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         Political Parties Misc:     more books (42)
  1. History of U.S. Political Parties (History of U.S. Political Parties 4v PR) by Arthur Meier Schlesinger, 1992-10
  2. Vol. 3 (History of U.S. Political Parties)
  3. Vol. 2 (History of U.S. Political Parties)
  4. Vol. 1 (History of U.S. Political Parties)
  5. Vol. 5 (History of U.S. Political Parties)
  6. The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits by David Horowitz, 2001-11
  7. When Conventions Were Conventions : Democrats (When Conventions Were Conventions) by John McDonough, 2000-01-01
  8. When Conventions Were Conventions : Republicans (When Conventions Were Conventions) by John McDonough, 2000-01-01
  9. 'The Al Franken Show' Party Album
  10. Bankrupt: The Intellectual And Moral Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party, Library Edition by David Limbaugh, 2006-09
  11. The Populist Party: A Voice for the Farmers in the Industrialized Society (America's Industrial Society in the Nineteenth Century.) by Bernadette Brexel, 2003-05
  12. Communist & Marxist Parties of the World (Keesing's Reference Publication) by Charles Hobday, 1986-06
  13. The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy by David Brock, 2004-12-01
  14. Bankrupt: The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today's Democratic Party by David Limbaugh, 2006-06-15

1. Political News & Analysis
political news and analysis. Current political Events coverage. Links to Candidates, parties and headlines. Feature articles on democracy, American poiltics, and election coverage. Third Party Links to Government, political parties, Candidates, and 'Point of View' sites. Directory Other Sites. Site Tools misc. Web Site Information
- Daily political news. Analysis of issues. Links to: Government, Political Parties, Candidates, and 'Point of View' sites. Attention: PoliWatch Attention: PoliWatch Directory of this Site Directory Other Sites Site Tools - Misc
Web Site Information
How To Use This Site About David Remer Misc Political News American Political News World-US political news News over the edge Current election news Legislative - policy news News from Party Headquarters Money in politics Political Polls Remer's Politics - Analysis Current Political Analysis Status of Politics National Debt and Deficits 2004 Election Issues Election Issues - 2004 The Economy National Debt Schools: Local vs. Nat'l Standards Schools: Private vs Public Campaign Finance Reform Voter Party Choice 1 vs Multiple Party Gov't. Even Not Voting is Important Major Party's Philosophy - Platform Democrat Philosophy - Platfform Republican Philosophy - Platform Green Philosophy - Platform Libertarian Philosophy - Platform Constitution Party Philosophy - Platform Natural Law Philosophy - Platform American Reform Philosophy - Platform Reform Party Philosophy - Platform Political Documents The US Constitution 2003 State of The Union Address Democratic Presidential Debate President's 9/7/03 Iraq Speech 2004 State of The Union Address
Updated: 5/30/2004; 2:47:18 AM.

2. Japanese Politics Glossary: Political Parties
Back political parties. Word. Pronunciation. Meaning(s minor parties classified into "other" = misc.; = group, party
Japanese Politics Glossary
Political Parties
Word Pronunciation Meaning(s) Tips tou (political) party originally means "a set of people sharing same idea, taste, etc." seitou political party = politics yotou governmental parties; parties in power = ally, give yatou opposition; parties out of power = wild, outdoors, field shoha minor parties classified into "other" = misc.; = group, party mushozoku 1. independent candidates
2. Diet member who belongs to no party or a party whose Diet member is himself/herself = non, without; = affiliation habatsu faction; clique, especially inside LDP = group, party kaiha unit of activity in the Diet, not necessarily a party, sometimes a group of parties = club, meet; = group, party sousai (usually) president of LDP = general, whole, all; = judge toushu head of a party = top touin party member = member yakuin executive officer = role; = member Jimin-Tou (Jiyuu Minshu Tou) LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) = liberty, freedom; = democracy ( = people; = master, primary) Minshu-Tou 1. DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan)

