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         Philosophy Texts:     more books (100)
  1. Philosophy of Science (text with readings) by David Boersema, 2008-03-25
  2. Ten Great Works of Philosophy by Various, 2002-03-01
  3. Renaissance Humanism: Studies in Philosophy and Poetics (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies) by Ernesto Grassi, 1988-04
  4. Philosophy Then and Now: An Introductory Text with Readings
  5. Knowledge, Mind, and the Given : Reading Wilfrid Sellars's "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind," Including the Complete Text of Sellars's Essay by Willem A. Devries, Timm Triplett, et all 2000-09
  6. Essays On The Philosophy And History Of Art (Continuum Classic Texts) 3 Volume Set by Johann Joachim Winckelmann, 2006-03-05
  7. World Philosophy: A Text with Readings by Robert C. Solomon, Kathleen M Higgins, 1994-11-01
  8. Cambridge Translations of Renaissance Philosophical Texts: Moral and Political Philosophy (Cambridge Translations of Renaissance Philosophical Texts)
  9. Cambridge Translations of Renaissance Philosophical Texts 2 volume set (paperback): Moral and Political Philosophy (Cambridge Translations of Renaissance Philosophical Texts)
  10. Ethical Philosophy: The Complete Texts of Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals, and Metaphysical Principles of Virtue, Part II of the Metaphysics by Immanuel Kant, 1982-09
  11. Reading Metaphysics: Selected Texts with Interactive Commentary (Reading Philosophy)
  12. Aquinas: Summa Theologiae, Questions on God (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
  13. Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy) by Friedrich Nietzsche, 1997-11-13
  14. Nietzsche: Writings from the Late Notebooks (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy) by Friedrich Nietzsche, 2003-03-10

101. LMU Yoga Philosophy Program
Courses in the core texts of yoga as well as the study of the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages and the traditions associated with Yoga practice. These include Classical Yoga, various schools of Hinduism (Shaiva, Vaishnava, and various forms of devotionalism), Buddhism, and Jainism.
location.replace(""); CRS HOME SUMMER 2003
Graduate Courses ... Spirituality Week CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Bible Institutes C.O.P.I.M. Hispanic Ministry Parish Administration ... DeMello Retreat ABOUT CRS: Staff Advisory Board Mission and Vision Recommended Links ... SEARCH THIS SITE

deepen your understanding of yoga
Yoga Philosophy Program - Loyola Marymount University
We are pleased to announce a special program:
Cultivating Peace:

A Weekend Buddhist Meditation Retreat

Saturday - Sunday, August 2-3, 2003
Join us for a special Information Session
August 25, 2003 at 6:15-7:15 pm in University Hall 1840,
to find out more about our Certificate Program and meet our instructors and students!

102. Teaching Ancient Philosophy - Resources, Texts
Teaching Ancient philosophy. Ancient Philosophical texts. Here I offer the foundationfor a comprhensive list of ancient philosophical texts available online.
Ancient Philosophical Texts
Here I offer the foundation for a comprhensive list of ancient philosophical texts available online. Some of these links repeat those elsewhere in this site, but it seemed useful to include this list as well. I also include a number of important doxographical works by Church Fathers. All of the texts listed here are in English. For Greek texts visit the Perseus Project ; for Latin texts visit The Latin Library . A selection of texts is also available from this site
Clement of Alexandria
Diogenes Laertius
Diogenes of Oenoanda
Marcus Aurelius

103. Bibliography And Texts: Self / Person / Personal Identity
Links to resources including bibliographies, journals, online texts, and institutions. Maintained by Professor Shaun Gallagher, philosophy and Cognitive Science, Canisius College.

104. John Post's Philosophy Place -- Big Questions Handled With Care
Professor of philosophy, Emeritus at Vanderbilt University. Abundant online texts.
The real drama in philosophy remains where it has always been, in pairing the rage for order with delight in near chaotic variety. And the highest challenge is to express the two entwined, to express them by a harmony of argument and metaphor, of logic and passion, so that we may understand and respond with all that is best in us.

John Post is Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, at Vanderbilt University. He has published in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, logic, philosophy of science, meta-ethics, and philosophy of religion. He is currently writing a book on epistemology: Minimal Epistemology: Beyond Terminal Philosophy to Truth (latest working title). Here are some further links (under construction) to his work:

105. Editions Slatkine
Specializes in reprints of texts, periodicals, and comprehensive critical studies in French literature, Romance philosophy, linguistics and French history. Site in French and English.

106. InteLex Corporation (NLX) - Home Page
Intelex creates authoritative databases in the humanities, and electronic texts in Literature, History, philosophy, Classics, Economics, Political Theory and Religious Studies.
I ntelex creates highly accurate full-text databases in the humanities. D atabases are available online (via subscription access ), offline (via custom-made CD-ROMs ) and on university networks (where InteLex supplies TEI versions of its databases
T he company's electronic texts are currently available in the fields of Literature, History, Philosophy, Classics, Economics, Political Theory and Religious Studies. The goal is to provide texts and tools across the humanities for scholarly research, library reference and instruction.
T he InteLex catalogue includes a steadily growing number of databases (now totaling 75) which are in use at over 600 universities around the world.
F ull information on the company and its products is available at this website (including a large selection of customer comments ). We invite you to explore using the dropdown menus below and the navigation links to the left.
I nteLex is a privately-held company located in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was established in 1989.

