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         Philosophy Publications:     more books (100)
  1. Rural social organization in a Spanish-American culture area (University of New Mexico publications in social sciences and philosophy) by Sigurd Arthur Johansen, 1948
  2. Scripta Hierosolymitana Vol. VI Studies in Philosophy (Hebrew University Publications) by Samuel Hugo Bergman, 1960

141. Calder Publications - The Philosophy Of Samuel Beckett
Increasingly Samuel Beckett s...... The philosophy of Samuel Beckett. Author John Calder ISBN 0714542849Price £19.99
search by title search by author browse by category None Surrealism Philosophy Drama/Plays Nouveau Roman Absurdism Art/Art Criticism Autobiography/Biography Cinema Dadaism Drama/Theatre Books Expressionism German Romanticism Irish Fiction Literary Criticism/Essays Literary Fiction Modernism Music ENO Opera Guides Poetry Politics/Sociology/History Popular Fiction Scottish Library Theatre of Catastrophe Political Fiction Crime Fiction Opera The Philosophy of Samuel Beckett Author: John Calder

Increasingly Samuel Beckett's writing is seen as the culmination of the great literature of the twentieth century - succeeding the work of Proust, Joyce and Kafka, Beckett is a writer whose relevance to his time and use of poetic imagery can be compared to Shakespeare’s in the late Renaissance. John Calder has examined the work of Beckett principally for what it has to say about our time in terms of philosophy, theology and ethics, and he points to aspects of his subject’s thinking that others have ignored or preferred not to see. Samuel Beckett’s acute mind pulled apart with courage and much humour the basic assumptions and beliefs by which most people live. His satire can be biting and his wit devastating. He found no escape from human tragedy in the comforts we build to shield ourselves from reality - even in art, which for most intellectuals has replaced religion.

142. KNAW > Disciplines > Philosophy And Theology > Publications
This lists 90 KNAW publications in the field of philosophy and theology.Het beloofde land wie betaalt het cadeau? Isra«l tussen
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Related information KNAW publications
This lists 90 KNAW publications in the field of philosophy and theology.
Het beloofde land: wie betaalt het cadeau?

Isra«l tussen de volken van het Midden-Oosten

Beek, A. van de

77 Kb Bestel/Order De toekomst van de theologie in Nederland
Verkenningsadvies van de Commissie Geesteswetenschappen

Commissie Geesteswetenschappen (CGW)
448 Kb Bestel/Order Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Analysis Cl©ment, Ph., Hollander, F. den, Neerven, J. van, Pagter, B. de Bestel/Order ... Akademie Raad voor de Wiskunde (ARW) 319 Kb Bestel/Order Sortes Het gebruik van heilige boeken als lotsorakels in de oudheid Horst, P.W. van der ... Commissie Geesteswetenschappen (CGW) 182 Kb Bestel/Order Pappus, mathematicus en een beetje filosoof Mansfeld, J. Bestel/Order ... Print version

143. Department Of Philosophy
Home, Staff. Module Guides. philosophy with Psychology, Useful Links.Student Comments, Useful publications. philosophy Society. Webboard.
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Welcome to Philosophy at UCN
Home Staff Module Guides Philosophy with Psychology ... Webboard This section of the site is currently under construction. Cultural Studies Communication and Media Psychology Learning Resources ... UCN Home

144. Philosophy: Academic Staff - The University Of Sydney
and research interests Social and political philosophy, C17th rationalism (especiallySpinoza), and feminist philosophy. Recent publications Imaginary Bodies
Philosophy University of Sydney Arts SOPHI Philosophy / Academics Home Library Sitemap Archaeology ...
Contact Us

Academic Staff in the Department of Philosophy Academic staff may be contacted by fax on +612 9351 3918. Dr Peter Anstey

Room S407, Main Quadrangle
Teaching and Research Interests : Boyle, Locke and seventeenth century philosophy, ancient philosophy, philosophy of science, metaphysics. Published The Philosophy of John Locke (ed.) with Routledge in 2003. Dr John Bacon

Room S505, Main Quadrangle
Honours Co-ordinator; Postgraduate (Coursework) Co-ordinator Teaching and research interests : Logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, ethics, Kant; currently working on basing formal logic on syllogism. Dr Rick Benitez

Room S502, Main Quadrangle Chair of Department Teaching and research interests : Ancient Greek Philosophy. Publications in this area include papers on Plato, Aristotle and Hellenistic philosophy, especially with regard to metaphysics and ethics. Editor of a collection of papers on Transcultural Aesthetics, President of Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics (1998-present), Editor of Literature and Aesthetics (1998-1999), writer/director/producer of numerous philosophical plays. Research and thesis supervision in Philosophy of Law including analytic jurisprudence and history of law.

