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1. Texas Department Of Health Region 8 Program Listings!
health surveillance and field investigations public health planning process using days, health fairs, and other community activities associated with the distribution of health
PROGRAMS For a brief program overview select from the list below: Regional Administration Birth Defects Monitoring Office of Border Health Cancer Registry ... Zoonosis Control
Please note: You can email anyone at the Texas Department of Health by using the following:
first name.last Selection Menu
Region 8 Programs Region 8 Calendar TDH Region 8 Home Page Other T.D.H. Regions ... Public Health Models Last update 04/29/2003
Administration W. S. "Chip" Riggins, Jr., M.D., M.P.H., Regional Director
Anita Martinez , Deputy Regional Director T he purpose of Administration is to support and keep all the other programs of PHR 8 running smoothly. Administration serves as the heart, the center, of our various bureaus, divisions, programs and projects.
  • A L easing A utomated Data Services P lanning and Special Projects M H uman Resources
Activities that support Regional Public Health Programs:
  • C ommunity Oriented Primary Care C ustomer Service E pidemiology M edicaid Managed Care M inority Health

2. The North Carolina Institute For Health And Safety
in the Farm Safety field days for youths and their team model to teach and demonstrate farm health and safety in They participated in the planning and development of the
The North Carolina Agromedicine Institute Partners for Health and Safety in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Annual Report for 2002 Submitted to: The North Carolina Agromedicine Board of Directors August 12, 2003 By
Susan Gustke, M.D., Director
West Research Campus 1157 VOA Site Road Greenville NC 252-744-1000 office 252-744-1009 fax
North Carolina Agromedicine Institute: Partners for Health and Safety in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Annual Report for 2002 I. Overview. II. Organizational Information III. Institute Activities. V. Current Institute Projects ... VIII. Financial Report
I. Overview.
The administrative team consists of:
  • Susan Gustke, MD, Director John Sabella, EdD, Associate Director Rebecca Foster, Administrative Manager Ruthie Fairbanks, Administrative Assistant A Campus Coordinator at 25% time from each participating university
Judy Bernhardt, PhD- ECU, Greg Cope, PhD - NCSU
  • Julia Storm, MS, Agromedicine Information Specialist at NCSU.
The administrative operating budget for the year was $485,522. This included PETF grant funds and salary support from the USDA/CSREES grant.

3. D Is For Difference
However, firefighters aren t equipped for longrange planning and long-term project Wehave a presence at health fairs, school field days and most
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From the Editor

Reader Response

Upcoming Events

Job Opportunities

D is for difference
Ralph Cobb
Jul 1, 1999 12:00 PM
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'Reinventing the fire service." That phrase has cropped up so many times in the past few years that we can't help but think about the future and what direction it will take. I believe it's a certainty that the fire service will be reinvented, but the real issue is who will lead the process. Will the future be charted by proactive chiefs or by reactive, budget-conscious administrators? I agree with Jeff Dyar and Gordon Sachs when they answer their question "Is EMS making the right difference?" (May 1998, available at .) by saying that the future is in prevention and public education. However, I think that the focus must be broader to encompass total community involvement. While our primary mission remains suppression and treatment, we must use our idle time to make a positive difference in our jurisdictions. Through participation in the National Fire Academy's Executive Fire Officer Program, I recognized that our department needed to be more involved in prevention and education. However, we had recently paid back pay as the result of an flsa complaint and were under pressure to reduce scheduled overtime. We were busy enough that any effort to provide life safety education was almost always interrupted. The city was in a financial squeeze, so hiring additional staff was out of the question.

4. Models Of Christian Witness In Health Care
Area Coordinators and their field Assistants function where the "tire in areas which mean days of trekking in difficult Yearly village health fairs are arranged and coordinated by
Models of Christian Witness in Health Care. An international study by Health Development International, funded by World Vision Taiwan. 1994-1997 Part II: Models of Integration 5. Life Abundant Programme in Cameroon (Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board working in partnership with the North American Baptist Conference) Daphne Dunger, RN, MA and Anne Gewe, RN, MSN It began as the vision of a missionary nurse. It's purpose is to enable underserved communities through their local Cameroon Baptist Convention churches to share abundant life (wholistic well-being) within the context of their environment, culture and Christian beliefs. How it began Furthermore, patients were brought to the hospital too late, only to die on arrival. This was done not only by those living great distances but those living a stone's throw from the hospital doors. Patients absconded from the wards (usually in the night) to get further treatment from witch doctors when their healing seemed too slow. To see students "freeze" in the middle of a role-play on the first aid care of a convulsing epileptic patient, fearful that touching the foaming saliva would give them the disease (even though the pathophysiology had already been discussed), showed the reality of unchanged worldviews and the need for culturally sensitive teaching within the context of daily living. On weekends when there was opportunity to visit outlying churches, especially the small ones in remote villages, my heart would ache as I saw that though Christ was named and God was worshipped, most often other gods were also included and invoked for their blessings and protection. Most of these small churches had only well-meaning church helpers (laymen with little or no Bible training) serving as pastors. The people had not been able to learn adequately and just could not understand.

