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1. Your Search:
Google Directory Science Math Chaos and Fractals. Directory Help Search only Geometry Formats Curves Surfaces polyhedra fractals, Chaos Projection Stereographics Colour and Frac

2. The Geometry Junkyard: Fractals
fractals. Allegria fractal and mathematically inspired jewelry S¡ndor Kabai's mathematical graphics, primarily polyhedra and 3d fractals. Labyrinth tiling

3. The Geometry Junkyard: Polyhedra And Polytopes
on geometric properties of polygons, polyhedra, and higher dimensional polytopes (particularly convex S¡ndor Kabai's mathematical graphics, primarily polyhedra and 3d fractals
Polyhedra and Polytopes This page includes pointers on geometric properties of polygons, polyhedra, and higher dimensional polytopes (particularly convex polytopes). Other pages of the junkyard collect related information on triangles, tetrahedra, and simplices cubes and hypercubes polyhedral models , and symmetry of regular polytopes

4. 3D Fractals
3D Fractal Generator. This is an extension of my wireframe applet. It generates 3dimensional fractals by superimposing polyhedra upon themselves recursively.
3D Fractal Generator
This is an extension of my wireframe applet. It generates 3-dimensional 'fractals' by superimposing polyhedra upon themselves recursively. You get to pick the polyhedron, the level of recursion, and the spaces between the individual polyhedrons. You can set the fractal spinning by dragging on it with your mouse and releasing. If you have 3D glasses, you can use those, too. Get a damn java enabled browser, would you? gently drag and release to start the model spinning window.onerror = null unit shape : tetrahedron pyramid sextahedron octahedron cube levels : DANGER!!!
separation : no space a little space some space space lots of space tons of space 3D specs : no 3D glasses red lens right red lens left red right (Mac) red left (Mac)
PLEASE increase levels gradually - see below.) Hint - spinning cubes look way cool with lots of separation. Use CAUTION when selecting how many levels of recursion you want. A recursive tetrahedron with 5 levels contains 1,536 lines, and 6 levels has 6,144 lines. A cube with only 4 levels also has 6,144 lines (if your browser can survive it, either of these looks wild spinning slowly (with tons of space for the cube, optional for the tetrahedron)). But BE CAREFUL!

5. Help Contents / Examples / Polyhedra-fractals (3d Fractal)
polyhedrafractals (3d fractal). Help Contents Examples polyhedra-fractals (3d fractal) polyhedra-fractals (3d fractal). This example
Polyhedra-fractals (3d fractal)
Help Contents Examples Polyhedra-fractals (3d fractal) Pascal-Assignment (simple) Pythagoras (advanced)
Polyhedra-fractals (3d fractal)
This example draws three polyhedra based on their face-to-face angle and their net. On every face another smaller tetraeder is placed, so that a 3d fractal grows, similar to a Koch-snowflake curve.
graphix run run ... zoomRotate ; allow zoom-rotating during the construction to norm :p output sqrt (:p.x*:p.x+:p.y*:p.y+:p.z*:p.z) end ; make onbeforedraw fog fog "true 100 1 0.1 black make onbeforedraw clearcolor ... make "maxs 32 ; maximal side length make "mins 16 ; minimal side length make "i maxs*( sqrt (2/3)) ; i = inner height of tetraeder make "alpha arctan sqrt 8 ; 72.5° inner tetraeder angle make "poly [ [:points : color run bf polygon ; this is how multiple inheritance works in Elica! local "mode "width "smooth ;"shininess "material.specularity make "mode 2 make "width 3 make "smooth "true ; make "pattern [xo ox] make color .#1 128 ; alpha-level ; range : 0..255 ; 255 means solid, ; 128 half transparent, ; completely transparent. ;

6. 3D Mountains
Shows how to create fractal mountains, 3D Mandelbrot and Julia sets, convex, stellated and polyhedra. Uses tiny Java1.1 applets and VRML worlds.
3D Mountains
"Lorenz hat"
"Lorenz hat" equation is
y(x,z) ~ 1/(x + z
See Hidden Surface Removal Algorithms for a couple of hints. Controls:
Drag mouse to rotate mountain.
Drag mouse with "Shift" to zoom it.
Press mouse with "Alt"("Ctrl") to increase (decrease) two times number of points.
3D Mandelbrot and Julia sets
More examples
Fractal terrains
Drag mouse to rotate mountain.
Drag mouse with "Shift" to zoom it.
Press mouse with "Ctrl" to get new terrain!
Press mouse with "Alt"(+"Shift") to increase (decrease) two times number of points (you can see n value in the Status bar). Ice Terrains See also 3D random hills and 3D VRML mountains for explanations. E-notes Fractal polyhedra and Hidden Surface Removal Algorithms
updated 11 Oct 2001

