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         Physics General:     more books (100)
  1. Inquiry into Physics (with InfoTrac1-Semester Printed Access Card) by Vern J. Ostdiek, Donald J. Bord, 2007-06-22
  2. Advanced General Relativity (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) by John Stewart, 1993-11-26
  3. Conceptual Physics (8th Edition) by Paul G. Hewitt, 1998
  4. Schaum's Outline of Modern Physics by Ronald Gautreau, 1999-07-27
  5. The Direction of Time (Dover Books on Physics) by Hans Reichenbach, 1999-07-02
  6. College Physics, Seventh Edition by Francis W. Sears, Mark W. Zemansky, et all 1991-06-03
  7. The Quantum World: Quantum Physics for Everyone by Kenneth W. Ford, 2005-10-15
  8. Enhanced College Physics, Volume 1 (with PhysicsNOW) by Raymond A. Serway, Jerry S. Faughn, et all 2006-03-16
  9. Some Elementary Gauge Theory Concepts (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics) by Hong-Mo Chan, Tsou Sheung Tsun, et all 1993-10
  10. Physics (3rd Edition) (MasteringPhysics Series) by James S. Walker, 2006-01-19
  11. Schaum's Outline of Physics for Engineering and Science by Michael Browne, 1999-07-29
  12. Physics, Volume 1 (Second Edition) by Hans C. Ohanian, 1989-07
  13. Barron's AP Physics B 2008 (Barron's How to Prepare for the Ap Physics BAdvanced Placement Examination) by Jonathan S. Wolf, 2007-12-14
  14. General Relativity: With Applications to Astrophysics (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics) by Norbert Straumann, 2004-07-12

61. Directory Of Open Access Journals
Home physics and Astronomy physics (general). Search Help. physics (general). Acoustics (3 journals), Electricity.

62. Branches
Access to the seven branch science libraries (biology, chemistry, computer science, geoscience, marine and atmospheric sciences, engineering, and math/physics/astronomy) and to general databases and Internet resources.
Home Branches and Collections Call numbers and floor plans Suggest a purchase
Branches Collections
Stony Brook University Libraries
Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3300
631.632.7100 (t), 631.632.7116 (fax)
Website Comments: Library Webmaster . Library-related questions: Ask a Librarian

63. Russian Center Of Laser Physics - General Information
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
About RCLPH List of projects Conferences Internet-journal "Laser"
Russian Center of Laser Physics
Research Institute of St.Petersburg State University
  • Russian Center of Laser Physics (RCLPh) is organized in order to coordinate and support the basic and applied investigations in the field of laser physics, within the framework of scientific and technological programs of the State Committee on High School of Russia. Main topics of the work of RCLPh are:
    • Pursuance of widespread scietific researches and developmental work in the promising areas of laser physics.
    • Engineering and design of a new scientific and technical production.
    • Elaboration and small-batch production of hardware.
    • Promotion of the laser technologies to industrial enterprises.
    • Coordination of the formation and realization of scientific programs and projects of basic and applied investigations in the field of laser physics: organization and performing of competitions control over the program realization, and examination of results.
    • Accumulation of scientific experimental setups and equipment, elaboration of unique laser complexes for the joint usage by the program participants.
  • 64. CCP Centre For Chemical Physics
    Interests can be broadly classified into five general areas energy deposition, surface science, biological applications, properties of condensed matter and properties of isolated atoms and molecules.
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    65. PhysCon Directory: Organizations And Funds / Physics (General)
    physics and Control, Directory Organizations and Funds / physics (general). Categories All ? Organizations and Funds, • Directory main.
    Home Directory News Physics and
    Control Directory
    Organizations and Funds / Physics (General) Categories: All Organizations and Funds Directory main Top categories: Centers and Groups Education Websites Events Information Websites ... Miscellaneous Websites Organizations and Funds (3) Publications Selected Texts in Physics and Control Topics:

    Physics (General)
    Control (General)

