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         Philosophy Texts:     more books (100)
  1. Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
  2. Philosophy: A Text with Readings (Casebound with CD-ROM and InfoTrac) by Manuel Velasquez, 2004-07-19
  3. Classic Asian Philosophy: A Guide to the Essential Texts by Joel Kupperman, 2006-11-16
  4. Medieval Jewish Philosophical Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
  5. A Historical Introduction to Philosophy: Texts and Interactive Guides
  6. Introducing Philosophy: A Text with Integrated Readings by Robert C. Solomon, 1993
  7. Jurisprudence: Text and Readings on the Philosophy of Law (American Casebook Series) by George C. Christie, Patrick H. Martin, 1995-03
  8. Reading Philosophy: Selected Texts with a Method for Beginners (Reading Philosophy) by Samuel Guttenplan, Jennifer Hornsby, et all 2002-11-08
  9. Philosophy: A Text with Readings by Manuel Velasquez, 2007-03-06
  10. Reinhold: Letters on the Kantian Philosophy (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
  11. Classification of Knowledge in Islam: A Study in Islamic Philosophies of Science (Islamic Texts Society) by Osman Bakar, 1998-12-01
  12. Social and Political Philosophy: Classical Western Texts in Feminist and Multicultural Perspectives by James P. Sterba, 2002-07-24
  13. Reading Philosophy of Language: Selected Texts with Interactive Commentary (Reading Philosophy)
  14. Reading Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: Selected Texts with Interactive Commentary (Reading Philosophy) by Christopher Janaway, 2005-11-18

21. Edequity On Line: Re: Philosophy Texts
Re philosophy texts. Suzanne F. Franks ( Thu, 16 May1996 145628 0400 Next in thread Shawn MacDonald Re philosophy texts .
Re: Philosophy Texts
Suzanne F. Franks
Thu, 16 May 1996 14:56:28 -0400
I belong to the WMST-L mentioned in a recent post
suggesting it as a source for better intro philosophy
texts. WMST-L maintains an archive of course syllabi
which you can access after subscribing to the list.
There are dozens and dozens of syllabi on file deposited
by the women who developed and used them, covering all
kinds of subjects and areas. This is a very valuable
resource for anyone looking for ideas on how to
structure a course or even just looking for a text.
It's nice to see how others have dealt with course structure/content problems that you are facing. When you subscribe, you should get a list of instructions that will include information on how to access the syllabi list.

22. Edequity On Line: Philosophy Texts
philosophy texts. edeqmod Previous message Marylin Hulme NCSEE CONFERENCE ;Next in thread Suzanne F. Franks Re philosophy texts . A
Philosophy Texts
Wed, 15 May 1996 13:55:49 -0400
A good group to try would be the Women's Studies List (WMST-L) at UMD. I receive
several references for resources (in response to requests from other
subscribers) from wmst-l every week.
. Do not use a subject line.

Center for Equity and Diversity
Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02158-1060
617/969-7101, ext. 2324 new message to this message

23. Links To Spiritual/Philosophy Texts
Author, Topic Links to Spiritual/philosophy texts (Read 15 times).
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24. Georgetown Philosophy Department
Offers an undergraduate major and minor and a graduate program. Focuses include epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. Course descriptions, degree requirements, 200203 lecture series, and links to online philosophy texts.

25. Introductory Philosophy Texts
Unfortunately, most introductory philosophy texts are very thin on the feminist/peopleof color side, and supplemental material reinforces the marginality of
Introductory Philosophy Textbooks
that include feminist, African-American, and other non-traditional authors
These texts, and the commentary on them, have been compiled from the SWIP-list. The comments are from those who mentioned the texts in response to a query. I have edited these comments to make them more or less like brief reviews.
Twenty Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy , 3rd ed., Bowie, Michaels, Solomon (eds.), 1992.
Contains the classic writings. Most topic chapters include a contemporary feminist article, and some include African-American and Asian authors. These article are included as a matter of course rather than as separate chapters.
Philosophy of Woman: Classical to Current Concepts Mary Mahowald (Hackett, 1994)
Includes an extensive section on diverse versions of feminism, including multicultural feminism, postmodern feminism, feminist ecology,lesbian feminism, pragmatic feminism, maternal feminism, liberal, and marxist feminism. Incorporated work by Juliet Mitchell, Charlotte, Gilman, Jane Addams, Joyce Trebilcot, Christince Pierce, Elizabeth Spelman, and others into topical areas that are appropriate to their writings. The author considers this collection propaedeutic to feminist ethics as such, in part because it includes writings by malestream philosophers on women.
The Philosophical Quest: A Cross-Cultural Reader Presbey, Struhl, and Olsen (McGraw-Hill)

