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         Plants Endangered & Threatened:     more books (100)
  1. Endangered and Threatened Plants of Ohio (Ohio Biological Survey Biological Notes)
  2. New England's Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plants by Garrett E. Crow, 1982
  3. Threatened and endangered plants of Nevada: An illustrated manual by Hugh Nelson Mozingo, 1980
  4. Endangered and Threatened Plants of Idaho: A Summary of Current Knowledge by D.M. Henderson and others, 1977
  5. New Jersey's Endangered and Threatened Plants and Animals
  7. Threatened and endangered plants of Alaska by David F Murray, 1980
  8. Effects of Fire on Threatened and Endangered Plants: An Annotated Bibliography by Amy Hessl, Susan Spackman, 1995-06
  9. Threatened and endangered plants and animals of Maryland: Proceedings of a symposium held September 3-4, 1981, at Towson State University, Towson, Maryland ... / Maryland Natural Heritage Program)
  10. Endangered and threatened plants and animals of North Carolina: Proceedings of the Symposium on Endangered and Threatened Biota of North Carolina, 1, Biological ... College, Raleigh, November 7-8, 1975
  11. Endangered & Threatened Plants & Animals by John Cooper, 1977
  12. New England's Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plants by Garrett E. CROW, 1982
  13. New England's rare, threatened, and endangered plants by Garrett E Crow, 1982
  14. Rare Threatened & Endangered Plants & Animals of Oregon by Oregon Natural Heritage data base, 1985-01-26

1. Endangered Species Information, U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service
Division of endangered Species, threatened and endangered Wildlife and plants animal species can receive protection under the endangered Species Act, it must first be placed on Federal list
Endangered Florida panther

Species Information

Laws, Policies and Federal Register Notices

Candidate Conservation ... Read the official
Species Information
Threatened and Endangered Animals and Plants
Before a plant or animal species can receive protection under the Endangered Species Act , it must first be placed on the Federal list of endangered and threatened wildlife and plants Our listing program follows a strict legal process candidates or proposed for possible addition , are announced through the Federal Register (Please note: To view PDF documents, you may need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader, free from Adobe, Inc. Get the regulatory profile for a listed species using its common or scientific name: How many, and which, species...
are listed in the U.S. as threatened or endangered?

are listed in each State?

are listed in other countries?

are listed and are under the primary responsibility of the NOAA Fisheries
(U.S. Department of Commerce)?
were the first species to be listed?

2. Welcome To The PLANTS National Database
Plant names, photos, fact sheets, and information on culturally significant plants, noxious and invasive plants, and threatened and endangered plants, with links to thousands of plantrelated sites and software tools.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.
PLANTS National Database Home Page without frame-navigation
NOTE: You will not be able to navigate or do name searches from this page.

3. HCPB-California's Plants And Animals
Primary navigation page for information on California's threatened or endangered animals and plants. Environmental Review and Species Take Permits. California's plants and Animals Native Plant Conservation. endangered, threatened and Rare Plant List. endangered and threatened Animal
California Home DFG Home HCPB Home About HCPB ... Publication Information Habitat Conservation Planning Branch
1416 Ninth St., Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 653-4875 California Department of Fish and Game
Habitat Conservation Planning Branch





4. Nearctica - Conservation - Endangered Species - Endangered And Threatened Plants
endangered and threatened plants. Special Segments. Buy Books about endangered Species. GENERAL. The National Collection of endangered plants. Missouri Botanical Garden. A checklist of the endangered, threatened, and rare plants of Georgia with information on some species.
Endangered and Threatened Plants Special Segments Butterflies of North America Conifers of North America Eastern Birds List of N.A. Insects Home Eastern Wildflowers General Topics Natural History Ecology Family Environment Evolution Home Education Home Conservation Geophysics Paleontology Commercial Organizations Buy Books about Endangered Species GENERAL The National Collection of Endangered Plants . Missouri Botanical Garden. Photographs and information on endangered North American plant species found in arboreta affiliated with the Center for Plant Conservation. Canada's Endangered Native Plants . Canadian Botanical Conservation Network. An introduction to the endangered plant species of Canada with the COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada). The species are arranged by Province. Endangered Plants: Images . Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3. Photographs and some information on endangered plants from region 3 as defined by the Endangered Species Act. Endangered Species Information System . Virginia Tech. Extensive information on the endangered species of the United States. No pictures, but lots of specialized information on each species.