3. Jefferson On Politics & Government: Political Parties
Jefferson's political philosophy in his own words. Contains the founding principles of American selfgovernment. differences of political sentiment result in different political parties. These sentiments resolve alone is your enemy who disobeys them." Thomas Jefferson misc. Notes, 1801
13. Political Parties In a free society, differences of political sentiment result in different political parties. These sentiments resolve themselves naturally into two basic parties: the authoritarian (or monarchist, tory, etc.) that favors government that controls the people, and the democratic (or republican, liberal, etc.) that favors government controlled by the people. The body of the nation chooses a path that is mapped by one or the other of these parties.
"In every free and deliberating society, there must, from the nature of man, be opposite parties, and violent dissensions and discords; and one of these, for the most part, must prevail over the other for a longer or shorter time." Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, 1798. ME 10:45 "In an absolute government there can be no... equiponderant parties. The despot is the government. His power suppressing all opposition, maintains his ministers firm in their places. What he has contracted, therefore, through them, he has the power to observe with good faith; and he identifies his own honor and faith with that of his nation." Thomas Jefferson to John Langdon, 1810. ME 12:377 "Warring against [the principles] of the people,... there is no length to which [the delusion of the people] may not be pushed by a party in possession of the revenues and the legal authorities of the United States, for a short time indeed, but yet long enough to admit much particular mischief. There is no event, therefore, however atrocious which may not be expected." Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Smith, 1798. (*) ME 10:56

4. The Daleel
version is out, click here to get your copy FREE OF CHARGE. Main Page miscellaneous Politics misc. political parties (23 sites).

5. ABM -- Political Parties In Belarus - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This File Last Updated 2002/07/26. political parties in Belarus. Return to the A Belarus Miscellany Topic List 2001 Presidential Election. political parties.
This File Last Updated: 2002/07/26
Political Parties in Belarus
Return to the A Belarus Miscellany Topic List 2001 Presidential Election Search the A Belarus Miscellany Web site
Note: Cyrillic Belarusian and any other special character sets on this page are in Unicode (UTF-8) font encoding
Editor's Notes
  • This is a very small beginning of listing the political parties of Belarus, including statements of their points of view. As one aspect of its totalitarian control of every organization and everyone in Belarus, the authoritarian regime ruling Belarus since 1995 periodically requires all non-governmental organizations to "register" and "re-register" (this includes political parties, trade unions, and relief organizations). With each re-registration, more restrictions are imposed on these organizations, and fewer organizations exist. Use of the tax authority to harass these same organizations, including confiscating their bank accounts, is also very common. Needless to say, statements made by the current government of Belarusespecially about political, media, and individual freedomdo not have much credibility in the world community. Also note that the official Republic of Belarus UN Mission's Web site has not been updated since August 3, 1996which is prior to the
  • 6. Records Of Political Parties In Greater Manchester
    is under 15 year closure.) Conservative Party Records Bury Club, minute books (including political committee) 1880 book 18811912, cash book 1928-1941, misc.

    This guide has been produced by the County and District Archivists in Greater Manchester as a brief guide to the location of, and conditions of access to, these collections which can include records, printed material, banners and other items. It is important that the written record of our inheritance should be preserved to enable future generations to understand our present and their past. Individuals and organisations may deposit records in the repositories listed in this leaflet, retaining their ownership of them and restricting access to confidential material by arrangement. Records of all the major political parties have been deposited in the record offices in Greater Manchester but the personal papers of politicians, both local and national, are outside the scope of this leaflet.
    The GM Archivists' Group publishes a more general Guide to Repositories , and individual repositories provide leaflets explaining the use of the records in their custody. Users are requested to note that whilst there is a willingness to make archives available for research, access to some records is restricted by the owner and prior permission must be obtained before they can be studied.
    It is advisable to give advance notice of a visit to the record offices, preferably by telephone. Enquiries about deposits of material will be welcomed.

