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         Pollution:     more books (100)
  1. Water Supply and Pollution Control (7th Edition) by Warren Viessman Jr., Mark J. Hammer, 2004-05-14
  2. Air Pollution Control (3rd Edition) by C. David Cooper, F. C. Alley, 2002-05
  3. Against the Pollution of the I by Jacques Lusseyran, 2006-04-01
  4. Atmospheric Pollution by Mark Z. Jacobson, 2002-08-15
  5. Pollution and the Death of Man by Francis A. Schaeffer, Udo W. Middelmann, 1992-10-15
  6. Air Pollution: Its Origin and Control (3rd Edition) by Kenneth Wark, Cecil F. Warner, et all 1997-11-23
  7. Air Pollution Control Engineering by Noel de Nevers, 1999-10-12
  8. Light Pollution by Bob Mizon, 2001-12-06
  9. Aquatic Pollution: An Introductory Text, 3rd Edition by Edward A. Laws, 2000-08-24
  10. Fundamentals of Air Pollution, Fourth Edition by Daniel Vallero, 2007-08-13
  11. Environmental and Pollution Science, Second Edition by Ian L. Pepper, Charles P. Gerba, et all 2006-04-11
  12. The Quest for Environmental Justice: Human Rights and the Politics of Pollution
  13. Against the Pollution of the I: Selected Writings of Jacques Lusseyran by Jacques Lusseyran, 1999-08-01
  14. Water Pollution (True Books: Environment) by Rhonda Lucas Donald, 2002-03

1. NIPR: New Ideas In Pollution Regulation Home
A site for researchers, government officials, and citizens interested in understanding and improving control of industrial pollution, especially in developing countries. NIPR is the primary source
A site for researchers, government officials, and citizens interested in understanding and improving control of industrial pollution, especially in developing countries. NIPR is the primary source for materials produced by the World Bank's Economics of Industrial Pollution Control Research Project. W orld Development Report 2003: This site features:
  • A dynamic tree system for easy access to the content of WDR 2003; A search engine for querying for information in both WDR 2003 and its supporting documents; Links in the text for access to sources of information on the web; and A feedback system.
Environmental Indicators: Inter active maps that illustrate new international estimates of pollution damage, natural resource degradation, genuine savings, pressure on water resources, threats to biodiversity, and World Bank project responses. Greening Industry T he hyper-linked version. A Chinese translated publication of Greening Industry: New Roles for Communities, Markets, and Governments

2. Pollution
World pollution provides latest World Environment News from WN Network Environment. EnvironmentNews. allAfrica pollution. ENews pollution. ENN pollution.
Search the World News Network Any Language Afrikaans Czech Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Hausa Hungarian Indonesian Italian Malay Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Slovak Spanish Swahili Swedish Tagalog Turkish Advanced Search Environment Nuclear Waste Chemical waste ... Site Map WN RELATED Genetic Post

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Environment News allAfrica: Pollution ENews: Pollution ENN : Pollution Ens: Pollution ... WN TOOLBAR! Breaking News Fri, 11 Jun 2004 Health Iraq Mideast Photos ... 'Fears over Gulf War chemicals' BBC News Energy Environment Photos Pollution ... Deaths caused by pollution damages studied WASHINGTON Pollution from power plants causes the premature deaths of 23,600 Americans each year, according to an analysis prepared by a consulting company that uses the same data and methodology i... (photo: Getty Images) Houston Chronicle Schroeder Calls Oil-Price Surge Risk to World Economy (Update3) Bloomberg Europe Germany Oil Photos ... Schroeder: Saudi terror attacks 'truly repugnant' Middle East Online Europe Germany Oil Photos ... Pesticides pose hidden dangers Gulf Daily News Bahrain Environment Farming Photos ... SE Asia looks at increasing output of green power The News International Asia Energy Oil Philippines ... China tries hard to fix air, water problems

3. Pollution Online: Digital Marketplace For The Pollution Prevention Industry
Resource for professionals in the pollution control industry Information on analyticalinstruments, air particulates, environmental monitoring, bioremediates
HOME Buy Online Sell Online Services Jobs ... Free Newsletter
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Products Suppliers Categories Articles Downloads Buy Online Buyer's Guide Product Showcase Market Research Reports ... Help Welcome to Pollution Online Looking for indicators to monitor changes in environmental conditions? Need to know if your company meets EHS regulatory and management system requirements? Looking for the latest gas analyzer products? Need to identify and select suppliers ? Then you need the expert advice of Pollution Online, the premier sourcing site for the pollution control industry. In addition, keep up with the latest information in the pollution control community through: FREE Newsletters FREE Job Search FREE Trade Publications FREE Consultant Locator
Featured Products Sulfur-Rite® Complete Packaged Systems for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
new brochure from Gas Technology Products LLC highlights the features and benefits of the Sulfur-Rite® H S removal system and includes a description of how the process works Get more info!
Human Performance Improvement

Increasing standards from regulatory agencies and greater automation designed into plants today have reduced the potential for operation outside of defined limits. However industry-wide increases in human errors plague plant operators today Get more info!

4. Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, Quieting Noise Pollution
The Noise pollution Clearinghouse, reducing noise pollution and increasingnatural quiet. Noise pollution Clearinghouse. Good neighbors
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The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources. The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse seeks to:
  • Raise awareness about noise pollution Create, collect, and distribute information and resources regarding noise pollution Strengthen laws and governmental efforts to control noise pollution Establish networks among environmental, professional, medical, governmental, and activist groups working on noise pollution issues Assist activists working against noise pollution
The mission of the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is to create more civil cities and more natural rural and wilderness areas by reducing noise pollution at the source.
Projects and Campaigns

5. Light Pollution Awareness Website
Includes lighting pictures, satellite images, the latest news, lots of links and information about how to shield lighting.
Welcome to the
Light Pollution Awareness Website
Home of the Research Page
LiPAW Quick Reference Index Alerts Hot News What Is Light Pollution? Shielding ... Learn about the gift that keeps on giving! The LiPAW Has Been Granted The Following Prestigious Awards! Thank You Very Much! On December 2, 2000, the Light Pollution Awareness Website was selected as a featured site in Lightspan's StudyWeb® as one of the best educational resources on the Web! StudyWeb® is one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers. Since 1996, Lightspan's expert reviewers have scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWeb's listing of educational links. On October 25, 2001, the Light Pollution Awareness Website (LiPAW) was granted the Griffith Observatory Star Award for presenting useful, thorough, and accurate information in a well-organized and attractive way, making the night sky more available to everyone. On November 4, 2001, the Light Pollution Awareness Website (LiPAW) was awarded the Stellar Link Award by is a website dedicated to the finding and presenting of the best astronomy and space links on the Internet and your site was found to shine out among the best. DarkSky Alerts! We Need Your Help!

6. Pollution Engineering Magazine
pollution Engineering Magazine Helping You Engineer A Better EnvironmentSince 1969. Register for FREE pollution Engineering email updates
Friday, June 11

Industry News

Article Archives

New Products
Regulation Update



Cover Story June 2004 Issue Aerobic Bioremediation Progresses to the Next Level Many naturally occurring microorganisms can metabolize or enzymatically destroy unwanted chemical species in soil and water. Unsung Heroes PE editors visit a wastewater treatment plant in Ypsilanti, Mich. and meet industry professionals who truly care about clean water and the customers they serve. To Be, or Not to Be Chlorine Free Chlorine is a very active and unstable chemical, so it is tempting to consider using totally chlorine-free pulp bleaching. The industry estimated an additional 100 million trees would be needed per year in North America if chlorine-free bleaching standards were adopted. “There’s the rub,” as Hamlet would have said. Go With the Flow The ability to properly measure the flow of a fluid is one of the more important parameters for any environmental professional involved in water management. Click here for more current features...

7. Ocean Planet: Oil Pollution
Air pollution, mainly from cars and industry, places hundreds of tons of hydrocarbons into the oceans though a relatively minor source of ocean oil pollutioncan be devastating
The text on this site is presented as an archival version of the script of "Ocean Planet," a 1995 Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. The content reflects the state of knowledge at the time of the exhibition, and has not been updated. The information on this buoy is divided into the three categories listed below.
When it comes to mixing oil and water, oceans suffer from far more than an occasional devastating spill. Disasters make headlines, but hundreds of millions of gallons of oil quietly end up in the seas every year, mostly from non-accidental sources
The graph below shows how many millions of gallons of oil each source puts into the oceans worldwide each year
Down the Drain: 363 Million Gallons
    Used engine oil can end up in waterways. An average oil change uses five quarts; one change can contaminate a million gallons of fresh water. Much oil in runoff from land and municipal and industrial wastes ends up in the oceans. 363 million gallons Road runoff adds up
    Every year oily road runoff from a city of 5 million could contain as much oil as one large tanker spill
Routine Maintenance: 137 Million Gallons
    Every year, bilge cleaning and other ship operations release millions of gallons of oil into navigable waters, in thousands of discharges of just a few gallons each. 137 million gallons

