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         Physics Journals:     more books (100)
  1. PHYSICS AND ENGINEERING.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  2. Journal of Low Temperature Physics: Special Issue: Fifth International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors, University California at Berkeley, Jul 29-Aug 3, 1993 (Vol 93, Nos 3,4, Nov 1993) by Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 1993
  3. Physics and Engineering.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  4. Atomic and Molecular Physics (Journal of Physics B, Volume 3, Number 4, April 1970) by unknown, 1970
  5. Physics History from Aapt Journals
  6. Physics and Mathematics.: An article from: Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science
  7. Radiative corrections for neutron decay and search for new physics.: An article from: Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology by V. Gudkov, K. Kubodera, et all 2005-07-01
  8. Journal of Applied PhysicsVol. 83, No. 11June 1, 1998 Part 2 by American Institute of Physics, 1998
  9. Journal of Computational PhysicsVol. 216, No. 2August 10, 2006 by Journal of Computational Physics Staff, 2006
  10. Physics: A Journal of General and Applied Physics, Vol. 4
  11. Journal of Chemical Physics, Volume 47, Number 2, July 15, 1967 by American Institute of Physics, 1967
  12. Conference summary.(at University of Heidelberg about neutron-particle physics experiments ): An article from: Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology by Dirk Dubbers, 2005-07-01
  13. Monte Carlo study of the abBA experiment: detector response and physics analysis.: An article from: Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology by E. Frlez, 2005-07-01
  14. Journal of Chemical Physics, Volume 48, Number 10, May 1, 1968 by American Institute of Physics, 1968

1. Physics And Astronomy Journals
Listing of physics and astronomy journals and magazines One of the oldest physics journals in the world. Applied Physics Letters Online Physical Review C Nuclear Physics. Physics and Astronomy Journals (Multiple) from Springer Verlag
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Physics and Astronomy Journals
Magazines Journals Preprint Archives Newsletters 'The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than Man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in athematics as surely as in poetry.'

2. Physics Journals
Home A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z physics journals. EXPLANATION (full text access ) links to journal archives.
Home A B C ... F G H I J K L M N O ... P Q R S T U ... X Y Z P HYSICS J OURNALS E X P L A N A T I O N
(full text access...) - links to journal archives.
Journal Title links to journal home pages. A Acta Crystallographica A - Foundations of Crystallography (full text access)
Acta Crystallographica B - Structural Science
Journal of Modern Optics
(Optica Acta) (full text access)
Journal of Molecular Modeling

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
(full text access via Science Direct) ...
Optics and Photonics News
(Optics News)
Optics and Spectroscopy
(full text access via EIFL Direct)

Optics Communications
(full text access via Science Direct) ...
(full text access via Springer)
Catalogues: full text access Home

3. Advances In Physics
Core List of Astronomy and physics journals. Compiled 8350. Core List of Astronomy and physics journals. Acoustics research letters online.
Core List of Astronomy and Physics Journals
Compiled by
Liz Bryson, (Project Coordinator), Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corp, Kamuela, HI.
Diane Fortner, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.
Pamela Yorks, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Criteria For Selection
Journal Titles PDF
Canada France Hawaii Telescope

Criteria For Selection
This is a list of highly-used and highly-cited physics and astronomy journals. "Use" is measured largely on paper-journal counts from selective academic research-level libraries. Citation count titles are drawn from Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) data. Recognition is given to entrepreneurial electronic-only or new-style electronic journals. Selective news, magazine, and general science journals are omitted. The compilers welcome questions, suggestions for additions, or other advice. Comments may be sent c/o Diane Fortner, Physics Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Fax 510-642-8350 Core List of Astronomy and Physics Journals Acoustics research letters online. 1 (2000)-

