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         Political People In The News:     more books (100)
  1. Barack Obama (People in the News) by Sherri Devaney, Mark Devaney, 2006-12-30
  2. Public Opinion In The 21st Century: Let the People Speak? (New Directions in Political Behavior) by Russell Brooker, Todd Schaefer, 2005-09-29
  3. A Man of the People: A Novel of Political Unrest in a New Nation by Chinua Achebe, 1967
  4. A Man of the People : A Novel of Political Unrest in a New Nation by Chinua Achebe, 1967
  5. Young Citizens in the Digital Age: Political Engagement, Young People and New Media by Loader, 2007-08-23
  6. Reparations Yes!: The Legal and Political Reasons Why New Afrikaans, Black People in the United States, Should Be Paid Now for the Enslavement of Our by Chokwe Lumumba, Imari Abubakari Obadele, et all 1993-02
  7. People in the News - George W. Bush (People in the News) by John F. Wukovits, 2000-03-01
  8. The Huguenots in America: A Refugee People in New World Society (Harvard Historical Monographs) by Jon Butler, 1992-10
  9. Al Gore (People in the News) by Kevin Hillstrom, 2008-11
  10. George W. Bush: People In The News by John F. Wukovits, 2000-04
  11. Kim Jong Il (People in the News)
  12. People in the News - Jesse Ventura (People in the News) by Michael V. Uschan, 2000-09-01
  13. People in the News - Tony Blair (People in the News) by Rose Blue and Corinne J. Naden, 2002-11-15
  14. People in the News.(Brief Article): An article from: Rubber World

1. The American Philosophical Association: Philosophy In The News
National Office news. Announcements. Meetings Divisions Norberto Bobbio (Key Italian political philosopher whose vigilance and argue that poor people and the unemployed need more


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2. : The Note
Mr. Bush will explain to Americans and people around the to overcome the securityproblems and the political impasse in Per ABC news Ed O Keefe, Senator Kerry
var SectionID="Politics"; var SubsectionID="TheNote"; var NameID="TheNote"; Search the Web and June 11, 2004 Print This Story Email This Page See Most Sent
"Not Even Sure Who Kerry Is" Steady As We Go
By Mark Halperin, Lisa Todorovich, Brooke Brower, Mary Hood, Annie Chiappetta, Nicholas Schifrin, Alexandra Avnet, and Teddy Davis, with B. Rasmussen and J. Greenberger
Evening Newscasts Wrap
NEWS SUMMARY The political world pauses for a final day to pay its respects to former President Ronald Reagan today. The state funeral, which begins at 11:30 am ET, will be covered live by ABC News, as will the interment ceremony this evening as Reagan is laid to rest in California. President Bush, former President Bush, former British Prime Minster Thatcher and former Canadian Prime Minster Mulroney eulogize Reagan in the National Funeral Service at the National Cathedral. President Reagan's body this afternoon flies back to Simi Valley, where he will be buried. Some people involved in 2004 politics have welcomed the week-long respite from attack e-mails, Fox appearances by Terry Holt, and the usual campaign hubbub. We bet at least some voters feel the same way.

3. RealClearPolitics
no longer perplexing, that the president s political and media with, that is thekind of people who will will be run by monsters. Mort Kondracke FOX news.
Friday, June 11 'A Time for Choosing' - Ronald Reagan, October 27, 1964
Farewell to the Chief
- David Gergen, NY Daily News
Reagan Revisionism
- Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
The Polish Preferred "Cowboys" Over Communists
- Lech Walesa, WSJ
Reagan the Leader
- Margaret Thatcher, New York Post
What Reagan Did For Me
- Matt Miller, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Gipper's Goodness Always Shone
- Mickey Edwards, Boston Globe
The Gipper's Eulogies
- Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
- Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
Reagan's Saddle a Poor Fit For Bush
- HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
What Ronald Reagan Meant to Me
- Senator Jon Kyl, RealClearPolitics How Reagan Beat the Neocons - John Patrick Diggins, New York Times Rescue With a Presidential Push - Max M. Kampelman, Washington Post

