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61. In Brief Summer 2003, Kellogg World Alumni Magazine, Kellogg School Of Managemen
Kellogg school students on a GIM trip to China gather concern over SARS also preventeda planned stop in Hong But students on the rerouted trips didn’t let

Bachmann '62 wins Kellogg leadership award
Finance faculty score top honors Kellogg salutes its own New Executive Scholars program launch ...
Northwestern University
Kellogg Search Students visit the Peruvian National Congress during the GIM trip to the South American country. From war to SARS, Kellogg students tackle global challenges along with GIM trips and research projects
Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) course proved an opportunity to exercise leadership and management skills for students and faculty advisers who set off on the annual academic adventure. Kellogg School students on a GIM trip to China gather outside the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Each year, as many as two-thirds of all Kellogg students spend 10 weeks studying and designing real-world research projects, then jet off to countries around the globe for two weeks of intensive project research. Once at their destinations, students meet with government and business leaders to learn about topics ranging from socially responsible business practices in Brazil to entry strategies for multinational firms in China.

62. Home Of Teach My Kenyan Children
The achievements of the 2003 TMKC trip would not Quail Run elementary schools andmy school psychologist colleagues. and education board on plans and projects
Home The Mission Contacts How to Help ... Forms
2003 Trip
IN RETROSPECT May 28. 2003 heralded the departure of the TMKC team for Kenya, East Africa. The outcomes of this second mission trip were met and in fact exceeded expectations. The following were accomplished:
  • gained trust, cooperation, ongoing commitment and support from the families, teachers and Board of Governors of the Ngurumo community
    completion of an unfinished building for a kitchen and dining hall and all purpose room
    provided staff development for teachers and administrators at Ngurumo and surrounding primary schools
    established a basic school clinic, checked vision on entire school from Baby Class to Std. 8 and provided basic first aid training for teachers
    purchased new textbooks in all content areas for all students in Stds 1 and 5 and a supply of writing papers for the entire school
    took individual photos of 270 students and their tea hers
    established the procedures for the operation of the lunch program
    initiated a 'pen-pal' project between the Ngurumo school children and their peers here in our schools
    initiated a teacher to teacher exchange by letter and E-mail
    ministered in local churches and in an evangelistic crusade - 54 asked Christ for salvation

63. Sorted: Financial Planning Advice & Calculators: Get Your Debt, Investments & Re
kids money for teachers; why teach financial skills? cash dash. dollar reef schooltrip trap; shoe rush; access to sorted at work; financial planning seminars;
search register log-in site map glossary ... save your pay before you see it displayMenuItem(0) When you want to get your finances in order, Sorted's information and online calculators will be your guide. If it's your first visit, go to our Get Started section. Our calculators make it easy for you to do the numbers for yourself. Take a look at the full list of calculators available. The Government is doing their budget , why not do yours?. There is always something new at Sorted. Check out the latest news. Subscribe to e-newsletter Bookmark this page Email to a friend ... Useful links

64. The Richard III And Yorkist History Server
Excerpts from Ruth Anne Vineyard s curriculum for a high school social studiesunit. A useful resource for anyone planning a first research trip to a

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65. Elizabeth Menendez -- My First Year: The Experience Of One Teach For America Tea
were able to take them on weekend trips to the the next several weeks teaching summerschool classes in the afternoon, and developing our lesson plans in the

Good Teachers - NCLB
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White House Conference on Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers
Good morning. Before I begin I would like to thank the White House and First Lady Laura Bush for sponsoring this conference on teacher education and giving me the opportunity to share my experiences with you. It's an honor to speak to so many people who are dedicated to increasing opportunities for children. It's also wonderful for me to speak to a group of people where I don't have to begin by saying "If you can hear me touch your nose," or cleverly try to get your attention by saying "Who is listening?" and have you all answer by saying, "I am listening." So if you couldn't guess, I am a kindergarten teacher. There's a saying that goes something like: "Everything you ever needed to learn, you learned in kindergarten." This is, of course, just a little pressure for all of us who are teaching kindergarten! I do know that attending kindergarten taught me a lot of important lessons, but I think that teaching kindergarten has provided me with even more significant life-long lessons.

66. Student Group Travel In Spain Service: Educational Spain Tour
If you are planning to travel to Spain and bring you students for an itinerarieswill help you meet the teaching objectives set for your school’s trip.

