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         Polio:     more books (100)
  1. Polio: A Dose of the Refiner's Fire:Surviving Polio by Jeane , L. Curey Dille, 2005-02-22
  2. The Polio Name in History by, 2007-06-17
  3. Polio's Legacy: An Oral History. (book reviews): An article from: The Oral History Review by Charles T. Morrissey, 1997-12-22
  4. A Summer Without Children: An Oral History of Wythe County, Virginia's 1950 Polio Epidemic by Linda H. Logan, 2005-01
  5. Polio Flesh
  6. Polio: An American Story (2006 Pulitzer Price Winners Set) by David Oshinsky, 2004
  7. Polio (Deadly Diseases and Epidemics) by Alan Hecht, 2003-05
  8. Come Smile With Me: From the Heart of a Polio Survivor by Peter Thwaites, 2003-12
  9. Polio (Diseases and People) by Alvin Silverstein, Virginia B. Silverstein, et all 2001-07
  10. To Catch the Snowflakes: Memoir of a Polio Survivor, an Adoptive Parent, a Teacher, a School Principal, and the Father of an Addict by Lawrence J. Schulenberg, 2004-03
  11. Polio (Epidemics) by Allison Stark Draper, 2001-02
  12. An explanatory model of health promotion and quality of life for persons with post-polio syndrome [An article from: Social Science & Medicine] by A.K. Stuifbergen, A. Seraphine, et all 2005-01-01
  13. March + Polio : An American Story + Imperial Reckoning : The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya + Late Wife + American Prometheus : The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer (THE 2006 PULITZER PRIZE WINNER - Limited SIGNED Edition, FICTION + NON-FICTION + BIOGRAPHY + HISTORY + POETRY) by Geraldine Brooks, David M. Oshinsky, et all 2006
  14. Polio Paradox: Uncovering the Hidden History of Polio to Understand And Treat Post-polio Syndrome And Chronic Fatigue by Richard L. Bruno, 2002-12-30

polio What is polio? polio, also called poliomyelitis is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by one of three related viruses.

62. Polio
Dossier over kinderverlamming van

63. U.N. Worldwide Polio Eradication At 99 Percent

64. Medinfo: Polio Vaccination
Medinfo s patient information on polio vaccination, which is given, by mouth, to protect (immunise) against polio (or poliomyelitis). polio Vaccination.
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Polio Vaccination
Polio vaccine is given, by mouth, to protect (immunise) against Polio (or Poliomyelitis). In the UK it is usually given at two months, three months and four months, with a reinforcing dose (a booster) before school, usually between 3 and 5 years of age and again, before leaving school, between 15 and 19 years old. Boosters thereafter are not normally necessary, unless travelling to an area where polio is common, or likely to be exposed to people with polio.
The Vaccine
The vaccine contains live virus particles which have been altered (attenuated), to stop them from producing the effects of the actual disease. The idea is to fool the body's defence system into thinking it is under attack by the virus, and to produce defence mechanisms (antibodies) which will fight off the Polio virus if it is encountered in the future. Three types of poliomyelitis virus (Types 1, 2 and 3) are included in the vaccine. The attenuated virus particles settle in the bowel and the body forms antibodies in the bowel and in the bloodstream. The vaccine is given by mouth in the form of a few drops of liquid. Sometimes this is put on a sugar cube, as the drops are slightly bitter.

65. Academy Of Achievement: Jonas Salk, M.D. Profile
Provides a short biography of the developer of the polio vaccine.
    Jonas Salk, M.D.
    Developer of Polio Vaccine Inducted into the Academy in 1976 "We were told in one lecture that it was possible to immunize against diphtheria and tetanus by the use of chemically treated toxins, or toxoids. And the following lecture, we were told that for immunization against a virus disease, you have to experience the infection, and that you could not induce immunity with the so-called "killed" or inactivated, chemically treated virus preparation. Well, somehow, that struck me. What struck me was that both statements couldn't be true. And I asked why this was so, and the answer that was given was in a sense, "Because." There was no satisfactory answer." Jonas Salk was still a student when he began to look for a better answer to his classroom question, and the answer he found led to one of the most dramatic breakthroughs in the history of medicine. In America in the 1950s, summertime was a time of fear and anxiety for many parents; this was the season when children by the thousands became infected with the crippling disease poliomyelitis, or polio. That burden of fear was lifted forever when it was announced that Dr. Jonas Salk had developed a vaccine against the disease. Salk became world-famous overnight, but his discovery was the result of many years of painstaking research. Salk went on to found the Jonas Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, where he continued his research into the causes, prevention and cure of diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Dr. Salk never patented his polio vaccine, but distributed the formula freely, so the whole world could benefit from his discovery.

