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         Philosophy Publications:     more books (100)
  1. The epistemology of G. E. Moore (Northwestern University publications in analytical philosophy) by E. D Klemke, 1969
  2. Motive and intention;: An essay in the appreciation of action (Northwestern University publications in analytical philosophy) by Roy Lawrence, 1972
  3. Aspects of Buddhist social philosophy: Two essays (The Wheel publication) by Kulatissa Nanda Jayatilleke, 1969
  4. Perspectives on Education Reform: Arts Education as a Catalyst (Getty Trust Publications : Getty Center for Education in the Arts) by Getty Trust Publications, 1994-03-03
  5. The philosophy of the Atthakavagga (The Wheel publication) by P. D Premasiri, 1972
  6. Art And Prudence: Philosophy (Publications of the Jacques Maritain Center) by Ralph McInerny, 1988-09-30
  7. Ideologie et semiologie chez Locke et Condillac. La question de l`Autonomie du langage devant le pensee. Peter de Ridder Publications in Philosophy of Language, No. 2 by Herman Parret, 1975
  8. The Problem of Truth (University of California Publications in Philosophy, Vol.10, pp. 1-264)
  9. The Nature of Ideas: Lectures Delivered Before the Philosophical Union, University of California, 1925-1926. (University of California Publication in Philosophy, Volume 8)
  10. Studies in the Nature of Facts (University of California Publications in Philosophy, Vol.14, pp.1-232)
  11. Truths of Existence and of Meaning (Reprint from University of California Publications in Philosophy, Volume 11.) by George P. Adams, 1929
  12. Nature of Mind. University of California Publications in Philosophy Volume 19 by George P[limpton] (1882-1961) & Loewenberg, J[acob... Adams, 1936
  13. University of California Publications in Philosophy: The Nature of Ideas (Vol. 8) by George P.; J. Loewenberg; Stephen C. Pepper Adams, 1926
  14. University of California Publications in Philosophy Volume 7-Studies in the Problem of Norms Lectures Delivered Before the Philosophical Union University of California 1924-1925 by George P. (ed) Adams, 1925

81. Publications
publications from the Centre for the Study of Scottish philosophyat the philosophy department, University of Aberdeen.

Journal of Scottish Philosophy Library of Scottish Philosophy Aberdeen Studies Dictionary of Scottish Philosophy The Journal of Scottish Philosophy incorporating Reid Studies The Journal of Scottish Philosophy is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the University of Aberdeen and the Scots Philosophical Club . It appears twice a year and incorporates Reid Studies , which was formerly an in-house publication of the Dept of Philosophy at Aberdeen University. It is edited by an Editorial Board drawn from the universities of Scotland, together with an international panel of Consulting Editors which includes some of the most distinguished scholars in the field. The Journal aims to provide a forum for philosophical discussion and historical scholarship on Scottish philosophy, philosophical theology, economic and political thought and related fields from any era of Scottish history. It has a special interest in the philosophy of Thomas Reid, and subscription to the journal is automatically included in membership of the international Reid Society . As well as the publication of substantial articles, the Reviews Section provides critical studies of both important new monographs and of new editions of major works of Scottish philosophy.

82. Untitled Document
Shows courses offered, student capacity, specializations, faculty, and publications. txt.htm
Introduction courses faculty fees ... help desk Department of Philosophy Introduction
The visiting Committee appointed by U.G.C to asses the development schemes of this University during the Sixth Plan Period observed with surprise that “although the University of Mumbai is one of the oldest in the country, there is as yet no development of philosophy in the University” (p.16) and recommended that “only one new department that of philosophy should be started, not on a large scale but on such a scale as to more or less self sufficient in running a modest teaching programme” (p.18) three Posts, one post of professor and two posts of lecturers were sanctioned. Thus the new department of philosophy has come into existence during the Sixth Plan Period with one professor and two lecturers on the academic side and on the administrative and one Typist-Clerk and one Peon. An amount of Rs. Six lakhs was sanctioned by U.G.C. for construction of a building. Department of Philosophy was given thirteen rooms in Sant Dyaneshwar Bhavan (1989). An amount of Rs. Fifty thousand was sanction for the purchase of books and journals. The Department aims at the following:-
To foster advance study, teaching and research in major traditions of philosophy.

