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1. The Pony Express
Standards Connections. Math/Social studies Activity The pony express. By Rich McClelland. Introduction In the movement west, the pony express was a major influence in communications during its short life.
SCORE Mathematics Standards Connections
Math/Social Studies Activity -
The Pony Express
By: Rich McClelland Introduction: In the movement West, the Pony Express was a major influence in communications during its short life. Many students may be intrigued by the story of the Pony Express, and the following activities will help them discover a little about the route, and some of the problems they encountered. Prior Knowledge: Basic mathematics skills. Basic map reading skills. Grade Level: Task: The students will answer four math questions based on their reading of a short story on the history of the Pony Express. Resources: Process: Have the students go to the Internet site "The Pony Express" and read the information provided by the state of Utah. This should provide enough background on the unique system of communication for the students to do the following math problems. However, some students may wish to look in additional sources for more information, and one of the locations can be found in the alternate Internet site. Challenge the students to calculate the following problems:
  • What was the maximum the rider was allowed to weigh? the supplies he could carry? and the mail that he could carry? How much was the total weight that horses were allowed to carry? (120lbs + 25lbs + 20lbs = 165lbs)
  • 2. Pony Express Rider
    Wanted!! Riders For pony express! A Review of pony express Rider. Rich Cunningham. Buffalo Bill. Calamity Jane. Wild Bill Hickock. Wyatt Earp. What do all these names have in common? They are all legends of the old west. in the old west. The pony express was an organization is more on social studies and history, and is presented History to us, current events to the player(s) in
    Wanted!! Riders For Pony Express!
    A Review of Pony Express Rider
    Rich Cunningham Buffalo Bill. Calamity Jane. Wild Bill Hickock. Wyatt Earp. What do all these names have in common? They are all legends of the old West. Back in the early days of the western United States, it was a wild and wooly time, where the law was determined by who was fastest with a gun (sometimes). It was also a time for technological expansion, the beginning of the industrial revolution that continues to this day. In those days, the telegraph was a new invention. Sending a message across the country, well, that might take several months, since the telegraph didn't reach from coast to coast. Mail was the only way, and that was by wagon train, or by ship, and very expensive. For years the best way to have the pioneer experience was to play the computer game Oregon Trail, and most recently, Oregon Trail II. These educational games were accurate recreations of the westward movement, simulating the trials and tragedies of taking a wagon train to Oregon. Now there is a new game that helps students explore another side to the Old West, and it is published by McGraw-Hill Home Interactive. The name of the program is Pony Express Rider, and is an educational recreation of moving the mail in the old west. The Pony Express was an organization that was created to move the mail from the East Coast to California on the eve of the Civil War. It was accomplished by setting up a series of relay stations with horses and riders. They would make short hops at high speed to accomplish this rapid delivery of the mail. It was a dangerous job, but an important one.

    3. Legends Of The Pony Express Ride On - The Washington Times: Culture, Etc.
    Contact us. TWT Gift Shop the pony express in 50 years. Douglas Brinkley, director of the Eisenhower Center for American studies and his popular Wild west shows from 1883 to
    December 01, 2003 Advertise Subscription
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    Front Page ... Unionists, nationalists face off over rule Legends of the Pony Express ride on
    By Martin Griffith
    RENO, Nev. - Christopher Corbett was chasing down the truth about the Pony Express one day near Mud Springs, Neb., when a local shared some words of wisdom:
    "We don't lie out here. We just remember big."
    In "Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express," Mr. Corbett examines fact and fiction about the short-lived mail relay that captured the expanding nation's imagination.
    While carrying mail along the 1,950-mile route between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif., in 1860 and 1861, wiry horsemen fought Indians, the elements, barren deserts and desperadoes.
    Their grit is not in dispute.
    "What I was trying to do was celebrate the genius of an American legend and, if possible, separate fact from fiction, which in the case of the Pony isn't always easy to do," Mr. Corbett said by telephone from his home in Baltimore.
    "This is a little like Paul Revere's ride. It's rooted in fact, but it's layered with 150 years of embellishment, fabrication and outright lies," he said.