8. Welcome To Pollution Probe
contact us search our website.
contact us search our website contact us search our website

9. STAPPA / ALAPCO Public Web Page
The State and Territorial Air pollution Program Administrators (STAPPA) and the Association of Local Air pollution Control Officials (ALAPCO) are national associations representing air pollution control agencies in the 54 U.S. states/territories and over 150 major metropolitan areas. Site has information and links.
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10. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Pollution
Breathe Pure Air Air Purifiers Air Cleaners - Scientifically advanced UV air purifiers that are energy efficient, low maintenance and effective at removing odor, dust, mildew, mold, germs and other airborne contaminates. environmental issues related to air pollution hazardous waste, electromagnetic fields (EMF development indicators and resources, green accounting, EIA, air pollution and modelling
  • - Scientifically advanced UV air purifiers that are energy efficient, low maintenance and effective at removing odor, dust, mildew, mold, germs and other airborne contaminates. Free U.S. shipping and money back Guarantee
  • Horizon International
Air Pollution
Chemical Replacements
Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
General Management Services
Hazardous Waste
Light Pollution
Noise Pollution
Nuclear and Radiation
Oil Spills Ozone Depletion Pollution Databases Pollution Computer Products Pollution Publications Publications Recycling Pollution Supplies Regulatory and Environmental Compliance Toxicology Vehicle Emission Control Waste Management Water Pollution

11. LII: Law About...Pollution
LII An overview of law related to environmental pollution with links to key primary and secondary sources. pollution is the contamination of air, water, or earth by harmful substances. Concern
Law About . . . collection home search tell me more LII home ... donate
pollution: an overview
Pollution is the contamination of air, water, or earth by harmful substances. Concern for pollution developed alongside concerns for the environment in general. See Environmental Law . The advent of automobiles, increased chemical wastes, nuclear wastes, and accumulation of garbage in landfills created a need for legislation specifically aimed at decreasing pollution. Among the landmark acts designed to preserve our environment is the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ( et seq ); a comprehensive regulatory statute aimed at controlling solid waste disposal. The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 ( et seq ) aims to safely dispose of nuclear wastes. The Clear Air Act was first enacted in 1970, it was later amended in 1977 and again in 1990; with its present form embodied in et seq . Like this examples demonstrate, most environmental regulations are federal in nature. Among the types of pollution, the one that has existed longer than any other is water pollution. Its consequences are readily seen when pollutants reach groundwater reservoirs, creating serious health hazards to people drinking the water. The current version of the Federal Clean Water Act can be found at

12. Air Pollution
Information on air pollution, indoor air pollution, fly ash, acid rain and smog.
Explor e Play and learn Network Surf
The air around us is getting more and more polluted. Find out why and what we can do about it.
What is air pollution?
Air and its major pollutants More on air pollution...

Acid rain


Indoor air pollution
Glossary of terms
to increase your word power.
Did you know?

to find out more.
A Browse answers to some interesting questions on environmental issues. Video clips View video clip on Urban air pollution Want to know how much you have learnt about Air pollution ? Quiz corner Word search Crosswords Memory games Site search Poems Story time Quiz Enivronment ... Cartoons For comments and suggestions, write to us at

13. Ohio EPA Office Of Pollution Prevention Main Page Redirect
Case studies and technical pollution prevention documents for businesses. Also, free pollution prevention technical assistance services for Ohio Companies.
Agency Links Public Participation Small Business Assistance Office Links P2 Publications Help for Business P2 Topics Index What's New ... About OPP Ohio EPA Office of Pollution Prevention
Helping Ohioans avoid waste by reducing its generation at the source If you are reading this message, your browser does not support "redirect". Please click the following to:
Office of Pollution Prevention
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
Phone (614) 644-3469
Fax (614) 644-2807
Ohio EPA Home Topic Index ... Directions

14. Water Pollution
WATER pollution AND SOCIETY. By. David Krantz and Brad Kifferstein. INTRODUCTION.Comprising over 70% of the Earth’s surface, water is undoubtedly the most
WATER POLLUTION AND SOCIETY By David Krantz and Brad Kifferstein INTRODUCTION Comprising over 70% of the Earth’s surface, water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Without the seemingly invaluable compound comprised of hydrogen and oxygen, life on Earth would be non-existent: it is essential for everything on our planet to grow and prosper. Although we as humans recognize this fact, we disregard it by polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Subsequently, we are slowly but surely harming our planet to the point where organisms
are dying at a very alarming rate. In addition to innocent organisms dying off, our drinking water has become greatly affected as is our ability to use water for recreational purposes. In order to combat water pollution, we must understand the problems and become part of the solution. POINT AND NONPOINT SOURCES According to the American College Dictionary, pollution is defined as: “to make foul or unclean; dirty.” Water pollution occurs when a body of water is adversely affected due to the addition of large amounts of materials to the water. When it is unfit for its intended use, water is considered polluted. Two types of water pollutants exist; point source and nonpoint source. Point sources of pollution occur when harmful substances are emitted directly into a body of water. The Exxon Valdez oil spill best illustrates a point source water pollution. A nonpoint source delivers pollutants indirectly through environmental changes. An example of this type of water pollution is when fertilizer from a field is carried into a stream by rain, in the form of run-off

15. Cnsmrp2
Consumer pollution Prevention information from Ohio EPA Office of pollution Prevention.
Agency Links Public Participation Small Business Assistance Office Links P2 Publications Help for Business P2 Topics Index What's New ... About OPP
Pollution Prevention At Home
Office of Pollution Prevention
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
Phone (614) 644-3469
Fax (614) 644-2807
Navigation Links:
Office of Pollution Prevention Home Page

Ohio EPA Home Page

page last updated: October 1
Ohio EPA Home Topic Index Contact Us ... Directions

16. Scorecard Home
Scorecard Home Find environmental information about your community learn how bad the pollution is, where the toxic chemicals come from, what the health risks are, and what actions you can take.

17. Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
Public education resource about watersheds, water quality, and preventing water pollution.
Who We Are
Stormwater Contacts

Stormwater Ordinances

NPDES Phase II General Permit

Accomplishments and Action Plans -
... NEW!
Marin Watersheds
Map of Marin's Watersheds

Rainfall and Creek Levels

Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District

Quiz and Interesting Facts
... Gettin' Out in Nature Who to Call for Stenciling Hazardous Waste Disposal Recycling Used Motor Oil/ Automotive Products ... Surface Cleaning (sidewalks, buildings, etc.) Wastewater Treatment Plants Caring for our Creeks Creek Restoration/ Permits Join a Creek Group Native Plant Information Pervious Surfaces ... Ann Riley's Stream and River Protection for the Regulator and Program Manager Resources for Consumers Students Business Schools/Teachers ... Horse Owners Less Toxic Pest Management Our Water Our World-Using Alternatives IPM Ordinances Where to Buy Less Toxic Products in Marin Pesticide Groups ... Gardening (Resources) Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program P. O. Box 4186

18. CSI Engineering : ESP Consulting
An engineering consulting company specializing in industrial electrostatic precipitators since 1970.
C S I ENGINEERING Centralized Service, Inc. Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment CSI Engineering is an engineering consulting firm specializing in industrial electrostatic precipitators since 1970. Exclusively representing the interests of owners of electrostatic precipitators, CSI neither manufactures nor acts as agent for any manufacturer or sales organization. For over 33 years, CSI Engineering has maintained a reputation of providing objective guidance in specification, erection, startup, operation, and diagnostics of electrostatic precipitators of all makes, configurations, and applications. CSI is known for providing comprehensive site-specific and industry-specific operation, maintenance, and engineering training for all major applications. Serving both a domestic and international clientele, CSI Engineering applies a broad range of knowledge derived from experience with diverse applications of air pollution control technology. To learn more about how CSI Engineering can serve your needs, contact either office below, or E-mail:

19. EPA - Air & Radiation
Air pollution, clean air, and air quality information is providedby the US EPA s Office of Air and Radiation (OAR). OAR develops

Recent Additions
Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Where You Live Basic Information Indoor Air ...
Air Homepage
Efficient cooling systems protect the environment and save money
[June 8, 2004] With the launch of ENERGY STAR's "Cool Change" campaign this summer, EPA is encouraging Americans to save energy, money, and protect the environment by increasing the efficiency of home cooling systems. To improve cooling system efficiency, homeowners may replace air filters, perform annual tune-ups, or install new ENERGY STAR-qualified central air conditioners.
News Release
EPA's Guide to Energy-Efficient Cooling and Heating PDF Energy Star Home Be sunshine safe: EPA launches Global UV Index
[May 26, 2004] EPA is updating the UV Index, a daily forecast of the expected risk of overexposure to the sun, to be consistent with international guidelines developed by the World Health Organization. The revised Index features a new color scheme and modified sun exposure categories.
More information
UV Index Today News release comunicado de prensa Supplement to proposed Clean Air Interstate Rule released
[May 19, 2004] The Bush administration released a supplement to its proposed Clean Air Interstate Rule, providing additional implementation details, including model cap-and-trade programs for power plants that states may adopt to achieve required emissions reductions.

20. Cape Cod Pollution
Toxic chemical pollution generated by the state of Massachusetts. Includes chemical index by name and health effects.
Cape Cod Pollution T he residents of Cape Cod are aware of the clean up efforts involving the Mass Military Reservation and the effect of pollution on the underlying groundwater. Since this area is under Federal control the massive cleanup efforts are monitored and supervised by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. This is unfortunately not the case involving the use of toxic materials by the state. Massachusetts is a self-invstigating, and self-insuring state. An acronym for this state would certainly seem to be a monopoly. What does this mean to residents? The state does as it wishes without fear of penalty or interferance, since neither the Federal EPA or OSHA can investigate without the invitation of the state even while in violation of state and Federal law. see Pesticide Bureau Investigation ) Yet where better than adjacent to the Military Reservation to pollute, as any material found in test wells will be assumed to be from the base. Intrestingly this herbicide is used only by the S.E. MA District

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