26. TBW Rare Books
Rare and scholarly philosophy texts.
Timothy B. Wilder Rare Books 320 Weymouth Drive Rochester, NY 14625-1919 Please Note New E-mail Address: BROWSE OUR RECENT CATALOGUES Philosophy Recent Arrivals Philosophy 19th c. American Philosophy Old and Rare Philosophy General Catalogue An annotated online checklist of Early American Philosophical Literature available for viewing here.+ We accept VISA and MasterCard Terms of Sale Frequently Cited References "There is a bookseller in Paris, one Dessain, who has some Character, but who has play'd me a very ugly Trick... [He] will neither send over my Books, nor answer my Letters not take any Notice of me....Tell him I shall prosecute him either myself on my Return to Paris or by Order, if he does not send over my Books & Money." David Hume, letter to Adam Smith, August, 1766 "Books seem to me to be pestilent things, and infect all who trade in them, i.e. all but one sort of men. Printers, Binders, Sellers and others that make a trade and gain out of them have universally so odde a turne and corruption of mind that they have a way of dealeing peculiar to them selves, and not conformed to the good of society, and that general fairness that cements man kind. Whether it be that these instruments of truth and knowledge will not bear being subjected to any thing but those noble ends, without revengeing them selves on those who medle with them to any other purpose, and prostitute to mean and misbecomeing designes I will not enquire. The matter of fact I think you will find true, and there we will leave it, to those who sully them selves with printers ink, till they wholly expunge all the candor that nature gives, and become the worst sort of Black cattle."

27. Internet Resources - Philosophy Texts
. philosophy texts. The American Philosophical Association GopherResources The American Philosophical Association Web Resourses
This text is a buffer Internet Resources: Government Web sites Media Web sites Academic Web sites Organization Web sites Philosophy Journals Philosophy Departments Philosophy Web sites Philosophy Texts SRJC Library Research Philosophy Texts The American Philosophical Association Gopher Resources
The American Philosophical Association Web Resourses

Miscellaneous Philosophy Texts

The Carnegie Mellon Collection of Philosophical Papers
... On Liberty Search Santa Rosa Junior College
Top Home Faculty Contact Us ... S.R.J.C.

28. Alex Catalogue Of Electronic Texts
Collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy.

Infomotions home

Alex Catalogue

About Alex

Browse by authors
... Try a new version of Alex
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Try a newer version of the Alex Catalogue . It supports the ability to search within the texts of documents, a Did You Mean service a la Google, and many more downloading options including plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, Palm DOC, Palm Reader, Rocket eBook, and Newton Paperback. You can also change bits of the user interface to suit your tastes, but remember, it is a work in progress. It does not have nearly the amount of content of the original Alex, yet. The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. Use the form to the left to search the collection and then perform operations against located items. Sincerely,
Eric Lease Morgan
Infomotions, Inc.
209 W. North Shore Drive
South Bend, IN 46617

29. Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
the purpose of organizing the resources on Chinese philosophy that can be found in the 'cyberspace'. It is This site contains several electronic texts of Tao Teh Ching and I
What's new ?
General Info Search the Net About this page... ... Others This page has been designed for the purpose of organizing the resources on Chinese philosophy that can be found in the 'cyberspace'. It is my goal in setting up this page to attract more people, who are interested in searching for the answers of their life, not to limit themselves within the scope of traditional Western philosophies, but to open themselves to some alternatives offered by several schools of Chinese philosophy. But, since there're countless on-line materials on the Internet that're about Chinese philosophy, and some of which I am not aware of, I would greatly appreciate it if any of you can point them out to me. Also, all suggestions and comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated.
* NOTE: Links to on-line documents are followed by note in parenthesis indicating the format in which the documents can be viewed, i.e. (English), (GIF), (BIG-5), (HZ8), and so forth. If you want more information on how to read Chinese characters on-line, please check the Chinese-Language-Related Information Page
What's New

30. Classic Texts And Manuscripts In Educational Philosophy
Archive of etexts in philosophy of education. Maintained at Colorado University, Denver.
Martin Ryder
University of Colorado at Denver
School of Education
Classic Texts and Manuscripts in Education

