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21. ScEd 373 Methods In Science Education - Useful Links
Flinn Scientific, great demos; Ron Perkin s It provides lesson plans, activities andteachers sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, sciences and technology ScEd373Web/usefullinks.htm
Useful Links
Please forward great science sites to Michael or Julio. We will be pleased to post them.
Michael Du Bois' Recommended Internet sites dealing with Science
  • General help on the Web: Metacrawler Looking for something, use this powerful multi-warhead search engine CampusI Good place to access multiple email accounts, + other goodies, including bargains on used books, etc. Inquiry Based Science General discussion of the issues relating to inquiry based science, Chapters 5,8,10 Survival skills for New Teachers Excellent tips for new teachers A link to science education: MASTEP Check out the cool links at SJSU's own MASTEP web site. The science links are GREAT!!! ENSI/SENSI A web site devoted to the teaching of evolution and the nature of science SETI Institute Search for extraterrestrial life (not just freshman) National Center for Science Education General topics, especially the teaching of evolution

22. Joint Activities
the entire spectrum of physics and physical science teachers, grades K Careers, TheResource Center, Evaluation Instruments, demos and activities, What s New
.cpHideForMenus Search:
About AAPT History of AAPT History of AAPT
Formation of the Education and Manpower Division of AIP, with which AAPT carried out a number of joint projects, was recommended by a conference held in August 1956, sponsored by both AIP and AAPT and supported by the Fund for the Advancement of Education. The division's purpose was to extend and broaden efforts toward the improvement of physics education at all levels, and to help cope with the shortages of technical personnel and of qualified physics teachers. With the aid of grants from several agencies, including the Ford Foundation and NSF, AIP had two staff physicists working on educational projects in 1957, W.C. Kelly (University of Pittsburgh) and Grant O. Gale (Grinnell College). A formal education department headed by W.C. Kelly was established by AIP in 1958. In addition to the work on apparatus and on physics buildings, already noted, joint endeavors included the Visiting Scientist Program for both colleges and high schools. This program was proposed in 1956 and got under way in 1957 with NSF support. Another joint project was the Regional Counselor Program inaugurated in 1961 and directed by W.C. Kelly. Its purpose was to improve physics education in high schools, with attention to local problems. W.C. Kelly remained as director of the division until the end of 1965, and in September 1966 Arnold Strassenburg became director. After July 1971 the Education and Manpower Divisions became separate entities, and some programs were terminated. The Manpower Division, divided in 1987 into an Education and Employment Division and the Career Placement Division, is an AIP activity carried out for the benefit of all member societies.

23. Curriculum Helper - MS General Science
Keywords activities, biology, earth science, physical science activities, lesson Keywordsactivities, aska-scientist This site of mad labs demos and links
General Science
The Why Files, U. of Wisc.
Keywords: biology, environmental science, physical science, social science, technology, sports
Many hot topics in biology, health, sports, environmental science and physical science. Well-written articles appropriate for middle and upper grades.
Internet in the Classroom, NASA
Keywords: aero design, Mars, women in science, space team
On-line interactive projects include up-to-date info about Mars, meeting people who went on the shuttle, tour of a mock space station.
Virtual Tours
Keywords: museum, countries, cities
The Virtual Tours of Museums and Exhibits Site presents over 200 museums, exhibits and Points of Special Interest which offer multimedia guided tours on the Web. Most present text and pictures, others in addition transmit sound and an occasional movie. Too many places and options to list separately.
Jerome and Deborah's BIG PAGES of educational links Keywords: technology, special ed, guidance and counseling, links, ESL
Advertised as a signpost for many links, not a destination.
The Science Explorer, Exploratorium, S.F. Cal.

24. Florence Coles Ballenger Teachers' Center -- EIU -- Science
and Environmental Sites Paleontology physical sciences Other Sites. science TeachersLounge Teacher tools, resources demos, labs and activities, freeware and
Florence Coles Ballenger Teachers' Center
Astronomy and Space Science

Biological Sciences

Ecology and Environmental Sites
Other Sites
Animated health, science and technology movies for children to view online, with topics like the food chain, the Big Bang Theory, and buoyancy. Also features activities and quizzes.
Dive and Discover

Created at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, this site gives teachers and their students an inside look at the sights, sounds, and action of scientific research.
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education

Resources for the improvement, enrichment, and reform of mathematics and science education.
Everyday Science
Short scientific explanations of everyday things. Includes a few experiments. A site unlike many others, explores science concepts in a different way. National Geographic Society Includes lesson plans, maps, and online adventures that are searchable by keyword, grade level, or type of science. National Science Foundation By clicking on "Education" one is taken to a variety of sites sponsored by the NSF. Grant opportunities for science educators are also listed.

