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21. Summer Program
where to catch the bus, or planning a whole by certified Special Education teacherswho teach in the grant writing, telephoning, parent fund raisers, etc., we
A.C.A.P. Summer Program
What is the Summer Program?
The Autistic Children's Activity Program (ACAP) is a parent-run, not-for-profit, community-based, educational and recreational program designed specifically for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). ACAP was founded in 1987 by a group of parents of children with ASD looking for services for their children. Today ACAP continues its mission to serve these children. ACAP has 10 classrooms throughout the Portland Metropolitan area. ACAP serves children ages 5-21 and runs for eight weeks. Some of the classrooms are specifically designed for children with Asperger’s Syndrome and high functioning autism. We accept children ages 5-21. ACAP focuses on providing a program involving life skills training, community integration (including public transportation training), academic and educational skills, and recreational experiences. The program is designed to integrate children with ASD into the community by providing the support and structures as well as teaching necessary community behaviors (waiting in line, community signs, ordering food, etc.) to help the students make positive strides in learning. Each day the classrooms go on a field trip. Community activities include swimming, trips to the Zoo, OMSI, the Children’s Museum, tours of businesses throughout the city, attending community events, and playing at local parks. Classrooms make weekly trips to various fast food restaurants to practice ordering and restaurant skills. All activities are planned based on the level and needs of the students in the class and are designed to support IEP goals and facilitate learning. For some, this is the only time they are able to experience these activities because of their disability.

22. Public Relations/Nonprofit Management USF University Of South Florida Tampa Cont
board in leading the strategic planning process. It is for fundraisers, nonprofitexecutives, PR professionals real-world partnership successes, teach you the
Site Map USF Home Educational Outreach Continuing Education Summer schedule is online! Register now for summer courses! Programs/Courses: Public Relations Introduction
Strategic Public Relations

Dynamic Presentations

Public Relations Writing
Planned Giving and Major Gifts

Public Relations/Nonprofit Management Add page to favorites Gain the skills you need to face today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities! Our ongoing training classes in Public Relations and Nonprofit Management can help you:
  • Project a more positive image to the public and build greater public awareness of your organization Improve communications with the public, other agencies and businesses, and the media Develop new and unique partnerships that work Access and improve your organization's financial management strategy Maximize the potential of your organization's board, staff and volunteers Create professional publications and use the internet as an effective marketing tool Discover trends in event planning and fund-raising that deliver superior results
Classes may be taken on an open enrollment basis, or you may take the required core and elective courses to earn your

23. Seminars & Talks
be effective, enthusiastic fund raisers. Regionally In a location of your choosing,we can teach your prospects about financial and estate planning (as these
Consulting Services Photography Notecards Philegatia: Living a Vision, Leaving a Legacy ... Visit Our Online Store We offer seminars geared to many different needs. For Professionals: We can train you, the development person, in basic planned giving, the best ways to market your development program, proven methods to educate and involve your Board and CEO, can't-miss hints on qualifying your prospect list, and more. We schedule our seminars for development professionals at convenient locations throughout the country. We also offer in conjunction with our law firm, McGuire, Woods, Battle and Boothe of Richmond seminars for financial and estate planning professionals. On-Site: At seminars in your own conference room, we can introduce your Board, CEO and volunteers to the structure of the capital campaign, explain the rewards of establishing a marketing program, guide them through the intricacies of planned giving, and teach them to be effective, enthusiastic fund raisers. Regionally: In a location of your choosing, we can teach your prospects about financial and estate planning (as these topics pertain to charitable giving), and help you begin the meticulous task of educating and cultivating those people who are able and willing to support your organization with major gifts.

24. Class Project
students work on solutions to homelessness planning fundraisers, writing letters Morefund-raisers are planned been such a wonderful way to teach them about
Another Way to Help the Homeless Volunteers can touch people with their humanity. Heart touches heart, touch brings solace, kindness, cheer and acknowledgment. And the world needs more acknowledgment. HOME Anthony Publishing Company Have a Great One! A Homeless Man's Story Writings Real Stories Untold Truths by Laurie Anthony Read an Excerpt My Homepage Helping the Homeless Homelessness Research ... Site Map This news article was in the Columbus Dispatch and shares the joy and learning that took place in my fifth grade class during our homeless project. Panhandler's Life Gives Kids Lesson in Homelessness
by George Myers Jr. Columbus Dispatch Staff Reporter
Saturday, March 25, 2000. For a group of spirited fifth-graders in the suburbs, homelessness isn't about what can happen to somebody somewhere else. It's about tackling it at home with all available resources.
"It's the nation's No. 1 problem,'' said Lele Yutzy, one of Laurie Anthony's students at Riverside Elementary School. "And we've got to fix it.'' Anthony's students work on solutions to homelessness planning fund-raisers, writing letters to Washington, budgeting to purchase goods and more. Thanks to the guidance and an "unexpected adventure'' of their teacher, the children can relate to the problem, which they hope never to experience firsthand.

