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81. Nonprofit Organizations - All About Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
The Initiative also offers special grants to help fund the green planning processand One of the best ways to increase the amount of money you raise is by
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Global Nonprofit Information
There are people and organizations around the world striving to better society through charitable work. One resource to learn what's going on in the world is Alliance Magazine which has some articles online that provide an international perspective on philanthropy. Here are a few other sources of nonprofit news and information
Tuesday June 08, 2004
Nonprofit Salaries
Some big nonprofit salaries have been drawing the attention of the government lately. While there are probably a few that are excessive, here is a salary survey from the Nonprofit Times that can give you some perspective on pay in the nonprofit sector.

82. SchoolGrants Fundraising Ideas, SchoolGrants Fundraising Ideas
links, books, and journal articles on planning and conducting can use the activityto teach economic lessons to involve the students in raising funds for their
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Sample Proposals ... Join the SchoolGrants Team! F undraising Opportunities Grants are not always the best way to fund your projects. Often, fund-raising projects can help you accomplish your goals more quickly and easily. Here, you'll find annotated links and/or information that will augment your fund-raising activities.
Teachers who would like to share successful fund-raising stories, techniques, and tips with the SchoolGrants community are invited to share them on our comments page . We'll publish your ideas on this page so your colleagues have the opportunity to benefit from your successes!
Please do not send information advertising products you have for sale. SchoolGrants rarely provides free advertisements on the site.

83. Should The U.S. Fund Family Planning Abroad?
the UN s programs a misappropriation of funds which proselytizes on US aid to foreignfamilyplanning programs. many of these countries, even raising the issue
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Should the U.S. Fund Family Planning Abroad?
by John Barry
Thursday, May 11, 2000 On May 11, at 5:05 AM, India's population reached one billion with the birth of Ashta Arora. The newborn was immediately swarmed by about 200 journalists, some of whom had to be beaten back from the mother's bed with truncheons. The count may not have been exact, but the occasion gave many pause for thought. Every day, 42,000 children are born in India. Since 1948, when the newly formed Indian government began trying to reduce the rate of population increase, population has tripled. The increase is generally among the lower class, where children are considered a hedge against poverty in old age, and where birth control is virtually nonexistant. By 2050, it's estimated that India's population will reach 1.5 billion, and at that point it is also expected to surpass China as the world's most populous country. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was developed to combat the overpopulation problem by promoting birth control in India and other developing countries. Formed in 1969, it emphasizes family planning and sex education as a way of controlling population growth in poorer countries where birth rates are increasing. It tries to spread its message on a local level, in response to immediate problems and social pressures. In Honduras, for instance, the UNFPA is setting up reproductive health clinics, which will educate sexually active single women who aren't currently using contraceptives on how to do so. In Zimbabwe, where AIDS infects about 25 percent of the population, peer programs teach young people about "safe sex."

84. From Fund Raising To Hell Raising: New Roles For Parents // Arnold F. Fege
for all children and consider fund raising, parentteacher in school restructuringnecessary to raise achievement levels it requires careful planning and parent


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April 2000
Sustaining Change Pages 39-43
From Fund Raising to Hell Raising: New Roles for Parents Arnold F. Fege School leaders can no longer view parents as appendages to schooling or meddlers in their work. They can no longer ignore parents or treat them with disdain. Without community support, education reform will not survive and the future of civic responsibility toward education is in danger.
Parents as Partners
The current structure of public schooling does not invite public engagement, but instead reinforces a hierarchical and bureaucratic pattern that gives neither students nor parents an official voice. Instead of opening up and encouraging genuine parental participation, the school structure eliminates anything that might erode the power equilibrium. Schools too often shut parents out of decision making and offer only limited participation, such as fund-raising and volunteering. However, today's parents are vocal and demanding in their relations with the school. They question school authority and instructional decisions. More and more, they see themselves as purchasers of public education with a right to demand from schools individualized services. For example, to express their views about, and have a more direct impact on, issues that affect them, a growing number of parents have adopted a form of direct democracy that goes beyond unresponsive school boards and traditional representational decision making: Internet networking.

85. BFA Administrator Appraisal Program (AAP)
and advising; capital equipment planning and purchases chief academic officer, fundraiser; represent school alumni relations, teach professional responsibility
CU-Boulder Boulder Faculty Assembly Administrator Appraisal Program
Technical Support by Planning, Budget and Analysis
1998 AAP Administrator Position Descriptions
Campus-Wide Administrators
Richard Byyny, Chancellor
Chief executive and academic officer, articulates campus vision, communicates w/campus constituencies, external relations, fundraising, insures compliance w/laws, policies.
Philip DiStefano, Interim VC Academic Affairs
Academic leadership for campus: academic strategic planning and budgeting; appointment and development of deans and faculty; administration of all academic policies.
William Kaempfer, Associate VC Academic Affairs
Integration of budget and strategic planning; coordination of college budgets; space and renovation; outcomes assessment; NCA accreditation.
Todd Gleeson, Associate VC Academic Affairs
Working mainly through deans, chairs, and Boulder Faculty Assembly, addresses faculty issues including tenure + promotion, sabbaticals, recruitment, program review, and mentoring.
Brangwyn Foote, Assistant VC Academic Affairs

86. The Greening Of Destin
a facilitator in planning and fund raising, the Greening roots campaign adding stategrant matching funds. of Destin, the Greening s planning schedule includes