66. Polio - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
polio. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. imagepolio.jpg polio virus. poliomyelitis ( polio ) is a viral paralytic disease.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Polio virus. Poliomyelitis ("polio") is a viral paralytic disease. The causative agent, a virus called poliovirus , enters the body orally, infecting the intestinal lining . It may proceed to the blood stream and into the central nervous system causing paralysis and muscle weakness. edit
Polio may be spread through contact with feces or through airborne particles. The first effective polio vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk , and inoculations of children against polio began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 23 . Through mass immunization, the disease was wiped out in the Americas , although it recently has re-appeared in Haiti , where political strife and poverty have interfered with vaccination efforts. Young children who contract polio are likely to suffer only mild symptoms, and as result they may become permanently immune to the disease. Hence inhabitants of areas with better sanitation may actually be more susceptible to polio because fewer people have the disease as young children. People who have survived polio sometimes develop additional symptoms, notably muscle weakness, decades later; these symptoms are called post-polio syndrome The first medical report on poliomyelitis was by Jakob Heine in Karl Oskar Medin was the first to empirically study a poliomyelitis epidemic in . The work of these two physicians has led to the disease being known as the Heine-Medin disease.

67. - Vaccinators Hope To End Polio In Somalia - September 13, 2000
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Vaccinators hope to end polio in Somalia
QANSADHERE, Somalia (AP) Thousands of people fanned out across the country Tuesday in an effort to eradicate polio from this beleaguered nation. Armed with batches of oral polio vaccine and bottles of liquid Vitamin A, teams hope to reach 1.4 million children over the next three days. That means that each one of the 6,000 people giving vaccines will have to deposit two drops of vaccine and Vitamin A on the tongues of 233 kids.

68. Polio Vaccine - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
polio vaccine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. polio vaccine. Two polio vaccines are used throughout the world to combat polio.
Polio vaccine
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Two polio vaccines are used throughout the world to combat polio . The first was invented by Jonas Salk , and first tested in 1952 and announced to the world by Salk on March 26 . It consists of an injected dose of killed polio virus. Albert Sabin produced a cheaper and more effective oral polio vaccine in 1962. The two vaccines have eliminated polio from most of the countries in the world and reduced early cases from hundreds of thousands per year to only 1000 worldwide in 2001. Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

69. WHO Director Pledges Polio Eradication By 2005

70. Hauptseite
Translate this page Bitte beachten Sie auch unsere Linkseite. Dort werden Sie an andere polio-Homepages verwiesen. Das News-Laufband Nationaler polio-Gedenktag. Am 28.
Herzlich willkommen auf unserer Homepage "KICK OUT POLIO" Unter diesem Motto startet die UNICEF eine Kampagne, mit dem Ziel der weltweiten Ausrottung Das News-Laufband: Nationaler Polio-Gedenktag Am 28. Oktober 1998 war der 1. Polio-Gedenktag. Unser Andenken galt Prof. Dr. Jonas Edward SALK dem Erfinder des IPV-Impfstoffs, der an diesem Tag im Jahre 1914 geboren wurde. Weitere Gedenktage folgen jeweils am 28. Oktober eines jeden Jahres. An diesem Tag werden wir eine tragen. ! Aktuell ! zum Themenangebot zur Linkseite E-Mail an uns Webmaster

71. CNN - CDC Panel Votes For Injected, Not Oral, Polio Vaccine - June 16, 1999
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CDC panel votes for injected, not oral, polio vaccine
POLIO QUICK FACTS Polio , short for poliomyelitis, is a viral infection that may lead to paralysis and death. It is caused by three closely related viruses and is most commonly spread by direct contact with infected individuals.
  • A vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas Salk in the 1950s has virtually eliminated polio from most of the world.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has set a goal of global eradication of polio by the year 2000.
  • In 1994, the WHO declared the Americas free of polio. The last case was reported in Peru in 1991.
  • 72. International Broadcasting Bureau Homepage
    Information about the drive from International Broadcasting Bureau.