25. Constitution
The treasurer also works with the secretary in planning fundraisers. If (s)hechooses (s)he may also teach a class and choreograph a group dance for the
Holy Cross Dance Ensemble

I. Name:
Holy Cross Dance Ensemble
II. Purpose:
To provide an opportunity for students to take classes in a variety of dance forms (i.e. ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop) in an extracurricular setting. Also, to allow qualified students the opportunity to experiment with choreography by putting together dances to be taught to their peers for performances throughout the year.
III. Membership:
All Holy Cross undergraduates regardless of race, sex, national origin or sexual orientation will be eligible for membership. Try-outs will be held each fall to determine membership. Try-outs will operate as a dance workshop with the respective choreographer reviewing general technique with the perspective members while the officers evaluate each dancer. A majority of the evaluators must agree to accept each candidate for membership to be granted.
Members may be expelled for disruptive behavior or for open disrespect toward the club or a member of the club, and with a two-thirds vote of the membership. Members may also be expelled by the officers/choreographers due to continual tardiness or absence from class.
IV. Offices:

a cocatechist, but can do the planning on my They teach us God’s holy standardand show us a building program for which we have had fund raisers to pay
**** A service of ChristianCrafters.Com ****
"For where two or three come together in my name,
there am I with them." Jesus
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posting your message. Please title your message to reflect the content.
SSTN # 99 - October 2, 2002
1) Motivating and finding teachers
2) Mission Projects? 3) Bible Lessons in a Bag 4) Used Lectionary-based Curriculum? 5) Monologue search? 6) Need ideas for baby gift? 7) Jonah ideas ? 8) Padre Abraham 9) Need Used VBS Curriculum 10) Hoe-down - Fall Festival 1) Motivating and finding teachers At our church we have grade/age level "coordinators" that do just the planning of the lesson and gathering of supplies. The teachers just "teach". They get their supplies and lessons at the previous week's class so that they have a week to read over the lesson and tweak it or ask questions. The grade/age coordinator does just that. They research and read through the material making up the lessons. Our director provided us

27. Senior Centers Up For Adoption
Help in redesigning and planning our interior space. Volunteers to teach artsand crafts. Professional fundraisers to help us raise money for the center.
A Public Service Announcement introducing Generation S and produced by the New York Advertising Club will be launched at a breakfast for CSCS’s Adopt-a-Senior Center Program at the MetLife Sky Club on June 17. More info.
Please Select your borough Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island ... Bronx Quick view of senior centers up for adoption Bay Ridge Center for Older Adults
6935 Fourth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Legal clinics Job workshops (grooming, resumes, interviewing skills) Trip planners/leaders (museums, gardens, parks, historical sites, ballgames, fishing, shows, etc.) Qualified leaders for classes weekdays or Saturdays (ESL, foreign language, photography, art, crafts, exercise and personal fitness, dance, computer, discussion groups for books, films, travel, current events, etc. Entertainment at bi-monthly dinner shows; meals on heels Over-the-phone consulting on a variety of program operations issues Donation of up to 100 sandwiches on Saturday program day lunches Setting up a financial management system through a bank with direct payment of monthly bills for seniors who need this assistance to manage their affairs Donation of mileage points for staff to attend conferences Donation of company tickets to area sporting events for senior and/or fundraising prizes
City Hall Senior Center
100 Gold Street, Lower Level

28. About Save The Laja
Save the Children, CASA, a health care and family planning agency, a These groupshave counselors who are able to teach villagers who live Local fundraisers.
Who We Are...
About Salvemos el Rio Laja
Salvemos al Rio Laja, A.C. (also known as Save the Laja ) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and rehabilitating the Rio Laja Watershed including Santa Rosa, the major watershed forest. It was formed in 1999 by former officers of Sociedad Audubon de Mexico located in San Miguel de Allende in the river valley and of the Fundacion Ecologica de Guanajuato, in Santa Rosa, in the mountains near the city of Guanajuato. The organization, with the exception of two river restoration technicians, is entirely voluntary. It consists of five officers, nine directors and many dedicated volunteers. The organization provides scientific, technological and financial support to non-profit agencies in the watershed which have counselors or extension agents who can teach and encourage local villagers to do the labor-intensive watershed rehabilitation work. Salvemos Al Rio Laja is headquartered in the well-known colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. It was founded in 1998 by former officers of Sociedad Audubon de Mexico located in San Miguel in the Rio Laja valley and the Fundacion Ecologia de Guanajuato located in the endangered forest of Santa Rosa which covers the mountains at the western rim of the watershed near the city of Guanajuato.

