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81. Planet Science | About | Planet Science Roots | Projects & Activities
CERN TEACHERS CONFERENCE Physics teachers have a (atom)smashing A rolling seriesof resources, activities and events funded by science Year, including
throughout Planet Science , we have been working with a number of our partners on a range of programmes and activities which support our aims
The Giant Jump
Family Fun
Science Club
Not only do these projects build on the extensive achievements of Science Year but there have been many new and exciting initiatives too.



Partner Programmes

online resources ASE CDRoms ONLINE Inventive FREE teaching resources for both primary and secondary classes. KS2/3 PASSPORTS PLANET SCIENCE NEWSLETTER News, events, information, freebies and jokes sent straight to your inbox every Friday. FREE SOFTWARE Cutting edge curriculum-linked material available online WATER DOWN THE PLUGHOLE A collection of great classroom activities exploring the Coriolis force. Book, CDRom and website containing ideas and resources for using computers in science lessons at KS2 and 3. PLANET JEMMA CITIES OF SCIENCE Online guide to the science places and faces in cities around the country SCIENCE WORLDS SCIENCE TEACHER CLIMBS EVEREST Collaboration with New Media to support record-breaking online science lessons from a physics teacher at high altitude!

82. Science Education Resources
An excellent collection of labs, activities and basic information for high schoolscience teachers Has separate areas for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Science Education Internet Resources
Special Programs for Science Teachers
Teacher Programs By State
A listing by state and institution of programs designed to provide professional enhancement in the areas of science, engineering, and mathematics where teachers learn specific problem-solving methods and instructional strategies. Many programs address practical applications of science, mathematics, and technology in the business environment so that teachers might advise students on current career opportunities and options. Includes some Masters programs. Very Good.
National Association of Biology Teachers
The NABT website offers a comprehensive list of summer workshops and professional development activities for educators.
AAPT High School Committee
A listing of sites of interest to high school Physics teachers. Developed by the High School Committee of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).
Teacher Enhancement Programs: A Perspective on the Last Four Decades
A description of past and present Teacher Enhancement Programs funded by the National Science Foundation and a summary of the results of studies on their effectiveness.
A Nation At Risk Revisited , by Glenn Seaborg
Glenn Seaborg was the chair of the The National Commission on Excellence in Education that produced the now famous report, "A Nation At Risk." that described the state of American science education at that time. This report was written 10 years later and indicates what, if any, progress has been made in implementing the changes recommended in the initial report.

83. Dr. Demo!!!!
Colorado class, did a fantastic job with their NSTA presentation titiled SixtyDemos in Sixty University of Arizona science activity lesson plans. Physics.
Dr. Demo's Science Demonstrations (You should examine all sites below and realize that at present we have some duplication of activities.) Ultimate Science Demonstration Page This page is the result of a visit to Texas Tech and Dr. Julie Thomas. I was invited to work with her students and in the process, we video taped many of the demonstrations that day. Dr. Thomas then gave the task to graduate student, (whose name I must add at this point) and he created this magnificent layout. This site contains lesson plans, key step photos, and many quicktime videos. Have fun!! Denver Demos (Sixty Demos in Sixty Minutes) The UN-L Secondary Science Methods class of 1998, along with Dr. Gerry Saunders' Colorado class, did a fantastic job with their NSTA presentation titiled: Sixty Demos in Sixty Minutes. Over 400 teachers were in attendance that day. This site at present only offers lesson plans. Future methods classes are going to add to the layout. Biology Demonstrations are very difficult to find. Here are a couple of sites that offer several demonstrations and activities. Biology Class Demonstrations and other Course Activities University of Arizona science activity lesson plans Subject Specific Demonstrations These pages have limited material, with the exception of physic's.