    Beam Dynamics and Control

    Chaos and Chaos Control

    Control Thermodynamics

    Page 1 of 1: Page 1 of 1: Sites: PhysCon conferences Album The Laboratory "Control of Complex Systems", IPME RAS

    66. Physics Of Sound
    Rigorous derivation of sound wave equations from a molecular model of an ideal diatomic gas. general solution of the wave equations. Point source radiating in a moving medium.
    Physics of Sound The first topic occupies the remainder of this section, and includes a number of subtopics listed below. Comments welcome. E-mail to: Physics books [e.g. Feynman , and Landau and Lifshitz ] typically discuss the molecular nature of sound, but then derive the sound wave equations by modeling air as a continuous elastic medium (i.e. no lumpy molecules). Mathematically this is just fine, but I find it much more satisfying to derive the wave equations directly from the molecular point of view. I also think this is a more straightforward derivation, since it completely avoids any need to deal with "specific heat ratios" or "adiabatic processes." The effects associated with these terms arise quite naturally directly from the molecular model. This is a rather technical section, and assumes familiarity with calculus, differential equations, and statistics. There is an equation-free description of the physics of sound in the

    67. General Systems, Gravity, And Unified Field Theory
    Articles on gravitation, cosmology, unified field theory, particle physics, and general systems.

    68. LPC Physics Home
    Includes administrative information, syllabi, course forums and assignments for these general physics courses.
    Physics at Las Positas
    The Physics department at Las Positas College provides a top-notch introductory physics education. Whether you are preparing to transfer to a four-year institution to with a major in the sciences, or are just curious to better understand the physical world around you, you will find an appropriate class here at Las Positas College. Centered on the second floor of the new Science Building, the lecture and lab rooms are technologically up-to-date and stocked with a variety of multi-media instructional aides. Both Macintosh and PC computers are available to aid with computer-based labs, which are interspersed with more traditional, non-computer labs as well.
    Physics 2
    Physics 10
    Learning ...
    Old Web Pages
    This page was last updated on January 14, 2004 For comments/questions, please email

    69. Hampton University Particle Physics Education
    Describes the work of the Hampton University Particle physics group in the ATLAS project as well as provides material and links for particle physics and general physics education. It also provides information on and links to QuarkNet, an NSFDOE sponsored initiative to improve physics education.
    Privacy and Security Notice Welcome to...
    The Hampton University Particle Physics Group Education Page
    Main Page Hampton University HU Particle Physics Group Particle Physics LINKS ... International Collaboration
    This homepage is part of the Education and Outreach effort of the Hampton University Particle Physics Group . Our goals in education include:
    • Increasing public awareness and understanding of Particle Physics in general and of our work on the ATLAS Detector for the new Large Hadron Collider scheduled to go online at CERN in 2005
    • Providing a resource for pre-college students and teachers in Physics education and research
    • Fostering the reform and/or enhancement of Physics Education by offering the inquiry-based and collaborative methods of Particle Physics as a paradigm
    • Exploring international collaboration in Physics education and research
    • Exploring interdisciplinary collaborations
    • Fulfillment of the HU Particle Physics Group's role in QuarkNet , a national program sponsored by NSF and DOE designed to bring students and teachers into the Particle Physics research community
    Now that we have moved into our new facility on the campus of Hampton University and as we continue to develop both as a Group and through our participation in QuarkNet , we hope to make more and more resources available to the community. We encourage

    70. Careers With General Physics Corporation (GP)
    general physics Corporation Home Page, Former GP employees Learn what s new. GP is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. © 2004 general physics Corporation

