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         Poet Biographies Specific:     more books (47)
  1. Inside the Halo and Beyond: The Anatomy of a Recovery by Maxine Kumin, 2000-05
  2. The Life and Poetry of Miklos Radnoti
  3. Thomas Gray's Journal of His Visit to the Lake District in 1769: With a Life, Commentary and Historical Background by William Roberts, 2007-02-15
  4. A Biographer at Work: Samuel Johnson's Notes for the "Life of Pope" by Harriet Kirkley, 2002-09
  5. Myricae: Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Memory of Jozef Ijsewijn (Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia, 16)
  6. Taboo by Boyer Rickel, 1999-04
  7. Wrestling with the Muse: Dudley Randall and the Broadside Press by Melba Joyce Boyd, 2003-12-23
  8. Mary Casanova and YOU (The Author and YOU) by Mary Casanova, 2006-12-30
  9. Mikhail Kuzmin: A Life in Art by John Malmstad, Nikolay Bogomolov, 1999-04-30
  10. The End of Being Known: A Memoir (Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies) by Michael Klein, 2003-09-15
  11. O My Land, My Friends: The Selected Letters of Hart Crane
  12. Wystan and Chester by Thekla Clark, 1996-04-15
  13. The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag: And Other Intimate Literary Portraits of the Bohemian Era (Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiog) by Edward Field, 2005-12-09
  14. Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers by Katy Lederer, 2003-08-12

41. CanLinks - CanLiterary
of images, and bibliographies pertaining to specific authors. Archive database issearchable by poet, title, keywords biographies of some of the more prominent
CanLiterary Sites dedicated to specific authors are listed in the Individual Writers and their Works section of this directory. The Association of Italian-Canadian Writers Canadian Literature The website of the one of the more prestigious journals dedicated to Canadian literature, incorporating an extremely useful search facility. The Canadian Literature Archive Intended as a repository of materials for the study of Canadian literature. Resources include links to other sites, news of conferences, a gallery of images, and bibliographies pertaining to specific authors. Canadian Literature Research Service An invaluable resource offered by the National Library of Canada for students and researchers interested in Canadian literature and literary publishing, providing specialized reference, research and bibliographic services. Canadian Literature 's Archive The table of contents of all issues (from 1959 to the present) of one of the more prestigious journals dedicated to Canadian literature. Canadian Poetry (criticism) The Canadian Poetry Archive "The Canadian Poetry Archive features selected poems from over 100 early English- and French-language Canadian poets. Digitized from public domain anthologies found in the National Library of Canada's rich literature collection, the poems represent some of Canada's most notable poetry from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Canadian Poetry Archive database is searchable by poet, title, keywords and date. Author, title and date indexes can also be browsed. Biographies of some of the more prominent poets in the database have also been provided

42. Electronic Resource Centers
guides or other documents relating to specific writers. American poets A great sourcefor biographies and bibliographies this site one can find a poet, visit a

43. Academics - Town School
for a specific genre, or even better, a specific poet. a short (2 pages) biographyof the poet you have As with all complete biographies, you will cover the
Academics Home Lower School Upper School Curriculum Overview ... The Arts/Electives Upper Schoo1 Select Grade... 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade Select Class... English 8: Mr. Krissoff
Dept. Home
Home Homework Projects ... Resources English 8 Projects: Poetry Research Project
March 31, 2003 Part 1: Biography
Part 2: Historical Context
Part 3: Poetry Analysis
Good luck! Back to top Shackleton Movie Posters After reading Alfred Lansing's Endurance, students create a poster for the "movie" about the book. Students incorporate at least three themes from the book into their poster through images and text. PowerPoint is used as a canvas, while many students implement Photoshop for image manipulation. Final works are printed on 11" x 17" color posters. Samples from the 2002-2003 year are available on the gallery page. This project is included in the Thematic Understanding page in the resources Click here for the poster assignment, beginning on Monday, 9/29.