5. Endangered Plants Of North Carolina
North Carolina Wildflowers descriptions, photos, folklore and more. are listed as endangered or threatened in North Carolina. The list includes plants that are not included on the Federal endangered and threatened lists but are included here
WEATHER CALENDARS ADVENTURES TRAVELS ... Wild Flowers and Plants of NC The Way-Too-Long List of Rare, Endangered and Threatened
Vascular Flora of North Carolina
(as of July 1995, updated Feb. 2000)
ABOUT US CONTACT A bit of explanation:
The following list contains all of the vascular plants (trees, flowering plants, and non-flowering plants, ferns and lichens) that are listed as endangered or threatened in North Carolina. The list includes plants that are not included on the Federal Endangered and Threatened lists but are included here because the populations in North Carolina are low enough to make them rare in our state . In other words, there may be species on this list that are out of their normal range in North Carolina and found only in one or two locations, and hence are considered threatened in our area. Jump to; A B C D ... Z Scientific Name Common Name Notes: A Abies fraseri FRASER FIR Aconitum reclinatuma TRAILING WOLFSBANE Adiantum capillus-veneris VENUS HAIR FERN Adlumia fungosa CLIMBING FUMITORY Aeschynomene virginica VIRGINIA JOINTVETCH Federally Threatened Agalinis aphylla SCALE-LEAF GERARDIA Agalinis decemloba PIEDMONT GERARDIA Agalinis linifolia FLAXLEAF GERARDIA Agalinis virgata BRANCHED GERARDIA Agrostis mertensii ARCTIC BENTGRASS Allium burdickii WHITE RAMPS Allium cuthbertii STRIPED GARLIC Allium sp 1 SAVANNA ONION Alnus viridis ssp. crispa

shall be included on the official list of endangered and threatened species when one or more of the following criteria Return to top. plants. endangered. threatened. Adoxa moschatellina
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board
The Board revises the list of protected species every five years and completed its most recent revisions in 1999. This following list relects those revisions. The next list revision will be completed in 2004. [Fish] [Amphibians] [Reptiles] [Birds] ...
Click here for printer friendly .html version
DEFINITIONS ** Federally Endangered Species: Any species which is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. * Federally Threatened Species: Any species which is likely to become an endangered species within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range. Illinois Endangered Species: Any species which is in danger of extinction as a breeding species in Illinois. State Threatened Species: Any breeding species which is likely to become a state endangered species within the foreseeable future in Illinois.

7. Official List Of Endangered And Threatened Plants In Maine - Revised And Updated
MAINE DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION. Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center. Maine Natural Areas Program. Official List of endangered and threatened plants in Maine. Revised and updated July
State Agencies Web Policies My Email this page
Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center Maine Natural Areas Program Official List of Endangered and Threatened Plants in Maine
Revised and updated July 1999
Click Here to view the complete list of Endangered, Threatened, and Rare Plants

Official List of Endangered and Threatened Plants in Maine How do we know which of Maine's native plants are rare? Endemism - geographically restricted to the State or areas immediately adjacent to the State. Few Populations - extremely small number of populations. (3) Few Individuals - numerically scarce, small number of individual plants. (4) Special habitat - requiring habitat that is scarce in the State. Limit of range - edge of distribution or disjunct from main distribution. (6) Population declining - seriously declining due to habitat modification or destruction, or from over collection for commercial, recreational, or educational purposes. (7) Population vulnerability - highly vulnerable to decline due to location or human usage.