    Performance Improvement
    Engineering ...
    with GP Overview Job Postings /
    Resume Submittal
    GP Culture Meet GP ... Benefits
    Careers with GP - Overview
    For over 35 years, GP has been instrumental in improving the performance of its clients' operations. If you'd like to be part of our successful team, you can review our open positions and submit your resume using our job postings / resume submittal pages. Also in this section, you can read about what it's like to work within GP's culture , meet some of our employees , and get an in-depth look at our extensive benefits package
    Top 10 Reasons to Begin a Career at GP
  • Integrity in all things Creative, entrepreneurial environment Friendly, team attitude Empowerment Wide variety of industries/projects GP's learning climate Workplace flexibility Exceptional compensation and benefits packages Promotion from within GP's history
  • To learn more, download our "Top 10 Reasons" brochure (54KB PDF). Questions?
    E-mail us at Submit your resume using our
    Online Resume Submittal Tool
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    Top 10 Reasons to
    Begin a Career With GP
    (54KB PDF) Former GP employees: Learn what's new GP is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer General Physics Corporation GP Press Room Site Map Careers with GP Investor Relations Privacy Statement Contact Us E-Mail Webmaster General Physics is a subsidiary of GP Strategies Corporation

    71. Revising Revision
    Tutorials, tips, and advice for meeting general Certificate of Secondary Education requirements in math, English, physics, and French.


    About Us



    Revision Tips
    or sign GCSE help. This material is suitable for all GCSE students, as well as many others! Choose a link on the left. Latest in: Other subjects? The Maths and English sites are back, complementing our vast Physics section! Doing GCSE Coursework? Visit our sponsor, Coursework.Info , for over 45,000 courseworks for all subjects and levels. SPONSORS:
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    72. Honest Intellectual Inquiry: Science Sites
    Includes categorized links to general science, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, genetics, evolution, chemistry, physics, climatology, computers, ecology, geology, mathematics, medicine, and paleontology.
    Index The Weird Bookstores TusCon History ... Science May 31, 2004.
    Honest Intellectual Inquiry:
    Selected Science Sites
    If you're trapped in someone else's frames click here to break free.
    If it hadn't been for my abysmal lack of ability in math, I probably would've become a scientist instead of a Romantic Lit major. As to what kind of science, I never had the opportunity to discover my alter milieu - I love several fields of hard science and several of (what are considered by some) the "softer" sciences. I have now broken these links down by category. Because of the inter-disciplinary nature of so much in the sciences these days, I thought it better to list some links in more than just one category. If you think any other link(s) belong in a different category, or definitely should be in more than one, please send me e-mail. I'd also like to know if you are aware of other good Science links I have missed. Thank you.
    I have divided my Science page into the following subjects for your convenience:
    General Science References

    Anthropology and Archaeology


    Biology, Genetics, and Evolution

    73. Ajd-ndx-02
    Collection of class notes from the past three decades at a small CT high school. Also, some general interest articles on local education.
    In God we trust ... One Nation,
    under God ... - Tripod
    Not Politically Correct View
    Terror UpDate


    2nd Amendment

    an Individual's View

    Commentary - 3/4/03

    Commentary - 3/13/03
    Physics-Math - examples
    Curriculum Vitae
    ajdPhysics -GeoCities XMAS-2003
    - Photos Research Team NO Schedule NO Calendar Enjoy Your Visit

    74. Plasma Physics Laboratory
    Laboratory devoted to general plasma research.
    Plasma Research Laboratory
    Physics Department, University of Malaya
    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    Tel: (603)79674395
    Fax: (603)79674146 A view of the main laboratory area ( Plasma I ) which houses
    the plasma focus experiments. Our activities include: Teaching
    The laboratory is currently running four experiments for the Year 3 Applied Physics BSc programme offered by the Physics Department University of Malaya . These experiments are (1) Pulse Electronics; (2) Gas Dynamic Experiment; (3) Flash X-ray Experiment; and (4) Plasma Emission Spectroscopy. 2. Research
    Our research centres around four types of plasma devices: The emphasis of our research work is on the physics and applications of these devices. Our collaborations with other laboratories:
    • EPPRA sas, 91961

    75. Physics - General
    A general website for physicists, from Institute of physics, a major publisher of physics books and journals.......physics general. 31. physicsWeb,

    76. Being And Becoming In Modern Physics
    Discusses implications of general relativity for the philosophy of time; by Steven Savitt.
    version history

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    A B C D ... Z
    This document uses XHTML-1/Unicode to format the display. Older browsers and/or operating systems may not display the formatting correctly. last substantive content change
    Being and Becoming in Modern Physics
    Does time flow or lapse or pass? Are the future or the past as real as the present? These metaphysical questions have been debated for more than two millennia, with no resolution in sight. Modern physics provides us, however, with tools that enable us to sharpen these old questions and generate new arguments. Does the special theory of relativity, for example, show that there is no passage or that the future is as real as the present? The focus of this entry will be these new questions and arguments.

