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1. PST Websites
Amusement Park Physics Free Fall Exhibits Collection Amusement Park physics general lesson plans Force and Motion Many different plans Freefall
Demonstrations Labs Home page
Physical Science for Teachers
Useful Web Sites
Chemistry Energy, Work and Momentum Fluids Heat ... Miscellaneous
Practice Quizzes
Take It From the Top
- Block stacking
Center of Gravity and Block Stacking
Avogadro's Number Balancing equations:
Balancing Chemical Equations
Interactive Tutorial on Balancing Equations

Practice Balancing Equation

Bonding by Analogy: Dog - Bone Bonds ... How to Read the Periodic Table How to predict an elements properties.
Inside an Atom
The basic parts of the atom.
The IrYdium Project Periodic Table
Explanation and description
* Periodic Table *: WebElements
Periodic TablETRIS Practice Balancing Equations What is Chemistry? ... Cabrillo physics videos
(update 7-10-02)
Frank Potter's Science Gems:Physical Science II: Electricity and Magnetism Lightning: The Big Spark Ligntning: Static Electricity Ligntning: Thunder ... Magnetism Overview (works fine, but not very exciting) Voltage Circuit Simulator Wiggling Charges You Can - Magnets
(update 7-10-02)
Conservation of Momentum Applet Conservation of Momentum in Different Frames How Far Will It Skid?

2. Physics & Astronomy Lesson Plans
general lesson plans. Force and Motion Motion of a Bowling Ball; Strings and Springs; SuperBall physics; Inertia; How to Speed Up a
General Lesson Plans

3. Lesson Plans At | Subjects - Music, Art, Language Arts, Science
lesson plans at Teachnet.Com Math, Science, Music, Language Arts, art, Social Studies, Internet, computer, and parents. Art. general lesson plans. Music. general lesson plans world terminology - general. Science. Biology - earth - physics - scientific method - space time - weather


General lesson plans Music
General lesson plans Language Arts
Reading - writing - terminology - general Math

Social Studies

History - personal growth - society Real-World
General lesson plans Internet
General lesson plans Classroom-to-Classroom
General lesson plans Fitness - nutrition - general lesson plans Parents general lesson plans Seasonal Index of lesson plans Miscellaneous General lesson plans Front Page Lesson Plans Power Tools Sharing ... Help

4. Lesson Plan, Lesson Plans Collection For K-12 Teachers
Over 17 000 lesson plans For Teachers! Games. Help. Home. lesson plans. Membership Tour. Message Board Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry. Earth Sciences, physics, Space. Current Events Literature. Authors, general Elementary Books
Best Sites

Daily History

... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Lesson Plan Center Teachnology Toolbar Free Catalog Our Weekly Poll In our lesson plans center you will find your way to well over 27,234 lesson plans. You may want to consider signing up for our FREE newsletter which highlights this weekly feature, along with other great teacher specific content. You may use the search tool below to search for specific types of lesson plans or worksheet. The search tool also has the ability to search our " Teaching Ideas " and " Teacher Tools " Areas. We also have over 5,812+ FREE printable worksheets in our worksheet area . Choose the subject that interests you below to begin or use our search tool. If you need help finding a specific lesson, why not ask our experts in our FREE message board area . Experts as well as members answer questions and share their teaching experiences daily. Search over lesson plans, teaching ideas, and worksheets:

5. Marc's Lesson Plans Page
Marc Sheehan's lesson plans Page. Last Updated February 29, 2004. Welcome to my page of lesson plans, lesson plan links and subject resources. Eric's Treasure Troves of physics. ESL/Bilingual/Foreign Language Theme Related Resources. general Chemistry Online.
Marc Sheehan's Lesson Plans Page
Last Updated: June 1, 2004
Welcome to my page of lesson plans, lesson plan links and subject resources. You are more than welcome to use the lessons I designed as you see fit; all I ask is that you mention where you found the lesson(s). I hope you find what you are looking for here. Feel free to check out my educational resources page and my special education/exceptionality page as well. If you want to send me suggestions or tell me about any dead links, you can do so at the address below.
Lesson Plans Designed by Me:

Lesson Plan/Resource Sites:

