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1. Geography Of The Middle East & North Africa
two regions. It has recently been asserted that, despite the "tremendous resources for of geography through learning about the peoples and places of the PUBLICATIONS. MAPS. gen'L INFO
Geog 319) Instructor: P. Kaldjian
Email: Office: Phillips Hall 245
Phone: 836-2321/836-3244 SCHEDULE FALL 2003 READINGS EXERCISES
OFFICE HOURS ONLINE RESOURCES This course introduces students to the geography of the Middle East (and North Africa). Specifically, students will learn how the geographic perspective helps us in understanding the diverse physical and human landscapes of the region stretching from Morocco through Iran, Turkey through Yemen. The geographical perspective explores environments, the arrangement of material (including symbolic) culture on the landscape, the emergence of regions and the interconnections between them, it tries to understand the relationships between people and their environments, and how those relationships change and affect a region over time. Specific emphasis will be placed on recognizing and responding to generalizations and stereotypes of the Middle East that are prevalent in the United States, misunderstandings that confound respectful and constructive interactions between the two regions. It has recently been asserted that, despite the "tremendous resources for enhancing our geographic awareness and global understanding, most Americans living in a Global Age continues to possess little more than a Stone Age awareness of the world around them (Charles Gritzner, Journal of Geography, 102:90-91, 2003)." This course is designed to excite students' geographic awareness and to encourage them to understand the importance of geography through learning about the peoples and places of the Middle East and North Africa.

2. Geography : Atlases
which provides maps for the different regions of Scotland the geography for many ofthe places therein For additional resources check the library catalogue under
@import "/lib/house.css"; The University of Adelaide Library Guides Help ... Help/Feedback The University of Adelaide Library
North Terrace
This list is to guide you to the major atlas and gazetteer resources in the Barr Smith Library. The focus is primarily socio-cultural and socio-economic, but environmental issues, physical geography, historical geography and geopolitics are selectively included. The library does not actively collect sheet maps but it does house a Map Collection Last update: 2 April 2004 by Chris Smith Contents: The World Africa Antarctica Asia ... Pacific Region
The following is a selection of what's available. For additional resources check the library catalogue under the Keywords index using subject keywords (with fieldcodes) such as:
skey Egypt and skey Maps
skey Greece and skey Maps

skey Rome and skey Maps

Atlas of the Greek world / P. Levi, 1980

3. Geography Learning About Our World
the gen eral public, used these guidelines to. develop a geography framework people, places, and regions.Approximately 30 percent variation.What mineral resources. are often extracted

4. Gen. Geog.
General geography Sites. Check The Time Around The World. Just Click The Arrows On The Clock. World Statistics Many geography Related Topics. Your-Nation.Com - Site lets you compare 2 nations of your choice in over 100 different measures. Pictures of places - Site indicates over 10 000 travel Department of geography Features current research, resources, and information for
General Geography Sites Check The Time Around The World. Just Click The Arrows On The Clock. World Statistics - Many Geography Related Topics Your-Nation.Com - Site lets you compare 2 nations of your choice in over 100 different measures. Pictures of Places - Site indicates over 10,000 travel pictures, images, and photos of the world can be viewed here.
- Play map games on line, learn the nations of the world, learn the fifty states. USA Data - All Kinds of Topics, Too Much To List, Some Downloadable AS Excel Files. Country Studies at the Library of Congress - Excellent Reference Site. World Atlas, World Almanac, World Database - Extensive listings of data for nations around the world. - web site with links to geography topics, geography simulations on line Ameristat.Org - Demographic, Population Data For USA Calculate Distance Between Two Locations On Earth - Indonesian web site has a distance calculator.
GEOGRAPHY WORLD - A site to begin your work...This location has links to hundreds of web sites in every geography topic imaginable.

5. The Genealogy Home Page
genealogy Guides. Libraries. Maps, geography, Deeds and Photography sites exist for many regions such as Africa, Asia Northamerican genealogy resources Page. gen ESPAÑA, Spanish Forum
The Genealogy Home Page
Recent additions to this and related pages are shown on the What's New listing ( updated frequently ). More new genealogy related WWW sites can be found on the What's Really New in WWW Genealogy Pages page ( updated daily Please visit the Genealogy Anonymous FTP Site , the companion genealogy file collection. The FTP site contains a wealth of free and shareware genealogy software, the ROOTS-L file collection and other text files with genealogical data and help. Visit the Genealogy Portal to search for surnames listed on WWW genealogy sites.
Genealogy Help and Guides
The following are some of the many guides about how to do genealogy research that are available on the internet.