Find Schools in Spain

Find Schools in Latin America

Find Housing in Spain

Find Host Family or Exchange
Search the Web

Student Group Travel in Spain Service: Educational Spain Tour
If you are planning to travel to Spain and bring you students for an educational visit, you will not be disappointed. While you tour Spain you and your students will experience sun, lots of fun, good food, and excitement. As you travel from one area to another, you will discover the variety that this country has to offer not only in its languages and culture, but also in folklore, traditions, cuisine, festivities, and the arts. SpainExchange thematic tours provide a significant overview of Spain's history and cultural heritage. Whether you teach Spanish, art, history, or another subject, our selection of six thematic itineraries will help you meet the teaching objectives set for your school’s trip. Through visits to key historical places, your students will learn about some of the country ’s most distinctive aspects: The legacy of the Romans and other civilizations that settled on the Iberian peninsula; life in the Middle Ages; the influence of Christianity, Judaism and Islam; the discovery of America and Spain's Imperial Age; Spain's Literary Golden Age, specially Don Quijote de La Mancha by Cervantes, and The Kingdom of Spain in the 21st century. Your students will learn about a country rich in historical and cultural heritage and will begin to appreciate the legacy of the civilizations that through many centuries came to the Iberian soil, settled in it, and made it their home. Over forty-eight million tourists visit Spain each year making it one of the three most visited countries in the world. Bring your students and experience Spain together. It will truly be an unforgettable trip.

67. Aldo Leopold Nature Center - Teacher's Page
Our experienced naturalists work with teachers or group leaders to plan specificactivities. school Field Trip Fees Preschool First Grade $30 per
General Info
About Aldo Leopold

Program Overview

Nature Center Video Clip

Educational Building
Scout Program
Teacher Resources
Teacher's Page - includes Teacher Workshops

Field-Trip Programs

Daycare Group Programs

Support ALNC
Become a Friend of ALNC
ALNC Partners Order Video Return to: Teacher's Page This page offers information on student programming and teacher training. FOR STUDENT GROUPS: At the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, we continue Aldo Leopold's legacy by teaching students that the land is a complex organism to be loved, cared for, studied, and understood. School programs focus on learning-by-doing and use simple equipment. Our experienced naturalists work with teachers or group leaders to plan specific activities. Groups are kept small, tour length is up to 1.5 hours, and activities can be tailored to fit your group's special interests and needs. School Field Trip Programs We work with teachers to ensure that trips to the Nature Center are an integral part of your child's education. Throughout the year, we offer grade- and topic- specific programs from pond ecology to winter survival. For program descriptions and registration information click here: School Field Trip Programs Get energized with Nature Center's field trips focused on energy education. As part of our effort to improve energy education, teachers are encouraged to read our "Hands-on Energy in Nature" handbook. The handbook addresses key concepts of energy, both in nature and as managed by humans. To view the handbook, click here:

break, which is an ideal time for a trip away There are 195 working days in a schoolyear, five of the term and holiday dates to help when planning your arrival
Teaching in the UK Education in the UK has seen a great many changes in recent times. The Education Reform Act in 1988 introduced major changes in the British Education System, which included the introduction of a National Curriculum and national testing. The Department of Education and Employment (Dfee) was the central government office responsible for education in England. During June 2001 the Prime Minister of England announced the restructuring of the Department for Education and Employment to form a new Department to be called the Department for Education and Skills This department will now have the responsibility for education, training and life-long learning. The aim of this department is to improve the standards in the education system. This page provides you with some general information about: The Structure of the School System The National Curriculum The School Term dates Working as a teacher in the UK ... Teaching Associations
How the schools are structured.

69. Application
experience, professional honors, accomplishments and school related activities. asynopsis of your plan to integrate have gained from this trip), aligned with application.htm
Application for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Teach Program (Teaching Educators Agriculture and Conservation Holistically)
Summer 2004
International Scientific Expeditions
Return Application to: Attn: Bisi Adjapon USDA/FAS/ICD/RSED 1400 Independence Ave. S.W. Washington D.C. 20250-1084 Tel. (202) 720 7361 Fax. (202) 690 0982
(Teaching Educators Agriculture and Conservation Holistically )
Project Summary
Three school districts, New York, Washington D.C. and Miami, will send teams of teachers to three continents to observe and work with agricultural scientists in the field. Educators selected for participation in the TEACH program will gain first-hand exposure and experience in agricultural scientific research on an expedition to an overseas destination. Teachers will use this international field experience to incorporate the teaching of agricultural science, tied to NYS standards, as well as agricultural careers and global studies in their individual classrooms and throughout NY Public Schools. In addition to the international scientific expeditions, participants will engage in pre-trip preparation and extended follow-up activities.