145. Pubslist
SELECTED publications TED HONDERICH philosophy of Mind Determinism and FreedomCausation Political philosophy Terrorism Moral philosophy Other
TED HONDERICH Philosophy of Mind
Determinism and Freedom
Political Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
PHILOSOPHY OF MIND On Consciousness , a book of 11 revised papers in the philosophy of mind, including most of those below, Edinburgh University Press, 2004. German translation forthcoming. Consciousness as Existence, Devout Physicalism, Spiritualism ', paper to Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference , Prague Fifth paper on a theme. Mind and Matter
Perceptual, Reflective and Affective Consciousness as Existence
Minds and Persons , Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures, ed. Anthony O'Hear, Cambridge University Press. 4th paper on a theme.
Consciousness as Existence, and the End of Intentionality
', 2001, in Philosophy at the New Milleneum , Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures 1999-2000, ed. Anthony O'Hear, Cambridge University Press. 3rd paper on a theme. Denial of intentionality in perceptual consciousness. Consciousness as Existence Again Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress in Philosophy , Vol. 9

146. Comparisons: Publications On Philosophy And Dance
Philosophical Problems of Dance Criticism. Chronology of publications on Philosophyand Dance Coincidence? This page maintained by Julie Van Camp.
COMPARISON OF PUBLICATIONS ON PHILOSOPHY AND DANCE: COINCIDENCE? You be the judge. . . Philosophical Problems of Dance Criticism by Julie Charlotte Van Camp (Ph.D. Dissertation, 1981) Off the Ground: First Steps to a Philosophical Consideration of the Dance by Francis Sparshott (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1988) A Measured Pace: Toward a Philosophical Understanding of the Arts of Dance by Francis Sparshott (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995) TABLE OF CONTENTS
Off the Ground: First Steps to a Philosophical Consideration of the Dance , by Francis Sparshott (1988) Philosophical Problems of Dance Criticism , by Julie Van Camp (1981) Metatheory: On the Philosophy of Dance Ch. 1. Why the Aesthetics of Dance Has Been Neglected Ch. 2. Dance as Metaphor: World as Dance Ch. 3. Contexts for Dance Theory Ch. 1. Introduction: Philosophy and Dance Criticism A. Philosophical Work on Dance: Why So Little Has Been Done B. Philosophical Problems of Dance Criticism Theory: On Dance Ch. 4. Some Dimensions of Dance Meaning Ch. 5. On What Is and What Is Not Dance

147. Current Interests Research Philosophy
my Research philosophy. and International user groups, (d) Appropriate advertising(e) Scholarly activities conference attendance, journal publications. details/CV details/page2.html

148. Philosophy @ Melbourne: Other Publications
Refereed publications. Metaphysics and Nietzsche s misogyny’, in proceedings ofUniversity of New England postgraduate conference in philosophy, Armidale 2002
Home General Information Staff Research ...
Memorial Library
Refereed Publications
Anstey, K. W. Barrett, W. Christiansen, K., White, J., Case Note: Rogers v The Queen (1996) 20 Melbourne University Law Review. 926.
Refereed Conference Preceedings
Tan, M
Non-refereed Conference Proceedings
Rathbone, D.,
Chapters in Books
Articles (Non-refereed journals)
Conference and Seminar Presentations
Barrett, W., Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, University of Tasmania Philosophy Department Staff Seminar, University of Melbourne, 2001 Barrett, W., Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics Staff Seminar, University of Melbourne Philosophy Department, 2000 Barrett, W., CAPPE Seminar, Australian National University, 2000 Barrett, W., Philosophy Department Staff Seminar, La Trobe University, 1999 Barrett, W., Philosophy Department Staff Seminar, University of Melbourne, 1999 Barrett, W., The Australasian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics Annual Conference, 1999 Barrett, W., The Australasian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics Annual Conference, 1997 Higgins, B.

149. Publications
Richard Eldridge. An Introduction to the philosophy of Art,. Richard Eldridge.The Persistence of Romanticism Essays in philosophy and Literature.
Richard Eldridge An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art (Cambridge University Press, 2003 (Amazon) Richard Eldridge Stanley Cavel l (ed.), (Cambridge University Press, 2003) (Amazon) Grace Ledbetter Poetics Before Plato: Interpretation and Authority in Early Greek Theories of Poetry (Princeton University Press, 2002) (Amazon) Hans Oberdiek Tolerance (Amazon) Richard Eldridge The Persistence of Romanticism : Essays in Philosophy and Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2001) (Amazon) Tamsin Lorraine (Cornell University Press, 1999) (Amazon) Hugh Lacey Is Science Value Free?: Values and Scientific Understanding (Philosophical Issues in Science) (Routledge, 1999) (Amazon) Richard Eldridge Leading a Human Life: Wittgenstein, Intentionality, and Romanticism (University of Chicago Press, 1997 (Amazon) Richard Eldridge Beyond Representation: Philosophy and Poetic Imagination (ed.)

