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41. Outreach Programs In The Department Of Physics
It exposes teachers to classroom activities that combine demonstrations, gradelevelhands-on science activites for Physics on the Road demos view photogallery
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Purdue's Department of Physics has developed a highly successful outreach program, PEARLS, that brings the excitement of physical science to many students who would not otherwise be exposed to physics. It also encourages teachers and parents to motivate students to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology. Purdue brings PEARLS of Science wisdom to your school.
A full-time coordinator creates, directs, and implements PEARLS outreach efforts. Physics Outreach offers several learning opportunities for various educational needs:
The need for the PEARLS Outreach program is clearly demonstrated by its enthusiastic reception and favorable impact on precollege science education in the Midwest. Purdue's PEARLS program can serve as a model, which can be adopted by other Universities, to advance science education throughout the United States. Some of the outreach activities are outlined below.
View PEARLS photogallery
Focus on Science view photogallery Focus on Science demonstration.

42. Physical Science Teacher Links
http// Bill Nye Labs Home Demoshttp//www.billnye for Education and Learning science activities that will
Phys 1210 Physical Science Teacher Links Table of Contents: General Science Links Physics Teaching Resources Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS):
Astronomy Education Resources Science Outreach Groups Equipment Resources Learner and Classroom Activities Exploratorium "Snacks" listed by subject: ScienzFair™ Ideas PHYSICAL SCIENCE The Science Explorer: An Exploritorium-At-Home Book Young Engineers' Club: Ask Eric Education Information: Lesson Plans Physics Can Teach Physical Science Newton's Apple Science Try Its Kid Science : Science Experiments You Can Do At Home Little Shop of Physics: Cool experiments you can do with stuff you probably already have around the house...

43. Easy Science Demos & Labs - Physics - 2nd Edition
Easy science demos Labs Physics - 2nd Edition. Features NEW teacher demos andlab activities that stimulate scientific inquiry; Provides a cornerstone for
Bring the properties of physics to life and set student minds in motion. Reproducible Teacher Book -160pp
  • Features NEW teacher demos and lab activities that stimulate scientific inquiry Provides a cornerstone for understanding force and motion - electricity - magnetism - waves - and more Designed for safe - easy - budget-conscious use Meets the National Science Education Standards
  • Price
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    Hands-on Science - ABCs of Chemistry
    Make chemistry come alive with memorable activities that will give your students the means for mastering some of the most important concepts. Reproducible Teacher Book -100 pp.

    44. The Science House - What's New?
    science House s new publication, Environmental science A Collection Physics fromthe Junk Drawer/Countertop Chemistry Learn activities and demos to amaze your
    What's New at The Science House
    June 9, 2003 Workshops for Teachers Seeking Jacksonville Outreach Coordinator Bennett's Millpond Symposium Graduate Courses for Teachers ... Activity of the Week - Measuring Reaction Time Summer Workshops for Teachers - It's Not Too Late! Environmental Science Education Workshops
    This hands-on workshop is for North Carolina middle and elementary school science teachers. Teachers will participate in learning activities that have been correlated with the North Carolina Science Standard Course of Study for middle and elementary grades. Staff from The Science House, NCSU, will lead this workshop, as well as a trainer from Lab-Aids, Inc. Everyone completing the workshop will receive a FREE copy of The NSF STC/Science House's new publication

    45. Activity Description Of "BioChem Demos"
    of BioChem demos . science in Personal and Social Perspectives,Life, physical, Earth sciences, The cell, Matter, energy and organization in......Activity
    Activity Description of "BioChem Demos"
    Title BioChem Demos Audience All high school science Abstract This collection of more than 70 classroom tested biology, biochem and chemistry demonstrations was shared at the 1997 annual convention of the National Association of Biology teachers. Author Chris Hilvert Email Unifying Concept Evidence, models, and explanation Science and Technology Understandings about science and technology Science as Inquiry Understandings about scientific inquiry History and Nature of Science Nature of scientific knowledge Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Life, Physical, Earth Sciences The cell, Matter, energy and organization in living systems, Structure and properties of matter, Chemical reaction Other Standards Science Teaching, Professional Development
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    46. ECSEL: Projects: Design In K-14: Activity/Demos
    students to pursue learning in science and engineering a collaborative effort witha physics teacher from The lectures and laboratory activities were developed