70. Teach US - Teachers Talk
my experiences with my students and plan to continue of scientists, educators fromthe high school, and ministers The impact of this trip affected many aspects
Teachers Talk
2001 Summer Expedition - South Africa
July 26, 2001 thru August 18, 2001 by Ronnie Feder I was part of the Africa trip with TEACH. I loved so many things it is hard to select one...the animals and evening safaris were exciting and fun, and meeting some of the students at the Wildlife Center was a great opportunity for a mini cultural exchange. I think for me, the most meaningful experiences were the visits to schools and the opportunity to talk with teachers and even more, visit with the students. I gained a tremendous amount from the summer experience. I am only beginning to recognize many of the things.
2001 Summer Expedition - China
July 1, 2001 thru July 15, 2001 by Naima Freitas My experience in China will affect the way I teach my high school students about agriculture in the future. I now realize that the study of agriculture requires not only an awareness of plant, animal and soil science but also of environmental science, technology, history, economics, politics and culture. Though my students generally focus their studies on agriculture and environmental science within the United States, I think that it is educationally valuable to examine agriculture in both the U.S.A. and in China. The trip affected the way I think about learning. It reinforced the idea that people learn more effectively through experience. My trip to China not only taught me about agriculture in China: the concerns, research and techniques involved, but also about the culture. It was great to be able to see the actual research taking place. It was especially meaningful because I was able to speak with the scientists and researchers involved to learn about their rationale and hopes.

71. Rogue River Specialty River Trips
April 29 May 2, Thursday-Sunday Our whitewater school promises four We run 3-dayrafting trips in the fall, with We can help plan your event and can provide
Rogue River Theme Trips For the 2004 season, we're offering a number of specialty trips and activities on the Rogue. Scroll down the page for information on our Whitewater School, Wine Tasting and Driftboat Fishing
Wine Tasting and Lodge Trip, September 10 - 12, Thursday - Saturday
Fall Driftboat Fishing

The Rogue canyon is incredible in the fall when the big leaf maple trees turn golden and the air turns crisp. Steelhead and salmon like the fall too, and the fish run is fabulous. We run 3-day rafting trips in the fall, with the first night spent camping and the second night at Paradise Lodge. Driftboats are run with two guests and a guide per boat.
If you enjoy fishing, nothing compares to a driftboat. Rafts and bank fisherman simply cannot fish the small pockets and riffles that a driftboat can. Price is $898.00 per person, which includes the use of all fishing gear.
With comfortable lodges available for Company Meetings , the Rogue is an ideal setting for holding corporate and employee functions. We can help plan your event and can provide transportation and lodging options before and after your river trip. Let us know the details about your meeting plans and we'll put together a proposal for you.
Trip Details Planning Your Vacation Driftboat Fishing ... Home

72. Shorebird Sister Schools
This allows for advanced planning of educational events, festivals, and field trips. theircommunities to the Shorebird Sister Schools Web site.
Why Teach About Shorebirds? W ith all the curricula that already exist on specialized topics, the natural question arises, why should teachers use this one? While at first glance the focus appears to be on shorebirds only, a closer look reveals that these lessons teach a broad range of scientific concepts and offer a global connection to other students, scientists, and educators. Consider what makes this program unique. Shorebirds Are a Theme Easily Integrated into Many Subjects!
  • The sheer magnitude of what shorebirds accomplish in their efforts to survive is truly amazing and a great tie in to numerous subjects. For example, Hawaii has a rich culture that incorporates its most well-known shorebird, the Kolea or Pacific-Golden Plover, into its chants, hulas, and folklore. The Kolea provides a great opportunity to teach about science, but it also brings in history and social studies. Calculating distances and mapping where these birds migrate also make great opportunities for bringing math and geography into the classroom in a relevant and fun way.

