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         Pony Express American History:     more books (29)
  1. Landmarks of American History, 10 Vol. Set (Voyages of Christopher Columbus, Landing of the Pilgrims, Paul Revere & the Minute Men, Our Independ. & the Constit., Lewis & Clark Exped., Santa Fe Trail, Calif. Gold Rush, Pony Express, Building the First Transcont. RR, Panama Canal)

41. History US West - 219 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
Station pony express Information -pony express Museum -The pony express in Nemaha AllotmentAct of 1887 -Turner The Frontier In american history -Voices From
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History US West
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A Hat Fashions the Settlement of the West

Academic Info: History of the American West

American West
Wild West

2 Get California Gold Country

A Brief History of the Gold Rush
Adventures of Wells Fargo - All That Glitters By the Great Horn Spoon! ... Women in the Gold Rush Colorado Cripple Creek, Colorado The Colorado Gold Rush The Pearl of Cripple Creek The Pikes Peak Gold Rush ... The Donner Party Klondike As Precious as Gold Before the Klondike Gold Rush City Rises on Golden Wave Gold Fever ... History Buff: Articles on Major Events: Loui... (part 2) James Madison, His Legacy: Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial, 1803-2003 Louisiana State Museum: The Cabildo: Louisia... NapoleonSeries: Reference Library of Diploma... ... Manifest Destiny 1841-1848 Military Literary History of the American West - The ... Military Civil_War The Civil War in the West - Guidon Books Military Forts Historic Fort Osage Historic Forts Historic Forts of the Old West Art Smiths Story ... Utah Crossroads Chapter - Oregon-California ...

42. Pony Express Rider
like just another video game but pony express Rider doesn t take place in someDoomlike setting. This is a page taken right out of our american history books
Available from McGraw Hill Home Interactive "Pony Express Rider" puts you in the rider's seat. You have taken on the dangerous task of delivering the mailon time! It is 1861, and the Civil War has just begun.You must outwit Confederate spies who want California to secede from the Union. Once in a while U.S,Special Agent Bradley will help you solve problemsif he can. You will deal with Native American cultures you have never seen before. And every decision is up to you!
Reviews and Awards
Smartkid Review "Two things make this one of the best new programs of the year. First, the multi-media mix is darn near perfect, seamlessly combining old movie clips, rich graphics, video sequences and a rousing musical score. Next, and ultimately more important, the program uses an exciting story line - in this case a Confederate plot that must must be foiled - in order to involve kids with the issues of history." The Family Channel Entertainment Guide "Imaginative uses of full-motion video, sound and animation

43. American History - Gananda School Library
Depart. of history, College of Staten Island, The City University of NewYork. Women In The american West. Women Library. The pony express. The

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Click on these subject headings to locate information about American History. General American United States Geography Native Americans Native American Affairs ... Unit III
TIMELINES: This Day in History From The History Channel, this page allows you to type in any date and find out what was happening in the United States and the world on that day. Yahoo! - This Day in History Find out what happened on this day and any day in history. Go to the bottom of the page to type in the date you are interested in. History Timelines History timeline websites, compiled by The Librarians' Index to the Internet. GENERAL LINKS: Subscription Research Databases - Available only through Gananda Central Library The History Net A great site to locate information on Social Studies and History topics. Social Studies School Service

44. America: A Narrative History, Brief 6th Edition - Digital History Center
one of the district post offices in a Japanese american detention facility Read Lifeon the pony express. Oral history of Puerto Rican musician Manuel Rodriquez
Homepage Review Index Outline Flash Cards ... Search DIGITAL HISTORY FEATURE - POSTAL WORKERS From the early days of Pony Express deliveries to today's worldwide services, technological advances have resulted in a huge postal industry that employs literally hundreds of thousands of people-from newly arrived immigrants to descendents of Native Americans. These materials, which include government documents, oral histories, and video clips, depict the postal service's evolution-from early letter carries and Pony Express riders to mechanized sorting, automobile delivery, and the jet age. Using these documents, CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:
  • What type of opportunities did the postal service offer in the early nineteenth century-and what types of hazards existed for those early letter carriers? How has technology affected the collecting, sorting, and delivering of mail in the United States? Why are working-class Americans from all walks of life particularly drawn to employment with the U.S. Postal Service?
Required Viewing: Click on image to explore full size.

45. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
1. american history to 1865 pony express The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy;January 1, 1988 history to 1865 pony express A system of

46. USA101 Question & Answers
Despite the fact that it operated from only April 1860 to October 1861, it remainsa legendary part of american history. The pony express used a constant relay

47. U.S. West
pony express Home Station In service between April 1860 and November 1861. TheSignificance of the Frontier in american history Text of Turner s classic
General Sites
The Gold Rush

Native American Relations

The Railroad
Settlers and Wagon Trains

Also, check out our
American Women's History
Native American History
Pages. H istory of the U S W est
U.S. History Pages

European, Asian/African

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General Sites "Archives of the West" Part of the PBS series on the west. American West : site devoted to exalting the heroism and colorful past of the West, full of both information and opportunities for commercial exploitation (not unlike the history of the West itself!). Bibliography of Internet Resources on the American West : An outstanding link site that points the viewer to dozens of Web sites on topics about the American West. Hispanic America Overview of the role of Hispanic Americans in U.S. history. Ladonna Gunn, "The Mythical American West on the Internet : A fine bibliographic essay detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the coverage of the history of the American West on the Web. Essay composed for Course in Popular Culture in Twentieth Century America, Spring 1997, University of Colorado.

48. National Postal Museum
Volume 1, Issue 2 April–June 1992 The pony express is one of the most colorfulepisodes in american history, one which can be used to measure not only the

Articles from
EnRoute The Story Of The Pony Express
The Story Of The Pony Express
by Nancy Pope
Volume 1, Issue 2
The Pony Express is one of the most colorful episodes in American history, one which can be used to measure not only the growth of the nation, but the pioneering spirit of our predecessors. The name "Pony Express" evokes images of courageous young men crossing long stretches of country, frequently under harsh conditions, facing the constant threat of death. And, like so many legendary events of the "Old West," there have been wild exaggerations of the facts.
Despite the braggadocio, these young horsemen faced numerous dangers, such as thieves, deserts, or blizzards. Riders continued even at night when the only illumination came from the moon or flashes of lightening.
The Pony Express grew out of a need for swifter mail service between the East and West prior to the Civil War. After gold was discovered in 1848 in Sutter's Mill in California, prospectors joined with homesteaders flocking westward. That same year, the Post Office Department awarded a contract to the Pacific Mail Steamship Company to carry mail to California. Under the terms of the contract, the mail was carried by ship from New York to Panama, where it was taken across the Isthmus of Panama by horseback or rail, and then put aboard ships bound for San Francisco. Under the best of conditions, a letter could be carried to the West Coast in three or four weeks. But, that schedule was optimistic.

american West The pony express This Web site gives a history of the ponyexpress and tells the story of Bronco Charlie, the youngest rider. pony

50. Marysvil
Perhaps no period of american history is as nostalgic as that time we call The Oneof the most colorful chapters of this time was the pony express, which ran
Pony Express Home Station #1 Location: Downtown Marysville Contact: Special Note: Closes during the winter months. Fee: Yes Harland J. Schuster . Please do not use without permission. Perhaps no period of American History is as nostalgic as that time we call "The Old Wild West". Unfortunately, to a certain extent, many folks have come to believe the stories of those times were largely a myth created by the Westerns made in Hollywood. Not true. There really was a Wild West; there really were cowboys and Indians a' shootin' at one another out here. One of the most colorful chapters of this time was the Pony Express, which ran from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. Though a financial failure, the Pony Express was successful in capturing the public imagination. It still does to this day. When it advertised for riders, the ad stated they wanted "young, wiry menorphans preferred". This was no exaggeration. A lone rider following a predictable path on a predictable time table would be an easy target from ambush, both by sometimes hostile Indians, and by desperadoes. With only a six-gun and a swift horse for protection, the riders had to relay on guts and quick wits for their survival. Though only one rider was lost to hostile action, many had exciting tales to tell, most likely true. The Pony Express relied on a system of stations about 15 miles apart along the route, all the way to California. At these stations, the rider would switch to a fresh horse and continue the ride. About every 60 miles was a "home station". These were more extensive than the regular stations. Riders would be switched at these stations, as well as horses. They generally had more horses, as well as a blacksmith shop, and served as supply depots for the smaller stations in the area. The Home Station #1 at Marysville is the only remaining home station of the Pony Express still standing in its original location, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. After the demise of the Pony Express, the building served a number of different purposes before being turned into a museum.

