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         Physics General:     more books (100)
  1. Sears and Zemansky's University Physics With Modern Physics (Addison-Wesley Series in Physics) by Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman, et all 2000-01
  2. Fundamentals of Physics, Volume 2 (Chapters 21- 44) by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, et all 2005-06-14
  3. Physics Lab Manual by David Loyd, 2007-10-04
  4. University of Chicago Graduate Problems in Physics with Solutions by Jeremiah A. Cronin, David F. Greenberg, et all 1979-03-15
  5. Brainteaser Physics: Challenging Physics Puzzlers by Göran Grimvall, 2007-01-19
  6. Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Student Solutions Manual) by Richard Wolfson, 1999-05
  7. Princeton Problems in Physics with Solutions by Nathan Newbury, John Ruhl, et all 1991-02-01
  8. Understanding Physics, Part 2 by Karen Cummings, Priscilla W. Laws, et all 2007-03-16
  9. Student Solutions Manual for College Physics: A Strategic Approach With Masteringphysics, Chapters 17-30 by Randall D. Knight, 2006-12-29
  10. CRC Handbook Chemistry and Physics, 85th Edition by David R. Lide, 2004-06-11
  11. A Guide to Physics Problems: Part 2: Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, and Quantum Mechanics (The Language of Science) by Sidney B. Cahn, Gerald D. Mahan, et all 1997-08-31
  12. Compact Stars: Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and General Relativity (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) by Norman K. Glendenning, 2000-06-16
  13. Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 81st Edition
  14. Physlet Physics: Interactive Illustrations, Explorations and Problems for Introductory Physics by Wolfgang Christian, Mario Belloni, et all 2003-07-22

41. ª«²z¨t¥D­¶
Department of physics. general information about the department, including faculty, course information, and degree requirements.
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42. Journal Of Physics A Mathematical And General
Journal of physics A Mathematical and general Concerned with the fundamental mathematical and computational methods underpinning physics, the journal is particularly relevant to statistical

43. Physics At Queen's University
Includes general information about programs of study, course descriptions, news and online resources.
General Information Undergrad Studies Graduate Studies Research Groups ... Printer-Friendly Version
The Department of Physics at Queen's University offers a range of exciting research opportunities in subjects such as astronomy and astrophysics, engineering and applied physics, condensed matter, medical physics, and subatomic physics. The Queen's Physics Department is committed to providing the best in undergraduate and graduate student education in a stimulating environment at one of the leading universities in North America.
A bi-polar outflow and gravitational instability
Physics Department News and Events
Recent News Stories Ph.D. student Jen MacLeod wins Peter Hobson Prize (Full Story) Employment Opportunities Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Particle Astrophysics Assistant Professor - Engineering Physics Sessional Adjunct in Physics 107
Queen's University

44. Physics Encyclopedia: High Energy Physics - General
High Energy and Particles physics general. general tutorials, educational sites. Particle Adventure Tour - an interactive intro into Particle physics.
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High Energy and Particles physics - general
Physics Main Help Suggest a Site
Specific HEP pages HEP institutions HEP organizations - a list of HEP institutes
- European Laboratory for Particle physics
and DESY Zeuthen

- Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Novosibirsk - Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Los Alamos National Laboratory Particle Physics in the UK - a site full of info HEP data Particle Data Group - the Bible for any particle physicist SLAC Spires - searchable HEP publications database HEP Data - extensive data on structure functions, reactions etc., from Durham University Online HEP Info - experiments, institute, people, data, educational sites; maintained by PDG and SLAC HEP journals and online publications Homepages of HEP journals Physical Review D and Physical Review Letters - online version Nuclear Physics Electronic European Physical Journal C - the successor to Zeitschrift fuer Physik C Physics Letters B NIMR A - Nuclear Instruments and Methods of Physics Research A Other relevant journals JETP and JETP Letters - online version Reviews of Modern Physics - online Physics Reports Online journals and services XXX e-print archive SLAC Spires - searchable HEP publications database Journal of High Energy Physics - completely online journal

