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         Political Science:     more books (100)
  1. Political Science Research Methods by Janet Buttolph Johnson, H. T. Reynolds, et all 2007-12-12
  2. Political Science: An Introduction (10th Edition) by Michael Roskin, Robert L. Cord, et all 2007-07-08
  3. Writing in Political Science (3rd Edition) by Diane E. Schmidt, 2004-08-08
  4. Political Science Student Writer's Manual, The (6th Edition) by Greg M. Scott, Steve M. Garrison, 2007-12-28
  5. Working with Political Science Research Methods: Problems and Exercises by Janet Buttolph Johnson, H. T. Reynolds, 2007-12-12
  6. Theory and Methods in Political Science
  7. Research Methods in Political Science: An Introduction Using MicroCase® ExplorIt by Michael K. Le Roy, Michael Corbett, 2008-01-07
  8. Writing a Research Paper in Political Science by Lisa Baglione, 2006-05-04
  9. Understanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science (8th Edition) by James N. Danziger, 2006-07-29
  10. Political Science by Robert A Heineman, 1995-07-01
  11. Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science by Stephen Van Evera, 1997-09
  12. The Great Political Theories V.1 (Great Political Theories) by M Curtis, Michael Curtis, 1981-02-01
  13. Empirical Political Analysis: Research Methods in Political Science (6th Edition) by Jarol B. Manheim, Richard C. Rich, et all 2005-07-04
  14. What to Do with Your History or Political Science Degree (Career Guides) by Princeton Review, 2007-09-18

1. Richard Kimber S Political Science Resources Politics Government
Richard Kimber s political science Resources is an extensive collection of over3200 links to the major political and governmental sites around the world.

2. Political Science Quarterly
AltaVista provides the most comprehensive search experience on the Web! increases support for authoritarian measures, and lowers confidence in the police and the political system Copyright ©

3. Political Science Resources [Frame Enhanced]
political science Resources on the Web Since July 22, 1996 this page has been accessed. political science. CLEAR FRAMES
Political Science Resources on the Web
Frames Version Clifford Berryman, Historical Society of Washington, D.C. Connect to Non-Frames Version
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Since July 22, 1996 this page has been accessed

4. Welcome To LSE
Unique in its concentration on teaching and research across the full range of the social, political and economic sciences.
Home Help Search Site index ... LSE for you
Welcome to LSE
Highlights Islam Under Siege: Professor Akbar Ahmed to speak at LSE
With several global societies simultaneously feeling under siege, it is a dangerous time in world history. Professor Akbar Ahmed, American University, will speak at LSE on Tuesday 15 June. More News
LSE will hold an Undergraduate Open Day for prospective undergraduate students on Wednesday 23 June. More Events
Greek Minister of Public Order to speak on Athens 2004 Olympics: security in perspective, Tuesday 15 June More Forthcoming books by LSE academics
John Braithwaite, Nicola Lacey, Christine Parker, Colin Scott (eds): Regulating Law More LSE Executive Education
Short courses available for study in September 2004. Open enrolment. More Summer School 2004
The Summer School launches the first ever LSE teaching initiative in China at Peking University, scheduled to take place in August 2004. More Undergraduate Open Days
Prospective students can now book a place online for our Undergraduate Open Day in June. More Campaign for LSE
Contents Information for Prospective students Current students Alumni ... Research centres, groups and institutes

5. Political Science - Academic Info
An annotated directory of the best Internet resources on political science. Academic Info. political science Resources. Home Search Index Study Break Advertise. political science was last modified April 2004

Academic Info
Political Science Resources
Home Search Index Contact ... Social Sciences Political Science Advertisers Sponsor this page for $200 per year. GRE GMAT LSAT: Deluxe Edition
LSAT with CD-ROM - 2004 Edition

- Find Books on Current Affairs
- Find Books on Politics
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ESL - Improve Your English
Prescription Drug Information ... Lab Band Surgery - The Weight Loss Institute offers research on weight loss and diet pills Online Online Degrees ... Sponsor this page for $200 per year. Table of Contents See Also Election 2004 General Links The Cold War Reference Desk ... Sudan In The News Specials - Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004 BBC News - Vote 2004 The 10 June Elections Coverage. Sections includes: News ; Candidate Lists ; Nation's Coverage ; Local Election Analysis ; Party Links ; Voting Guide FindLaw Legal News: Special Coverage: War In Iraq Sections include: News ; Commentary ; Documents Law of War ; Web Sites ; Message Board.

