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         Poland Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Sovietization of Culture in Poland by Collective Work, 1953
  3. Sovietization of Culture in Poland by Collective Work, 0000
  4. Kor: A History of the Workers' Defense Committee in Poland, 1976-1981 (Studies in Society and Culture in East-Central Europe) by Jan Jozef Lipski, Olga Amsterdamska, et all 1985-09
  5. Poland: A Troubled Past, a New Start (Exploring Cultures of the World) by Eleanor H. Ayer, 1996-02
  6. Poland, its people, its society, its culture (Survey of world cultures) by Clifford R Barnett, 1958
  7. Polin: Focusing on Jewish Popular Culture in Poland and Its Afterlife (Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry)
  8. Shtetl Jews Under Soviet Rule: Eastern Poland on the Eve of the Holocaust (Jewish Society and Culture) by Ben-Cion Pinchuk, 1991-01
  9. Optical fibres and their applications IV: 11-13 February 1986, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland (SPIE)
  10. Poyln: My Life within Jewish Life in Poland, Sketches and Images by Yehiel Yeshaia Trunk, 2007-10-27
  11. Contemporary Painting in Poland by Richard Noyce, 1996-01
  12. Poland's Living Folk Culture by Anna Sieradzk Christian Parma, 2005
  13. Culture in People's Poland by Galinski, Tadeusz (editor) (trans. by Eugene Lepa and Olga Lepa), 1966
  14. Culture in People's Poland

21. Jewish Culture And History
This Web site provides annotated links and original material about many aspects of Jewish culture and history. Images of Other Synagogues in poland" button (just above), this Web for Jewish
Jewish Culture and History
  • Images of Polish Synagogues : Also accessible via the "Images of Other Synagogues in Poland" button (just above), this Web page offers images of, and information about, selected synagogues in Poland. At this early stage, the following synagogues are included: Warsaw's Nozyk synagogue; Lancut 's four-pillared synagogue; Tykocin 's Baroque synagogue; the " Rema " synagogue in Kazimierz (Cracow); and, the Old Synagogue in Kazimierz (Cracow).
    Center for Jewish History
    : "The Center for Jewish History is comprised of four institutions of higher Jewish learning, each of which has made a singular contribution to the cultural and historical legacy of the Jewish people. The American Jewish Historical Society (at Brandeis University ), the Leo Baeck Institute Yeshiva University Museum , and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research have become partners in a visionary plan the creation of an unparalleled campus complex devoted to the furtherance of Jewish scholarship in the heart of New York City: The Center for Jewish History ." In addition to introducing the CJH's partner organizations, the Center's home page also describes the CJH's

22. Neolit On-Line -- Internet Quarterly Project
Journal of the NeoLit Research Circle at the Institute of British and American culture and Literature (University of Silesia, poland). Dedicated to cultural and literary studies, the journal is free. Submissions are refereed.

23. Polish Embassy In Athens
Polish Embassy in Athens. Includes information about the embassy and about poland, consular matters, Polish politics and culture.

24. Leblandia - Official Web-Site Of The Empire Of Leblandia - Micronation - English
A sovereign, independent culture and monarchy within the territory of poland.
Empire of Leblandia NEW DESIGN! 2004 The Empire of Leblandia is one of the most picturesque parts of the world in which one can hear an original hymn praising the greatness and beauty of nature. Leblandia was established on the 26 march 2001 and is unique in its potential, in its culture and traditions. MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION (IE 5 REQUIRED) Ladies and Gentlemen! I am glad to greet you on the pages of the world communication network Internet which has resolutely entered the life of our Empire. It has become a part of the system of communication and of receiving information. Now the users of Internet have acquired an opportunity to learn the truth about Leblandia. How does our Empire live today? What problems are the authorities resolving? What events are in store? Nothing can substitute live communication among people but, nevertheless, nowadays we can learn more about each other with the help of electronic sites. For us, the opening of an official Internet site is one step forward on the way of overcoming aloofness and achieving mutual understanding.
The Empire of Leblandia is one of the most picturesque parts of the world in which one can hear an original hymn praising the greatness and beauty of nature. Leblandia has a varied relief and natural resources; the country is unique in its potential, in its culture and traditions.

