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         Pop Art:     more books (100)
  1. Touch the Art: Pop Warhol's Top (Touch the Art) by Julie Appel, Amy Guglielmo, 2006-10-28
  2. Pop Art: A Critical History (The Documents of Twentieth-Century Art)
  3. Pop Art (Taschen 25th Anniversary) by Tilman Osterwold, 2007-07-01
  4. Pop Art by Tilman Osterwold, 2007-07-31
  5. Make it Pop!: Activities and Adventures in Pop Art (Art Explorers) by Joyce Raimondo, 2006-10-01
  6. Pop Art Is by Greil Marcus, 2008-03-19
  7. Pop Art Portraits by Paul Moorhouse, 2008-01-15
  8. Pop Art (Adventures in Art) by Christian Demilly, 2007-09-20
  9. Pop Art (World of Art) by Lucy R. Lippard, 1985-02
  10. Pop Art and Vernacular Cultures (Annotating Art's Histories: Cross-Cultural Perspectives in the Visual Arts)
  11. Pop Art (Movements in Modern Art) by David McCarthy, 2005-09-01
  12. Pop Art: Contemporary Perspectives (Princeton University Art Museum Monograph Series)
  13. The Art of Pop Piano (Book & CD) by Lou Stein, 2000-01
  14. Pop (Themes & Movements) by Mark Francis, Hal Foster, 2005-11-01

1. The Internet's Premier Pop Art Source.
Boasing the largest selection pop art on the internet. Featuring works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtensein, Jasper Johns and more We feature works of art by. Christo, Jim Dine, Red Grooms, Keith Haring to pop art. Andy Warhol art work is © by the Andy Warhol foundation for the visual arts
Welcome to Featuring the largest databank and inventory of PopArt on the internet
We feature works of art by Christo , Jim Dine, Red Grooms, Keith Haring David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein Claes Oldenburg Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, Tom Wesselmann Andy Warhol ........and more Keith Haring original 1980's swatch watches Animation art inventory
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to pop art
Andy Warhol art work is © by the Andy Warhol foundation for the visual arts
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421 west 14th street, New York 10014 Jennifer Johnson 646 336 1999
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2. Pop Art: Artists And Their Works
Artists by Movement pop art. 1950's to 1960's. pop art is a style of art which explores the
Artists by Movement:
Pop Art
1950's to 1960's
Pop Art is a style of art which explores the everyday imagery which is part of contemporary consumer culture. Common sources include advertisements, consumer product packaging, celebrities, and comic strips.
Leading Pop artists include Robert Rauschenberg Andy Warhol , and Roy Lichtenstein
Chronological Listing of Pop Artists
Use ctrl-F (PC) or command-F (Mac) to search for a name Jean Dubuffet French
Art Prints Wayne Thiebaud Born 1920 American
Art Prints Richard Hamilton Born 1922 British Richard Artschwager Born 1923 American Roy Lichtenstein American
Art Prints Larry Rivers American Painter/Sculptor
Art Prints George Segal American Sculptor Robert Rauschenberg Born 1925 American
Art Prints John Chamberlain Born 1927 American Alex Katz Born 1927 American Edward Kienholz American Installation Artist Robert Indiana Born 1928 American Art Prints Joe Tilson Born 1928 British Andy Warhol American Art Prints Claes Oldenburg Born 1929 Swedish/American Sculptor Allan D'Arcangelo American Jasper Johns Born 1930 American Painter/Sculptor Art Prints Tom Wesselmann Born 1931 American Erro Born 1932 Icelandic Art Prints R.B. Kitaj

