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         Poland Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Environmental Politics in Poland by Barbara Hicks, 1996-04-15
  2. National Style and the Nation-State: Design in Poland from the Vernacular Revival to the International Style (Studies in Design & Material Culture) by David Crowley, 1992-08
  3. Cultures in transition. (transition to free market system in Russia and Poland): An article from: Mortgage Banking by Stephen B. Ashley, 1993-03-01
  4. The culture of ancient Greece and Rome: A general sketch, by Franz Poland, 1926
  5. The Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome by F.Poland Reisinger, 1926
  6. The Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, A General Sketch by F. Poland E. And R. Wagner; transl. By John Henry Freese Reisinger, 1926
  7. The Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, A General Sketch by F. Poland E. Reisinger and R. Wagner; Authorized Translation from the Second German Edition By John Henry Freese, 1926
  8. THE CULTURE OF ANCIENT GREECE AND ROME: A GENERAL SKETCH. by F. & E. Reisinger & R. Wagner (trans John Henry Freese). Poland, 1926
  9. THE JEWS OF RUSSIA AND POLAND. A Bird's-eye View of their History and Culture. by Israel Friedlander, 1915
  10. The Jews of Russia and Poland A Bird's-eye View of Their History and Culture by Ph.D. Israel Friedlaendar, 1915
  11. Poland - Its People, Its Society, Its Culture by Clifford R. Barnett, 1958
  12. The Law of the Looking Glass: Cinema in Poland, 1896-1939 (Polish and Polish American Studies) by Sheila Skaff, 2008-07-01
  13. The Black Book of Polish Censorship (Rand Corporation Research Study)
  14. The political culture of local politics in Poland: participation of citizens and councillors in the people's councils by Susanne S Lotarski, 1973

81. American Inst. Of Polish Culture - Polish History
remarkable that after the extinction of the Piast Dynasty in 1370, poland did not some neighboring nations which were attracted to it by its culture and spirit
A Few Words About the History of Poland
By Prof. W. J. Wagner
WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS, an average Westerner is not familiar with the history of Poland which is fascinating and completely different from that of other countries. Its main features are: on the international scene, unwillingness to use force, and on the internal forum - early introduction of democracy and recognition of human rights. It is remarkable that after the extinction of the Piast Dynasty in 1370, Poland did not wage aggressive wars and expanded its territory and influence by voluntary unions with some neighboring nations which were attracted to it by its culture and spirit of freedom. Yes, history registered some famous feats of the Polish army, but they were performed during defensive rather than offensive wars, and the defense was either that of their own country or that of other friendly nations, in accordance with the well known Polish dictum that "we fight for our and your freedom". Because of the fact that for centuries the Polish forces were stopping invasions of the "infidels" from the East - the Turks and the Tartars (Mongols) - Poland merited the well deserved nickname, "the bulwark of Christianity". Thus, King Henry the Pious defeated the Tartars, but perished, in 1241 at the battle of Legnica; King Ladislas suffered the same fate in 1444 at Varna, in distant Bulgaria; and in 1683 King John III Sobieski delivered Vienna from a siege by the Turks and saved Europe from their invasion. A more modern event was the defeat of the Red Army, ready to conquer all Europe, at Warsaw in 1920.

82. Business Culture, Practices, Protocol, Customs And Business Etiquette In Poland
Information and links to poland business culture, practices, protocol and business etiquette including practical tips on doing international business.
Business Culture in Poland
Find out about business culture, practices, protocol, customs and business etiquette in Poland. Learn about doing business in Poland, commerce, marketing, corporate structure, negotiating, establishing connections and finding your partner. Receive latest information on Poland business organization, manners, building relationship, correspondence, traditions, regulations, export, import, selling and buying tactics. Get practical tips on meeting protocol, business entertainment, communication, company policy, social customs, commerce, trading and cross-cultural training. Choose Your Report Doing Business in Poland
Reports on doing business in Poland, business culture, practices, protocol and etiquette. Enter here to view the topics. Poland Predeparture Report
Extensive reports on business meetings, negotiating tactics, entertainment, gift-giving, business travel in Poland and much more. Enter here to view the details. Reports for Corporate Intranets
Country-specific reports on business culture and protocol, local regulations, negotiating, import and export, investment, business travel and much more. Enter here for information.

83. Embassy Of Poland In Ljubljana - Cultural News From Poland
contact number 022 421-0205, e-mailing or visiting website In 2003, poland s spending on the culture 2000 programme
Ministry of Foreign Affairs CULTURAL
No. 21 May 26, 2004
Poles in Cannes Soviet erotic photography Theatre Meetings Festival of Festivals Poster Decalogue in Warsaw Great Polish-English Dictionary


84. Cultural Insights: Poland - Cultural Context
Your country Cultural Insights poland. Their web site is updated regularly and can answer just about any question on poland, its people and its culture.