25. Micro Mole Catalog - Books For Middle And High School
You will find these activities to be high interest teacher who has seen most of thecommon demos. Author Gilbert, physical science Projects Build and fly hot
Reference Books And Lab Manuals For Middle And High Schools
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Lessons in Chocolate: The appeal of chocolate is almost universal. This book was developed to give your students a first hand look into the chemistry of chocolate. This book is ideal for first year chemistry. Author: Tannenbaum Forensic Laboratory Science and Detective Mystery Writing: This is a ninth-grade inte-grated curriculum. Incorporate mystery writing along with hands-on activities such as fingerprinting, hair analysis, paper chromatography, and toxicology. Students will learn how to cleverly weave evidence into their stories. Author: Schiltz Science for Kids: In 39 easy chemistry experiments for kids you'll have recipes for invisible ink, crystal gardens, testing for starch in foods, produce carbon dioxide and oxygen. Also includes information for planning and organizing a science fair. Author: Wood Catalog # Price Catalog # Price Catalog # Price L-133 L-134 L-146 Science Toolbox: Introduce your students to basic science tools. Teach them how to bend light rays, attract and repel objects, measure the speed and direction of the wind, and make distant things look closer. You will find these activities to be high interest and motivating to your students. Each project has three clearly defined steps, what you need, what you do, and what you discover. Making tools can be fun!! Author: Stangl Tested Demonstrations in Chemistry from the Journal of Chemical Education: A super collection of chemical demonstrations. This is a two-volume set which contains over 400 demos. All of these demos have been throughly tested and reviewed. The demonstrations cover a period of time from the early 1900's to present day. This is a wonderful resource for any chemistry teacher who has seen most of the common demos. Add these to your teaching library and you will find many more years worth of enjoyment.

26. Acad-main
Plan 1 Nature of science Plan 4 Basic Concepts of Physics. Labs and demos findlesson plans, pictures, movies and information on classroom activities. Physical Science/acad-main.htm
Academy Physical Science ll of the incoming freshman at Todd County High School are put into an academy, either the Blue or the Gold. (our school colors) I am the Physical Science teacher of the Blue Academy. Links on this page will help you to learn more about the academy system, its design and purpose; my class curriculum, with sample unit and lesson plans; and some of the other activities within the classroom and the Blue Academy. The Academy System: what it is and the purpose for having it Academy Activities: things we do together as the Blue Academy Course Description: what the physical science class is about Curriculum Plans: sample unit plans Plan 1 : Nature of Science Plan 2 : Basics of Ecology Plan 3 : Basic Chemistry Plan 4 : Basic Concepts of Physics Labs and Demos: find lesson plans, pictures, movies and information on classroom activities. PowerPoint Movie: I created this set of slides for our schools' annual showcase. It gives a brief overview of the activities done for the '01-'02 school year. You'll need QuickTime Player to view. It takes a minute to load, please be patient. HOME

27. K-12 SCIENCE EDUCATION RESOURCES (Bill Beaty's Homepages)
Static Electricity ; Physics demos, etc SEPUP (Lawrence Hall of science); TOPS scienceActivities (huge collection, w minerals via color spectrum; physical Sci Edu


K-12 Science Ed. Resources , William J. Beaty Seattle, WA
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Link Collections:

OLD LINKS GONE BAD? Try , "The Wayback Machine"
It offers billions of old websites and even some of the graphics.
But it's not searchable. You have to know the URL of the old site.
Hint: put this in front of any URL you want to search:*/

28. "Static" Electricity Page
Generators by G. Shannon; Highway to science activities; demos Boston MOS staticactivities. Swenson s Hairraising Tales; Priestly s Physics Project, activities


Static Electricity" Page
Articles here:
Billb's HV Build-it Projects:
High Voltage Ring
Previous 5 Sites Next 5 Sites Next ...
High Voltage Ring

