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1. Lesson Plans
Academy Curriculum Exchange (K5). Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5) provides 130 mini-lesson plans for the elementary school covering a variety of science topics. Consulting Group, features a collection of physical science lesson plans and activities for grades 5-12 a large collection of practical demos and experiments for a variety physics
Lesson Plans and Activities
Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5). Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5) provides 130 mini-lesson plans for the elementary school covering a variety of science topics. Among these are microscope use, mapping constellations, water pollution, studying owl pellets and caterpillars to butterflies.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (6-8). Academy Curriculum Exchange (6-8) features 60 mini-lesson plans for many science topics covered in the middle school. Among these are weather forcasting, photosynthesis, building a psychrometer and "ph" and solvent activities.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (9-12). Academy Curriculum Exchange (9-12) offers 22 mini-Lessons plans suitable for the high school science. Among these are chemistry magic, a parallax experiment with candles, and a magnetic fields activity.
Access Excellence Activities Exchange. Access Excellence Activities Exchange contains an archive of hundreds of lessons and activities submitted by high school biology and life sciences teachers participating in the Access Excellence program. High school teachers will find the activities from the 1996 collection , the 1994-1995 collection , the 1996 Share-A-Thon collection , the partners collection , and the classic collection . Teachers can also search for individual activities from the Access Excellence archive. A new collection, "The Mystery Spot", will added in 1997.

2. Homework Center - Physical Sciences
Amusement Park Physics http// Simple Shockwave demos help explainmechanics, life Club http// science activities, games and
School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! ... Tareas Escolares
Physical Sciences:

Science Experiments

Science Fair Projects
Simple Machines
The Atoms Family
"Learn about energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy; properties of light, waves, and particles; different forms of electricity and electrical safety" from the Museum of Science in Miami, Florida.
General chemistry, general biology sites which include detailed graphics and text.
Explore matter, elements, reactions, and atoms here.
Chemistry Tutor
Introduction to chemistry, grams and moles, reactions and equations, gas, temperature conversion, periodic table and more.
Mathematical Notation for Orders of Magnitude
Scientific notation and their co-related names.
MathMol Hypermedia Textbook
Broken down by elementary and middle/high school level, this site explores matter and the world of molecules. The table of contents explains concepts covered at each level.

3. EDSC712 Physical Science
EDSC 712 science Concepts for Middle Childhood Education. physical science. A Web-Assisted Course by do hands-on demos and activities, particularly in the area of physical science.
EDSC 712 - Science Concepts for Middle Childhood Education Physical Science A Web-Assisted Course by Dr. Nydia R. Hanna Office: College of Education, Room 604 Phone: (404)651-0172 Syllabus About the Course Email Agenda ... Physical Science Physical Science topics will include discussions about the conservation of matter, the misconceptions about mass, weight and volume, the physics of the whirlybird, architectural terms, air pressure, and changes in states of matter. Antarctic Ice Icebergs-what are they made of? How the ice grows Live Camera Shots from Antarctica The Food Web in Antarctica ... Ozone Hole over Antarctica Only? Bernoulli's Principle tba Mass and weight tba The Whirlybird activity tba Architectural activities tba Physical Science for the classroom The Exploratorium Science Snacks Extensive list of easy-to-do hands-on demos and activities, particularly in the area of physical science. Smile Program Chemistry Index Almost 200 simple lessons and experiments for all ages. You can find an experiment for just about any chemistry topic here!

4. Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science I
Frank Potter's science Gems. physical science I. FYI Check back weekly, for we will continue to add new resources to the more than 12000 WWW resources that we have located so far. Latest update Thursday, September 18 , 2003. use by CODATA". Physics Lecture demos UC Berkeley Physics to a raptor hospital activities, questions, and further investigation
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Physical Science I
FYI: Check back weekly, for we will continue to add new resources to the more than 12000 WWW resources that we have located so far.
Latest update: Thursday, September 18 , 2003.
Physical Science Part I
Physical Science Part II
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Light and Optics
  • Special Theory of Relativity
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Molecules, Fluids, and Solids
  • Nuclear Structure
Physical Science Part III
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Intermediate Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Biosphere
  • Elementary Particles
  • General Relativity
Physical Science II Physical Science III Earth Science Life Science ...
I. Physical Science - Techniques: Measurement and Scientific Investigation
"MINIMUM" Level: Kindergarten

5. Physical Science Resource- Physics
physical science Resource. A place for demos, activities, and labs to be shared. About Me. Physics. Chemistry. Submissions. Guest Book. Main. Here is the page I started getting ideas put into. Hope
Physical Science Resource A place for demos, activities, and labs to be shared About Me Physics Chemistry Submissions Guest Book Main Here is the page I started getting ideas put into. Hope it works! Activities, Demos, etc. In the future this page will be organized into either type of activity or by topic. I haven't decided which I have time for.

