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         Poet Biographies Specific:     more books (47)
  1. Track Conditions by Michael Klein, 1998-04-28
  2. The American Byron: Homosexuality and the Fall of Fitz-Greene Halleck by John W. M. Hallock, 2000-04
  3. Light While There Is Light: An American History (Sun and Moon Classics) by Keith Waldrop, 1993-05
  4. World Within World: The Autobiography of Stephen Spender (Modern Library) by Stephen Spender, 2001-01-02
  5. Listen & Enjoy Spanish Poetry (Cassette Edition) (Listen & Enjoy Cassettes Series) by Dover, 1991-08-05
  6. Familiar Spirits: A Memoir of James Merrill and David Jackson by Alison Lurie, 2001-02-19
  7. Wallace Stevens and Modern Art: From the Armory Show to Abstract Expressionism by Glen MacLeod, 1993-04-28
  8. Firebird: A Memoir by Mark Doty, 2000-10-01
  9. Rare and Commonplace Flowers: The Story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota De Macedo Soares by Carmen L. Oliveira, 2003-09
  10. So Doth, So Is Religion: John Donne and Diplomatic Contexts in the Reformed Netherlands, 1619-1920 by Paul R. Sellin, 1988-08
  11. Favorite Sons: The Politics and Poetics of the Sidney Family by Elizabeth Mazzola, 2003-10-01
  12. Arthur Rimbaud (Outlines) by Benjamin Ivry, 1998-10
  13. A Fire Is Burning It Is in Me: The Life and Writings of Michiyo Fukaya
  14. Walt Whitman: A Gay Life by Gary Schmidgall, 1997-09-01

21. Put The Title Of The Lesson Here
your interpretation of the poem, citing specific examples. four poems and more thanone poet that is Completes biographies, finds wellknown and lesser-known Quest.htm
Why S hould We Study Poetry? A WebQu est for 11th Grade English Designed by Jennifer Nelken Introduction Task Process ... Teacher Page "Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful."-Rita Dove
Many people in current society do not read poetry or write it. Books on poetry do not typically end up on best seller lists, are seldom talked about on television programs, or made into feature films. Why should poetry currently be studied in school? Is it even needed? You decide.
Your job is to research three poets and determine why or they should be studied in high school. After stating your opinion, find a poet that you like or find somewhat interesting. After careful evaluation, you will determine if there is any poet or poem in existence that should or should not be studied and in a letter, persuade your high school principal to agree with your decision. You must defend your answer with clear examples and reasons of why or why not poetry should remain in education
1. First you will research each poet and compile a brief biography on each (at least half a page). Use the links provided for your research.

22. English
Includes sites devoted to specific authors or works, drama, poetry, Canadian literature Finda poet Alphabetical listing with biographies, photos, poems
Authors Creative Writing Folklore ... Unexplained Mysteries Authors
The Children's Literature Web Guide. Includes young adult authors' personal websites and sites maintained by fans, scholars, and readers. Authors on the Web : A Collection of Biographical Sketches
The biographies vary in quality, timeliness, length, and authority. Authors on the Web for Secondary Students
Lexington Public Schools Libraries. Includes web pages posted by the authors, educational institutions, publishers, or private organizations. CANSCAIP
Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators, and Performers. Includes some short biographies. The Writers' Union of Canada : TWUC Membership Pages
Biographies and pictures of TWUC members. Yahoo!: Authors
Directory for authors: horror, mystery, romance, young adult, and others. Creative Writing The Claremont Review
A highly regarded local site for the publication of student writing. Writers in Electronic Residence
Although the primary activity is linking writers with students in online writing conferences on a subscription basis, there are some useful free links to writer biographies and selections of student writings (Wier taps). Folklore/Mythology Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Extensive list of online texts.