4. AAI In The News: Photo Exhibit Shows Real Iraqi People
The Arab American Institute (AAI), a membership organization founded in 1985, plays a central role in promoting the concerns of the Arab American community in the U.S. society and abroad. Real Iraqi people National Display, 'Faces of Iraq ' Opens Today in Dearborn. By Natalie Moore. Detroit news. April 17 Abdelall said the current political climate made the timing of
Inside AAI Home About AAI AAI Foundation Press Releases ... Contact Us Get Involved! Elections Action Alerts Leadership PAC Register to Vote Issues
Civil Liberties
Iraq Palestine 9/11 Aftermath ... Statements Arab Americans About Us Famous Americans Demographics Census Info Center ... Quiz In the Press Must Read News Dr. Zogby Biography Weekly Column Viewpoint TV Show Resources For Students Arab World - US Citizenship Bibliography L inks
AAI in the News This section contains articles about the Arab American Institute that were published in major newspapers and magazines around the world. Click here for the archives Photo Exhibit Shows Real Iraqi People: National Display, 'Faces of Iraq,' Opens Today in Dearborn
By Natalie Moore
Detroit News
April 17, 2003 DEARBORN Images of war in Iraq have plastered television screens. Military jargon has entered our lexicon. But for some, there is an element missing in the coverage and conversations: the actual people in Iraq. The Michigan office of the Arab American Institute wants the public to see the diversity and humanity among Iraqis. They are bringing a national exhibit called "Faces of Iraq," which opens today and travels through southeastern Michigan with a mission to show everyday people of the Middle East nation through the lenses of photographers. Seven photographers documented the country from 1998 until 2002. Their 55 photos depict teachers and cooks, clerks and doctors, babies and African Iraqis.

5. Recent Developments In The News
Recent Developments in the news. regarding the Temple Mount sole representative of the Palestinian people will hardly create in Islam. The political status of the Temple Mount in
Recent Developments in the News
regarding the Temple Mount
Gathered from Various Sources.
Last updated May 20, 2004. Research Paper: The Location of the First and Second Jewish Temples Determination of the location of the Temple based on the angle of sight of Agrippa II by Tuvia Sagiv
Eastern Temple wall in danger of immediate collapse
Etgar Lefkovits, Jerusalem Post International, May. 19, 2004
The eastern wall of Jerusalem's Temple Mount is in danger of immediate collapse, which could cause a 'domino effect' and bring down other sections of ancient compound, the head of the Israel Antiquities Authority Shuka Dorfman said Tuesday. The rare public warning, made at a meeting of the Knesset's Interior Committee, came one month after a team of senior Egyptian and Jordanian engineers began to carry out tests to determine the stability of the eastern wall. Dorfman's first public comments on the issue Tuesday followed a classified report issued by the Israel Antiquities Authority earlier this year, which stated that the 2,000- year-old wall was in danger of immediate collapse as a result of a February earthquake that rattled the region. The report says that the February 11 earthquake damaged the eastern wall of the Temple Mount to such an extent that sections of the wall are liable to cave in on the underground architectural support of the mount, known as Solomon's Stables. New cracks and movements in the already fragile wall were discerned by archaeologists following the earthquake, the report states.

6. 2003 Political Dot-Comedy Awards - Best Humor Of 2003
Registered s political Parody, Best Satirical news. BorowitzReport, people s Pick The Borowitz Report Nominees,
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Political Humor Home Essentials ... Political Jokes Archive zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Election 2004 George W. Bush John Kerry War / Saddam / Osama ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Political Humor newsletter. Search Political Humor 2003 Political Dot-Comedy Awards
W e are proud to announce the winners of's 4th annual awards competition saluting the year's best political humor. Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's competition, and congratulations to the comic geniuses behind these winning entries, whose dedicated service helped keep America laughing through war, terror alerts, the California recall, the Democratic presidential race, and similar disasters. And the Winners Are… Best Overall Humor's Pick

