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41. Field Trip
The keys to safety are anticipation, planning, adequate supervision. and school DivisionAddress of school, and Phone will be taking many field trips this year
Teaching Methods Field Trips Homepage 322.3 Homepage 324.3 Homepage 327.3 Homepage 421.3 ... Sample Lesson Plans
A history of field trips? If we consider the long term, we will realize that children have learned by being with their parents or placed in apprentice situations with employers for most of human history. In a sense, field trips were the norm, until the invention of formal education. I believe it was the Greeks, around the time of Plato, who invented formal schools.
Does this mean, because the history of field trips and apprentice situations is so long, that this is the most effective way to learn? What are the benefits and disadvantages of field trips? What are the benefits and disadvantages of learning in classrooms? And what are the benefits and disadvantages of apprenticeships? L.B. Sharp wrote that what is best learned indoors should be learned there, and what is best learned outdoors should be learned there.

Carry extras of everything. Some children will not bring hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, or, on the other side of the weather, toques, scarves, mitts. Have spares available. Take a first aid kit, in case of cuts or scrapes. Perhaps have alcohol swipes for cleaning wounds before bandaging them. Have water available for drinking. Have a whistle to call the students to you.

42. For Providers - Getting School Ready
Plan trips to places that teach them about their Plan and implement group timeactivities for in kindergarten, visit the “Getting school Ready“ website

Helping Children in Your Program Get Ready to Start School Kindergarten teachers and child development experts agree that there are some important skills children need to make a successful transition to kindergarten. As early childhood educators, you play a key role in helping the children with whom you work get ready for school. You are already helping the children in your program in many ways! Read on to see what else you can do! Social and Emotional Skills When thinking about kindergarten readiness, what comes to mind for many people is the need for children to have early “academic” skills, such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Although some knowledge in these areas will certainly help children be better prepared for kindergarten, what is most important are children’s social and emotional skills Children need to feel excited and comfortable about starting kindergarten.

43. Teach Registration Form
of the school year. .RELEASE. Field trips for the teach support group are planned and
T.E.A.C.H. 2003-2004 REGISTRATION FORM THE ENTIRE FORM HAS TO BE COMPLETED AND NOTARIZED TO BE REGISTERED IN TEACH) Registration is now open for the 2003-2004 school year. The annual dues of $40.00 covers T.E.A.C.H. membership, FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association) membership, a monthly newsletter, a T.E.A.C.H. directory, and participation in T.E.A.C.H. activities. Some activities may have an additional charge. Late registration (after 8/31/03) is $50.00 A registration form is provided below. Mail your NOTARIZED registration form and check made payable to: T.E.A.C.H., 9324 Carlylee Ave., Surfside, Fl 33154. Any bounced checks will incur an $8.00 fee. Please complete the following form:
Last NamePrimary Name (does the majority of the teaching
Spouse Last NameE-Mail_ FPEA ID NUMBER
Phone_This is ouryear homeschooling (i.e., 5 th , etc.) Address_City_ State,Zip (Please NOTIFY T.E.A.C.H. and FPEA if you change addresses or you will not receive your newsletters) CHILDREN:
Grade/Name Age Curriculum
VOLUNTEER Our group only functions if we have volunteers, Please sign up for one or more of the following:

44. Planning For Summer - Child Care Aware
For others, it may mean choosing a camp or recreational program followed by a newclass or new school in the planning ahead can make your trips more fun

The Daily Parent Home

A Newsletter for Working Parents Spring 1998
Planning For Summer
Opportunities and Challenges Summer is right around the corner and it's not too soon to start planning. While your need for child care is year-round, summertime offers special opportunities as well as challenges. Even for very young children, child care schedules often follow a school year model with transitions in June or September. For some children, the end of the school year will mean a move to a new classroom. For others, it may mean choosing a camp or recreational program followed by a new class or new school in the Fall. Summer might also mean vacation travel to visit friends and family.
Some children will be uneasy about the changes ahead. Changes in children's behavior and anxiety levels can occur when these changes take place. Try to think about each transition as an opportunity to teach your child how to handle new situations. Adults know that change is a constant, inevitable part of life. Talk with your child about the changes. Knowing what to expect and getting support from you can help your child gain the confidence to manage the road ahead.

