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         Poet Biographies General:     more books (100)
  1. Patrick Kavanagh: Man and Poet (Man/Woman and Poet Series)
  2. The Last Romantic: A Poet Among Publishers : The Oral Autobiography of John Hall Wheelock by John Hall Wheelock, 2002-11
  3. The Poet and Dream Girl: The Love Letters of Lilian Steichen and Carl Sandburg
  4. Soldier, Poet, Rebel: The Extraordinary Life of Charles Hudson VC by Miles Hudson, 2008-02-15
  5. Eighteenth Century British Poets, 1st Series (Dictionary of Literary Biography)
  6. Seventeenth-Century British Nondramatic Poets (Dictionary of Literary Biography)
  7. Nineteenth Century French Poets (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by Richard Layman, C. E. Frazer Clark, 1999-12
  8. American Nature Poets (Dictionary of Literary Biography)
  9. British Poets, 1914-1945 (Dictionary of Literary Biography)
  10. A Man Divided: Michael Garfield Smith, Jamaican Poet And Anthropologist 1921-1993 (Press Uwi Biography Series,) by Douglass Hall, Douglas Hall, 1997-04
  11. Victorian Poets Before 1850 (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by William E. Fredeman, Ira Bruce Nadel, 1984-10
  12. American Poets, 1880-1945: First Series (Dictionary of Literary Biography)
  13. American Writers for Children Since 1960: Poets, Illustrators, and Non Fiction Authors (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by Glenn E. Estes, 1987-08
  14. Phillis Wheatley: Colonial American Poet (Fact Finders Biographies: Great African Americans) by Laura Purdie Salas, 2006-01

61. Elementary Online Databases By Subject
links. general Reference. Discoverer SIRS. Animals explanations. Includespoet biographies photos. Medicine Science. Discoverer SIRS. Animals Documents/elementary_on
Elementary Databases by Subject
Good detectives look in the best places for their facts. Look for information in the encyclopedias and in the books you locate in the library catalog. Use the resources on this page to find any additional online information that you need. Most good detectives need to look for information in more than one place. Don’t forget to write down your information sources as you use them.
Discoverer SIRS
Animals, arts, countries, notable people, biographies Junior Reference Center Contains databases of biographies , authors, nations, U.S. states, world cultures, science, collegiate dictionary, biographical dictionary , and geographical dictionary. Roth's Story Finder Thousands of full-text short stories plus explanations,
Biographies World's Best Poetry Over 85,000 full-text poems and poem explanations. Includes
Current Issues
Opposing Viewpoints Viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, links to websites, and full-text magazine and newspaper articles Topic Search
Discoverer SIRS
Encyclopedia of Animals
Animal encyclopedia Indexes over 25,000 records, covering an array of topics

62. American And English Literature Internet Resources
and organizations such as the Academy of American Poets and the MLA. American Literature general Resources Features biographies and commentaries on American
American and English Literature Internet Resources Contents

63. Poetry - College Library Undergraduate Research Guide
daily) Indexes over 2,000 generalinterest and bibliographies, and current articlesof American poets. which include lengthy biographies, bibliographies, web
Undergraduate Research Guide: Poetry
Finding Books

Internet Sites

Return to Research Guide List
This subject guide will introduce sources of information about poetry terms, techniques and topics; analysis and interpretations; literary markets; and poet biographies.
The Longman Dictionary of Poetic Terms
College Library Reference Collection: PN 1042 M94 The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
College Library Reference Collection: PN 1021 N37 The Oxford Companion to 20th-Century Poetry in English
College Library Reference Collection: PR 601 O9 The Poetry Handbook: A Guide to Reading Poetry
College Library Reference Collection: PR 502 L38 Literary Market Place
College Library Reference Collection: PN161 L54
College Library Reference Collection: PS303 A44 Contemporary Poets College Library Reference Collection: PR603 C6 Critical Survey of Poetry: English Language Series College Library Reference Collection: PR 502 C85 Critical Survey of Poetry: Foreign Lang. Series

64. Individual Lives
James Beauregard, general Pierre Beauregard, general Pierre á Blake, William Theartist and poet is highlighted in A very good biography plus analysis and an