29. American Red Cross - NH West Chapter ::: Volunteer Services
Health and Safety Instructors teach any of our many classes such as fund-raisers- Help with fund raising planning, organizing, making phone calls, selling

30. - Part 2 / Features Print Edition
planning fundraisers, mentoring students, begging others in the group to please,please, please This past semester, I signed up to help teach a college course,0,3932385.c

31. OLA Quarterly, Volume 6, Number 3, Fall 2000
librarians never have the experience of planning a new may also have to developtheir skills as fund raisers. Most library schools do not teach courses in

Publications Calendar Jobline ... Legislative Agenda
OLA Quarterly
Planning Your New Library Building
by Gary Jensen
Director of Library and Academic Information Services
Western Oregon University
This checklist is based upon my experience in helping to plan a new library building at Western Oregon University. It is anecdotal, and I make no claim that it is comprehensive. However, it may help those of you who find yourselves involved in planning your own new building or remodeling project. Many librarians never have the experience of planning a new library building or the remodel of an existing facility. For those who do, however, it can be an exciting but often intimidating process. As facility planners, Librarians find themselves thrust into a variety of situations for which they may have no formal training or expertise. Not only may they need to learn about construction processes and language, they may also have to develop their skills as fund- raisers. Right: Exterior of the new Wayne and Lynn Hamersly Library at Western Oregon University Most library schools do not teach courses in these areas. Librarians who work for institutions that employ fundraisers and physical facility planners are fortunate, because they can rely on fund-raising experience and technical building expertise of those individuals. However, there is no substitute or learning the "lingo" of the architectural profession and the building trades. Your ability to understand what is being said and proposed will be directly related to the success of the design effort.

32. Student Raising Funds To Travel Europe, States For Community Service
her family is helping her put together fundraisers back home. Kohl is planning onselling candy and putting together major and would like to teach sixth grade
April 8, 1998
Student raising funds to travel Europe, States for community service
Kristin Carmichael
Dimensions Editor "I want to be one of those people that sings and makes people feel good," Melissa Kohl told her mother as she watched a group called Up With People when she was nine years old. Today, at the age of 19, Kohl, a sophomore at Chico State University, has been given the opportunity to be one of those people, and she's only $10,000 away from getting there. Up With People is an international community service group that travels through Europe and the United States. Its main focus is helping different areas of the world through community service, but Kohl said it is highly acclaimed for its musical performances - performances that Kohl said are "moving to the point of tears." Through a lengthy interview process, Kohl was one of two people chosen from her home town in Manteca to become a cast member for Up With People. There were 54 applicants altogether. The experience she has dreamed of since she was a youngster is going to cost $13,000. She has raised $3,000 thus far and a payment of $8,000 is due next month. To raise this money, Kohl is working as a resident adviser in Esken Hall and her family is helping her put together fund-raisers back home. Various businesses in her home town also gave Kohl donations. Now she is coming to the Chico community for help.

33. Annual Conference For Senior Advancement Services Professionals
900 AM) If you’re using, or planning to use a fund Raiser Mind Reading 101 Howdo you teach a new do techies need to know to anticipate fund raisers’ needs
The Program Day 1
Wednesday, April 21
Day 2
Thursday, April 22 Day 3
Friday, April 23
Day 2 8:00-9:15 AM
by software.
  • Technology CAN Be Our Friend! (also offered on Friday at 9:00 AM)
    Bar-coding, document imaging, Web sites and more. You can improve the efficiency and the accuracy of your work and streamline your business processes with technology, in less time and for less money than you may think. Explore real-life examples of various technologies that can simplify things, and learn how to implement them with your current resources.
    Gift Agreements Can Save Your Life
    Campaign Reporting and Cash Flows
10:45 AM-NOON ELECTIVE SESSIONS (choose one)
  • IRS and Other Gift Regulations (Part 1 of 2) (also offered on Friday at 9:00 AM) Leadership Skills for Gutsy Women (also offered on Friday at 9:00 AM)
NOON-2:00 PM LUNCHEON Alumni Online Case Study Explore a case study done on using the internet to support alumni relations and giving. Presented by a particular software company and their client. Learn how they made the case for funding and how they chose their vendor. Discuss the obstacles they overcame in going live. Sift through the feedback they received from alumni (anticipated and unanticipated).