45. Leisure & Lifestyle - Families - Family Life
built road through their playground to teach them about The plan has delighted teachers,road safety campaigners youngsters may face on school trips or while

46. Arends: Learning To Teach, 4th Edition
the Challenge of Instructional Improvement (ERIC Digest) Pathways to school ImprovementTrip Planner Inventory The Role of planning in Teaching.
WWW Links Related to the Book
Scientific Basis for the Art of Teaching
Teaching in Historical Perspective
History of Education

Blackwell History of Education Research Museum

Educational Theory is Troublesome Stuff

Effective Teaching
Principles for Effective Teaching

HVCC's Center for Effective Teaching Home Page

Taking Teaching Seriously: Meeting the Challenge of Instructional Improvement (ERIC Digest)

Pathways to School Improvement: Trip Planner Inventory
Education Hot Links

Learning to Teach National Center for Research on Teacher Learning National Center for Research on Teacher Learning Student Teaching and Student Teacher Supervision Overcoming the Education-Training Divide: The Case of Professional Development ... Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
The Role of Planning in Teaching
Instructional Objectives Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives Arts Education Evaluation Specifying Objectives Effective Teaching Strategies and the Design of Instruction Selecting Curriculum Content The Starting Point Arts Education: A Curriculum Guide for Grade Eight Reading Curriculum Guide Contents A Curriculum Guide for the Elementary Level ... Education Resource List Lesson Plans Classroom Connect Resource Station - The World Wide Web Classroom Connect Heritage Online: K-12 Lesson Plan Resources EDMC - World Wide Web Teacher Resources - Lessons Plans and Teaching Resources - General ... Lesson Plan Format
Learning Environments and Motivation
Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate Motivating Students to Learn Student Motivation to Learn Classroom Management Plan My Ways to Maintain a Positive Classroom Climate Effects of Classroom Environment on Motivation

47. Neighborhood News ­ The Goffstown News This Week
he took a number of other trips ­ to Europe idea from his world history teacher atGoffstown High school. months, Lane has worked with the planning board and news.html
This week's stories: (click on the headline to jump to story)
24-7 fire service urged

Towns wage war on milfoil
Old Home Day 2004
(Daymond Steer Photo)
Kameron Thompson, 5, gets his face painted by April Hotchkiss of Weare. (Daymond Steer Photo)
24-7 fire service urged
Staff Writer
Selectmen gave Fire Chief Frank Carpentino 30 days to report on the economic feasibility of providing 24-hour fire and emergency medical service to the town.
They issued the directive during their meeting on Monday, June 7.
In doing so, selectmen urged Carpentino to speak with the local firefighters' union about the possibility of changing to 24-hour service.
"The economic factor in this is going to be a big player," said Chairman Robert Wheeler.
Several weeks ago, a petition began circulating which was signed by almost half of the 54 on-call firefighters, asking selectmen to allow the chief to write and present a 24-hour full-time staffing plan.
The petition calls for at least one of the three fire stations to have full-time employees 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The call staff would be used as needed.

48. China Placement List
Arrive July 7th for briefing and planning as well as an introduction to thearea. Weekends free to enjoy local trips provided by the school.
CHINA - Placement List In China we have Individual Placements and Group Placements Individual Placements IVP = Placements for individual volunteers with no special experience or training. SIVP = Placements for volunteers with related experience, expertise or proven interest. Education CNI009 - SIVP Linyi. Education CNI004 - IVP Urumqi . Teaching spoken English to children at a fee-paying school in north-west China with about 4 classes per day (40 minutes long), Monday to Friday. No qualifications necessary, just an ability to introduce and develop interesting topics to promote discussions. Weekends are free to enjoy local trips provided by the School. One or more volunteers from English speaking countries, and volunteers whose English (as a second language) is gramatically very good. Accommodation provided at the school, possibly with cooking facilities food allowance paid each month to cover food costs; or volunteers may eat at the School canteen. Minimum age 18 years. Duration: minimum 2 months. Some assistance with fares can be provided in return for 12 week participation. Education CNI005 - SIVP Urumqi . Qualified English speaking school teachers. Teachers needed to teach English at a fee-paying school in north-west China. Volunteers teach about 4 classes per day (each 40 minutes long), from Monday to Friday. Weekends free to enjoy many local trips provided by the school. On-site accommodation provided, possibly with cooking facilities and a food allowance paid per month to cover food costs; or the volunteer may eat at the school canteen. Duration: minimum 2 months. Some assistance with fares for minimum 12 weeks participation.