25. Magda And Jakob
About Magda from poland and Jakob from Denmark. Information about poland, Denmark and culture of these two countries.
Welcome !!! It is website of Magda and Jakob Please click to continue..
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26. Polish-American Cultural Society Of NC
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the cultural exchange between poland and United States whose goal is to popularize Polish history and culture.
Welcome to Polish-American Cultural Society of North Carolina, Inc.
Wersja polska What's New Summer Camps in Poland 7 Oscar Nominations for The Pianist Polish Food Stores
Polish Mass
On Palm Sunday at 2:30 PM, Fr. Krysa will celebrate a Holy Mass in Polish at St. Matthew Church in Charlotte. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available from 1:30. Everyone is invited. Please notify your friends. If you need more information, please call Elizabeth Spytkowski at 704-948-1678.
Three Oscars go to Roman Polañski's "The Pianist"
We are all glad that Roman Polañski's movie "The Pianist" received three Oscars:
  • Adrien Brody for the Best Actor in Leading Role Ronald Harwood for the Best Adapted Screenplay Roman Polañski for the Best Director
  • Congratulations and big thanks to all who made the movie possible!
    To join our email lists, please fill in the form below AND reply to 2 email messages to confirm joining our lists: Name: Email: Click here if you want to receive our bulletin and traditional mail, or change your postal or email address. To post a message to our discussion group, please send email to

    27. Music In Poland
    .. link status good. poland culture and Art - Philharmonic - This page contains information about philharmonic link status good.
    var c = "c2"; Home Travel Guide Flights Cars ... Adventure Tours USA users discount airfare and cheap hotels Poland Music in Poland You are here: Poland
    Your search for Music in Poland returned results
    POLAND - PolishWorld Music: Composers

    link status good
    POLAND - Katowice - Music Links
    KATOWICE CITY GUIDE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY UNIVERSITY OF SILESIA IN KATOWICE [From the editors] [Guestbook] [Crest and logo of the town] [Panoramic motion of Katowice] MUSIC Silesian Concert Hall Rad...
    link status good
    POLAND - PolishWorld Music: Bands

    link status good
    POLAND - Warsaw - The Warsaw Voice - Music
    May 9, 1999 No. 19 (550) - Music CONCERT REVIEW Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Universal yet Simple, Kenny Rogers' country is closer than we thought. You could tell right off it was no Willie Nelson conc...
    link status good
    POLAND - Culture and Art - Philharmonic
    This page contains information about philharmonic ... link status good POLAND - Culture and Art - Opera This page contains information about opera ... link status good POLAND - Culture and Art - Jazz and Pop Music This page contains information about jazz and pop music ...

    28. Barbara Stager: International Accountant
    American CPA accountant fluent in Polish language, accounting practices and culture.
    Accounting Poland - Polish accounting to American GAAP accountant
    Barbara Stager, CPA
    Accounting Poland Polish Accounting Specialist Poland - International - American GAAP American Accountant fluent in Polish language and accounting practices View resume in English View resume in Polish Meet me in Zakopane E-mail address: I have returned home to the U.S. (Montpelier, VT 10/2002) after completing a two year assignment in Warsaw, Poland for Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa , a Polish/German cell phone joint venture (major partners are: Elektrim SA and Deutsch Telekom) Click here to see pictures of our trips to Egypt and Istanbul.

    29. The Kosciuszko Foundation
    Dedicated to promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and poland and to increasing American understanding of Polish culture and history. Describes events, education grants, and arts competitions.
    News Cultural Deluxe Tour To Poland
    July 24 - August 7, 2004
    This summer indulge in the best of Poland. Attend the Warsaw Mozart Festival and sites from Chopin's life, visit historic Gniezno, Renaissance Poznan, Gothic Wroclaw and the pearl of Europe, Krakow. More Info... June 17 at 7 PM
    Boguslaw Winid, Deputy Chief of Staff at the Polish Embassy in Washington , will give an illustrated talk on "Stolen Polish Art," the sad legacy of looting and pillaging of the nation's treasures during war and occupation. More info... June 24 at 7 PM
    Benjamin Weiser, of The New York Times, will discuss his recent book on Ryszard Kuklinski , a colonel in the Polish Army who supplied the CIA with Soviet military intelligence for nine years, including the plans to crush Solidarity. Kuklinski escaped to the United States, was tried in Poland in absentia and sentenced to death, only to be rehabilitated and honored by the post-Communist government. Kuklinski died in Florida earlier this year. More info...