34. »»Books: Fund««
four key special event elements; goals, planning, organization, and that will helpto teach you what CarverGuide Board Members as fundraisers, Advisers, and
Book Categories: engage funk gab gallant ... glimpse
More Pages: fund Page 1 Books for "fund" Special Events: Proven Strategies for Nonprofit Fund Raising Average review score: Give this book to your next special event chair. From NSFRE- Golden Gate Chapter Newsletter "Biblio Tech" by Skip Henderson "Use Alan - Use Alan. "Special Events" is structured around four key special event elements; goals, planning, organization, and administration. Each element is analyzed with strategies and worksheets guiding organizational decisions. If you want to know how to clarify an event's objectives, estimate attendance, market the event, recruit volunteers, manage with only one committee meeting (!), even properly assign seating - Use Alan. "Special Events" comes with a disk providing work sheets and checklists you can adapt to your particular event's style and scope. These utilitarian tools complement Wendroff's all-inclusive organizational tool, the "Master Event Timetable." As questions arise and problems occur you won't be bothered. You will be remembered fondly as the Chair gratefully reflects on the plague and reaches to - Use Alan."

35. Profiles Of 2003 Scholarship Recipients
Required to teach at least 30 people Required physical fitness preparation, planning,leading younger Annual fund raisers/Walks/Collections for Charity Crop
Admissions Home Request More
Information Applying to Clark Visit Clark Transfer to Clark International Students Take a Virtual Tour Campus Life Sitemap Index
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610
Privacy Policy
Home Undergrads Scholarships > MAD Scholarships 40 percent of undergraduates volunteer in the community.

36. ASR Philanthropic Publishing - Books, Writings, Newsletter, Publications For Fun
Publishing and Seminars for the Philanthropic Community maintenance endowment fund, area director endowment fund, and advanced campaign, the guidance in planning, direction during the campaign direct, steer and teach us all through the
Serving the Fundraising and
Philanthropic Community - S U C C E S S S T O R I E S -
The Secret of Campaign Success
How Kansas Special Olympics Raised $1.35 Million By Robert F. Hartsook, JD, EdD
T rade secrets are a dime a dozen in today's business arena. In philanthropy, however, the secret to a good campaign is worth its weight in gold. Nonprofits can spend so much time concentrating on how they will reach their goal, they forget who will help get them there. For Kansas Special Olympics (KSO), the secret to raising a million dollars had as much to do with the people as it did the process. Kansas Special Olympics was founded in 1970 and has a proud history of providing quality year-round sports training, education and athletic competition programs for individuals with mental retardation. Today, governed by a 20 member Board of Directors, full-time individuals on staff, as well as the support of over 20,000 volunteers, KSO is a model organization utilizing the venue of sports to impact the lives of thousands of Kansans; whether athletes, coaches or volunteers, by affecting their personal, emotional, spiritual, educational, physical and psychological development. Due to the tremendous growth and expansion of KSO during the past 25 years (participation numbers grew from 200 in their first year, to over 7,416 during the 1993-94 year), the organization outgrew their state corporate/training facility. In 1995, KSO hired our firm to do a campaign assessment for a new education and program center to meet the current and future demands of the organization. Upon our recommendation, they entered into a $1.35 million capital campaign in November 1995. Twenty months later the "Together We Win" campaign was successfully completed. The campaign's title was synonymous with the way the campaign unfolded, as every person involved with the campaign seemed to understand and appreciate their single role in the collective effort.

37. The Chronicle, 11/16/2000: Fund Raisers Find For-Profit Jobs Give Them Best Of B
Steenhuysen, director of philanthropic planning at Brown will be available to teachtheir successors important lessons about fund raising, such as

Front Page

Fund Raising

Managing Nonprofit Groups


From the issue dated November 16, 2000
Fund Raisers Find For-Profit Jobs Give Them Best of Both Worlds
When Gregory A. Schupra left his fund-raising job at a community foundation last year for a new job with a big bank, ALSO SEE: Chasing Charitable Assets Fees Paid to Donors' Financial Advisers Stir Debate in the Philanthropic World his colleagues in the nonprofit world teased him that he was going "to the dark side." But, says Mr. Schupra, moving from the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan to Comerica Bank's office in Ann Arbor, Mich., did not mean that he had to give up working in philanthropy. "I feel like I have a dream job," says the new vice president of the bank's Charitable Services Group. "I have the ability to be compensated at a level commensurate with my level of skills and abilities, and at the same time I'm still doing good work for charities around the country." Mr. Schupra is part of a growing wave of nonprofit officials who have jumped from charity development offices to the financial-services industry. As more and more banks, brokerages, mutual-fund companies, and other financial institutions create or expand services and products for the charitable market, the companies are plucking planned-giving talent from charities to run their new programs.