49. Resources For Middle School Science--7.43-- Teach The Mind, Touch The Spirit: A
A Teacher s Guide to Using the school Grounds for for teachers and some ideas forfield trip experiences the publication offers a checklist for planning a field
Science Success for Students with Disabilities

Ten-Minute Field Trips: A Teacher's Guide to Using the School Grounds for Environmental Studies
Helen H. Voris, Maija Sedzielarz, and Carolyn P. Blackmon.
Teach the Mind, Touch the Spirit: A Guide to Focused Field Trips.
Chicago, Ill.: Field Museum of Natural History, Department of Education, 1986. 88 pp. Price: $10.00 (ISBN 0-914868-09-8) [Ch 1: Physical Science] [Ch 2: Life Science]
[Ch 3: Environmental Science]
[Ch 4: Earth and Space Science] ...
National Academy Press

50. Planning For The Ultimate One Computer Classroom
Now you have a virtual classroom, ready to take trips around the globe. Schoolsshould plan for direct Internet connections over a WAN .
Planning for the Ultimate One Computer Classroom Over the years there have been many writings on how to deal with one computer in a classroom. As more schools get connected to the world wide web and add technology to the school infrastructure, the question still remains ; If I only have one computer in my classroom , what is the most effective way to share Internet resources with a room full of eager children ? Here are some ideas to consider before breaking out your surfboard. Take Baby steps. You are the one familiar with your curriculum. Begin to target specific sites that match what you already teach. There are places on the Internet that identify quality sites and give descriptions of what topics and age levels they are appropriate for. Examples of such places include Classroom Connect on the Net The Global Schoolhouse , and our own Montgomery County Intermediate Unit . If you match one or two sites per topic that you teach, it is a great start. Plan for how you can best "share" your monitor. Not all of us can afford expensive projection units that provide large colorful displays of the web. So the problem remains . How can I share this great Internet connection with my twenty-five pupils ?

51. Special Education Lesson Plans
demonstrations, guest speakers, and a field trip with a The Homeschool Photo-EssayLink- Each photo essay about three to five days to plan and complete.
Best Sites

Daily History

... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Special Education ...
  • Abuse It, Lose It - Logical Consequences for Teaching Self-Control to Mischievous Children. Art for All - The teacher found that the photogram was an excellent medium of expression for his students because the photogram (or shadowgram) lends itself to an almost endless array of creative arrangements while not requiring the fine motor control of regular photography. Bits of Braille - Lesson plan for fourth through sixth grades utilizing the braille alphabet and information on Helen Keller. Collaborative Lesson Archive - A colloborative area for exchange lesson ideas. Crayola Art Education * Lesson Plans - A long time to download, but well worth it. Cultural Awareness - The children involved in this project were provided with individual plans of physical and occupational therapy to help them deal with developmental delays, physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida, or injuries and surgeries. Working together, Hill, a physical education teacher, and Phillips, a special education teacher, designed individual activity sheets for each child in consultation with physical and occupational therapists.
  • 52. World Languages Lesson Plans
    Lesson 1 For the first few weeks, I plan on only Italian Lesson 3 a scuola (at school)-The numbers from 100 Kyoto Trip- We recommend this only be used as a
    Best Sites

    Daily History

    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Lesson Plans World Languages ... Basic Syllables - There are 408 basic syllables in Chinese. We have worked out a "List of Chinese Basic Syllables" that gives you a bird's-eye view of all the 408 syllables. Concept Attainment Model "Boulangerie (Bakery)" - Exercise on the concept attainment model, Boulangerie is the concept that the students are suppose to come up with. CultureQuest - Explore the sights, sounds and smells of the Hispanic world. Days of the Month - In Japanese, complete with audio files. Discussing the Weather - In Japanese, complete with audio files. Encarta Foreign Language Lesson Plans - 550 lessons. Foreign Language and Culture - The brainstorm early in the school year some cultural activities within the country that relate to the everyday activities of its people, which may affect the language. Foreign Language Lesson Plans - A list of foreign language lesson sites.

