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21. Classroom Management And Lesson Plans
Education for Kids. Education World Lesson planning Center. Education WorldImprovingSelf Concept. Family Fun. Field trips. First Day of school. First school. Resources/TeacherResources/Ma
MSAD#54 Schools Welcome to our schools... Bloomfield School Canaan Elementary Cornville Elementary Margaret Chase Smith Mercer Elementary Norridgewock Elementary North Elementary School Smithfield Elementary Skowhegan Area Middle School Skowgegan Area High School Classroom Management and Lessons Curriculum Links Teacher Resources Marco Polo NTTI Lessons ... Activity Books KidsDomain Activity Village Back to School Activity Village Many Young Activities ADPRIMA Lesson Plans ALCA (Use the Search) Alfy Alphabet Soup Alphabuddies Archimedes Laboratory ... Bry-Back Manor Printables Included Can Teach CanDo Character Education CharacterEd-Caring Teacher ... Early Childhood PreSchool Zone Ed Tech Tools Edu Place Educate the Children Education Explorer ... Fun Lessonplans Young Gateway Gingerbread Chain Gingerbread Garland Global Forum ... Graphic Organizers EduPlace

22. Teach English In South Korea, World English Service Ltd. - Field Trips
complete opposite and you might be starting to experience the Korean school fieldtrip. Be relaxed and flexible and fate will plan your field trip for you
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School Field and Day Trips
The majority of schools have a special ?theme day? planned to happen once a month. Sometimes this special day is an activity that can be actioned on the school premises, but a few times a year you will be told you are going on ?field trip?. There does not seem to be a pattern to why certain places are selected at certain times and generally these trips are more about showing the school is kind and generous - schools will often "spoil" the children with attention and treats.
During my time in Korea we went on some of the following field trips:
  • Seoul Grand Park - This was fun going free on a lot of the activities but not all that fun holding on to little children about to fall out of the huge rocking Pirate Ship. The entry gate forgot to check if the bars actually held little kids!
  • Korean Folk Museum in Seoul - This was a lovely day wandering around the amazing exhibitions and then eating lunch in a big circle on the floor in one of the exhibition halls.
  • Seoul Racecourse - Believe it or not we did not see one racehorse, but there are a lot of picnic areas set up in the middle of the racetrack and even a little mini zoo/bird display. The kids enjoyed the little playground there and spent a lot of time rocking backwards and forwards on the ?play-horses.?

23. Planning Successful Field Trips
Involve your staff in the planning of trips. How long is the trip? Will you needto schedule a school bus, arrange for a van or ask parents to drive?
Planning Successful Field Trips
by Barbara Kaiser and Judy Sklar Rasminsky W hy go on field trips? They break the routine that makes the children feel secure at the day care centre and they're extra work to organize. Are they worth it? Are the children actually getting something out of them or are they created just to please the parents? A good day care field trip broadens children's horizons it shows them a new bit of the world or a familiar bit in a new way. It makes subjects more concrete and deepens children's understanding of them a group of four-year-olds who are learning about transportation will understand it much better if they take a train ride, for example. And, a good field trip is lots of fun! A day care lucky enough to be situated beside a large park with a greenhouse, library, swimming pool, arena and well-equipped playground may have less impetus to venture into the outside world than an isolated rural centre or a day care surrounded by sidewalks and tall buildings. Fortunately, children in every sort of day care centre can profit from the variety of experiences that well-planned outings provide. Good field trips teach children that there's a wonderful world to explore out there and that, at least on some level, it belongs to them. Where should your day care go on its trips? The multiplicity of your possible destinations, your curriculum, the ages of your children, your financial resources and the location of your day care all of these factors play a role in your choices.

24. Life Lab: Tours And Events
Science Exploration field trip tours offer school groups grade pre and post visitlesson plans to extend Fall From Farm Fork field trips teach kids where there
Life Lab Science Program provides schools and our community with many exciting ways to discover garden based science.
2004 Events Calendar
School Field Trips at the Garden Classroom
Spring Science Exploration field trip tours offer school groups grade level garden-based science learning on a 25 acre organic farm and garden. Teachers receive pre and post visit lesson plans to extend the on farm learning in to their classroom.
Fall From Farm Fork
field trips teach kids where there food comes from. On these tours children will celebrate the harvest season by pressing apple juice, making corn tortillas and much more. Teachers receive pre and post visit lesson plans to extend the on farm learning in to their classroom.
Self Guided Tours
are a great way for Pre, Kinder and First Grade Classes to visit the Garden Classroom. Self guided brochure and maps are available.
Composting and Recycling Field Trips
to the Life Lab Garden Classroom are free for Santa Cruz City Schools grades 2-6. Sponsored by the Public School Resource Conservation Program where teachers and students are practicing waste prevention, recycling, and composting in to the classroom.
School-Based Programs
The Field to Market to You Grocery Store Explorations are a collaborative effort with New Leaf Markets and offer a second and third grade program looking at local agricultural history and a fourth through sixth grade program exploring consumer education and food system issues. These programs include a field trip to a local New Leaf Community Market. Teachers receive pre and post visit lesson plans to reinforce learning.