44. The Poet's Bookshelf: Biographies Of Famous Poets
Welcome to our research project page of twelve famous American poets. Enjoy reading our biographies of these great writers and our own personal analysis of one of their poems. Inventive Genius
Welcome to our research project page of twelve famous American poets. Enjoy reading our biographies of these great writers and our own personal analysis of one of their poems. If you would like to learn more about the techniques used by poets, check out our Glossary of Poetic Devices If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.
Email Mrs. Sunda's Class
If you have time, check out our other class projects created by Mrs. Sunda's Gifted Resource classes Back to Mrs. Sunda's Class Page Researched and posted 11-98

45. Love Poems? A Site Dedicated To American Poets - Poems - Biography
The American Poets detailed below on Love poems link to specific sections providingfull size pictures and biographies of Famous American poets together with poets.htm
Famous American Poets
Love Poems? So do we! A comprehensive educational resource from 'Love Poems' dedicated to providing the Biographies, Pictures and Poems of the most Famous American Poets - Perfect for Poetry Appreciation
Alphabetical Index Love Poems Inspirational Poems Friendship Poems ... Add to Favourites The American Poets detailed below on 'Love poems' link to specific sections providing full size pictures and biographies of Famous American poets together with a list of their most celebrated poems and links to their lyrics. Click the link to access the biography, picture and poems of your favourite American poet. Adams John Quincy - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality American ( 1767 - 1848 ) Alcott Louisa May - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality American ( 1832 - 1888 ) Beecher Stowe Harriet - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality American ( 1896 - 1940 ) Bryant William Cullen - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality American ( 1794 - 1878 ) Dickenson Emily Elizabeth - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality American ( 1830 - 1886 ) Eliot Thomas Stearns (T S Eliot) - Biography, picture and poems

46. Love Poems? A Site Dedicated To English Poets - Poems - Biography
English Poets detailed below on Love poems link to specific sections providingfull size pictures and biographies of these Famous English Poets together with
Famous English Poets
Love poems? So do we! A comprehensive educational resource from 'Love Poems' dedicated to providing the Biographies, Pictures and Poems of the most Famous English Poets - Perfect for Poetry Appreciation
Alphabetical Index Love Poems Inspirational Poems Friendship Poems ... Add to Favourites The English Poets detailed below on 'Love poems' link to specific sections providing full size pictures and biographies of these Famous English Poets together with a list of their most famous poems and links to their lyrics. Click the link to access the biography, picture and poems of your favourite English Poet. Arnold Matthew - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality English ( 1822 - 1888 ) Barrett Browning Elizabeth - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality English ( 1806 - 1861 ) Blake William - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality English ( 1757 - 1827 ) Bridges Robert Seymour - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality English ( 1844 - 1930 ) Bronte Anne - Biography, picture and poems
Nationality English ( 1820 - 1849 ) Bronte Charlotte - Biography, picture and poems

47. (( Prolepsis >>
as an expression of a poet s life, as and unreflected outpouring of an aestheticallyrendered biography. situates the poetry in the specific cultural framework
Susanne Schmid, Byron - Shelley - Keats. Ein biographisches Lesebuch.
ISBN 3-423-12627-2, 19,90 DM Reviewed by Thomas Rommel
Download as pdf Published 10.5.2000 This reader introduces a German-speaking audience to three English romantic poets, Byron, Shelley, and Keats. All three of them have been and still are immensely popular on the continent, and their biographies, rather than their poetry, epitomize English romanticism to a non-academic readership: they were rebellious outsiders, they spurned society, travelled the continent, and all three died, tragically, very young. Their poetry has been anthologized rather frequently, and German translations abound in miscellanies of sentimental and romantic verse. This is where Susanne Schmid takes up her introduction to the three poets. Her book takes the biographies of Byron, Shelley, and Keats as a starting point and subtly introduces a range of influences that shaped their concepts of man and society, which eventually found their expression in their poetry. If a non-academic audience most readily associates the poets with aristocratic genius overwhelmed by sentimental feelings of love or , this introduction contextualizes the role of concepts ranging from aristocracy and elitism to homophobia and free love and the constraints of a highly commercialized literary market. The book is advertised as an introduction that allows the reader to re-explore these canonized poets who have been stylized to mythical status, and the main emphasis of this book is on "introduction".