    53. Teach-At-Home Features
    educator, you soon learn that every trip is an classes that counted towards both collegeand high school. Regional Director for a home party plan sales company
    Home Legal About Us Link To Us ... Contact Please visit our sponsors, their continued support makes Teach-At-Home possible
    Top-rated by homeschoolers Easy Homeschooling Techniques: Your Guide to th... Home Education Curriculum: Grade 1 Homeschool Your Child for Free: More Than 1,200... Slow and Steady Get Me Ready: A Parents' Handbo... ... How to Be a Successful Online Student
    Note: The opinons expressed in featured articles solely reflect those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect those of Teach-At-Home, its affiliates or its advertisers. Teach-At-Home neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy of these features. For full details, see our
    Why Did You Start Home Schooling?
    by Marilyn Wilkerson
    "Why did you start home schooling your son?" That's a question I've been asked over and over and over again. Even as the number of home-educated children grows and grows, there are still so many people who just don't understand why we do this!
    For many years, I worked as a party plan sales manager and earned a pretty good income. I worked my way up to Regional Director, and in addition to the good income, I earned trips almost every year. My son was able to go on those trips. At four, he had the best Disney World vacation any child (or adult!) could ever imagine. At age eight, he even traveled to Hawaii!
    Unfortunately, the career I had chosen when Derek was just a baby so that I could stay at home with him and still earn money became my life. I had to have an office away from home, because our "bedroom community" did not allow any home businesses. When I was at home, I was on the phone all evening long. And many evenings, I was off holding parties or sales meetings or training events. I justified all of this by saying that Derek was fortunate to be able to travel with me. I also justified it by saying that because of the income I earned, he was able to go to great (or so we thought!) private Christian schools.

    54. Teach Now: 100th Day Of School
    100th Day of school Internet Field Trip (K2) Tour the World Wide Web to find teacher-createdsites sharing their best 100th Day ideas. Teaching Plan for The
    Scholastic Home About Us Site Map Search ... Customer Service The 100th day of school is more than just a milestone worth noting - it's the perfect time to have fun with the number 100. The activities and lessons in this theme unit provide opportunities for your students to practice math and sharpen their observational skills.
    Some of these free resources are PDF files. To print them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software (version 4.0 or higher). If you do not have the software already installed, click here to download a FREE copy. Ideas for Teachers
    You can count on these resources to help you plan a perfect 100th day of school celebration.
    100th Day of School Internet Field Trip
    Tour the World Wide Web to find teacher-created sites sharing their best 100th Day ideas. Teaching Plan for The 100th Day of School
    by Angela Shelf Medearis; Illustrated By Joan Holub

    55. Northwest Mountain School About Us
    and Philosophy The Northwest Mountain school was formed in decades of climbing toteach climbing fundamentals anchors, crevasse rescue, and pretrip planning.
    About Northwest Mountain School Who Are We
    The Northwset Mountain School specializes in adventure travel programs in the Pacific Northwest U.S., Canada, and Alaska.
    Type of program: Wilderness expeditions
    Class size: 8-10 students per group
    Head of Program: John Race, Director Location:
    The Northwest Mountain School is located in Leavenworth, WA. Leavenworth is home to world class backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, fly fishing, mountain biking, and just about any other outdoor activity you may be interested in. Most programs take place in the mountain ranges within a few hours drive from Seattle. Locations vary from original-growth forests and alpine glaciers to sage-brush deserts and rivers in the Olympics, Cascades, and Alaska. Most trips start at the Seattle-Tacoma airport, and then proceed to a base area in the Cascades. Background and Philosophy
    The Northwest Mountain School was formed in 1994 to give young people the opportunity to experience purposeful trips in the backcountry. John Race, a professional mountain guide for 13 years, started NMS to combine his love of mountain environments with his extensive mountain guiding experience. Students spend time honing camping, climbing, and paddling skills, while also having the opportunity to study the plants, animals, geology, and history of the Pacific Northwest. During the adventures, friendships are formed that will last a lifetime. Every NMS program seeks to teach safe back country travel, while encouraging fun, goal-oriented activities in mountain environments . The physical and intellectual challenges encountered in the Pacific Northwest mountains offer time for reflection and personal growth during activities led by professional mountain guides and naturalists.

    56. Accomodations
    for upcoming changes to routine field trips, transitions from to act as the linkbetween home and school. each week (Monday mornings) to plan/organize the
    About ADDA

