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Automotive Bridal Education Gourmet Government International Music News Pets Social Sciences Travel
covers the major developments, trends, and issues at the national and international news level. Every week, readers will find thought-provoking and knowledge-building information that will keep them up-to-date on what's affecting the world around them. TRY THESE AWESOME TITLES

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o U.S. Democratic Socialist Party o America First Party o American Reform Party o Expansionist Party of the United States o Independent American Party o Libertarian Party o Reform Party o Republican Study Committee o Green Parties of North America o New Party o Constitution Party o We the People Party o Best Politicians Money Can Buy! o WORLD NEWSSTAND Political Headlines Find Elected Officials [CLICK HERE] This Yahoo site allows you to find elected officials, including the president, members of Congress, governors, state legislators, local officials, and more. Two other search services: (1) Issues and Action, action alerts on a wide range of current issues from organizations, large and small, that span the political spectrum, and (2) Media Guide, to find and contact national and local media personnel. POLITICS Our constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators.

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of Willie Slicker, the strong hand of federal political control was the WNS Editorial Library Wisdom And Freedom produced by WORLD newsstand Copyright © 2000.



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Homepage For Sophisticated People
week of June 13, 1999
"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them."
Isaac Asimov

cartoon by Pritchett THE DOG IS WAGGED -FOR NOW By Doug Fiedor Last week was a very interesting week, politically. We were a lot closer to a third world war than the American media ever let on to the people. Worse, some of our allies were looking for an excuse, any excuse, to bail out of the attack on Serbia. However, the Cox report was released and the powers behind the political/ media scenes were able to handle it with their now well experienced propaganda machine, so Clinton no longer needs that "Wag the Dog" scenario. This was a war by politicians, none of whom have had anything resembling military training. It got so bad, in fact, that the politicians were actually planning to insert troops into Serbia in September and October for the start of a ground war. Apparently, not one of them has studied history or understands the weather and topographical problems there. Either that, or they are just plain stupid. Enter (finally) some generals who study such things, and for the first time politicians started listening. Our troops would be bogged down in the mud and snow within weeks and become little more than sitting targets for Serbian snipers for the duration of the winter, the politicians were told. Serbs know that area because it is their home. We would be sending troops into a hostile area nearly blind. Not good!

5. LP News Online: May 2000: Advocates For Self-Government Offers Cyberspace 'Newss
new feature called "The Libertarian newsstand" was launched in early March who hold other political views are saying " said Harris. " This part of our newsstand makes that easy
Current Issue
MAY 2000:
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About LP News Subscribe ... Change of address Advocates for Self-Government offers cyberspace 'Newsstand'
The Advocates for Self-Government has created a new online newsstand that sells a wide variety of libertarian publications for the "lowest prices" anywhere on the Internet. The Advocates' brand-new "Newsstand" sells popular libertarian publications like Liberty, Reason, and LP News. The new feature called "The Libertarian Newsstand" was launched in early March, and can be found at the Advocates website, "We think this will be a big boost for the entire libertarian movement," said Sharon Harris, Advocates president. "It's convenient one-stop shopping for libertarians who already know about these great magazines and newsletters, or for libertarians who want to discover some libertarian publications they may not know about yet. "But more importantly, it's a way to offer these publications to the thousands of people every day who are just discovering libertarian ideas for the first time when they visit our site and who want to quickly learn more."

6. Columbia University In The City Of New York
The Columbia political Review The magazine of the Columbia political Union, a nonpartisan student organization that seeks to enhance involvement in the
@import '../css/styles.css'; CU Home Help web people Academic Programs Research Libraries Medical Center ... About Columbia
Columbia News

The online version of the university's biweekly newspaper, The Record
Columbia Magazine

The magazine for all alumni of Columbia University.

Facts About Columbia Essential to Students.
Guide to the Columbia University Libraries

An A-Z guide to Columbia's library collections, updated each academic year.
In Vivo
A monthly newsletter covering the latest advances and news at Columbia University Medical Center. STUDENT PERIODICALS News/General Interest Literary Academic/Professional ... Alumni PUBLICATIONS OF COLUMBIA AFFILIATES Jewish Theological Seminary Teachers College Union Theological Seminary Office of University Publications This office provides design, marketing, and printing services for Columbia departments. Columbia University Press Columbia Bookstore Labyrinth Scholarly Books Pulitzer Prizes ... Webmaster

7. Libertarian Newsstand
DON T MISS the rest of our Libertarian newsstand! * Click here to go to Room 2, where you ll find America s leading political, news and business magazines at
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Every subscription you buy helps the Advocates for Self-Government, a non-profit libertarian organization working to make our world a freer place. Thank you! Click here to visit Room 2: America's leading political, news and business magazines - at the lowest prices on the Web! Great selection! Click here to Visit Room 3: Over 900 top magazines of every kind at the lowest prices on the Web! Something for everyone! Search for great magazines here!
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Every subscription you buy helps the Advocates for Self-Government, a non-profit libertarian organization working to make our world a freer place. Thank you!
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Cato Journal Freedom Daily Ideas on Liberty Independent Review Journal of Ayn Rand Studies Libertarian Party News Liberty Reason Regulation The Voluntaryist DON'T MISS the rest of our Libertarian Newsstand!