23. Literature: Poetry
A personal website devoted to poetry, these pages include several sections devotedto specific poets, a large Searchable index of poems and poet biographies.
Literature: Poetry
Home Arts Literature : Poetry Contemporary Criticism and Theory Directories Electronic Text Archives ... Reviews google_ad_client = "pub-3272565765518472";google_alternate_color = "FFFFFF";google_ad_width = 336;google_ad_height = 280;google_ad_format = "336x280_as";google_ad_channel ="7485447737";google_color_border = "FFFFFF";google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";google_color_link = "0000FF";google_color_url = "008000";google_color_text = "000000"; Standard Listings
A Poetry-Lover's Guide to the World Wide Web
Personal collection of links to online texts and resources of traditional and "imagist" poetry.
Aha! Poetry
Consists of a resource for writers and readers of poetry, emphasizing Asian and orientalizing forms such as cinquain, ghazal, haiku, renga, sijo and tanka.
Allspirit Poetry Index
Spiritual poetry from masters such as Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore, Rainer Maria Rilke, Christina Rossetti, Kahlil Gibran, Anna Akhmatova.
"Dreamworld" created by Sparrow Hawk offering prose, poetry, and stories. Includes categorized links and a guide to webrings.
Bad Poetry
An introduction to bad poetry, though not necessarily by bad poets, with texts of various exemplary poems. As selected and annotated by Professor Seamus Cooney.

24. Hillsborough High School Library Media Center
This site searches encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, books of quotations andsome subjectspecific titles to Find a poet - biographies, photos, and
Hillsborough High School
Library Media Center English Writing Literary Criticism General Literary Sources Other English Topics Writing A+ Research and Writing for High School and College Students
Elements of Style
- Classic book of William Strunk for information on grammar, usage, spelling and composition. Commonly misused and misspelled words.
Grammar Slammer
- Great tool from the University of Maine to help you with all of your grammar questions.
Big6 Information Problem-Solving Approach
- Research process provides guide for writing research papers. Efficient techniques for finding and using information.
MLA on the Web

Online Resources for writers
- University of Maine's complete guide for writers.
- Online Writing Lab from Purdue University. Handouts and explanations to help with all aspects of writing and research. (Grammar, spelling and punctuation ) (Writing the paper) (Writing across the curriculum)
- This site searches encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, books of quotations and some subject-specific titles to help you fully define keywords when starting research.
For more resources, see Dictionaries and Homework on the Reference Site

25. Information Resources For English And Literature
Search by subject, authors, title, or within a specific journal Also has poet biographies,references, commentaries, a glossary of terms, and links to reviewed
@import "../styles/size.css";
Off-Campus Access

- Full text available
- Open access In search results, click Find It for links to full text or other information. Other Subjects UNR Department of English The Writing Center Intensive English Language Center ... Nevada Writers Hall of Fame Please direct questions to Betty Glass Ask a

Updated 25 May 2004
Information Resources for English, Literature, and Linguistics
The Best Resources for Finding Articles

26. Term Papers And More Model Term Papers Relating To Biographies
The writer is particularly concerned with specific activities in which Anthony Downfall of Robert Lowell A 5 page biography of the poet Robert Lowell

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Back to Main
This section contains biographies of some of the most notable people from all walks of life selected from the rest of the catalog! This Is By No Means A Complete Listing!..
If you have a specific biography in mind, please also go to the subject category most closely associated with that person's life or accomplishments !
A 6 page discussion of Al Capone’s life and times specifically demonstrating how his character was indicative of the "roaring twenties. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Alcapone.wps Pushkin.doc Alexander Solzhenitsyn A 10 page research paper on the life of Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian author. The writer details his life story up until 1995. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Solzhheni.wps The Humor Of Erma Bombeck Ermab.wps Ansel Adams 6 pages exploring the life and analyzing the works of early twentieth century photographer Ansel Adams. Bibliography contains five sources. Anseladm.wps