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THE GREENING OF DESTIN Beautification Works for Everyone By creating a pleasant environment in which to live, work, raise a family and retire, beautification improves the quality of life for all Destin citizens and vistors. A Grass Roots Volunteer Effort A volunteer organization, The Greening of Destin comprises various committees, each pursuing specific objectives. Special Project Committees are dedicated to unique community projects carrying out the Greening's goals to achieve successful completion of beautification. The Special Events Committee orchestrates annual Greening events from formal, silent and live auction dinners, to golf tournaments and family fund raisers. A Plan to Bring Destin Into Bloom The Greening of Destin's Executive Board has developed a master plan which focuses on improving the most visible areas in need of beautification and landscape enhancement. Acting as a facilitator in planning and fund raising, the Greening of Destin finalizes a project with a Commitment of Maintenance from the private or public domain. The Greening of Destin participates in supporting progressive community projects such as Destin Visions 2000, Destin City Hall, Destin Town Center and Destin Harbor. Following are just a few of the numerous projects under way.

87. Fundraising: Tony Poderis - It's A Great Day To Fund-Raise! - A Fund Raising Res
condensed nearly three decades of fundraising experience into Step by step instructionsteach you how evaluating prospective donors, and planning and managing
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Second Printing Tony Poderis has condensed nearly three decades of fund-raising experience into a concise guide. In just over 100 pages, Tony explains the ins and outs of successful annual, endowment, capital, sponsorship, and underwriting campaigns. Step by step instructions teach you how to develop a realistic campaign goal and produce an effective solicitation kit. Samples of virtually every form you'll need to organize your work have also been providedfrom income projection sheets and campaign timelines to pledge cards. Other chapters deal with identifying promising funding sources, rating and evaluating prospective donors, and planning and managing a campaign. "It's a Great Day to Fund-Raise! by Tony Poderis is an excellent resource for anyone new to campaign fund-raising or even seasoned professionals who want a refresher course. Poderis is the former director of development for the Cleveland Orchestra, and he knows his business. The book is written clearly in plain English and filled with practical advice." Stan Hutton: The Mining Company "A must for leaders in all walks of life. Tony Poderis offers tools to help organizations survive and thrive in the 21st Century."

88. Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center
School at Indiana University will teach you a seek and manage major gifts, and planningfor a complete Principles Techniques of fund Raising before enrolling

Areas of Study
Certificate Programs Registration Form Calendar ... S.H.I.N.E.
Fund Raising and Development
Finding Funding
Using the Olin Library computer lab, you will become familiar with the basics of doing Internet research by working at a computer as you explore new sites. You will also gain familiarity with the data-gathering required to substantiate the needs statement when you write a grant proposal. Required for the Certificate in Proposal Writing. Date: April 20, 2004
July 22, 2004
September 8, 2004 Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Tuition: $100 Members, $125 Non-members Faculty: Emily Furlong, Philanthropy Center First Steps in Fund Raising
First Steps in Fund Raising Required for the Certificate in Proposal Writing. Date: April 27, 2004
July 29, 2004
September 22, 2004 Time: 9:00 AM - Noon Tuition: $40 Members, $50 Non-members

89. Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center
sector board of directors, and fundraising obligations, as and your role in strategicplanning, program evaluation This course will teach you how to assess a

Areas of Study
Certificate Programs Registration Form Calendar ... S.H.I.N.E.
Board Development and Nonprofit Governance
Fundraising Fundamentals for Board Members
Ensuring adequate financial resources for the organization is a key responsibility of every nonprofit board. For board members, this means actively participating in fundraising activities. But asking others for gifts is only one way in which board members contribute to their organization's fundraising efforts. After a brief review of the fundraising process and the board's role in the process, this workshop will focus on the role of individual board members in donor cultivation and stewardship activities in which board members can engage and learn how to develop an overall strategy for turning donors into lifelong supporters of your organization. You will also discover how to prepare for a solicitation call and learn techniques for soliciting gifts in person and via the telephone. Date: June 24, 2004

90. Welcome To The K Beach Elementary Email News Report
the new thirdgrade teacher, will teach his students Edwards fifth-grade class isplanning to continue its from their children for a fund-raiser from Nicholson
Welcome to the K Beach Elementary Email News Report!! MARK YOUR CALENDAR!! Friday October 2, 9 am Get those permission slips turned in. Thursday October 6 PTA Fund raiser Deadline. SELL SELL SELL CURRENT FUND RAISERS: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS: Did you know that EVERY FRIDAY is SPIRIT DAY, everyone should wear their school t-shirt or sweatshirt if they have one, if not, they can be purchased from the PTA, order forms can be picked up at the office. CORRECTIONS: The next PTA meeting will be held Tuesday October 13 at 7 PM, not October 6 as reported in the School Newsletter.. COMMUNITY SCHOOLS: This Saturday! At Soldotna Middle School from 11 am to 1pm Fall Make-It and Take-It Craft Fair for all kids K-6. This is co-sponsored by the Skyview National Honor Society. This is a great time for the kids, the high school students are very good with all the kids. NO CHARGE!!! For more information 262-6768 WILDLIFE REFUGE: KNWR This Saturday! The Wildlife Refuge is offering a day of FREE family fun. Free Harvest Soup, Apple Cider, Games and entertainment by Mike Morgan. A great day for the whole family!!

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