150. CSR Europe - Publications - Environmental Ethics And Philosophy
Publication Date All years Environmental Ethics and philosophy. 2000.
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151. Loyola Philosophy Faculty Selected Publications
Recent Faculty publications James 1995. Suzanne Cunningham, Philosophyand the Darwinian Legacy, University of Rochester Press, 1996.
Recent Faculty Publications
Of Two Minds: The Nature of Inquiry , SUNY Press, forthcoming. Morality and the Good Life , Oxford University Press, 1997. Hegel on the Modern World , SUNY Press, 1995. Philosophy and the Darwinian Legacy , University of Rochester Press, 1996. Imagining Otherwise: Metapsychology and the Analytic A Posteriori , Northwestern University Press, 1997. The Owl at Dawn: A Sequel to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit , SUNY Press, 1995. Japanese translation, Hosei University Press, forthcoming. Reason, History and Politics: The Communitarian Grounds of Legitimation in the Modern Age , SUNY Press, 1995. Critical Theory and Philosophy , Paragon House, 1990. Habermas and the Dialectic of Reason , Yale University Press, 1987. Portugese translation: Habermas e a dialectica da razao , Editora Universidade de Bresilia, 1993. Philosophy after Objectivity , Oxford University Press, 1993. The Theory of Knowledge: A Thematic Introduction , Oxford University Press, 1998. Dental Ethics at Chairside: Professional Principles and Practical Applications , Mosby-Yearbook, 1994.

152. American Humanist Association: Humanist Philosophy
Whether you're doing research, exploring a personal philosophy, or are simply curious about Humanism, the resources The philosophy of Humanism. Humanist Manifesto I
Whether you're doing research, exploring a personal philosophy, or are simply curious about Humanism, the resources below are a great place to start. Definitions of Humanism : Humanism in brief. Writings about Humanism : Exploration of what it means to be a Humanist. ... : Quotes from renowned Humanists. Key Works
  • The Philosophy of Humanism Humanist Manifesto I Humanist Manifesto II Humanist Manifesto III ... The Genesis of a Humanist Manifesto
  • Add to your collection with Humanist Press Books

    153. - Home
    Inexpressible publications is an international publishing house, which publishes nonfictional writings in either non-fictional or fictional format. It is dedicated to publishing original ideas,
    Letters to Author Submissions Books/Articles Books "The Superman Philosophy" by Stephen Garvey "Words and Ideas" by Wayne Holland "The Numbers Game" by Wayne Holland "At The Movies" by Wayne Holland "The Idea of Idea" by Wayne Holland New Release: "The Critique of Reasonableness, A Method To End Partiality" by Stephen Garvey Garvey's sixth non-fiction work, in which he invents a method for the determination of the comparative reasonableness of human thought. Upcoming New Releases: "Bhava-cell: A Hypothesis of Human Consciousness and Existence with Focus on the Appreciation and Creation of Works of Art" by Dr. Arun Gadre Dr. Gadre presents a philosophical theory which centers human existence around the Bhava-cell. The planned publication date is autumn of 2004. "Evaluative Democracy: A Shift to Democracy" by Stephen Garvey Garvey's revolutionary work, an extension off the work of William Riker, provides a viable non-aggregative political alternative to (autocratic/individualistic) aggregative poltical systems. A must read for anyone interested in democracy, and progressing Western society. The planned publication date is autumn of 2004. "On Knowing Who We Are and Not Knowing Who We Are, The Challenge the Philosophy Competition"

    154. Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints
    Law Life Sciences Literature Medicine Pharmacy Metaphysical Music Mystery CrimeMythology Natural History Outdoor Nature philosophy Poetry Political
    Kessinger Publishing
    P.O. Box 4587
    Whitefish, MT 59937 We Publish and Digitally Preserve
    Rare Books Kessinger Publishing utilizes advanced technology to publish and preserve thousands of rare, scarce, and out-of-print books. We search worldwide for hard-to-find books and publish them in affordable, facsimile, soft-cover editions. Once we place a title into print, it stays in print. We are also creating a text-searchable internet library for free viewing of all our books. Located near Glacier National Park in Montana, Kessinger Publishing is dedicated toward publishing and digitally preserving important literature for future generations. We kindly invite you to view our vast collection of literature. Click Here!
    Subjects We Offer
    Ancient Mysteries
    Arts Astrology Bibliographies Collectibles Comparative Religions Earth Sciences Education Ephemera Fiction Folklore Geography History Humor Illustrated Books Law Life Sciences Literature Metaphysical Music Mythology Natural History Philosophy Poetry Political Science Science Rare Books Reference Rhetoric Sacred Books Science Fiction Self-Help Social Sciences Symbolism Theology Women Yoga ... and much more!