Highly recommended: ELECTROSTATICS by A. D. Moore

29. Science Kit And Boreal Laboratories - Physics Demos And Hands-Ons
Helpful Tips. WW6934301, Book, Physics demos and HandsOn activities 130 demos and
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30. Internet Connections Lesson Plans And Activities Science
119 science demos. Access Excellence activities Collection. Air Quality Lesson Plans. Air Travelers Balloon science. Alaska's Cold Desert. Amazing Space Web-based activities. Animal Tracks Online -

31. Physics Demonstration Road Show
The ISU Physics Demonstration Road Show has provided 332 are contacted to find outwhat science topics they are care is taken to reference activities and demos
Physics Demonstration Road Show Idaho State University Potacello, ID e-mail: Geographical Area: Idaho, Northern Utah, Northeastern Nevada, Southwestern Montana, Western Wyoming General Description: Area of Science: Physics, Physical Science Target Grade Levels: K-12 Target Group Size: Any Cost: FREE in the state of Idaho! $80 + travel for out-of-state The information contained in this page is accurate as of March, 2003. (This page is supported by the University of Illinois Physics Van , which is not in any way affiliated with the program described here, nor do we specifically endorse this program. Please contact us with any errors found on this page. For questions regarding the contents of this page or for further information about the program described, please use the contact information given above - the text written above was supplied by that program.) Return to Map About Shows Demos ... Search

32. Physics & Astronomy Lesson Plans
6) Chemical and physical Change ( 6) Chemical Changes Cooperation Blocks ( K12) Creative activities for the sciences 1-4) Learning science Skills Through Use of Productivity Tools
Elementary School Lesson Plans

33. CSMTE Links
W Whelmers (41 physics demos) science activities http// of Physics (demos+) http// X. Y. Z.
Links Astronomy Biology Chemistry Elementary Science for Teachers and Kids ... Technology and Internet in the Classroom Physics Links A B C D E F G H ... I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A
American Assn of Physics Teachers:
American Institute of Physics:
American Physical Society:
A Century of Physics Online Poster:

Amusement Park Physics: top of page B
Celebration of Women in Engineering:
Center for the History of Physics:
Connecting Research in Physics Education with Teacher Education: Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics (86 women who published before 1976): D top of page E Exploratorium Museum-San Francisco (Science Snacks: over 70 on-line demos +):

34. CSMTE Links
V. W Whelmers (41 physics demos) science activities http// Files/science Behind the News http// Wild Safari
Links Astronomy Biology Chemistry Elementary Science for Teachers and Kids ... Technology and Internet in the Classroom Elementary Science for Teachers and Kids Links A B C D ... I J K L M N ... P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A
Activities Integrating Math and Science (AIMS) Education Foundation:

Amateur Scientist:
American Museum of Natural History: top of page B

Bad Science:
(Documents examples where the science textbooks are patently wrong)

Bill Nye the Science Guy (K-9):
BrainPop: Math, Science, Technology, Health & English "on-line animated K-12 movies/ free & subscription": C Center for Chemical Education (MiamiU-OH/K-12): 513-727-3269

35. MetaStar Gateway - GEM WBT
Potentially Elastic Project; PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Lab; Probes lessons byage group; science magazine online; science methods activities and demos;
GEM - Subject Browse
Search Help

Science-Physical sciences

36. General Chemistry Experiments - Physical Science
science Experiments You Can Do This is a collection of physical science experimentsand projects. So far, the activities are mainly presented as topics or ideas
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Chemistry Growing Crystals ... Chemistry Glossary zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); General Chemistry Branches of Chemistry Demos / Experiments Homework Help ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Chemistry newsletter. Search Chemistry
Chemistry Experiments
This is a collection of chemistry experiments and research projects. Most of the experiments involve general chemical principles. Sites offering general and physical science are included, too, providing the website offers chemistry experiments.
Recent Up a category Experimental Determination of Avogadro's Number Did you know that Avogadro's number isn't a mathematically derived unit. The number of particles in a mole of a material is determined experimentally. This easy method uses electrochemistry to make the determination. Consumer Chemicals This is a collection of general chemistry lab experiments. The collection states that the materials derive from common consumer products or are inexpensive, but I disagree - you need a stocked chem lab to perform them. Good experiments, anyway. Countertop Chemistry This is a collection of activities relating to chemistry that can be performed using common household or grocery items. Each activity includes a description of materials, procedure, and teacher's notes. From North Carolina State University.