    IBB Home

    IBB Info

    Voice Of America

    VOA News Now
    ... What is Polio?
    A description of the disease and its causes. What is the Risk? What are the risk factors and what you can do to prevent the spread of the disease? What is the World Doing? A profile of worldwide polio eradication efforts and links to other partnering organizations. What Can You Do? How to become involved in eradicating polio. Photo Gallery Take a walk through a slideshow from our reporters. Audio/Video Library A library of some VOA and WorldNet programs. The Polio Eradication Project Annual Report Download a PDF file of the PEP's annual report.
    Designed and updated by Lauren Chang

    73. PIE-2004
    Translate this page Deutsch - Europaeische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Foerderung von Forschung Praevention, Rehabilitation und Selbsthilfe bei poliomyelitis und deren Spaetfolgen

    74. Nigerian State Balks At Polio Campaign

    75. Polio History Page
    The polio History Pages. polio, or more properly poliomyelitis, was one of the most feared and studied diseases of the first half of the 20th Century.
    The Polio History Pages
    Polio, or more properly poliomyelitis, was one of the most feared and studied diseases of the first half of the 20th Century. It appeared unpredictably, striking its victims, mostly children, with a frightening randomness that resulted in near panic during the epidemics of the 1940s and 50s. Then, in 1955, a breakthrough occurred when, after massive field trials involving nearly two-million children, the Salk vaccine was shown to be effective in preventing the disease. Today, polio is all-but-forgotten as it has completely disappeared from developed countries, and worldwide eradication is predicted by 2005. However, polio's legacy remains. It is estimated that there are 600,000 polio survivors living in the United States, and the number worldwide must be in the tens of millions. Drawing from my book, Polio's Legacy: An Oral History, this site provides everything teachers need to include information on polio in their unit on the 1950s or the history of disease, including excerpts from polio narratives; a polio timeline; and information about the disease, its history, and its late effects. The materials provided here should also be quite useful to students doing school reports on polio. If you have a specific question about polio, e-mail me at,

    76. - Nigeria Orders Polio Vaccine Tests - Oct. 29, 2003
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    Nigeria orders polio vaccine tests
    Story Tools LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) Nigerian authorities said Wednesday polio vaccines recently administered in a nationwide campaign will undergo laboratory testing to calm fears the United States is using the immunization campaign to sow AIDS and sterility among Muslims. Vice President Abubakar Atiku ordered testing on the vaccines for agents that could spread HIV or sterility, adding that international, federal and state health authorities must work together to resolve "the various issues surrounding the analysis of the polio vaccines," Nigeria's state television reported. An official in Atiku's office, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the order. Health workers on Friday launched a drive to immunize 15 million African children at immediate risk of contracting polio an effort hampered in Nigeria by an assertion by Islamic radicals the vaccination drive is part of a U.S. plan to decimate the Muslim population by spreading AIDS and infertility. Datti Ahmed, a physician who also leads the self-styled Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria that has spearheaded the campaign against polio immunization, told The Associated Press he welcomed the decision.