25. Classroom Lesson Plans: Helping Teachers Teach History
as well as ideas for virtual projects and field trips. Social Studies school ServiceLinks Comprehensive site containing lesson plans and teaching
donations archives newsletter contact ... FAQ''s June 11, 2004 Text Size: A A A Departments
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Teacher's Lounge Archives Classroom Lesson Plans: Helping Teachers Teach History
Below are links to sites specifically designed to help teachers use the Internet in designing courses in history. Please feel free to send us other links we should post. Just drop an email to the editor. Note: Descriptions of the sites are taken from the sites themselves. THE SYLLABUS FINDER The Syllabus Finder : This site, run by George Mason University's Center for History and New Media, features an automated search tool that locates relevant syllabi on any topic. The Syllabus Finder scans the largest database of history syllabiover 11,000 and growing dailyin combination with a powerful Google-based search of thousands of others on the web. You can compare courses at different universities, see how widely assigned a specific book is, or use it to plan your own course. (Authors: You can use it to find out how widely assigned your own book is.) FOR K-12 TEACHERS The New York Times Learning Network: This site is geared towards students in grades 3-12, their teachers and parents. Teachers can access daily lesson plans for grades 6-12, as well as quizzes built around NYT articles. Previous lessons are available in the archive and in thematic lesson plan units. Teachers can also use News Snapshot, aimed for grades 3-5, to explore current events through New York Times photos and related questions. The site also provides them with the latest education news from the newspaper.

26. Previous Articles For Elementary School Teachers
for making sure the last day of school feels less the Internet to help make fieldtrip planning simpler and A New Way to teach Reading Comprehension Based on
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Education Elementary Educators Home ... Pen Pals - The Incredible Teaching Tool zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Arts and Crafts Geography Language Arts Literature ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Subscribe to the About Elementary Educators newsletter. Search Elementary Educators Most Recent Features... How to Get Your Students' Undivided Attention
It works like magic, but there's no slight of hand here. Turn a simple deck of cards into the tool that gets each and every child's attention riveted to your words. Banned Words in Creative Writing
This creative writing lesson brings new meaning to the term "bad" words! Discover how the "s-word" and the "b-word" can help take your students' writing skills to a higher level. Harry Potter Magic
If you work with children, then you've surely heard of Harry Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts. Cast a spell of literary excitement on your kids with these Harry Potter links! Veterans Day
Veterans Day takes on an increased poignance this year as future veterans fight the war in Afghanistan. Use this opportunity to teach your students that there's much more to Veterans Day than just a day off from school.

27. Willow Grove: What We Teach
The Kindergarten teachers will plan field trips throughout the year that will bya parent or guardian and returned to school before the field trip.
What We Teach
Learner Standards

Report Cards

Curriculum: What We Teach Curriculum enhances a love of learning within a school environment that promotes risk-taking, teaching and learning from others, and the development of self-respect and respect for others. Our curriculum encompasses an integrated language arts program that includes:
  • Harcourt Trophies Program:
    • Phonemic awareness High-frequency words Phonics Writing opportunities Big books Little books Audio texts Library books
    First Steps Program:
    • Providing a framework for linking assessment with teaching and learning Covering areas of oral language, reading, and writing Providing a development continuum to identify the phases in a child's development from pre-literacy to independence
    Math The University of Chicago Everyday Mathematics Program: A spiraling, hands-on program, integrated with daily routines, that includes:

28. Education World ® : Lesson Planning: Happy Anniversary, Hawaii! -- 40 Ways To T
These virtual field trips were designed for wouldbe school Reports and the homepage, Hawaii Visitors and Plenty of lesson plans and teaching materials will
EdWorld Internet Topics
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Graduate degrees
in Education
Host Department
Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Social Science Lesson Planning Article L E S S O N P L A N N I N G A R T I C L E
Hawaii! Teaching about the 50th State
Hawaii celebrated its 40th anniversary of statehood on August 21, 1999! Take a tour of this exotic state, examine its wildlife, creep to the volcano's edge, and discover the wealth of culture and diversity that isolation can bring. Aloha! After 20 years of classroom teaching, Lena Kanemori of Enchanted Lake Elementary School in Kailua, Hawaii, became a technology coordinator and teacher of the gifted and talented. While studying endangered species, she was shocked to discover that Hawaii has the greatest number of endangered species of all of the United States. In response to this revelation and as an introductory Web-publishing project, she and her students created Endangered Species of Hawaii "Three years ago, when my students were involved in their study of Hawaii's endangered species, they were amazed, and I was more so, to find out that we had the most endangered species in the nation," Kanemori told Education World. "Finding out why we had so many endangered species was also most distressing."