People's Pick
The Borowitz Report

• The Borowitz Report

7. In The News: 'Gourmet In A Pinch,' A Cookbook For Busy People Who Are Passionate
'Gourmet In A Pinch ' A Cookbook For Busy people Who Are Passionate About Exciting Food 07/08/03 - Press release writing services and press release distribution services since 1983, PR Peace/Ecology news political news Real Estate news of people would love to eat out every night at beautiful restaurants and experience other people's culinary creations
Friday, June 11, 2004
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In The News
Recent News Stories from
>> News Article Edited by Christopher Simmons, senior news editor
'GOURMET IN A PINCH,' A COOKBOOK FOR BUSY PEOPLE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT EXCITING FOOD LOS ANGELES, Calif. - July 8, 2003 / Integrity Graphics announced today the publication of "Gourmet In A Pinch," a new gourmet cookbook written by a professional California chef and cooking instructor, Chef Wendie L. Huffman. "Gourmet In A Pinch" is full of recipes for busy people who love to cook and eat amazing foods. "Most people are very busy with their careers, children, spouses and lives in general," says the author, Chef Wendie Huffman. "The majority of people would love to eat out every night at beautiful restaurants and experience other people's culinary creations. But this is not within everyone's budget." "Gourmet In A Pinch allows anyone to cook at home and have every meal be great. The recipes are easy to follow and have been extensively tested." "Cooking should be a joyous event, filled with passion and love and shared with those around you," concludes Huffman.

8. Textile In The News
Contact Cass Johnson for more information. Chinese Textile Industry Considers Countermeasures to US Action people's Daily Online, October 29, 2003 FASTTRACK TRADE LAW JUST political PAWN Greensboro news and Record, 5/6/03
ATMI's "Textiles in the News" Compendium
To access a story, click on the relevant date for the issue below. All issues are Microsoft Word Documents.
December 11, 2003
  • Aiming at Chinese Imports, Again The New York Times, November 20, 2003
  • Officials: Look for free-trade zone by '05 Commerce secretary slams 'misguided' protectionists USA Today, James Cox, November 20, 2003
  • 9. MSNBC - Altercation
    11 not because of any political agenda, but because he But people named “bin Laden”are given a special S**T The New York Daily news writes, Democratic
    MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money document.write('') Web Search: logoImg(""); MSNBC News Alerts Newsletters Help ... MSNBC Shopping Search MSNBC: Advanced Search   RESOURCE GUIDE Buy Life Insurance Yellow pages Shopping ... 1:23 PM ET advertisement
    The greatest obit headline I ever read appeared in the NYT on September 29, 1991.  It read “Miles Davis, Trumpeter, Dies; Jazz Genius, 65, Defined Cool.” This is the second best. (Though a simple “I Can’t Stop Loving You” would have worked just as well.” And thanks to the hundreds of you , at least, who wrote in to voice your appreciation of the site and the work done on it.  I can’t print that stuff, but it is most appreciated. On to a Rayless Slacker Friday: Name: Charles Pierce
    Hometown: Newton, MA

    Let's play "Jeopardy." I'll take "National Pageantry" For 400, Alex. Frances FitzGerald, Theodore Draper, Mark Hertsgaard, and Eric Alterman. (Bada-bing!) Who are four people who might have provided a more interesting perspective on Ronald Reagan's presidency than did freaking Robert Evans, whom MSNBC had on to talk about it Wednesday night? I'm still totaling up the moments. The first one was Fox having Ollie North on to explain Iran-Contra.  (Silver medal in that division goes to Larry King, who brought in for similar duty Ted Olson, who'd been RR's counsel at the time, which even I didn't remember.  Oh, for 10 minutes and a vial of sodium pentothal there, boy.)  Then there was the inevitable appearance of the politically unemployable Joe Lieberman, inevitably on Fox, talking about "evil."  Or maybe, given the source, it was my old friend Keith Olbermann, talking about Wednesday's procession as a "sight no man alive had seen," which certainly must have given pause to the folks both at Graceland, and at the Kennedy Compound.