    4. Pony Express
    rider mail delivery system between east and west can be 2) Math/Social studies ActivityThe pony express (Grade 4) http//
    The Topic:
    Pony Express Easier -The pony express was a mail service where riders on horseback traveled from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. Riders changed horses at stations placed about ten to fifteen miles apart. A rider handed the mail pack over to another rider after completing about 75 miles. Young, often teenage lightweight riders, orphans preferred, were hired for the job. One of the most famous was Buffalo Bill Cody. The pony express lasted only nineteen months, from April 3, 1860 to October 24, 1861. The pony express ended when the telegraph first crossed the continent. Harder - The pony express was developed by William H. Russell, William B. Waddell, and Alexander Majors. Plans for the pony express were spurred by the impending cloud of the Civil War and the need for faster communication with California and the West. The pony express consisted of relays of men riding fast ponies or horses that carried letters and small packages across a 1,966-mile (3,164-kilometer) trail. The service opened officially on April 3, 1860, when riders left simultaneously from St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. The first westbound trip was made in 9 days and 23 hours and the eastbound journey in 11 days and 12 hours. The pony riders covered 250 miles in a 24-hour day as compared with 100 to 125 miles by the stage coaches.

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    Author Name: Harness, Cheryl Title: THEY'RE OFF! THE STORY OF THE PONY EXPRESS
    Binding: Paperback Book Condition: Edition: Book Club Edition Size: Book Club Edition Publisher: New York Troll 1996 Illustrator: Illustrated by Cheryl Harness Seller ID: 7552 Color Illustrations Keywords: Youth Non Fiction Illustrated Cheryl Harness The Pony Express Old West Western Americana Postal Service History Price = 6.50 USD Add to Shopping Cart < Prev Next >> Skip 100 >> ... Store Policies Questions, comments, or suggestions Please write to

    6. Places For Kids & Teens - Just Curious - Social Studies - Westward Expansion
    pony express. pony express Home Station The pony express delivered mail and news from Missouri to San Francisco in 1860 and 1861. TRAILS west.
    Return to:

    Places for
    Just Curious:
    Expansion BIOGRAPHIES
    • American West: Davy Crockett - Read about the famous frontiersman who fought at the Alamo. Calamity Jane - biography of this wild woman from the Encyclopedia Britannica. Captain Robert Gray - Short biography of the man who "discovered the Columbia River on May 11, 1792 while on a fur trading expedition on the Northwest Coast." Daniel Boone - Pictures of his homestead and biographical information about him. Discoverers and Explorers - Here you'll find information about: Lewis and Clark, the Astorians, Mountain Men, Fur Trading Company and John Fremont. Donner Party Home Page - "The Donner Party is the name given to a group of pioneers who became trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains during the winter of 1846-47. The experience, at an early time in the far West expansion, was so horrific that it has become legendary as an episode of the American Dream turned nightmare." James Bridger - A short biography from the Kansas City Public Library.

    7. Nebraska Social Studies
    This is the territory of the pony express, the Overland Stage, Boot Hill Clark played out the early history of the American west. Plus even From us Bureau of
    Nebraska People History Social Studies Home Alabama Alaska Arizona ... Wyoming For information about Ancient Nebraska , go to American Archaeology , state by state. Introduction to Nebraska, The Cornhuskers State Capital Lincoln " I t is easy to visualize the Old West in the land of Nebraska. This is the territory of the Pony Express, the Overland Stage, Boot Hill, the Oregon and Mormon Trails. This is where the mighty Missouri flows, and where the Sioux and the Omaha have flourished. This is where historical figures, like Crazy Horse and Chief Red Cloud, Walter Reed, and Lewis and Clark played out the early history of the American West." Plus even more. - illustrated - From - Nebraska A great resource including history, origin of name, culture, flag, state symbols, geography, population, famous people, and good links. What you find here will provide a good foundation for additional research. - illustrated - From Infoplease -