48. Puerto Rican And Caribbean Poets
Wilson Biography Click on Access from School and look for databaseWilson biographies Plus. specific Poets. Julia de Burgos Julia de Burgos.
Bunnell High School
1 Bulldog Boulevard
Stratford, CT 06614
P(203) 385-4250
F(203) 381-2014
Children First... Whatever It Takes document.write(quicklinks); document.write(backnav); School Project Links World Languages Puerto Rican and Caribbean Poets General Resources Puerto Rican Literature
Embeded in an article on Puerto Rican literature are links to poet's biography and a sample of their work. El Boricua, a bilingual , cultural publication for Puerto Ricans
Poetry by contemporary Puerto Rican poets,and include biographical sketches. Online Poetry Classroom
Search for your poet at this site.
Welcome to Puerto Rico: Famous Puerto Ricans Biographies of famous Puerto Ricans Yahoo directory of Poetas : Listado Completo poesia/poetas/listado_completo/ Yahoo Groups: Caribbean Poets Poetry finder

49. Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000) - African American Woman Poet - Pulitzer Prize Winn
of poet Gwendolyn Brooks, plus essays and other analysis of specific Brooks poems.Links compiled by your About Guide to Women s History. Biography and
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About History Women's History Art, Music. Writing. Media ... Women Writers 1901-2000 Gwendolyn Brooks Home Essentials Biographies of Notable Women Quotes by Women ... Today in Women's History zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); About Women: Biographies African American Air, Space, Science, Math Art, Music. Writing. Media ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Women's History newsletter. Search Women's History
Gwendolyn Brooks
Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000), African American poet, winner of a Pulitzer Prize in 1950, poet laureate of Illinois: inspired by Harlem Renaissance poet Paul Dunbar, her poems expressed everyday life in the inner city.
Recent Quotations: Gwendolyn Brooks From your About Guide to Women's History, a few selected quotations from the African American poet, Gwendolyn Brooks. Biography and Bibliography A very brief biography and a bibliography of a few books. Brooks Book Jackets Images of several book jackets of collections of poems by Gwendolyn Brooks.

50. Poetrypenning
A. Complete the poet Worksheet by writing a brief biography for each of the poetsbelow. Be sure to note any specific poetic devices employed by the poet(s).
A Webquest for English students and poetry enthusiasts
Created by: Krista Errington
O.W. Holmes High School (NISD)
INTRODUCTION: Poetry is fluid motion. The best way to learn, read, analyze and enjoy it, is to simply delve into it. Before you begin though, you need to have a strong foundation for discussion. In order to achieve this, you will need to learn the appropriate terms used to discuss and analyze poetry. Once you have laid the foundation, you can begin to build your repertoire of poetry via delving into various poetic forms, styles and specific poets. Hopefully, you will learn to fully appreciate poetry for the fluid motion it is.
TASK: I. Using the provided terminology worksheet, fill in the definitions for each poetic term. II. Research each of the following poetic forms: A. Fill in the poetic form worksheets by finding a definition for each of the poetic forms and listing the distinguishing qualities of each below. HAIKU BALLAD SONNET FREE VERSE ... MODERN B. Find two poems which are examples of each of the above forms. Be sure to document your source(s) and include the poet's name. Document the distinguishing qualities present in each.