85. LNT Poland - Jews In Poland
Jewish culture. A unique Jewish culture blossomed in preWorld War II poland. Eminent writers and poets Icchak Lejb Perec, Szalom
Jews in Poland
The First Jews in Poland
The date of the arrival of the first Jews onto Polish soil is unknown. Ibrahim ibn Jakub (a Jewish traveler, merchant and diplomat from Tortosa,Spain) in the account of his journey in 965, mentioned Krakow and wrote of his first historic Duke of Poland, Mieszko I . The author of these historically valuable notes was certainly not the only Jew to travel through the Piast lands. Some settled here permanently with their families to make their livelihoods through commerce and the crafts. In later times, banished from many countries, victims of social and religious upheavals, intolerance, and persecution, Jews looked to Poland for asylum and here they found it. Polish dukes and kings, such as Boleslaw Pobozny (1221-1279) and Kazimierz Wielki (1310-1370) , appreciated their talents and thus granted them privileges and conditions for a peaceful life. Boleslaw Pobozny's Charter of Kalisz (1264) guaranteed full security for Jews, their communities, and property. Accounts have survived of the "Rhodans"

86. Society And Culture Poland Europe Regional
Polish Jews Europe poland Society and culture. Kobiety OnLine Europe poland Society and culture. English Deutsch Espa±ol ... Society and Culture Society and Culture : Europe Poland Society and Culture: Cooking

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual


Arts and Entertainment: English Regional Europe Poland Arts and Entertainment
Government: English Regional Europe Poland Government
English Society Ethnicity Slavic: Polish
English Regional Europe: Society and Culture
Kobiety OnLine
Europe Poland Society and Culture. online bulletin for women Health Reform in Poland 1999 Europe Poland Society and Culture. Introduction to current health care reform in Poland. Polish Jews Europe Poland Society and Culture. Jewish sites in Poland ( Polish Jews ) history of Polish Jews, Holocaust research, synagogues and cemeteries, photos. Ethnologue: Poland Europe Poland Society and Culture. Languages in Poland ( Ethnologue: Poland ) ehnic minorities. Polish Health Care System Europe Poland Society and Culture. a private page run by MD.

87. Warsaw Voice -
culture and Art Center and Media Kontakt, was an entirely new cultural event in become a huge but provincial meltingpot of immigrants from all over poland.
Time in Warsaw: Set as home page Add to favorites Send to a friend Politics Culture Business Law From the News Editor Voices from the past Viewpoint Hit of the week World of Movies Stage and Screen Listings The Dirt Exhibits Warsaw Culture Restaurant Review Guide to Warsaw Intercity Polish your Polish The Polish Voice The City Voice Regional Voices National Voices Education Voice The Polish Science Voice ISO ALMANAC 2002 Chair of the Year Expat's Guide PPPE WDA Voice Club Hotels in Poland Rent a car Archives Classifieds Tenders e-Shop e-Cards Europages Data Base Share your views Letters Opinion polls About the Voice The staff Contact us Register Subscribe Bulletin Join the Club Info Apartments for rent Houses for rent Apartments for sale Houses for sale
Puzzling out Europe
2 June 2004
The 49th International Book Fair in Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science May 20-23 included presentations of many literary and scientific titles as well as publications for children
Flying in Góraszka
26 May 2004
Helicopter maneuvers, gliders and aerobatic displays were admired by visitors to the aviation picnic in Góraszka near Warsaw.

88. The Official Website Of The City Of Warsaw
in a world under threat, in a world that doubts, culture is the key Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin at the presentation Tuesday of poland s eightmonth