The Holocaust

The Civil War
Latin Americans, Hispanics, Latinos
Individual Lives
Babbage, Charles
From the U. of Exeter comes this very complete picture of the life and work of Babbage, including several biographical essays covering his life and his family, plus detailed descriptions of his inventions.
Babbage, Charles
Very lively account of the life of Babbage, the man often referred to as the Father of Computing.
Bach, Johann Christian
Lots of biographical information on the son of Johann Sebastian Bach, although the organization is confusing. Search carefully to find material on Johann Christian and on the Bach family.
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Well annotated and maintained list of links to biographical resources.
Bach, Johann Sebastian
The J. S. Bach Home Page including a hypertext biography that is organized around the places in which Bach lived and worked.
Bacon, Sir Francis

65. Biography Collections: General Collections
general Collections. Arranged by theologians, philosophers, poets, composers, andartists Brady s National Portrait Gallery MEL biographies Excellent list of
General Collections Newsmakers Subindex
'These brief sketches introduce the central figures of today's world-their origins and how they reached their level of influence, as well as their accomplishments, their controversies, even their downfalls.' Mini-biographies, images, quotes.
Academy of Achievement
A well-designed and content-rich celebration of modern achievers in a variety of fields. Biographies, interviews, profiles, links and other information are set in a site that is a pleasure to view.
American Dreams
An interesting site, recreating a print edition, that hopes to share the message: "The American Dream Is Alive And Well to Those Who Choose To Chase After It." Included are several good biographies of past and present American Dreamers from Benjamin Franklin to Jim Bickford, the creator of the American Dreams project.
The American Heritage 40
A tribute to the forty wealthiest Americans of all time, with short biographical entries and images.

66. LookSmart - Directory - General Poetry Guides And Collections
Womenpoets Guide to women s poetry includes biographies and poems of 30 women poetsfrom around Zeal community and help build the general Poetry Guides

67. Poets -
Census Demographics Population. general biographies Photo Galleries Artists AthletesAuthors Celebrities Leaders Musicians Newsmakers Poets Scientists Women.

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of 200 poets. Poet's Corner
Biographies and works
of selected poets. Features more than 1.7 million poets. AALBC: Poets African American poets and their work. Neurotic Poets Poe, Shelley, Byron and more. Did we forget your favorite? Suggest a site. Related: Authors Musicians Find more useful resources in popular areas of the StartSpot Network Today's Headlines Bestselling Books Online Museums ... Contact Us

68. General
Biography/Who s who http// at the disposal of thegeneral public using The poet Callimachus solved the problem by compiling a
Please note that this search will only pick up words used in the titles of the resources, or in my annotations! ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS ARTS AND HUMANITIES BIOLOGY AND AGRICULTURE ENCYCLOPAEDIAS ... TEHUTI HOME PAGE
GENERAL 1000 Dictionaries Online Links to 2500 online dictionaries, glossaries and thesauri for various subject categories. The site looks rather messy, but is very useful. Academic Info Gateway to a large number of web sites in many academic subjects. All Academic Ask a Librarian Reference service provided by EARL, the UK Consortium for Public Library Networking. Queries on any subject may be submitted and are routed to one of the participating reference libraries. Answers are e-mailed to the enquirer within two working days. A number of sample questions and answers can be viewed on the site. Although the service is aimed primarily at UK residents, current policy is not to turn away requests from outside the UK. Bartleby site

69. Frigatezine- Poets' And Translators' Biographies
She is also served as general Consul at the Romanian Consulate in César Vallejois one of Peru s most famous and challenging poets. Translators biographies.
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Recurrence in Another Tongue: An Anthology of Translations
Click here for Translators' Comments
Poets' and Translators' Biographies
Poets' Biographies Joachim du Bellay La Defence et illustration de la langue francoyse , which urges the use of French as the literary language. His poetic works are broadly imitative of Latin and Italian works. He served in Rome as secretary to his cousin, Cardinal Du Bellay. contain some of his finest poems and convey his nostalgia for his native land. The were translated by Edmund Spenser. Sigitas Geda is Lithuania's best known poet in Europe and a prolific translator, with thirty books of poems to his credit as well as essays and children's books. His poems travel through folk tales, religion, urban and rural landscapes, history, and the mysterious dimensions of the Baltic world. His innovations have influenced whole generations of Lithuanian poets. A volume of his selected poems, Biopsy of Winter , will appear in Summer, 2002. Jan Kochanowski was born in Poland in 1530 and died in 1584. He spent much of his time in the court and spent several years in Padua, Italy. He is credited with introducing many of the ideas of the Italian Renaissance into Polish literature. His most famous works are his play