    Design in Engineering Education
    Design in K-14

    Professional Development

    Project Descriptions
    Design in K-14: Activity/Demos
    Design Modules for Teaching in K-12 Web based Materials Science Demonstration Introductory High School Ferroelectrics and Piezoelectrics Modules Design Modules for Teaching in K-12 Contact: Brian Flinn Remie Calalang Description : Working with Project Compute, we have developed a design booklet for use in K-12 schools. Project Compute is housed in the Rainier Community Center, which serves primarily African American families. Together we will offer periodic workshops for parents and families as a way to increase their own knowledge of design and engineering. We feel it is important that families know what students are doing so they can help with their take-home projects and offer support. One aspect of this effort is a collaborative effort to develop a booklet of K-12 activities, training materials, and a web site. At the coalition level, this work will contribute to a large effort to catalogue all of ECSEL¹s K-14 projects. This catalogue will include text, digital, and internet resources. In addition we will design, organize and host workshops at national conferences such as the National Council of Teacher Association, National Science Teacher Association, American Society of Engineering Education, WEPAN and student organizations (NSBE, AISES, WISE).

    47. Integrating Electrical Engineering Concepts - K-12 Level
    The age level varies for specific activities, but most of these sites featureactivites for K12 students; Physics demos science Exhibit Designs Several
    Integrating Electrical Engineering Concepts - K-12 Level
    A few reasons that girls may wish to pursue a career in electrical engineering include involvement in the design and development of:
    • clean and more efficient energy sources (for example, solar photovoltaics)
    • enhanced signal processing methods (e.g., as used in medical diagnostics)
    • communications systems to make the Earth "a small world"
    • electronic devices which help society (for example, aids for physically and mentally challenged individuals)
    • control systems which enhance the quality of life (e.g., automated cars)
    Resources and ideas for integrating electrical engineering applications into middle, junior high and high school (math and science) courses are described below.
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    48. The NSDL Scout Report For Physical Sciences -- Volume 2, Number 4
    The seven demos teach kids various things provides numerous interactive educationalactivities covering several The physical science exhibits are entitled An
    Home The Scout Report Archives Projects ...

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    February 21, 2003 Volume 2, Number 4
    Table of Contents
    Printable version Mars Exploration Rovers: Home Demos

    The Athena Project is collaborative and international effort to land a series of rovers on Mars in 2003. The Mars Exploration Rovers Web site chronicles these efforts, as well as offering various facts and learning activities like those found on the Home Demos page. The seven demos teach kids various things about Mars such as how scientists know there used to be water on Mars; how Mars seems to orbit back and forth; how difficult it is to land on Mars; what the soil on Mars is comprised of; how to create a volcano similar to Mars’ Olympus Mons, which is the largest known volcano in the universe; how wind effects soil on Mars; and if there may be life on Mars. Each activity includes an explanation of what is needed and how to complete the experiment, as well as how it relates to the Athena Project. [JAB]
    [Back to Contents]
    Fabulous Facts about Australia: Australia’s Distinctive Landscape

    49. Physical Science
    This is Frank Potter s site, and it has the life, earth and physical broken down Asampler of activities http//
    Physical Sciences End of Course Info: End of Course Info: This site has both the chemistry and physical science lists of the standards and teacher indicators. Physical Science Performance Indicators: This is a complete listing of the student performance indicators by standard. The levels for each indicator are labeled. Chemistry Performance Indicators: This is a complete listing of the student performance indicators by standard. The levels for each indicator are labeled. Activities, Experiments and Labs: Stimpsoft! A wonderful site with all kinds of terrific downloads. One the site is a periodic table that will sort by gases, alkanes, etc. Also available is the solar system that will load across your screen. Another download is the sun spots. Lots and lots of things but for Mac users only. How stuff works: Excellent site on how just about everything works. The Atoms Family: Very cute site with a unique way of presenting atomic theory. Multimedia Physics Studios: This site has GIF files that use animation to show physics concepts.