29. Home Is Where The School Is
Socialization concerns Field trips and organized events, planned twice monthly,help meet home The schools don t teach morals or values anymore.
For a growing number of families ...
'Home is where the school is'
by Diane Dew

Bible Studies



According to
the Hewitt
Foundation, home-schooled students perform an average of 30 percentile points higher in standardized achievement tests. Eighty other studies have concluded the same.
BIBLE STUDIES Abortion Adultery Affliction The After-Life ... outlines at cost! Special to The Covington News F ive years ago, Joyce Thompson never thought she would be teaching her children at home. "I didn't think I could ever do that," she says. Today, the 33-year-old Covington mother is in her second year of home schooling Jason, 7; Heather, 8; and Jessica, 12. "It's not really as hard as I thought it would be," she says. "The hardest part is really learning to organize your time. Monday through Friday, your life is committed to teaching preparing, studying the materials, reading the books." Thompson says that the small the student-teacher ratio of a home school, however, enables her to focus on individual needs accomplishing in half a day what takes the instructor of a 30-member class eight hours to complete.

30. OPLIN OH! Teach / INFOhio
Media Centers AASL Resource Guides for school Library Media Teaching ConnectionsLesson Plans, Mega Sites, Projects Field trips, more…, Top Ten

31. OPLIN OH! Teach / INFOhio Elementary, Middle And High School
SESD Teacher Resources (Saskatoon (East) school Division) http Arthur to webquests,field trips, internet projects Teachers.Net Lesson Plans http//

32. WKCD - What Kids Can Do - Small Schools, Proposal Junior Year
will go to a staff meeting at both schools and tell will teach students how to planand go on outdoor trips. I will also start the planning of the rock wall in
Back to Home Back to Main Story Back to top Back to Main Story ... Back to Home Senior Project Proposal Jason Watts My senior thesis project next year will consist of two major sections. One will be to establish an outdoor wilderness group. This group will consist of students interested in learning how to be leaders in the outdoors. I will also help other advisories plan outdoor trips. The other piece of my project is to build a rock-climbing wall at the Peace Street Campus. I will have to raise money and design and build the wall. September
When school starts in September I will begin the project by creating a database of the campsites that advisories have gone to in close proximity of RI. This database will be a folder with all the information about every campsite. These information sheets will include a description of the location with directions and brochures of the campsites. Each campsite will have one sheet with all the information to make it easier for advisories to find what they need. By the end of October this database will include all campsites including far away places and will be on the Met website where anyone can research campsites easily. Reasearching how to build a rock wall will be something else I do in September. I will research on line and call the RI Rock Gym for advise.

33. TEACH IN ASIA - Teach English In China - Teach, English, China Teach English, Te
Based on two explorers experiences of canoe trips on various Web Site K12 - Linksto lesson plans classroom activities for elementary school.
Search: search the entire directory search this category only Teach in Hong Kong Teach in Korea Teach in Taiwan Teach in Thailand ...
  • Technology See also:
  • 34. NYC Dept. Of Ed. – Fund For Public Schools Helps New York Donate To Educati
    Field trips to business offices. Print school newspaper or other publications; Sponsorrecognition events for top students Professional Development and planning.
    Home about us contact us job openings ... Fundraising Tool Kit What are sample partnership activities?
    High School

    Elementary School

    High Schools Career Development
    • Guest speakers at school
    • Career workshops for students
    • Work site placements
    • Job shadowing
    • Field trip to your offices
    • Internships
    • Mock interviews
    • Career day
    • Job application training
    College Prep
    • SAT/Regents tutoring
    • Application process assistance
    • Writing application essay
    • Creating a portfolio
    • Financial aid application assistance
    • Communication/interview skills
    Academic Assistance
    • Tutoring
    • Mentoring
    • Adjunct faculty – teach a specialized course (art, architectural design, drama, dance, web design, pre-law, media, etc)
    • Mock trials
    • Expose students to specific careers, technology, etc not found in school
    • Recognize student achievement – provide prizes for perfect attendance, etc.
    • Provide grants for students for higher education or school supplies
    Skills Training
    • Computer training (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, web design, HTML, publishing)
    • Financial literacy classes (saving, budgeting, balancing a checkbook, planning for the future, credit cards)

    35. Adventure Tour Specialists, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Track Of The
    Development Facility, an Organic Farming school, and an options; A doit-yourselftour planning guide for trails with overnight camps, Canoe trips, Botany trips