6. Physics & Astronomy Lesson Plans - How To Use This Page
a collection of links to physics and astronomy The lesson plans with no specification of intended grade levels are listed under the heading general. .
Rutgers University
Experimental High Energy Physics Group
What is this page for?
The Experimental High Energy Physics Group at Rutgers University intends to provide science educators with a collection of links to physics and astronomy lesson plans from various educational web sites. Each link goes directly to the lesson plan you select. This hopefully reduces the time and effort you put into searching for lesson plans using search engines.
How is the list organized?
Lesson plans are grouped by the grade level: Elementary School (K-6), Middle School (7-9), High School (10-12). More advanced lesson plans are listed under the heading "Advanced" (13-). The lesson plans with no specification of intended grade levels are listed under the heading "General." These groups are further divided into several subcategories by the topic. All the headings appear in the frame placed left so that you can easily find materials you need.
Some tips...
Lesson plans intended for a wide range of grade levels (e.g. K-12) are listed in each grade level section. If you want high school materials, you only need to go to the High School section, for example. However, there are numerous lesson plans that may be suitable for your needs in the General section. Please be sure to check it if you do not find anything in the other sections. In fact, the General section is worth a look even when you find enough materials somewhere. Although these lesson plans are also sorted by the subject, it is strongly recommended that you take a look at more than one subcategories. These subject-oriented subcategories should narrow down your candidates but each lesson plan is listed only once in that grade level section. This may cause you a problem when a lesson plan deals with multiple subjects.

7. Lesson Plans & Teacher Helps - Science
Science, Mathematics, Space Science, general Information. The Teachers Resources offers experiments lesson plans in earth science. physics, astronomy as
What's Inside? Home What is Homeschooling? How to Start Homeschooling Chats on the Web ... Homeschool Conferences Curriculum Support Classical Approach Montessori Education Unschooling Links Unit Studies ... Social Studies Software Support Educational Software Companies on the Internet Where to Find Software Reviews Places to Purchase Curriculum Used Curriculum Sites Homeschooling Magazines Places For The Kids Awards This Site Has Won
page or the Unit Study page. Astronomy Earth Science Life Science Ask Dr. Universe allows children to send in a question they want answered or they can browse through the list of questions that have already been answered. Awesome Library's Science Worksheets is a science comic strip that appears in many Sunday newspapers. Bill Nye the Science Guy is a companion to the tv show. Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen describes itself as "amateur mad scientist stuff." There are lots of science experiment to try hear using common things found around the house. Brain POP is an excellent science site. It covers most of the basic science concepts up to about grade 8 using mini-movies and quizzes. They are planning on introducing Brain POP High in the near future. You can either just enjoy the site or let your kids register to collect points which allow them to be entered in drawings, get official t-shirts, or even be mentioned in one of the lessons. is aimed at those of you who are teaching Creation Science.

8. Lessons Plans
We have a range of lesson plans for technology real world terminology - general lesson ideas Science biology - earth - physics - scientific method
(best viewed at 800 x 600)
Lessons Plans Add a link Top of page Lesson Plan Templates and Rubrics to Download

Lesson Plan Templates and Rubrics to Download.
Lesson Plan Maker

Online Lesson Plan Maker at Teach-nology
Making a lesson plan is easy. Creating an effective lesson plan is the key to effective teaching and a critical factor in achieving positive student outcomes
Just fill in the sections. If you would like to save your lesson plan, make sure to save it right after it has been generated. NCRTEC Lesson Planner
NCRTEC Lesson Planner This Web site is intended to help teachers write focused lesson plans. The Planner addresses essential questions that are often overlooked when planning curriculum units. Teachers bring their own content and are guided through each section by answering specific questions. The result is a comprehensive lesson plan aligned with standards that addresses assessment, content, teaching strategies and use of technology. Lesson Plans at Microsoft

9. Instructional Materials In Physics
The sites listed above all have lesson plans/activities for the Physical Science classroom instructional materials in Earth Science, general Science, or
Instructional Materials in Physics Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" which focus on specific topics within Physics. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.
Bubbles Theme Page
Electricity (Concepts) Theme Page
Electronics (Circuitry) Theme Page
Hot Air Balloons ...
General Physics Resources The WWW sites linked to from this page provide practical assistance for Physics teachers wanting to use the Internet as part of their classroom planning/instruction.
Aeronautics Related Activities, Experiments, and Lesson Plans
From Nasa - lesson plans that will help explain some of basic principles of aeronautics. See also their Aeronautics Classroom Activities
Applied Technology Projects
Lesson plans for over 20 projects for K-7 students in which students learn to apply science linked to BC Curriculum Guides. This site is part of a larger site (Mr. G's Applied Technology Site) that has been developed by Paul Grey of Coal Tyee Elementary School in Nanaimo, B.C.
AskERIC Lesson Plans - Science: Physical Science
Over 50 lesson plans organized alphabetically and covering various grade ranges in K-12.