6. Education Resources For Teachers, Administrators,
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES. Going places Making Choices and geographical region. The regions appear in alphabetical order of science and geography education resourceshttp//www.usgs
Education Resources For Teachers, Administrators,
Students and Parents Topics are organized by subject then by miscellaneous topics
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Content Specific Areas AGRICULTURE
Effective Teaching in Agricultural and Life Sciences Web Site
Anne Frank and Children of the Holocau
BBC Online - History - War and Conflict - World War Two- Holocaust

Delta Language Arts Webquest - Remember the Holocaust
Civil War sites MATHEMATICS
Mathematical Organizations
The American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematical Association of America: MAA Online
General Topics Pythagorean Theorem and its many proofs History of Mathematics Learning and Mathematics Math Forum- ... COLLEGE EDUCATION TOPICS Study Tips/Advising/Counceling Sites Learning Time Home Page ALCOHOL and YOUR FAMILY Content Specific Learning Strategies Main Stack Study Skills ... A Student Guide to Essay Exams Teaching Sites References to Higher Education Retention Articles Education Research Alternative Modes of Teaching and Learning Teacher Pages ... K A I R O S: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environment s IDEA PAPERS -Faculty Evaluation and Development issues Teaching Resource Exchange MERLOT Teaching Tips-Nutshell notes ... Paradise Valley Community College e Center for Teaching and Learning Homepage at UIS P.L. Duffy Resource Centre

7. Ohio History Resources
Maps and Cartography resources Fundamentals of Physical geography / Climateregions Back to Top of Page. places, regions of the World.
History/Social Studies Resources Organized by Standard Play Presidential Hangman! Hangman world cities and countries! Search this site Home ... OGT News Web Help by Standard: Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12 History ... Contact Content Standards: History
People in Societies


Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
Process Standard: Social Studies Skills and Methods Internet Resources for History: Exemplary Sites with resources that align with Ohio History and Social Science Curriculum Standards are marked with OGT Mentor five stars Chronology and Cause National Museum of American History Timeline Timeline of African American History: Clickable Timeline of American History by decade: Native American History: Causation in History Journal of American History

8. PolishRoots - Geography & Maps
PolishRoots® geography Maps. resources. Culture Customs a rare book that shows places in Posen during the inter Databases ·. Donations ·. Events ·. gen Dobry! ·. Getting Started
Home Events
PolishRoots Resources
Postcards Museums Databases ... US States Geography

9. Niagara Co. NYGenWeb Project -- Home Page
Local history geography and travel Other links General genealogy resources. Area resources NY/general; Western NY on Niagara County places, and regions which border Niagara
The Niagara County
NYGenWeb Project
Genealogy Local history Geography and travel Other links ... About this site
Welcome to the USGenWeb site for Niagara County, New York! Niagara County is located in western New York State. The county seat is Lockport, NY, first settled in 1816 and incorporated in 1865. Niagara County is most famous for its "Seventh Wonder of the World," Niagara Falls , which includes the Thundering Rapids, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. In 1990, the county population was 220,756 in a land area of 523 square miles, an average of 422 people per square mile. Over 70% of the residents were urban. Eighty-five percent were born in New York State, but reported their ancestries as German, Irish, Italian, English, or Polish (in that order). Niagara County was formed from Genesee in 1808. (Genesee was formed from Ontario County in 1802. Ontario was formed from Montgomery in 1789. Montgomery was formed from Albany County in 1772, but was known as Tryon County until 1784. Albany County was one of the original counties of New York State.) Here's where to find the major types of information and links on these pages:
  • Genealogy resources , including:
    General genealogy resources
    Area resources: NY/general; Western NY; Niagara-specific

