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         Philosophy Publications:     more books (100)
  1. Interpretation: A General Theory (University of Califiornia Publications in Philosophy-Vol. 36 by Arthur Child, 1965
  2. Language and Creativity. An Interdisciplinary Essay in Chomskyan Humanism. Peter de Ridder Press Publications in Philosophy of Language, No. 1 by Bernard D. Den Ouden, 1975
  3. The Pragmatic Conception of Justice. University of California Publications in Philosophy Volume XXXIV by Raymond Jaffe, 1960
  4. Moore and Ryle: Two Ontologists. Iowa Publications in Philosophy Volume 2 by Laird & Lewis, Douglas Addis, 1965
  5. The Problem of Truth. Lectures Delivered Before the Philosophical Union, University of California, 1927-1928. University of California Publications in Philosophy, Volume 10 by George P., et al., eds. Adams, 1969
  6. Civilization: Lectures Delivered before the Philosophical Union of the University of California 1941 (Publications in Philosophy, 29)
  7. Symposia: Readings in Philosophy (A Custom Publication)
  8. Publications in Philosophy
  9. An Annotated Bibliography on Ibn S+n (19701989): Including Arabic and Persian Publications and Turkish and Russian References (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series I) by J. Janssens, 1993-01
  10. The temple of eternity;: Thomas Traherne's philosophy of time (Kennikat Press national university publications. Series on literary criticism) by Richard Jordan, 1972
  11. Bantu Philosophy of Life in the Light of Christian Message (Publications universitaires europeennes. Serie XXIII, Theologie) by Deusdedit R. K. Nkurunziza, 1989-06
  12. The enterprising Scot;: Investors in the American west after 1873 (Edinburgh University publications; history, philosophy and economics) by W. Turrentine Jackson, 1968
  13. Principles and a philosophy for vocational education (Special publication series) by M. David Miller, 1984
  14. Hungary; a short history (Edinburgh University publications. History, philosophy and economics no. 13) by C. A Macartney, 1962

101. SFU Philosophy Department
Overview, courses, Philosopher's Cafe, publications, undergraduate and graduate programs, the McDonnell project, faculty and staff and resources.



research course descriptions undergraduate program ...
philosophical organizations

Through its undergraduate and graduate programmes, its service to the intellectual and wider community, and its research, the Philosophy Department aims to exemplify and encourage the intellectual virtues of clarity, rigour, good judgement, scholarship, probative sensitivity, and creativity while advancing our understanding of ourselves, our world, and our place in it by engaging the central enduring issues of Western philosophy. Department of Philosophy
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C. Canada
Phone: (604)291-3343 FAX: (604)291-4443 Webmaster: Oliver Schulte Philosophy
people research ... resources

102. Books, Publication, Publications, Publishers, Publishers Pvt. Ltd, Publishing Ho
Books, Publication, publications, Publishers, Publishers Pvt. You searchedfor philosophy Results 1 10 of % print $t ; % are shown below.

103. Washington Area Secular Humanists: Home Page
Includes calendar of events, chapters, philosophy, publications, activism, media, links, contacts and membership information.
WASH Home Chapters Calendar Publications ... Off-site News
Are you a Secular Humanist?
  • Do you believe that critical thought and the scientific method provide the most reliable means of acquiring knowledge? Should dogmas and ideologies be tested rather than accepted on faith? Do you have a concern for this life and a commitment to making it meaningful through increased understanding and compassion? Do you value freedom of thought, expression and conscience? Are you skeptical of the existence of a supernatural realm? Do you find religion unfulfilling? Do you think that morality can exist independent of divine authority? Do you value religious tolerance and support the separation of church and state? Do you embrace the principles of democratic government and universal human rights?
If you have answered "yes" to these questions, we invite you to learn more about secular humanism, and the Washington Area Secular Humanists (WASH). I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow creatures happy. Thomas Paine Humanism is a philosophy of joyous service for the greater good of all humanity, of application of new ideas of scientific progress for the benefit of all.

104. Philosophy & Publications ATD Fourth World UK Ltd
Home, Everone Can Help, In Movement, Contact Us, What is Where ? Home, philosophy publications, Everyone Can Help, International Movement, Contact Us, What is Where?
Home Everyone
Can Help International
Movement Contact Us What is Where ?