27. Full-text And Other Electronic Resources
more than 80 GLBTspecific core periodicals important new features—commentaries,biographies, bibliographies, notes Looking up a poet s biography; Making poems
Go to: Library homepage CUNY+ Online catalog Other libraries and their catalogs Online resources incl. periodicals Go directly to licensed resources by title Electronic journals Trials Subject guides Directory of services Instructional Support and Online tutorials Workshops Virtual Library Guide About the library What's new Exhibitions Hours and calendar Library Notes For faculty Proxy access for faculty Library faculty directory Subject specialists Sitemap Full-text and other electronic resources
New in the library

Electronic resources from A to Z

Interdatabase linking

Full text, abstract, citation: an explanation of the differences
Looking for a specific periodical online?

NEW! Search/browse for a periodical by title or subject (Serials Solutions) For assistance in using these resources, please consult our reference and electronic services librarians. The resources listed below are electronic versions of library materials such as books, journals, magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias. For guidance on finding information by City Tech academic discipline, please see our Subject Guides to library and Internet resources. For a

28. Poetry : Anthologies
Fully indexed and searchable, with illustrations and poet biographies. along withphotos, biographic notes and extensive links to other poetspecific sites.
FIND POETRY MENU Main Index Page Poetry Messageboard Add Your Web Site Cool Poetry Sites ... Contact Us FIND POETRY FAQ What's This Site About? Can I Add My Site? Can I Amend My Entry? Do I Need to Link Back? ... Restrictions Of Entry TOP SITES Holiday Rentals Software Downloads
Add Your Poetry Page ...
More Search Options
Find Poetry The Main Site Database Of Quality Poetry Pages
Poetry Category: Top : Anthologies
    - A Collection of Best Loved Poems
    ( Site Hits: 14405 Current Rating For Site: 8.68 Your Votes : 993 ) Like It? Rate It!
  • A Poet's Forum
    - A free place to post your poetry, or read the poems and verse of others. With styles from Sonnets to Haiku, and authors from 5 to 102, these 500+ poems by 60+ authors are one of the most complete, ameature resources available.
    ( Site Hits: 11132 Current Rating For Site: 8.36 Your Votes : 179 )

Collections of poetry by the poet; Literary Criticism about a poet’s works;biographies of the poet. Search by keyword using specific period or country (ex
Library Home RESEARCH GUIDE: POETRY WHAT IS POETRY? "Literary work in metrical form or patterned language" Shaw, Harry, Dictionary of Literary Terms (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1972) 292. "...any kind of metrical composition." Cuddon, J.A., A Dictionary of Literary Terms (Oxford: Blackwell Reference, 1991) 726. "...the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, designed to produce pleasure through beautiful, elevated, imaginative or profound thoughts." Shaw, Harry, Dictionary of Literary Terms (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1972) 292. HOW TO FIND POETRY Library Catalog Search by subject or keyword Frost, Robert ) to locate:
  • Collections of poetry by the poet Literary Criticism Biographies of the poet
Search by keyword using specific period or country (ex: Nineteenth Century Poetry or American Poetry ) to locate:
  • Books of poetry about a particular time period Books of poetry from various countries
Anthologies - Search Table of Contents or Index by Title Poet , or First Line REF PR1175.F4

30. SCC-LRC/Library: Research Guide For Poetry
books of poetry written by a specific person. poets Academy of American poets biographies(Gale) Classical poets C. poets ( Find a poet (Academy of
Poetry Contact Us Hours LRC Home Online Catalog ... Site Map To start your research, SCC LRC/Library Information Specialists suggest: Locate a Copy of a Poem
LINCC Online Catalog: Author Search
LINCC Online Catalog: Subject Headings
LINCC Online Catalog: Titles of Indexes to Poems
Electronic Collections