51. English Honor Roll
Poetry includes info on 161 poets and analysis other cumulative documents thatdeal with specific writers. American Writers - biographies with link to other
Social Studies
Educator's Hot List
Web Builders
Just for Fun
Don't see it here?
Suggest a Site
MidLink HOME Archives Teacher Resource Room ... Editors
links researched and posted by Delia DeCourcy Cary Academy Cary, NC Authors General Resource Pages Grammar Lesson Plans ... Writing Authors Perspectives in American Lit. - a research and reference guide organized by time period Authors on the Web - Collection of biographical sketches Modern American Poetry - includes info on 161 poets and analysis of their work North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame - Honors Thirty One Tar Heel authors Biography Center - Searchable database of 5,486 biographies - Searchable database of 25,000 biographies Lives, the Biography Resource - Guide to biography sites on the Web Webliography Author Guides - LSU Libraries page with pointers to individual author guides or other cumulative documents that deal with specific writers American Writers - biographies with link to other resources by Donna Campbell at Gonzaga University American Authors on the Web - a gateway site with links about authors from 1550-1950 Top General Content Coliseum - a lengthy list of resource links for English Language Arts teachers on the NC WiseOwl Kaleidoscope page Searingtown School Library Media Center - extensive site that includes virtual reference desk, reading room and professional resources

52. Wauu.DE: Arts: Literature: Poetry
these pages include several sections devoted to specific poets, a large Terms/. InfinitumPoetry Poetry by well known poets, their biographies, and short
Home Arts Literature : Poetry Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
All Categories Categories Onlye
Contemporary Criticism and Theory Directories Electronic Text Archives ... Reviews
  • A Poetry-Lover's Guide to the World Wide Web
    Personal collection of links to online texts and resources of traditional and "imagist" poetry.
  • Aha! Poetry
    Consists of a resource for writers and readers of poetry, emphasizing Asian and orientalizing forms such as cinquain , ghazal , haiku , renga , sijo , and tanka.!POETRY
  • Allspirit Poetry Index
    Spiritual poetry from masters such as Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore, Rainer Maria Rilke, Christina Rossetti, Kahlil Gibran, Anna Akhmatova.
  • Archflambeoth "Dreamworld" created by Sparrow Hawk offering prose, poetry, and stories. Includes categorized links and a guide to webrings.
  • Bad Poetry An introduction to bad poetry, though not necessarily by bad poets, with texts of various exemplary poems. As selected and annotated by Professor Seamus Cooney.

53. American Poetry
Includes a short biography of the poet, and links to some of their specific poetS http// uofc.
Brigidine College Library
Assignment Pathfinder Year 11 English American Poetry USEFUL WEB LINKS GENERAL AMERICAN POETRY SITES: Encarta – American Literature: Poetry Looks at the chronology, themes and various movements of American poets in the 20 th century. Has links to Langston Hughes, William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Robinson Jeffers, e.e. cummings, Robert Penn Warren and Allan Ginsberg. Modern American Poetry (University of Illinois) Contains excellent biographies of 161 major American poets, as well as an biography of ee cummings and article on ‘Buffalo Bill’s’; T.S. Eliot’s biography as well as article on ‘The Hollow Men’; Ezra Pound’s biography and analysis of ‘A Pact’; Langston Hughes’ biography; Robert Penn Warren’s biography; Robin Jeffers’ biography and analysis of ‘Shine, Perishing Republic’; Ginsberg’s biography and several articles on ‘Howl’; and Williams’ biography. American Includes a short biography of the poet, and links to some of their complete poems. Poets featured are: ee cummings, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and William Carlos Williams. – The Academy of American Poets

54. Websites
relating to the topic, and resources on standards in specific area (such poet biographiesinclude Emily Dickinson, ee cummings, TS Eliot, Eugene Field, Robert
Educational Internet Sites
There are so many thousand of pages on the web... who wants to search them all to find educationally relevant information?
Below is a snapshot of a few great web sites for educational purposes (specifically English Language Arts). Each site has my own personal annotation, and may be either more or less helpful to you as it is to me. When deciding which web sites to include, I considered the many needs of the teacher and the student. Poetry, grammar, literature, drama, classroom management, and internet safety are among the topics I chose to include. The third site listed began to be taken down after I posted this page. But depending on how quickly the destruction process, you may be able to find some helpful information. I have used the site for years now and have certainly benefited from the wealth of information included. All the other sites are working, as of April 2003. I hope you benefit form the different sites and please email me if you come across another great educational internet site that I should include.
Email Me

Click Here to read a literature review about when it is appropriate to use computers and the internet in the classroom..