    77. Plasma Physics Department, General Physics Institute
    Plasma and fusion theory, microwave discharges and technology, beam plasma and plasma diagnostics. general physics Institute is a multidisciplinary research organization under the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

    78. Kettering University Applied Physics --- General Physics Labs
    Kettering University general physics Laboratories. There are four introductory educational laboratories used by Applied physics students
    Kettering University General Physics Laboratories
    There are four introductory educational laboratories used by Applied Physics students at Kettering University. These laboratories provide hands-on application of concepts taught in lecture courses, as well as preparing students by giving them experience using laboratory equipment and developing data collection and analysis skills required for research in Kettering University's various advanced physics laboratories. For information on one of these laboratories, follow the links below:
    Mechanics Laboratory (AB 2-226B)
    The Mechanics Laboratory is an educational laboratory which accompanies the lecture course PHYS-110, Physics I: Mechanics. Students spend approximately 2 hours each week performing exercises which illustrate many of the concepts taught in lecture. Laboratory exercises include:
    • Measurement, Errors, and Graphing
    • Uniformly Accelerated Motion in 1-D
    • Uniformly Accelerated Motion in 2-D
    • Static Equilibrium and Vector Addition
    • Newton's Second Law
    • Circular Motion
    • Work and Energy
    • Collisions
    • Ballistic Pendulum
    • Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
    • Moment of Inertia
    One of the highlights of this introductory laboratory is the use of the World-in-Motion video motion analysis software package. This software allows students to make a short video of a moving system, download the video to an AVI movie on the computer, and analyze the physical motion of the system. The software enables students to make plots of displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, momentum, kinetic and potential energies, and custom plots for further analysis.

    79. - Cyprus Association Of Medical Physics And Biomedical Engineering /
    general information about CAMPBE and related links.
    Home About us Council Events ...
    Application Form Overseas Affiliate
    CAMPBE is an independent, non-governmental, non-unionised and non-profitable body. Its resources are exclusively used to foster and promote the objectives of the Association, as laid down in its constitution, with the ultimate goal of furthering knowledge and understanding in its fields of interest and thus contributing to the enhancement of health care delivery. Constitution of the Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering ( English )
    Developed and Hosted by Scenario Creative Services, Angelos Iacovides

    80. About Temperature
    A good general discussion of the physics and concept of temperature.
    Data Tools Community Projects ... About
    About Temperature
    This document was prepared for the middle school math teachers who are taking part in Project Skymath It is also hoped that the general public will find it interesting. Disponible en espanol, toque aqui
    Contents (click on star)
    What is Temperature
    The Development of Thermometers and Temperature Scales
    Heat and Thermodynamics
    The Kinetic Theory
    Thermal Radiation
    3 K - The Temperature of the Universe
    What is Temperature?
    In a qualitative manner, we can describe the temperature of an object as that which determines the sensation of warmth or coldness felt from contact with it. It is easy to demonstrate that when two objectsof the same material are placed together (physicists say when they are put in thermal contact), the object with the higher temperature cools while the cooler object becomes warmer until a point is reached after which no more change occurs, and to our senses, they feel the same. When the thermal changes have stopped, we say that the two objects (physicists define them more rigorously as systems) are in thermal equilibrium . We can then define the temperature of the system by saying that the temperature is that quantity which is the same for both systems when they are in thermal equilibrium. If we experiment further with more than two systems, we find that many systems can be brought into thermal equilibrium with each other; thermal equilibrium does not depend on the kind of object used. Put more precisely

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