84. Unit2
TOY THAT DOMOS Measuring or graphing ar a science misconception. Physics 691 GRADEDETERMINATION. covering previous class lecture, labs, activities, and reading
Ball State University Dr. James Watson Department of Physics and Astronomy
Dear PHYCS 691 Participant, The course is about to begin! According to my latest class list you are signed up for P691 (Advanced Physical Science) Since the class is only one week, we must start immediately, even before class starts! I've enclosed a list of supplies you can be looking for. We will be turning into demonstrations, equipment or lab experiments. Enclosed is a tentative schedule (think I'm behind already!). The first thing Monday I'll go over the course and what is expected. We have already bought each of you some special supplies for $10, due Monday. See you the first day: Monday June 9 7:30 am , in room CP102. PHYSICS 691 ADVANCED PHYSICAL SCIENCE Tentative SCHEDULE/SYLLABUS Dr. James Watson Ph: 765/285-8874 Home: 289-3119 HOMEWORK: Read the appropriate chapter related to the topic . Apply topic to everyday events and formulate questions and answer them or ask in class. Complete lab write-ups. CLASS: You should be able to discuss and answer basic questions in each topic below and know and understand the basic laws of physical science. Class format will mainly be laboratory discovery, exploration and concept development by using the toys you bring and the ones you purchase from us.

85. Science And Classroom Demonstrations
It contains 19 Classroom activities describing how Demonstrations 12 science Activites K12 science ActivitesWelcome
lycos infoseek altavista excite yahoo Click Here! Sponsored Links results for science and classroom demonstrations
Science Classroom Activities
The IMAGE / POETRY Space Science Classroom ActivitiesGrade 7-9 Space Science Workbook, Developed in July, 1998 by the IMAGE/POETRY Teacher and Student Consortium. It contains 19 Classroom Activities describing how
Classroom Demonstrations - Physics Experiments and
Physics Classroom Demonstrations - Physics Experiments and classrooms. You can use demonstrations to enliven science classes and often show the students that physics is far from esoteric. Worked
Science Activites K-12 Science ActivitesWelcome. We have found the following classroom demos to be very useful. You can reach them at (800) 225-5352; Triess Science in Burbank, (818)247-6910, Cat No.

86. Secondary Education Resources-Science-Physics
guide to teaching physics Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP NASA InstructionalMaterials for Space Sciencea boatload of activities you can
Secondary Education Resources-Science-Physics List of Contents (click on topic name for more links) General Physics Resources
Ask-A-Scientist Archive
Physics Topics
Ask The Physics Van
Questions and Answers Page
Al Nous' NASA Educator Resource Center

About Physics

Conceptual Physics

Exploratorium: Science Snacks
laboratory experiments
Fizzics Frizzle
comprehensive guide to understanding the world of physics. It is divided into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Fear of Physics
This site has information with links to more information dealing with everything about Physics.
Physics of a Fundamental Energy Source General Interest This site has flash animation dealing with Physics. Glossary of Physics Terms and Concepts How things work HyperPhysics Introduction to Physics and Math with JAVA ... NASA Instructional Materials for Space Science a boatload of activities you can do, from scale models of the solar system to spacecraft you can cut out of paper and build Physical Reference Data Physics Lecture Demonstrations with problems and puzzles, too, along with a rationale for using demonstrations to explain physics concepts

87. A "small-is-beautiful" Approach To Upgrading A Beginning Geophysics Course
Considerable attention is now directed toward improving earth science curricula,as illustrated by both presentations at national scientific meetings and
A "small-is-beautiful" approach to upgrading a beginning geophysics course
Seth Stein and John E. DeLaughter
Department of Geological Sciences,
Northwestern University

Evanston IL 60208 Considerable attention is now directed toward improving earth science curricula, as illustrated by both presentations at national scientific meetings and discussions in the literature. Much of the discussion addresses large-scale changes, such as the development of new degree programs [e.g. Stein, 1996 ]. Such reforms can be very successful, but require lengthy interactions with university bureaucracies. A complementary approach is to upgrade individual courses or groups of them. This approach has the advantage of being doable by individual faculty, without bureaucracy, and on small (or zero) budgets. We have been taking such a "small is beautiful" [ Schumacher, 1973 ] or "faster, cheaper, better" approach to upgrade our introductory geophysics course. In discussion with colleagues elsewhere, we have found interest in this effort, and so summarize it briefly in the hope of encouraging discussions of similar experiments elsewhere. We have begun with a beginning geophysics course required of geology majors, and taken as a distribution course by engineering majors. It provides a relatively rigorous and homework-intensive overview of the structure and evolution of the Earth and terrestrial planets, at a level higher than a descriptive "Geology 1" class, but lower than the standard introduction to geophysics for seniors or first year graduate students. For example, in this class we typically present without proof results such as Snell's law, which will be derived in later courses.