55. Jane Kenyon-A Literary Life Review
5) The task of the poet is to extend beyond the Here we see the specific poetic principles themost intriguing features of this critical biography is Timmerman
Jane Kenyon: A Literary Life John H. Timmerman
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
2002, 257 pages Reviewed by Pamela Johnson Critical biographies are sometimes more about the literary theories of the author of the biography than they are about the subject of the biography. Not so here. John Timmerman’s writing is both invocation (a formula for conjuring) and evocation (imaginative re-creation) and I found myself drawn deeply into the life, craft, and presence of Jane Kenyon through his work in Jane Kenyon: A Literary Life . It is Jane Kenyon that I see more clearly. It is the fierce work of poetry that I see more clearly. It is the truth and shadow of my own life that I see more clearly as a result of Timmerman’s careful and care-filled exploration. Timmerman is interested in Jane Kenyon’s spiritual journey and he uses her own words to trace that path through “Woman, Why Are You Weeping?” where belief is honed on the edge of doubt and anguish to the quiet assurance of “Let Evening Come.” He shares a story about a spiritual awakening in Jane’s early adulthood that she says changed her whole way of being in the world. She “relaxed into existence,” she once told Bill Moyers, after a particularly strong vision in which she took her place in a buoyant, shimmering, undulating stream of light. She relaxed into existence and the intertwined, simultaneous nature of beauty and suffering became powerful themes made visible by the intense, sparse, precise, luminous particularity of her poetry. “Jane’s spirituality,” says Timmerman,” was never a means for escaping existence. Rather, it enabled her to embrace reality with all its gritty beauty and intrusive suffering.”

56. English 1213 Poetry
Look for a subheading biography. For a collection of poems by a poet, do an author Ifthere are no collections by a specific poet, use Columbia Granger s Index
Sarah Brick Archer

Assistant Professor of
Library Services
Ofc.: Rm# 308B, ext.: #3267
userid: archersa
Why should I do research?
Research can lead to information; information can lead to knowledge, and knowledge is powerful. All of the informational resources available originated from someone being curious about something, exploring it, and sharing the findings.
How is the NSU Library organized?
Library of Congress

How can I find Biographical/Critical Information about my Poet?
There are several reference books available that provide a brief biographical overview to a poet. Examples of sources are listed below.
American Authors, 1600-1900: A Biographical Dictionary Ref. PS 21.K8
British Authors Before 1800 Ref. PR 105.K9
British Authors of the Nineteenth Century Ref. PR 451.K8 1936 *Dictionary of Literary Biography Ref. PN 451.D32 MagillOnLiterature Twentieth Century Authors Ref. PN 771.K86 Additional reference books that contain biographies are available by using the Biography and Genealogy Master Index (Ready Ref. CT 214.B57). Full-length biographies on poets can be found by using the

57. Internet Public Library: Authors
Sites here are about the work or lives of specific authors or Site includes membershipinformation, a calendar of events, biographies of poets, a find a
dqmcodebase = "/javascript/"
Subject Collections



... Authors This collection All of the IPL Advanced Sites here are about the work or lives of specific authors or sites that discuss groups of authors. For sites about authors in a time period, use the Literature by Time Period section.
Resources in this category:
You can also view Magazines Associations on the Net under this heading.
The Academy of American Poets
"The Academy of American Poets was founded in 1934 to support American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry. The largest organization in the country dedicated specifically to the art of poetry, the Academy sponsors programs nationally. These include National Poetry Month; the most important collection of awards for poetry in the United States; a national series of public readings and residencies; and other programs that provide essential support to American poets, poetry publishers, and readers of poetry." Site includes membership information, a calendar of events, biographies of poets, a "find a poem" search engine, and online poetry exhibitions.
Australian Authors Index