3. Pop Art
Search and Jasper Johns. Robert Rauschenberg. Andy Warhol. Roy Lichtenstein. David Hockney. R. B. Kitaj. Wayne Thiebaud. Keith Haring. Sigmar Polke. pop art. " different
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Jasper Johns
Robert Rauschenberg Andy Warhol ... Sigmar Polke
Pop Art
"The term first appeared in Britain during the 1950s and referred to the interest of a number of artists in the images of mass media, advertising, comics and consumer products. The 1950s were a period of optimism in Britain following the end of war-time rationing, and a consumer boom took place. Influenced by the art seen in Eduardo Paolozzi's 1953 exhibition Parallel between Art and Life at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, and by American artists such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, British artists such as Richard Hamilton and the Independent Group aimed at broadening taste into more popular, less academic art. Hamilton helped organize the 'Man, Machine, and Motion' exhibition in 1955, and 'This is Tomorrow' with its landmark image Just What is it that makes today's home so different, so appealing? (1956). Pop Art therefore coincided with the youth and pop music phenomenon of the 1950s and '60s, and became very much a part of the image of fashionable, 'swinging' London. Peter Blake, for example, designed album covers for Elvis Presley and the Beatles and placed film stars such as Brigitte Bardot in his pictures in the same way that Warhol was immortalizing Marilyn Monroe in the USA. Pop art came in a number of waves, but all its adherents - Joe Trilson, Richard Smith, Peter Phillips, David Hockney and R.B. Kitaj - shared some interest in the urban, consumer, modern experience."

4. WebMuseum: Pop Art
pop art. It is a moot point as to whether the most extraordinary innovationof 20thcentury art was Cubism or pop art. Both arose
Pop Art
It is a moot point as to whether the most extraordinary innovation of 20th-century art was Cubism or Pop Art. Both arose from a rebellion against an accepted style: the Cubists thought Post-Impressionist artists were too tame and limited, while Pop Artists thought the Abstract Expressionists pretentious and over-intense. Pop Art brought art back to the material realities of everyday life, to popular culture (hence ``pop''), in which ordinary people derived most of their visual pleasure from television, magazines, or comics. Pop Art emerged in the mid 1950s in England, but realized its fullest potential in New York in the '60s where it shared, with Minimalism, the attentions of the art world. In Pop Art, the epic was replaced with the everyday and the mass-produced awarded the same significance as the unique; the gulf between ``high art'' and ``low art'' was eroding away. The media and advertising were favorite subjects for Pop Art's often witty celebrations of consumer society. Perhaps the greatest Pop artist, whose innovations have affected so much subsequent art, was the American artist, Andy Warhol (1928-87). The term ``Pop Art'' was first used by the English critic Lawrence Alloway in a 1958 issue of Architectural Digest to describe those paintings that celebrate post-war consumerism, defy the psychology of Abstract Expressionism, and worship the god of materialism. The most famous of the Pop artists, the cult figure Andy Warhol, recreated quasi-photographic paintings of people or everyday objects.

5. Pop Art. Art Words And Terms At Biddington's.
The mid20th century art movement pop art is discussed at Biddington's Pedigree Provenancedefinitions of art words and terms at Biddingtons Art Gallery pop art is a 20th century art movement

6. ArtLex On Pop Art
pop art defined, with images from art history, great quotations, and links to otherresources. Click Here. Examples of pop art Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920).
P op Art - An art movement and style that had its origins in England in the 1950s and made its way to the United States during the 1960s. Pop artists have focused attention upon familiar images of the popular culture such as billboards, comic strips, magazine advertisements , and supermarket products. Leading exponents are Richard Hamilton (British, 1922-), Andy Warhol (American, 1928?1930?-1987), Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997), Claes Oldenburg (American, 1929-), Jasper Johns (American, 1930-), and Robert Rauschenberg (American, 1925-).
Examples of Pop Art: Wayne Thiebaud (American, 1920-) Richard Hamilton (English, 1922-), Interior II oil cellulose paint and collage on board, 121.9 x 162.6 cm, Tate Gallery, London. Richard Hamilton, The Solomon R. Guggenheim (Neapolitan) fiberglass and cellulose relief , 121.9 x 121.9 x 17.8 cm, Tate Gallery, London. Richard Hamilton, Kent State silkscreen print , 67.3 x 87.3 cm (image), 73 x 93 cm (sheet), Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA. Richard Hamilton, Picasso's Meninas etching on paper , image 57.0 x 49.0 cm, Tate Gallery, London. This is Hamilton's version of Pablo Picasso's painting