    8. Pony Express
    American west pony express Lots of important facts about the pony express, its founding, its route Social studies for Kids copyright 20023, David White.
    Who/What/Where/When Pony Express Definition: Horse-powered mail service that ran 2,000 miles from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, in 1860 and 1861. Carriers boasted that mail could be delivered along the entire route in 10 days. Each rider traveled about 75 miles, then handed off the mail to another rider. This system worked, even through the winter. This was a novel idea, but the organizers didn't make a whole lot of money. And when the telegraph became a reality in October 1861, the Pony Express made its last delivery. Related Resources:
    The Westward Movement

    Find out more about Americans' travels west. The 19th Century
    Get a glimpse of what life was like in the exciting 1800s. Elsewhere on the Web:
    Pony Express School House

    Find many sources of good information on this site, including maps, a quiz, and articles written by students just like you. American West: Pony Express
    Lots of important facts about the Pony Express, its founding, its route, and its dangers.

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    andrider mail delivery system between east and west can be Plan 2) Math/Social studies Activity-The pony express (Grade 4) http//
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    11. About "Math/Social Studies Activity: The Pony Express"
    In the movement west, the pony express was a major influence in...... Visit this site http//
    Math/Social Studies Activity: The Pony Express
    Library Home
    Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link Library Help
    Visit this site: Author: Rich McClelland; SCORE Mathematics Description: In the movement West, the Pony Express was a major influence in communications during its short life. Many students may be intrigued by the story of the Pony Express, and the following activities will help them discover a little about the route, and some of the problems they encountered. Aligned to the California State Standards. From the Schools of California Online Resources for Educators SCORE Mathematics Lessons. Levels: Fourth Grade Languages: English Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities Math Topics: Basic Operations History and Biography Geography
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    12. Social Studies
    us History. Billy The Kid Page History Buff s Reference Library Old west History Articles Images of the American west The pony express Texas History and
    Welcome to the
    HHS History/Social Studies Department
    Social Studies Research Links
    A country losing touch with its own history is like an old man losing his glasses, a distressing sight, at once vulnerable, unsure, and easily disoriented. George Walden (b. 1939), British Conservative politician.
    Havre High History/Social Studies Department Faculty
    James Magera, Department Head
    Havre History on the web
    Barry Kato
    Scott Filius
    John Ita
    John Whitfield
    Jessica Jones
    Social Studies
    This Day in History - From the Archives of The History Channel The History Net - Where History Lives on the Web Close Up Foundation Home Page Encyclopedia Smithsonian ... Repositories of Primary Sources (Over 800 listings)
    World War II
    Holocaust Other Related Sites Nizkor Org (Information on the Holocaust) Nizkor: a Holocaust Remembrance The Holocaust Web Project ... United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Women in W.W.II
    The Women's Army Corps What did you do in the war, Grandma? WOMEN AT WAR Women Come to the Front
    World War II
    The Conflict Behind the Battle Lines / The Japanese Americans who fought in World War II were engaged in another, private battle, against prejudice and misunderstandings

    13. Social Studies
    Mountain Men, The Multicultural west. National Archives Access, Native American Resources. pony express, Psychedelic 60 s. us Colored Troops.
    American History Disasters Philosophy Religions ... World History American History African American History African American Historical Text Archives African American History Links Alger Hiss Trial ... World War II Disasters The Andrea Doria Apollo 13 Bhopal Industrial Disaster Bhopal ... TWA Flight 800 Philosophy PhilosophersIndex EpistemePhilosophy Links Ethics Connection Ethics Updates ... Religions All About the Mormons The Apocalypse BeliefNet Comparative Religion Index ... World Factbook World History African History on the Internet Ancient Egyptians Ancient/Medieval History Online Ancient World Cultures ... Library Homepage