45. [physics/9908041] Gravitational Waves: An Introduction
This paper presents an elementary introduction to the theory of gravitational waves. This article is meant for students who have had an exposure to general relativity, but results from general relativity have been derived in the appendices.
Physics, abstract
From: Indrajit Chakrabarty [ view email ] Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 12:54:07 GMT (19kb)
Gravitational Waves: An Introduction
Authors: Indrajit Chakrabarty
Comments: Lecture notes presenting an elementary introduction to the theory of gravitational waves. To be submitted to Resonance, Journal of Science Education with a lesser mathematical content. For later revisions, see this http URL
Subj-class: Physics Education; Popular Physics
In this article, I present an elementary introduction to the theory of gravitational waves. This article is meant for students who have had an exposure to general relativity, but, results from general relativity used in the main discussion have been derived and discussed in the appendices. The weak gravitational field approximation is first considered and the linearized Einstein's equations are obtained. We discuss the plane wave solutions to these equations and consider the transverse-traceless (TT) gauge. We then discuss the motion of test particles in the presence of a gravitational wave and their polarization. The method of Green's functions is applied to obtain the solutions to the linearized field equations in presence of a nonrelativistic, isolated source.
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References and citations for this submission:
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46. Johnny Logic: Physics (General) Archives
December 02, 2003. physics is Everywhere! Today I went to a physics presentation on dendritelike magnetic penetrations in organic superconductors.
Johnny Logic
natural and artificial machines for fun and profit!
January 07, 2004
Best Use of a Pop Idol in Science Award
Posted by John at 11:22 AM Comments (0)
December 02, 2003
Physics is Everywhere!
A brief look at the mechanisms behind wrinkles coastlines skipping stones ... sourdough , and karate Posted by John at 02:20 PM Comments (0)
October 20, 2003
Smiling Leper
Today I went to a physics presentation on dendrite-like magnetic penetrations in organic superconductors. I followed the content of the paper well enough, though complex (to me at least) equations were shuffled onscreen and off again throughout the presentation. Professor Mola Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened talking to professors. Even sadder, I don’t get why this happens—perhaps this is symptomatic of social retardation? Posted by John at 06:26 PM Comments (0)

The SIGRAV Graduate School in Contemporary Relativity and Gravitational physics is held annually at the Centre for Scientific Culture Alessandro Volta , Villa Olmo, Como. It is primarily addressed to PhD students and young researchers in physics and Mathematics who are interested in general relativity, astrophysics, experimental gravity and the quantum theories of gravitation.
Supported by:
  • SIGRAV (Italian Society for Gravitational Physics),
  • National Research Project "Singularities, Integrability, Symmetries",
  • SISSA (Trieste),
  • University of Insubria (Como-Varese),
  • Departmente of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics of the University of Insubria at Como,
  • Physics Department of the University of Milan,
  • Physics Department of the University of Turin,
  • Physics Department of the University of Rome "La Sapienza",
  • Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata",
  • Physics Department of the University of Pavia.
Download the first circular (Latex file) See the programme (PDF) The SIGRAV Graduate School in Contemporary Relativity and Gravitational Physics is held annually at the Centre for Scientific Culture "Alessandro Volta", Villa Olmo, Como. It is primarily addressed to PhD students and young researchers in Physics and Mathematics who are interested in general relativity, astrophysics, experimental gravity and the quantum theories of gravitation. In 2001 the School will be a joint venture with the School on Algebraic Geometry and Physics organized by the Mathematical Physics Group of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste. The School on Algebraic Geometry and Physics is part of a series of events that SISSA is organizing since 1996 aiming at fostering the interaction between mathematicians working in pure algebraic geometry and researchers who are interested in applications of algebraic geometry to physics, especially string theory and integrable systems. Information on the "Algebraic Geometry and Physics'' series is available from the web page

48. Science Jokes:2. PHYSICS
prominent placing of warnings on products that present hazards to the general public. This is especially true in light of the findings of 20th century physics.
  • 2. physics - general
  • 2.1 physics poetry
  • 2.2 physics quotes
  • 2.3 physics puns ... previous page physics
    Top of page
    Bottom of page Index Send comment Some time ago a piece of paper was posted around here where I study saying something like this: "Theory is when you know how it works but it still doesn't. Practice is when it works but you don't know why. In this Department [Physics], theory and practice are joined together: nothing works and no one knows why!" mathematics physics
    Top of page
    Bottom of page Index Send comment From: (A.C. Morton) In the department where I did my Ph.D., graduate students often give presentations on their work for the benefit of other graduate students. This week's talk:
    Better Living Through Group Theory
    by Peter Turner An extremely poorly prepared talk on the role of group theory in physics. It will begin with some mathematical jargon in order to discourage anyone from asking questions, and conclude with hastily prepared examples from a vast number of physical disciplinesthat number being approximately equal to three. All are welcome to offer examples from their own research in order to increase both that number as well as the amount of time I am drinking and not talking. physics
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    Bottom of page Index Send comment From: (Hauke Reddmann)