    10. - Everything Jersey
    news » Today s Sunbeam » Hunterdon Co. Democrat » The Reporter, Somerset » ContactInfo + More! FORUMS. people Are Talking » The war in Iraq » political

    Pick Newspaper Star-Ledger Times, Trenton Jersey Journal Gloucester Times Express-Times Bridgeton News Today's Sunbeam Hunterdon Democrat Reporter, Somerset FIND A BUSINESS
    Nation bids farewell

    Star-Ledger: Long goodbye ends this evening. Can Bush wear mantle of his role model?
    Today's remembrances

    Discuss Reagan's legacy

    NJ Transit's two-level cars are on track

    New Jersey commuters and train workers helped design the new rail cars, which are expected to be in service in about three years. - The Star-Ledger
    Transit Forum
    - Will bigger cars solve commuting problems? Transit Weblog - The daily commute dissected ...
    Gov's swipe at sprawl

    Supporters say the just-passed Highlands bill will restrict development in Jersey. Critics point to the bill's flaws. - The Star-Ledger More Coverage - 'Pay-to-play' ethics bill clears Legislature Statehouse Forum - What's your view of these bills?
    The Star-Ledger
    Sale of bonds raises $200M for Newark arena Industrial pollution declines in New Jersey, report says Closing of Newark center for troubled youths draws concern More Stories
    The Times, Trenton
    Princeton considers parking permits for HS neighborhood More Stories
    The Jersey Journal
    Murdered pregnant woman's mom finds no closure More Stories
    The Express-Times
    Lopatcong man allegedly killed himself as home burned More Stories
    Gloucester County Times
    Expert: Wash. Twp. school mold not only source of illnesses

    11. - Politics - Bonilla: Muted Reaction To Brown Shows Double Standard
    of how best to serve the Haitian people and should stability and deliver aid, oncea political settlement is Fox news Teri Schultz and The Associated Press,2933,112651,00.html
    OAS_AD('Top'); Bonilla: Muted Reaction to Brown Shows Double Standard Friday, February 27, 2004 Congressional Hispanic Caucus search ), has taken back his demand that Rep. Corrine Brown search resign her seat in Congress for remarks she made accusing the Bush administration of racism in its Haiti policy. OAS_AD('Middle'); But even after Bonilla accepted Brown's apology, he said the fact that her comments raised few hackles demonstrates a double standard among Democratic Party members. Roger Noriega search Haiti search She said Republican leaders were "racist" in their policies toward the Caribbean nation, which is almost entirely black, and called the president's representatives "a bunch of white men." Brown also wrote a letter to Noriega, in which she apologized again "if what I said was construed as a personal affront." Colin Powell search Condoleezza Rice search ), both high-level African-American members of the Bush administration. Rice is also female. Participants in the meeting said Noriega later told Brown: "As a Mexican-American, I deeply resent being called a racist and branded a white man." Lincoln Diaz-Balart search Mario Diaz-Balart search ), is also a congressional member from the state.

    12. - Politics - Recordable DVDs New Target Of Hollywood
    understands the inequity here that these people will make members to pay attentionin a political election year Advertise on FOX news Channel, and,2933,119414,00.html
    OAS_AD('Top'); Recordable DVDs New Target of Hollywood Monday, May 10, 2004 By Liza Porteus OAS_AD('Middle'); Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., author of the Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act search ), says consumers should not always have to worry about being slapped with a lawsuit every time they make a copy of their favorite videos. "We are seeking to empower the purchasers of digital media so that they can use the media in ways that are more convenient to them," Boucher told The new bill amends the search A hearing on the bill has been tentatively scheduled for Wednesday. The Motion Picture Association of America search ), which represents Hollywood's interests in Washington, D.C., has been the most vocal critic of moves to change the DMCA to allow people to make personal copies of movies. "Anything that allows you to decrypt the DVD would not be a legal product," said MPAA spokesman Rich Taylor. "It's against consumers' interests to permit devices that make backup copies," he added, "because there is no way that a device can distinguish between a backup copy for personal use and making a copy for friends, family acquaintances or even selling on the street corner." The MPAA recently sued 321 Studios search ), which makes a tool commonly called a "ripper," which circumvents the digital locks so consumers can make back up copies of DVDs.