37. On-Line Tutorials & References
learn how 20th Century science has led to some high tech devices. Includes animatedApplet demos. scienceLink Physics links to lessons, activities, and demos.
Continuously being added to; please visit again! Biology Chemistry Earth Science Math ... Other Biology Tutorials and References Amphibian Embryology Tutorial from University of Wisconsin Beginner's Guide to Molecular Biology for students, teachers, and laymen, from Integrated Approach to Crop Research, UK - the basics of Biology, plus the scientific method and how scientists classify living things. The Biology Project from the University of Arizona - not just Cell Biology! Biotech's Life Science Dictionary from Indiana University Blazing a Genetic Trail - stalking genetic disease, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Cellular and Molecular Biology Labs - Labs and activities about cloning to cell division Cells alive! - includes great videos of cells in action! Dictionary of Cell Biology - courtesy of Glasgow University, UK DNA: - The Instruction Manual For All Life Morgan Genetics Tutorial Primer on Molecular Genetics from the DOE Human Genome Program Talk.Origins

38. Teacher Resources
Demonstrations Find demos used for undergrad physics course along with other neatresources. UtahLINK - Hundreds of science lessons and activities, mostly K-8
Other Resources for Teachers Interactive Research Opportunities Extension Information About Computers and the Web About Teaching and Learning ... Home Page
(Also, see ours , organized by age and subject)
ABC's of Nuclear Science - Experiments and labs to teach nuclear science, from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Access Excellence - bioscience-related classroom activities [originally sponsored by Genentech, Inc.] AIMS Education Foundation Air Travelers - An introduction to the basic principles of buoyancy, properties of gases, temperature, and the technology involved in hot air ballooning. Includes activities, teacher background information, and a gallery of photos. Primarily for teachers in the upper elementary grades. About Your Eyes: Teacher's Center - From the American Optometric Association. Information, activities and classroom projects to help students learn about their eyes. Bill Nye the Science Guy - science demonstrations and home science demos Biology Curriculum Supplements from the Natl. Institutes of Health.

39. The Science Spot: K-8 Update 2004 - Surfing The Science Web
outreach/8thgradesol/home.htm Explore this large collection of lessons and activitiesfor physical science topics. 30. NERDS physical science demos http//tc
S urfing the S cience W eb
2004 K-8 Update at Western Illinois University
All links will open in a new browser window. Choose a topic ... Teacher Resources Subject Resources Student Websites SpongeBob Worksheets
General Teacher Resources - Reference materials, lesson plan ideas, and other goodies for your classroom! 1. Discovery School -

Lesson plans/units and tons of great information to help you and your students learn more about tons of topics. The site also provides a Clip Art Gallery, Puzzlemaker, Science Fair Central, and more.
2. Education World -
Tons of great resources are available at this website - lesson ideas, 5-minute fillers, Internet scavenger hunts, templates, articles on current topics in education, and tons of other great ideas for your classroom.!
3. eThemes -
An excellent resource to use when you are looking for new ideas or web sites! Pick a topic or grade level and start exploring a wealth of reviewed Internet resources.
4. ENC Classroom Calendar -

40. Science Games - Everything Games On The Net
chemistry activities starwars home of the underdogs top 10, incite nature puzzlesearth science hangaroo cubis topics physics simulators chemistry demos.
science games
You've just landed on the biggest resource on the internet for science games. We here at Everything Games On The Net have found some of the most relevant sites for science games, and have compiled a list of the best science games information sites online. Please scroll below to find our current list of the greatest science games resource sites on the net. Thanks for stopping by Everything Games On The Net, please come back soon! You Are Here: Everything Games On The Net science games
Results For: science games
Sponsored Links
Education 4 Kids
Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with online flashcards. Also features language, social studies, and science games.
NIEHS Kids Page - Games and Activities

Test yourself with this collection of health and science games, card tricks, interactive games, concentration puzzles and other online activities. - Multimedia Activities

Explore basic concepts or study wave motion, optics, and quantum mechanics. Also offers several science games utilizing Shockwave.
Scholastic - Kids Fun Online: Planet Pop-Up!

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