5. MCHD: Health Education, Promotion And Training
The hours can be divided into 2 or 3 days. a fitness component; recreational activitiesand field trips and responsibility to assist with the planning of health
Health Education, Promotion and Training
For information on any of these Programs call: 221-2092 The programs of the Health Education, Promotion and Training Department reflect an operational goal, which has as its heart, a concern for all of the citizens of Marion County. That goal is: to collect and analyze data for the purpose of developing and implementing programs which will be directed toward the improvement of the health and well-being of all citizens of Marion County. Key definitions which guide and support these programs are: Health education "the continuum of learning which enables people, as individuals and as members of social structures, to voluntarily make decisions, modify behaviors and change social conditions in ways which are health enhancing" Health promotions "the aggregate of all purposeful activities designed to improve personal and public health through a
combination of strategies, including the competent
implementation of behavioral change strategies, health education, health protection measures, risk factor detection, health enhancement and health maintenance"

6. Health CAM Planning 05
REGIONAL health SERVICES CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK in aBox. field Triphealth Careers Day HOSA/AHEC Wellness Moments. health fairs. Make plan and journal about and Develop career preparation
REGIONAL HEALTH SERVICES CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK This document identifies key components necessary to all health care fields as well as content standards, knowledge, and/or skills that characterize each component. Components are modeled after the Alabama Healthcare Science and Technology Education curriculum. Three levels of curriculum are identified. Level 1 components are foundational knowledge and skills that all schools, regardless of size, could adapt to their programs. These components could be a part of an introductory course, a part of a science or health course already in existence, or modules that a student accomplishes independently. Level 2 components incorporate higher levels of skills and knowledge as well as a variety of career related learning activities. Level 3 components incorporate skills and knowledge that are specific to a selected career pathway, e.g. CNA, student athletic trainer. These content standards meet the Certificate of Advanced Mastery academic benchmarks for Health Services identified by the Oregon Department of Education.
*DHO – Diversified Health Occupations 4 th or 5 th 2001 Edition, Louise Simmers

7. Workplace Health Promotion Article
Allens solution was to teach kids how to create designed specifically for health promotion program planning and evaluation such as health fairs, health risk appraisals, seminars
Products Policies Be a Marketing Partner ... About Us
The Role of Culture Change in Health Promotion
By Judd Allen, Ph.D. and Joe Leutzinger, Ph.D Reprinted with permission from the American Journal of Health Promotion , March/April 1999 Great News Every year approximately 70 percent of employees attempt to adopt a new healthy lifestyle practice (Allen 1998). Our Greatest Challenge Less than 20 percent are successful in maintaining those changes. The Poisoned Well of Unhealthy Cultures The village well was poisoned and the people fell sick. Unbeknownst to the villagers the poisoned well water had impaired their capacity to adopt healthy lifestyle practices. Health promotion professionals raced madly about pleading with the villagers to exercise, stop smoking, eat right and balance work, rest and play. Related Products Life gain Culture Audit Working Well Video Wellness Leadership Video Peer Support Video ... Wellness Mentor Program The villagers heard the message and set goals for a better life. Try as they might, few villagers achieved their lifestyle improvement goals. So many failed that a great sadness fell on the land. The health promotion professionals were asked to go elsewhere to seek their fortunes. The Poisoned Well of Unhealthy Cultures The village well was poisoned and the people fell sick. Unbeknownst to the villagers the poisoned well water had impaired their capacity to adopt healthy lifestyle practices. Health promotion professionals raced madly about pleading with the villagers to exercise, stop smoking, eat right and balance work, rest and play. The villagers heard the message and set goals for a better life. Try as they might, few villagers achieved their lifestyle improvement goals. So many failed that a great sadness fell on the land. The health promotion professionals were asked to go elsewhere to seek their fortunes.