70. General
$15.96 Customer Review This is the second edition of Solomon s biography of Beethoven CustomerReview DaPonte was a bonvivant; a scholar, a poet, a gentleman
more search options
Home Music > General Related Sections Music Index

Chamber Music

Composers A-Z
Classical: Instrumental

Musical Instruments

Music Magazines

Music Posters

Music Calendars
Opera Music Books Ballet Classical Opera View shopping cart ... Shostakovich and Stalin: The Extraordinary Relationship Between the Great Composer and the Brutal Dictator from Alfred A. Knopf Price: Customer Review: The book seems somewhat padded with "backstory" and questionable Darwinianism, e.g., Shostakovich v. Stalin as ineluctable successor to Pushkin v. Tsar Nicholas I. Or it may be that the publishers simply opted for too narrow a title, creating an expectation of a closely focused account restricted as... more info Customer Rating: Click here for more information Buy from: United Kingdom Kurt Weill: A Life in Pictures and Documents from Overlook Press Price: Click here for more information Buy from: United Kingdom Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life: Selected Letters Price: Customer Review: What a fine accomplishment! According to the introduction, this book contains about 2/3 of Mozart's surviving correspondence. It has letters from and to Mozart and the translations are very lively and bring the personality of the composer to life. In older translations it seems that care was taken... more info Customer Rating: Click here for more information Buy from: United Kingdom Schubert from Oxford University Press Price: Click here for more information Buy from: United Kingdom Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician Price:

71. Biographies
biographies. Charbakhsh 1891 Tbilisi 1925), one of the most important Assyrian poetsof the in 1917 he was promoted to the rank of Director general of Finance
Defixiones, Will and Testament
Siamanto (1878-1915), one of the most important Armenian poets of the twentieth century was among the Armenian intellectuals executed by the Turkish government at the onset of the genocide during the first decade of the century. Available for the first time in English translation, his BLOODY NEWS FROM MY FRIEND depicts the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Turkish government against its Armenian population. The cycle of twelve poems bears the imprint of genocide in a language that is raw and blunt; it often eschews metaphor and symbol for more stark representation. Siamanto confronts pain, destruction, sadism, and torture as few modern poets have. Adonis (the pen-name of Ali Ahmad Said) was born in Syria in 1930. Syrian poet and literary critic. Born in Qassabin, Adonis studied philosophy at Damascus University and St Joseph's University in Beirut, where he obtained his Doctorat d'Etat in 1973. After his arbitrary imprisonment for six months in 1955 for political activities and membership in the Syrian National Socialist Party, he settled in Lebanon in l956, later becoming a Lebanese national. His poetry often appears to be polarized between the mystical and the revolutionary, dissolving into a single harmonized vision. (paraphrase bio from Kamal Abu-Deeb) He was exiled to Beirut in 1956 and later became a Lebanese citizen. The founder of the influential journal MAWAQIF, a critic as well as a poet, he has exercised enormous influence on Arabic literature.

72. English Honor Roll
Modern American Poetry includes info on 161 poets and analysis of their AmericanWriters - biographies with link to other resources by Donna Campbell general,
Social Studies
Educator's Hot List
Web Builders
Just for Fun
Don't see it here?
Suggest a Site
MidLink HOME Archives Teacher Resource Room ... Editors
links researched and posted by Delia DeCourcy Cary Academy Cary, NC Authors General Resource Pages Grammar Lesson Plans ... Writing Authors Perspectives in American Lit. - a research and reference guide organized by time period Authors on the Web - Collection of biographical sketches Modern American Poetry - includes info on 161 poets and analysis of their work North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame - Honors Thirty One Tar Heel authors Biography Center - Searchable database of 5,486 biographies - Searchable database of 25,000 biographies Lives, the Biography Resource - Guide to biography sites on the Web Webliography Author Guides - LSU Libraries page with pointers to individual author guides or other cumulative documents that deal with specific writers American Writers - biographies with link to other resources by Donna Campbell at Gonzaga University American Authors on the Web - a gateway site with links about authors from 1550-1950 Top General Content Coliseum - a lengthy list of resource links for English Language Arts teachers on the NC WiseOwl Kaleidoscope page Searingtown School Library Media Center - extensive site that includes virtual reference desk, reading room and professional resources