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8. WWW Pop Art: Index
Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything. Andy Warhol. Index ofPopArtists. Arman; Artschwager, Richard; Barker, Clive; Beam, Mark;
"Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything."
Andy Warhol
Index of Pop-Artists

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9. WWW Pop Art: Andy Warhol
Between 1945 and 1949 he studied pictorial design and art history, sociologyand psychology at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh.
Andy Warhol
Born in 1928 at Pittsburgh of Czechoslovak immigrant parents. In 1954 he left school with a high school diploma. Between 1945 and 1949 he studied pictorial design and art history, sociology and psychology at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh. Met Philip Pearlstein and moved to New York with him in 1949. He worked for "Vogue" and "Harper's Bazaar", did window displays for Bonwit Teller and his first advertisements for I. Miller shoe company. In 1952 he had his first one-man exhibition at the Hugo Gallery, New York. He designed stage sets, dyed his hair straw-blond and moved into a house in Lexington Avenue with his mother and several cats. In 1954 he was in a collective exhibition at the Loft Gallery, New York. In 1956 he had an individual exhibition of his drawings for Boy Book at the Bodley Gallery, and his Golden Shoes were exhibited in Madison Avenue. He travelled in Europe and Asia. In 1960 he made his first pictures based on comic-strips and company trade names. In 1962 he produced his silkscreen prints on canvas of dollar notes, Campbell's Soup cans, Marilyn Monroe, etc. He was also included in the exhibition The New Realists at the Sidney Janis Gallery, New York, and started his series of disaster pictures:

10. ArtLex Art Dictionary
Great reference material in art, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art education. Definitions of thousands of terms, illustrations, quotations, and links to other resources. artanimationarchitectarchitecturearms armorartArt Decoartistart movementsArt NouveauAshcan paperpastelpatternphotographyplasterpop artporcelainportraitposterPost Impressionism

11. Iv Toshain - Just Painting
Iv Toshain - Painting
Iv Toshain is a talented and complete young European contemporary artist.
She is an extraordinary painter, an innovative fashion designer and an outstanding web architect.
Most of Iv Toshain's creations have been exposed all over three continents.
She has been admired in Vienna, London, Milano, Perugia, Tokyo, Sofia, Paris, Berlin, Linz and Tripoli.
Her original painting style mixes the extravagance of pop art with flavors of urban society.
In this virtual gallery you can admire many of Iv Toshain's creations and also make some good investments.
If you are a gallerist, an art director or if you simply want to know more about her work don't hesitate to contact us
Links Gallery

12. Famous Pop Artists
Famous pop artists, pop artists, pop painters, graphic art, latest art news, digital art, artist, author, online graphic arts, Latest Art News Graphic Art graphic art, latest art news, digital art
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Famous pop artists, pop artists, pop painters, graphic art, latest art news, digital art, artist, author, online graphic arts, Latest Art News Graphic Art graphic art, latest art news, digital art, artist, author, online graphic arts,

13. Andy Warhol Online
Archive Timothy GreenfieldSanders Photograph of the artist by Timothy Greenfield-SandersUniversity of Virginia Marilyn Monroe, 1962 WWW pop art Biographies.
Andy Warhol art links/last verified May 5-7, 2004 Report errors and broken links here
More options
Andy Warhol
[American Pop Artist, 1928-1987]
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Museums and Art Galleries: Andy Warhol Museum , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Art Institute of Chicago

Butler Institute of American Art
, Ohio
Paul Jenkins
Guggenheim Museum

Metropolitan Museum of Art
, New York
Self-portrait Last Self-Portrait Doubletake Gallery has many collectors looking to buy artwork by Andy Warhol. If you have a Warhol silkscreen or original that you want to sell, our service is designed to help. Museums and Art Galleries (cont'd): Museum of Fine Arts , Boston Self-Portrait Museum of Fine Arts , Boston Red Disaster (one of two panels) Museum of Fine Arts , Boston Marilyn Museum of Fine Arts , Houston (Requires "Zoomify" image viewer) Self-Portrait Museum of Modern Art , New York Tomato Soup Marilyn Monroe (In the "Screenprint" section) Museum of Modern Art , New York Roll of Bills Museum of Modern Art , New York Empire Museum of Modern Art , New York Gold Marilyn Monroe National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