1000 Years of English Letters

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107. Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis
Thelemite gnostic church based on the teachings of Aleister Crowley. Introduction, sacred texts, information on membership and philosophy, rites, saints, and additional writings.
The unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality
Then saith the prophet and slave of the
beauteous one: who am I, and what shall
be the sign? So she answered him, bending
down, a lambent flame of blue, all-touching,
all penetrant, her lovely hands upon the
and her soft feet not hurting the
little flowers: Thou knowest! And the sign
shall be my ecstasy, the consciousness of
the continuity of existence, The unfragmentary
non-atomic fact of my universality.
( Write this in whiter words ) ( But go forth on Liber AL page 0/6
Links and Rings
The Aro gTér Ask Uncle Al Book of Gate Chthonic Auranian OTO ... Web of the Law This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here Search WWW Search First Open Source Gnostic Church

108. Sterf's Site
Includes downloadable books and texts on the occult, mysticism, scientific curiosities, philosophy, and the author's other interests. Also provides related links.

109. Dao Zang
Houses the main texts of the Taoist philosophy and religion.
If you think about silencing the mind, you have lost the point. What is This Site?
I created this site not to distribute the documents of the Dao Zang, but to house the central documents, stories, and texts of the Daoist tradition. This is a private site for personal use and exploration, but you are free to use it at your will and pleasure. Those that have come from Please if you have any questions. Namaste'
Ray central documents
lao tzu

chuang tzu

siji tzu
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hua hu ching

gnn news
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free membership On sale now! Siji Tzu Ray Larose

110. The Religion Of The Samurai Index
1913 classic book by Kaiten Nukariya. Complete online book.

Sacred Texts
The Religion of the Samurai
A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline in China and Japan
By Kaiten Nukariya
Title Page


Chapter I: History of Zen in China
Chapter IV: Reconciliation of the Temporary with the Real Doctrine

111. Selected Books
Complete texts of the books School and Society (1907,1915), How We Think (1910), The Influence of Darwin on philosophy and other Essays (1910), Essays in Experimental Logic (1916). And 17 articles from 1886 to 1903.
Click here to search the site Selected Books School and Society; being Three Lectures by John Dewey, Supplemented by a Statement of the University Elementary School. This document is based on the 1907 edition prepared by George and Helen Mead, and is supplemented with essays added by Dewey in 1915. How We Think Published in 1910, this book is part of Dewey's work started in Studies in Logical Theory , referring it to the problems of education. The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy and other Essays A collection of essays on philosophy published in 1910. Essays in Experimental Logic Published in 1916, Essays contains Dewey's contributions to the book Studies in Logical Theory as well as several additional essays expanding his pragmatic theory of knowledge and the role of inquiry . We have supplemented this with additional essays from Studies in Logical Theory including: Myron Lucius Ashley. "The Nature of Hypothesis"

112. Internet Public Library: Philosophy
Sections include Philosophers; Etexts; Departments; Classroom; Journals; Papers;Images Discussion Lists; Events; Publishers; Jobs; Humor; General philosophy.
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Subject Collections



... Philosophy This collection All of the IPL Advanced The pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline; thought about knowing and meaning.
Resources in this category:
You can also view Magazines Associations on the Net under this heading.
Aesthetics On-Line: American Society for Aesthetics/British Society of Aesthetics
"The American Society for Aesthetics was founded in 1942 to promote study, research, discussion, and publication in aesthetics." The aim of the British Society of Aesthetics, founded in 1960, "is to promote study, research and discussion of the fine arts and related types of experience from a philosophical, psychological, sociological, scientific, historical, critical and educational standpoint." The contents include "articles about philosophy and the arts, information about aesthetics events worldwide, and links to other arts, philosophy and aesthetics-related resources on the internet (including the aesthetics email list)." There are also book lists, news, and a direct link to the journal site.
The Alchemy Web Site and Virtual Library

113. Classics Network Orders
An interactive CDROM collection of thousands of classic texts of literature, philosophy, politics, and history.