8. Community Health
A variety of tasks from education to planning. with a professional, depending on theintern’s field of study. care and paid time off after ninety days of work
Community Health Internship Directory Salt Lake County Alta View Hospital 9660 South 1300 East, Sandy, UT 84094 801-501-2600 or 801-501-2601 Contact: Human Resources Department Alliance For Children Contact: Kathie Carter Hours: This is a non-paid internship with a flexible schedule. Opportunities: Field work involves monitoring day care facilities and their providers to make sure they are safe for children. Office work, etc. Possible job openings available. Requirements: Available in other counties. Altius Health Plans 10421 South Jordan Gateway, South Jordan, UT 84095 Contact: Carrie Swader 4500 South 1414 East, Suite #2, Salt Lake City, UT 84117 Contact: Dr. Silverman Hours: This is a non-paid internship unless grants are given for specific projects. They offer flexible schedules and the amount of hours depends on the number of hours needed for the internship. Opportunities: Community outreach - setting up a program in Utah County, setting up support groups, working on legislation to be passed, Memory Walk. Excellent internship for those interested in gerontology. American Cancer Society 941 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

9. Community Health Handbook
develop innovative ways to teach healthrelated topics, such as consider a career in the health care field. class presentations or health fairs; developing and dispersing educational
Site Orientation, Faculty Evaluation, "A Reflection on Professionalism in Community Health" Essay
EVALUATION CRITERIA (Report on Student Progress) HELPING YOUR PATIENTS USING THE McGUIRE FUND SUGGESTED READING DESCRIPTION OF THE COMMUNITY HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS Area Health Education Centers Hale Pulama Mau Ke Ola Mamo at Papakolea University Health Services Clinical Trials Shadowing Project Homeless Project Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence Waikiki Health Center ... Waimanalo Health Center Department of Health: TB Program Hospice Hawaii School Health Education Program WIC at Kalihi Palama Health Center Emergency Medical Service HUGS St. Francis Hospice Geriatric Medicine Service ... Sunny Buddies OBJECTIVES OF COMMUNITY HEALTH By the end of Unit 3 you should be able to: 1. appreciate the diversity of factors impacting health, including social factors

10. National Advisory Committee On Rural Health And Human Services
his work in the health field and acknowledged the expertise participate in weekend health fairs so that parents could initiatives such as health planning and case reviews, which
The National Advisory Committee
on Rural Health and Human Services U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Home Background Chair Members ... Links National Advisory Committee on Rural Health Washington, D.C.
February 6-9, 2000 Meeting Summary
The 34th meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health (NACRH) was held on February 6-9, 2000, at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington, D.C. A reception was held for NACRH members on the evening of Sunday, February 6.
Monday, February 7, 2000 Call to Order Former Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker, new chair of NACRH, convened the meeting and commended the former chair, Governor Robert D. Ray, for his work in the health field and acknowledged the expertise of the present Committee members. The following members attended the February meeting: James F. Aherns, J. Graham Atkinson, H.D. Cannington, Dr. William H. Coleman, Shelly L. Crow, Dr. Steve Eckstat, Dr. Barbara Jean Doty, Faye Gary, Rachel A. Gonzales-Hanson, Alison Hughes, John L. Martin, Dr. Tom Nesbitt, Dr. Monnieque Singleton, and Mary Wakefield. The complete meeting participant list is provided in Appendix A.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Rural Health

11. Health - CSB | SJU - Internship Program
health/Group Homes/Hospitals/Clinics/Crisis Centers/ healthRelated Camps/School health and Counseling and promotional functions via health fairs and school programs, and hours per week working days and evenings for three to Fitness or related field. CRC CATEGORIES health (HL) 12/99
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Health/Group Homes/Hospitals/Clinics/Crisis Centers/
Health-Related Camps/School Health and Counseling
Additional information for the following Internship Opportunities, including contact information, is available in the Career Resource Centers at St. Ben's and St. John's. Anderson Windows* - Bayport, MN
Andersen Windows designs, manufacturers, and sells high quality windows, patio doors, roof windows and skylights. They are looking for a health services intern. This intern will work with other health care professionals in Health Services as a team member in emergency response to injured and ill employees, assist with the pre-employment hiring practices during spring and summer hires, and assist employees with required paperwork in disability management. This is a paid position for the summer of 2002. The application deadline is April 26, 2002.
CRC CATEGORIES: Health (HL) 3/03
CONTACT: Craig Kelly
ADDRESS: 100 4th Avenue North
Bayport, MN 55003

