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81. Intel Education: Unit & Project Plans: Unit Plan Index
step, students summarize their findings and create presentations and fun gamesthat teach their schoolmates High school students take a virtual trip to a
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    Grades K - 2 (ages 5 - 7)
    Meet the Bears
    Grade: Subject: Science, Math, Writing Topic: Animals Essential Question: How are we like other animals? Description: How many of ME would it take to outweigh a polar bear? To get in touch with their inner bear, primary students look at bears from all angles, and apply math and measurement skills to compare themselves with their furry friends. Origin: Arizona, United States
    Monster Swap
    Grade: Subject: Language Arts, Social Studies Topic: Descriptive Writing Essential Question: How can I communicate so others will understand? Description: Primary students give their imaginations a workout creating their own unique monsters, and then hone their writing skills as they develop descriptions for cyber pals who will try to recreate their terrible beasts! Origin: Vermont, United States
    Pond Water and Pollywogs
    Grade: Subject: Biology Topic: Frogs, Life Science

82. The Chronicle: Career Network: 03/17/2000
the track, the stage, the student newspaper, the class trip to France Smith has adifferent suggestion for people planning an independentschool career, one

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Friday, March 17, 2000
Careers for Ph.D.'s at Private Schools
By GWENDOLYN BRADLEY Peter Wozniak left a tenured professorship at Auburn University at Montgomery to teach history at the Montgomery Academy, a private high school in Alabama. Not long after, two of Mr. Wozniak's colleagues followed in his footsteps. "Had I been an associate professor at a major research university, I probably would not have changed," Mr. Wozniak says. "But when one teaches at a small, regional, community-college type institution, one can be far better off at a high school. The students are capable of a very high level of work." Mr. Wozniak initially contacted the Montgomery Academy looking for part-time work to supplement his university salary. When the school later offered him a full-time position, he accepted. After 10 years at Auburn, he was fed up with what he saw as a declining quality of students and low pay. "Unbelievably, the high school is paying me more than the university was going to pay me for being chairman of the department," Mr. Wozniak says. ALSO SEE: A guide to Web resources on teaching in private schools Secondary-school teaching has long been an obvious alternative for humanities Ph.D.'s and A.B.D.'s who don't land the college teaching jobs they want. But increasingly, people with doctorates are viewing elite private-school teaching as a rewarding career in its own right, rather than a watered-down version of college teaching or an undesirable backup plan.

83. Teacher_Pass
Feel free to contact us with questions as you plan your class trip. school Telephoneschool Fax Date/time of preview visit Date/time of field trip
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Teachers: To assist you in planning a successful field trip, we recommend you preview Dreams of Freedom before your class trip. This planning pass entitles you to free entry to the exhibits and the movie. Please complete this form and present it at our ticket counter. Feel free to contact us with questions as you plan your class trip. Printable Version Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader Contact Name: E-mail: Home Address (optional): City, State, Zip: Home Telephone: Home Fax: Name of School: School Address: City, State, Zip: School Telephone: School Fax: Subject you teach: Grade level of students: Date/time of preview visit: Date/time of field trip:
How did you hear about Dreams of Freedom?

84. Victoria Research Web: Planning The Research Trip To Britain
planning the research trip to Britain. As we all know, the best preparation for a research trip is to do as much of our research as possible before leaving home.
Victoria Research Web has moved!
Please update your bookmarks to reflect our new address:
You will be redirected to the new address of the VRW's guide to "Planning the research trip to Britain" just a few moments...

85. Illuminations Lesson Plan
In this lesson, students plan a trip to a local is open, its distance from the schooland prepare a attention on the mathematics needed in planning a trip and
Pre-K - 2 Across Lessons SWRs Tools i-Maths Inquiry Search

