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1. Summary Of Effective Fund-Raising Management
domain, and public relations faculty teach courses, conduct research, and publish articles practitioners' experience, and fund raisers abide by it when planning programming to meet
The text consists of 15 chapters, with the 14 following the introductory chapter organized into three parts: (a) the practice; (b) the principles; and (c) the process, programs, and publics. To read chapter one in its entirety, click here
  • Part I: The Practice
  • Part II: The Principles
  • Part III: The Process, Programs, and Publics
    Part I: The Practice:
    Parameters, Practitioners, and Professionalism This stage-setting chapter then turns to donor motivations, or the reasons beyond tradition for giving away money. The discussion resolves the two opposing viewpoints donors give money as an act of altruism and donors make gifts to advance their self-interests by adopting the mixed-motive model of giving. This model assumes that donors hold interest both in self and in a common good when making a gift. It further assumes that charitable organizations also have dual interests when obtaining gifts (i.e., their behavior is nether solely altruistic nor solely self-interested). Finally, special care is taken to identify those nonprofits likely to have a fund-raising function because a list of such organizations does not exist and previous work has not found it necessary to deal with this distinction. Stereotypes and misconceptions about charitable organizations are discussed, and statistics are recalculated to describe the dimensions of the approximately 150,000 organizations on which this book concentrates. Chapter 3 examines practitioners, or the people who are paid to raise money for these organizations. There are about 80,000 fund raisers in the United States, although only one third of them belong to the three major associations of AHP, CASE, and NSFRE. Under an array of job titles that hampers their identification, fund raisers work for organizations with diverse missions; however, an analysis of association membership reveals that the largest number of practitioners are employed by educational and health organizations.
    the comments of experienced fund raisers, technical advisors and other give the nonprofit a planning grant before it embarks on of American Colleges to teach about philanthropy as an
    June 30, 1989 Funding Fund Raising (FFR) Research Project Department of Public Administration
    Baruch College
    The City University of New York
    17 Lexington Avenue
    New York, New York 10010
    Funding for this project has been provided by the Exxon Fund for Management Assistance, through the New York Community Trust. Frederick S. Lane, Project Director, Professor, Department of Public Administration Wilson C. Levis, Senior Research Associate Anne L. New, Editor This report of the "Funding Fund Raising" Research Project is reprinted from June, 1989, Philanthropy Monthly. Philanthropy Monthly
    Box 989
    New Milford, CT 06776
    Table of Contents Introduction

    General Considerations in Funding Fund Raising Capacity Building
    A Framework for Funding Fund Raising
    Comments by Participating Grantmakers "People Issues"
    Comments by Participating Grantmakers Challenge Grants
    Broader Use of Challenge Grants
    Criteria and Ground Rules for Challenge Grants Planned Giving
    Comments by Project Participants Community Foundations
    Comments from Private Foundations
    Comments from a Community Project Method Project Participants About the Investigators R ecent studies by the United Way of America, INDEPENDENT SECTOR, Yale University and the National Charities Information Bureau have identified a vast, untapped potential for individual giving in this country. Not surprisingly, at the same time, grantmakers, nonprofit organizations and philanthropic leaders have been showing increased interest in the idea that corporations and foundations can make grants that will help nonprofits expand their fund-raising capacity tapping the waiting potential to broaden their bases of support and thus having the means to carry out their missions more effectively.

    3. Schools Help To Dress, Feed Kids They Teach
    Schools help to dress, feed kids they teach And school fundraisers help principals help families who could include everything from recipes to homework advice and financial planning
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  • Scholar athletes 2004
  • Yak's Corner
  • Newspapers in Education Today's stories ...