12. M1037 Extension Volunteer Programs
Program planning in the Community using skills to health Issues understandingthe helping role. such as the Annual Conservation field days sponsored by
Extension Volunteer Programs
Volunteers represent an important part of the Extension delivery system in Mississippi. Being a volunteer gives you the satisfaction of working with many people throughout the state and a satisfaction in knowing you provide training and experience to those who really need it. Everyone has valuable skills to share, and there are those who need to learn certain skills. Volunteers get involved in many activities that are unfamiliar to them. Using the resources available through the Extension Service, you can gain a working knowledge in any area you chose. In doing so, you are able to engage people more effectively in community service to help solve local problems. This brochure provides information about the Volunteer Programs offered through Mississippi State University Extension Service.
Master Teacher in Family Life
Master Teacher in Family Life volunteers live in limited-resource communities. These volunteers are trained to educate fellow residents about important issues in the areas of health, the family, education, and employment. They also create and sustain a network of those who want to make changes in these areas. The program is unique because it empowers individuals within communities to create and support long-term changes. Volunteer training includes the following topics:

13. Exercise Science & Health Promotion Jobs (Exercise Science & Health Promotion Jo
For more information on times, days and salary in activities or a related field, andone oral and written) organization, planning, interpersonal relationships.
Please check this page often as new jobs are regularly coming into the department.
This is a listing of job opportunities that have been sent to the Department of Exercise Science and Heatlh Promotion for posting. The Department of Exercise Science and Heatlh Promotion and Florida Atlantic University does not attest to the authenticity of these positions. (Fitness) Posted: 6/9/04
Broward General Medical Center
Fitness Instructor needed in a hospital-based Wellness Center, high-school graduate with experience working in the exercise field/gym. $12.50 per hour. Broward General Medical Center, 1600 S. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33316 Contact: Anita Meade- 954-355-4549 or
To apply, go directly through Human Resources or apply online at
Posted: 5/3/04
Fitness Instructor, Part-time or Full (30+ hours), degree seeking and fitness certification (AEA, AFAA, IDEA, etc.) required
Contact: Joe Tinsley (954) 349-5671 for further information.
250 Racquet Club Road
Weston, Florida 33326
(954) 349-9673 Fax
Posted: 5/3/04 Boca West Country Club is looking for floor staff and personal trainers.

14. NCHEC - Job Seekers
Ability to work flexible hours and days. be considered) in a healthrelated field;college-level university located in the East Texas planning Region, which
Job Seekers Job Seekers All positions that are listed on our website either prefer or require a CHES certification. United Arab Emirates - Faculty-Health Education . The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is a system of eleven colleges in six centers in the United Arab Emirates - one of the most progressive and modern countries in the Middle East. HCT provides post-secondary programs in Business, Education Engineering, Communication Technology, Information Technology and Health Sciences. The language of instruction and in the corporate environment is English. Student enrollment is currently 14,500 and growing.
Successful candidates for these positions are required to meet the following criteria:
  • Candidates must be prepared to teach in a practical learner-centered environment.

15. Patrick Henry Community College
experience and demonstrated success in strategic planning, team building experiencein the BioTech field desired. allied health programs at career days and job,166,245,248

16. Health Commission Minutes, May 4, 1999
Square and victims were assessed in the field by NERT efforts to ensure accessto family planning services for doors open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Minutes of the Health Commission Meeting
Tuesday, May 4, 1999
3:00 p.m. 101 Grove Street, Room #300
San Francisco, CA 94102 1) CALL TO ORDER The regular meeting of the Health Commission was called to order by President Lee Ann Monfredini, at 3:04 p.m. Present:
  • Commissioner Edward A. Chow, M.D. Commissioner Roma P. Guy, M.S.W. Commissioner Ron Hill Commissioner Lee Ann Monfredini Commissioner Harrison Parker, Sr., D.D.S. Commissioner David J. Sanchez, Jr., Ph.D. Commissioner John I. Umekubo, M.D.
President Monfredini presented the April Department of Public Health Employee Recognition Award to Bruce Josloff of the Environmental Health Management Division. 2) APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF APRIL 6, 1999 Public Speakers:
  • Stephen O. Murray, Ph.D., Instituto Obregon, voiced criticism on the April 6, 1999 minutes, the content of public comments, and will file complaints with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. Gil Criswell requested the April 20, 1999 minutes reflect clarification of his statements. In submitting his Spectrum article, he stands by his article, "Bath Houses and Sex Clubs." HIV should be treated like any other STD with treatment; and he is not in favor of HIV surveillance. Reid Condit, Ad Hoc Bath House Committee, requested revision of the April 6 minutes regarding the LGBT Advisory Committee letters, discussion of the regulations for sex clubs, and the spelling of his first name.