    13. Political Figures: D - F
    political Figures D F All data are from nationwide surveys of Americans 18 older Next,we d like to get your overall opinion of some people in the news.
    Home Up Political Figures: A - B Political Figures: C [ Political Figures: D - F ] Political Figures: G - I Political Figures: J - O Political Figures: P - Z Political Figures: D - F
    All data are from nationwide surveys
    Tom Daschle
    Howard Dean Tom Delay Elizabeth Dole ... Bill Frist Senator Tom Daschle (D - South Dakota) CBS News Poll and CBS News/ New York Times Poll "Is your opinion of Tom Daschle favorable, not favorable, undecided, or haven't you heard enough about Tom Daschle yet to have an opinion?" Favor-
    able Not
    able Unde-
    cided Haven't Heard Enough Refused N CNN/ USA Today /Gallup Poll . July 25-27 . N= adults nationwide. MoE ± 3 "Next, we'd like to get your overall opinion of some people in the news. As I read each name, please say if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of these people or if you have never heard of them Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle ." Favor-
    able Unfav-
    orable Never
    Heard Of No
    Opinion * Wording 9/02 & 12/02: "Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle"

    14. Political Figures: J - O
    political Figures J O All data are from nationwide surveys of Americans FOX news/OpinionDynamics Poll. I m going to read the names of some prominent people.
    Home Up Political Figures: A - B Political Figures: C ... Political Figures: G - I [ Political Figures: J - O ] Political Figures: P - Z Political Figures: J - O
    All data are from nationwide surveys
    Jesse Jackson
    Jim Jeffords Ted Kennedy John Kerry ... Ralph Nader
    Jesse Jackson FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll "I'm going to read the names of some prominent people. Please tell me whether you have a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of each one. If you've never heard of someone, please just say so. Jesse Jackson." Favor-
    able Unfav-
    orable Can't Say (vol.) Never Heard Of N RV RV = registered voters Gallup/CNN/ USA Today Poll and The Gallup Poll "Next, I'd like to get your overall opinion of some people in the news. As I read each name, please say if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of this person or if you have never heard of him or her. How about Jesse Jackson ?" Favor-
    able Unfav-
    orable Never
    Heard Of No
    Opinion N Time CNN Poll conducted by Yankelovich Partners "Next, I'm going to read you the names of some people in the news today. Please tell me whether you have generally favorable or generally unfavorable impressions of each, or whether you are not familiar enough to say one way or another. Jesse Jackson."

    15. Red Rock Eater News Service
    Edison s Front Page news by Charles Bazerman (October 1999 Net Loss Government, Technologyand the political Economy of Community in the Age of the Internet by
    Red Rock Eater News Service The Red Rock Eater News Service (RRE) is a mailing list organized by Phil Agre . Subscribers to the list receive about five messages a week. These messages have no single format; they simply contain whatever I find interesting. RRE is not a discussion list. Topics. These days most of the messages concern the social and political aspects of computing and networking. Please note that neither Phil nor UCLA nor anyone else necessarily endorse anything that is sent to RRE, and that Phil's opinions are his own and not UCLA's or anyone else's. FAQ. Here are some frequently asked questions about RRE. Topics include: subscribing and unsubscribing, changing addresses, submitting items to the list, the format I use when describing URL's, press releases (no thank you), the software we use, and how I find the time to read everything (I don't). (Un)subscribe. To subscribe to RRE, send a message that looks like this: To: Subject: subscribe rre You will receive a message explaining a little more about the list, including the fact that the way to end your subscription is to send a message like this:

    16. BBC NEWS | Europe | Swiss Right In Political Avalanche
    If they refuse, the people s Party has threatened to withdraw from the government whichcabinet seats were shared out in the same way, Swiss politics look set


    World Service
    ... Programmes
    Last Updated: Monday, 20 October, 2003, 15:52 GMT 16:52 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Swiss right in political avalanche
    Blocher is demanding government seat The far-right Swiss People's Party (SVP) has won the biggest share of the vote in parliamentary elections, throwing a decades-old system of consensus government into turmoil.
    The party won 11 extra seats in the lower house of parliament, taking its total in the 200-member parliament to 55. It took nearly 27% of the vote. The party, once the smallest of four governing parties in the Swiss coalition, is now the largest. OFFICIAL RESULTS Far-right SVP 55 seats - up 11 Social Democrats 52 - up 1 Radicals 36 - down 7 Christian Dems 28 - down 7 Flamboyant party figurehead leader Christoph Blocher has been put forward to take a second seat for the party on the seven-member cabinet. The election's biggest losers were the centrist parties, the Christian Democrats and the Radicals, one of which will now have to give up a seat to make way for the controversial Mr Blocher. If they refuse, the People's Party has threatened to withdraw from the government altogether and become the official opposition.