6. Networking A World Of Scholars: American Political Science Association (APSA)
political science, political scientist, political science jobs, political scienceand media, political science press, political science press release
The American Political Science Association is the major professional society for people who study politics, government and public policies in the U.S. and around the world.
The American Political Science Association , founded in 1903, is the leading professional organization for the study of political science and serves more than 15,000 members in over 80 countries. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments and institutions, APSA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors within and outside academe in order to expand awareness and understanding of politics.
Task Force on Inequality and American Democracy Releases Report at National Press Club

Task Force on Graduate Education Report
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7. The Ultimate Political Science Links Page (P.S. Ruckman, Jr., Ed.)
PAGE INFO THE EDITOR WHO IS LINKED TO US? REVIEWS hits si nce 7/7/98 FastCounterl THE U LTIMATE P OLITICAL S CIENCE L INKS PAGE MAJOR ASSOCIATIONS AND LISTS Midwest Political Science Association American Judicature Society New England Political Science Association American Political Science Association ... Phi Alpha Delta (Pre Law) Association for Politics and the Life Sciences Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science) Canadian Political Science Association Political Science Conferences I.C.P.S.R. Home Page Political Science Departments (UCI) ... Southwest Social Science Association AREAS OF STUDY FindLaw U.S. Presidents African Studies Gallup Organization ... Hieros Gamos (Law) Russian / East.European Congress Link International Development State Line . Org ... Thomas (Congress) Crime Statistics Middle Eastern Studies Western Europe U.S. Courts of Appeals ... Suggestions? RESOURCE LINKS Nation Master.Com P.S.Research-Teaching Disc.List Amazon.Com National Political Index ... P.S.Research Resources THOSE AMAZING SEARCH ENGINES AltaVista Google (Adv.)

8. Political Science:Net Station
Site developed by Iza Laponce. political science A Net Station. PoliticalScience and International Relations Reference Resources. Site Index.
Site developed by Iza Laponce
Political Science: A Net Station From here to there - this site is a collection of connections; a docking station for researchers working their way through cyberspace.
Introduction to the World Wide Web
Canadian WWW Sites
Elections / Political Parties / Legislatures
Foreign Governments ... Political Science Home Page
Last updated May 28, 2003
Please send comments, suggestions or questions to

9. W3C Virtual Library Political Science
Here, you will find Information about departments of political science and research institutions. You will also find a way to access libraries, and other places to find information of interest to political scientists.

10. American Political Science Association (APSA)
American political science Association (APSA) The APSA is a professional organization for the study of politics. The organization includes quot;political scientists from all fields of inquiry,

11. PS: Political Science And Politics, The APSA's Journal Of The Profession
April 2004 VOLUME XXXVII NUMBER 2. PS political science and Politics.The twin symposia of PS s April issue examine battles, both
The twin symposia of PS 's April issue examine battles, both past and present, for the future of the American education system. In " The Brown Decision at Age 50: Limitations and Emanations " guest editor Christopher H. Foreman, Jr., brings together an astounding array of eminent scholars to explore the lasting legacy of what is, arguably, the 20th century's most important legal decision. The issue's first symposium deals with the aftermath of the battle for equality in education for all; "The Politics of Civic Education" maps the ongoing political battle for what kind of civic education America's youth receives. Guest editor Joel Westheimer pulls together a group of scholars who embrace controversy in the classroom to explore the myriad values and ideologies that underlie various civic education policies, trends, and curricular goals. This issue of PS is a must-read for all those who seek to understand the modern American educational system, from its roots in 1954, to the political battles that shake it today.
See what's on the slate for the July issue of PS

Got an idea for a PS article? We'd like to see it. Be sure to follow our

12. The Electronic Policy Network Is Now The Policy Action Network
The leading source for progressive news and public policy on the net. Rights and Liberties. Science and Culture. September 11, 2001 Policy Matters Ohio. Political Research Associates. political science Quarterly. Poverty and Race Research Action Council
The Electronic Policy Network
is now
The Policy Action Network

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13. Redirecting
News, search resources, internet resources a career center and information on international and domestice political science.