10. PolishRoots - Geography & Maps
PolishRoots® geography Maps. resources. Culture Customs open area and four places 1)Bialosliwie, 2) Schleinitz, 3 Donations ·. Events ·. gen Dobry! ·. Getting Started
Home Events
PolishRoots Resources
Postcards Museums Databases ... US States Slownik Geograficzny Entry
In German Weissenhohe, a village in the district of Wyrzysk. It has 156 homes. There were 1601 inhabitants of which 1034 were Lutheran and 567 were Catholic. 567 were illiterate. The village has a Protestant church. It has a market four times a year. It has a railway station on the line between Pila and Bydgoszcz. It is about 39 kilometers from Pila. In the vicinity they have excavated urns of a pagan cemetery. Bialosliwie – In German Flottwell. Crown land in the district of Wyrzysk having 2873 morgs of open area and four places: 1)Bialosliwie, 2) Schleinitz, 3) Muffling, and 4) Wydormuhle consisting of 13 homes. It had 227 inhabitants of which 93 were Lutheran and 134 were Catholic. 63 were illiterate. (Note: 1 morg = 1.2 acres.) Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1880, vol. 1, p.195].
Customs Databases Donations ... Volunteers This translation, by Jerry S. Kucharski, FIC, FICF, is used by permission of the author.

11. Historical Geography Of Poland - ATPC
The historic geographic areas of Poland have experienced substantial change resulting in some confusion for new genealogist. A brief reference is provided for understanding Silesia, Prussia, period in time. Poland's geography has been redefined many ground leaving the following places in Poland Skorischau, Reichthal Related resources Past and Present regions of Poland
Heritage: History Library
Poland? HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF POLAND..... In researching Polish ancestors it is important to understand what the boundaries of Poland were at a given period in time. Poland's geography has been redefined many times. Unless you understand these basic changes, it can be confusing to understand why your why your Polish ancestors who immigrated to another country would declare their country as; Germany, Prussia, East Prussia, Russia, Austria or Hungary. Your ancestors answer were politically correct, but it did not necessarily reveal their ethnic origin. They were of Polish descent, but they were caught up in the boundary changes associated with Poland's political history. They lived in an area that was not longer under Poland's control. In certain periods of history, Poland didn't even exist as a country.
Reference: Current detailed map of Poland.
Brief History of Poland and It's Geography You may be familiar with the current map of Poland (above). It is useful reference if you are trying to determine an area were someone is living in Poland today. However, it may not be a good reference for locating where your ancestors may have come from in Poland. This section will help to understand why. TABLE 1: Comparison 1660-1870
In 1660

12. Bible Study Resources: Glossary: Assyria, History And Geography, Major Empire, A
Assyria, major empire in the preexilic period, rose to dominance during the time of the Israelite monarchies.
Assyria first rose to prominence in the second millennium BC (roughly the period of the patriarchal stories of Gen 12ff.). However it was during the period of the Israelite kingdoms that Assyria moved out of its heartland around the Upper Tigris river (Nineveh and Assur) to control the Mesopotamian region from the mid ninth century until late in the seventh century BC. The Aramean kingdoms (especially Arpad, Hamath and Damascus ) in the West were major rivals and obstacles to Assyrian expansion. From the death of Shalmaneser III (in 824BC) till the reign of Tiglath-pileser III (from 744BC) internal rebellion and the strength of Uratu in the North reduced Assyria's threat to the West. During this period Israel and Judah were both small kingdoms giving support either to the Assyrians or the Arameans (Syrians) and prospering or suffering according to the relative strength of these more major powers. Israel in particular often used Assyrian power to retain independence from Damascus Following the accession of Tiglath-pileser III (744BC) a series of powerful kings gained control and thus ended Aramean threats to Mesopotamian stability. This control of a large part of the region created the first "real" empire. Prisoners and loot from these campaigns were used in extensive building projects "at home".