49. - Reference And Education - Physics, Astronomy And Reference and Education - physics, Astronomy and Engineering is a general reference and resource site for physics, engineering, and astronomy providing links, reference

50. Universität Augsburg - Institut Für Physik
general departmental information, staff, research, and seminars. Students may view course descriptions and diploma requirements.
Department Chairs Students Research ... Search News Force microscopy resolves atomic details less than 100 picometers apart Master in Materials Science from October 2003 Fragen zur Physik?
Freddy hilft!
... www-admin

51. Physico-Mechanical Institute
general information, search, description of main scientific problems investigated in the institute.
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52. ScienceDirect - Radiation Physics And Chemistry (1977) - List Of Issues More results from Department of Chemistry and physics general Information Physical Chemistry II. MATH 2014. Introductory Calculus I, MATH 2024. Introductory Calculus II. PHYS 2151, 2153. general physics, PHYS 2161, 2163. general physics.
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Radiation Physics and Chemistry (1977) Bookmark this page as:
Continued as International Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation. Part C. Radiation Physics and Chemistry
Formerly known as International Journal for Radiation Physics and Chemistry
Volumes 21 - 26
Volume 26, Issue 6 , Pages 619-746 (1985) Volume 26, Issue 5 , Pages 457-617 (1985) Volume 26, Issue 4 , Pages 353-456 (1985) Volume 26, Issue 3 , Pages 247-352 (1985) Volume 26, Issue 2 , Pages 121-246 (1985) Volume 26, Issue 1 , Pages 1-119 (1985) Volume 25, Issues 4-6 , Pages 437-916 (1985) Volume 25, Issues 1-3 Volume 24, Issues 5-6 , Pages 441-598 (1984) Volume 24, Issues 3-4 , Pages 267-439 (1984) Volume 24, Issue 2 , Pages 203-265 (1984) Volume 24, Issue 1 , Pages 1-201 (1984) Volume 23, Issue 6 , Pages 637-750 (1984) Volume 23, Issue 5 , Pages 495-636 (1984) Volume 23, Issue 4 , Pages 371-494 (1984) Volume 23, Issue 3 , Pages 293-370 (1984) Volume 23, Issues 1-2

53. General Physics Java Applets
Collection is diverse, but mechanics is dealt with more extensively than other topics.

54. CyberStacks(sm) Physics (General Screen)
physics (general) ( QC180) Q-Science. R-Medicine. S-Agriculture. T-Technology. U-Military. V-Naval. QC 1 Periodicals, Societies, Congresses, Serial Collections, Yearbooks. Applied physics Letters .
Physics (General) (QC:1-80) Q Science R Medicine S Agriculture T Technology U Military V Naval
QC 1 Periodicals, Societies, Congresses, Serial Collections, Yearbooks
Applied Physics Letters
Summary: Applied Physics Letter , a publication of the American Institute of Physics (AIP), is distributed and detailed in this site, sponsored by the AIP. The publication is a "...weekly journal featuring concise, up-to-date reports on significant new findings in applied physics." The site is a compilation of available issues of the publication, which are listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent issue. No actual texts are open for viewing within the site; users should seek ordering and subscription information through the applicable link at the top of the site's main page. Each issue listing features the volume and issue numbers, along with the journal's individual release date. Users should select an issue of interest; a listing of articles is then displayed, showing the texts in their order of appearance within the periodical. Each article's record includes: (1) the title; (2) name(s) of author (initials, last name); (3) the page numbers where the article is located within the issue; and (4) a designation (via an icon) noting whether the text is available for ordering. Users should scroll to view site listings and issue listings. At the bottom of the site's main page are three major links. The first gives access to the AIP homepage, for further information. The second opens the "Titles in Physics" homepage, a service which allows users to search 47 AIP society journals for topics of interest. The last link, "Journal List," accesses a comprehensive listing of all AIP journals. The site is maintained by the American Institute of Physics; New York.

