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         Polio:     more books (100)
  1. 21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Polio, Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS), Poliomyelitis, Infantile Paralysis: Authoritative Government Documents, Clinical ... Information for Patients and Physicians by PM Medical Health News, 2004-06
  2. The Post-Polio Experience: Psychological Insights and Coping Strategies for Polio Survivors and Their Families by Ph.D., Margaret E. Backman, 2006-03-09
  3. We Made Peace with Polio by Luther Robinson, 1960
  4. Lucky One : Making It Past Polio and Despair by Richard Maus, 2006-01-20
  5. Polio Epidemic: Crippling Virus Outbreak (American Disasters) by Victoria Sherrow, 2001-08
  6. Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine (Inventions and Discovery series) (Inventions and Discovery) by Katherine E. Krohn, 2007-01-01
  7. The Battle Against Polio (Epidemic!) by Stephanie True Peters, 2004-10-19
  8. Passage through Crisis: Polio Victims and Their Families by Fred Davis, 1991-01-01
  9. Dirt and Disease: Polio Before FDR (Health and Medicine in American Society) by Naomi Rogers, 1992-06
  10. A Summer Plague: Polio and Its Survivors by Tony Gould, 1997-10-20
  11. Progress in Polio Eradication: Vaccine Strategies for the End Game (Developments in Biologicals (Standardization)) by Fred, Ed. Brown, 2001
  12. Polio Voices: An Oral History from the American Polio Epidemics and Worldwide Eradication Efforts (The Praeger Series on Contemporary Health and Living) by Julie Silver, Daniel J. Wilson, 2007-08-30
  13. Close to Home: A Story of the Polio Epidemic (Once Upon America) by Lydia Weaver, 1997-08-01
  14. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Post-Polio Syndrome: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age by Icon Health Publications, 2003-04

21. Post-Polio Syndrome Information And More
Sylvia and Marilyn's page on several disability topics and other interests.
var TlxPgNm='index'; Post-Polio Syndrome Information and More INDEX
Have you ever simply wanted to lay in the sun and veg all day?
Perhaps it's too difficult to reach the backyard, or the front yard. We all need time to "play," to let the child within come forth and when the sun is warm and calling our name, if we can't get to the door or through the door, some of that desire to play, some of that child within, is going to give up, and we would then find ourselves a prisoner in our own home. Some of us are bedridden, and for those who are, these pages will help to bring the sunshine to you, with lots of jokes and laughter, stories of our adventures and the crazy antics of the animals that are willing to let us share the house with them. Also some ideas of how to make doorways/step-downs, more accessible for those in wheelchairs or scooters.
The late effects of Polio, called Post-Polio, or PPS, will be covered as well as, CFS, and the effects of anesthesia on Polio survivors. Links to other PPS sites, Crohns and Scoliosis sites, heart attack information, with an article on knowing what to do to survive a heart attack if you are alone; baby-boomers and possible links to their having CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome); magnets that work; memory loss in Polio survivors and more are in these pages.

22. PICO - History
A Brief History of polio. From Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century. polio has probably caused paralysis and death for most of human history.
A Brief History of Polio
From Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century
Polio has probably caused paralysis and death for most of human history. The oldest clearly identifiable reference to paralytic poliomyelitis is an Egyptian stele (stone engraving) over 3,000 years old. Cases of poliomyelitis tended to be rare in ancient times, though, as sanitation was generally poor. With improvements in waste disposal and the widespread use of indoor plumbing in the 20th century, epidemics of polio began to occur with regularity in the developed world, primarily in cities during the summer. Because sewage was dumped away from the drinking water supply (a development which helps combat a number of other diseases, including cholera), babies were much less likely to be infected with polio and gain protective immunity. As the children got older and began playing with others, swimming in public pools, and going to school, they were more likely to be exposed to the virus, which was then more likely to cause paralytic poliomyelitis. H.L. Mencken writes of polio epidemics occurring virtually every summer in Baltimore during his childhood in the late 1890s, and this tragic cycle continued through the 1950s. Though the virus only paralyzes about 1% of the individuals it infects (most infections are