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Internet-Based Multi-Day Lesson Plan / 3 - 5
Data Does It: Planning a Trip Data and Probability Unit Plan 8 lessons - 45 minutes each In this Unit Plan, teams of students plan trips. To put together their best travel plan, students study a map, consider different routes, visit Web sites to get airline schedules and costs, and analyze their data. Each team presents its travel schedule and budget to the class. Then teams analyze the different plans and discuss the best features of each one. Students collect data, organize data, and compute differences of multi-digit numbers. This lesson also integrates Social Studies and Art.
The sequence of lessons in this Unit Plan builds skills required for collecting, displaying, and using data to solve problem situations. Students collect and use numerical data from the Internet to estimate and calculate travel costs, to evaluate travel plans that meet specified conditions and to analyze possible flight plans to determine the best value. Using the Plan: This Internet Unit Plan is a set of sequenced mathematical activities designed for use as an instructional unit. The purpose is to connect mathematical ideas and to develop understanding and application. To accomplish the instructional intent, it is recommended that this set of lessons be used in the suggested sequence. The time spent on each lesson will vary according to the needs of the students.

86. Teach English In South Korea, World English Service Ltd. - Summer & Winter Camps
to ?hook? the kids into coming to special summer schools at your ownschool or they will plan a trip away somewhere. The more wealthy
Home About Us Sitemap
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Summer and Winter Camps
There are 2 major semester breaks in your school calendar. These occur at the same time the state schools have their holiday times. Because all the children will have a break for their state schools it is highly likely many of the children will go on holiday or go away to special learning/adventure camps.
School directors never want to miss business during these times so they will invent anything possible to ?hook? the kids into coming to special summer schools at your own school or they will plan a trip away somewhere. The more wealthy of parents will even pay for overseas trips for the children to go to an English camp in Canada or USA etc. (normally a 3 week period) if your school is part of a major franchise the head office may sell an overseas camp to children from all the franchise schools.
Obviously not all the students will be able to afford the trip and instead the director will operate a back up camp in Korea. You will suddenly find your daily timetable is totally shattered when this happens and the Director will give you a timetable that is ?horrendous?. You may even be told you are going away with the children for 2-4 days and you are in charge of the program. Of course you will say what do I do? What is expected? Where is the program overview? The obvious answer is always ?that is your job!?
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Instead of jumping up and down and complaining think of it as a learning adventure and go with the flow. In fact many of the teachers who have sought our advice at times like this have been amazed to find they had a great time and really felt they got to know their students out of class, as well as the Korean staff. When a Korean adult is away from the formal workplace they can be the happiest energetic funniest people to be with. Don?t look at the experience in a negative way, as you will most likely enjoy the "round the camp fire" sing-along times.

87. Peel District School Board - Parent Tip Sheet
Help your children plan your route and write directions and videos to reinforce newlearning from your trip. children to take their journals to school to share
Jump to Student Stuff for more ideas or check out the Calendar for upcoming PA days and holidays. Email us if you have any suggestions!
Help your child learn during family vacations Keeping young minds active through the summer is a real challenge. Yet, studies show that children who remain active learners outside the classroom are more prepared to return to school in the fall. Get organized before you leave
  • Find interesting places to visit locally and outside the city. Get your children involved in planning trips. Fill a sturdy bag with supplies including pads of paper, pencils, pens, erasers, felt markers, a ruler, reading materials, tape, scissors and maps of the entire area to be travelled. Buy your children notepads to keep a diary or a journal of their activities while on vacation. For car trips, bring books on tape to play in the car. Vacations can offer a great opportunity for parents and children to read together. Take time every day for the whole family to read by themselves or together. Even 10 or 15 minutes is fine. On car trips, ask your children to read the signs and check the different speed limits.

88. Schools
Individual presentations, group reports, instructional plans and final Grading proceduresWill use the school of Education Day 2 6 hrs Field trip Visit to
School of Education
University of Charleston
Syllabus Course Number and Title:

Sailing...Applications from Maths and Science, grades 3-12. Graduate hours:
45 hrs. Date and Time:
On demand Instructors
Neal Petersen
Carol A. Temple Text/Material:
Charleston County School District Science Curriculum. Course description: This course is designed to give teachers an understanding of the applications that maths and science play in relation to a sailing vessel racing alone around the world. Teachers will be exposed to hands-on activities, problem solving and applications of maths and science in the development, design, construction and operations of an ocean-racing vessel. Goals and Objectives: Teachers will:
    Gain insight into the maths and science needed for an ocean race.
Learn to apply the applications of sailing in their teaching of maths and science. Examine alternative ways to inspire their students in the learning of maths and science. Develop relationships with other teachers for the exchange of ideas, methods and experiences, from which to learn and teach. In-class activities: There will be a variety of activities in the classroom which will include demonstrations, lectures, cooperative group learning, whole and small group discussions, journal entries and individual presentations.