    7. Political Activism Resources
    USA misc. Information. USSC Plus - U.S. Supreme Court on the Web National Party for independent Scotland. political parties - Ideologies. The Liberal Party of the United States
    Political Activism Resources
    An independent, non-partisan, FREE web on political activism - since 1996
    Political Information Search
    Current Issues/Hot Links
  • Daybreak Anarchist Collective - Daybreak is an anarchist collective in the Twin Cities. We focus mostly on doing basic outreach, helping to inform people who wouldn't otherwise have heard about anarchism.
  • Minnesota Anarchists - The purpose of this site is to spread and promote the ideas, values, and projects of anarchists and anti-authoritarians in Minnesota.
  • DÉMOCRATIE SOCIALISTE - Qui, aujourd’hui, s’intéresse au socialisme ? Identifié tantôt au « socialisme » de Mitterrand, tantôt au « socialisme réel » de Staline, parfois, mais rarement, c’est vrai, au national-« socialisme » de Hitler, au mieux il n’éveille que scepticisme ou indifférence, au pire il provoque rejet et hostilité. On le comprend d’ailleurs. Après tout, qui peut s’enthousiasmer pour des gouvernements « socialistes », pour le moins difficiles à distinguer de leurs homologues « libéraux », ou pour des régimes de terreur politique, de répression policière et de crimes de masse, responsables de la destruction de millions de vies humaines?
  • DemStore
  • United Native America - United Native America was formed in 1993 as a nation wide grass roots movement to bring about a federal national holiday for Native Americans. The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma fully supports this issue with resolution 91-93. United Native America resolution 1-1 calls on the federal government to stop using our tax dollars to pay for Columbus Day. Columbus does not rate a federal tax paid holiday in this country.
  • 8. UK Politics Directory - Elections, Parties And Government Links: Misc> Humour
    ( Added 01Feb-2001 Hits 22 ) Rate This Link. political Insults (http// UK political satire and parody.
    Top Add a Site New Links Popular Links ... Search Search Top Business Elections Government ... Misc Links
  • A Distortion of the Truth ( ( Added: 23-May-2001 Hits: 80 Rate This Link
    Crouching Tony, Hidden Hague
    ( Play Blair and Hague in a martial arts battle. ( Added: 3-Jun-2001 Hits: 68 Rate This Link
    Fantasy Politics
    ( ( Added: 01-Feb-2001 Hits: 64 Rate This Link
    Headline Update
    ( ( Added: 01-Feb-2001 Hits: 30 Rate This Link
    Herd of Sheep
    ( ( Added: 01-Feb-2001 Hits: 56 Rate This Link
    House of Cards Website
    ( ( Added: 01-Feb-2001 Hits: 22 Rate This Link Political Insults
    ( ( Added: 01-Feb-2001 Hits: 48 Rate This Link
    Lord Bonkers' Diary
    ( Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South-West between 1906 and 1910. His diaries give a unique perspective on the Liberal Democrats and British politics in general.
  • 9. Political Parties At
    political parties The Republican Party 19601992, Kultur. Electronics See all 1217 results IBM 32P0728 SCSI 10000 RPM 146.8 GB Hard Drive, IBM (Aap misc
    Political Parties at Search:
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    Questia online library offers more than 70,000 books and journal articles. Subscribe for complete books, automatic bibliography tools, thousands of research topics with books pre-selected by librarians, and more.
    Book: See all 3395 results...
    1912: Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft, and DebsThe Election That Changed the Country
    Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation! , ReganBooks
    Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism , Crown Forum
    See all 1110 results...
    Weber Q Rolling Cart , Weber
    Weber 9859 Premium Gas Grill Cover Fits Genesis Silver C, Genesis Gold B and C, Genesis 2000-5500 , Weber
    Kitchen: See all 1919 results...

