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         Pinhole Photography:     more books (47)
  1. Pinhole Photography, Third Edition: Rediscovering a Historic Technique by Eric Renner, 2004-10-15
  2. The Beginner's Guide to Pinhole Photography by Jim Shull, 1999-03-01
  3. The Hole Thing: A Manual of Pinhole Photography by Jim Shull, 1974-04
  4. PINHOLE PHOTOGHS PB (Photographers at Work) by FUSS ADAM, 1996-05-17
  5. I am Not This Body: The Pinhole Photographs of Barbara Ess by Guy Armstrong, Michael Cunningham, et all 2001-11-17
  6. The International Pinhole Photography Exhibition by James R. Hugunin, Eric Renner, 1989-10
  7. The Photo Miniature: Advance Pinhole Photography: Vol. VI, July, 1905, No. 70 by Unknown, 1905
  8. Minimal Aperture Photography Using Pinhole Cameras by John Warren Oakes, 1987-03-31
  9. A non-silver manual: Cyanotype, brownprint, palladium & gum bichromate : with instructions for making light-resists including pinhole photography by Sarah Van Keuren, 1998
  10. The hole thing: A manual of pinhole fotografy by Jim Shull, 1971
  11. Bibliography on pinhole photography: Grouped by time periods by Stanley R Page, 1984
  12. Donald Lawrence : The Underwater Pinhole Photography Project by Katy; Lawrence, Donald McCormick, 2002
  13. Pinhole Photography : Rediscovering a Historic Technique by Eric Renner, 1994
  14. Pinhole photography by Bernice Halpern Cutler, 1989

1. Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography By Stew Woodruff - How To Make And Take Pictures
PinholeDay2004Logo.gif (4909 bytes). BACK HOME - NEXT. eiaward.gif (6357 bytes) recommendedsite.gif (8086 bytes) awardspike2000.gif (2408 bytes).
New: "Scanners"making lensless photos with a flatbed scanner
any questions or comments? All text and images presented are by Stewart Lewis Woodruff

2. Pinhole News
The Art of pinhole photography, May, 2004, Vol. 8 no. 5. News Announcements. pinhole photography. image, by Eric Renner List Price $39.99 Amazon Price $27.99.
The Art of Pinhole Photography June, 2004 Vol. 8 no. 6 Dear pinhole friends, I have decided to close down the web site and the "Pinhole News" for the summer. I intend to use this time to reflect on the value of the site and consider possible new directions. If you have any thoughts or suggestions you would like to share concerning the site, please pass them along. I will leave this page up for a while yet, until most events have ended. Have a great summer! Explore your mind! Take your camera along! Your pin pal,
Gregg Kemp Events This Week Openings/Receptions Craig J Barber
Viet Nam Revisited

Charleroi, Belgium Exhibitions Diana Hooper Bloomfield
Landscapes: Through The Pinhole

High Point, NC, United States Craig J Barber
Viet Nam Revisited

Charleroi, Belgium Workshops Cleber Falieri
Iniciação a fotografia através da técnica com pinhole

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil Veronica Saddler
Photography From a Pinhole Point of View
New York, New York, United States Eric Theise A Circle Squared: Pinhole hits the Pages San Francisco, California, United States Marc St.Pierre, Daniel Cooney

3. The Pinhole Gallery
Explains how pinhole photography works, provides directions for making a camera, offers tips for creative photography, and features dozens of pictures taken by these homemade cameras.
The Gallery About Pinhole Why Pinhole Forums ... Pinhole Events "Since 1997, where the art of pinhole photography lives." June 11 2004 Spring, or the promise of spring is in the air! And we really know that spring has arrived when PINHOLE DAY happens! April 25th IS "PINHOLE DAY"!
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
NEWS from Barney Berns! What I think of pinhole photography, by Dave Clarridge
It seems that most of what is written, and discussed, about photography centers on optics, film speeds and curves, the latest and greatest equipment, zone systems........ All valid issues which, to me, miss the real point of it all. What I love about photography is that it is magical. Today I still get that funny feeling that came over me the first time I saw an image come up in the developer. What I love about pinhole photography is that it is MAGICAL . Without all the expensive gadgetry I am able to capture what I feel, more than what I see. One never knows exactly what you're going to get with a pinhole camera until the film is developed. And what appears is something only a pinhole camera can see. It's as though a parallel universe is opened up to us. Whenever people see my pinhole photographs the standard reaction is "You took that with a pinhole camera? Wow!" And, "I don't understand how that can work? There's no lens."

4. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - Home
An international event to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography by encouraging people throughout the world to make a simple pinhole photograph
Home About WPPD How to Participate Events Resources ... Gallery Language: Chinese Czech Danish Deutsch English Italiano Japanese Nederlands Polski Srpski Slovensko Svenska
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day April 25, 2004 The last Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was celebrated around the planet on 25 April 2004. Visit the gallery to view the pinhole photographs taken on that day from participants around the world! The next Pinhole Day will take place on April 24, 2005. Web Site provided by Island Webworks
Visitors since April 1, 2001:

5. Pinhole Photography Fine Art Photographers
pinhole photography portfolio of photographer Thomas Hudson Reeve Handmade Pinhole Paper Cameras. Innovations in Camera Obscura Enter Photography Gallery. copyright © Thomas Hudson Reeve all
Thomas Hudson Reeve Photographer
Handmade Pinhole Paper Cameras
Innovations in Camera Obscura Technology
New York City 2001 - present
Enter Photography Gallery

6. Pinhole Photography
pinhole photography History, Images, Cameras, Formulas. By Jon Grepstad. Introduction. ISBN 3-928126-60-1. Some pinhole photography Links.

7. Fine Art Photographers Pinhole Photography
pinhole photography portfolio of photographer Thomas Hudson Reeve
Thomas Hudson Reeve Photographer
New York City 2001 - present
Click on Thumbnails to see Larger Images
Home About the Artist About PaperCams

8. Nick's Pinhole Photography
Instructional materials on pinhole photography, with an emphasis on school settings, a collection of historical articles from the 19th and early 20th century, and a gallery of my own photographs.
contact me by email at Using Powerpoint Digital Imaging t Classroom technology manuals Pinhole Photography Astronomy I've been involved in Pinhole Photography for a long time. For the last several years, I've taught a summer workshop for 4th through 7th graders. I created web sites for the and sessions with examples of their work. (No class in 2003, not enough kids signed up.) A guide for teachers (pdf - 1MB) An Adobe Acrobat file of a book I did under an Eisenhower grant to use pinhole photography to teach aspects of physical science. The rest of the project didn't work out so well, but the book covers a lot of how pinhole photography works and how to do it. (51 pages) Acrobat Reader 4.0 or better is required to read this file. You can download it free from Adobe How to build a pinhole camera. (pdf -108k) An Adobe Acrobat file. An updated version of the directions in the book. The resulting camera looks like the picture above. The Pinhole of Nature (.pdf - 1.8MB) I was asked to make a presentation at the Minnesota Center for Photography's Annual Pinhole Photography forum. In order to have something to talk about I wrote this piece. Modeled after William Henry Fox Talbot's great work

9. Pinhole Photography By Wanda Scott
Pinhole photographs by Wanda Scott with instructions on how to make pinhole cameras, exposure formulas, and developing pinhole pictures. for her creative niche, she discovered pinhole photography. Now pinhole photography is the key to expressing her
@import "includes/css/ws-001.css"; W anda Scott presents a unique vision of the central Cariboo area of British Columbia, Canada. Her approach to pinhole photography is to visually capture the unexpected essence of her surroundings by using the camera to reflect the beauty of a form or a moment and enhance it through the photographic medium. The purity and the cleanliness of pinhole photography is a true art form that is ever evolving. T his collection of images is a representation of her creative expression and presentation of her work. Website design by David Austin

10. Jon Grepstad - Pinhole Photography
Jon Grepstad pinhole photography. pinhole photography – History, Images, Cameras, Formulas. By Jon Grepstad. ISBN 3928126-60-1. Some pinhole photography Links.
Jon Grepstad
Pinhole photography
By Jon Grepstad [This article is also available at in the USA.
The Russian version may also be downloaded in pdf format
The history section has been translated into Spanish:
Fotografía estenopeica
Pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the lens. Light passes through the hole; an image is formed in the camera. Pinhole cameras are used for fun, for art and for science. Designing and building the cameras are great fun. Making images with cameras you have made yourself is a great pleasure, too. But in serious photography the pinhole camera is just an imaging device with its advantages and limitations, special characteristics and potentials. By making the best of the camera's potential great images can be produced. Some of the images could not have been produced with a lens.
Nautilus drawing , originally taken from a book published by Arthur Willey in 1900, the eye is the oval opening to the upper right.
Early Observations and Experiments The basic optical principles of the pinhole are commented on in Chinese texts from the fifth century BC. Chinese writers had discovered by experiments that light travels in straight lines. The philosopher Mo Ti (later