89. Education World ® : Curriculum: The Food Pyramid: Three Projects That Teach Kid
and eighth graders at Chaboya Middle school in San The online trip encouraged studentsto think about their I developed a lesson plan using the Internet to
EdWorld Internet Topics
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Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Deals On Hotels ARTICLE GUIDE Related Reviews Cook and Eat Chemistry Food Zone Kid's Food Cyber Club Related Categories Nutrition Nutrition Lessons Related Articles Related Resources ... Science Curriculum Article C U R R I C U L U M A R T I C L E
The Food Pyramid: Three Projects That Teach Kids About Nutrition
While students load up on soft drinks, sweets, and high-fat foods, their teachers long for ways to help them understand what that kind of diet does to growing bodies. Three educators shared with Education World their latest attempts to halt the spread of junk food online projects! Students share information, compare data, and learn about foods from around the world. "We are what we eat and the habits we establish at an early age will tend to stay with us," said Don Bourdon, technology coordinator at St. Bernard's School in Saranac Lake, New York. Keeping this premise in mind, he created Fit For Life . The project is designed to increase students' awareness of the food they eat, the nutrition it provides, and the regional costs of the food.

90. The Lesson Plans Page - Math Lesson Plans, Math Ideas, And Math Activities
Math Lesson Plans Junior / High school. Visit Other Click to Vote For Us the lesson,students apply social studies math skills to plan a field trip. Now You
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Math Lesson Plans - Junior / High School
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Geometry - Measurement: Geometry - Other: Other / Multiple Topics:

91. 101 Ways To Use The Web
Get Help with Homework 69. Find an Address 70. Plan a Trip 71. Print a Mapof school Community 72. Dissect a Frog 73. Post Homework Assignments 74.
1. Conduct Research
2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
3. Find a Keypal
4. Participate in Online Projects
5. Complete an Online Activity
6. Ask an Expert
7. Take an Online Quiz
8. Go on a Virtual Field Trip
9. Join a Chat Group
10. Download Clip Art/Graphics
11. Publish a Story 12. Complete an Online Lesson Plan 13. Print Offline Lesson Plans 14. Publish Teacher Web Pages 15. Publish Student Web pages 16. Publish Children's Artwork 17. Complete an Author Study 18. Read Children's Literature 19. Join a Writing Project 20. Participate in Contests 21. Join Newsgroups 22. Join ListServs 23. Track the Weather 24. E-mail Anyone in the World! 25. Use Electronic Visuals 26. Find Story Starters 27. Locate Information 28. Print Coloring Pages 29. Complete Word Searches 30. Work Crossword Puzzles 31. Complete Math Challenges 32. Read.....This Day in History... 33. View Other Children's Work 34. Create a Class Web Page 35. Make a Web Page for Parents

92. JavaScript Tutorial
Looping statements This chapter will teach you how to loop in JavaScript. Shared,dedicated, and colocated hosting plans for both Linux and Windows users are


JS Basic


JS Introduction

JS How To

JS Where To
JS Guidelines

Core JS Objects
JS Array

JS Boolean
JS Date JS Math ... JS HTML DOM Examples/Quiz JS Examples I JS Examples II JS Examples III JS Quiz DOM Objects DOM Anchor DOM Applet DOM Area DOM Base ... DOM Window Selected Reading Web Statistics Web Hosting Web Quality
JavaScript Tutorial
JavaScript Tutorial
JavaScript is the scripting language of the Web! In our JavaScript tutorial you will learn how to write JavaScripts and insert them into your HTML documents, and how to make your pages more dynamic and interactive. Start learning JavaScript!
JavaScript Examples
Learn by 100 examples! With our editor, you can edit the source code, and click on a test button to view the result. Try-It-Yourself!
JavaScript Quiz Test
Test your JavaScript skills at W3Schools! JavaScript Quiz!
JavaScript Reference
At W3Schools you will find a complete JavaScript reference about objects and their properties and methods. JavaScript Reference
Table of Contents
JavaScript Basic
Introduction This chapter is a short introduction to JavaScript. It explains what JavaScript is, and how it works. It also explains what you can do with JavaScript. How To This chapter will teach you how to put a JavaScript into an HTML document, and how to handle older browsers.