51. 4th And 5th Grade Student Research Resources - The West
Trail really great interactive map Early american Trails This is Prairie SchoonersCheck out the history or the related to the Alamo pony express Home Station
United States History Resources
The Move West
Territorial Expansion 1775 -1920
Many maps show the growth.
David Rusmey Historical Map Collection
- hundreds of old maps primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries
The Louisiana Purchase
It inspired many to go west.
Drawing the Western Frontier
an album by James Taylor with primary source photos etc.
Historic Fort Snelling
Take the virtual tour o this 1820's Minnesota fort
Erie Canal On-line
It was an engineering marvel, when it opened in 1825, and it soon became a super highway.
At home in the Heartland
- great interactive exhibit
The History of the Northwest Coast
Explorers and events are here.
Davy Crockett
The complete text of the 1874 book by John Abbott
The Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone
Three excellent chapters Mountain Men and the Fur Trade There are many fine primary sources here. Southwest Frontier and the Fur Trade the history, traditions, and mode of living of the trappers, explorers, and traders Exploring the West from Monticello Here is an exhibit of maps and instruments used. Lewis and Clark from Time Lewis and Clark from PBS Lewis and Clark: National Geographic As always, the magazine does a great job!

52. Stephens Press LLC - The Pony Express
Fast horses, intrepid young riders, and miles of untamed land these are the elementsof one of american history s most enduring stories the pony express.
Home About Book List Submissions ... Show Shopping Cart
The Pony Express
A Photographic History
Fast horses, intrepid young riders, and miles of untamed land these are the elements of one of American history's most enduring stories: the Pony Express. During it brief existence, the Pony Express captured American imagination, and nearly a century and a half later, it still does.
This photographic retelling of the legendary mail service's rise and fall combines exhaustive historical research with exquisite camera work to create a stunning, full-color pictoral history.
Order Now!
Size: 8.5 x 9" Pages: Soft Cover Publisher: Mountain Press Publishing Co. ISBN:

53. 1998 Program Series Information (PSI)
Category NewView Limited. Series Title The pony express. Curriculum Area(s)Social Studies american history. Grade(s) 4 6. Number of Programs 1. Pony Express

54. Used American History Books
A history of the Oregon Trail. OP. 8.00U. part of the Frontiers of America series,Children s Press, 1962. OP. 10.00-U (B) pony express, by Carl Menning.
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55. Museum Store Products
of Joseph Robidoux and the pony express cookbook presented Joseph, Missouri - APostcard history by Robyn L Jesse James - Legends of the american West (video
St. Joseph History Gifts Item # Description (Click on underlined items to learn more about them) Price St. Joseph Playing Cards Prints of the Historic Sites in St. Joseph by John Stoeckley (12" x 14") No # The Elephant Way by Joyce Rochambeau (children's book)
Books about Historic St. Joseph cookbook presented by the Junior League of St. Joseph, Missouri Krug Park, St. Joseph's Crown Jewel by Clyde Weeks Lake Contrary, Days of Glory 1880-1964 by Clyde Weeks Hotel Robidoux, Illustrated (reprint-originally published by the hotel in 1909) (temporarily out of stock) Tales of Old "St. Joe" and the Frontier Days by Hazel Faubion St. Joseph News-Press - 150 Years of St. Joseph News St. Joseph, Missouri A Postcard History
J. Marshall White Hometown Beer
features Goetz Brewery of St. Joseph Old Saint Jo - Gateway to the West, 1799-1932 by Sheridan Logan No # compiled by J. Marshall White Jesse James Jesse James Was His Name by William A. Settle Jesse James - Legends of the American West (video) -temporarily out of stock In the Shadow of Jesse James by Stella Frances James- temporarily out of stock Frank and Jesse James - The Story Behind the Legend by Ted P. Yeatman