73. Proven Solutions To ENDING School Shootings
school group went on a hike or trip without armed Apparently the planning of the attackwas pretty far foresee, that we will see more schoolshooting incidents
Proven Solutions To ENDING School Shootings
Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc.
P.O. Box 270143
Hartford, WI 53027 Phone (262) 673-9745
Fax (262) 673-9746 An Exclusive Interview by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
"Intellectual Ammunition to Destroy Gun Control" PROVEN SOLUTIONS

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership proven solutions (not just theories) to the problem. Rest assured the answer is not in more "gun control", as the gun prohibitionists would want to brainwash America into believing. In fact, the problem IS gun control. JPFO: Tell us about your background, and your involvement with firearms, and the right to keep and bear arms. SCHILLER: The name is Dr. David Th. Schiller, currently residing in the little town of Nassau, 70 km northwest of Frankfurt. I work as editor-in-chief of VISIER, a 168-pages strong general interest gun magazine which I started eleven years ago in Stuttgart and which has now grown to be the most influential and best selling gun magazine in all of Europe. Of course with a gun magazine published in Germany, politics are at the forefront of our editorial work, and we have an eye toward the past. NRA's Steve Halbrook has been just over here and I was glad to help him with his research on Jewish resistance during WW II. Over the years I published a number of books on shooting, police, terrorism, military history etc., most of these under the pseudonym of "Jan Boger". You probably might find a photographic journal of mine in English on the IDF, called "To Live in the Fire...", published in 1977 by the John Olson Publishing Co. in New Jersey.

74. ASTC Dimensions || September/October 2002
Whenever possible, we arrange a field trip to a local research needs and be involvedin a school s professional development planning over several
November/December 2002:
Connecting Teachers and Science
Highlights from our printed bimonthly publication. Inside this issue:
  • Helping Teachers Teach: A Learner-Centered Approach to Professional Development
  • A Place of Their Own
  • Extraordinary Environments: Sharing Science with Teachers
  • Informal Meets Formal: Museum Educators and Communities of Practice
  • A Teacher's Story
  • Standards-Based Testing: Obstacle or Opportunity?
  • Content Counts: Teacher-Led Curriculum Projects
  • Sign On for Science: Online Support for Teachers
  • Personal Connections: Building Scientist/Teacher Partnerships
  • Order ASTC Dimensions
  • Index by Date
  • Order Back Issues ...
  • Submit articles Helping Teachers Teach: A Learner-Centered Approach to Professional Development By Lee Schmitt It began with a casual query at a teacher conference. It was March 1994, and 100 physical science teachers from around the state were meeting at the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM), in St. Paul. At the time, SMM hosted four teacher conferences a year, in partnership with the Minnesota Science Teachers Association (MnSTA). John Olson, a member of the conference organizing committee (and later a nominee for ASTC's Honor Roll of Teachers), pulled me aside after one of the sessions. "Our school board just passed a resolution that requires geologic time, paleontology, and evolution to be introduced to students in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades," he said. "Our district's curriculum team needs to develop a plan and train a lot of teachers. Can the science museum help?"
  • 75. The Museum School
    when students move and family plans change, we Please do not schedule any trips orappointments during may further particpate in the after school music progams
    A Charter School sponsored by the San Diego Children's Museum
    Phil Beaumont, Teacher/Director~ Gingerlily Lowe-Brisby, Janet Cumbo, Alison McDonald-Teachers
    211 Maple Street, San Diego CA 92103 ~ 619/236-8712
    6 to 6 before and afterschool care ~ 619-971-0054
    Updated June 8, 2004
    6 to 6

    Museum School Mission Statement School Accountability Report Card Museum School Parent Handbook ... School Council : Members, Executive Council, and minutes from past meetings (all may not be accessible yet) Daily Schedule
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday FAQ
    (Frequently Asked Questions)
    6 to 6
    , Homework, Music, Pokemon Chess Contact List
    ... Alison , Krista, Holly, Ray, Rhonda, Yvonne Alex School Council All Parents ... Community Service/Art Department Do You Shop Online? donates $15.00 to our school for each registration with no obligation on your part to purchase anything; we also get a donation from your purchases.

    76. Teach For America
    teachers and administrators in their schools to create systematic plans to significantly memberschaperone one another s field trips, participate in
    Phoenix Besides being easy to get around Phoenix, it's also easy to get out of the city. We're close to the mountains. It's great to be able to take my backpack with me in the morning and then go hiking in the mountains after school.
    Charlene Weaver, 2001 corps member Life Schools The corps Certification ... At a glance Life
    Teach For America Phoenix corps members enjoy various living options. Most choose to reside in the central corridor of Phoenix proper, close to some Teach For America schools and many downtown attractions.This area also includes Phoenix's historic neighborhoods, Encanto Park, the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum. Other corps members prefer to live in Tempe, approximately 20-25 minutes by car to some corps members' schools. With some corps members choosing to spend their free time dancing in hip hop, salsa, or '80s clubs, others preferring day trips to old mining towns, and still others heading for the ski slopes of Flagstaff, it is safe to say that whatever the interest, the Phoenix area can provide. Schools
    Several of the Phoenix schools in which Teach For America places corps members have been placed on three-year improvement plans as a result of low standardized test scores. These schools risk being closed at the end of this time period and re-opened with new leadership if they do not show significant improvements in student academic performance on the Stanford-9 standardized test. In response, some corps members have joined leadership and curriculum committees with veteran teachers and administrators in their schools to create systematic plans to significantly increase student achievement. Universally, all corps members are charged with the responsibility to make measurable gains in student achievement.