93. Bob's Place Of Educational Links...Elementary Sciences Lesson Plans
Apples Lesson Plan Ideas for Cycle 1 and 2. Apples Quinn s Farm (field trips,information). Computer Ergonomics for Elementary Schools. Computer Lesson Plans.
Bob's Place of Educational Links Home Contact Me FAQ Site Map
Teacher Resources
Colours, Shapes, Rainbows, and Robins
(year-round science curriculum) Dinosaur Units Dinosaurs Thematic Units Farm Animal Worksheet Gardening: My First Classroom Garden ... Getting Around Clean and Green (download 5 lesson units on transportation and the environment) Helping Your Child Learn Science (activities) Hummingbird Educational Resources Insect Units Inside a Seed (growing activity) Life Cycle of Butterflies Mice are Nice Ocean Units Ocean Friends (teacher’s guide) Our Planet Our Solar System (5 week unit for Cycle 1 or 2) Plant Theme Reptile Units Science Lesson Plans Sounds all Around (unit) Tree Journal Turtle Thematic Teaching Unit Whales: A Collaborative Thematic Unit Whale Types ... Aeronautic Educator's Guide (introductory materials pdf)

94. Building A School Community
on their child’s Learning Plan Team, parents wholeschool events, chaperone advisorytrips, and serve to understand the culture and philosophy of the school.
Personalized Learning, One Student at a Time HOME Big Picture A to Z Search our Site:
Go to... About Us Adult Mentors Advisors and Advisory Big Picture A to Z Big Picture Archives Big Picture Bibliography Big Picture in the News Big Picture On Line Big Picture Philosophy Big Picture School Design Big Picture School Leaders Big Picture Schools Big Picture Schools Growth Big Picture Staff Big Picture Time Line Board of Directors Driving Directions to The Big Picture Future Big Picture Schools Going High Tech Home Page Initiatives Interest Exploration Leadership Development Learning Cycle Video Learning Goals Learning in the Real World Learning Plan Team Learning Plans Links LTI: Learning Through Internship Met Parent Student School Agreement Met School Portfolio 1996-1997 Met School Portfolio 1997-1998 Met School Portfolio 1998-1999 Met School Portfolio 2001-2002 Met West High School One Alum at a Time One Building at a Time One Kid at a Time One Student at a Time Principal Residency Network Public Engagement Public Service Announcements Quarterly Newsletter Respect and Diversity The Met School Small Schools Store and Free Resources Support Our Work Whole School Events Get Involved
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Whole School Events
Building a School Community ... Respect and Diversity Building a School Community
It’s more than a school here. It’s like living in a neighborhood.”

95. Trips To French-Speaking Sites: Specific Plans
on Laura Cantor s CyberTrip Lesson Plan for a fine example of a 40 minute Middleschool class guided There are specific Lesson plans for trips to many FL
SPECIFIC LESSON PLANS Simulated Trips Using The Internet
The Internet is a useful resource for teachers planning one or more Simulated trips with students. From my experience, here is a list of ways to minimize frustration and to integrate it successfully into a Trip Unit:
  • Use The Internet as a database of textual and graphic information.
  • Use The Internet as the Main Course after a series of introductory activities. 1. Introductory Activities Print out and use a variety of sites for pre-planning the trip. Assuming that this is your first CyberTrip, I recommend that you limit your visit to one major city, and select the current month for the trip. To make use of the suggested activities, you only need access to one computer with a modem. To include all colleagues, my directions are written as if a teacher had no class computer, but could go online herself, outside the classroom. Here are some suggestions to choose from: Preplan The Unit: Set the Stage WHO ARE WE: -print out flags of the country, using sites from Flags of the World Assign different nationalities to pairs of students (use different French or Spanish speaking countries or representatives from around the world; draw on the ethnic/racial backround of your students or focus on border countries of the chosen country to reinforce geography). (Optional: later on, assign each pair to look up and replicate national flag of assigned nationality.)
  • 96. Apple Learning Interchange - Published Exhibits
    below which ranges from engaging lesson plans, lesson starter Level(s) Intermediate(46) High school (9-12 Life Science Type Virtual Field Trip Author Garry
    var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname=""; Home Help About ALI Advanced Search Search
    Looking for something? Use this helpful archive to locate content throughout the Learning Interchange collections. Click on a category in the Full Collection menu to the right for full descriptions of published content and helpful grade level and subject area information. Search for a broad range of content offered below which ranges from engaging lesson plans, lesson "starter" ideas, virtual field trips, videos, webcasts, conference keynotes, audio interviews, technology integration models, professional development resources, examples of student work and more.
    Full Collection