8. Endangered, Threatened & Special Concern Plants
endangered, threatened Special Concern plants. E. Balsam fir x Federally endangered ^ Federally threatened. x Native Populations Only
E Balsam fir x Abies balsamea SC Virginia copperleaf* Acalypha virginica SC Black maple Acer nigrum E Sandplain gerardia + Agalinis acuta SC Yellow giant hyssop * Agastache nepetoides E Purple giant hyssop Agastache scrophulariifolia SC Small-flowered agrimony Agrimonia parviflora T Orange foxtail Alopecurus aequalis SC Sea-beach amaranth *^ Amaranthus pumilus E Roundleaf shadbush Amelanchier sanguinea T Bog rosemary Andromeda glaucophylla E Canada anemone Anemone canadensis E Sea-coast angelica Angelica lucida SC Hairy angelica Angelica venenosa SC Field pussytoes * Antennaria neglecta var. petaloidea SC Puttyroot * Aplectrum hyemale E Dwarf mistletoe Arceuthobium pusillum T Smooth mountain sandwort Arenaria glabra E Large-leaved sandwort Arenaria macrophylla E Arethusa Arethusa bulbosa SC Needlegrass Aristida longespica SC Arrowfeather* Aristida purpurascens E Beach needlegrass Aristida tuberculosa T Virginia snakeroot Aristolochia serpentaria SC Purple milkweed* Asclepias purpurascens E White milkweed Asclepias variegata SC Green milkweed * Asclepias viridiflora T Mountain spleenwort Asplenium montanum T Wallrue spleenwort Asplenium ruta-muraria E Blake's aster Aster X blakei E Bog aster Aster nemoralis SC Crooked-stem aster * Aster prenanthoides E Rough-leaved aster Aster radula T Showy aster Aster spectabilis SC Orache* Atriplex glabriuscula SC Swamp birch Betula pumila SC Eaton's beggar-tick Bidens eatonii SC Downy woodmint* Blephilia ciliata SC Hairy woodmint* Blephilia hirsuta SC Little grape fern * Botrychium simplex E Side-oats grama-grass Bouteloua curtipendula E Sweet-scented indian-plaintain

9. Endangered Species Program, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
celebrates the many successes achieved by working in partnership with others to conserve our Nation’s threatened and endangered fish, wildlife, and plants.

Search our site

List of Threatened and Endangered Species
Species Information Species in the Spotlight ...
The Endangered Species Program
Working Together
Partnerships for Endangered Species Recovery (December 10, 2003)
To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, the Endangered Species Program is pleased to announce the release of a new poster, Working Together: Partnerships for Endangered Species Recovery Learn more about this poster
Service Publishes Updated List of Candidates
(May 04, 2004)
If the Service has enough information to propose listing a species as threatened or endangered, but is precluded from taking action by higher listing priorities, that species becomes a candidate species. Twenty-six new species were added to the Candidate list since it was last published in 2002. Read the news release Read the new "Candidate Notice of Review"
Conservation Programs Made Easier for Landowners (April 28, 2004)

10. Preserving Our Vanishing Wildlife
A feature on wildlife conservation, including threatened endangered plants and animals and the impact of conservation.

11. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Conservation And Wildlife
RBG Kew is widely recognised as one of the leading centres for advice and action on aspects of plant and fungal conservation. Conservation programmes are undertaken on a wide range of endangered and threatened plants and their habitats.
Conservation and Sustainable Use
Wet Tropics Africa
The great tropical rainforests of Africa are some of the most species-rich natural habitats in the world. New pages outline the research Kew is undertaking in these areas.
more info....
The CBD for Botanists
An introduction to the Convention on Biological Diversity for people working with botanical collections find out more...
Phenology database now online
In 2000 a new initiative began with the aim of recording annually the first-flowering and mid-flowering dates of 100 plants in the Gardens in perpetuity. find out more...
Would you like to help set plant and fungus conservation priorities in the UK over the next seven years?
find out more... The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is widely recognised as one of the leading centres for advice and action on aspects of plant and fungal conservation. Conservation programmes are undertaken on a wide range of endangered and threatened plants and their habitats. An advanced range of techniques, including storage and cryopreservation of seeds, embryos and pollen, and micropropagation, are used to support both ex situ and in situ conservation projects. We are increasingly called upon for advice and to help with the development of international conservation strategies.