83. University Of Queensland Philosophy Department - Electronic Publications
The following links include items of general interest to students in philosophy aswell as links to some specific electronic publications referred to in courses
School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics Useful Philosophy Web Links The following links include items of general interest to students in Philosophy as well as links to some specific electronic publications referred to in courses. Web Links of General Interest Electronic Publications Academic Humour and Satire

84. Dan Sperber's Web Site
Researcher at CREA, Paris, France. Specialties include anthropology, evolutionary psychology, philosophy of language . Site includes numerous fulltext publications.
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85. KUN Center For Medieval And Renaissance Natural Philosophy
He wrote his doctoral dissertation about the concept of time in JohnBuridan’s natural philosophy (cf. Selected publications).
Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (KUN), Faculteit der Filosofie:
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Natural Philosophy
Aims and Scope
The Center was initially founded with a grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), which between 1998 and 2002 provided several post-doctoral fellowships. In the meantime, the Center has become independent. It organizes symposia and an annual lecture series. It edits the journal Early Science and Medicine , a quarterly published by Brill Academic Publishers, and the book series Medieval and Early Modern Science , which is also published by Brill.
Johannes M.M.H. Thijssen Quaestiones on the Physics (cf. Selected Publications ). He is Founder and Consulting Editor of Early Science and Medicine and of the book series Medieval and Early Modern Science . He is Chairman of the programme From Natural Philosophy to Science , which is funded by the European Science Foundation . You can reach him at Paul J.J.M. Bakker (Ph.D. in Philosophy, Nijmegen University, 1999) holds degrees in philosophy and theology. He has published several articles in leading scholarly journals on medieval philosophy, theology and medicine (cf. Selected Publications ). He co-edited

86. Adler School Of Professional Psychology
Committed to advancing the philosophy and principles of Alfred Adler. Mission is to provide quality professional education, psychological services, community services, and research and publications.
Still Accepting MA applications for the Fall Apply Now!
Adler School of Professional Psychology
"It is always easier to fight for one’s principles
than to live up to them." -Alfred Adler Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fall 2004


Adler School of Professional Psychology •65 East Wacker Place, Suite 2100•Chicago, Illinois 60601
phone: 312.201.5900 • toll free 866.371.5900 •fax: 312.201.5917 Accredited by the North Central Association's Higher Learning Commission
Current Regional Accreditation period: 2002 - 2012. Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology Accredited by the American Psychological Association Drug-Free Policy and Crime Report

87. European Review Of Philosophy
CSLI publications logo, new_books. backlist. site_index. contact. authors. European Review of philosophy European Review of philosophy, 5 Elisabeth

European Review of Philosophy

88. Marilyn Nissim-Sabat Ph.D, MSW
Provides a list of publications in the fields of psychoanalysis and philosophy.
Dr. Marilyn Nissim-Sabat, Ph.D, MSW ENTER

89. Welcome To The Faculty Of Philosophy
NUI Maynooth Faculty of Philosphyy. publications. McEvoy, J. With FOLLON J. Sagessesde l’amitié. Liberal Arts, Science, philosophy, Theology and Wisdom

Contact Courses General Information ... Staff Choose Department Adult Education Applied Social Studies Ancient Classics Anthropology Biology Chemistry Computer Science Economics Education Electronic Engineering English Experimental Physics French Geography German Local History Mathematics Mathematical Physics Modern History Modern Irish Music Philosophy Psychology Sociology Spanish
NUI Maynooth: Faculty of Philosphyy
McEvoy, J. [With FOLLON J.]
‘Liberal Arts, Science, Philosophy, Theology and Wisdom at Oxford, 1200-1250.’
In Miscellanea Mediaevalia 26: Was ist Philosophie im Mittelalter? Hrsgeg. J.A. Aertsen, A. Speer, Berlin – New York, 1998, pp 569-579. ‘Robert Grosseteste’s Greek Scholarship: A Survey of Present Knowledge.’
In Franciscan Studies 56 (1998) pp 255-264. ‘Chance or Design: Update on an Ancient Debate’ (The John Paul II Library Lecture 1997).
Maynooth University Record 3 (1998) pp 49-70. ‘Presentation of Fr Leonard E. Boyle, O.P., for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (honoris causa) of the Pontifical University.’
In Maynooth University Record 3 (1998) pp 71-76.