89. Bribery Culture
Bribery culture, or the Republic of Zloties. Ewa Pagacz Bad Subjects, Issue 48 , March 2000. In poland, a good bribe can keep death at bay for awhile.
Bribery Culture, or
the Republic of Zloties
Ewa Pagacz Bad Subjects , Issue # 48 , March 2000 When my mother had a cerebral hemorrhage, after the ambulance and emergency room care, the first item needed was bribe money. In Poland, a good bribe can keep death at bay for awhile. Although health services remain socialized, there has been a de facto partial privatization through bribery and cost transfers. My mother's shared room provided only a bed. The ward nurse gave me a list of necessaries, beginning with soap and ending with a bedpan. "Families have to take care of such things," she told me. "The government doesn't have money to support hospitals and we lack the basics." So I ran out to purchase the items from the nearest store. After much waiting for an examination, a physician told me that a CAT scan would be needed, but that the hospital did not have the facilities to provide one. A nearby hospital did have the necessary facilities, he told me, but at this hospital there already was a long queue of patients waiting for scans. The message was clear: if I wanted my mother to be examined as soon as possible, I would have to pay a bribe. Without hesitation, I paid the head nurse 1 million old zloties (about $25) and my mother got a CAT scan. There was no time to analyze the ethical questions. My mother's life was at stake and time meant everything. The scan results were bad news and, twelve hours after her stroke, my mother had to be transferred to a neurological clinic in another city. However, they could not operate until the next morning and an imported medicine was needed to stabilize her condition. Three days dosage cost one and a half times my monthly salary as a teacher, and so off I went to borrow funds. The next morning I stood at the clinic pharmacy, waiting for it to open. When it did, the pharmacist handed me a form requiring a 'voluntary donation' to the clinic. I might have refused, but it was understood that if I refused to make a donation, then when the supply finished in three days I would probably not be able to buy more. I would be told "Supplies are limited." So again I paid a bribe. Twenty-nine hours had elapsed from the time of my mother's stroke until she received her desperately needed medication. In the West this medication would be have administered within an hour.

90. European Cultural Digest
Gluck, a Yiddish teacher and regular on the Cracow Jewish scene, believes, though, that the claims for the revitalisation of Jewish culture in poland may have
Poland's new Jews Second and third generation Jews are returning to Poland and reclaiming their old districts. In Warsaw, old ghetto streets are finally being classified as national monuments and restored to their former glory. Meanwhile in historic Crakow, from where our correspondent reports, there is great hope for a revival of Jewish culture, thanks to the foundation of a community centre, academic institution and summer festival. By Jennifer Brown C racow native Henryk Halkowski is a semi-retired expert on Judaism. He spends most of his afternoons at the Ariel cafe, a place that has come to be known as the social hub for the small Jewish scene in this picturesque Polish city. Over a cup of tea he enthusiastically discusses hopes for a revitalisation of Jewish life in Crakow. "Some people say there is a great Jewish revival in Poland and a phoenix is rising from the ashes of Auschwitz," he says. Cracow's traditional Jewish quarter, known as Kazimierz, the scene of the filming in 1992 of Steven Spielberg's classic, Schindler's List , has increasingly attracted tourists and locals seeking to get closer to their country's vibrant Jewish past.

91. Escorted Poland Tours By
Escorted poland tours is related to terminating in Lyon, that enables our clients to concentrate on the art, history, culture, wine and
Escorted Poland Tours Information Available by
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Escorted poland tours
Homepage Products Services ... Site Map

92. TFK : Our Initiatives : 3RD EUROPEAN CULTURAL FORUM * POLAND - EUROPE 2004. 14-1
Madam, Dear Sir. It is our honour and pleasure to invite you in order to take part in THE 3 RD EUROPEAN CULTURAL FORUM poland EUROPE 2004 On culture IN A
More information


Participation Card (PDF)

rd European Cultural Forum
Poland - Europe 2004
On "Culture In The Europe Of Regions"
Tarnów - Ciezkowice ­ Debica
14-16 October 2004.
Dear Madam, Dear Sir It is our honour and pleasure to invite you in order to take part in THE 3 RD EUROPEAN CULTURAL FORUM POLAND - EUROPE 2004 On: "CULTURE IN A EUROPE OF REGIONS", to be held in Tarnow, Ciezkowice and Debica on October 14 - 16, 2004. We would like to invite representatives of cultural institutions and non - governmental organizations from Poland and European Union Member States. The incoming Forum will be the occasion for common discussion and establishment of the programme of cooperation between cultural institutions and non - governmental organizations, in the field of European Integration, non - commercial cultural exchange as well as possible common cultural projects having European character. The possibilities of fundraising for common initiatives with the use of structural funds and other Community support mechanisms will also be a part of discussion within the Forum. The Forum is organized under the honorary patronage of the following: Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affaires, Minister of Culture, Representation of the European Commission in Poland Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, The Voivod of Ma³opolska, President of the City of Tarnow, The Mayor of Debica, The Mayor of Ciezkowice.