... What is Where ?

105. Will Kymlicka's Homepage
The homepage of the professor of philosophy at Queen's University, Ontario, Canada. Includes biography, recent courses taught, and list of publications.
Will Kymlicka's Homepage Queen's University Democracy and Diversity Links Department of Philosophy Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter
Will Kymlicka's Homepage
Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Watson Hall 313
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada, K7L 3N6
Ph: 613-533-6000 (ext. 77043)
fax: 613-533-6545

106. Philosophy & Publications ATD Fourth World UK Ltd
Home, philosophy publications, Everyone Can Help, International Movement,Contact Us, What is Where ? philosophy publications, Persistent
Home Everyone
Can Help International
Movement Contact Us What is Where ?
Persistent Poverty and Social Exclusion
A Human Rights Approach Projects The ATD Fourth World Partnership:
families, core-workers and friends. Information Superhighways for Everyone Structure of ATD Fourth World in the UK
Everyone Can Help ... What is Where ?

107. Centre For Political Thought - Main Page
Describes objectives, publications, conferences, and activities of a Catholic political philosophy association in Poland. Includes a large collection of articles.
Bank account:
Bank BPH PBK IV O/Krakow
Centre for Political Thought was founded as an association in Cracow in 1992.
It is a learned and educational institution dealing with issues of political philosophy
and international relations. It provides a forum for public debate on constitutional
problems of Poland and Polish foreign politics.
  • The Road to Serfdom Krakow debate: 60 years of unabated singnificance of anti-totalitarian thought
    Our Bank Account number has changed, see above.
    Prof. Legutko's Society as a Department Store and Polish Perspectives on Communism edited by dr. Szlachta's have been published in USA - details
    New page - Links

Last updated on: 9th March 2004

108. Affirming Catholicism
The views and philosophy of this group of orthodox and forward looking anglocatholic clergy in favour of the ordination of women. Forthcoming events and publications are also included.

109. Wim Sweldens' Selected Publications
W. Sweldens}, title = {The Lifting Scheme A New philosophy in Biorthogonal MountainConference on Multigrid Methods, NASA Conference Publication 3224, pp.
Wavelet Families of Increasing Order in Arbitrary Dimensions
Moved here
Nonlinear wavelet transform for image coding
Authors: R. Claypoole, G. Davis, W. Sweldens, and R. Baraniuk Abstract: We examine the central issues of invertibility, stability, artifacts, and frequency-domain characteristics in the construction of non-linear analogs of the wavelet transform. The lifting framework for wavelet construction motivates our analysis and provides new insight into the problem. We describe a new type of non-linearity for use in constructing non-linear transforms: a set of linear predictors that are chosen adaptively using a non-linear selection function. We also describe how earlier families of non-linear filter banks can be extended through the use of prediction functions operating on a causal neighborhood. We present preliminary results for a synthetic test image. Status: Proceedings of the 31st Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Volume 1, pp 662-667, 1997. BiBTeX entry: Files: Compressed PostScript (121Kb) or PostScript (635Kb) or PDF
Losless Image Compression using Integer to Integer Wavelet Transforms
Authors: R. C. Calderbank, Ingrid Daubechies, Wim Sweldens, and Boon-Lock Yeo

110. Alasdair MacIntyre
By William Hughes. Includes both MacIntyre's publications and works in response to him.
College Home


and Schools
with us
A Bibliography of the Works of
Alasdair MacIntyre
My interest in Alasdair MacIntyre extends back to the late 1960s when I first read his book on Marxism and Christianity. Since then I have followed his writings with great interest. The attached bibliography is a result of this interest. Errors or omissions should be sent to: webphilosopher
The bibliography will be regularly updated. William Hughes
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Guelph
Links to Bibliographies
Primary Bibliography Secondary bibliography
Last Updated:
November 6,
Department of Philosophy
College of Arts University of Guelph