14. SUNY Press :: Home
Publishes books social sciences and humanities, especially in education, philosophy, religion, Jewish studies, Asian studies, political science, and sociology.
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Moral Warrior, The

Ethics and Service in the U.S. Military
Martin L. Cook - Author
Release Date 6/10/2004
175 pages
ISBN 0-7914-6241-2
Paperback Release Date 6/10/2004 175 pages ISBN 0-7914-6242-0 Explores the moral dimensions of the current global role of the U.S. military. For the first time in history, the capabilities of the U.S. military far outstrip those of any potential rival, either singly or collectively, and this reality raises fundamental questions ( more on Moral Warrior, The Landmines and Human Security International Politics and War's Hidden Legacy Richard A. Matthew - Editor Hardcover Release Date 6/3/2004 294 pages ISBN 0-7914-6309-5 Recounts and evaluates the worldwide effort to ban landmines. "This dramatic account of the mine ban movement, which arose with unparalleled speed to touch so many lives, is both a model study in effective coalition activism and a moving story that will inspire ( more on Landmines and Human Home FAQs Awards ... Help State University of New York Press 90 State St., Suite 700 • Albany, NY 12207-1707

15. Political Science Research Resources
Depts., People, and Centers, Associations, Journals, Internet Guides, Directories.Dynamic Models, Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Econometrics, Data.
Depts., People,
and Centers
Internet Guides
Dynamic Models
Game Theory
Artificial Intelligence
Data You are visitor (counter started on March 24, 1996): Last Modified January 9, 2000 Richard Tucker

16. The Ultimate Political Science Links Page (P.S. Ruckman, Jr., Ed.)
Popular web resource used by institutions and political scientists world wide. Includes links to major organizations, research resources, journals, departments, textbooks, humor, news and opinion
CHANGE / UPDATE YOUR LINKS THE ULTIMATE POLITICAL SCIENCE LINKS PAGE has moved! The new address is : This page will not be here much longer !

17. Political Science Resources On The Web
political science Resources on the Web. Frames Index NoFrames Version. What sNew. Grace York, political science Librarian University of Michigan Library.
Political Science Resources on the Web
Frames Index No-Frames Version What's New
Last updated on July 12, 2001
Non-Tables Alternative

Area Studies
Culture by Continent
Class Assignments
Syllabi, Web, Textbooks
UnivMich and United States
Political Methodology
and Grants Dissertations Political Profession Associations, Academia Foreign Politics Parties, Elections, Military Political Theory Indexes Archives, Book Reviews, Government Documents, Newspapers, Periodicals Reference Tools Citation Guides, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias International Relations Human Rights, Peace, Treaties Related Disciplines Economics, Environment, History, Minorities,etc. Internet Guides Political Science Mega-Sites State Governments Government, Politics and Issues Local Governments Statistics Elections and Polls Library Services Collections, Services, MIRLYN Think Tanks News Media United States Politics and Elections Government Resources on the Web
Quick Jumps:
Area Studies Class Assignments Dissertations Foreign Politics ... No-Frames Version Grace York, Political Science Librarian University of Michigan Library

18. H-Teachpol Discussion Network
HNet discussion group focuses on post-secondary settings. Features subject overview, archives, reviews, search, links to related resources and lists, and subscription details.
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    Welcome to H-Teachpol . This list is dedicated to the discussion of issues regarding political science teaching in post-secondary settings. The list is part of H-net and it is co-sponsored by the American Political Science Association Organized Sections on Computers and Multimedia and Undergraduate Education. H-Teachpol users will also want to visit , which supports the discussion list. CALL for manuscripts- Journal of Political Science Education QUERY: Political Science and Maps/Geography (Brooks) RESOURCE: Teaching about Reagan (Jensen) REPLY: Pol Beh/Psych: Sample syllabi? Ideas? (Silverburg) SILVERBURG Dr. Sanford [] REPLY: Pol Beh/Psych: Sample syllabi? Ideas? (Breuning) h-teachpol List Problems RESOURCE: Teaching PA with film American Society for Public Administration Mail List
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  • 19. Political Science Sites Of Working Papers
    WORKING PAPER SITES OF political science.
    WORKING PAPER SITES OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Add Link Here NEW LINKS SEARCH PAGE ... Papers/Book Review All Links Verified On May 25, 2004
    To join the Working Paper Sites Mailing List, click here papers

    20. Political Science
    The BA in political science is structured around course work in political theory, comparative government, international relations and organization, public law, public administration, and state and local government. political science majors may specialize in public administration. Legislative internships are available for those who want to observe practical politics firsthand and to gain governmental experience.

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