    14. Teaching Social Studies With The Internet (K-6)
    1, pony express Information http// Page http// 1, Go west Across America with Lewis and Clark
    Getting Along The Boy Who Vanished

    My Neighborhood Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: The Children's Corner

    Getting Along From the Elephant Pit

    My Neighborhood Mr. Roger's Activity Guide

    Getting Along Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By

    My Neighborhood Kids Web Japan Getting the Job Done: The Story of Milk MooMilk Virtual Tour: The Story of Milk Dairy Cuisine Barnyard Buddies Kids Farm Jobs of the Past: The Pony Express Pony Express Information Money KidsBank.Com

    15. Missouri Studies Weekly
    Gateway to the west Video Changing Places Laura Ingalls Wilder. pony express Our pony express page. Try this challenge for Missouri studies Quia Challenge
    Mrs. Crites' Students, as we learn about our state, don't forget to memorize the "Missouri facts to know" below.
    Yes, you will be tested over them:) Week 1 -
    Prehistoric Missouri
    What forces of nature helped shape the land of our state?
    Why is Missouri called the "cave" state? Taum Sauk Mountain

    Where are America's Caves?
    Mrs. Orlando Links ...
    Let's Write Topic

    Missouri Fact to know:
    State Fossil - Crinoid Week 2 - Climate and Resources What are Missouri's resources? Should we protect our resources? How would our lives be different without Missouri's resources? What is Missouri's climate? Finding Missouri Video What mining means to Missouri. State Parks Missouri Flora ... Mrs. Orlando Links Climate Merriam-Webster OnLine Visit Missouri Precipitation Map Climate Maps Create a pamphlet on Missouri. Use the links above to include facts about 3 of our state's renewable and non renewable resources. Missouri Fact to know: State Mineral - Galena WEEK 3 - Regions of Missouri Compare regions (i.e. explain how life in a city region is different from the life in a rural region or how landscapes in mountainous regions look different from andscapes in plains regions) Missouri Then and Now - Chapter 2 Week 3 Links and Activities Mrs. Peiman's Site about REGIONS OF MO****

    16. Pioneer Life Social Studies Lesson Plan, Thematic Unit, Activity, Worksheet, Or
    homemade furniture) h. communication (letters by stagecoaches, pony express). Pioneers traveled out west to escape the law Visit Other Click to Vote For us!
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    Pioneer Life
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    Printable Version for your convenience! Title - Pioneer Life
    By - Kelly England
    Subject - Social Studies, Language Arts
    Grade Level - 4-7
    Focus: What do you think life was like for pioneers on the frontier? Objective: To write a letter illustrating life on the frontier. Read the book Westward Ho. (or similar book) and then discuss the following: characteristics of pioneer life.
    a. people
    b. reasons for moving Westward c. jobs (farmers, laborers, miners, ranchers, etc.) d. transportation (covered wagons, stagecoaches, horses, etc.) e. food (vegetables, wild game, fruit, etc.) f. clothing (types) g. homes (log homes, homemade furniture) h. communication (letters by stagecoaches, pony express) Have students pretend they are pioneers. (They can divide up in small groups or individually) They will write a letter to a friend or relative in the East describing their new life out West and their journey. Students need to include lots of descriptions of their homes, surroundings, and feelings about their new lives. If needed, the teacher may model the letter writing process on the overhead or may brainstorm ideas to help students get started.

    17. Social Studies Grade 6
    us History/Cause and Effect The learner will be to describe early pioneers expansion of the west. western Development pony express The learner will be able
    MSAD 49
    MSAD #49 K-8 Social Studies
    Social Studies - Grade 6 Social Studies In Social Studies, the goal is for all students to develop a deep, rich network of understandings related to the world around them. The objectives and competencies included in this curriculum deal with history, geography, economics, and civics from a diverse, global perspective. Students engage in projects that require them to apply Social Studies skills in real-world contexts.
    Civics and Government
    Citizenship/civic participation
    The learner will be able to students will understand the rights and responsibilities of civic life and will employ the skills of effective civic participation. Bloom's Scope Master Citizenship/effective citizen
    The learner will be able to identify the characteristics of an effective citizen. Bloom's Scope Master Bill of Rights: Recognize
    The learner will be able to specify and explain the rights that are included in the Bill of Rights. Bloom's Scope Comprehension Master Bill of Rights: Analyze
    The learner will be able to analyze the Bill of Rights and the impact it has on their lives.

