUESE COOKBOOKS, HISTORY BOOKS, LANGUAGE COURSES, Wide selection of merchandise items at low, low prices !!

127. Margarida`s School / Index
language school in Estoril, teaching portuguese as a second language. Courses, prices and textbooks.

128. Translate Between 1,482 Language Pairs: Spanish German French Italian Portuguese
Can translate single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages between 1,428 language pairs including to/from Albanian, Bosnian, Brazilian portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, European portuguese, Filipino/Philipino/Tagalog, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Rumanian/Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Welsh.
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About Translation Experts
Translation Experts Limited is a company dedicated to the provision of products and services that bridge language barriers. We manufacture a variety of translator and dictionary software for desktop computers and handheld devices. We have been developing natural language translation software, dictionaries and a network of expert translators around the world for a number of years and have a long list of very satisfied customers worldwide.
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129. AnswerBus Question Answering System
Accepts natural language questions in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or portuguese, queries major search engines and returns sentences containing possible answers, which link to related sites.

130. TEFL Courses, Spanish Courses, Translation, Madrid Spain
Provides business and general foreign language training programs and translation services in Spanish, French, German, Italian, portuguese, and English. Based in Madrid, Spain.
[English] [ Español
EBC y Asociados Idiomas , based in Madrid, Spain is a consultancy providing TEFL courses, residential Spanish language courses, residential and non-residential courses for other prominent languages, corporate training courses in English and a professional translation service. Take our TEFL course, the EBC International TEFL Certificate and get qualified to teach EFL anywhere in the world. Once you qualify you will have the opportunity to work with EBC "We at EBC fully understand that human communication is the hub of the information society, so we have dedicated ourselves to develop a total language service for anyone who needs to communicate effectively in any foreign language." COURSES
  • Annual school year course in: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish Intensive English. Financial English, How to present in English plus many other courses Preparation for English examinations Language learning over the phone Residential courses Our learning methodology General course regulations TEFL course, international certificate course for teaching English as a foreign language

131. University Of Arizona Computer Aided Language Instruction Group
Interactive demonstration lessons for Chinese, Brazilian portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Lummi, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Includes Sun audio (.au) files.
MaxAuthor Version 2.5 Now Available! Try our online language lessons ... Other Links Co-Director and Research Engineer
Scott Brill

Dr. Richard A. Demers
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MaxAuthor Workshop and courseware showcase at CALICO 2004 , Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, June 8-12th.

132. Language Translation,translate Foreign Language,translators,www.translatexpress.
Nativelanguage translators between English and French, German, Spanish, portuguese, Italian, and other languages.
Fri, Jun 11, 2004 TranslateXpress™ USA Toll Free : 877-979-XPRS (877-979-9777) The Leader in Translation and Global Communications
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TranslateXpress Global Asian Eastern European Middle-Eastern Scandinavian ... Western European We maintain the strictest confidentiality with our clients. All of our translators have signed confidentiality agreements with TranslateXpress.
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133. AIOU - Asia International Open University (MACAU)
Offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration, management, international commercial law, as well as portuguese and Chinese language classes. CSB
Any suggestion is welcome. Please send E-mails to : Since 01/01/2001

134. Brazilian Language And Culture Program
portuguese as a Second language Program stressing natural language acquisition. Besides grammar and phonology, includes capoeira and samba lessons, and cultural traveling on weekends. Small town, safe environment.
  • To disseminate the Brazilian language and culture overseas, To disseminate foreign languages and cultures in Brazil, To research and develop language teaching methodology based on Krashen's theory of language acquisition and Vygotsky's theory of social constructivism, To promote the understanding of the world and global awareness through an open exchange of ideas, values, and beliefs.
  • There are two ways to join the program: as a paying client, choosing dates suitable to you, getting intensive instruction and total immersion, and as a volunteer trainee, training in our cultural exchange program and language teaching approach, and submitting to our school-semester dates. THE SETTING: Santa Cruz do Sul Santa Cruz tends to be different than the typical images that people have of Brazil. It is prosperous and safe compared to other Brazilian cities. We are 100 miles (160 km.) from Porto Alegre, the largest city, the state capital and the nearest commercial airport. The main economic activity of Santa Cruz is farm production, processing and exporting of leaf tobacco. Other industries are clothing, corn seed production, machinery, and rubber. There is also a small university, however not strong in linguistics. Strong economic measures to contain inflation in the 90's made the cost of living in Brazil, which had always been low, became comparable to the cost of living in the U.S. for a few years. As of February 99, after a strong devaluation of the Brazilian real, and a continuous devaluation during 2001/02, the cost of living has become a lot cheaper again. Santa Cruz is even cheaper than big cities and it might also be a better place to make friends and learn the culture.

    135. Speak A
    language learning courses for Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Russian, EnglishESL, Greek, Arabic, Korean, Hebrew, Irish Gaelic, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Vietnamese, portuguese, and Norwegian. Free language dictionary. free-dictionary.htm

    136. Feliu Translations
    Foreign language translation services. Spanish, Catalan, Italian, portuguese, English.
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    Delivery, Rates and Contact Information Feliu Translations Welcome to our website! Here you will find information about our translation services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. FELIU TRANSLATIONS
    Professional, Certified Translators based in Brunswick, Maine. With more than 12 years of combined translation experience, Feliu Translations provides professional, accurate translations of documents, brochures, correspondence, manuals and websites.
    TEL: 1.207.725.1266
    FAX: 1.253.484.2867
    Tripod The Web Feliu Translations

    137. A Idade E O Aprendizado De Línguas - Por Que Crianças Aprendem Mais Rápido?
    Front page of 7 pages in portuguese about language acquisition and recent developments on children's acquisition. Suggests the implementation of bicultural language acquisition centers in Brazil and defines the Government's role in removing barriers.
    A IDADE E O APRENDIZADO DE LÍNGUAS Já na Babilônia e no antigo Egito o homem procurava entender a complexidade de suas habilidades cognitivas, e especialmente a capacidade de assimilar e usar línguas. Hoje, o que se aceita de forma geral, com base no que as ciências da neurolingüística, da psicologia e da lingüística oferecem, é uma série de hipóteses que procuram explicar esta habilidade exclusiva do ser humano. Essas hipóteses são resultado de estudos científicos que ajudam a explicar, não só o desempenho cognitivo do ser humano, mas também as diferenças entre crianças e adultos. A IDADE CRÍTICA Parece não haver dúvida de que existe uma idade crítica, a partir da qual o aprendizado começa a ficar mais difícil e o teto começa a baixar. Este período parece situar-se entre os 12 e os 14 anos, podendo entretanto variar muito conforme a pessoa e, principalmente, conforme as características do ambiente lingüístico em que o aprendizado ocorre. As limitações que começam a se manifestar a partir da puberdade são fundamentalmente de pronúncia, como mostra o gráfico ao lado.
      O estudo dos diferentes fatores que afetam o desenvolvimento cognitivo do ser humano pode ajudar a explicar o fenômeno da idade crítica. Os principais fatores são:

    138. Fast Forward Language Institute
    language Institute that focuss in teaching portuguese. Located at the cities of S£o Paulo and Macei³.
    We set worldwide standards for Portuguese as a foreign language. Our flexible course programs accommodate anyone who wants to learn, revisit or perfect their Portuguese. We also offer intimate access to culture through language immersion in three different locations. Choose between Brazil Brazil and Porto Portugal Come and speak with us.

    139. Languages ONLINE! Now You Can Learn To Speak Portuguese!
    A full online course with lessons, wav file sounds, and references.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    140. Language Translation Services At
    language translation between English and all foreign languages including Spanish, German, French, portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian.

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