    50. SCIENCE-EDUCATION: Bookmarks
    manual (PHY) U Illinois Interactive Physics Experiments physical science ActivityManual physical science lesson plans Kansas Physics Labs / demos.
    SCIENCE-EDUCATION: bookmarks
    This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.
    Science Education
    General Resources
    U.S. Department of Education
    Using WWW to Augment University Courses
    Teaching with Electronic Technology ...
    Surfing the Education Waves
    Microsoft in Education
    CyberWorks - Information Technology in Education
    Adaptive Computer Equipment for Kids with Special Needs.(via Thunderbeam)
    IBM lead story: Equal opportunity Web ...
    Closing The Gap: On-line Resource Library
    General Science
    UC Berkeley: Computer as Learning Partner
    Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
    Amateur Science
    Doctor Duey's Wacky Web Pages ... - The ability utility
    General Education
    Cyber School Resources
    The World Lecture Hall
    The Global Campus
    Albatros - The Net Education Center ...
    Web66 Home Page
    K-16 Science Education (UCI)
    The Hub
    K12 Information Home Page ...
    UIUC Physics Van Outreach Program
    College, Grad School and Beyond
    How to Survive College
    1999 College Rankings: USNews - edu
    Welcome to FishNet
    The Princeton Review ...
    Peterson's Education Center
    Graduate School
    Customized Graduate Program Rankings
    Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students
    Graduate Student Advice and Research Survival Guide
    Dissertation year fellowship ...
    The Ph.D. Dissertation Prospectus

    51. AOL Canada Search: Search Results
    http// physical science High School ActivitiesCombination physical science demonstrations/lessons most

    52. The Science Page: Science Lesson Plans, Labs And Activities
    and providing classroomready lessons and activities. The Boston of science Home pagewhich includes physical science Labs Kit Ready-to-Use activities and Science Page:

    53. Human Kinetics - Service Center - Site Map
    FitnessGram; Free physical activity and software demos! Faculty Center Newphysical education, kinesiology, and exercise science textbooks;

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    New Textbooks
    Sport for All

    UKPE Job Opportunities Conferences Home View Cart ... Aquatics Human Kinetics Site Map Services Product Search Search for sports, fitness, physical education, and exercise science books, videos, and other products Academic and professional information Physical education and sport and exercise science - Human Kinetics books and journals, physical education and sport science jobs and careers, news articles, conferences and workshops, associations, links, and more. Physical Education Sports Medicine Exercise Science Social Science

    54. Science Activities
    includes info on physics projects, activities, conferences, and http// physical SocietyThis site serves the
    Science Activities
    Biology Activities
    • African Primates at Home -Several species of apes and monkeys. Includes photos and audio.-
    • American Society of Human Genetics homepage -Visit the society's homepage !-
    • Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation
    • BioChem Net -"Gateway to the best biology and chemistry educational resources on the web."-
    • Biology Depts. -Links to many of the university biology departments in the world.-
    • Big Virology Picture Book (Tulane University) -Pictures of viruses; categorized by family.-
    • The Biology Place -Biology teaching and learning resources. (Peregrine publishers)-
    • Cell and Molecular Biology Online -Resource for cell and molecular biologists.-
    • Coral Forest -A non-profit organization founded to educate and activate the public about the global threat to coral reefs.-
    • -This site provides services to help improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world.-

    55. Lucille Davies: Frontenac S.S. Science Dept. Resources Page
    Physics, science, and Math Day. activities and experiments based on rides, Apr.June STAO (science Teachers Association of Ontario) Conference speakers, demos
    Frontenac S.S. Science Department Resources Science Dept Courses Student Gallery Dates ... Math Sites

    56. Physical Sciences
    objects from sight, various objects for demos of properties. SUBJECTS physical science. POSSIBLEACTIVITIES Melt, mold, cut, bend, scrape, crumble materials to
    Last Update: October 8,2001 Physical Sciences ACTIVITY #: 3; More or Less or the Same GRADE: K CURRICULUM CONNECTION:
    grade K; goal 4 (Investigate use of tools,understanding how the world works) OBJECTIVES: explore different manifestations of quantity SUBJECTS: physical science RESOURCES: mathematicians, physicists, chemists
    POSSIBLE ACTIVITIES: Demonstrate quantity in a variety of settings, including number, volume, height, weight, intensity, density, and concentration. Illustrate quantity as an element of solids, liquids, gases, sounds, and even
    radiation (e.g. light). Emphasize numerical basis of measuring quantities of solids, liquids, gases, and energy. MATERIALS/KITS: glassware, boxes, solid and liquid materials to measure ACTIVITY #: 5; Properties of Objects GRADE: 1 CURRICULUM CONNECTION:
    grade 1, goal 3 (Investigate properties and relationship of properties) OBJECTIVES: Discover some basic properties of objects, and learn how to use them as ways of comparing and contrasting objects. Learn how to use the senses to observe properties, develop and understand concept of classification. SUBJECTS: Physical science RESOURCES: Physicists, materials scientists, various engineers, manufacturing engineers