    30. Master Page, Poland Business, Polish Tourism, Culture, Importers And Exporters,
    Please be sure to go through those links. Here you will find vast amounts of information about poland, Polish culture, Polish Business and Polish companies.
    Telephone: +48 22 529 77 72 Wersja Polska To Export Your Products To Poland, Click Here. This page is Poland This page contains primary information about Poland. Much of it is in tutorial form. In 1995 this web site went on line as the first dual language portal published in Poland. Today it contains over 5,000 individual pages of information that you can use to get information about Poland, the Polish people, the businesses and traveling. Thousands of web pages around the world link to it. It is in the top 1% of the most visited web sites on the internet. The navigation bar at the left gives you access to our most popular pages. Please be sure to go through those links. Here you will find vast amounts of information about Poland, Polish Culture, Polish Business and Polish companies. You will also find information about Poland interesting to the international business community and tourist. This page is a major trade gateway where you may purchase Polish products, start your own import export business , and export your products to Poland . New information is added every day. Use it for information and to import or export products to Poland. To research information about Family and Friends

    31. The Polish Maritime Museum
    documenting and popularizing poland's maritime traditions as well as the evolution of her presentday maritime policies, economics, technology and culture.
    The Polish Maritime Museum
    and branches in the province of Gdansk
    The Maritime Museum in Gdansk is the largest of its kind in Poland, documenting and popularizing Poland's maritime traditions as well as the evolution of her present-day maritime policies, economics, technology and culture. The idea of creating a maritime museum in Gdansk began to take shape in 1958. The exhibition "From the oar to atomic power" organized in the famous Artus Court in Gdansk In September of that same year was the beginning. The Museum formally came into existence on 1 October 1960, but it had to start right from scratch, having neither a collection nor a building to house it. Now, the main buildings of the Museum are in the heart of the old port of Gdansk on the river Motlawa. They include a number of typical port buildings situated on both sides of the river. On the right bank the Museum's organizers have reconstructed a group of granaries from the 15 th th centuries, as well as about 200 metres of the adjacent quayside, where the museum ship "Soldek", the first steamship built in Poland after the Second World War, is now moored. On the left bank the Museum complex includes a medieval port crane and the adjacent burghers' houses adapted to the Museum's purposes. For the convenience of visitors, the Museum buildings on either side of the river are linked by the Museum's ferry, the "Motlawa". The museum has three branches outside Gdansk: the Vistula River Museum at Tczew, the Fisheries Museum at Hel and the Museum-ship "Dar Pomorza" in Gdynia. The Museum’s collections contain artifacts, documents and a library. The displays illustrate the history of port construction, boatyards and ship-building, the history of shipping and maritime trade, fisheries, the history of Polish yachting, marine art etc.

    32. Master Page, Poland Business, Polish Tourism, Culture, Importers
    Much of it is in tutorial form. Find vast amounts of information about poland, Polish culture, Polish Business and Polish companies.
    Telephone: +48 505 398 146 Wersja Polska To Export Your Products To Poland, Click Here. You will now be entering the oldest English language business portal in Poland. This Polish portal has been on line in Warsaw, Poland since 1995. It contains the most comprehensive history of web sites and information about Poland.

    33. The Warsaw Voice - Culture
    Article in the Warsaw Voice about the 1997 Festival of Gypsy Songs and culture held in Ciechocinek, poland.
    August 31, 1997 No. 35 (462)
    [an error occurred while processing this directive] GYPSY FESTIVAL
    Learning to Be Neighbors
    Another tale of music uniting two nations.
    Gypsy musicians are tuning up for mainstream popularity, and the First Festival of Gypsy Songs and Culture, held in Ciechocinek in late July, was an exciting overture. Gypsies came to Poland in the Middle Ages; local records first mention them in 1401. In 1791, they received citizenship. In 1930, the Gypsy community numbered 30,000. During World War II, the Nazis murdered 20,000 European Gypsies at Auschwitz. Remaining in Poland after the war were 10,000-15,000 Gypsies from four groups with distinct traditions and dialects. A 1964 law banning their nomadic caravans was a major blow to traditional Gypsy culture. Wasyl Szmidt, grandson of the first Gypsy king in interwar Poland, the best-known performer of Gypsy music in the country, organized the Ciechocinek festival. "For years it was my dream to perform at the Opole Polish Song Festival," says Szmidt. "Unfortunately, I could never make it to the stage. They always told me the public wasn't interested in Gypsy music. To prove them wrong, my band, Don Vasyl i Roma, releasedfour gold albums in just four years. There is an audience that wants to hear us, and the Ciechocinek festival is the only event of its type in the world." The Ministry of Culture and Art declined Szmidt's request for funding for the festival, and the turned to private sponsors. Polish Television's Program 2 gave zl.300,000. To pay all the bills, though, Szmidt had to sell his Mercedes.