23. Home
Support group for people with Postpolio Syndrome in the Phoenix, AZ area. There is information on the local chapters and their activities and speakers as well as updated articles and events to come.
PolioEcho, Inc
of Arizona
Serving AZ Polio Survivors since 1985
We are Polio Survivors with needs just like other Polio Survivors. Polio Echo, Inc.- a tax exempt, non profit organization certified under United Way and supported by Easter Seal Society of Arizona and Arizona Chapter of March of Dimes - strives to service these needs by offering information, services, equipment and "support" by professionals and most importantly, by those who are walking in your shoes! Chapters meet monthly, General Membership meetings are held bi-annually.. To subscribe to the Polio Echo Newsletter E-mail the Treasurer Ed Crawford at:
Read on to learn about us and how we can assist YOU! We have a lot of fun along with doing a lot of good.
What We Have to Offer
Besides having meetings featuring guest speakers who keep us informed, we have a bi-monthly newsletter called " Polio Echo News " , an Assistive Equipment Loan program, a library full of informative books and videos, a message line to call for questions you may have, informational packets on Post-Polio, and get-togethers such as parties and field trips.
The information on this site is not to be considered as medical advice. It is posted merely as informational and the user should always consult their physician prior to trying any suggestions gleaned from this site and/or any of its web links.

24. CDC Travelers' Health Information On Poliomyelitis
rapidly after the licensure of inactivated polio vaccine in 1955 and oral polio vaccine in the 1960s
Contents Destinations Outbreaks Diseases Vaccinations ... USDA/APHIS
Importing food, plant, animal products U.S. State Department Pan American Health Organization World Health Organization Home ... Purchase Poliomyelitis Description Poliomyelitis is an acute infection that involves the gastrointestinal tract and, occasionally, the central nervous system. It is acquired by fecal-oral transmission. Occurrence Risk for Travelers Clinical Description Clinical manifestations of poliovirus infection range from asymptomatic (the majority of infections) to symptomatic, including acute flaccid paralysis of a single limb to quadriplegia, respiratory failure, and, rarely, death. Prevention A person is considered to be fully immunized if he or she has received a primary series of at least three doses of inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), live oral poliovirus (OPV), or four doses of any combination of IPV and OPV. To eliminate the risk of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis, OPV is no longer recommended for routine immunization in the United States as of January 1, 2000. OPV is no longer available in this country, although it continues to be used for global polio eradication activities. Infants and Children Adults The remaining doses of vaccine should be administered later, at the recommended intervals, if the person remains at increased risk for poliovirus exposure. Adults who are traveling to polio-endemic areas and have received a primary series with either IPV or OPV can receive another dose of IPV. For adults, available data do not indicate the need for more than a single lifetime booster dose with IPV.

25. End Of Polio

26. GGD - Polio
Informatie van de GGD over kinderverlamming.

27. End Of Polio

28. Polio Victims Suffering Relapse In Later Years

29. Rotary International: The Rotary Foundation: PolioPlus: PEFC
polio Eradication Fundraising Campaign Information. Fulfilling Our Promise Eradicate polio. Campaign Contributions. Seven countries remain polio endemic.
Contribute Shop Club Locator Discuss ... PolioPlus PEFC Information Information About PolioPlus History Spearheading Partners PolioPlus Committees ... FAQ Polio Eradication
Fundraising Campaign PolioPlus Partners Contribute News Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication
Fundraising Campaign PolioPlus Partners Contribute News Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication
Fundraising Campaign Information Campaign Leadership National Chair Information Campaign Resources PolioPlus Partners Contribute News Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication
Fundraising Campaign PolioPlus Partners Contribute News Eradication Status Featured Story Milestones Photo Gallery ... Recognition Participate Download Contact Us Information Polio Eradication

30. - No AIDS-related Viruses Found In 1950s-era Polio Vaccine - September 1
AIDS Editions myCNN Video ... Feedback
CNN Sites CNN CNN Europe CNNfn CNNSI myCNN CNNfyi AllPolitics Languages
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New treatments hold out hope for breast cancer patients


Thousands dead in India; quake toll rapidly rising

Israelis, Palestinians make final push before Israeli election
Davos protesters confront police MORE ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/16 DJIA NAS SPORTS Jordan says farewell for the third time ... LOCAL EDITIONS: Europe change default edition MULTIMEDIA: video video archive audio multimedia showcase ... more services E-MAIL: Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists Enter your address: DISCUSSION: chat feedback CNN WEB SITES: Europe AsiaNow Spanish ... Korean Headlines TIME INC. SITES: Go To ... People Money Fortune EW CNN NETWORKS: CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution SITE INFO: help contents search ad info ... jobs WEB SERVICES:
No AIDS-related viruses found in 1950s-era polio vaccine
In this story: A bite or cut? HIV traced back to the 1930s RELATED STORIES, SITES From staff and wire reports LONDON (CNN) Oral polio vaccines tested in Africa in the late 1950s did not carry the chimpanzee version of HIV or HIV itself, scientists said Monday. The report was based on tests performed by independent laboratories on vaccine samples from The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, where the vaccine was made.