11. Pinhole Photography By Justin Quinnell
pinhole photography by professional photographer justin quinnell including information on making cameras and images using a variety of different approaches.
Pinhole Photography
Justin Quinnell

Next workshop - August in Bristol! My Snaps
(Sometimes removed due to data transfer fun!)
Pinhole photographs

(not taken from inside my mouth)

Self Portrait

(a day in the life of my mouth)

Nailbiting For: workshops, lectures, commissions, the odd pint etc, Contact: justinquinnell @
Amongst other things in life, I teach people how to do this kinda thang, so I'm attaching some 'how to do it' handouts on: 'Instant Wonder (Camera obscura)' 'Can and Wheelie bin' '720 degree - toilet roll camera' ... '110 cameras' and It's about as good as it gets, please feel free to use them. Useful links.
720 DEGREE SELF-PORTRAIT (Taken with a toilet roll) Happy Pinholing! Pinhole photographs by Australians from remote communities.

12. Pinhole Photography
Equipment. Classifieds. Travel. ezShop. Community. pinhole photography History, Images, Cameras, Formulas. By Jon Grepstad. Introduction. pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the lens.

13. Links To Pinhole Photography Sites
Links to pinhole photography Sites. Malcolm s site is wellorganized and is recommended for anyone who is interested in pinhole photography.
Links to Pinhole Photography Sites
The Penultimate Pinhole Page by John Malcolm ( contains a wealth of information about pinhole photography, its history and theory, and is a comprehensive guide for both novice and convert, to use the author's words. Malcolm's site is well-organized and is recommended for anyone who is interested in pinhole photography. the pinhole gallery ( by Byron James Bignell. Byron's revised site features superb graphics which are visually pleasing and easy to navigate, offers an excellent gallery of pinhole work contributed by a number of photographers, plus useful information about pinhole photography. PINHOLE VISIONS by Gregg D. Kemp ( ) is an elegant site devoted to pinhole photography. Besides providing access to many types of useful information on pinhole photography, a gallery hosts contemporary exhibits of pinhole photographers' works while a links gallery connects with other exhibits on the World Wide Web. Follow this link to view an exhibit of pinhole camera photos made with cameras constructed from 35mm film cans:

14. Photography - Rietveld Academie - Architecture 2002
Photography by second year students in the Architectural Design Department, The Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, 2002. Includes landscape, people, still life, pinhole photography, portraits, sequences, and installations.

15. Pinhole Resource Online
Pinhole Resource a pinhole photography Archive, Pinhole Journal, the Pinhole Resource Gallery of Pinhole Photographs, retailer of pinhole products World's Largest Supplier of pinhole photography
Receive a Life Membership in Pinhole Resource
by Purchasing this Eric Renner 5 Pinhole Photograph "Ticul Schoolyard" $1000
© Sarah Van Keuren "War is Not a Civilized Option" 2003 . . . . SEND POLITICAL IMAGES FOR AN UPCOMING ISSUE OF PINHOLE JOURNAL
World's Largest Supplier of Pinhole Photography Products
Non-Profit Archive for Pinhole Photography
Telephone/Fax 505-536-9942
or email:
Special Sale and New Items INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL!
$299 postpaid
Regular $329
More Information
$10 off on Leonardo 4x5s 4"x5" Leonardo Pinhole Cameras More Information 30% off, now $280 More Information Take $10 off Zero2000 120 Roll Film 6x9 Multi-format w/ cable release adapter More Information 120 Omniscope Anamorph Pinhole Camera More Information Welcome Pinhole Resource Pinhole Cameras ... Pinhole Photography Site Established: Jan. 1996. Number of visitors since July 7th 1996: Counter Graciously Provivded by Web Counter . Go there... This Pinhole Photography site owned by Eric Renner hosted by RingSurf Next Previous Random Site ... List Sites The Pinhole Resource pages are... Page created by Zephyr Renner. Comments, questions, and help requests may be mailed to Eric Renner or Nancy Spencer

16. SCKStefs Homepage
Color, and black and white galleries by Germanborn French photographer. Darkroom, and pinhole photography information.
Sorrowly your browser does not support frames - please click here to continue. Sorrowly your browser does not support frames - please click here to continue.