17. Calendar Of Events For World Health Day 2003
field Office El Paso is already planning multiple events (a team) will summarize thediscussions, which will be placed on the PAHO World health Day web site
Homepage About PAHO Data Topics ... Search
World Health Day 2003 Healthy Environments for Children

WHD03 Main Page

Press Releases

Press Features

Community Guide

Calendar of Events
Events in the United States
Monday, 7 April 2003 PAHO Headquarters Event Kickoff event at PAHO
10am - 12pm, Room A
Ceremony commemorating World Health Day Confirmed participants:
  • Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, PAHO Director Rabbi Daniel Swartz, Keynote Speaker First Lady of Ecuador, Dr. Ximena Bohorquez Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Souza and "Monica"
Invited dignitaries:
  • HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson OAS Secretary-General César Gaviria Joanne Rodman, Director of the Office of Children's Health Protection (representing EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman) Kids Panel
Tuesday, 8 April 2003 Children's Health Fair at the Humphrey Building HHS and EPA will hold a children's health fair in the Great Hall (10 am). Focus will be environmental health for children and related topics. There will be booths, games and activities for children. Guests to include: Dr. Mirta Roses, Director, PAHO, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, and dignitaries from USAID, State Department, Hispanic Caucus and other Latino Congressional representatives. Wednesday, 9 April 2003

18. October03
the kids, regardless of their age, in planning and preparing Day (school is closed)47 Healthaongus days at Beban 630-730 pm 13 UPS Track and field Meet 14
Uplands Park E-News
April (2004) This month's edition includes:
  • From the Principal's Office A Special Thankyou to Our S.P.C. members Extreme Fun Fair Fine Arts News Track and Field Meet News Health News Boys Basketball Game Extreme Fun Fair - We Need Your Help Books for Kids A Reminder to Parents Kindergarten Registrations Head Lice New Self Managers Health Immunization Dates to Remember Newsletter Comment Sheet

Principals Comments Dear Families, There is lots of excitement in the air as the date approaches for our whole school musical at the Port Theater. We are referring to it as " The Uplands Park Spring Portformance", and it will be held on Tuesday April 20/04 at 7:00PM. Our primary students will perform the musical "LEMONADE" and our intermediate students will perform the musical "Dig It." Ticket information and other details are coming home soon. Please be sure to mark your calendars so you can plan on attending this very special event! We have had a lot parental support in terms of the many tasks that need attending to.We really thank all of our families for their phenomenal support! We are most appreciative to Mr. Roszmann who is organizing this huge performance as well as to all the staff whom are very involved in many ways. It is exciting to be apart of such a special opportunity for our students! We hope that this will be a unique experience that our students will remember for a long time to come!

19. Health Education News For March 2002
s Hospital will host a oneday training on to those who are new to the field of health SuicidePrevention Program ~ Clallam County Family planning of Clallam
Camera Ready Materials
A partial database of Department of Health camera-ready educational materials is now officially available. Bookmark this page: . Eventually all brochures, posters and other materials that DOH produces will be available online. If there is an educational publication you use a lot and don’t see in the database, send an email to Training Opportunity
Meeting the Cultural and Linguistic Needs of Families:
Health Education for Families who have Children with Special Needs
April 23, 2002 9-4pm
Children’s Hospital will host a one-day training on how to provide culturally relevant services and materials to families. This event will be held in Ellensburg at Hal Holmes Community Center. Presenters will be Amy Santos, Assistant Professor at the Department of Special Education at the University of Illinois, and Maryanne Blake, Network Librarian and Outreach Services Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region. This training is designed for health educators, public health nurses, CSHCN coordinators, school nurses, parent-to-parent coordinators, family resource coordinators, early childhood educators, and other health and advocacy professionals serving families who have children with special health care needs. To receive a registration brochure contact Megan Sety at the Center for Children with Special Needs, Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center at

20. Health Education News For May 2002
has agreed to allow a oneday health education track Many in our field have becomeso used to small group facilitation, strategic planning, program evaluation
May 2002 Joint Conference on Health Is a Go
And includes a Health Education Track
Concerns about travel and budget restrictions put the annual statewide Joint Conference momentarily in doubt this year, but the Washington State Public Health Association Board has decided to hold the conference as scheduled on October 7-9 in Wenatchee. The exciting news is that the planning committee has agreed to allow a one-day health education track in addition to the annual health educator’s lunch. The DOH Office of Health Promotion will be coordinating this effort. If you are interested in submitting an abstract for this track, the Office of Health Promotion is available to help with writing strong proposals. Please email Theresa Fuller or Ruth Abad if you want to submit an abstract or have suggestions for presentations or the luncheon. We'd appreciate your input in making this a great addition to the Joint Conference. The call for abstracts is attached. The deadline for submitting is May 25 Teach a Feature
Netiquette Even Ms. Manners recognizes that the medium of email has changed how we correspond. When you belong to a listserv, following some basic rules of "netiquette" will make the experience more manageable and pleasant. We recently updated our tips under Making Connections "

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