31. Post-Polio-Med
Postpolio-Med Listserv email list for questions and answers about post polio syndrome, polio postpolio poliomyelitis.
This site accessible by people living with disabilities
Welcome to the
Web Pages!
An Email List for and about Post-Polio Syndrome Read about PPMed and PPS-Central and see the awards the sites have won Search PPS Central What's New Add URL ... PPS Survey Take the Post-Polio Syndrome/New Health Problems Survey!
See the up to date results!: Post-Polio Syndrome Survey CAUTION! Proceeding beyond the following constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: YOUR PRIVACY Although this has been an unwritten policy since the first day ... due to recent events, we think it's wise to make all subscribers and potential subscribers aware of of this policy. At NO time will your email address will be loaned, given or sold to anyone for any reason, nor will anyone be subscribed to PPMed or any list associated with PPMed without their express permission permission or request. Harvesting email addresses from PPMed will NOT be tolerated. All email addresses and posts are considered property of the email address owner and PPMed. == INDEX ==
Info File
Rules Archives
Links to other PPS Information
Maelstrom Listserv Mini-History, Policy and System News

32. Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library [Dr. Henry Writes Bulbar And Spinal Polio]
From the Lincolnshire postpolio library, an article from Dr Henry about bulbar polio involving the brain stem, where the centers for the cranial nerves are located.
Dr. Henry writes about Bulbar and spinal polio
Spinal polio involved damage to the anterior horn cells which run up and down the spinal cord. These cells control motor function only. Sensory cells in the spinal cord were spared, thus we all feel pain and touch. Paraplegics and quadraplegics do not have motor or sensory function below the level of their injury. Spinal polio could damage the muscles of breathing in the chest wall and thus spinal polio victims could also need the assistance of a ventilator or iron lung. Many people had both, spinal and bulbar combined. Actually, many victims that had bulbar alone and had good recoveries had good muscular function because their spinal cord was not involved. With PPS, many of these people are having swallowing and central fatigue problems or problems with any functions related to the cranial nerves (double vision for example). I hope I am explaining this adequately. Statistically, most of us had spinal polio, and most that had bulbar had it combined with spinal. But now we seem to be learning that many of us had brain involvement during the acute infection that did not do any recognizeable damage then, but may be giving us problems now with the total body fatigue or central fatigue of PPS. People who had only the GI form of polio which we had initially when we became ill (flu like) had the non-paralytic type of polio. The mystery now is whether these people may have had silent CNS involvement and are subject to PPS.

33. Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network - Main Gate To Polio And Post-Polio Information
Lincolnshire Postpolio Network Main Gate. An Information Service for polio Survivors Medical Professionals. The core of this
The core of this site is an online library of well over one hundred full text articles on Post-Polio conditions, many from peer reviewed medical journals. The library is catalogued to assist reading. A categorised directory of Polio resources is also provided with every entry having a description. The bi-monthly LincPIN Post-Polio information newsletters are available in the Networking section. Information
Helpline (Phone)
If busy or unattended, automatically switches to voicemail where you can leave your message and contact details. Reception
Detailed Site Guide Information
Helpline (Email)

The Library The Directory
Information about us including online copies of all our Newsletters, our World-Wide Conference and Seminar Diary and how to become a member. Over one hundred Polio and Post-Polio articles online. Fully catalogued. All articles are full text versions, not abstracts. Comprehensive catalogue of Polio and Post-Polio resources on the Internet and elsewhere.

34. Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network - Reception [Site Guide]
Lincolnshire Postpolio Network Reception. An Information Service for polio Survivors Medical Professionals. Tom Walter - A polio Survivor.
Select one of 51 sections from this drop-down list Reception NewsBites What's New? Library Catalogues - Dr. Henry Writes..... - Polio Biology - Tom Walter's "Letter from California" - Perspectives - Post-Polio related to other conditions - For Medical Professionals - Source (e.g. Author) - QuickIndex (Titles) Other Post-Polio Libraries Other Post-Polio Articles Books Videotapes Online Journals Support Group Newsletters Library Assistant Networking - About us - How to become a member - How to contact us - Newsletters (LINCPIN) - World-Wide Conference and Seminar Diary Directory - International/National/Local Organizations - Specialist Clinics - Research Institutes and Organizations - Medical Professional Education - Polio Survivors on the Internet - Associated/Similar Conditions - Polio Virus, Vaccine and Eradication - Complimentary Therapies - Disability Living - Mental Health - Neurology - Occupational Therapy - Orthopaedics - Orthotics - Pain Management - Pharmaceutical - Physiotherapy - Medical/Healthcare Resource Search Facilities - Medical/Healthcare News and Information Services Search Site Site Update Notification Service Site Statistics Main Gate
A warm welcome from the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network. We trust you will find your visit here beneficial. Below you will find an overview of our main Library, Networking (where you will find our Newsletters) and Directory sections. Please also visit the

35. This Page Has Moved
More than 600 cases have occurred since March, most of whom were among children younger than five years old. At least 39 people have died. The first cases were reported in the capital city of Luanda and neighboring areas in Bengo province.