14. Index Of Pop Artists
Index of pop artists Each entry in this index includes a biography of the artist with links to further information and art online. Art teachers and English teachers will find this resource useful

15. Pop Art Art Shop
pop art available art posters, limited edition graphics, photography, originalpaintings, sculpture, ceramics, twentieth century and contemporary art.
"Dine" "Lichtenstein" "Rauschenberg" "Warhol" "Christo" Art posters and prints
Peter Blake

Ed Paschke


Robert Rauschenberg
Roy Lichtenstein:

by Taschen
amazon price: $9.99 Jasper Johns: Numbers
by Jasper Johns
amazon price: $27.20 Jim Dine: The Photographs, so far (Vol 1-4)
by Jim Dine, Stephanie Wiles amazon price: $102.00 Andy Warhol Prints Frayda Feldman amazon price: $57.80 by Wolfgang Volz amazon price: $44.20 pop art Pop-art is images of popular things. Pop-art is images of ordinary objects, mass produced common everyday items that most people like and recognize. items like record labels, or logos, or packaging, and fashion pictures of people, Road signs, hamburgers, money, soda bottles, (you know, stuff you see around you, anything currently in vogue RIGHT NOW) and machinery are also common subjects. Pop-art is also subjects and techniques taken from commercial artists, such as computer art, or silk screen images by Robert Rauschenberg, or comic book panels by Roy Lichtenstein. Almost any symbol of modern industrial life may be considered pop-art. Also included are themes of popular culture taken from movies, television, and advertising art.include paintings by Roy Lichtenstein of large comic book panels. artists Translate this page from English to German English to Spanish English to French English to Italian English to Portuguese artists a-z alphabetic list of artists

16. Pop Art Art Movement / Style, Art And Artists
pop art art movement / style, art and artists, Information about pop artand the artists involved. pop art. Popart is images of popular things.

17. Art Museum Of The Americas - Pop Art
Marisol, Permanent Collection, Marisol Escobar. Constructivism, Surrealism,Americanism, Figuration, Geometric Art, Abstraction, pop art, New Expressions,

Marisol Escobar

18. Le Pop Art
art moderne. Qu est-ce que le pop art ? Qu’est-ce que le pop art ?
Dossiers documentaires sur les collections du Musée national d'art moderne
Qu'est-ce que le Pop Art ?
Jasper Johns
, Figure 5
Roy Lichtenstein
Textes de référence

Lawrence Alloway , Le développement du Pop Art anglais
Propos d'Andy Warhol

Bibliographie sélective
"Un mouvement, une période", qui sera régulièrement augmentée dans cette partie du site e siècle. Ils ne constituent pas un cours mais proposent des points de repères et une base de travail.
Chacun de ces dossiers comporte : - une présentation générale permettant de définir et de situer le mouvement dans un contexte historique, géographique et esthétique, - un ou plusieurs textes de référence apportant en complément une approche théorique, - une chronologie, - une bibliographie sélective.
Si le terme de Pop Art est aujourd'hui largement diffusé, en revanche le champ artistique qu'il désigne ainsi que la problématique qu'il soulève restent souvent méconnus. On appelle Pop Art . Constitué de peintres Eduardo Paolozzi et Richard Hamilton Alison et Peter Smithson Lawrence Alloway IG Pop Art anglais à la science-fiction.

19. Surreal Pop Art, Pop Surrealism
Surreal pop art Enter. Kris Hoglund Surrealpop art Seattle Artist artists Surrealism khog. Surrealism.
Surreal Pop Art - Enter Kris Hoglund Surreal Pop Art Seattle Surrealism khog pop art pop art pop art pop art pop artist Surrealism pop art

20. Surreal Pop Art Erotica
Surreal Pop Erotica. Manipulated Smut. Paintings. Surreal pop art Erotic Art Webring Site Is Owned by Surreal Pop Erotica.
Erotica Manipulated Smut Paintings Surreal Pop Art

This Erotic Art Webring Site Is Owned
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