111. L. Floridi - Publications And Other Papers
All of these publications are copyrighted, some by the authors and some by editor)Minds Machines, special issue in two parts on The philosophy of Information
Publications Preprints and Other Files Last updated 12 April 2004 The following publications are in (approximately) reverse chronological order. Links are given to electronic copies, where available. If you would like a copy of any publication for which no links are available, please write me an email Some of the files are available in html, realvideo and pdf format. For the pdf files please use Adobe's Acrobat Reader Books Articles and Chapters Invited Conference Papers ... Back home Books and edited volumes (guest editor) , special issue in two parts on The Philosophy of Information Web site (editor) The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Computing and Information (Oxford - New York: Blackwell, 2004). [ html Paperback and Hardback This web site contains further materials : Glossary, Further Readings, Links etc. Sextus Empiricus The Recovery and Transmission of Pyrrhonism (Oxford - New York: Oxford University Press, 2002). Web site See the web page for addenda and corrigenda. Philosophy and Computing: An Introduction (London - New York: Routledge, 1999).

112. University Of Victoria Philosophy
History, interests, and publications of the associate professor of philosophy.
Members of the Department
James O. Young, Chair
Allison Barnes
Conrad Brunk
Todd Calder
Juliette Christie
Jeffrey E. Foss Graduate Advisor as of July 1,2004
Thomas Heyd
Cindy Holder
Carrie Klatt
Eike-Henner W. Kluge Taneli Kukkonen M. Langer Colin Macleod Graduate Advisor until July 1,2004; on Study Leave July 1/04-June 30/05 Charles G. Morgan David Scott , Undergraduate Advisor and Honours Advisor Angus Taylor Susan Turner Scott Woodcock Jan Zwicky Keith Edwards ALLISON BARNES History: B.A., M.A. ( University of Ottawa ), Ph.D. ( University of Waterloo ), sessional lecturer, has taught at the University of Waterloo and the Department of Psychology, UVic. Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Formal Logic, Epistemology, Continental Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science. Publications: "Empathy and Analogy," Dialogue XXXVII, 705-20, 1998 (with Paul Thagard); "Emotional Decisions," Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Cognitive Science Society

113. Baylor University || Department Of Philosophy || Complete List Of Publications
Complete List of publications. Books Pocket Dictionary of philosophy of Religionand Apologetics (Downers Grove, Illinois InterVarsity Press, 2002).

114. Don Ihde
Research interests, major publications, sample papers and books.
Menu Don Ihde
Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. 1964, Boston University
Phone: 631.632.7575
Current Research:
Interests develop around both philosophy of science and technology, with special recent interests in imaging technologies. In addition, work on intercultutral perception and plural cultural patterns form part of the research interest.
Major Publications:
Books by Don Ihde
  • Postphenomenology: Essays in the Postmodern Context (Northwestern 1973)
  • Instrumental Realism: The Interface between Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Technology (Indiana 1991)
Sample papers:
  • "How Could We Ever Believe Science is not Political?" Interview with Don Ihde "If Phenomenology is an Albatross, is Postphenomenology Possible?" "Whole Earth Measurements" ... "Expanding Hermeneutics"

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    115. Books - Philosophy -  Wayfarer Publications
    By Valentine Chu. Presents a cultural look at the philosophy and techniques of sexualpractices in China over thousands of years. 2003 Wayfarer publications.
    How to Order Order Online How to pick a video Request a Catalog VIDEOS Beginners T'AI CHI CH'UAN Beginners T'AI CHI CH'UAN 2 Yang Style Chen Style ... Qin Na
    (Chin Na) Bagua
    (Pa Kua)
    Other Martial Arts Qigong ...
    (Ch'i Kung)
    BOOKS T'AI CHI QIGONG Philosophy Music ... Talk to Us
    Philosophy Books
    LAO-TZU. Lectures on Tao Te Ching
    By Cheng Man-ch'ing. Trans. by Tam C. Gibbs. The famous Taoist classic, basic to T'ai Chi Ch'uan philosophy, is interpreted by Cheng. He gives commentaries, or lectures, on the meaning of each chapter. Helpful for understanding this classic. Chinese text is included in addition to the English. Paperback. 240 pp. 6 X 9. To order use our Online Order Form or send a clearly written order with your name, address, and work and home phone numbers. List the quantity, item number, title, author and price for each item. For more details on how to place an order. See the Order Information page. THE COMPLETE I CHING
    By Alfred Huang.