    57. Personal And Social Perspectives
    SUBJECTS physical science, earth science. POSSIBLE activities Brainstorm to identifyimportant natural resources found in North Carolina, United States
    Last Update: October 8, 2001 Personal and Social Perspectives ACTIVITY #: 34; Pollution: Causes and Solutions GRADE: 5
    grade 5, goal 2 (Investigate forms and sources of energy)
    grade 5, Personal and social perspectives
    OBJECTIVES: Explore various types and sources of pollution, their impact, possible solutions, and environmental stewardship SUBJECTS: Personal and social perspectives, physical science, earth science RESOURCES: Engineers, environmental scientists, planners, air or water quality specialists
    POSSIBLE ACTIVITIES: Explore the various types and sources of air, soil, or water pollution. Include experiments to test the effects of pollution on plants or other materials. Use water testing kits on multiple water samples. Research
    the connection between types of energy production and use and resulting pollution; renewable vs. nonrenewable energy sources; economic issues relating to energy and pollution; conservation. Consider local vs. global pollution issues. ACTIVITY #: 58; Safer Alternatives to Toxics

    58. Physics Links
    site of Bill Nye the science Guy offers many fun science activities and demos thatcan be done at home or in school (all ages, teachers). Physics of Flight A
    Updated June 10, 2002 Science Home General Newtonian Physics Fun Physics General
    • Fizzics Fizzle - An interactive guide to Physics. The current topics are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This site covers mechanics and electricity and magnetism. The cool topics section includes topics not usually covered in a high school physics class, but may be of interest to students. This is a Thinkquest site. (11-12, teachers) How to Study Physics - If you are having problems studying for your physics class, this page may help. It is full of tips on how to read a physics textbook and work through physics problems. This page was developed for college students, but the principles can be used in high school. (11-12, teachers) Physics 2000 - This site teaches many basic concepts in physics through interactive Java apps and colorful graphics. The site is a bit heavy graphically and navigation is somewhat confusing, however the interactive activities themselves are well-constructed and fun. (11-12) Physics Definitions - A treasure trove of physics terms and definitions. If you need a definition for an physics term, most likely you will be able to find it here. Some additional reference material is provided for some of the definitions. (9-12, teachers)

    59. ScEd 373 Methods In Science Education - Useful Links
    Flinn Scientific, great demos; Ron Perkin s new provides lesson plans, activitiesand teachers sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, sciences and technology
    Useful Science Education Links Return to Index
    Please forward great science sites to Michael or John . We will be pleased to post them.
    General help on the Web: A link to science education:

    60. Physics Pavilion Demo Site Link List
    6.html (Score 51, Size 2K) MSU science Theatre 1995 Oversees ST s activities; in chargeof funding, grant writing cis.htm (Score 51, Size 2K) physical Plant CIS
    home (Score 54, Size 4K)
    ABOUT THESE DEMONSTRATIONS: . This physics WWW site is an effort to make available an on-line source of information and pictures used for preparing and performing undergraduate lecture ...
    Brian Gaensbauer (Score 54, Size 3K)
    - . Physics Sites . BCIT Physics Dept. . NCSU Demo Room . UNC Demo Room . University Physics Demos . Weird Physics . Science Hobby Home Page . General Physics ...
    LOGAL Software, Physics Explorer (Score 53, Size 13K)
    Science Explorer : Physics . Physics Explorer (TM) simulations cover almost all introductory and advanced physics topics. Students can conduct and analyze experiments which are almost impossible
    Physics Lecture Demonstrations (Score 53, Size 1K)
    Physics Demonstrations

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