12. PLANTS Threatened And Endangered Module
plants threatened and endangered Module Offered through the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the US Department of Agriculture, the plants Database threatened and endangered module (plants

13. Threatened Species And Ecological Communities Home Page
For the other species of plants and animals whose been added to the previous categories of endangered, vulnerable and extinct for threatened species and
Skip Navigation WHAT'S NEW CONTACTS COMMENTS ... SEARCH BIODIVERSITY Go back to: DEH Home Biodiversity Threatened Species ... Administrative Guidelines on Significance
Threatened Species and Threatened Ecological Communities
Australia is home to more than one million species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. About 85 per cent of flowering plants, 84 per cent of mammals, more than 45 per cent of birds, and 89 per cent of inshore, temperate-zone fish are endemic - that is they are only found in Australia. Changes to the landscape and native habitat as a result of human activity has put many of these unique species at risk. Over the last two hundred years many species of plants and animals have become extinct. For the other species of plants and animals whose survival is threatened a range of management and conservation measures are in place. The Australian Government is working in partnership with state, territory and local governments, non-government organisations, tertiary institutions and community groups to ensure the protection of our native species. The Australian Government mechanism for national environment protection and biodiversity conservation is the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). The EPBC Act provides for:

14. Hawaii's Endangered And Threatened Species
With 100s of plants and animals listed as endangered or threatened, there are more endangered species per square mile on these islands than any other place on
Current time and temperature
in Honolulu right now
OTHER PAGES About Us Databases Good Guys/Bad Guys Endangered Species Publications Images Natural Sciences Department Products ... Links Hawaii's Endangered and Threatened Species Web Site
Endangered and Threatened
Proposed and Candidate Extinct Species of Concern H awaii is the Endangered Species Capital of the World. With 100s of plants and animals listed as Endangered or Threatened, there are more endangered species per square mile on these islands than any other place on the planet. T he Hawaii Biological Survey compiles information on all of these species with the assistance of various state, federal, and local agencies and works with these partners to disseminate this information, including these web pages. Please feel free to browse our pages, see images of these rare and fragile species, learn about their biologies, habits, and where they occur in the Islands.
T hroughout our pages, the status of each species can be recognized by the background color of the page:
orange for Endangered and Threatened species
green for Candidate and Proposed species
black for Extinct species
lavender for Species of Concern.

15. Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance
Mission is to study and preserve Georgia's flora through multidisciplinary research, education, and advocacy; facilitate the recovery of rare, threatened, and endangered plants of Georgia and the southeast U.S. through collaborative efforts in our state; and communicate the importance of preserving biodiversity worldwide.
The Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance is an innovative network of public gardens, government agencies, and environmental organizations committed to preserving Georgia's endangered flora. Formed in 1995, GPCA initiates and coordinates efforts to protect natural habitats and endangered species through biodiversity management and public education. From rigorous scientific research to hands-on stewardship projects with elementary schools, the combined resources, expertise and outreach strategies of GPCA members provide powerful tools for plant conservation in Georgia.
the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance Photos by Hugh and Carol Nourse
Website designed by Jeff Walker

16. State Of Texas Threatened And Endangered Species Listings
plants; Birds; Invertebrates. Additional Links. Federal endangered Species Act; Texas threatened and endangered Species Regulations; Map
Maincontent Local Navigation Supplemental Navigation/Info Printer friendly ... Threatened and Endangered Species State of Texas Threatened and Endangered Species Listings State of Texas Threatened and Endangered Species Links