    Education news
    Schools help to dress, feed kids they teach
    Health care, legal aid also provided
    November 11, 2003 BY CHASTITY PRATT
    FREE PRESS EDUCATION WRITER Felicia McCray's daughter came home last year from Carstens Elementary School on Detroit's east side with a new burgundy coat. RELATED CONTENT
  • Where to find help Kayja, now 9, also showed her mother her new hat, gloves, shoes, uniform, hair accessories and a voucher to Payless ShoeSource to get another pair of shoes. McCray, a stay-at-home mother of two, doesn't remember filling out any forms asking for help. But she gladly took the freebies. "It's not like we're a charity case," she said. "But if you're willing to help me, I'm willing to be helped." With the state unemployment rate more than double what it was three years ago, the village is now helping to raise the children. Detroit schools and many suburban schools are offering families more help this year in meeting children's basic needs.
  • 4. Press: Survival Of The Cutest
    the Alaska Center for the Environment. Theyre planning fund raisers, teachins, and letter-writing calling on the
    Survival of the cutest
    Naturalists disagree about the fate of the Toklat wolves — and their identity
    by Scott Christiansen
    march 11-17, 1999 / Vol. 8, Ed. 10
    How important is it for Alaskans and visitors to be able to view wolves in the wild, particularly wolves that are so approachable that they all but pose for photos? And if it can be established that a particular group of wolves has a 60-year lineage versus a five-year span, what difference does that make? Does an historic i.d. make them any more worthy of protection from hunters? These are several of the questions currently dividing Alaskan environmental activists and government scientists. Still, when all is said and done, this issue, like many questions of public policy in Alaska, may devolve into an emotional appeal: the allure of a wolf pup’s doggish face. From a small, cramped office in downtown Anchorage, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance is putting together a campaign to extend special protection to wolves that live at the eastern edge of Denali Park. The goal is to close trapping and hunting of wolves in an area adjacent to the park so that the wolves will be protected when they travel outside the park’s boundaries. It’s not unheard of to extend protection for animals traveling outside the park; the park’s caribou herd enjoys such aegis. The campaign is just beginning, but the Alliance already has brought on board a dozen other conservation groups with Alaska offices, from the Sierra Club to the Alaska Center for the Environment. They’re planning fund raisers, teach-ins, and letter-writing calling on the state and federal governments to protect these wolves. If past campaigns to change wildlife management are any indication, by the time this is over, every Alaskan and quite a few outsiders will have heard of the Toklat pack.

    5. Events Other Fund Raisers - American Diabetes Association
    WEBB Cooks; Frequently Asked Questions; Holiday Meal planning Events Other FundRaisers; For African Americans Overview; Reach One teach One; Outreach

    6. Generous Giving : Experience The Joy!!
    raisers’ Attributes Exhorting the fundRaiser to teach Exhorting the Advisor toteach Discipling the Charities Charitable and Estate planning Biblical Money

    7. Reach One Teach One - African American Program - American Diabetes
    Frequently Asked Questions. Holiday Meal planning. Overview. Eat Your Veggies Events Other fund raisers. For African Americans. Overview. Reach One teach One. Outreach Efforts Flier

    8. Hunter College Department Of Urban Affairs And Planning
    the basic training in planning. It is intended to teach the skills of the officials; university professors; program planners; fund raisers; consultants; and police officers among
    Master of Urban Planning (M.U.P.)
    Master of Science in Urban Affairs (M.S.)
    Master of Urban Planning (M.U.P.)
    Introduction and General Information


    Core Curriculum

    Areas of Concentration
    Planning Studio

    The master of urban planning program has four integrated components: a core curriculum , an area of concentration , an internship , and a planning studio . The program seeks to train professional planners, who are well-versed in planning theory, methods, and urban structure. Students develop a specialized knowledge of a policy planning area, and the skills and intellect to operate as a professional planner. The 60-credit program is structured to provide students with the fundamental skills that are required of the modern planner and to allow for flexibility to accommodate the individual interests of each student. The core curriculum (27 credits) provides the basic training in planning. It is intended to teach the skills of the profession within a societal, political and economic framework. The area of concentration (12 credits) allows for in-depth training in a specific subfield of planning practice. The