    36. Field Trip Activities
    participants. Special educational discounts are available for school field trips.See planning Your Field Trip for more information. Historical
    Field Trip Activities
    The Aerospace Education Center offers a variety of exciting educational activities for your school field trips. Thanks to you the TEACHERS the Aerospace Education Center was able to reach over 104,000 school-aged children from literally all over Arkansas and surrounding states as well! The 2002-2003 school year promises to be even more exciting with new exhibits, innovative workshops, and dynamic features in Arkansas' only IMAX theater. Educator Special: The 2003 Spring Field Trip Planner is now online! Just click the link below to go to the planner. You can even book your fieldtrip from there! Take me to the Spring Field Trip Planner
    IMAX Theater and Features
    IMAX the world's largest and most sophisticated motion picture projection system, will immerse you in places and experiences most of us only dream about. With a projection screen over six stories high and more than 10,600 watts of sound, the IMAX Experience is sure to please even the most discriminating viewers. Features for this school year include:

    37. Environmentors Home Page
    Students and Mentors Conduct first meetings * Details to come on Field trips. 23,teach your Lesson Plan, teach your Lesson Plan to an elementary school class.

    Home Page

    2003-2004 Program

    Become a Mentor

    Mentor/Student Manual
    Photo Gallery
    2003-2004 Calendar
    Date/Week of Event/Field Trip To Do's Oct. 20 - 26 Orientation Tues., Oct. 21 Students and Mentors. Don't miss the 03-04 Orientation. Conduct Partner Interviewing.Pass in Interviewing Sheets Oct. 27 - 2 Student School meetings.
    Mentor Boot camp,
    Sun., Nov 2 Students Do Start Evaluations
    Mentors Don't miss the mentor Boot Camp. Nov. 3 - 9 Student School meetings
    Kick off,
    Thurs. Nov. 6
    Mentor Boot camp , Sun. Nov. 9 Students and Mentors
    Don't miss the 03-04 Kick off Pass in First Meeting Sheets Mentors Don't miss the Boot Camp Nov. 10 - 16 Student School meetings Field Trips , Sat., Nov. 15 Students and Mentors Conduct first meetings * Details to come on Field Trips Nov. 17 - 23

    38. Mississippi River--Geography/U.S. History/Government/Literature Lesson Plan (gra
    titles plus others recommended by your school’s media In planning the travel package,students must research print resources to research the trips they will

    Grades K-5
    Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
    ... Health History
    Ancient History
    U.S. History World History Life Science Animals Ecology Human Body The Microscopic World ... Weather
    For our newsletter and special teacher promotions. 6-8 > Geography Grade level: 6-8 Subject: Geography Duration: One class period (plus)
    Materials Procedures Adaptations ... Credit
    Find a video description, video clip, and discussion questions.
    Mississippi River

    Use our free online Teaching Tools to create custom worksheets, puzzles and quizzes on this topic!
    Students will understand the following:
    A booktalk provides a summary of the plot (for fiction) or an overview of the coverage (for nonfiction) and explains what kind of reader a given book will appeal to. For this lesson, you will need: Access to the books listed in Procedures or other books that take the Mississippi River for their subject Life on the Mississippi and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn later on. Flood by Mary Calhoun (juvenile) Flood: Wrestling with the Mississippi by Patricia Lauber The Great Midwest Flood by Carole G. Vogel

    39. Scandinavian Seminar
    Comarketing plans to get the name of your school out. No cost to school. Q)Are the trips designed to teach Scandinavian languages?

    40. Swearer Center For Public Service
    interpersonal skills, environmental education, and planning educational experiences Onthese trips we provide opportunities to work on What is the Met school?
    Programs: Outdoor Leadership and
    Environmental Education Project (OLEEP)
    programs for adolescents

    programs for children

    related courses

    other programs at Brown
    other youth resources

    "I was like a leader to them. I could help teach them how to be in the outdoors."
    Derek Amado, high school sophomore and OLEEP participant, speaking of his peers on a three-week backpacking, ice climbing, and community service trip in Alaska. Derek had never slept outside before OLEEP and said that he would have never thought of going on such a trip before participating in the program. at a glance We are gearing up for our 2003-2004 year. The application process for voluteers has been completed but please contact Kaytrue Ting (741-8495) or Andrew Griffith (617-645-9709), if you have questions about the program or may be interested next year. The Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education Project (OLEEP) is a collaboration between the Swearer Center and the Met School , an alternative high school in Providence. Our goal is to facilitate the development of leadership in students at the Met through exploring the connections between a less familiar environment (the wilderness) and a more familiar environment (the city). In addition, we hope to create a community in which both Brown students and Met students can share and learn from each other's experiences. To achieve these goals, the program consists of three main components:

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