90. Oneworld Publications > Subjects > Philosophy
Michael White £12.99/$19.95 Starting with the political philosophy of the OneworldPublications are distributed by National Book Network in the USA and Canada
Subjects Beginner's Guides Philosophy History Concise Encyclopedias ... Hinduism Best Sellers The Palestine-Israeli Conflict
God: A Guide for the Perplexed

Keith Ward The Prophet
Kahlil Gibran Words to Comfort, Words to Heal
Juliet Mabey A Concise Encyclopedia of Islam
Gordon Newby More bestsellers ... Newsletter To receive a Oneworld newsletter click here Spinoza
Richard H. Popkin
This is a concise but comprehensive introduction to a key figure in the history of modern philosophy, Baruch de Spinoza. Eminent author Richard H. Popkin covers not only the philosopher’s ideas, but also the historical background to them. Read More Did My Genes Make Me Do It?
Avrum Stroll
There are some problems that scientists – or anyone else – will never be able to answer, argues author Avrum Stroll in this challenging new book.

91. The New Ontology Of Nicolai Hartmann
Includes brief overview of philosophy and list of publications.
Home Site Map
The New Ontology of Nicolai Hartmann
"With the philosophy of Nicolai Hartmann we once again enter a world of sober, objective and impartial inquiry, which presses beyond man's self and seeks to grasp the universe of being so far as it is revealed to our limited capacity to know. The basic mood of Existence philosophy, as might be expected, is altogether missing from this universal way of viewing matters. (...). The true concern of his philosophy is to discover the structural laws of the real world, of the world of being, not of some `world of mere appearances' set out in front of the real world. Traditional philosophy, according to Hartmann, has sinned a great deal in this connection and in a double manner. First, it has always believed that it faced two basic alternatives - to accept an absolute knowledge of being, or else to assume the total unknowability of the `things in themselves'. The latter course means rejecting the possibility altogether of objective knowledge of being, the former results in closed metaphysical systems that dismiss the irrational aspects of being and hold that the whole of being may in principle be grasped rationally. What has been overlooked is the middle possibility, namely, that being may be partially comprehensible conceptually despite the irrationality of the infinite portion that remains.
The second error of traditional philosophy is the propensity, stemming from the monistic need for unity, to transfer the categories or principles of one province to another that differs from it in kind. Illustrations are the application of mechanistic principles to the sphere of the organic, of organic relationships to social and political life, and, conversely, of mental and spiritual structures to the inanimate world. This infringement of categorial boundaries, as Hartmann calls the theoretical encroachment of one province of being upon another, must be eliminated by rigorous critical analysis; yet the categories must preserve their relative validity for the domain from which they were taken originally. From the standpoint of a critical ontology, the totality of beings then turns out to be a far more complicated structure than finds expression in the traditional metaphysical formulas of unity.

92. American Studies Center
Research group in literature, philosophy, economy, history, and politics. Features news, publications, faculty profiles, and contact details. Warsaw University, Poland.

93. Full Circle: Publications Of The Archive Of Scientific Philosophy
Full Circle publications of the Archive of Scientific philosophy HillmanLibrary, University of Pittsburgh. Current and planned volumes

Information Home Inquiries Catalog Search
All Titles
New Releases Forthcoming Books SALE Titles ... Popular Culture and Philosophy Full Circle

Publications of the Archive of Scientific Philosophy
Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh Current and planned volumes in the Full Circle series: Volume 1: Frege's Lectures on Logic: Carnap's Student Notes, 1910–1914 , edited by Erich Reck and Steve Awodey (2004). Volume 2: Carnap Brought Home: The View From Jena , edited by Steve Awodey and Carsten Klein (2004). Volume 3: Essays on the Philosophy of Mathematics, by Paul Bernays, edited by Wilfried Sieg and William W. Tait. Volume 4: Intellectual Autobiography, by Rudolf Carnap, in its original, unabridged form, edited by A. W. Carus and Richard Creath. Volume 5: Overcoming Logical Positivism from Within: The Emergence of Neurath's Naturalism in the Vienna Circle's Protocol Sentence Debate , by Thomas Uebel, in a new, revised edition. Brochure for Publications of the Archive of Scientific Philosophy Series (pdf format)