56. Pony Express Gifts
separate stories. The pony express portion details the history of thepony express and its importance in american history. The Oregon
Pony Express Gifts Saddles - is a book about the background of the Pony Express. The organization of the company, the route, biographies of the founders and riders, and a list and descriptions of the stations. Softcover.
Item #7651 $14.95 Back Next item Order Form Pony Express by Fred Reinfeld - is an account of the establishment of the Pony Express. Filled with adventure and accounts of the riders as they risked the wilds of the frontier to get the mail through to California. Softcover.
Item #7864 $10.95 Back Next item Order Form On the Winds of Destiny: A Biographical Look at Pony Express Riders is the first book to be published by Platte Purchase Publishers, the new publishing arm of The St. Joseph Museum Inc. This is the first publication that has the biographies of more than 60 Pony Express Riders, as well as their photographs. Also included are some never before published images of original Pony Express Stations and Station sites. Excellent research material
Item #5306 $14.95

57. - On The Trail Of The Pony Express
During the brief nineteenmonth operation of the pony express, its daredevil riders theirlegend now flashes across the pages of american history, leaving in
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Ancestry Magazine

January/February 2002 Vol. 20.1 On the Trail of the Pony Express
During the brief nineteen-month operation of the Pony Express, its daredevil riders flashed across the country at break-neck speeds. In a similar way, their legend now flashes across the pages of American history, leaving in the dust historical footnotes, myths, and family stories. Until 1858, when the Overland Stage Line between San Francisco and St. Louis was established, the only direct connection between San Francisco and New York was via Panama–4,000 miles away by water. Once every fortnight great crowds gathered in San Francisco on "Steamer Day" to meet the incoming steamers that brought mail and newspapers, which often took anywhere from six months to a year to get around Cape Horn (South America) or via the Isthmus of Panama. At this time, more than half a million people lived west of the Rocky Mountains and it was slow and difficult for them to communicate with family, friends, and businesses in the East. They demanded better and faster mail service and more timely news of the rest of the country.

58. ‘Orphans Preferred’ Separates Pony Express Fact From Legend
Center for american Western history in Laramie, Wyo., and all the major archivesbetween Missouri and California. He also visited existing pony express station
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59. The Salt Lake Tribune -- Pony Express History Is A Wild Ride Of A Read
first major examination of the pony express in 50 years. Douglas Brinkley, directorof the Eisenhower Center for american Studies and a history professor at
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Features Film Finder Columnists - Kirby - Television ... Privacy Policy Pony Express history is a wild ride of a read
Christopher Corbett, author of Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express. (Jim Burger/The Associated Press) By Martin Griffith
The Associated Press
RENO, Nev. Christopher Corbett was chasing down the truth about the Pony Express one day near Mud Springs, Neb., when a local shared some words of wisdom:
"We don't lie out here. We just remember big."
In his recent book, Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express, Corbett examines fact and fiction about the short-lived mail relay that captured the expanding nation's imagination.
While carrying mail along the 1,950-mile route between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif., in 1860 and 1861, wiry white horsemen fought American Indians and the elements, barren deserts and desperadoes.
Their grit is not in dispute.

60. Historical Text Archive: E-Books : The Story Of The Pony Express: 1: At A Nation
was with such vital conditions that the pony express was identified to preserve theUnion, that the express became an important factor in american history.

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