10. Curriculum And Lesson Plans
Economics, Foreign Languages, Literature Reading, Math, Music, PE, physics, Science (general), US History Teachers Helping Teachers lesson plans.
Send Flowers Five Stars Promotions Travel Center Curriculum/Lesson Plans Go Fundraising!
Request your FREE no obligation fundraising sample kit by mail today! You can select from three (3) different fundraising sample kits available.

11. Biology Lesson Plan
Art. general lesson plans. Music. general lesson plans Science. Biology earth - physics - scientific method - space time - weather lesson

12. Earth Science Lesson Plan
Art. general lesson plans. Music. general lesson plans terminology general. Science. Biology - earth - physics - scientific method science l

13. Physical Sciences Resource Center
Subject general physics / Collections. This site provides eleven lesson plans for kids from ages five to seventeen that teach about astronomy and the

14. General Science Lesson Plans From
general SCIENCE/physics/CHEMISTRY lesson plans. Marvellous Machines This is a series of experiments about simple machines levers, wheels and inclined planes.
To look for more specific lesson plans, please go to our individual topic site. For example : If you are looking for lesson plans on frogs, then visit our Frog Page. You will find everything related to frogs there...lesson plans, worksheets, songs, stories and more. Our special :
Literature-Based lesson plans and activities

If you love using literature to teach, you will love this site GENERAL SCIENCE/PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY LESSON PLANS Marvellous Machines
This is a series of experiments about simple machines: levers, wheels and inclined planes. This unit was designed for use in the third grade. A World In Motion
The A World in Motion kit contains a Teacher’s Guide, helpful booklets for implementing the engineering design team concept in the classroom and for gathering materials, a video, a letter to parents, and 5 dynamic posters. It also includes student and volunteer recognition certificates, orientation material, 3 levels of in-class extended projects/lessons with log books, and follow-up experiments. Free for educators. Work is simple with Simple Machines
Students participating in this project will investigate simple machines and their usefulness in everyday life.

15. Lesson Plans: General Resources
general lesson plans Resources AskERIC Virtual Library botany, ecology, geology, physics, chemistry, history comCurrently 6243 lesson plans Teacher s lesson
Lesson Plans: General Resources List of Contents (click on topic name for more links)
General Lesson Plans Resources

AskERIC Virtual Library
Comprehensive resource for educators, including peer reviewed lesson plans database
AskERIC Virtual Library
Lesson plans database
Betty Sky-McIlvain's resources for teaching seeking integration lesson plans and ideas:

Class Web
This site has lesson plans with databases for many subject areas.
Discovery School's Lesson Plans database

interactive, internet-based curriculum for grades K-12. e-Tutor creates complete lessons which can be customized by the teacher for use over the Internet. Web-based enabling tools facilitate communication and community between teacher, parent and student. The e-Tutor program consists of 1200 lessons in twenty-three subject areas: reading, literature, writing, spelling, mathematics, algebra, geometry, astronomy, biology, botany, ecology, geology, physics, chemistry, history, economics, politics, geography, sociology, international languages, fine arts, are some of the subject areas.

16. Elementary Education: General Science Resources
general Resources (39); Biology Resources (10) see also 11) see also pages dedicated to lesson plans; Organizations (10); physics Resources (7) see also pages
Elementary Education: General Science Resources List of Contents (click on topic name for more links)
General Resources

Al Nous' NASA Educator Resource Center

Aerosol Association
provides useful information about aerosols and the environment

Anthony Frederick's Science Site for Elementary Education

ASAP: Atlas of Student Action for the Planet

Ask a Scientist
a place for students to ask questions to scientists and to also review archived Ask-A-Scientist Questions
Canned Food Information Service
relevant to a fairly wide range of curricula and offers free resources
Chem 4 Kids
This site is giving information about chemistry in a way that children would understand.