13. Geography Course Description At Rowan University
geography 2206.110 4 shThis course satisfies the gen. Ed. methods, class field tripsto places chosen by and economic development of the regions and individual
Physical Geography 2206.101
3 s.h. Intended to develop an understanding of the physical factors of the earth as human habitat and human adjustments to (or modifications of) them. It emphasizes the analysis and world distributional patterns of landforms, climate, vegetation, soils and water features and the causes and interrelationships of these patterns. Cultural Geography 2206.102
3 s.h This course focuses upon the varied and changing cultural environments of the world. Through a synthesis of data from many disciplines (i.e., anthropology, ecology, earth sciences, history, etc.), major cultural differences and real patterns are identified and analyzed. Geology I 2206.103
4 s.h. This course satisfies the Gen. Ed. Lab. Science Requirement This laboratory course introduces students to the study of the earth's interior and to the processes shaping the earth's surface. It emphasizes both theoretical understanding and practical application through a combination of lecture and laboratory exercises. Students will learn field methods during a mandatory three-day field trip. Geology II 2206.104

14. GeoLibrary - Websites Library Style 900 - 929 History, Geography
ensigns/coat of arms, flags of regions/territories/possessions South America, CentralAmerica, Austraila and other places. info The Boomers and the gen Xer s
900 History, Geography and Travel
914 Travel in Europe 917 Travel in North America (including Central America) 929 Flags 930 Ancient World ...
History of the World
timeline from 1000BC to present; searchable categories - events, people, major civilizations, maps
IdeasA Timetable of Significant Events in World History

The History NetWhere History Lives on the Web

Mr. Donn's Pages Site Index
lesson plans, activities, and resources organized by topic
Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom

Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History

History Project Online

CIA Publications
CIA World Factbook
country information at a glance
Geographic Names
Kiosk Journal of Geo-Politics
Countries of the World
Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments The WWW Virtual Library: IAN Web International Affairs Networkarea studies, intn'l organizations, periodicals,... Famous Historic Speeches Can choose bu author, keyword search, display all or from search page Historic Speeches Homework Spot - links to collections Welcome to Webcor's Audio Archive Information Central @ National

15. 1990 Census Resources
CDROM technical documentation Call no HA201 1990 .C45 gen. geographic structureUnited States, regions, divisions, States, counties, places of 10,000
catalog worldcat using the library electronic resources ...
Finding Census Data
1990 Census Resources
1990 U.S. CENSUS OF POPULATION AND HOUSING INFORMATION 1990 Local Community Fact book ; Chicago metropolitan area 1990/ edited by the Chicago Fact book Consortium. Chicago, IL, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1995. Call no. HA730.C5L630 1995 RR (red stripe), SSA, RR2, RR4 (also an RR copy in Active Reserve JRL 100). DEMOGRAPHIC AND HOUSING CHARACTERISTICS OF CHICAGO AND.....CHICAGO, CITY OF CHICAGO, DEPT. OF PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT...1994 . (this multivolume reference source contains 1990 local community census data for the Chicago neighborhoods (Hyde Park is #41) (similar to the 1980 Local Community Factbook). A contents note in the online catalog lists all the communities represented in this source. Call. no. HA730.C5D466 1994 RR, SSAD (ICU 95-104684). There are copies in RR and in Regenstein Reserve (JRL100). CD-ROM Products located in JMedia -please ask at Circulation Counter JRL100 PL 94-171 CD-ROM ( A total of 10 CD-ROM disks)
*First data from the 1990 census, used in legislative redistricting. Data based on short-form questionnaire. Counts of persons: by race; of Hispanic origin; and not of Hispanic origin; total housing units. Data for states down to the block levels. PL94-171 has racial data for city blocks, as well as election wards and precincts. STF1A supersedes the racial data for all but these three levels.

16. Edinburgh University Library: Resources: Collections: Special Collections: Manus
geography and pop ulation of various towns and regions; before1890; ms from arange of geographical publications; lists of place names; c1885 (N 3). Ms gen.
Handlists of Manuscript Collections
Papers of George Goudie Chisholm (1850-1930) Ms Gen. 1060 (E95.51) Catalogued by Andrew Grout, June 1998 Chisholm’s bound notebooks: These have been re-grouped according to Chisholm’s own combined letter/numbering system (noted in parentheses at the end of each entry) insofar as this can now be ascertained. They are arranged in a broadly chronological series, but note that unused portions in some notebooks were re-used at a later date. Clearly, not all series are complete. Many notebooks probably comprise material for Chisholm’s Handbook of Commercial Geography (1889, and later editions). Most of the notebooks include a rough index. [For discussion see M.J. Wise, ‘A university teacher of geography’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (Nov. 1975)]. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Gazetteer Ms Gen. Gazetteer (1895); ms, 1 bound notebook. (B0) Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Ms Gen. Handbook of Commercial Geography (1889), etc.