    9. Golf Tournament Planning Secrets Revealed
    All About Golf Tournament planning Offers an Inexpensive, Professional Toolkit to Help You Plan, Organize and Run Golf Events of Any Size. Perfect planning Tool For Charities, Schools, Businesses, Scholarships Programs, Youth Groups, fundraisers, Churches product. We'll teach you everything we know
    Finally It's Been Done: presents,
    TOURNAMENT PLANNING eTOOLKIT introduces a... NEW Comprehensive Step-by-Step, Interactive Tournament Planning eToolkit Teaches ANYONE How To Generate Mega Profits When Operating Golf Events ... Provides ALL the Tools Discover Proven Golf Tournament Planning Strategies To Elevate Your Event To The Next Level...
    And, Maximize Your Bottom Line Guaranteed! Also Included: Lynn Brown's Complete Book of Golf Games Insure fun and new challenges for players of all skill levels utilizing a reference guide developed exclusively for tournament planners and golf enthusiast.
    From the Computer of Mike Mucci
    Monday, 7:55 PM,
    RE: Golf Tournament Planning Strategies Revealed...For YOU! Dear Golf Tournament Planner,
    This is going to shock most people who read about it. If you’ve ever operated a golf event and were unhappy with the results. If you’ve ever been intimidated by the concept of operating a successful golf event for your organization.. Or just feel inadequate because of your lack of knowledge regarding tournament planning.

    10. The Chronicle: Career Network: 03/22/2004
    with donors gives her greater awareness of retirement and financial planning, itdoesn Linus Travers, though, thinks donors can teach fund raisers some lessons.

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    The Chronicle Review

    Monday, March 22, 2004
    Balancing Fear and Greed
    Career advice for administrative staff members in fund raising and development
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    As a college administrator, I'm supposed to be good with a dollar, fiscally responsible, always discovering new ways to save and spend effectively. More to the point, as a fund raiser I'm conditioned to balance short-term needs with long-term asset building, and to help donors think similarly about their own financial planning. But I rarely think about my own finances and retirement, and I suspect I'm not doing all that I can to ensure my future comfort. So what's wrong with me? To answer that question, I spoke with several colleagues and other administrators in higher education, hoping to compare my situation with theirs. Few people were completely at ease with the subject, and most squirmed a bit under interrogation. But they were also remarkably candid. I suppose I should begin by admitting a high level of ignorance about personal-finance issues to complement my lack of interest. When I took my first job in academe, at the ripe age of 24, I immediately enrolled in a retirement plan. I remember sitting down with our human-resources director, who spouted a bunch of nonsense about Social Security and FICA and annuities and defined contributions. After a while, I began to hear Charlie Brown's teacher an incomprehensible cacophony of syllables punctuated by frequent mentions of "sign here" and "Tia Cref." I assumed Tia was a Norwegian swimsuit model. Something told me his recitation was important, but it made little sense at the time.

    11. The Chronicle: Career Network: 05/17/2004
    who understand the various estateplanning vehicles have a education faculty membersdo teach such courses classmates will be fellow fund raisers still toiling

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    The Chronicle Review

    Monday, May 17, 2004
    A Matter of Degrees
    Career advice for administrative staff members in fund raising and development
    Previous articles

    Spring arrives late in New Hampshire, but it eventually comes. To college seniors, warmer weather and budding trees mean graduation and possible panic over what to do next. Some, though, are lucky enough to have most things figured out. Take Emily, one of our seniors, who has been a work-study student for two years in our college-relations office. She's learned the finer points of stuffing envelopes, entering data, calling alums to confirm address changes, and rearranging office-supply closets. Based on those exciting tasks, she has decided to pursue a career in university development. Knowing that I'm a veritable font of wisdom, she came to me looking for advice. Emily has everything fairly well planned. She's already mulling a couple of offers for entry-level professional jobs in development offices. She'll start with the annual fund and work her way toward major gifts. After getting a bit of experience, Emily wants to return to school, preferably part time, for a graduate degree. But she's not sure what she should study. Which field or degree program provides the best preparation for a career in fund raising? That was Emily's question to me. For what it's worth, here's what I told her.

    12. Parenting And Parenthood Information -
    raising can be a good way to teach children about Great ideas for planning, organizingand improving fundraising. Innovative ideas for specific fund-raisers.