58. Poetry Report -Hamburger
Encyclopedia of World Biography (R 920.03E) is an eighteen gives you a succinct biographicalprofile of your poet. consult for an overview of your specific poem
There are several print resources in the library you can consult when beginning your research. To find biographical and critical information about your author, try the following sources: Reference Books: Poetry for Students (R 809.1 P) is a five volume series that profiles many different poets, specific poems, themes, style, criticism and basic facts about the poet's life. Use the index in volume 5 to find out if your author is listed in this series. Poets: American and British (R 821.009) is a three volume set that contains lengthy biocritical entries on many poets. You may have to skim through these entries. Encyclopedia of World Biography (R 920.03E) is an eighteen volume set that gives you a succinct biographical profile of your poet. Masterplot Poetry Series is another set of books you might want to consult for an overview of your specific poem. Online Databases: Galenet : Literature Resource Center - this database is will provide you with everything you need to know from biographical information on your poet, critical essays on certain poems and links to web sites. Search under author. Galenet : Student Resource Center-Bronze - this is a fully integrated database which contains primary documents, biographies, topical essays, background information, critical analyses, full-text coverage of

59. Pogo's Web Watch: #25, Cornucopia Of Poetry And Lit Sites, By Pogo
ability to link the separate stanzas together using a specific form The Internet PoetArchives is another starter site for poets biographies and sample writings
For Business and Technical Writers FREE subscription enter your e-mail address and click Subscribe: I will never sell or give away your address.
Pogo's Web Watch
#25: A Cornucopia of Poetry and Literature
by Pogo
Aha Poetry!

Jane Reichhold and Werner Reichhold
Got a tiger in your tanka? Know about symbiotic poetry? Aha Poetry! is the place to learn about the new developments of verse. Aha Poetry began back in 1985 with Tundra Wind (Jum Wilson) who began Lynx as an APA renga. Renga is a Japanese form of collaborative poetry that originated when Bashi and Sorci occupied themselves by writing in dialogue during a long journey. The form is rather complicated and develops through the participants' ability to link the separate stanzas together using a specific form. The form transferred across the Pacific in the 80's and was adapted for English language. Lynx first appeared in the PNW as a small folio from Tundra, but its appearance caused a reaction from other groups exploring oriental forms. Two other groups joined Tundra and Jean Reichhold transformed the paper version onto electronic medium which then was new technology. This expanded the entire concept of symbiotic poetry because people could be in different parts of the world but simultaneously communicate and write together. The enlarged group was associated with Exquisite Corpse. What started small grew big. Different forms were added to the original folio so that Lynx included tanka, ghazal, renga, haiku, cinquain and sijo. The site contains essays on the historic origins of the forms as well as critical analysis of how they are written. There are links to other sites involved with oriental verse forms, poet profiles and book reviews to which you can contribute. The site is interactive, so if you're interested in these forms or their history, then jump in and swim!

60. LBCC Resources For African American Poets
your assignment are Literature Research Center, Biography Resource Center simply enterthe name of the poet you are to focus your search on a specific piece of
20th Century African American Poets: Selected Resources
This handout is compiled by Monica White and is related to an assignment in Margaret Shannon's English 2 course. It is designed to help you begin your research at the LAC Library and on the World Wide Web. If you need further assistance, please consult a librarian at the Reference Desk during library hours.
Contents: Find Reference Books Find Books to Check Out Find Articles Find Web Sites ... Cite Your Sources
The following reference books, shelved in the Reference Room, are critical works on the genre of poetry. Some of the works cited below have similar titles for other literary genres, including the novel, drama, and short story.
Critical Survey of Poetry, English Language Series . 8 vols. Ref PR 502 .C85 1992
The Explicator . 58 vols. Ref PR 1 .E9 Explicates English-language poems.
Masterplots II, Poetry Series . 9 vols. Ref PN 1110.6 .M37 1998 Contains explanations and analyses of meaning, forms, and devices of commonly studied poems in English. Arrangement is alphabetical by title of text.
Poetry Criticism . 35 vols. Ref PN 1010 .P62

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