    77. Haaretz - Israel News
    outside school grounds, such as class trips, and have 0831 Secondary school strikeplanned for Wednesday averted. UK s Straw to discuss postreferendum plans.

    78. Randall Museum | Plan A Visit
    Plan A Visit. Whether you are a dropin visitor or scheduled school group, theRandall Museum welcomes you. Science and Cultural school Field trips.
    Hours, Directions, School Field Trips Check out our current exhibits! Class Schedules and Calendar of Events Our History, Contact Info, General Info, Press Info, and Clubs Memberships, Volunteering, and Donations Follow the footprints through this site Take a look at our resident animals! Games, Puzzles and Fun Facts!
    Plan A Visit
    Whether you are a drop-in visitor or scheduled school group, the Randall Museum welcomes you. Check out our rotating exhibits, meet native California animals, or hike along the trails at Corona Heights Hill next to the Museum. Register for next quarter's classes, or show up unannounced on Saturdays for special programming and workshops. Our current class flier at the "Classes and Events" icon will detail our current schedule of events and activities.
    ADMISSION: Museum admission and school field trip programs are free. Donations are gratefully accepted. (See the "Help Us Grow" icon)
    FACILITIES: The hill behind the museum has trails and beautiful views of the city. A park and playground are adjacent to the museum. Bag lunches work well; there are no formal lunch facilities.
    Hours of Operation and Directions

    Teacher Workshops and Loan Materials

    Science and Cultural School Field Trips
    Hours of Operation and Directions
    The Randall Museum is open:
    Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 5pm

    79. Tools For Schools: Eduspace Offers New Ways To Teach Earth Observation Science E
    in Earth observation technology, lesson planning and practical the teachers took afield trip to Lake attention to science and technology subjects in schools.
    Biographies of scientists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers, inventors, with science projects, nature news, biology, human body, technology, animal kingdoms, and environments.

    ANC News


    US Geological Survey

    If you have questions concerning this website, contact
    True Story:
    At the height of World War II, in 1942, the British Navy had a sudden breakdown in radio communications. The British became convinced that it was a German trick. It turned out to be disturbances caused by sunspots over 93 million miles away.
    The True Story of Black Hawk Down

    Cosmos Collector's Edition Boxed set - VHS
    Carl Sagan's COSMOS is one of the most influential science programs ever made. Q. Does the moon have a dark side? A. The moon does have a far side which is impossible to see from the earth, but it doesn't mean that it's always dark. Each side of the moon is dark for no longer than 15 days at a time. Q. Where does sound come from? A. The air is always filled with sound waves. All things give off vibrations, but some have a low frequency which most cannot hear. The reason: it may take 3 minutes to make a single vibration. They may be caused by earthquakes and storms. Did You Know?

    80. Managing Food Allergies In School
    Tips for Field trips. Keep yourself upto-date on upcoming special events inyour child s school. The more time you have to plan ahead, the better.
    Take me back to the Managing Food Allergies in School page
    Field Trip Tips for Parents Tips for Field Trips
    • Keep yourself up-to-date on upcoming special events in your child's school. The more time you have to plan ahead, the better. Remember that you and your child's teacher need to work together as a team to keep your child safe. Role-play with your child and practice what your child should do if a reaction is occurring. what to do if your child starts to have a reaction. Oftentimes children are reluctant to mention that they're having symptoms for fear of creating a scene. Teach your child to be persistent that, in the event of a reaction, rapid treatment is essential.
    After the event, briefly call or meet with your child's teacher to discuss what went well and what, if anything, should be changed in the future. Be sure to give praise for a job well done; a thank-you note reinforces the idea of teamwork and builds a positive atmosphere.
    Field Trip Tips for Educators
    • Update the food-allergic student's Food Allergy Action Plan. Ask the parents to review the Plan you have on file and note any updated information. Also ask parents to check the expiration dates on any medications.

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