8. Political News By Political Star
political STAR provides complete news coverage on the wacky world of American politics. Daily News. political News. Terrorist News. Tabloid News. newsstand. Presidential Elections. John Kerry. California Politics. political Archives. Copiers. Fax Machines
@import "politics.css"; Corporation Comments Bookmark Refer
Condoleezza Rice:
"No Silver Bullet"
John Kerry
Hires MoveOn exec.
Latest news on
Calif. governor...
Today's Political News...
Latest news on the Presidential Elections
Republicans plan a major tribute at the GOP convention in New York to Ronald Reagan, but they could pay a high political price for Nancy Reagan's participation. Much of the world remembers Ronald Reagan as a friend and a historic president, but some writers and activists are vilifying the late president. ... President Bush reported $822,126 in adjusted gross income for last year, on which he paid $227,490 in federal income taxes - or about 28 percent, according to the president's federal returns released Tuesday by the White House. Is Clinton to blame for September 11? As the September 11 Commission tries to get to the truth, it is evident there is plenty of blame to pass around. Here's a take on how the strength of Al Qaeda grew during the Clinton Administration — at a time when Bill was pre-occupied with stained dresses and Cuban cigars. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has apologized for an incident last week in which a U.S. marshal erased reporters' recordings of a speech Scalia gave to high school students.

9. Programs Of The Advocates For Self-Government
It s free and packed with information about libertarianism, political communication, and the books, pamphlets, Tshirts; a libertarian newsstand of the top
Advocates Programs Lights of Liberty Our Awards program encourages libertarians to take the ideas of liberty to the public, through letters to the editor, public speaking, and OPH booth activism. Each year, Lights of Liberty winners generate millions of positive exposures to libertarian ideas. Lights of Liberty rewards and encourages the kinds of essential grassroots activism needed to build a mass movement for liberty. The World's Smallest Political Quiz The Advocates is the creator and distributor of the world-famous World's Smallest Political Quiz. We've distributed over six million card-stock copies of this amazing, eye-opening tool. Almost 2 million people have taken the Quiz online. Found in newspapers, textbooks, classrooms, thousands of Web sites, and just about everywhere else! Operation Politically Homeless (Or OPH) is our unique "event in a kit" that transforms an ordinary outreach booth into a exciting, crowd-drawing event . OPH lets just two or more libertarians discover dozens or even hundreds of libertarian-leaning folk wherever people are gathered. Every year thousands of Americans learn about liberty face-to-face through OPH. Internet Outreach Every day our Web site receives thousands of visits from people interested in liberty whether devoted activists or just those curious to learn more about liberty.

10. Omniseek /Politics /Political Magazines /Libertarian And Free Market
47918_0_5.html) newsstand. Current Issue Archives Student Enterprise focuses on political, entrepreneurial and cultural issue ( http// The Media{56165}

11. Political Magazines Politiek, Opinie Political
Harvard political Review usa One year (4 issues) for €51.19 (6% discount on newsstand price of €55.00) Harvard political Review Magazine is the nation s
Home Frequently asked questions Top quality magazines delivered all around the globe! Keyword search Browse categories All Magazines A-Z New magazines New UK magazines Dutch Magazines ... Wood Just ask!
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Buitenlandse tijdschriften
Magazines in category Political
The following magazines were found in "Political " Ad "Political "
to your favorits
1 - 20 of 33 results Next order... Funny Times usa
Funny Times employs some of America's best cartoonists and writers to bring their humorous perspectives to a variety of topics, including politics, the environment, and pop culture. Click here if you want to order... Click here to give as a present..... order... Progressive, The usa
The Progressive is one of America's leading voices for peace and social justice. It features some of the best political writers in the country, including humorist Molly Ivins. Click here if you want to order... Click here to give as a present..... order... Foreign Policy usa FOREIGN POLICY is uniquely suited to meet the needs of well-informed, intelligent readers who want to keep up with the most important global debates and controversies of our time.