4. Physics Journals
physics journals. ePrint archive mirror. Other List of Links To physics journals Michigan State University Libraries;
"Progress in science is inversely proportional to the number of journals" Sixth Parkinson law PHYSICS JOURNALS SPIRES-HEP Database Covers more than 415,000 high-energy physics related articles, including journal papers, preprints, e-prints, technical reports, conference papers and theses, received by the SLAC and/or DESY Libraries since 1974. Best collection!
Russian and Ukrainian Journals
GSview Software for PS-files e-Print Journals ... Astronomy Picture of the Day Publishers American Physical Society The NASA Astrophysics Data System Institute of Physics (UK) Elsevier Science ... LIBNET
Russian and Ukrainian Journals
Astronomy Letters (contents only)
Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov
Semiconductors ) (1997 - present)
Fizika nizkih temperatur
Fizika nizkih temperatur (AIP)
Fizika Tverdogo Tela
Physics of the Solid State ) (1997 - present)
Izvestiya Rossijskoj akademii nauk (seria matematicheskaya)
(only in russian) (1994 - present)

JETP Letters

Matematicheskij sbornik
(only in russian) (1992 - present)
Matematicheskie zametki
(only in russian) (1993 - present)
Pis'ma v Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki
Technical Physics Letters ) (1997 - present) Problem of physics of elementary particles and atomic nuclei (JINR) Teoreticheskaya i matematicheskaya fizika (only in russian) (1992 - present) Ukrainian Journal of Physics Uspekhi Fizicheskih Nauk Uspekhi Fizicheskih Nauk (FTP) 1994 - present) Uspekhi matematicheskikh nauk (only in russian) (1992 - present) Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoi Fiziki Technical Physics ) (1997 - present)

5. Computational Science - Journals
Computational physics journals. TASK, Quarterly Scientific Bulletin, Gdansk ACC; VIDERE A Journal of Computer Vision Research. Other Interesting physics journals.
Computational Physics Journals
Institute of Physics (UK) Journals , all addresses are, with kode=
Computational Science Journals

6. Grand UniVerse Of Primary Consciousness HandBook To The Void
This is an invitation to submit your views on physics , cosmology and spirituality, less restrictive then physics journals.
Poetry Welcome to Primordality Essays
"Classical Duality" now playing!

of Grand
UniVerse Are you an Aspiring
New Author of
Consciousness, Quantum
Theory, Quantum Reality, Spirituality, Philosophy,
Sociology or Cutting Edge
Theoretical Physics
Seeking to be Published? Click for Details! Links A Journey Through Space, Time and Mind! Mouseovers Abound! Try it! Have you ever Wondered.. What Preceded The Big Bang? What is Consciousness? What is Space-Time? ... ..Really? Don't have a Website? Submit your Original Essay or Poetry for Free Publication and Public Exposure at Grand UniVerse Click for Details! WebRings Creation! When Inertia acts upon itself, it generates an imbalance and a seeking of  Equivalence within itself..
As a Dynamic Function in Self Encounter, the Will of Inertia acting upon itself poses the Eternal Question; "What is" And its answer returns as;

physics journals (AH). physics journals (AH), physics journals (IM), physics journals (NZ). Acta Mechanica Acta Physica Slovaca Advances
PHYSICS JOURNALS (A-H) Physics Journals (A-H) Physics Journals (I-M) Physics Journals (N-Z)

8. MedBioWorld: Medical Technology & Medical Computing Journals
Medical Technology, Computing, Medical physics journals. Search Medical Technology, Computing, Medical Physics in the media from eLibrary.

9. Nuclear Physics Journals
2001 Nuclear physics journals. The Cimento; Journal of Physics G latest issue; paper submission; paper status; Physics Express Letters. Nuclear
Last updated Sunday January 21 00:08:16 GMT 2001
Nuclear physics journals
The John Rylands Library A to Z journal page

10. Math/Physics Journals Page
Institute of physics journals (IOP) IOP Electronic Journals. Royal Society Publications - Online Journals. Applied Math/physics journals
Scientific Publishers: Elsevier Science A-Z listing of Journals in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy Institute of Physics journals (IOP) IOP Electronic Journals ... Pushpa Publishing House Applied Math/Physics Journals: American Journal of Physics Journal of Mathematical Physics Annalen der Physik Journal of Physics A ... Zeitschrift für Physik C Nonlinear Journals: Journal of Nonlinear Science Chaos Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences Nonlinear Analysis - Modelling and Control ... XYZ e-Print archive PACS, Journal Impact Factors and other useful info: Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) - AIP Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) - APS Journal Impact Factors (1995) Journal Impact Factors (1997) ISI Journal Title Abbreviations APS official Journal Title Abbreviations AMS Journal Title Abbreviations You are the visitor # since January 2002
E-mail R.Carretero if you have any coments