17. Jon Grepstad: Oslo Pinhole Photographs
Jon Grepstad pinhole photography pinhole photography is lensless photography. Oslo Pinhole Photographs I – III. I. II. III. © 2003 Jon Grepstad
Jon Grepstad
Pinhole photography
Pinhole photography is lensless photography. Light passes through a tiny hole and an image is formed in the camera. In the western hemisphere this optical phenomenon was commented on already by Aristotle in his work Problems (ch. 15, para. 11). There are several formulas for the optimal diameter of the pinhole. The diameter depends on the distance from hole to film plane. Depth of field is almost infinite. For light sensitive material film or photographic paper is used. Cameras vary in size, from miniature format to large rooms buildings. My first camera was a Norwegian equivalent of a Quaker Oats Box. I now have a number of cameras for different sizes of film or paper and with different "focal lengths". I prefer wide angles because they give a sense of space in the images. My cameras, most of them made in hardwood, take 120 roll film , sheet film or , or various sizes of paper negatives up to 18 x 24 cm. My next camera will be for paper negatives 40 x 50 cm. Constructing the cameras is often as much fun as making the images.
Technical data: I
Focal length 87 mm. Pinhole diameter approximately 0.4 mm. Exposure in bright sunshine 10 secs. Negative: Ilford Multigrade III RC Deluxe, 18 x 24 cm. Contact printed on the same kind of paper. Exposure in bright sunshine 10 secs.

18. Hyenaland Photographic Archives Table Of Contents
Diana camera, Polaroid transfers SX70, night and pinhole photography.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Welcome to Hyenaland Photographic Archives The main archives contain works by Christopher R. Jones You are visitor # since June 1997 Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook NEW: A Hyena AVI!! (Takes about 4 minutes to download) The works are split into six different categories: Night Images updated 1/3/99 Polaroid SX-70 updated 3/16/98 Diana Camera Images updated 1/3/99 Polaroid Emulsion Tranfers New Prints updated 8/10/99 New Category (created 11/21/98) Pinholes GalleryShows City Scapes A Collection of Polaroid SX-70s Taken by Christopher Blay and Christopher R Jones Visit my link page to other artists Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook
This Jones Soda Webring site owned by Christopher R Jones
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The Hyena Web Ring is brought to you by... WebRing.
This is Christopher Jones 's
homepage. Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous Skip Next Next 5 Sites ... Ring of Photography site is owned by Christopher R Jones C lick for the
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19. Pinhole Photography Ring
pinhole photography ring. Contents. Introduction. Welcome! This ring is a group of Web sites that contain information on pinhole photography.
Pinhole photography ring
Welcome! This ring is a group of Web sites that contain information on pinhole photography. The purpose of this ring is to promote pinhole photography. This ring is powered by RingSurf . This ring offers members many advantages, for example: easy to submit Web site form, easy HTML code posting and most importantly, frequent visits from web surfers. After all, the purpose of belonging to a Web ring is to promote your site and get more exposure. If you have a Web site that contains something of relevance to pinhole photography (for example: pinhole photographs, pinhole cameras, precision pinholes, zone plates, etc) and would like to share your interest with others then this ring is an ideal way of doing just that!
How to join the ring

20. Pinhole Photography Pointer Page
Pointer to pinhole photography resources on the Web. GrayWolf Arts; La Porte d Aval with links to other pages. Pages with pinhole photography titles.
Pointer to pinhole photography resources on the Web
Welcome to my page of links to pinhole photography pages on the World Wide Web. If you got here through Yahoo! , then you know there's lots of links out there. Since I discovered that I had been indexed through Yahoo! (July 16th, 1997), I decided to more actively manage this page. I have weeded out stale links; I intend to do more searching through the Alta Vista search site and find more recent additions. I will also impose more organization than I have had here.
I also validated the HTML. So, if you are interested in pinhole photography, come back again. I have added a small news archive containing news articles collected from* newsgroups.
Sites people were kind enough to tell me about
Pages with Pinhole Photography titles
Pages with Pinhole Gallery titles
Pages with Pinhole Photographs titles
Other Pinhole Photography Pages

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