Interlibrary Loan

Another library

Internet Links African American
American Literature

British Literature

... Poets Poets: Black Poets: Hispanic Poets: Native American Locate Criticism of a Poem LINCC Online Catalog: Research Strategy LINCC Online Catalog: Subject Headings LINCC Online Catalog: Titles of Collections/Indexes Gale Literature Resource Center Gale Literary Index Gale Sets Owned by SCC LRC/Library Biographical Information LINCC Online Catalog: Subject Headings Internet Links: Poets Research Guide: Biography Authors Literary Research Tutorial To complete your research, you can use the

31. Homework Links Books Literature
ie, mystery, humor, fantasy, etc.) and/or in a specific language. Online poetry Classroom Use the Find a poet feature to find biographies, photos, and

32. Poetry Biography - Junior High
subject area for subject headings specific to your Biography Resource Center Enteryour poet s name in Columbia Granger s World of poetry biographies of 500

33. Cool Links On Literature - ÅíäéáöÝñïíôåò
guides or other cumulative documents that deal with specific writers poet s Corner; Essays on poetry, biographies of more than 450 poets, text of

34. Romanticism On The Net 13 (February 1999)
Most biographies resemble portraits in this respect they focus amidst the stormsof Helvellyn (the poet, that is for what was originally quite specific, and he
Issue's Table of Contents Graver, Bruce E. "Kenneth R. Johnston, The Hidden Wordsworth: Poet, Lover, Rebel, Spy ." Romanticism On the Net
Kenneth R. Johnston, The Hidden Wordsworth: Poet, Lover, Rebel, Spy.
Bruce E. Graver
The analogy between biography and portraiture is such a commonplace that we scarcely notice its metaphoric complications. "A wholly new portrait," proclaims Stephen Parrish of The Hidden Wordsworth , "fleshed out, humanized, and very compelling." "Looking at Wordsworth's earliest portraits," begins Kenneth Johnston's first sentence; his biography, he tells us, "is a portrait in words that attempts to restore the fire to Wordsworth's eyes." From its dust jacket, title page, and half-titles the heavy-lidded Wordsworth of the Edridge portrait looks out at us; even a likely spurious portrait, possibly resembling the one William Hazlitt may have destroyed, is carefully considered, speculated about, and set aside.
Johnston's work, however, is far different from the portraiture we usually find in literary biographies. Most biographies resemble portraits in this respect: they focus on their subjects exclusively, reducing to shadows friends, relatives, and influential contemporaries, and barely sketching in the social milieu which they inhabited.

35. Poetry Society Skoolkit - Poets
and Booktrust hold a database of contemporary writers complete with biographies,publisher and Ask the poet if they have any specific requirements for
poetry society home education home skoolkit home poetry society education
Teachers' Toolkit
Poets in School
What better way to bring poetry to life in the classroom than having a live poet? Whilst we believe that poetry is served best by being a consistent part of a classroom diet, having a poet in the class can greatly raise enthusiasm and awareness of poetry, and celebrate the school's own achievements in the art; this can lead into a beneficial spiral of excitement feeding into achievement, and vice versa. Their visits can slot neatly into a school day, whether as part of the lessons or assemblies.
Poetry itself can reach across the spectrum of pupil needs; its tolerance toward forms of expression can allow those struggling with literacy to shine, while formal complexity can offer outlets to the gifted and talented
Where do I find a poet?
If you would rather find your own poet, you should be able to contact your favourite poets through their publisher or agent. The Poetry Society can forward post to any poet on our books (although, of course, can't guarantee they will get back to you). You can also find details of writers who work in education at NAWE, which has an online database of writers (see

36. San Antonio Public Library:  Poetry:  Individual Poets
for linking from other files to specific parts of for the study of this poet and novelist 15541628)English - Picture, several short biographies, excerpts from
Full Text Databases