88. Online Particle Physics Information - Education Sites
Provides charts, brochures, Web links, and classroom activities. Fundamental Particlesand Interactions; Plasma Physics and Fusion; and Nuclear science.
Online Particle Physics Information
Particle Physics Education Sites
General Ask-A-Scientist Experiments, Demos and Fun
Argonne National Laboratory Gee Whiz!
Includes links fun and informative sub-sites such as the The ArithmAttack, the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest; Arts in Science; and the parts of the movie 'Chain Reaction' that were filmed at Argonne.
Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP)
Provides charts, brochures, Web links, and classroom activities. Online interactive courses include: Fundamental Particles and Interactions; Plasma Physics and Fusion; and Nuclear Science.
Center for Particle Astrophysics in Berkeley
Excellent source for online demos aimed at middle school students (modifiable for other levels). Online demonstrations include: Air-Powered Rockets; Desktop Stars; Lunar Topography, Ping Pong Ball Launcher; Potato Power; Solar System; and more to come. Each includes an introduction, teacher and student worksheets, and a list of materials needed.
Educational Information
This Particle Data Group site provides links to three subsites each filled with well-designed and visually attractive information: The Particle Adventure; Contemporary Physics Education Projects' Educational Materials; and then a set of links to Physics Education Sites.

89. Riverdeep Products - Middle School Science Gateways™
for scientific investigation The Middle School science Gateways simulation activitiescover topics in physical science, Life science, and the Human Body.
Home Login Store About Us ... Top Products Site Search
By Subject Math Reading/Language Arts Science Early Learning (PreK-2) ... Keyboarding Free Activities Free Demos Science
Expansive middle school curricula for scientific investigation
The Middle School Science Gateways simulation activities cover topics in Physical Science, Life Science, and the Human Body. Through easy interactive learning activities students explore various topics in science, which help them, gain an in-depth understanding of science concepts. The primary focus of this course is science content and skills geared for middle school grade students with an emphasis on qualitative learning. Teachers use Gateways activities in teaching science as tools to successfully demonstrate phenomena that are difficult for students to understand, are time consuming or even dangerous to experiment with. Students are able to independently run experiments, manipulate variables, and instantly see the results. Students can also repeat an experiment as needed to reinforce learning of a particular concept. They are asked to predict the outcome of an experiment, run the experiment and then validate their prediction. Although attention is given on qualitative learning, students gather and analyze data for a better understanding of a variety of scientific concepts. The Middle School Science Gateways Series contains 3 multiple-unit titles.

90. Science AL!VE - 2004 Classroom Workshops In Vancouver
the SuperCool, science AL!VE scientists have picked their favourite activities anddemos from a variety of subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics and
2 Hour Classroom Workshops for Grades 3-7 - $70 per workshop*
The Mission to Mars:
NASA scientists Forensic Science: Solving an Eco-Crime:
Someone is dumping toxic chemicals into a stream in your city, and we need your help! Using forensic science, ecology and analytical chemistry, help us to crack the case and undo the damage. This workshop involves mostly hands-on activities that demonstrate relevant science principles to a variety of grade levels. Machine Madness:
simple machines and how they can help to perform complex tasks. Students will experience the realm of robotics and will get the opportunity to build their own monstrous machines! Extreme Science:
After 10 years of experimenting on everything they can get their hands on, the Super-Cool, Science AL!VE scientists have picked their favourite activities and demos from a variety of subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Engineering. In this workshop we will use the scientific method to explore the extremes of science. Booking Information:
Note: The classroom workshops are designed to run three workshops simultaneously in the morning and three in the afternoon. As a result, schools booking full days (6 workshops) or half days (3 workshops) will be given priority. We can accommodate 4 concurrent workshops.