    116. Madison Academy
    High school operated by Seventhday Adventist Church. School philosophy, faculty listing, calendar of events, student association and publications, alumni pages, and links to other SDA education sites.
    Madison Academy One Destination. Infinite Possibilities.
    About Us Calendar Contact Us ...
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    What's New MA Alumni Missionary Bradley Mills Greetings from the jungle MGM 2004 Madison Global Mission Appalachian Outreach Madison Academy Outreach Peek at Next Week for May 14 Alumni Zone Alumni donates new MA Sign Music Tour 2004 Students sing for GC Worship News and Information! Here is the latest and greatest! Committee of 100 Committee of 100 holds funding raising banquet Ridgetop Week of Prayer MA Students hold Week of Prayer at Ridgetop Elementry Community Service Day 2003 Madison Academy Online! Celebrating 100 Years of Seventh-day Adventist Education Click here to see Music Department Concert Campus Church May 11 Graduation Service Madison Campus Church May 22, 2004 Congratulations Class of 2004 May 22, 2004 Link to: "I am the Child" Every Eye Shall See Madison Campus Elementry ... Adventists M ap and Directions
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    117. 510504: "Jacques Maritain"
    A student paper by Martin Luther King Jr. on this Catholic scholar, from a course on Christian Social philosophy.
    Ordering Information The King Center: book and audio
    Volume 1: Called to Serve, January 1929-June 1951
    Transcriptions are intended to reproduce the source document accurately, adhering to the exact wording and punctuation of the original. In general, errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar have been neither corrected nor indicated by [sic].
    "Jacques Maritain"
    20 February-4 May 1951
    Chester, Pa. King delivered this presentation for Smith's course Christian Social Philosophy, which surveyed the ethical and social thought of Christianity from the era of the New Testament to the 1950s. King explains that Jacques Maritain, a Catholic theologian, was critical of modern philosophy's move away from theology toward agnosticism and atheism. "Maritain feels that atheism was one of the causes for the rise of communism rather than a mere consequence," King writes. He insists that although Maritain did not equate Christianity with democracy, "the only valid assumption that one can draw from Maritain's conclusions on democracy is that he sees it as the nearest political approximation of Christian principles." Smith made no comments on the paper and gave King an A for the course.
    I. Analysis of The Present Situation

    Bookseries » AMERICAN UNIVERSITY publications IN philosophy. AMERICANUNIVERSITY publications IN philosophy. Add to cart. Volumes
    Title Authors Affiliation ISBN ISSN advanced search search tips Bookseries AMERICAN UNIVERSITY PUBLICATIONS IN PHILOSOPHY
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    Volumes published in
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    119. Arlene Warda AIA
    Architect specialized in residential and commercial projects. Features awards, publications, history, designs, and philosophy.
    Evanston Residence Devere Apartments Macander Residence Kaufman Residence Evans Residence Callaghan Residence Simmons Residence Lewis Residence Rising Sun Church United Baptist Church

    120. Publications - Department Of Philosophy - University Of Nottingham
    Excursion into Zland , in Situating Semantics Essays on the philosophy of JohnPerry , eds. M. O Rourke, and C. Washington, MIT publications, Cambridge, Mass

    Recent Publications
    • Eros Corazza, Reflecting the Mind: Indexicality and Quasi-Indexicality , Oxford University Press, 2004. Greg Currie, Arts and Minds , Oxford University Press.
    Articles in refereed journals
    • Scott Campbell. 'Is Causation Necessary To What Matters in Survival?', in Philosophical Studies Scott Campbell. 'Seeing Objects and Surfaces, and the "In Virture Of" Relation', in Philosophy Scott Campbell. 'Rapid Psychological Change', in Analysis (provisionally: v. 64, No. 3, July 2004). Scott Campbell. 'Psychological determinants of willingness to taste and purchase genetically modified food' (with Ellen Townsend), in Risk Analysis Scott Campbell. 'Can You Survive A Brain-Zap?', in Theoria . (v. 70 No. 1, 2004). Michael Clark, 'A Non-Retributive Kantian Theory of Punishment', in Ratio Journal of the History of Philosophy Eros Corazza, 'Essential Indexical and Quasi-Indicators', in Journal of Semantics.

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