Return to the Classics Network
Classics Digital Library Policies: Shipping Returns Security Contact
A perfect selection of texts More than 1000 texts by almost 200 different authors are included on the CD. Each text is sectionalised (into chapters, acts, parts, volumes, and so on) for quick navigation. All texts are complete and unabridged. View a list of all included texts A selection of texts in literature (English, American, continental and world literature) , philosophy, history, and political theory —we have selected key texts in each of these areas to provide a survey of the major works in the Western intellectual canon. Explore the world's first history text, Herodotus' Histories ; Western civilisation's first philosophical treatises by Plato and Aristotle; classic works in the social sciences such as Darwin's On the Origin of Species ; the literature of the most important periods in the development of Western culture, such as the renaissance, the enlightenment, and the early modern era. Read the world's greatest books by the world's greatest thinkers and writers: Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolstoy, Jane Austen, Walt Whitman, William Blake, and hundreds of others. View a list of all included texts A selection of genres —hundreds of complete novels and short stories across all major genres (children's, biography, fantasy, historical fiction, humour, mystery, crime, romance), many different collections of

114. OUP USA: Philosophical Texts: G. W. Leibniz
Offering an invaluable introduction to Leibniz s philosophy, this volume collectsmany of his most important texts, beginning with the Discourse on Metaphysics

115. Page Of Ancient Philosophy And Literature
Philosophical and literary texts that one can read online with Acrobat Reader 4.x. In order to be able to download or print them one must ask the webmaster for a password. Also, some links to ancient sites, libraries, maps; pictures of ancient philosophers.

116. Sparsabhumi - Buddhist And Indological Studies
Selected Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Indian philosophy and Culture and the Encounter between India and the Western World (Buddhist texts in Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Central Asian Languages, Chinese and in Modern European Languages, Sanskrit Literature in General, Other Indian Languages texts, Buddhist and Indian Art and Western Classical texts of Interest to the Indologist and the Buddhist Scholar)
Buddhist and Indological Studies Selected Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Indian Philosophy and Culture and the Encounter between India and the Western World (Buddhist Texts in Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Central Asian Languages, Chinese and in Modern European Languages, Sanskrit Literature in General, Other Indian Languages Texts, Buddhist and Indian Art and Western Philosophical and Literary Texts of Interest to the Indologist and the Buddhist Scholar) The author is a member of... [ANU Home Page] [Faculty of Asian Studies] Last update 20 August 2000

117. Identities How Governed, Who Pays?
Serialized amateur study of group identity politics, social conflict, and political philosophy in history by H.B. Paksoy.

118. The Hermetic Arcanum
The secret work of the hermetic philosophy.
Sacred-Texts Esoteric Index Previous ... Next
The Hermetic Arcanum
The secret work of the hermetic philosophy
Wherein the secrets of nature and art concerning the matter of the philosophers' stone and the manner of working are explained in an authentic and orderly manner.
The work of an anonymous author, penes nos unda tagi.
1. The beginning of this Divine Science is the fear of the Lord and its end is charity and love toward our Neighbour; the all-satisfying Golden Crop is properly devoted to the rearing and endowing of temples and hospices; for whatsoever the Almighty freely bestoweth on us, we should properly offer again to him. So also Countries grievously oppressed may be set free; prisoners unduly held captive may be released, and souls almost starved may be relieved. 2. The light of this knowledge is the gift of God, which by His will He bestoweth upon whom He pleaseth. Let none therefore set himself to the study hereof, until having cleared and purified his heart, he devote himself wholly unto God, and be emptied of all affection and desire unto the impure things of this world. 3. The Science of producing Nature's grand Secret, is a perfect knowledge of universal Nature and of Art concerning the Realm of Metals; the Practice thereof is conversant with finding the principles of Metals by Analysis, and after they have been made much more perfect to conjoin them otherwise than they have been before, that from thence may result a catholic Medicine, most powerful to perfect imperfect Metals, and for restoring sick and decayed bodies, of any sort soever.

119. Buddhism Of The Karma Kagyu
texts and links related to philosophy and practice of Tibetan Buddhism of the Karma Kagyu tradition, meditation schedule in the Moscow center, meditations, news.
Home Buddhism Meditations Contact ... Links
Welcome on the web site of the Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Buddhist Center of Moscow. Our center was founded by the first European Lama and Meditation master, Ole Nydahl, who is working on behalf of His Holiness the XVI Gyalva Karmapa, the King of Tibetan Yogis. By now, Lama Ole Nydahl has founded about 270 Karma Kagyu Meditation Centers all over the world; among them, over 70 are working in the former USSR. The purpose of our centers is to give to those interested the opportunity to come in contact with modern Diamond Way Buddhism and – if they like it – start their practice with us. All Russia’s centers are united in the Diamond Way Karma Kagyu School Buddhists Association of Russia This site includes core information about Moscow Center: its work, history, plans for the future. May it benefit all!

120. The Electronic Grosseteste
Provides etexts of the Latin works of Robert Grosseteste (ca. 1170-1253), Bishop of Lincoln, touching on science, theology, philosophy and religion.
Welcome to the Electronic Grosseteste , a web-site dedicated to providing electronic access to the Latin works of Robert Grosseteste (ca. 1170-1253). Materials relating to Grosseteste's life, and the thirteenth century may also be found here. The first phase of this project has recently received funding from the British Academy Users are welcome to make copies of public domain texts, but there are concerning specific texts and images . This site went will continue to expand over the next two years. All comments are welcome , especially those that will enhance its usefulness. Right: A 14th-century Portrait of Grosseteste: London, British Library , MS Royal 6.E.v, fol. 1ra. Reproduced with Permission. Enter the Site

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