93. TFK : Nasz Inicjatywy : I Europejeskie Forum Kultury : Culture And The Developme
culture 2000. The Position of culture in poland. culture in the Process of the European Integration. CHAPTER IV. THE POSITION OF culture
FUNDACJA NASZE INICJATYWY GALERIA ¬RENICA ... Culture and The Development of Europe : The Position of Culture in Poland

The Message of

the Congress of

Polish Culture 2000
Polish Culture 2000

The Position of
Culture in Poland
Culture in

the Process of

the European Integration
CHAPTER IV THE POSITION OF CULTURE IN POLAND: TEN YEARS BALANCE IN THE LIGHT OF THE POTENTIAL EUROPEAN INTEGRATION Achievements of the Self-Governing Cultural Forum in Poland: 1999 - 2001 The presentation of the last two years of the Tarnovian Cultural Foundation, celebrating its 10 th anniversary, with the aim to promote modern forms of organisation and financing of culture in local environments in the light of European Integration seems to be of great importance as regards this chapter. The basis of this thesis are the experiences and reflections of over 1200 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and directors of cultural institutions from all over the country. As the result of shared debates on national conferences a concept of a Self-Governing Cultural Forum was established.

94. Polish Consulate In Sheffield
We hope that you will find something interesting about poland, its people, their culture and the work of this consulate in the north of England.
Polish Consulate in Sheffield Welcome to our consulate!
An old country of great charm and hospitality, a revitalised Poland is now into its second decade of almost unprecedented social, political and economic progress.
Do look around our WebSite! We hope that you will find something interesting about Poland, its people, their culture and the work of this consulate in the north of England.
Consulate of the Republic of Poland
4 Palmerston Road
Sheffield S10 2TE
Tel and Fax (overseas) 00 44 114 276 6513
Tel and Fax (in the U.K.) 0114 276 6513

95. SEND International Christian World Missions
An enormous part was played in this process by the patriotic and cultural role of the Catholic Church, in times of greatest need when poland s heritage and

The Path of Pilgrims and John Paul II Education and Training Same Game, Same Name, Different Rules
P oland today is ethnically almost homogeneous (98% Polish), in contrast with the pre-World War II period, when there were significant ethnic minorities: 4.5 million Ukrainians, 3 million Jews, 1 million Belorussians, and 800,000 Germans. The majority of the Jews were murdered during the German occupation in World War II, and many others emigrated in the succeeding years. Most Germans left Poland at the end of the war, while many Ukrainians and Belorussians lived in territories incorporated into the then-U.S.S.R. Small Ukrainian, Belorussian, Slovakian, and Lithuanian minorities reside along the borders, and a German minority is concentrated near the southwest city of Opole. The Path of Pilgrims and John Paul II I n religious terms, Poland resembles a mosaic. In addition to Christians, particularly Roman Catholics, but also Eastern Orthodox and Protestants, there are adherents of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and other religions of the Far East. Nevertheless, it is Catholicism which is overwhelmingly dominant.

96. Krakow | News Directory | Krakow | Poland
Attack on Polish Base in Baghdad. Current Affairs. Polanski and the Pianist. Art and culture. Backpacking in poland Cracow. City Focus. Witkacy Early Life.
travel culture language guide ... news front page
This is a full directory of all the articles about Krakow, listed in reverse order, with the most recent article at the top. If you'd prefer to search for some particular article, please use the search facility on the news front page News Resources BBC EUROPE Gazeta Wyborcza Dziennik Polski Gazeta Krakowska ... A Forgotten String to a Master's Bow Art and Culture Reclaiming the Past: The Galicia Museum Art and Culture Black Sea Blues Art and Culture Swashbuckling Splendours at the Czartoryski Museum Art and Culture The Seven Deadly Sins Art and Culture Treasures from Polish Collections in Lwow (open until May 16th) Art and Culture Polish Economy Roars Ahead Business Poland Rules Out More Iraq Troops Current Affairs Polish Troops in Kerbala Skirmish Current Affairs Corruption Scandal Winds Up Current Affairs In Search of Lost Chocolate Comment Wheel it Polski Style: Drum 'n' Bass in Krakow Art and Culture Winds of Change Current Affairs Pope to Publish Cracow Memoir History Polanski goes Dickens Art and Culture Wyspianski Returns Art and Culture Poster Pageant at the National Museum Art and Culture Kroke, Klezmer and Kazimierz

97. Study Abroad & Cultural Immersion With Languages Abroad - Poland
Great Masurian Lakes The central part of Masuria has the biggest concentration of lakes in poland, with over 15% of the area under The city, culture, the people
General information/Program atmosphere GENERAL INFORMATION Request or download a brochure How to enroll Pay by credit card Student AIRFARE Quotes Why study abroad Why study with Languages Abroad What our students say Academic credit Medical insurance Scholarship program Family study option Customized group travel Useful travel resources Brazil, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, Rio Brazil, Maceio Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, Flamingo Beach Costa Rica, Samara Beach Croatia, Dubrovnik Cuba, Havana Dom. Rep, Santo Domingo France, La Rochelle Guadeloupe, French West Indies Indonesia, Bali Italy, Capo Vaticano Italy, Sicily Israel, Netanya Mexico, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Cancun Mexico, Playa del Carmen Mexico, Yucatan region Portugal, Lisbon Portugal, Faro Puerto Rico, San Juan Spain, Malaga Spain, Palma de Mallorca Spain, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain, San Sebastián Venezuela, Puerto la Cruz Costa Rica, several locations Honduras, Copan Ruinas Peru, Cusco Thailand, Chiang Mai Venezuela, Merida LANGUAGE TOURS Mexico, Yucatan region Argentina, Buenos Aires Austria, Vienna