31. Epicurus And Epicurean Philosophy
Offers ancient texts, history, bibliography, related links, and email discussion group.
Welcome . . . The
Ancient Epicurean Texts . . .
Epicurus (341-270 B.C.)
Principal Doctrines Vatican Sayings Letter to Menoeceus Letter to Herodotus ... Last Will
Diogenes Laertius (early 200s A.D., biographer of Epicurus)
Lives of Eminent Philosophers, book X
Lucretius (99-55 B.C., Epicurean poet)
De Rerum Natura On the Nature of Things
Cicero (106-43 B.C., critic who recorded Epicurean monologues)
De Finibus On Ends De Natura Deorum On the Nature of the Gods , selection)
Horace (65-8 B.C., poet)
Letter to Tibullus
Lucian (120-190 A.D., satirist)
Alexander the Oracle-Monger Zeus Rants
Cornelius Nepos (100-25 B.C., biographer)
De Latinis Historicis - Atticus
Plutarch (early 100s A.D., Platonist critic)
Adversus Colotem Against Colotes , selection)
Lactantius (early 300s A.D., Christian critic)
The Divine Institutes On the Anger of God (selection)
Exploring Epicureanism . . .
Finding Epicureans . . .
An Epicurean wedding If you are interested in discussing Epicureanism and related subjects

32. Philosophy And Theology
philosophy and Theology. Primary texts. On Medieval Philosophers. From the Maritain Center at Notre Dame U Catholic Encyclopedia articles on Abelard. Albertus Magnus. Bonaventure. Scotus and Scotism. Thomas Aquinas. Thomism. Text Databases The Perseus Project ( Classical Greek texts) Early Patristic Writings (via ICLNet)
This page is no longer being maintained. Please visit
Philosophy and Theology
Primary Texts
Aristotle's Works at The Tech Archive (MIT) Aristotle, Metaphysics (Trans. W. D. Ross) Aristotle De interpretatione (Trans. E. M. Edghill) Aristotle, On the Soul (Trans. J. A. Smith) and an html edition (prepared by James O'Donnell) Aristotle, Physics (Trans. R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye) Aristotle, Poetics (Trans. S. H. Butcher) Aristotle, Rhetoric (Trans. W. Rhys Roberts)
Latin text of the Confessions (HTML edition by Chris Mitchell) Directory of the Confessions for access by individual book, or the Entire text as one long file. (E. B. Pusey, trans.) Key word search of the Pusey trans. Augustine, De dialectica . (Text and trans., James Marchand; HTML ed., James O'Donnell.) Enchiridion (Albert Outler, trans.) De musica (Latin ed.)
Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae (Latin and English, at UVA Etext Center) Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae (Latin and English with commentary and other resources, ed. James O'Donnell, at U Penn.) De institutione musica (Latin ed.)

33. Philosophy E-texts
A number of etexts of famous philosophers.

34. Kamat's Potpourri: Hinduism Potpourri
Articles on Hindu culture, philosophy, sacred texts, and customs.Includes pictures of deities, holymen, and discussions of such topics as death, initiation, and weddings.
more ads Hinduism Potpourri
Potpourri of topics on Hinduism at this site
Last Updated: June 08,2004 Who is God?
Warrior Arjuna, during the Mahabharat war is supposed to have asked Krishna on his identity. The answer. The Song Celestial
The Bhagawad-gita is Hinduism in a nutshell. Commentary on the sacred text by Ganesh Burde. Interview with an Ascetic
Kamat chats with a boy monk at the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in West Bengal, and learns why God had to create the evil. Parade of Gods
A list of Hindu deities, the relationships among themselves, their icons, and vehicles Lord Shiva's Family in Indian Art
Shiva, along with wife Uma and son Ganesh is the most favorite of Indian artists. The Holy Men of India
We classify the holy men of India; pictures of Sadhus, Swamis, Saints, and Priests. The Festivals of India
The significance of festivals, includes a number of pictures, and a calendar. Glossary of Hinduism
Definition of terms, deities, their relationships and other glossary.

35. PhilosophyOnline - Home - Site News
Contains online study materials, revision notes, and annotated online texts, related to the study of philosophy. Especially useful for AS and A2 students (UK) and undergraduates.
Teachers' Section Students' Section Discussion Forum AS Modules ... A2 Modules General Information: Home - Site News About PhilosophyOnline Why study Philosophy? The syllabus ...
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Site News - April 2004: I haven't had much time of late to do any of the promised updates - sorry! Also, I've been so busy with other stuff that I didn't realise that the discussion board had been hacked (congratulations to the brave individual who performed this righteous deed in the fight against - what exactly? If I have time I'll check my access logs and report him/her to his ISP). Everything is now fixed and I've made the necessary upgrades to stop it happening again (hopefully). However, in restoring the backup I realised, to my horror, that the most recent one I had done was in November 2003. So, anyone who has joined or posted since then will either not exist or have had a number of their posts deleted. Once again, my apologies. The planned updates are still intended, but - as always - don't hold your breath.