11. NHMFL - Condensed Matter - Physics Journals
Seminars Books • Links physics journals Database Search Physics Departments Related Sites, physics journals. Nature Science Online

Science CMG Links > Journals Programs
Geochemistry Grad. Education Users Education Corporate Outreach Magnet Technology NHMFL - LANL Funding Opportunities NHMFL Personnel NHMFL Publications NHMFL Web Site Quick Search: NHMFL Intranet Introduction Personnel Research Areas Facilities Publications Seminars Books Physics Journals Database Search Physics Departments Related Sites
Physics Journals
Nature Science Online Physical Review Letters Physical Review B ... Physics Today
AIP Journals
JETP Letters Online JETP Low Temperature Physics Applied Physics Letters ... Physics Today Online
Elsevier ScienceDirect
Physica B: Condensed Matter Physica C: Superconductivity J. Physics Chemistry Solids Solid State Communications ... ScienceDirect
EDP Sciences Journals
Europhysics Letters European Physical Journal B
EDP Sciences
Springer LINK
Zeitschrift fŸr Physik B European Physical Journal B Springer LINK - List of Available Journals
IoP Journals
Europhysics Letters J Physics: Condensed Matter J Physics D: Applied Physics Superconductor Science and Technology ... Reports on Progress in Physics
Other Journals
J. Phys. Soc. Japan

12. ScienceDirect - Journals
Physics resources SLAC Beamline (pdf files); Springer Link (database of SPRINGER VERLAG and BIRKHAUSER electronic physics journals); Superconductor

13. Physics Journals
physics journals. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter; IOP Electronic Journals (password protected) including personal Filing Cabinet;
Physics Journals
American Physical Society
American Institute of Physics
E-print Archieve
BIDS ISI Data Service - password protected access to citation index
Elsevier Science

Springer Physics


14. Physics Journals On The Web
physics journals on the Web. Appl. Phys. Lett. http//; J. Appl. Phys. - http//; J. Cryst. Growth
Physics Journals on the Web

MEDICAL physics journals. (Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Laser, Optics, Biomechanical and Computers in Medicine).
Romanian Medical Physicists Association

About RMPA



    (Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Laser, Optics, Biomechanical and Computers in Medicine)
    B C
    D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Abdominal Imaging Full Text Online American Journal of Neuroradiology American Journal of Roentgenology Annals of Biomedical Engineering Annals of the ICRP ... Bioimaging Full Text Online Biophysics, Bioengineering and Medical Instrumentation British Journal of Radiology Full Text Online Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal Full Text Online CANCER Full Text Online CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology Clinical Imaging Clinical Positron Imaging Clinical Radiology ... Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics Full Text Online Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Journal of Biomedical Optics Journal of Biomolecular NMR Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering ... Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology Full Text Online Journal of Radiological Protection Journal of the ICRU Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology ... Lasers in Surgery and Medicine Full Text Online Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine (MAGMA)

16. Health Physics Journal Highlights Archive
Affiliates. Health Physics Journal Highlights Archive. Use the links below is view highlights of past Health physics journals. 1999
if(navVer ') Who We Are Background Organization People ... Home if(navVer ')
if(navVer ') Home Latest News Ask the Experts Experts' Answers ... Affiliates if(navVer ')
Health Physics Journal Highlights Archive
Use the links below is view highlights of past Health Physics Journals. To receive the Health Physics Journal, join the Health Physics Society. Go to About the Society and then How to Join on this Web site. Search previous issues of Health Physics at Journals On-Line . Society members can log in and use the complete search capabilities. Non-members can log in as guests and browse the site. Additional information is available at the the Health Physics Journal Web site
This page last updated May 14, 2004. If you have Web-related problems, contact our Webmaster . If you are lost, see our site map var MenuLinkedBy='AllWebMenus [2]', awmBN='508'; awmAltUrl='';

17. Online Journals And Preprints
Now accessible online Nature and Science. Online physics journals. The journals marked with provide online access to their articles. Online physics journals.
Online Journals and Preprints Full-text access Other journals Preprints Note: The following listing mainly contains information related to the online access for journals held at MBB. Many more journals can be accessed via the HEBIS library consortium Now accessible online: Nature and Science
Online Physics Journals
The journals marked with provide online access to their articles.
If you are denied access please email to jr and provide the IP address of your computer.