Poetic Forms

Online Poetry Magazines
Children's Poetry Sites
INDIVIDUAL POET SITES An alphabetical listing of links to individual poet web sites. Includes a variety of information about the poets and their works, as well as poems. For some of the individuals there is more than one link. A B C D ... Akhmatova, Anna (1889-1966) Russian - Biography, bibliography. Akhmatova, Anna (1889-1966) Russian - Very brief biography, picture, text of selected poems. Alighieri, Dante (1265-1321) Italian - Digital Dante Project is a long-term effort of the Institute for Learning Technologies at Columbia University. Includes a brief biography, bibliography, and maps. The In the Classroom section includes a research guide and a syllabus, project ideas, and sample quiz for the Inferno. The Library includes his works and classics of other authors. Searchable by concept or keywords, the three cantiche of the Comedy includes the Mandlebaum and Longfellow translations. Angelou, Maya (1928- ) African American - Picture, biography, selected poems, commentary about her works. Angelou, Maya (1928- ) African American

37. Biographies And Reviews On Clark Ashton Smith - The Eldritch Dark
Principal Facts of Biography by Donald SidneyFryer. cast back through memory to locatethe specific stories that overlapping vocations, working as a poet, as a

38. Ambrose The Poet - Encyclopedia Article About Ambrose The Poet. Free Access, No
List of Welsh language poets. .. Fuller writer of verse and several biographies,including those areas of Israel which hold specific, significant religious the poet
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Ambrose the poet
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Ambrose (fl. Centuries: 11th century - 12th century - 13th century Decades: 1140s 1150s 1160s 1170s 1180s - Years: 1185 1186 1187 1188 1189 - Events
  • March 16 - Crusaders start to massacre the Jews of York, England.
  • October 4 - Richard I of England threatens war against Tancred of Sicily, and captures Messina

Click the link for more information. Norman (This is an article about the Norman people. There is also a place named Norman in the State of Oklahoma in the United States; see Norman, Oklahoma.) The Normans (lit. "Northmen") were Scandinavian invaders (especially Danish Vikings) who began to occupy the northern area of France now known as Normandy in the latter half of the 9th century. Under the leadership of Hrolf Ganger, who adopted the French name Rollo, they swore allegiance to the king of France (Charles the Simple) and received the small and lower Seine area from him in 911 which they later expanded to an expanded Duchy of Normandy.
Click the link for more information.

39. Bishop Kelly High School - Boise, Idaho
roles of detectives tracking down specific information about works by poets withportraits, biographies, links to and paper, anthologies, haiku poet web sites
Academics Library English Authurian Links
Literary Criticism on the Web

Mything Links

N.Y. Times

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens Gad's Hill Place

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page

Discovering Dickens!

English Quizzes Dorian Gray Quiz Lord of the Flies Quiz Franz Kafka Franz Kafka Kafka Biography The Kafka Project Poetry American Verse Project Bartelby Haiku Links Shakespeare Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet Romeo and Juliet Quiz Shakespeare and the Globe The Shakespeare Resource Center Bishop Kelly High School's Mission as a Catholic, Christian educational community is to develop the the heart to seek Christian values (temporal and eternal), and the body to express those values through action. 7009 Franklin Road, Boise, ID, 83709. Interim Principal: Mr. Doug Standlee

40. :: Ez2Find :: Specific Titles
Shopping Publications Books biographies specific Titles (63 Open New WindowGeorge Johnson s biography of the Leo Daugherty s interview with the poet.
Guide : Specific Titles Global Metasearch
Any Language English Afrikaans Arabic Bahasa Melayu Belarusian Bulgarian Catala Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Cymraeg Czech Dansk Deutsch Eesti Espanol Euskara Faroese Francais Frysk Galego Greek Hebrew Hrvatski Indonesia Islenska Italiano Japanese Korean Latvian Lietuviu Lingua Latina Magyar Netherlands Norsk Polska Portugues Romana Russian Shqip Slovensko Slovensky Srpski Suomi Svenska Thai Turkce Ukrainian Vietnamese Mode
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Guides Specific Titles
ez2Find Home Directory Shopping Publications ... Biographies : Specific Titles Used and Rare Related Categories Arts: Literature: Biography Reference: Biography
Web Sites

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