    ADDA Office

    Meet Our Board
    ADDA Fund ...
    Yellow Pages

    ABC's of ADD

    ADD Research

    ADD Treatment

    ADD Coaching
    Features ADD Interviews Creative Corner Personal Stories Kid's Area ... Home Page National ADDA LIST OF APPROPRIATE SCHOOL-BASED ACCOMMODATIONS AND INTERVENTIONS
    FOR A 504 PLAN OR FOR ADAPTATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS SECTION OF AN IEP (Choose only those accommodations and interventions that are the most needed. Attempt to select low-level accommodations and interventions before moving to more supportive or high-level accommodations and interventions. If high-level accommodations are necessary, choose them with the goal of slowly removing them whenever possible. The objective should always be to provide support while encouraging growth with these strategies to foster independence and self-advocacy). Alter the environment Provide this Student with Low-Distraction Work Areas Provide this student with a quiet, distraction free area for quiet study time and test-taking. It is the responsibility of the teacher to take the initiative to privately and discretely (do not draw peer attention to the student) "send" this student to a quiet, distraction-free room/area for each testing session. It is important to assure that once the student begins a task requiring a quiet, distraction-free environment that no interruptions be permitted until the student is finished.

    57. Newsletter At Fingerprint America - Child Safety Products For Parents, Educators
    schools plan ski and snowboard trips for their But, with some planning and investigation,the likelihood of Many community colleges, high schools and libraries
    Join Us! Now You Can Represent The Best, Most Recognized Products In The Industry, In a Growing Market Click Here

    Enter your email address: Kidsafe Newz April 2004 Newsletter Archives Safety Tips: School Safety: Using Risk to Assess School Trips As we head into the final months of the school year, many schools will close out the year by planning field trips for the children. Some trips will be educational; others are planned with only fun in mind. And, depending on the ages of the children involved, some may involve overnight stays, while others will only last a few hours. As might be expected, quite a bit of planning and preparation go into these trips to make sure the children are safe while away from school. Unfortunately, regardless how much planning and preparation is done or how many precautions are taken, accidents sometimes still occur. As a result, many school districts are taking a harder look at their school trip policies and adopting a risk-based approach to determining the types of trips their

    58. Planning Your Field Trip - Whitman Mission National Historic Site
    When should you take your field trip? if you would like to come at this time, PLANAHEAD, and We encourage school groups to take advantage of the nice weather
    Whitman Mission NHS - Education

    Why visit Whitman Mission NHS? In 1836 Dr. Marcus and Mrs. Narcissa Whitman crossed the United States from New York to "Oregon Country" with Henry and Eliza Spalding and William Gray. Narcissa and Eliza became the first white women to cross the Rocky mountains. The Whitmans set up a mission at Waiilatpu, where they intended to teach the Cayuse how to read and write, how to farm, and about the Christian gospel. In 1843, Marcus Whitman helped guide the first wagon train to take wagons all the way to the Willamette Valley. Tragically in 1847, rumors, cultural differences, and mis-communication led to the deaths of the Whitmans and eleven others by several Cayuse after a measles outbreak had decimated the tribe. The events of 1836 to 1847 here at Whitman Mission played a significant role in American and Cayuse history in the Pacific Northwest. It is an excellent place to learn about the Cayuse and other plateau Indians, and the missionary movement in the Northwest, and the early Oregon Trail. One of the reasons this site is such a valuable educational experience is that this is where the Whitman Mission was actually located. When you wander the grounds you are retracing the steps of the Whitmans, the Cayuse, and countless Oregon Trail emigrants.

    59. The Lesson Plans Page - Science Lesson Plans, Science Ideas, & Science Activitie
    Cell Organelles compares Cells to a school or Factory; While these are not lessonplans themselves, these Science the study of the Environment (on Field trips).
    Features: Special Features: Improve Reading Efficient Reading Teaching Jobs Teacher Magazines Site Information: EdScope Sites: Join Newsletter:
    Search This Site:
    Vote For Us: @ SitesForTeachers @ Teach-nology

    Science Lesson Plans - Junior / High School
    Visit Other
    Search Forums Newsletter ... Tell-A-Friend
    You may also want to take a look at our Weekly Science Experiments section!
    Biology - Animals: Biology - Human Body: Biology - Plants:

    60. Internet Lesson Plans, Tutorials, And Resources
    Virtual Geology Field trips. Review of DNA Structure and Function A collegelevellesson plan on DNA analysis It may also work with advanced high school students
    Internet Lesson Plans, Tutorials, and Resources These sites offer Internet tutorials, lesson plans that use the Internet, criteria for web site evaluation, and links to other similar sites. Scroll through the page, or click on one of the topics below. All links on this site were checked and updated 12-26-03. Site Index: Internet Resources/Tutorials, Sites with Internet-Based Lesson Plans in Many Subjects, Internet Scavenger Hunts/Web Quests, Visual Arts, ... Web Site Evaluation Try these great offers:
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