91. IAP Activity Categories
Multicultural activities Workshops and lectures on Linguistics, and Cognitive ScienceIncluding histories and physical Sciences Lecture series and discussions
Academic Skills and Resources
Including learning strategies, UROP, student to student mentorship and advising, and leadership.
Athletics and Exercise
Team sports, dance, gymnastics, skating, swimming, and weight training, etc.
Boston and Cambridge
Featuring tours and discussions related to Boston and Cambridge.
Offerings on career planning, interviewing, graduate/medical school application processes, internships, facilitation, etc.
Computers: Athena
Featuring Athena Minicourses and other Athena-related workshops and demonstrations.
Computers: Miscellaneous Unix
Internet topics, network security, programming languages, etc.
Computers: PC and Mac Applications
Featuring "Quick Start" training sessions, application user groups, program demos, SAP and Data Warehouse workshops.
Computers: Web Design and Development
Including accesibility issues, web design applications, and working with GIFs and animation.
Crafts, Hobbies, and Do-It-Yourself
Hand-crafted jewelry, machine shop skills, gardening, calligraphy...
Economics and Finance
Including discussions on economic policy and development, pension reform, personal finance management, labor issues, and taxation.

92. Web Links For Teachers: General Science Projects
site provides excellent strategies and activities to promote for the areas of algebra,physics, chemistry, and science and Math Initiative Lesson Plans and
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Web Links For Teachers:
General Science Projects
note: all links will open in a new window. Secondary Science Activities and Demonstrations
This web sites provides 56 Quick Demos for the Biology Class, 40 Quick Demos to Make Science Come Alive, and 23 More Science Demos, and additional Earth Science Lesson Plans developed by educators. Galileo Lesson Plan Database
This is an amazingly huge collection of traditional lesson plans covering all subjects in K-12 science classroom. AU Summer Institute Slime Page
This site will provide you step by step directions creating a six foot by six foot dancing, trampoline-like membrane, other wise known as the obnoxious slime! Water Works
The Science Learning Network provides this great web site filled to the brim with water activities for students and educators. Classroom investigations on how fountains work. World Lecture Hall
The World Lecture Hall contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Internet to deliver class materials. The Longevity Game
You and your students can play the interactive longevity game and calculate how long you can expect to live based on life insurance industry research.

93. Internet Resources For Science Education
Includes a display of earthquake activity for any local area. physical science. Interactivedemos that make the principles of physics seem clear. LIFE science. 125, 225/Course Description files/WebSi
Internet Resources, Elementary Science Education GENERAL Iowa Department of Education website for their version of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Forensic sciences for classrooms. “Standards based curriculum supplements.
Exploring Safely: A Guide for Elementary Teachers, National Science Teachers Association 2002. Excellent general science safety tool for classroom teachers. Free for classroom and workshop duplication. National Science Teachers Association Online Career Center. Servers both job seekers and institutions seeking science teachers Kid-friendly, weekly science articles, brain teasers and on-line games, hands-on activities, book recommendations, etc. Produced by Science News Magazine shown in class Excellent site for science content and teaching ideas for grades k-12.

94. IPL Kidspace: Science Fair Project Resource Guide communications, computers, earth science, energy,mathematics, oceanography, physical sciences, space transportation
This collection All of the IPL Advanced You are here: Home KidSpace Science Fair Project Resource Guide About the IPL ...
Contact Us
KidSpace Features Ask a Question
Culture Quest

Learning HTML

Orca Search
Story Hour
KidSpace Subject Collections Reference
The World


Reading Zone
Fun Stuff

Choosing a Topic: Ideas for your project Finding an idea for your project can be the hardest part. Many of you have sent us questions on topic ideas and we have added some websites to give you more choices. Ideas for science fair projects come from many sources. Here are websites that can get you started in the right direction with some basic ideas which you can develop into projects, or you may find full explanations of projects you can do. Just remember to choose a topic that interests you and have fun with your project! Bill Nye The Science Guy Click on the Home Demos link and you can use the pull down menu to select from forty experiments. Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects "Agriculture doesn't have its own category in science fairs, but it is a part of many of the "official" categories. Here, we've put together a few basic ideas of agricultural science projects you can do. Use these ideas as a jumping-off place for coming up with your own project."