73. Historical General Zedong
Mao A Biography of Madame Mao Zedong Madame Mao A Biography of Madame Mao ZedongAs poet Revolutionary Leader Social Historical Perspectives Mao Zedong

Search High Volume Orders Links ... Yitzhak Rabin Additional Subjects U.S. President Reagan Derek Edward Dawson Beales 1980s History Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1941-1963 ... Particles (Nuclear physics) Quarks Featured Books Mao: A Life
Of the three great tyrants of the 20th centuryHitler, Stalin, and Maothe West generally knows the least about the latter. What we do know is that he was every bit as genocidal in his policies as either of the other two great villains of the age. In fact, in purely statistical terms, Mao might have been responsible for the deaths of more people than Hitler and Stalin combined. However, Philip Short's immense but immensely readable and impressively researched biography of the man goe...
Written by Philip Short
Price $37.50
Mao: A Biography

Written by Ross Terrill
Published by Stanford Univ Pr (February 2000)
ISBN 0804729212
Price $29.95 Mao Zedong From humble beginnings in rural Hunan, Mao Zedong became the "Great Helmsman" of Communist China. By the time he died in 1976, he had profoundly changed the course of history. His increasingly erratic whims and graspings at a wild utopia destabilized his immense achievements, and he was ultimately responsible for the deaths of perhaps 60 million people. Jonathan Spence brings great erudition to the story of this flawed colossus. He is particularly enlightening on Mao's early yearsit is near... Written by

74. Literature
Poets A searchable index of more than 200 poets, with biographies, photos, poems Literature general Resources Thousands of links to good websites about
Maywood School Library Media Center
Maywood Middle School (6-8)

Corning Union Elementary School District

... California Literature Anthologies Awards Biography Dictionaries ... Literary Terms
American Verse Project
British Poetry 1780-1910
A hypertext archive of scholarly editions.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Full-Text Resources Online
Index to resources by Librarians Index to the Internet.
Modern American Poetry
Collection of text and readings.

Oxford Book of English Verse (1250-1900)

Open Directory - Reference: Quotations
Over 350 online sources for quotations organized by 19 broad topics.

Quotations Websites - LII Guide
Websites with quotations collections.

Quotation Resources on the Net
A list of websites offering quotations.
Representative Poetry On-line
A wide range of poets included.
Return to Menu
Biographies of Authors
A fascinating collection of 25,000 biographies.
IPL Biography Links
The Internet Public library has arranged annotated links for biographies about artists, authors, entertainers, musicians and composers, politicans and rulers

75. Saskatoon Public Library - Literature And Writing Resources
Poets Biographical information on Canadian poets, including photos the TWUC MembershipPages for biographies and pictures general Resources on Authors and Books.
Literature and Writing Resources
Book Reviews General Resources Publishers Bookstores ... Canadian Literature
Canadian Literature
Canadian Information By Subject: Literature
Links to resources on Canadian literature, compiled by the National Library of Canada.
Canadian Poetry Archive
Selected poems from over 100 early English- and French-language Canadian poets representing some of Canada's most notable poetry from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Searchable by poet, title, keywords and date. Biographies of some of the more prominent poets are also available.
Elisabeth Harvor
Elisabeth Harvor was the writer-in-residence at Saskatoon Public Library from 1998 to 1999. You can search the Library Catalogue for a list of her books. In addition, her fiction has been published in many anthologies and periodicals.
How Novel! Canadian Young Adult Literature
Cover art, annotations, reviews and publisher information for about 500 young adult novels as well as some author photographs and biographies.
Biographies, bibliographies and reviews of more than 600 Quebec authors (in French). Access to some information requires a subscription.

76. Canadian Literature Links -
University of Toronto A large selection of contemporary and 19th century Canadianpoets with biographies, bibliographies, and general information presented by

Canadian Literature
Reading and Literature
Search The Web Member Central Join Our Community! Login What's New Become a SuiteU Affiliate ... MemberUpdate Suite University About Suite University Suite University News Visit the University Course Listing ... FREE Demo Course New Topics Parenting Babies and Toddlers Views of a Young Appalachian Woman SpiritWell Travel Book Reviews ... More... Suite Events Teacher Appreciation Event 2004 Family Focus 2004 In Tune With Johann Sebastian Bach More about Suite101 About Advertise With Suite For more information - Select a related topic - 20th Century American Poe A Day in the Life African American Literatu African American Women's American Poetry Baby Boomer Humor Beat Boulevard British and American Lite Children's Literature Christian Humor Classic American Literatu Classic Literature Contemporary Female Humor Crime Stories Crossings and Reflections Entertainment Industry Hu Everyday humor Fantasy Worlds General Book Reviews Harlem Renaissance Humor J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle

77. Subject Guide To Biography
poetry Exhibit Find a poet on this site. poets American and British poets. Politicians. BiographiesBiographies Includes general biography sites famous
African Americans Artists Authors Celebrities ... General African Americans Journey's End: Authors on Tour
Lists book tour information for African American authors, with biographies and book descriptions. Yahoo! Living: Black History Month
Biographies, timelines, featured African American History sites, and more. Ensemble Noir
Toronto based ensemble specializing in new music, especially of composers of African descent. Concerts, artist biographies, and contact details.
Provides reviews, interviews, actor biographies, message board, and more. African-American Collections
Collection of Civil Rights links and biographies of famous Black Americans. BLACKBIO.COM
African-American Biographies, where you can find biographical information on outstanding African-Americans from Abolitionists to Government Officials. A Tribune to Martin Luther King, Jr.
This site gives modest historical data concerning the life of Dr. King. African Americans
This site provides a reference guide on the historical and contemporary experiences of African Americans.
Artists American Center for Artists
Features biographies and autobiographies as well as paintings, sculptures, poetry, fiction, and other original works by famous and emerging artists.

78. Graduate Library Ready Reference
to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry as well as links to otherbiographies which may categories as absurdist, postmodernist, beat poet, etc
MIRLYN Library Catalog Networked Electronic Resources Other UM Libraries Library System Outages ... Help Using the Library
Biographical Resources
Biography Indexes Biography and Genealogy Master Index (UM access only)
Comprehensive index to more than 10 million biographical sketches in over 1000 current and retrospective biographical dictionaries, covering both contemporary and historical figures throughout the world. General Biographies The Cambridge Biographical Dictionary
Biography television series. Includes the searchable text of 15,000 entries from The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia. Includes pronunciation, gender, birth and death dates as well as achievements. Notable Citizens of Planet Earth
Searchable by name, keyword, or date. Information contained in the Dictionary includes birth and death years, professions, positions held, literary and artistic works and other achievements. 18,000 entries. The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Graves The Political Graveyard
Amazing directory of over 81,000 former United States Presidents and Congressmen, giving the location of their final resting place. Numerous entry points, including alphabetically, by state and office, by birth or death date, and many others.

79. Library Media Center
authors. Modern American Poetry This site has biographical informationon poets of the 1800 s and 1900 s. general biographies. Lives
Resources for Students

80. Poetry Links
Poetry general Poetry - Journals Poets - biographies Literary Orgs -NC Vicinity Literary Orgs - Nationwide Publishing - Opportunities.
Click below to go directly to a specific link category, or just scroll down.
To come back here, just click on "Top" in the lower-right corner.
Poetry - General

Poetry - Journals

Poets - Biographies

Literary Orgs - Nationwide
Writing - Teaching Poetry

Poetry and Poems - General Academy of American Poets - Find a Poem
The Atlantic Online - Poetry Pages

Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry

Poem Hunter
... Zoo Press Poets - Biographies Academy of American Poets - Find a Poet Lannan Literary Videos Norton Poets Online Arts North Carolina ... Virginia: Poetry Society of Virginia Literary Organizations - Nationwide Academy of American Poets National Association for Poetry Therapy National Endowment for the Arts NEA Accessibility Resource Center ... The Writer Magazine Publishing - Opportunities Conpo - Literary Contest Information List North Carolina Writers' Network - Calendar Writing Resources - General Dictionaries: OneLook [Dictionary Search] RhymeZone [Rhyming Dictionary] Encyclopedias: Encyclopedia Mythica Presses: Carolina Academic Press Miscellaneous: Inspiration Corner North Carolina Poetry Society - Calendar North Carolina Writers' Network - Calendar Poetry Society of America - PSA Resources ... Grolier Bookshop [1-800-234-POEM] Spring Church Books [1-800-496-1262] Writing - Specialized Forms Art of Haiku Magnetic Poetry North Carolina Haiku Society - Links Poetry at Ariadne's ... Various Forms Writing - Teaching Poetry

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