physics/general Programs 108b. physics in Modern Medicine Applications in Imaging, Surgery and Therapy. Prof. Suzanne Amador Kane. Koshland INSC Link L103.
Physics/General Programs 108b
Physics in Modern Medicine:
Applications in Imaging, Surgery and Therapy
Prof. Suzanne Amador Kane
Koshland INSC Link L103 Phone: (610) 896-1198, email:
Haverford College Spring 2003
Course Evaluation Form (required to pick up final exam!)
This Week's Assignment (Printable Version)
To reach the book website, click here ... Course description (brief overview, prerequisites) Class meeting times and location Course requirements / Information about Short Papers/Posters Grading/Late Policy Syllabus (includes weekly assignments, exams, etc.) Homework/E-reserves/On-line Resources Course description Enrollment Limits/Who should take this course This course is limited to an enrollment of 40. Preference is given to students not already majoring in the natural sciences. Natural science majors may take it as an elective, although they should consult with the instructor before doing so. Prerequisites: None. Only precalculus-level mathematics will be used.

Write to our Secretary Scientific Internet sites:
McCallum Archive

NCSA Relativity

Center Grav. Phys.


The Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation Via Carlo Alberto 10 , 10100 TURIN, ITALY The SIGRAV Executive Board The SIGRAV was founded in 1990 to contribute to the development of the researches on General Relativity and Gravitational Physics, including their mathematical, theoretical, experimental topics and their applications. T he SIGRAV Conferences. The SIGRAV Graduate Schools in contemporary Relativity and Gravitational Physics. The VIRGO-SIGRAV School on Gravitational Waves. ... SIGRAV Activities and info. What's NEW? International call for papers! here details. SIGRAV 2004 Conference in Vietri sul Mare. The poster SIGRAV 2003 Schools ... 2002 SIGRAV Prizes !

57. Ingenta: Publications By Subject -- Physics (General)
physics/Astronomy, physics (general) additional resources, choose a subject

58. Physics News Update
Biweekly newsletter of new developments in physics for the general public.
advanced search Subscribe to Physics News Update Physics News Graphics Physics News Links Archives Physics News Update is a digest of physics news items arising from physics meetings, physics journals, newspapers and magazines, and other news sources. Subscriptions are free as a way of broadly disseminating information about physics and physicists. Feel free to post it where others can read it; please credit the American Institute of Physics Physics News Update appears approximately once a week. Questions? Contact the editors at
Update #687
(June 4, 2004) Reversing Time to Catch Snipers Observing Superfluidity in Hydrogen Molecules Microfluidic Tango: Sorting Without Diffusion Search Physics News Update:

59. Ingenta: Publications By Subject -- Physics (General)
physics/Astronomy, physics (general) additional resources, no subjects found. FIRST BACK, publications 1 to 50 of 65 FORWARD forward LAST last.

60. Alternative Relativitätstheorie, Einie Emissionstheorie. Alternative To Relativ
Extinction Shift Principle, the Most Recent Emission Theory; Alternative to both general and Special Relativity in the Electrodynamics of Galilean Transformations for the first time formulated in the intuitive framework of Euclidean Space Geometry alone.
alternative emissionstheorie
Extinction Shift Principle
A pure classical physics look at
Electromagnetism and Gravitation
in Euclidean Space
Emission and Re-emission done correctly!!! derived with No Relativity, No Ether, No non-conventional Physics using step-by-step clear classical
approaches only in a recently published book! A Mathematical Proof Step-by-step Pure Classical solutions under Galilean Transformations of Velocities applied to the Rectilinear Motion of Gravitons and Photons in the frame work of Euclidean Space Geometry Supported by the past century of important experiments in optics and recent observational evidence in astrophysics For nearly a century now, there has been absolutely NO concrete, pure classical treatment to the physics problems pertaining to significant fractions of the velocity of light. Until now, NO alternative methods had been presented that use pure Galilean Electrodynamics in Euclidean Space , which are explainable with simple, intuitive measures without having to resort to the usual framework of Special and General Relativity!

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