17. Lesson Plan Sites For K-12 Teachers
From Generation to Generation designed specifically for sixth grade general, bilingual, and physics and Astronomy lesson plans - Elementary School

Daily Dose of the Web
Links for K-12 Teachers On-Line Practice Modules Lesson Plans
Links verified 3/9/04

Planning Template for a Web-based Lesson or Activity

High School /Middle School Specific Subjects ...
  • Daily lesson plans by e-mail are offered by the New York Times Learning Network. If you are not registered with the New York Times on the Web, you will be prompted to register before you sign-up for this service. Registration is free. Structured Curriculum Handbooks developed by Chicago Public Schools to assist in implementing standards-based curricula. The activities in these handbooks are conceptually based and are not dependent on any textbook. They can stand alone or be used with other curricular materials you may have.
  • Cool Teaching Lessons and Units - designed as a resource for teachers K-12 who wish to find quality ready-made units and lessons for all subjects, or who wish to develop their own units Beacon Learning Center - Audio interactive lessons for all subjects. Mrs. Divestea's Links
  • 18. Internet Resources For Use In Science Classes
    of links to all science areas; general Science Internet but don t limit this just to physics classes on the Net professional links, resources, lesson plans, etc

    Daily Dose of the Web
    Links for K-12 Teachers On-Line Practice Modules Science
    submit a site General Astronomy Biology Chemistry Earth Science ... Science Fair
    Links verified 02/21/03
  • Chicago Public Schools had instituted a structured science curriculum with daily lesson plans for every grade K - 12. Look at your grade level to see if there are suggested activities you wish to adapt for your own classroom. Adobe Acrobat is needed to view these lesson plans. Activities from the Exploratorium are featured in two Exploratorium-at-home books. However, this great museum does not force you to buy the book to try the activities. More than forty neat science activities for children (of all ages) can be found here. Ask a Tennessee Scientist - In a joint effort, Dr. David Kesler of Rhodes College and Dr. Michael Daley of the University of Memphis are administering a Tennessee Academy of Science Network Scientist database. Find a scientist near you in Tennessee who can answer Email questions, or who may be able to set up a visit to your classroom. Bill Nye the Science Guy has an On-Line Studio. Caution! Shockwave is required!
  • 19. Ideas For Physical Science Teachers
    Teachers Edition Tools for Teachers Online This site contains general lesson ideas, physics lesson plans, and micro-activities.
    var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
    Physical Science Ideas (Middle School Grades) The following is a list of links that provide a wealth of information for physical science teachers. The links provide a variety of lesson plans, demonstrations, learning activities, and project ideas.
    A Great List of Ideas to Keep Your Students Awake During Physics
    Physics Pavilion Demonstrations
    Two big general lists of demonstrations to help your students understand physics better.
    Forces, Structure, and Architecture
    A list of daily lesson plans for a unit on forces. Some great days are: Day 1 (forces of tension and compression), Day 2 (gravity), Day 6 (Jeopardy Questions for the forces unit.)
    Grade 8 Module 4 MAGLEV TRAINS
    This site lists the Massachusetts State Science and Technology standards that it addresses. It covers the principles of magnetism and a plan to design and build a maglev vehicle.
    Air Travelers
    This is a lab that helps students answer- Why does a balloon filled with helium rise and a balloon filled with air sink?
    Sport! Science

    20. Lesson Plan Index
    lesson Plan Index. The Database of lesson plans on GEM The Gateway to Educational Materials. Entomology. general. general Science. Geology. physics. Process Skills.
    var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated
    Lesson Plan Index The Database of Lesson Plans on GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials Arts
    Educational technology

    Foreign languages

    Vocational education


    Computers In Art

    Drama/dramatics ... Visual Arts Educational Technology Computer Literacy Computer Uses In Education Computers General ... Back to top Foreign Language Cultural Awareness General Foreign Languages Linguistics General Education Administration Attendance Authoring Tools Classroom Management ... Back to top Health Body Systems And Senses Consumer Health Disease Environmental Health ... Substance Abuse Prevention Information Technology Educational Media Educational Technology General History ... Multimedia Education Integrated/interdisciplinary Approaches Art Economics Folklore Home Economics ... Back to top Language Arts Alphabet Careers Debate Drama/dramatics ... Back to top Mathematics Algebra Applied Mathematics Arithmetic Calculus ... Trigonometry Philosophy Ethics Logic Back to top Physical Education Aquatics Games (educational) Gymnastics (educational) Individual Sports ... Technology Religion History Technology Back to top Science Agriculture Astronomy Biological And Life Sciences Biology ... Back to top Social Studies Anthropology Careers Civics Comparative Political Systems ... Back to Lesson Plans Page

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