    13. National Center For Technology Planning
    EXTERNAL planning RESOURCES. Hold fundraisers. (A paid vacation consistsof one hour of freedom for the teacher while I teach his/her class.).
    National Center for Technology Planning
    P. O. Box 2393
    Tupelo, MS 38803
    Larry S. Anderson
    Founder/Director last updated:
    • State
    • District
    • Building-level
    • Higher Education ... BECOME A PARTNER PROMOTING TECHNOLOGY: 13 WAYS TO DO IT by Karen Robertson
      Here are some great ideas to turn educators, students and community members into technology users and supporters. These are methods I've successfully used to promote technology. HOLD EXECUTIVE BRIEFINGS
      Show board members, community leaders, teachers, facility planners, finance directors, and the superintendent the latest technology. Ask hardware vendors to send representatives to demonstrate their latest products. COORDINATE TOURS TO OTHER HIGH-TECH SCHOOLS
      Visit schools within a 50-mile radius to learn about equipment being used there. HOLD "COMPUTER DAY" FOR PARENTS
      Invite parents for a hands-on computer day. Provide child care and offer computer instruction. Teach them to use the software their children use daily. Plan enough instruction on word processing to allow them to create and print out a brief letter to their child. HAVE STUDENTS EVALUATE SOFTWARE
      Choose a class to evaluate each new piece of software. Better yet, develop a "techie tribe" that always, when new software arrives, fills out the registration card, boots it up, and explores its capabilities. Let the students demonstrate it to their teacher and the technology coordinator.

    14. Windsor Journal
    Windsor Police Explorers volunteered their time to handle traffic, paint faces,and even teach a few They are planning two other fundraisers to benefit

    15. Texas CASA - Heartbeat Summer 2003
    of Burnet County proposed to teach quilting to a longterm process that requires planning,persistence, and Any of our experienced CASA fund raisers know that
    ID: Password: Help? Select A County Anderson Andrews Angelina Aransas Archer Armstrong Atascosa Austin Bailey Bandera Bastrop Baylor Bee Bell Bexar Blanco Borden Bosque Bowie Brazoria Brazos Brewster Briscoe Brooks Brown Burleson Burnet Caldwell Calhoun Callahan Cameron Camp Carson Cass Castro Chambers Cherokee Childress Clay Cochran Coke Coleman Collin Collingsworth Colorado Comal Comanche Concho Cooke Coryell Cottle Crane Crockett Crosby Culberson Dallam Dallas Dawson De Witt Deaf Smith Delta Denton Dickens Dimmit Donley Duval Eastland Ector Edwards El Paso Ellis Erath Falls Fannin Fayette Fisher Floyd Foard Fort Bend Franklin Freestone Frio Gaines Galveston Garza Gillespie Glasscock Goliad Gonzales Gray Grayson Gregg Grimes Guadalupe Hale Hall Hamilton Hansford Hardeman Hardin Harris Harrison Hartley Haskell Hays Hemphill Henderson Hidalgo Hill Hockley Hood Hopkins Houston Howard Hudspeth Hunt Hutchinson Irion Jack Jackson Jasper Jeff Davis Jefferson Jim Hogg Jim Wells Johnson Jones Karnes Kaufman Kendall Kenedy Kent Kerr Kimble King Kinney Kleberg Knox La Salle Lamar Lamb Lampasas Lavaca Lee Leon Liberty Limestone Lipscomb Live Oak Llano Loving Lubbock Lynn Madison Marion Martin Mason Matagorda Maverick McCulloch McLennan McMullen Medina Menard Midland Milam Mills Mitchell Montague Montgomery Moore Morris Motley Nacogdoches Navarro Newton Nolan Nueces Ochiltree Oldham Orange Palo Pinto Panola Parker Parmer Pecos Polk Potter Presidio Rains Randall Reagan Real Red River Reeves Refugio Roberts Robertson Rockwall Runnels Rusk Sabine San Augustine San Jacinto San Patricio San Saba Schleicher Scurry Shackelford Shelby Sherman Smith Somervell Starr Stephens Sterling Stonewall Sutton Swisher Tarrant

    16. 4-H Club Fundraising
    club, but can be a good opportunity to teach planning, leadership and Tips for planninga 4H fundraising Event The club Try different fund raisers each year.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/4h7044?OpenDocument

    17. The Association Of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers - The Fundraising Edge
    Develop planning Skills. though these are the same skills one might teach at any TheAssociation of fund raisers and Direct Sellers (AFRDS) is an international
    Fall 2000 A Fundraising Lesson Plan Ask A Pro: About Return Policies Spotlight on Online Fundraising If this Were a Perfect World ... Ideas to Boost Teacher Support
    Innovative teachers turn fundraising programs into learning opportunities When fourth and fifth graders from a Florida elementary school wanted to raise money for a Christmas charity project, their teacher saw it as an opportunity to illustrate real life lessons in citizenship and business management. Armed with cardboard boxes carrying ornaments, gifts and baked goods, Bill Snydor's 22 students went to each classroom in the school to sell their homemade wares, making change, keeping track of inventory and recording their progress daily on a chart of expenses, sales and profits. In two weeks, the Broward County students sold 1,700 items earning $1,200 for the Kids in Distress program. On the other side of the country, California teachers Bonnie McKenna and Sue DeHart shared a dream for a living science lab. So, with the support of their principal, they teamed up to create a student-run business on campus selling giant cookies one day a week after lunch.