Hint for online access to the journals: It may be necessary to switch off the proxy server!
Or add to the no-proxy list
PROLA , the Online Archive covering all of Physical Review since 1886 and all of Review of Modern Physics since 1929!
Physical Review Letters online
Physical Review Focus Phys. Rev. Lett. explained for the physics community at large
Physical Review A online
Physical Review B online
Physical Review C online
Physical Review D online ...
Physical Review A-E (Tables of contents)
Accepted papers to be published in Physical Review A B C D ...
AIP Physics News A free News Bulletin
AIP Librarian's homepage

Free Access to Pinet Plus , the AIP information center, for MBB users.

18. Physics Finder
The PhysicsFinder Journal index is a compilation of physics journals published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Browse this index for abstracts of articles published in these journals.
All new articles (last 2 weeks) Journals of the American Institute of Physics Applied Physics Letters Journal of Applied Physics Journal of Chemical Physics Journal of Mathematical Physics ... AIP Conference Proceedings Journals of MAIK Astronomy Letters Acoustical Physics Astronomy Reports Crystallography Reports ... Technical Physics Letters
AIP Publishing Center
Suite 1N01, 2 Huntington Quadrangle, Melville, NY 11747-4502
phone: 1-800-874-6383; fax: 516-576-2604

19. Physics Journals And Magazines
physics journals and Magazines. Physics Only. Acta Physica Society. Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal A free refereed journal. Memoirs
Doug Craigen's
Physics Pages HOME
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  • Humor
    Physics Journals and Magazines
    Physics Only
    Acta Physica Slovaca
    A journal for experimental and theoretical physics, established in 1951. Free PostScript download of papers. Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
    This site links to archives of its papers at LANL. APEIRON Studies in Infinite Nature
    A peer-reviewed journal of physics and astronomy. Provides postscript reading of the current issue. Brazilian Journal of Physics
    Zipped postscript copies of all papers. Computers in Physics
    In 1998 this was merged to form Computing in Science and Engineering . However, old tables of contents and *.pdf versions of some archived articles are available. Condensed Matter Physics
    Published by the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics. All papers are available in LaTex. European Physical Journal - EPJ direct
    A separate journal from EPJ: A/B/C/D or /E with the same aims and scopes, but it publishes its articles immediately and exclusively online. Fizika A (Zagreb), Fizika B (Zagreb)
  • 20. Online Particle Physics Information - Journals & Reviews
    Particle Data Group. Particle physics journals Reviews. Institute of physics journals Information A list of the IOP journals organized by subject.
    Online Particle Physics Information
    Online Journals JournalDirectories JournalsPublishers and Repositories Review Publications
    Online Journals and Tables of Contents
    Note: Some of these journals, publishers and reviews may limit access to subscribers. If you encounter access problems, check with your institutions' library.
    Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
    Bimonthly electronic and hard copy publication. Table of contents has links to E-Print Archives where papers for this journal are submitted.
    American Journal of Physics
    A monthly publication of the American Association of Physics Teachers on instructional and cultural aspects of physical science.
    Applied Physics Letters
    Weekly publication of short (3 pages maximum) articles.
    Astrophysical Journal
    Published three times a month by the American Astronomical Society. See also AAS entry under Journal Publishers.
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
    Published 24 times a year by IOP.
    European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei
    This monthly journal merges Il Nuovo Cimento A and Zeitschrift fur Physik A.
    European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields
    This twice monthly journal is the successor to Zeitschrift fur Physik C.

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