    34. POLAND.COM - Travel - Hotels - Flights - Tickets - Business - Culture - Your Gat
    NON SMOKING, SMOKING, NO PREFERENCE, Welcome to the Forums at poland.COM Travel - Hotels - Flights - Tickets - Business - culture - Your Gateway to poland!

    35. The Polish Maritime Museum
    poland's maritime traditions as well as the evolution of her presentday maritime policies, economics, technology and culture
    This page has moved. Please wait a few seconds or click here

    36. Deloitte Poland - Culture And Beliefs - Deloitte In Poland
    DTT poland About Us culture and Beliefs, culture and Beliefs. Our Mission To help our clients and our people excel Our Vision,2332,sid%3D10155,00.html
    Global Site Selector: Select a Country Global Web site Albania Argentina Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Belgium Belize Bermuda Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Canada Cayman Islands Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Finland France FYR Macedonia Gabon Gaza Strip/West Bank Georgia Germany Gibraltar Greece Guam Guatemala Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Marshall Islands Mauritania Mauritius Mexico Micronesia Moldova Morocco Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Northern Mariana Islands Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Panama Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia and Montenegro Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Search: Advanced Search About Us Careers Services ... About Us document.write(languageLinks);

    37. Kórnik
    K³rnik is situated in a glacial valley which stretches over 20 km and consists of 9 joint lakes. The town of K³rnik is favourably located at the important junction which is the meeting point of two roads, one leading from Pozna± to Katowice the other from Pozna± to Wroc³aw. K³rnik is also located at the outskirts of Pozna± agglomeration which is the most important centre of business, culture and science in western poland.
    The Kórnik arboretum which borders on the castle is a former Italian garden dating back to the 16th century which was then changed to a French garden in the 18th century. After 1830 the park was enlarged and changed again. This time into an arboretum with unique collection of trees. In the east, the old part of the arboretum borders on the new extension (8.5 ha) which was created in the years 1963-67. About 3,000 species and varieties of European, Asiatic and American trees and shrubs grow in the Kórnik Arboretum, which is one of the richest in Europe. It is also the place where a dendrological museum is located.
    Kórnik is also a birthplace of a famous Polish poet, Wis³awa Szymborska (2.07.1923) who received the Nobel Prize in literature in 1996. At the place where she was born (ul. Prowent 4) there is a plaque informing about this event.
    The signposted "Kórnik Route" has been developed at the request of the SSTA (State Sports and Tourism Administration) by the Dutch and German automobile clubs ANWB and ADAC. It has been financed from the resources of the European Union. Spare a day for an 80 km round-tour along the route marked with the brown hexagonal signs to discover the cultural and historical heritage of the region and enjoy the natural beauty and picturesque landscape of the Wielbopolski National Park. A fatigued or hungry traveller will find some hotels, restaurants and parking places along the route.

    38. ESN Home Page - Poland --> Culture
    ESN Erasmus Student Network National guide of poland - country in the heart of Europe culture. culture. LINKS

    39. Postoley Dance Ensemble
    Boulder, Colorado based dance company specializing in the culture, music, and dance of Ukraine and poland. Includes rehearsal information, video clips, and brief description.

    40. Polish History & Culture
    Polish History culture. Jadwiga married Ladislaus (Wladyslaw) Jagiello, duke of Lithuania, who became king of poland as Ladislaw II (Wladislaw).
    Beginning through the Age of Greatness Polish history began in the early 9th century when the Polians (dwellers in the field) obtained hegemony over the others Slavic tribes that occupied the country. Their principal dynasty (PIAST) accepted Christianity in 966. Poznan was the earliest Polish capital and Gniezno the first Episcopal see. The main line of the Piast dynasty ended in 1370 with Casimir III, and the crown passed to Casimir's nephew, Louis I of Hungary and to Louis's daughter Jadwiga. Jadwiga married Ladislaus (Wladyslaw) Jagiello , duke of Lithuania, who became king of Poland as Ladislaw II (Wladislaw) . The time 1386-1572 under Jagiello's power was considered the "golden age" of Poland. King Ladislaw III (Wladislaw) (killed) by the Turks in the battle of Warna (1444), gave Poland the prestige of championing the Christian cause against the Moslem tide. In 1569 Poland absorbed Lithuania by the Union of Lublin. After 1572 no dynasty maintained itself for long, and the theory that the entire nobility could take part in the royal elections, applied in practice, frequently led to contested elections and civil wars. There was considerable religious toleration in 16th century Poland, and the progress of Protestantism was arrested without coercion by the Jesuits. Much of the reigns of

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