36. Hegel.Net - Homepage
Essays and links to help understand, rethink, explain, sublate, and live the philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel. Includes bibliography, biography and texts.

Life Works Phenomenology ... Sitemap
"Hegel is one of those thinkers just about all educated people think they know something about. His philosophy was the forerunner to Karl Marx's theory of history, but unlike Marx, who was a materialist, Hegel was an idealist in the sense that he thought that reality was ultimately spiritual, and that it developed according to the process of thesis/antithesis/synthesis. Hegel also glorified the Prussian state, claiming that it was God's work, was perfect, and was the culmination of all human history. Just about everything in the previous paragraph is false except for the first sentence. What is even more striking is that it is all clearly and demonstrably wrong, has been known to be wrong in scholarly circles for a long time now, and still appears in almost all short histories of thought or brief encyclopedia entries about Hegel." Terry Pinkard: "Hegel: A Biography", Cambridge University Press 2000. New: the first part of our Hegel FAQ , which attempts to refute some of the Hegel myths out there, including the ones mentioned by Pinkard in the quote given above, is out. Please also try our Hegel biography and please don't miss our various email discussion lists (Forums) to ask questions about Hegel and Hegel related topics or to discuss these with us. The new

37. Philosophy Electronic Texts: Main Page electronic texts section, provides over a thousand categorizedlinks to freely available philosophy etexts, mostly classics from the field.
ELC Navigation Tool: Home What's New? Newsletters About ELC Philosophers Topics Birthdays Dates of Death Encyclopedias Quotations E-Texts Bibliographies Search eBay Auction Search Other Book Sources Audio Video Classroom Departments Profs and Grads Journals Discussion Organizations Events Software Phil. Products Publishers Paper Archives Job Listings Fun and Humor Link Sites
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38. Steven Schroeder: Resources In Humanities And Social Sciences
Teaches at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Site includes online texts, resume, information on his poetry and philosophy.
courses poetry philosophy links This site is designed for students and scholars in the humanities and social sciences, with emphasis on literature, philosophy, and religious studies. It includes links to course outlines and syllabi as well as resources (on and off site) that may be of use to you in your research. The menu (above and below) will help you find your way around the site. Please look aroundand let me know if you encounter difficulties or if you have questions or suggestions. If you would like to bypass the "academic" and focus on poetry, please visit this site: Steven Schroeder teaches Humanities and Philosophy at Roosevelt University in Chicago and Shenzhen University in the People's Republic of China. He is the author of five books, and his poetry has appeared in a number of journals, including the Cresset Georgetown Review Halcyon Petroglyph Rhino , and Texas Review . A chapbook, Theory of Cats , was published by Pudding House Press in 2003. courses poetry philosophy links Page maintained by Steve Schroeder Roosevelt University Cost of the War in Iraq (JavaScript Error) To see more details, click here.

39. Philosophy Pages
Aids to the study of philosophy, including study guide, dictionary, timeline, discussion of major philosophers, and links to etexts.
F A Q Dictionary ... Locke
Philosophy Pages
. . . from Garth Kemerling
This site offers helpful information for students of the Western philosophical tradition. The elements you will find on this site include:
The Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
A survey of the History of Western Philosophy
A Timeline for the intellectual figures discussed here.
Detailed discussion of several major Philosophers
Summary treatment of the elementary principles of Logic
A generic Study Guide for students of philosophy.
Links to other philosophy Sites on the Internet.
An opportunity to download the entire site for personal use.
A simple menu appears at the top of each page of this site, and since all of these documents are heavily interlinked with each other, it should be easy to pursue alternate paths through their content. Material from other Internet sites will always appear in a different browser window, so you won't lose your place in Philosophy Pages
Visitors are welcome to browse and to make fair use excellent comments complete citation in an appropriate form, and remember to check out the academic credentials of the author.

40. Page Of Ancient Philosophy And Literature
Ancient philosophical and literary texts, some links to ancient sites, libraries, maps; pictures of ancient philosophers.

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