17. Endangered Plants In Texas
Nature threatened and endangered Species plants endangered plants in Texas. State of Texas threatened and endangered Species
Maincontent Local Navigation Supplemental Navigation/Info Printer friendly ... Plants Endangered Plants in Texas State of Texas Threatened and Endangered Species Links

18. Oasis Botanical Sanctuary
A environmental organization dedicated to the Restoration of Ecolibrium through the preservation of endangered and threatened plants. A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.
Oasis Botanical Sanctuary
"Join us in moving towards our common goal:
The Restoration of Ecolibrium."
Our Mission
To propagate, protect, and sustain exotic and medicinal species of endangered flora through the construction of vast botanical sanctuaries. These sanctuaries will be designed with the highest technologies of the modern day. Each sanctuary will be designed to grow quantities of endangered plants for re-propagation and land restoration projects. There will also be seed storage chambers for long term seed preservation. To develop an ecological research institute whose primary goal is to create computer data-bases on the flora, ecology, and the bio-diversity of earth's ecosystems; thus to promote environmental stewardship. The Oasis institute plans to develop one of the worlds first cyber space programs designed to unite the environmental movement into a single union, This will be done by researching and processing enough ecologically scientific data to declare the earth as an endangered species in a court of law . This will aid in world wide environmental protection. The Oasis institute also plans to accumulate and bring together environmental documentation on the bio-diversity of exotic plants as well as their present and past medicinal and shamanic uses for an on-line computer library.

19. Florida Endangered And Threatened Plants
Florida endangered and threatened plants. Status Gainesville. threatened and endangered Plant Species at Kennedy Space Center Maps, images, text.
SEARCH Books Garden Shop Agencies ... Send Fruit,etc. Jump to: Show Me the Natives Endangered Plants Who Likes Natives? Gardening and Landscaping with Natives Florida Endangered and Threatened Plants Status Report: As of 11/30/96, there were 93 endangered plant and animal species in Florida.As of 7/31/97, there were 92 endangered plant (54) and animal (38) species in Florida.
Published on EE-Link Chamaesyce garberi-
Garber's Spurge, FWS. Cucurbita okeechobeensis
Okeechobee Gourd, Mobot list. Dicerandra immaculata
Lakela's Mint. Center for Plant Conservation page, Mobot list. EDF/Princeton Scientists Find Florida an Endangered Specie Hot Spot
Highlands, Indian River, Lee, and Monroe Counties Identified. Endangered Species Act
16 U.S.C. Sections 1531-1544.
Conradina glabra (Apalachicola rosemary); Conradina brevifolia (short-leaved rosemary); Conradina etoni a (Etonia rosemary); Cucurbita okeechobeensis ssp.

20. SDCP Species Fact Sheets
Fact sheets about the county's protected animals and plants.
Threatened and Endangered Species There are 23 threatened and endangered plants and animals in Pima County. Most are in danger because their habitat has been destroyed or damaged. Threatened any species which is likely to become endangered within the forseeable future throughout all or a significant part of its range. Endangered: any species which is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant part of its range. Candidate: the USFWS has sufficient information to support a proposal to list under the ESA. Acuna Cactus Echinomastus erectrocentrus acunensis (Candidate) Aplomado Falcon Falco femoralis (Endangered) Bald Eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Endangered) Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl Glaucidium brasilianum cactorum (Endangered) Chiricahua Leopard Frog Rana chiricahuensis (Proposed Threatened) Desert Pupfish Cyprinodon macularius (Endangered) Gila Chub Gila intermedia (Candidate) Gila Topminnow Poeciliopsis occidentalis (Endangered) Huachuca Water Umbel Lilaeopsis schaffneriana ssp. recurva

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