12. Thousands Of Risk Free Magazine Titles, Up To 91% Below Newsstand.
Thousands of risk free magazine titles and magazine subscriptions, up to 91% below newsstand!! Specialty Magazines Up to 91% Below newsstand!" William F. BuckleyÆs political magazine presents
"Thousands of risk free magazine titles"
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National Review(16 issues)
16 Issues for $19.95
William F. BuckleyÆs political magazine presents commentary, news and essays from a decidedly right-leaning viewpoint. BuckleyÆs conservative publication has garnered considerable attention for its controversial, but insightful articles.
Insight On The News(48 issues)
48 Issues for $39.95
Insight on the News is an insightful newsmagazine that provides in-depth coverage of stories that make headlines. This magazine will let you know how these stories may impact your life.
12 Issues for $45.00
Reason Magazine(11 issues) 11 Issues for $19.95 The world of politics is not made up of only Democrats and Republicans. For a libertarian perspective on the world, invest in Reason. Reason Magazine is a leading social and political commentary magazine, providing informative political news with an emphasis on free minds and free markets. An intellectual approach and a fresh view towards society are all the more reasons why you should subscribe. Newsweek(36 issues) 36 Issues for $19.97

13. NetVision Associates, Inc.
Music. News political. Non-English Titles. Photography. Product 1 to 11 of 11 Page 1 American Prospect, The 22 issues More Info, newsstand $64.90 Now $19.95.

14. Department Of Political Science At SFSU
Writing Term Papers. newsstand. Magazines. International News Study in political science is designed to develop knowledge, analytical skills and critical insight into the nature of
SFSU Political Science Program Study in political science is designed to develop knowledge, analytical skills, and critical insight into the nature of politics and political problems. The aim is to provide students for active engagement in political life, whether as informed citizens or in a range of possible careers.
The department endeavors to acquaint students with the issues of political life that have absorbed political thinkers and actors throughout the ages, as well as to equip students with the most contemporary skills for research analysis and policy making. * Undergraduate Requirements
For a listing of course descriptions, requirements for the major
(Academic Progress Record) and a list of advisors, please contact the

15. Journal List
is available in ProQuest newsstand (Complete) (Available 1998 2003 ) ISSN (unknown) Subject political Science, BBC Monitoring Americas - political. Sci

16. R. W. Mann's Coffee House, Bookshop, And Newsstand
A HOME PAGE for lively minds, with access to over three million books, recordings, and motion picture videos for sale plus free access to online newspapers. The Lobbying Industry, The political
A HOME PAGE for lively minds, with access to over three million books, films, and recordings for sale plus free access to political sites and online newspapers.
If haply he
the sect pursues,
That read and comment
upon news;
ON THE WEB" R. W. Mann's Coffee House, Bookshop, and Newsstand
He takes up their
mysterious face,
He drinks his coffee
without lace.
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17. Journal Search - Egan Library
is available in ProQuest newsstand (Complete) (Available 1998 2003 ) ISSN (unknown) Publisher (unknown) Subject political Science Asia. Africa.

18. NEWSONTHEWEB.NET -- R. W. Mann's Coffee House, Bookshop, And Newsstand
Nutrition/Health. political Spoils System. US Military Budget and Policy. Chapter Verse Bookshop. 21st Century (publication suspended). SUPPORT FOR THE newsstand.

R T F ... S

IN EUROPE, ASIA, AND THE MIDDLE EAST. Plus books, films, music, food, wine, coffee, clothes, electronics, and more.
XXXXXXXX Pool Hall Upstairs to the Right THE NEWSSTAND ON THE WEB" NEWSONTHEWEB.NET Since 1996 XXXXXX If haply he the sect pursues, That read and comment upon news; He takes up their mysterious face, He drinks his coffee without lace. Prior XXXXXXXX TAXIDERMY STUDIO DOWNSTAIRS The Stuffed Bison Is Not for Sale R. W. Mann's Democratic Reform News DRN INTERACTIVE FORUM Worldwide Stock Indexes ... 21st Century (publication suspended) SUPPORT FOR THE NEWSSTAND. You can support The Newsstand on the Web and Democratic Reform News by using our links to, The Internet Bookshop, and the other shopping sites with which we are affiliated. We get a commission on your purchases of books, videos, cookware, and other items, and it costs you nothing extra. ADDRESS.

19. Political Magazines
Canada s newsstand is an affiliate of Net Magazines . Click Here to Convert US$ to CAD$. political Magazines Showing records 371 to 377 Previous Next.
Canada's Newsstand is an affiliate of Net Magazines


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20. The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles
Mallel, who owns the wellstocked newsstand at Fairfax and Oakwood avenues in the heart of the Fairfax District. He keeps attuned to the political feelings of

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