17. Global Eye
possible use of the different sections of gen. Tony Bushell, (1995) Key geography places, Stanley Thornes
Teachers' Notes Secondary Teachers' Notes, Autumn 2000 Welcome to Global Eye News (GEN) , an online resource based on Global Eye, the magazine about world development written by Worldaware for the Department for International Development (DFID). This is the third online edition, based on Issue 13 of the magazine. The first two online editions (issue 11 and 12) can be selected and viewed from the start up screen. The archive section contains pdf files for issues 1 - 10 of the magazine plus teachers' notes and activity sheets, all of which can be printed out. Either click on the issue you require or search the archive index for what you need. We have organised the archive so that you can access each issue plus the associated activity sheets and teachers' notes more easily. Global Eye News is not just an online version of the magazine. Although each issue will contain all the main features of the magazine, there will also be additional information, photographs, maps, data and interactive features. Talkboards, workshops, curriculum projects and ask-an-expert opportunities are just some of these. There is also space for students and teachers to send in work, ideas and share good practice on aspects of world development, developing countries and development issues. As Global Eye News grows and develops we aim to respond positively to your suggestions and ideas. Take part in the talkboards and use the workshops and curriculum projects with your students. Tell us what you and your school are doing to raise awareness about world development, whether as part of the curriculum or via links you may have with developing countries. Let us know which countries and topics you would like to see feature in the future. We want to hear from you and your students.

18. Country Reports
map and find facts or other online resources related to To find out about people,places, regions, Indians, handicrafts, and maps, maps Source gen
Home 1st - 3rd Grade State Reports Country Reports Mission Reports Freedom Files Kids Freedom Files Movies in the Classroom Games Monthy Grab Bag Teens ClassBrain Store Corporate Information
Tourism A-B
Click on a country below to see Tourist Sites Bahrain (BA) Bosnia and Herzegovina (BK)
... (BH) Bahrain (BA) Local and International info For facts pertaining to this country and the Middle East. Source: Net Comm The leading English newspaper in Bahrain. A good place for current news, resources and information. Source: Arabian Network-Alayam Newspaper Middle East Economic Survey. Plug any Middle Eastern country into the database and receive information on news, the government, maps and TV/radio. Source: Middle East Economic Survey [Top of Page] Barbados (BB) Photo Gallery View many awesome pictures and also find a pen pal here. Source: Barbados Photo gallery Detailed technical For serious information on the country to help you explore its education, media and history. Source:

19. Primary Secondary Education In Latin America - LANIC
Peru and Bolivia; Going placesVolcanoes and Alaska, Northwest Regional EducationalLaboratory; Films/Teaching resources/geography University of Nebraska

20. Country / Place / Travel Information
Look under the heading resources by Geographic Region. . University Libraries A comprehensivelist of resources. on public transport, arts, places of interest
The University of Adelaide Home Departments Search ... Help/Feedback The University of Adelaide Library
North Terrace
ADELAIDE SA 5005 Telephone:
CONTENTS Atlases Maps Gazetteers Yearbooks ... Travel: accommodation
See the Library's Atlases and gazetteers guide and Street directories Infoplease Atlas
The Adelaide University Library does not actively collect sheet maps except:
  • some earlier maps of towns, in Special collections some historical maps and town plans kept in the Microform/AV area map cabinet some Department (Geography Map Library) maps covering Europe, Africa and the Americas are available from Joint Store and may be found by searching the Library catalogue
There are map collections in:
  • Geography Department Map Library, 8th floor Napier Building Geology Department State Library of South Australia Lands Department. Maps may be bought from Mapland in the Lands Department.
Australian Maps
  • Reference collection

  • Travelmate Mapmaker

    An Australian travel website. Scroll down to the section on travel maps to produce a map for the area you require.
    : UT Library Online [University of Texas Library] An excellent comprehensive web page listing maps worldwide.

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