    10. WIC - Women's History In America
    The Socialist Labor party, in 1892, was one of the first national political parties in the United States to include woman suffrage as a plank in its platform.
    Women's History in America
    Presented by Women's International Center
    WIC Main Page Biographies Words of Wisdom Newsletter ... Living Legacy Awards WOMEN'S RIGHTS . Throughout most of history women generally have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men. Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as women's most significant professions. In the 20th century, however, women in most nations won the right to vote and increased their educational and job opportunities. Perhaps most important, they fought for and to a large degree accomplished a reevaluation of traditional views of their role in society.
    Early Attitudes Toward Women
    Since early times women have been uniquely viewed as a creative source of human life. Historically, however, they have been considered not only intellectually inferior to men but also a major source of temptation and evil. In Greek mythology, for example, it was a woman, Pandora, who opened the forbidden box and brought plagues and unhappiness to mankind. Early Roman law described women as children, forever inferior to men. Early Christian theology perpetuated these views. St. Jerome, a 4th-century Latin father of the Christian church, said: "Woman is the gate of the devil, the path of wickedness, the sting of the serpent, in a word a perilous object." Thomas Aquinas, the 13th-century Christian theologian, said that woman was "created to be man's helpmeet, but her unique role is in conception . . . since for other purposes men would be better assisted by other men."

    11. I Am Bored - Misc.
    1/1/2004 85056 AM » political Platform Comparison (misc.) Using the exact wording from the platforms of four major American political parties, you can
    Here's a list of some sites for when you're feeling bored. Updated constantly, so check back whenever you're bored.
    categories Latest
    Most Popular

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    search i-a-b
    friends Face the Jury
    Optical Illusions

    Free Online Games

    Game Sloth
    ... Gratis Online hot links I will be FAMOUS!
    - An Internet reality contest where people play to become famous. REALLY! (1595 clicks) - Win a $50 Amazon voucher just by wasting time at work! (2447 clicks) - Get everything from free condoms to free clothes! (2264 clicks) So What You Suck - FREE Greeting Cards That Suck (2791 clicks) See Your Link Here links in category 'misc.' I Am Bored Links Rating Comments Hits Date Added What Is Your Battle Cry? Misc. ) - Find out your personal battle cry! View/Add 2/2/2004 10:58:05 PM Misc. ) - AuthorTracker is a unique tool that notifies you whenever your favorite authors come out with new books, go on... View/Add 2/1/2004 10:26:37 PM Quizilla...Which Finding Nemo fish are you Misc. ) - Find out which wet thing you are... View/Add 1/31/2004 8:29:05 AM 100 Most Annoying of 2003 Misc.

    political parties. AIADMK political Party in Tamil Nadu. All India Forward Bloc news, candidates, leaders, past election results
    Garma Garam
    Saddi Dharti Sadde Log

    The land of five rivers

    Punjabi Millennium





    Faith and Religion Sikhism Sufi and Bhakti Tradition Arya Samaj Hinduism ... Islam Rasoi Punjabi Delicacies Exotic Recipes Education Institutions Studying Abroad Career... Tourism Destination Punjab Links Media Newspapers Magazines Television Online ... Radio More Health InfoTech Science Environment ... Fashion At Your Service Weather Matrimonials Free e-mail Free Web Pages ... Home India POLITICAL PARTIES AIADMK : Political Party in Tamil Nadu. All India Forward Bloc - news, candidates, leaders, past election results of FBL All India Forward Bloc All India Indira Congress(Tiwari) All India Rashtriya Janata Party - past election performance of AIRJP AKALI DAL : Political Organisation of Punjab Ajeya Bharat Party Home Page'Indianising India Arunachal Congress - past election performance of AC Asom Gana Parishad Asom Gana Parishad - election '98 results of AGP BSP Bahujan Samaj Party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) : The official Web Site of India's largest national political party Bharatiya Janta Party - Madhya Pradesh : The Official Web Site Of BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) Madhya Pradesh

    13. Houses Of The Oireachtas: Useful Links, Frequently Asked Questions, Political Pa
    Useful Links, Frequently Asked Questions, political parties and Members Web sites. political parties Web Sites. political parties,
    Houses of the Oireachtas new Web site:
    Useful Links, Frequently Asked Questions,
    Political Parties and Members' Web sites
    Useful Links

    14. Houses Of The Oireachtas: Useful Links, Frequently Asked Questions, Political Pa
    Useful Links, Frequently Asked Questions, political parties and Members Web sites. This page has moved to here.
    Houses of the Oireachtas new Web site:
    Useful Links, Frequently Asked Questions,
    Political Parties and Members' Web sites
    This page has moved to here