38. The Chronicle, 3/3/2004: Answering Readers' Questions About The Best Times For F
the school of hard knocks can teach you that administration and had applied fora fundraising job at a I find training in event, gala, and meeting planning?

Front Page

Fund Raising

Managing Nonprofit Groups


Wednesday, March 3, 2004
Answering Readers' Questions about the Best Times for Fund Raising, the Limits of Graduate Education, and More
By Alison Stein Wellner The Chronicle' s Philanthropy Careers asks its readers to submit questions about job hunting, recruiting, and management challenges in the nonprofit world. In our monthly advice column, we respond to some of your inquiries with tips about resources and wisdom from experts in the field. Q. I've heard that some months are better than others for fund-raising efforts. Which ones? A. November and December are the most wonderful time of the year for many fund raisers, for two reasons: because the holiday season inspires a wave of warm and altruistic feelings, and because many people rush to make tax-deductible contributions before December 31. "We always have best results in November and December," says Mary Ellen Long, chief development officer at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, in Indiana. "We ask in November and the gifts roll in in December early in the month as people are feeling philanthropic, later in the month as they want to give more for tax deductions," she says. Glenn McKinney, director of development at the Bowery Mission, a rehabilitation program for homeless people in New York, echoes Ms. Long's observation that donors who give later in the season are often prodded by tax incentives, but says that that donors are also often inspired by the holiday season. "I see people respond in even greater numbers during November because of Thanksgiving," he says. "It's quite encouraging to see that donors are more motivated by the desire to feed hungry people than by receiving a tax break."

39. Canon 4
A judge may speak, write, lecture, teach and participate in other extrajudicial C.(3)(b)(i)may assist such an organization in planning fund raising and may
Canon 4. A judge shall so conduct the judge’s extra judicial activities as to minimize the risk of conflict with judicial obligations. A. Extra judicial activities in general. A judge shall conduct the judge’s extra judicial activities so that they do not: A.(1) cast reasonable doubt on the judge’s capacity to act impartially as a judge; A.(2) demean the judicial office; A.(3) interfere with the proper performance of judicial duties; or A.(4) exploit the judge’s judicial position. B. Avocational activities. A judge may speak, write, lecture, teach and participate in other extra-judicial activities concerning the law, the legal system, the administration of justice and non-legal topics subject to the requirements of this Code. C. Governmental, civic, or charitable activities. C.(1)(a) A judge shall not appear at a public hearing before, or otherwise consult with, an executive or legislative body or official except on matters concerning the law, the legal system, or the administration of justice, or except when acting pro se in a matter involving the judge or the judge’s interests. C.(1)(b) A judge shall not use the judge’s judicial office or title to influence a legislative or executive body or official for the judge or the judge’s interest.

40. Plan Special Event Planning Corporate Special Events Unique Ideas
Events Unique Ideas special event fund raising special event Whether its planninga group sales meeting, executive of your audience, as well as teach you how
BROWSE SPORTS SPEAKERS BY CATEGORIES Best Auto Racing Speakers Figure Skating Speakers Sports Inspirational Speakers Celebrity Baseball Speakers ... FAQ
Tired of the same old boring annual meeting?
Looking to do something breathtakingly different and interesting?
Our programs are unique and effective marketing tools designed to enhance brand image by establishing added value programs, an environment conducive to networking and teambuilding, and client entertainment opportunities. All American Speakers can work with your organization to create a truly memorable event. We offer unique alternatives to traditional, mainstream entertainment and speaker concepts used at meetings and events. So if you want a high-impact, exciting special event that will resonate long after in the memories of your attendees and leave the right impression for your business allow us to help differentiate your event with some terrific ideas.
Let All American Speakers assist you with all of your corporate event related needs. We will work closely with you and your staff to customize your most memorable corporate event experience. Whether its planning a group sales meeting, executive retreat, or organizing client hospitality at some of the most prestigious sporting events, we will guarantee your company measurable results. We will meticulously plan all the details, from travel, deluxe lodging, meals, airport transfers and ground transportation at the event. You can rely on our event experts to take your future meetings or events to a new plateau.

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