98. Study Abroad Poland
in English in Krakow, poland. Curriculum Highlights The interdisciplinary programme covers the history, sociology, political science and culture of Europe
Study Abroad: Poland
Study Abroad Program Information Courtesy of

Poland - Consular Information Sheet from U.S. State Department

107 E. Hopkins
San Marcos, TX 78666 USA
When: Fall, Spring, Academic Year
Academic Programs International in Krakow : Academic Programs International offers a study abroad program in Krakow, at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Poland's oldest university.
Curriculum Highlights: Students can study Polish language, culture, history, literature, art history and philosophy in the classroom, which experiencing it firsthand in beautiful Krakow.
Setting Description: Krakow remains Poland's cultural capital, and is included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Program Value: Program fee includes: tuition and official transcript, housing, excursions, pre-departure information, on-site orientation, airport reception, tutoring, on-site director, medical insurance, ground transportation, cultural events, mobile phone, student services. Subjects Areas : Jewish Studies, Art History, Cultural, Population, Demographic Studies, Local Studies, Regional Studies, Foreign (non-English) Language and Literature, History, Philosophy

99. Culture And Culture Evolution Among The Lemkos Of Southeastern
culture and culture Evolution Among The Lemkos Of Southeastern poland In The 20th Century. copyright ©Richard D. Custer February 21, 1995 All Rights Reserved.
Culture and Culture Evolution
Among The Lemkos Of Southeastern Poland
In The 20th Century
The Carpathian Mountain area of Southeastern Poland, once known as the Lemko Region, is an area that is today sparsely populated, mostly by Poles, with a few exceptions devoid of much of its previous character, and deprived of most of the remnants of its historical past. However, before World War II it was home to a colorful Eastern Slavic ethnic group known a s Lemkos, who are considered Ukrainians by most scholars but who have a distinct language, culture and history. Who are the Lemkos, and why do most of them no longer live in their Carpathian homeland? The Lemkos of Poland are also known by the regional name "Rusyns" and sometimes among themselves as "Rusnaks." In the last years of World War II, much destruction had been wrought throughout this region and the Lemko population was forcibly removed. Living today almost entirely in diaspora, even within Poland, the Lemkos have shown a remarkable attachment to their native culture though their settlements are dispersed and their organizations are few. The situation of the Lemkos today provides a valuable opportunity to examine how an ethnic group’s culture changes and is preserved in the difficult situation of existing almost entirely in small dispersed settlements outside the original homeland. The purpose of this paper is: to provide a description of the Lemko Region and a brief but thorough account of the history of the Lemko people so that the events critical to their development will be understood; to examine the facets of the Lemkos’ traditional material and spiritual culture in the early part of the 20th century; and to investigate how that culture has been preserved and has changed in the years following the Lemkos’ deportation from their homeland.

100. Carpathian Foundation - Poland
Municipality culture Center, Lutowiska , poland, $2,625. Regional Association of Creators and Animators of Folk culture, Iwonicz , poland, $4,000.
Area: 18,683 sq. km Population: Population density: 127 people per sq km Population growth: 13,546 people per year Migration: 1,627 people per year Office: Zofia Kordela Borczyk: Country Director Jolanta Szwarc - Burnatowska: Program Coordinator Ewa £akoœ: Assistant ul. 3-go Maja 23/1 C, 38500 Sanok, Poland
phone: +48 134630208
phone/fax: +48 134641369
Previous Grantees of:
Integrated Rural Commmunity Development Program in the Carpathian Euroregion
Municipality of Dukla, Dukla, Poland To accelarate the process of sustainable development, generate new jobs and continue the cooperation with other municipalities in Poland and Slovakia Galiacian Guest Farms - Bieszczady, Lesko, Poland To create the conditions for ongoing sustainable growth by encouraging the development of agro-tourism, small and medium size businesses and the initiation of cooperation in tourism marketing products
Cross-border Cooperation in the Carpathian Euroregion
Board of Rymanow Municipality, Rymanow , Poland

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