6. The Science Club: Hotlinks For Science Activities
Chem demos (adult); Helping Your Child Learn science is Fun, chemistry experiments;activities from YOU with Beakman Jax ; physical science Activity Manual from

(These sites are not part of The Science Club)
Skip down to Advanced Projects
Some sources

7. Physical Science Resource- Main
physical science Resource. A place for demos, activities, and labs to be shared. About Me. Physics. Chemistry. Submissions. Guest Book. Main. Latest Update 101-02. I forgot to mention something.
Physical Science Resource A place for demos, activities, and labs to be shared About Me Physics Chemistry Submissions Guest Book Main Latest Update: 10-1-02 I forgot to mention something. If you are interested in finding out more about an activity (cuz its just so darn cool) email me. The link is still just below here in the last update. I'll get in touch when I can with the info. And if it's something you really want to do, maybe we can work out getting you the actual hand out! Thanks- TS Latest Update: 10-1-02 Well the submission and guest book pages are good in theory, but they do not work at the moment. So if you have any submissions you'd like to make send them to me at . Please include Name, School, Subject, Topic, Type of submission, and a description of the submission. Thanks - TS Latest Update: ? There's no date here, since I have no idea when I'm going to get this site up. It's going to be just a hobby for a while. For starters, the physics link has another link to a file I'm adding to. its not sorted out, but is easily run through to look for different ideas in various mechanics areas. There's no Chem yet (yikes) but hopefully i can pull some out! Also the navigation is a work in process. If a link doesn't get you where you wanna go, just hit "back" for now. Thanks for visiting -TS

8. Labs & Demos
physical science activities Manual Center of Excellence for science and MathematicsEducation, University of Tennessee at Martin a collection of labs for

Busy Teachers' Website K-12
: Georgia Institute of Technology - provides access to lesson plans, activities, and classroom resources in a number of subjects. Chemistry Fundamentals Program - UNC-Chapel Hill: designed for anyone who wants an introduction or review of the fundamentals of chemistry that will be used in freshman level chemistry classes. Provides a review of basic high school chemistry. Cosmic Chemistry: An Elemental Question - McREL Eisenhower High Plains Consortium for Mathematics and Science: a science module that explores the characteristics of chemical elements and the processes that led to the development of the periodic table. Available only in .pdf format (requiring the Adobe Acrobat Reader Countertop Chemistry - The Science House, NC State University: provides chemistry activities that using easily obtained chemicals. Discovering Chemistry (A Guidebook for Grades 4 to 6) - The Canadian Society for Chemistry: online booklet which will introduce kids to chemistry through discovery and observation activities. Doing Chemistry - University of Nebraska - Lincoln: provides experiments in text form (visuals are lacking). A

9. Ken Burnam (voted Most Attractive Knees In TTOPS) Does A Demonstration At The In
The demos will go on sale in 2004 (When has been recognized for his National ChemistryWeek activities. to improve the teaching of physical science (now known Burnam.htm

Ken Burnam
Elena González Dr. M. Larry Peck
Forty Years Of Fun Filled Science Teaching
Ken’s book “Why Does Water In A Toilet Go Up and Down In The Spring Time In West Texas” in the hot pink wrapper will be on sale at the Houston 2003 CAST. Ken has also produced 3 videotapes showing all his demos. The demos will go on sale in 2004 (When Ken says he is going to permanently retire.) Ken went to high school in Coleman, Texas. He has a B.A. and a Masters of Education. During his time at TCU, he worked as a graduate assistant in Chemistry. Ken participated in ROTC and was a 1 st lieutenant in the Army working in artillery. He was in the U.S. army in Europe when the Berlin Wall was built. He also worked one time as a chemist for Shell Oil Company in Houston, Texas. Ken’s teaching assignments: Brownwood High School, chemistry/math, 1964-65 Albuquerque High School, chemistry, 1966-70 Colorado City High School, chemistry, 1971-76 Snyder Junior High, science, 1976-79 Madison Junior High, Abilene TX, science Thomaston, Conn., science

10. MAD.SCI Libe: Demos!
University. Polymers Laboratory activities Dept. demos. science ExplorationsK12 demostrations in the physical sciences. Liquid
Demonstrations for home and the classroom. The age level varies for specific activities, but most of these sites feature activites for K-12 students.
General Sites
Global Science Projects
Many Internet projects encourage K-12 students to collect and submit data for projects at research institutions. Try your hand at science in the field!