    15. Welcome To Canadian Conservatives : Conservatives With A Purpose
    Poster Today. Home Links misc political parties. Democratic Party. Democratic Party in the United States. Submitted on 12/07/03

    16. Serious Money: The Top 100 Contributors
    Included are direct contributions to candidates, as well as hard and soft money contributions to the political parties. $2,926,845. 99%. 1%. misc Unions. 9.
    Serious Money:
    The Top 100 Overall Contributors
    The totals in this chart represent all contributions made to candidates or political parties in the 1995-96 election cycle by the listed organizations, their PACs, employees and members of their immediate families. Included are direct contributions to candidates, as well as hard and soft money contributions to the political parties. Independent expenditures are not included, nor are expenditures on "issue ads" or other indirect or unreported election year expenses. Rank Contributor Grand Total Dem % GOP % Industry Philip Morris* Tobacco/Food American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees* Govt Worker Unions Assn of Trial Lawyers of America Lawyers National Education Assn* Teacher Unions Teamsters Union* Transport Unions Laborers Union* Bldg Trades United Auto Workers* Manufacturing Unions Misc Unions Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers* Electrical Workers American Medical Assn* Doctors Communications Workers of America* Industrial Unions Long Distance Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union* Industrial Unions National Assn of Realtors Real Estate Liquor/Movies/TV American Federation of Teachers* Teacher Unions National Auto Dealers Assn Auto Dealers RJR Nabisco* Tobacco/Food United Parcel Service Delivery Services AFL-CIO* Misc Unions National Assn of Letter Carriers* Postal Unions Federal Express Corp Delivery Services Accountants Carpenters Union* Bldg Trades American Institute of CPA's Accountants Marine Engineers Union* Sea Transport Unions United Steelworkers

    17. Misc. Links
    Christy s Ultimate History Timeline Project; Party Politics An international journal devoted to political parties and party systems.

    18. 9-Misc: UK Science Minister Faces Inquiry Over GBP 2.5m Gift Toparty
    To GENETnews ; Subject 9-misc UK Science Minister faces inquiry Politics is better in this country if political parties are funded by
    GENET archive [Index] [Thread]
    9-Misc: UK Science Minister faces inquiry over GBP 2.5m gift toparty
    • To Subject 9-Misc: UK Science Minister faces inquiry over GBP 2.5m gift toparty From Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 17:37:03 +0200 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Reply-To: Sender:
    - genet-news mailing list - GENET-news TITLE: Sainsbury faces inquiry over GBP 2.5m gift to party SOURCE: The Times, UK, by Melissa Kite,,1-10-631787,00.html DATE: Apr 2, 2003 archive:

    19. MSANEWS Web Resources On Islam And Contemporary Muslim Societies
    and institutional subscribers, including 210 universities; 55 countries and includes tens of thinktanks, research centers, political parties, human rights
    MSANEWS Web Resources on Islam and Contemporary Muslim Societies
    MSANEWS (Muslim Student Association News), a "forum open to all views and ideas. . . in non-discussion format," began in 1991 as a "small campus project initiated at the Ohio State University to serve the local Muslim community here and update it with whatever is written about Muslims in the Western Media." As its on-line editors explain: "Originally we used simply to collect news from Clarinet and post it at our local Masjid, the Omar Ibn al-Khattab Mosque. Then, it was deemed more appropriate to collect news and diffuse it via email to local Muslim students." Since its beginning it has acquired around 1,000 individual and institutional subscribers, including "210 universities; 55 countries and includes tens of think-tanks, research centers, political parties, human rights organizations, news outlets, and official government services."
    The Roseta Stone of our service, its interviews and study guides contribute to fundamental research in humanities and social sciences.
    With over 1200 links to organizations, think tanks, and government services from the Arab and Muslim World

    20. TITLE OF PAPER Vox Politics Event In The Palace Of Westminster
    missed some of these Dominic Pinto comments political parties are in it to win elections - if blogs help them to do this they will get involved Very much an

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