    Middle School

    High School
    Higher Education


    Digital Learning Events

    Virtual Field Trips
    Hey, Hey, What Do You Say . . . Let's Make a PSA

    97. ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan
    a special experience, or to think through a plan (eg how lesson, a school assembly,a field trip, a celebration or any other topic drawing on school experiences

    98. Charleston Southern University, School Of Education - Becoming A Teacher
    Teaching Learning in Ghana Ghana Trip PowerPoint Show Mr. Ato Baidoo, to finalizeplans for returning to and observing at TuwohofoHolly school in Akotokyir
    Phone: 843-863-7542
    Email: Education Home Page What is a Teaching Fellows? How Can I Become a Teaching Fellows? ...
    Educators Course

    Teaching Fellows Raffle The Teaching Fellows Cadre at CSU is raffling off three gift baskets of teacher supplies to raise funds to pay for a unique missions project. Their effort to raise $245 with fund the annual salary of the music teacher at a primary school in Ghana, West Africa. The Teaching Fellows are scholarship recipients who are considered to be some of the most promising teacher candidates in South Carolina. Their education is funded by a state grant. CSU is one of the original colleges selected for the program. Pictured with one of the gift baskets is Mrs. Connie Coyle, Director of the Teaching Fellows Project and of Field Experiences at the university. What is Teaching Fellows?

    99. Teachers Learn How To Teach About The Holocaust
    31 teachers from 12 schools made the trip on June Jill Schoene from Farnsley MiddleSchool saw some parallels with of the Navaho the systematic plan to move
    Select more options JCF Staff Features Editorial Resources on Israel Synagogue News Jewish Newspaper News
    General Campaign
    Women's Campaign Young Adult Division Emergency Terror-Relief Campaign
    Teachers Learn How to Teach about the Holocaust July 13, 2001 - The best way to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are never forgotten is to teach them to our children and all school children in Louisville. But to accomplish that, we must have teachers who are knowledgeable, committed to the importance of teaching the subject, and equipped with the appropriate curricula and teaching tools.
    To help build that dedicated cadre of teachers, the Jewish Community Federation's Community Relations Council works with the Jefferson County Public Schools, private schools and parochial schools to provide an annual Holocaust Education In-Service program. The program includes a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and workshops for the teachers before and after the visit.
    Two local Holocaust survivors, Herta Beskin and Ernie Marx, made the trip with the teachers.

    100. | Schools Special Reports | Primary Resources
    time for them to put all their plans into practice the top Christmas shows A familytrip to the curriculum has become compulsory in secondary schools, what are,12430,791096,00.html

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    For teaching resources for Key Stages 3 and 4, visit School trips Week 1: preparing While there is widespread agreement that school trips are of great educational and social value to pupils of all ages, their planning and execution are often causes of anxiety for teachers. In the wake of a spate of news stories about injuries on educational visits, it is difficult to know how much planning is enough. Week 2: where to go In the past 10 years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way institutions, galleries, attractions and museums have marketed themselves. A glance at the homepage of any of the key cultural attractions in the UK reveals an 'education' link to pages designed to support teachers and to supplement class visits. School trips are big business, and education departments are getting slicker.

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