    18. Social Studies
    pony express Home Station History of the beginning of mail delivery to the west; Selected Historic Decisions of the us Supreme Court listed by
    Social Studies For Ancient and Medieval History please go to the next social studies page. African American History Arts and Enterainment Literature Historical and Civil Rights

    19. Social Studies - Fifth Grade
    able to comprehend the effect of us territorial expansion surrounding Trails to the west, Indian Wars Mormons, Gold Rush, pony express, Transcontinental Railroad Studies/cr4370.htm
    Social Studies Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade ... Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade U.S. History ...
    Ordering Info

    Made with
    Curriculum Designer by
    Chester Township Public Schools Social Studies Social Studies - Fifth Grade Printable Version Goals and Descriptions
    Civics and Government
    Cultural Perspective ... War of 1812
    War of 1812 War of 1812
    The learner will be able to discuss the relationship between the United States and Great Britain after the Revolutionary with specific emphasis on the Treaty of Paris, War of 1812, Burning of Washington, DC, the Star Spangled Banner and the Monroe Doctrine. Activities/Evaluation Discuss the terms of the Treaty of Paris - 1783 and list the benefits for the United States. describe the major events in the War of 1812. List the heroes of the War of 1812 and describe their major contributions. Describe the events surrounding the Treaty of 1818. List the key idea associated with the Monroe doctrine. Strand Bloom's Scope Source Activities Relationship with England Comprehension Master Chester Township Public Schools(a) Classroom
    United States History United States History Description Territorial: Western/Events The learner will be able to identify events leading up to U.S. territorial expansion in the Western Hemisphere describing America's expansion to the Pacific coast with particular emphasis on Crossing the Appalachians, Northwest Ordinance of 1787, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Louisiana Purchase and Pike Expedition. (6.1) Activities/Evaluation Discuss the problems and motivation associated with crossing the Appalachians. Draw a map depicting routes through the Appalachians. List the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Develop a storyboard of the adventures of Lewis and Clark. Draw a map of the Louisiana Purchase. Construct a visual depicting the route of Pike.

    20. TKI - Go West Timeline Of The West [Social Studies Online]
    1847, Mormons head west under Brigham Young and settle in 1857, us army sent to impose law over Mormons in 1860, pony express is set up to quickly carry the mail.
    Go West
    Timeline of the West
    Go West
    Social Studies Online

    Under order of President Thomas Jefferson, the Lewis and Clark Expedition depart from St.Louis, Mo., on May 14, to chart a course to the Pacific Ocean. Settlement of Oregon begins via the Oregon Trail. U.S. annexes Texas Mormons head West under Brigham Young and settle in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1848
    Gold discovered January 24 in California. 80,000 prospectors emigrate to California to follow the gold boom. California becomes a state in the U.S. U.S. army sent to impose law over Mormons in Utah Gold discovered in Boulder Colorado. 100,000 people rush to the site Pony Express is set up to quickly carry the mail First transcontinental telegraph line completed October 24.
    Civil War between Northern and Southern states begins. Lasts until 1865. Homestead Act was approved on May 20, grants free family farms to settlers.
    Congress authorises the building of a transcontinental railroad Massacre of Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek First cattle drive from Texas up the Chisolm trail to Abilene, Kansas
    Medicine Lodge Treaty with the Indians sets up Indian Reservations on the Plains Transcontinental railroad completed; golden spike driven at Promontory, Utah

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