36. Harvest Center's Post-Polio Page
polio and PPS educational AUDIO tapes, the COMPUTERIZED ASSESSMENT PROGRAM to help local docs diagnose and treat your PPS, downloadable articles on PPS
There's No More Time to Waste!
O verwhelming fatigue, new muscle weakness, pain and cold intolerance. These Post-Polio Sequelae (PPS) are being reported by at least 70% of people who had paralytic polio, and 40% who had "non-paralytic" polio, 40 years ago.
Unfortunately, most physicians (and even many polio survivors) do not "believe" that PPS are real or know that they are very treatable!
harvest center is dedicated to providing polio survivors, their families, physicians and therapists the facts about the cause and treatment of PPS , because THERE'S NO MORE TIME TO WASTE . . .
Guided Relaxation for Polio Survivors
(and for everyone else, too...)
A silly question, given our hectic lives and the horrible happenings here and abroad. But some people are more stressed than others and their bodies show it.
Twenty years ago Dr. Bruno began studying and treating survivors of the polio epidemics of the middle 20th Century. He found that more than half were experiencing Post-Polio Sequelae (PPS), the unexpected and often disabling symptoms overwhelming fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle and joint pain, sleep disorders, heightened sensitivity to anesthesia, cold intolerance, and difficulty swallowing and breathing about 35 years after the poliovirus attack. In his 1985 National Post-Polio Survey, Dr. Bruno discovered that emotional stress is the second leading cause of PPS after physical overexertion and exercise. In treating and studying more than 3,000 polio survivors he also found that polio survivors were more Type A anxious, competent and perfectionistic, hard-driving, pressured, time-conscious, and overachieving than people who had already had heart attacks. Dr. Bruno decided that he couldn't treat polio survivors bodies without paying attention to their Type A minds.

37. WHO: Poliomyelitis
FEATURES. polio eradication now more than ever, stop polio forever. HIV/AIDS. 3 by 5 Initiative WHO s drive to provide HIV/AIDS
English Search


Health topics
WHO sites
Location: WHO Health topics Poliomyelitis
This page provides links to descriptions of activities, reports, news and events, as well as contacts and cooperating partners in the various WHO programmes and offices working on this topic. Also shown are links to related web sites and topics. MeSH scope note: An acute infectious disease of humans, particularly children, caused by any of three serotypes of human poliovirus ( POLIOVIRUS). Usually the infection is limited to the gastrointestinal tract and nasopharynx, and is often asymptomatic. The central nervous system, primarily the spinal cord, may be affected, leading to rapidly progressive paralysis, coarse FASCICULATION and hyporeflexia. Motor neurons are primarily affected. Encephalitis may also occur. The virus replicates in the nervous system, and may cause significant neuronal loss, most notably in the spinal cord. A rare related condition, nonpoliovirus poliomyelitis, may result from infections with nonpoliovirus enteroviruses. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp764-5) RELATED SITES Polio Eradication Initiative
End of polio

Vaccine-preventable disease control and elimination (European Region)

Polio eradication (African Region)
Polio eradication (European Region)

FACT SHEETS Poliomyelitis
RELATED LINKS Disease outbreaks: poliomyelitis Vaccine research: poliomyelitis BSE and oral polio vaccine (OPV) FEATURES Polio eradication: now more than ever, stop polio forever

38. Vaccination Polio Aventis Pasteur
Informations sur la vaccination contre les virus de la polio. Historique sur la recherche et le d©veloppement du vaccin contre la polio. Par un laboratoire pharmaceutique.

39. UNICEF - Immunization Plus - Introduction
Latest. Press release Asian and North African countries close to ending polio, announce accelerated plans to mopup new cases. Publications
Immunization plus
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40. Post Polio
Presenta informazioni sulla poliomielite e fornisce utili indicazioni per i sintomi, le cause, la diagnosi e le terapie relative alla sindrome postpolio.
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