    77. Polio Timeline
    A polio Timeline. All links on this page were checked and updated January 25, 2004. 1909 Massachusetts begins counting polio cases.
    A Polio Timeline All links on this page were checked and updated January 25, 2004.
    1789 - British physician Michael Underwood provides the first clinical description of polio, referring to it as "debility of the lower extremities." 1840 - German physician Jacob von Heine publishes a 78-page monograph in 1840 which not only describes the clinical features of the disease, but also notes that its symptoms suggest the involvement of the spinal cord. 1894 - The first major polio epidemic reported in the United States occurs in Vermont, consisting of 132 total cases, including some adults. 1908 - Polio becomes a a reportable disease entity as Austrian physicians Karl Landsteiner and E. Popper identify the polio virus. 1909 - Massachusetts begins counting polio cases. 1916 - There is a large outbreak of polio in the United States. Though the total number of affected individuals is unknown, over 9000 cases are reported in New York City alone. Attempts at controlling the disease largely involve the use of isolation and quarantine, neither of which is successful. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) contracts polio and is left with severe paralysis.

    78. - Nigeria's Neighbors Guard Against Polio - Feb. 25, 2004
    International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Services CNNtoGO Contact Us SEARCH Web
    Nigeria's neighbors guard against polio
    Volunteers administer polio vaccine to a child in Kaduna, Nigeria. Story Tools YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you. Create your own alert to be notified on topics you're interested in. Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. Manage alerts What is this? KANOUA, Ivory Coast (AP) Families gathered under the shade of a huge tree in the village square. They looked on cautiously at a half-dozen anti-polio campaigners, who arrived shouting through a loudspeaker: "Bring your children! It will be very quick!" But a crowd quickly developed, as mothers and fathers dragged crying children into the square hauling every child forward to receive two drops of oral vaccine upon their tongues. More than 30,000 health workers are taking part in Ivory Coast's anti-polio drive, part of a massive 10-nation emergency effort aimed at blocking a polio outbreak spreading from northern Nigeria. Three predominantly Islamic states in Nigeria's north have banned door-to-door polio immunization since October, calling it a U.S. plot to spread AIDS or infertility among Muslims.

    79. Polio Vaccines And The Origin Of AIDS
    Key writings about the theory that AIDS developed from contaminated polio vaccines used in Africa in the late 1950s. polio vaccines
    Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS: some key writings
    Go directly to key publications and latest developments
    Overview of the theory
    One theory of the origin of AIDS is that it developed from contaminated vaccines used in the world's first mass immunisation for polio. There are a number of reasons why this theory is plausible enough to be worthy of further investigation.
    • The location coincides dramatically. The earliest known cases of AIDS occurred in central Africa, in the same regions where Koprowski's polio vaccine was given to over a million people in 1957-1960. The timing coincides. There is no documented case of HIV infection or AIDS before 1959. Centuries of the slave trade and European exploitation of Africa exposed Africans and others to all other diseases then known; it is implausible that HIV could have been present and spreading in Africa without being recognised. Polio vaccines are grown (cultured) on monkey kidneys which could have been contaminated by SIVs. Polio vaccines could not be screened for SIV contamination before 1985. Another monkey virus, SV-40, is known to have been passed to humans through polio vaccines. A specific pool of Koprowski's vaccine was later shown to have been contaminated by an unknown virus.

    80. July, 1949
    July, 1949 SOUTHERN MEDICINE SURGERY 209. The Treatment of poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C. Fred R. Klenner
    July, The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C Fred R. Klenner, M.D., Reidsville, North Carolina IN A PREVIOUS REPORT dealing with the antagonistic properties of ascorbic acid to the virus of atypical pneumonia, mention was made of the fact that other types of virus infections had responded favorably to vitamin C. This paper is to present these findings as well as the results of subsequent studies on the virus of poliomyelitis, the viruses causing measles, mumps, chickenpox, herpes zoster, herpes simplex and influenza. Further studies with the virus of atypical pneumonia will also be discussed. These observations of the action of ascorbic acid on virus diseases were made independently of any knowledge of previous studies using vitamin C on virus pathology, except for the negative report of Sabin after treating Rhesus monkeys experimentally infected with the poliomyelitis virus. A review of the literature in preparation of this paper, however, presented an almost unbelievable record of such studies. The years of labor in animal experimentation, the cost in human effort and in "grants," and the volumes written, make it difficult to understand how so many investigators could have failed in comprehending the one thing that would have given positive results a decade ago

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