7. Help Contents / Examples / Polyhedra-fractals (3d Fractal)
Translate this page Sorry, this version of help is intended only for browsers supporting frames.
Sorry, this version of help is intended only for browsers supporting frames.

8. - Where Math, Art & Fun Come Together!
Books, puzzles, posters and art gallery related to tessellations, polyhedra, fractals, anamorphic art, and M. C. Escher. Arizona, USA. Also order tollfree.

9. - Where Math, Art & Fun Come Together!
Online store and gallery of mathematical art. Browse topics including tessellations, polyhedra, fractals, anamorphic art, kaleidoscopes, M. C. Escher and Origami. Books, puzzles, posters and more

10. Amby's Education Site -- Math Puzzles & Learning Activities
performance tasks) Geometry Collage, Logic Advertisement, Tessellations, Scale Drawings, Building polyhedra, and Line Designs; Paper entitled fractals.
Amby's Education Site:
Learning Activities
Applied Math / Simulations Origami Polyhedra Fractals ...
Other Math Resources
Applied Math / Simulations
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11. Books Page
Books related to math and art. Escher, tessellations, polyhedra, fractals and more. Browse the following types of books Tessellations. polyhedra. Perspective systems. fractals. M.C.Escher
Browse the following types of books: home

12. Lifesmith Classic Fractals Gallery 1988-2002
Lissajou Figures(100) 3D Spherical Harmonics (215) Knots(100) polyhedra Conic Sections (115) Stellated polyhedra(45) Starface polyhedra(45) Affine
New for 2002! The Year 2003
"Y" Line

156 Images
The Year 2002 ...
270 Images
This feature is under reconstruction...please bear with us... Displayed to the left is a random image from the 2002 line of the largest fractal image library in the world. Magnification
Series 2
Up to 10^46
Magnification! 24 images added to the 2000 X line! 22 images added to 1996 J line! 12 images added to 1988-90 A line! Selected Fractal Imagery by Series/Years (1988-2002): 2003(Y) Line 156 Images 2002(P) Line 237 Images 2001 (G) Line 270 Images 2000 (X) Line 175 Images ... Two-dimensional imagery 1988-1996 (B) 320 Images
Thumbnails are 72 pixels by 72 pixels where Series images are 216 pixels by 216 pixels and up.
Earliest two-dimensional fractal images in the gallery were generated originally at a
resolution of 900 by 900, then 1800 pixels by 1800 pixels and are stored in our six+ terabyte archive.
Recent 2D images are done at 2880 pixels square (and up)
whereas 3D scenes have evolved (as my tools improved) from a mere 640 by 960 to now 6000 by 9000 pixels, nearly a ninety-fold increase in overall resolution Thumbnails are 24-bit JPEG; larger images are 8-bit GIF.

13. Opengl
Formats. Curves. Surfaces. polyhedra. fractals, Chaos. Projection. Stereographics. Curves. Surfaces. polyhedra. fractals, Chaos. Projection. Stereographics.

14. The Math Forum - Math Library - Fractals
Cool Math Karen A searchable amusement park of mathematics for exploring math functions, tessellations, polyhedra, limits, logs, fractals (with galleries

15. The Math Forum - Math Library - Fractals
Programs Xah Lee A listing about 40 excellent recreational math programs for Macintosh that do polyhedra and Rubic cubes, curves and surfaces, fractals and L

16. Art Gallery
Category Illustration Art Books, puzzles, posters and art gallery related to tessellations, polyhedra, fractals, anamorphic art, and MC Escher. gallery/
art gallery
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17. Bookmarks fractals
polyhedra Koch s Flakes 3Dtree. http//