11. MetaStar Gateway - Syracuse GEM Demo Browse: Science Methods Activities And Demo
to full text science methods activities and demos. contains demonstrations and activitiesthat have General science science physical sciences science - Space
GEM - Term Browse: Science methods activities and demos Go to full text: Science methods activities and demos
Description: This World Wide Web (WWW) site, developed for grades 9 to 12, contains demonstrations and activities that have been gathered by the Science Methods Class, Teachers College, University of Nebrask...
Grade/Grade Range: Keywords: GEM Subject: Science - Biological and Life sciences
Science - Earth science
Science - General science
Science - Physical sciences
Science - Space sciences
Resource Type: Catalog Record Language of Resource: English
Publisher: Name: Nebraska Earth Science Education Network (NESEN)
Role: Publisher
Postal: Lincoln, NE Date: Record Created: Rights Management: Format: text/HTML

12. LESSON PLANET - 30,000 Lessons And 14382 Lesson Plans For Physical Science
4. Nye Labs Home demos, Question of the Week, E-cards, U-Nye-Verse, Nye Store,Episode 6. HANDS-ON activities IN THE physical SCIENCES - OBSERVATION AND
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Teacher Web Resources: Current Top Sites
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Curriculum Corners
Maps Planet ... Science Physical Science Subcategories: Astronomy Lesson Plans Astrophysics Lesson Plans Chemistry Lesson Plans Electricity Lesson Plans ... Physics Lesson Plans Found Physical Science ' Lesson Plans. Also for ' Physical Science 4910 Web Sites 182 Books 18 Software Titles 36 Maps ... 146 Other Products * Log in or become a Lesson Planet Member to gain access to lesson plans.

13. Ideas
To browse the list by titles, click here. These demos offer a fund of knowledgeand activities for teaching physical science in grades 612.
Instructional Materials
Acid Rain Program. Acid Rain Program is part of the EPA efforts to reduce emissions responsible for acid deposition. It provides for middle grade science student resources featuring a collection of classroom experiments and activities for exploring acid rain effects on the environment.
Air Travelers. Air Travelers, provided by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), contains resources for teaching the science of balloons and lighter-than-air flight in grades 4-6. The site includes four student investigations/activities, teacher and science background materials, and a picture gallery, and movies of balloons and blimps.
Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory! Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory! provides a collection of school projects and classroom activities for teaching about environmental education in grades K-12.
Anatomy and Physiology Database. Anatomy and Physiology Database features ten systems of our human body where students in grades 7-12 can explore them online. The systems include the circulatory, the respiratory, and the nervous. Note: click on the text links and not the image map with the pictures. For other anatomy sites useful to students in grades 4-12, click on the

14. New Page 1
Lecture. demos. Exam. Quiz. Lab activities. Time. West Branch Curriculum Format.Subject/Course Title Grade Level APPLIED physical science 1112. Date Approved PHy Sci.htm
West Branch Curriculum Format APPLIED PHYSICAL SCIENCE Date Approved: Author (s ) : HOFFMAN Prerequisites: Biology Unit of Study: WAVES Goal(s) for Student Learning: Students will be able to predict the behavior of sound and light waves as well as the application of the following to optics i.e. mirrors and lenses PA and/or National Standards Major Ancillary:
Assessment Techniques Be able to create an equation to describe a wave Lecture Examples Exam Quiz Lab activities Understand the effects of mediums and boundaries or sound waves Lecture Demos Exam Quiz Lab activities Compare sound waves and light waves Lecture Demos Exam Quiz Lab activities Use of lenses and mirrors to predict the position of images and their characteristics Lecture Demos Exam Quiz Lab activities Time When? How Long? Additional Learning Opportunities
Second Chance
Materials/Equipment/Technology: Websites/References: Notes/Suggestions: West Branch Curriculum Format APPLIED PHYSICAL SCIENCE Date Approved: Author (s ) : HOFFMAN Prerequisites: Biology Unit of Study: CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Goal(s) for Student Learning: Compare and contract chemical and physical changes. Solve problems involving various types of radioactive decay.