95. The Catalyst: Links - Experiments
State University Chemistry and Physics Department) http or the hardware store. Theactivities mentioned are http//
Chemistry Resources For The Secondary Education Teacher On The WWW
New links added throughout each month will be denoted by the symbol.
Links which are especially noteworthy will be denoted by the symbol.
Links which are on the verge of being deleted will be denoted by the symbol.
Baggie Science

This activity introduces students to the idea of chemical reactions by having them mix chemicals inside zip-lock baggies. Although this activity was designed for younger students, it can be used as is or modified for high school students. There are more activities available on the ERIC Chemistry Lesson Plans page.
Becker Demos

Some of Bob Becker's work can now be found on the web! This site contains information about many of Bob Becker's best demos. (From the University of Nebraska)
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen

This site is a storehouse of experiments and projects. There is a chemistry section, but some of the other categories also contain chemistry related experiments.

96. Experiments And Demonstrations
neat stuff from several areas of physics. the instructions for a number of interestingactivities. Internet Public Library science Fair Project Resource Guide
EXPERIMENTS " LECTURE DEMOS " Return to Content Table or use Back Button ChemMovies ["Becker Demos"] via David W. Brooks at University of Nebraska Lincoln QuickTime movies of 60 demos. Dave has been directing his substantial experience and expertise in chemistry education toward improving the teaching of high school chemistry. See more of his work on my High School page. DVAction: Digital Video to Assist Chemistry Teachers and Instructors Online from Northwestern University around 80 images and/or videos illustrating various chemical techniques Dr. Slime' s Experiments by Mike Garlick at Delta College, MI ewwwwww, sliiimmmme! Actually, the URL changed, and so did the page itself, but now there's a downloadable [.PDF] Dr. Slime coloring book and other things for young folks Dr Aargh safety website for youth from the New Zealand Occupational Safety and Health Service

97. Duke Physics: Resources For The Department
is source for handson activities exploring many extensive collection of phyiscalscience modules for Carolina Educational Standards; Physics Department Lecture
Physics Outreach Resources for the Department
  • For Educators For Physics Dept
  • Return To:
  • Outreach Physics
    Physics Home
    Duke University
  • Resources for the Department
    To Get Involved
    Email to be placed on the list of interested people. Include age of student and types of activities which interest you. If you haven't worked with groups of children before, you can volunteer to go along with somebody experienced.
    Current Opportunities:
    • Astronomy activities/demos with elementary schools. Time scale: ongoing. Contact Ronen Plesser Forest View Elementary fifth grade grade. Present hands-on activities with solar panels and motors. Need at least one volunteer for each of five classrooms. Time scale: spring semester 2004, flexible scheduling. Contact Karen Daniels
    Existing Curricula
    Email to let us know of a resource you would like to share with the department
    Planning Activities
    Examples of successful educational activites and resources for planning:
    • GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) are books with lesson plans, activities, and worksheets suitable for K-8 classrooms, organized by subject and recommended age group.

    98. Asheville North Carolina's The Health Adventure - A Health And Science Education
    23 September 10 Our Amazing Senses New activities explore the January 14 The Scienceof Sports Race cars, balloon and more, to teach about the physics of fun.
    Receive our Online Newsletter!: Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
    Sundays: 1pm - 5pm
    *** SNOWDAYS*** - we delay opening until Noon! Home School Happenings
    Classes are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month, at 1:30-3:00 p.m., September through May. Check out Fabulous Fridays, held once a month, for preschoolers!
    Grades K-1
    September 10
    Artistry of Motion
    Uncover the beauty of motion with pendulums, tornados and race tracks. October 8
    Make Sense of Senses
    See demonstrations and do activities with giant models and your own senses. November 12
    Fun with Bones Put together a skeleton, solve mysteries in the x-rays, and learn how to make bones strong. December 10 Math Crafts Explore symmetry, patterns and relationships with fun art activities.

    2D Collisions Activity B.

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