    17. BBC NEWS | Technology | Tanzania Takes Politics Online
    The great and good of Tanzanian political life from the prime minister downwards,were in attendance at a slick and We need to provide people with access to


    ... Programmes
    Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 May, 2004, 07:54 GMT 08:54 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Tanzania takes politics online
    By Daniel Dickinson
    in Dar es Salaam
    In Dar es Salaam's many internet cafes, the young and old check e-mail and visit Japanese car import websites, as well as the home page of Manchester United and inevitably pornographic sites.
    The great and good attended the launch of the website The parliament of Tanzania, the Bunge, is hoping that a new website dedicated to explaining what it does will soon be figuring amongst the most visited sites in the country. It is hardly the sexiest of subjects but the aims of the website known as Polis (Parliamentary Online Information System) are laudable - to make politics more understandable and accessible to the public. The importance the government attaches to the project was reflected in the launch event. The great and good of Tanzanian political life from the prime minister downwards, were in attendance at a slick and professional presentation at a top Dar es Salaam hotel. The speaker of the parliament, Pius Msekwa, said it was an important day for democracy.

    18. CBC News: Disclosure - Pop Politics!
    Explores why people are turning away from traditional news sources for political coverage and turning to pop culture for information.
    document.write(""); document.write("");
    With Special Appearances by: DR. JOHN ORMAN!
    Political science professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut and co-author of Celebrity Politics WEB EXCLUSIVE: DANNY GOLDBERG!
    CEO of Artemis Records, author of Dispatches from the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit STEWART BAILEY from THE DAILY SHOW!
    Executive Producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart RESOURCES!
    Links to websites, documents,
    research and news reports What's this all about?
    Canada and the United States are both looking towards elections this year. Political forces are trying to tap into the important youth vote through a trend towards pop culture politics. Studies show more and more young people are
    Originally Broadcast February 10, 2004

    I don t know that there s a connection, but to the extent that people think of newspapersand TV news as being more like unpaid political advertising than like
    About Me PDA Backup Extra ... Terms
    June 11, 2004
    VIRGINIA POSTREL REMEMBERS THE 1960s AND 1970s as they really were. Meanwhile Andrew Sullivan offers some historical perspective of his own. posted at 09:47 AM by Glenn Reynolds
    NANOTECHNOLOGY UPDATE: A new paper suggests that the danger of runaway replicators and "gray goo" is rather exaggerated. posted at 09:46 AM by Glenn Reynolds
    has lots of interesting posts. Just keep scrolling. posted at 09:44 AM by Glenn Reynolds
    A BLOG-ONLY NEWS DIET? Interesting report, but I don't see blogs in general and certainly not InstaPundit as a primary news source. InstaPundit is an opinion blog (see, er, the name and the motto), not a news service. I do try to call attention to stories that I think deserve more attention than they're getting from Big Media outlets, but that very effort means that InstaPundit isn't going to be "balanced." Of course, reading about the stories that the Poynter report linked above treats as undercovered in the blogosphere also tells you something about the seriousness of Big Media in that regard. Paul McCartney and Harry Potter? Love 'em both, but there's not much actual news in those stories. . . .

    20. Register At
    he people trolling the Internet for political news, reading the blogs of presidentialcandidates and bombarding their friends with campaignrelated e-mail
    Welcome to The New York Times on the Web! For full access to our site, please complete this simple registration form.
    As a member, you'll enjoy: In-depth coverage and analysis of news events from The New York Times FREE Up-to-the-minute breaking news and developing stories FREE Exclusive Web-only features, classifieds, tools, multimedia and much, much more FREE Please enter your Member ID: Please enter your password: Remember my Member ID and password on this computer.
    Forgot your password?

    Choose a Member ID: Choose a password:
    (Five character minimum) Re-enter your password for verification: E-Mail Address: Remember my Member ID and password on this computer We'll keep your information private. The following fields are required. respects your privacy , so we will never share any personal information without your consent. Gender: Year of Birth: Male Female (Click here if you are under 13) Zip Code: Country of Residence: United States Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegowina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso

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