English Plan du site Bloc notes ... .net
Votre portail e-Learning
SOMMAIRE Pages Web Anneaux Web Demos ... Liens
fractales de Markus-Lyapounov Charles Vassalo (The infinite fractal loop) Fractalismes Fantastic Fractals Stochastic Resonance Perugia (Italy) Chaos Club Definition of Polymer, P-System, Metapolymer and Pseudopolymer, etc 3D VRML Lab 3D fractals autre adresse Cantor's Polyhedra Koch's Flakes Flight From Fractal Ultra Fractal Ultra Fractal is a Windows program that creates images of fractals. Fractals by Jos Leys The Monsters and Strange Creatures Galleries The Geometry Galleries Animations Iterations et Flarium24 Into the Mystic Fractal ViZion 1.20, Fractal Zplot 1.21 and Dofo-Zon Elite 1.21 Fractal eXtreme Fractal Pages African Fractals by Ron Eglash Infinite Folds Peter Budai - Origami - fascinating self-similar folds Index to Named Fractals Stewart R. Hinsley
une image fractale donne le motif de base
Infinite Fractal Loop
de l'histoire du Web !!!
The TEX Catalogue Online -Currvita currvita Package for typesetting a curriculum vitae.

18. Final Project
Some topic ideas the ninepoint circle, linear perspective, polyhedra, fractals, conic sections, elliptic geometry, projective geometry, inversion, finite
MATH 305 Modern Geometry FINAL PROJECT This is in two parts: A paper, due Thursday May 1 points A presentation to the class, Thursday May 1 points Find a geometric topic not covered in class. This can be something related to what we have studied or something completely new. It could be something you might teach in the future. The College Mathematics Journal or Mathematics Teacher are good sources for ideas. (I believe both are available in our library, and other journals as well.) The goal is for you to teach yourself something new about geometry and then present it to others. Please discuss your topic with me before you prepare your materials. Here are some specific requirements:
  • The paper should be at least four and no more than six pages, double-spaced in 12-pt. font. If you use lots of diagrams, your paper should be closer to six pages than to four pages. The paper and the presentation should include at least one major theorem on that topic. (The proof is optional.) Turn in two copies of your paper.

19. Japanese FAQ
3D IFS fractals are 3D analogous to 2D IFS fractals using polyhedra instead of polygons. ie Menger sponge is 3D analogous to Sierpinski Carpet.
What is a fractal? Fractal is a word invented by Benoit Mandelbrot to specify the complicated phenomena of shapes with self-similarity. According Benoit Mandelbrot words in his book, The Fractal Geometry of Nature, "I coined fractal from the Latin adjective fractus. The corresponding Latin verb frangere means "to break:" to create irregular fragents. It is therefore sensible - and how appropriate for our needs! - that, in addition to "fragmented" (as in fraction or refraction), fractus should also mean "irregular," both meanings being preserved in fragment."
Other descriptions on fractals can be found from the following links: sci.fractals FAQ (Q2: What is a fractal?) fractal: ERIC WEISSTEIN'S world of MATHEMATICS What is fractal3D? Fractal3D ( is the world's first web site which provides information and products of great new finding 3D quasi-fuchsian fractals in pure mathematics. What is quasi-fuchsian fractals?

20. Downloadable Polyhedra, Geometry, & Math Software (Science U)
Software Download polyhedra, Geometry, Math. (1572k) (Windows95) Paper Folding fractals Introductory lesson to fractals for the classroom or
Browse By:
    • (1095k) (Windows-95)
      MathLab 95: Draw any function in 2-D / 3-D and L-Systems. Currently, has no symbolic computation support.
  • Geometry

    • (1657k) (Windows-95)
      NonEuclid: a Software Simulation offering Straightedge and Compass Constructions in Hyperbolic Geometry (a geometry of Einstein's General Relativity Theory and Curved Hyperspace) for use in High School and Undergraduate Education.
    • (1572k) (Windows-95)
      Paper Folding Fractals: Introductory lesson to fractals for the classroom or personal learning. Simple paper folding steps can give rise to varities of fractals. Explore the fractal rules of simple or complex patterns.
  • Formulas

    • (1860k) (Windows-95)
      Conversion Tables: A quick and simple way to convert between metric and standard measurements.
    • (955k) (Windows-95) MathBook: A mathematics handbook with different modules, including: integral calculus, advanced algebra, geometrya and trigonometry, random numbers, US/Metric conversions, and graph builder module.
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