15. The Science House - What's New?
Learn activities and demos to amaze fall NC State will be offering an online graduatelevel course for high school physics and physical science teachers.
What's New at The Science House
J u l y Busy Summer at The Science House! Workshops for Teachers in Asheville Graduate Courses for Teachers Activity of the Week - Red, White and Blue Busy Summer at The Science House!
Mike Smith performs his world famous physics demonstrations for the Girl Scout campers. Summer Workshops for Teachers - It's Not Too Late!
Physics from the Junk Drawer/Countertop Chemistry
The title describes it! This hands-on workshop is applicable to all grade teachers, emphasizing simple activities, inquiry, and familiar materials. Participants get to carry out the activities themselves and are provided copies of activities. Learn activities and demos to amaze your students! To register for this free workshop, sponsored by The Health Adventure in Asheville visit the web site.

16. Activity Description Of "Cell Membrane/Surface Area Demos"
The students can also do these as a series of lab activities. science in Personaland Social Perspectives, Life, physical, Earth sciences, The cell.
Activity Description of "Cell Membrane/Surface Area Demos"
Title Cell Membrane/Surface Area Demos Audience All biology. Abstract Here are some simple, fun, cheap and educational surface area demonstrations to use when you are studying cell membranes. The students can also do these as a series of lab activities. In addition, they can design their own experiments using these demonstrations as a starting point. Author Truman Holtzclaw Email Unifying Concept Form and function Science and Technology Understandings about science and technology Science as Inquiry Understandings about scientific inquiry History and Nature of Science Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Life, Physical, Earth Sciences The cell Other Standards
View This Activity
Activities-To-Go Index
Activities Exchange Index
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17. Science Links
Scientists at Work Lessons demos activities On this Site. What s the Matter? ElementaryChemistry. HandsOn Technology Program physical Life Earth science Math.
Science Links HOME
Physical Science
Space Plants ... Everglades
General Science Bill
The Discovery Channel How Stuff Works Flying Turtle Explore
Science and Technology
Many Activities Excellent
Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science Many Areas Powers Of 10 Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You
Biodiversity Genetics
Astronomy Paleontology
Exploratorium Science Snacks
Interesting Investigations BIOLOGY4KIDS.COM The Microbe Zoo
The Science of Superheroes
A Webside Construction Zone
Extreme Science
Field Trips

Visit many places or animals Science Court for Schools
Songs Activities
Welcome to!
Information Experiments Cells Alive! Color Matters Science Experiments for Kids The Visual Periodic Table ... Web Elements Periodic Table Strange Matter
Interactive Information The Open Video Project
Many Unusual Historical Pieces of Science Butterfly Coloring Book Omniscience Futureneering
Modern Inventions MadScience Network
Ask a Question MadSciNet The 24-hour exploding laboratory Cool Science for Curious Kids The Thinking Fountain!

18. ENC Online: Curriculum Resources: Buckyballs, Diamond, And Graphite (ENC-008596,
thin film technology Lecture activities demos More info relating atomic structureto physical properties Table Authors National science Foundation (NSF); Tom,1240,008596,00.shtm
Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home Curriculum Resources Search the Site More Options Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen ENC Focus ... Ask ENC Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. Search Browse About Curriculum Resources Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
Buckyballs, diamond, and graphite
ENC#: ENC-008596
Publisher: University of Wisconsin, Madison, Department of Chemistry
Similar Records

Featured in Digital Dozen Subjects:

Atoms. Buckyballs. Carbon. Chemical properties. Chemical structure. Chemistry. Diamonds. Graphite. History of science. Physical Science. Physical properties. Resource Type:
Math and science background information; Resource materials for math or science. Media Type:
Internet resource. Abstract: Table of Contents: Introduction Why are old materials catching current attention? Lecture activities Problems Problems Atoms, what are they?

19. HIV AIDS Science. Enter To Science : , And Education . (SCIENCE , Science , Www.
maryland science center, earth science activities, science quiz, science demos,mad science sciences, science for children, physical science lesson plans
top.location.href = "";

20. Science, Physics, Education: Demonstrations
Physics demos and science Exhibit Designs Links to Life Demonstrations and activities- Product of a books for physics and physical science demonstrations as
Top Science Physics Education ... University Manuals Related links of interest:

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