    155. Indian Books On History, Religion, Philosophy, Ayurveda Books
    philosophy, ayurveda books, reprint books, academic books, sociology, buddhism,hinduism, occult science, islam, sikhism, biology from Low Price Publication

    156. Routledge Philosophy
    Please go to philosophy Resources Centre.
    Please go to:
    Philosophy Resources Centre

    157. American Philosophical Society Publications
    The American Philosophical Society in conjunction with the Independence NationalHistorical Park announces the publication of the first catalog of the
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    Current Catalogs
      All APS Publications All APS Publications, by Subject APS Memoirs APS Transactions ... Order On Line APS Publications In Print Aaboe, Asger et al Saros Cycle Dates and Related Babylonian Astronomical Texts Transactions 81-6 (1991)
      Cloth. 75 pp.
      Aiton, E. J., A. M. Duncan, and J. V. Field The Harmony of the World by Johannes Kepler Memoir 209 (1997)
      Cloth. 549 pp., Illus
      Appel, John Francisco Jose de Caldas: A Scientist at Work in Nueva Granada Transactions 84-5 (1994)
      Cloth. 154 pp.
      Arbour, Keith Benjamin Franklin's First Government Printing: The Pennsylvania General Loan Office Mortgage Register of 1729, and Subsequent Franklin Mortgage Registers and Bonds Transactions 89-5 (1999)
      Paper. 90pp.
      Armstrong, Alan W. Memoir 241 (2002)
      Cloth. 300 pp. ISBN: 0-87169-241-4 Aveni, Anthony F. et al The Lines of Nazca Memoir 183 (1990) Cloth. 343 pp., Illus. Photomozaic fold-out map Babbitt, Susan M. Oresme's Livre de Politiques and the France of Charles V Transactions 75-1 (1985) Paper. 1258pp.

    158. The Divine Life Society Publications
    Click here for the latest exchange rates. Please send payments to The Divine LifeSociety Sivananda Publication League PO Shivanandanagar249 192, Distt.
    Other Sources
    We have received many enquiries about payment by credit cards. We do not currently accept credit cards. However our books may be ordered using credit cards at the Motilal Banarsidass site:
    Important Instructions
    All prices are quoted in Indian Rupees. The shipping costs are computed based on the weight of the books. 1) Orders from within India
    Payments may be made by Money Order or Bank Draft. All remittances should be in the name of "The Divine Life Society" and payable at any nationalised bank at Rishikesh. 2) Orders from outside India
    The total amount may be sent by British Postal Order, crossed and endorsed to 'The Divine Life Society', or by International Postal Money Order, Bank Draft, Bank Cheques or American Express Traveller's Cheque. We accept Indian Rupees, British Pounds and US Dollars. LOCAL CURRENCIES AND PERSONAL CHEQUES SHOULD NOT BE SENT. Please register the letter that you are sending. Click here for the latest exchange rates.

    159. History And Philosophy Of Science, Technology And Medicine: Publications By Wats
    © Watson Publishing International.
    document.write(yr); Watson Publishing International

    160. Vita Jeffrey Grupp Philosophy Department Western Michigan University
    Jeffrey Grupp Abstract Atomism - Philosophic Atomism - Unextended Points - Metaphysicsand Ontology - Phenomenology - History of philosophy - philosophy of
    Home Abstract Atomism Students Metaphysics ... Links Scroll down, or click an area: Education Publications Conference Papers Awards ... Professional Activities Curriculum Vitae Jeffrey Grupp ADDRESS: 3031 Moore Hall, Department of Philosophy Western Michigan University Kal amazoo , Michigan OFFICE: 3031 Moore Hall PHONE: FAX: WEBSITE: EMAIL: DATE OF BIRTH: September 11, 1970 EDUCATION: The Union Institute , Ph.D. Philosophy (in progress) Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Chair : Quentin Smith. Western Michigan University , M.A., Comparative Religion (in progress) (Emphasis: Indian Philosophy and Buddhism) Western Michigan University , M.A., Philosophy, 2003 MA Thesis Some Questions about the Interconnectedness and Interrelatedness of Entities (Click to read) MA Thesis Committee Chair : Quentin Smith. MA Thesis Committee Members : William Vallicella, John Dilworth University of New Mexico, B.A., Biological Anthropology, 1999 Click to go to: Specializations Publications Conferences Awards ... Activities AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION: Analytic Metaphysics , Eastern Philosophy AREAS OF COMPETENCE: Ancient Philosophy

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