    18. Browse Opportunities
    Events planningCommunity Education Indianapolis, IN 46240 - www at dog events andsupport fund raisers (an annual teach Aerobics to homeless living in shelter.
    powered by Volunteer Solutions Home Login Search ... About Us
    Browse Opportunities
    Page 1 of 1 in the E's Education and Exercise Classes Page 6 of 27 overall
    Back A B C ... D E F G H I ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z All Next Keywords: Education and Outreach
    Indianapolis, IN 46202 - Sponsored by The Damien Center Volunteers go out into the community and represent The Damien Center at community health fairs as well as speaking engagements and presentations to local civic groups, schools, houses of worship and businesses. Hours: Flexible. ( more Emergency Room Volunteer
    Indianapolis, IN 46260 - Sponsored by St. Vincent Health 1.Assists with patient transportation to various testing areas either by wheelchair or cart. 2.Assists with treatment room preparation, cleaning, changing linens and securing supplies. 3. Obtains and stocks dietary items, supplies, labs and the ambulance linen cart. 4. Directs and more Entrance Greeters
    Indianapolis, IN 46204 - Sponsored by Indiana State Museum Welcome guests to the museum at the entrances. Pass out information and answer questions. ( more
    Indianapolis, IN 46204 -

    19. Southern Metro Jaycees Training - Fund Raising Ideas
    Get volunteers to teach minicourses on like sewing, gardening, financial planning,photography, etc. backgammon tournaments can be good charity fund-raisers.

    Southern Metro
    National Organization
    New Members
    Training/New Skills
    The content on this page is courtesy of the Aventura Florida Jaycees
    82 Fund Raising Ideas
  • CAR STOP : This is one or the easiest and most profitable fund-raising ideas. Find a busy intersection and get permission from the city to solicit funds from passing motorists. Malls, shopping centers, and other heavy traffic areas can be used also. Supplies for this project are available from the D.R.I. offices. CHRISTMAS BAZAAR : Items for sale are appropriate to give as gifts or to decorate the home for the holidays. This one-day event could raise a great amount of money. GARAGE SALES : Have the largest garage sale ever. Use a group of attached warehouses. Handicrafts, baked goods, used home furnishings, and even unwanted clothing could be among the many items offered at this giant sale. In other areas of the country, where only one garage may be available, organization members can collect unwanted merchandise and tag each piece with an appropriate price. Garage sales frequently bring in several hundred dollars in an after-noon. GARDEN FAIR : Arrange with a local nursery to be sales people in their nursery for two days whereby the organization would receive a 25 percent commission on whatever plants the group sells.
  • 20. - News -Wyclef Jean Lines Up Fund-Raisers For Charity Foundation
    sorted out, although organizers are planning to feature mark the foundation s mostaggressive fundraising campaign to t make you, and what I teach these kids
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    Or enter a band name or keyword below to search news: The Fugees Wyclef Jean Lines Up Fund-Raisers For Charity Foundation Wyclef "It Doesn't Matter" As Wyclef Jean's second solo effort, "The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II A Book," arrives in stores this week, the hip-hop heavyweight's charitable organization, the Wyclef Jean Foundation, has just unveiled plans for a series of fund-raising events for its 2000-2001 season. On September 6, Wyclef Jean will play a "Dance Through The Decades" show at the Copacabana in New York City, a sequel of sorts to a Caribbean-themed event held at the same venue last year that featured a guest appearance by U2's Bono (see "Wyclef Jean And Bono To Perform Benefit Single At NYC Club Show" Jean will then head to the West Coast on November 2 for an invitation-only gig at the Armani Exchange on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles that will also serve as the official launch of the foundation's Web site at

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