94. The Arche Web Site
of the project, sponsors, researchers and publications.......Arch© Research Project at the University of St Andrews.
Arché Research Project
The Logical and Metaphysical Foundations of Classical Mathematics
What is the nature of our mathematical knowledge? The great 19th century German philosopher/mathematician, Gottlob Frege, famously attempted to show that the fundamental laws of classical arithmetic and analysis are theorems of pure logic. If this were true, mathematical knowledge would be of a piece with knowledge of logic. Notoriously, Frege's programme failed, his system collapsing into inconsistency. He himself then renounced the whole approach and three generations of philosophers agreed that he was right to do so. The publication in 1983 of Crispin Wright's Frege's Conception of Numbers as Objects (FCNO), marked the start of a period of active reappraisal of Frege's attempt. Wright argued that, at least as far as number-theory (the theory of the finite cardinals) is concerned, important formal and philosophical insights can be salvaged from the wreckage of Frege's account. In view of the increasing interest in the main philosophical ideas in FCNO and growing recognition of their technical potential, we now launch a five-year collaborative project to explore the prospects of extending the neo-Fregean approach to real and functional analysis and to classical set theory, and to examine its philosophical significance and problems in greater depth. The neo-Fregean thesis about arithmetic is that knowledge of the basic arithmetical laws (essentially, the Dedekind-Peano axioms)-and hence of the existence of a range of objects which satisfy them-may be based

95. W E L C O M E T O S H R E E S W A M I N A R A Y A N M A N D I R B H U J
Brief information about load Swaminarayan and their philosophy, list of social services, publications, festivals, acharyas, future plan of the temple and a photo gallery of the lord.
Swaminarayan Bhuj Santo Guru Parampara Bhuj Temple ... Publication Medicals Social Service Future plan Events Yuvak Mandal Announcement Bal vatika Exams-tests Prasadini Vastu Welcome to ..... Abhisek Darsan Dev Darsan Temple's Work Under Progress Darshan ... Katha Videos Contact Us Site map Philosophy Old Bhuj Temple Thursday, 10 June 2004 05:35:28 PM +0530 [Hit Counter]

96. Publications And Works In Progress
Professor of philosophy at Stanford University, founder of the Stanford Encyclopaedia of philosophy, and associate of the CSLI.
Home Page
Publications and Works in Progress (Edward N. Zalta)
  • "In Defense of the Law of Noncontradiction", in The Law of Noncontradiction: New Philosophical Essays , G. Priest, J.C. Beall, B. Armour-Garb, eds., Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming
    Preprint available online in PDF
  • Frege, Boolos, and Logical Objects " (with David J. Anderson), Journal of Philosophical Logic /1 (February 2004): 1-26
    Preprint available online in PDF
  • Referring to Fictional Characters Dialectica
    Preprint available online in PDF
  • A Common Ground and Some Surprising Connections Southern Journal of Philosophy , Volume XL, Supplement 2002, 1-25. (Keynote lecture delivered at the Spindel Conference entitled Origins: The Common Sources of the Analytic and Phenomenological Traditions , September 2001, University of Memphis, Philosophy Department)
    Preprint available online in PDF
  • Fregean Senses, Modes of Presentation, and Concepts

97. RAE 2001 : Publications : Circular 5/99
3.53 philosophy, UoA 62. 3.53.1 The Panel regards as falling within its remit allareas of, styles of and approaches to philosophy including, among others
Contents Another UoA
Section III: Panels’ Criteria and Working Methods
UoA Boundaries History of Philosophy including Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Recent; Metaphysics; Epistemology; Logic; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Religion; 19 th and 20 th Century European Philosophy including Phenomenology, Existentialism, Critical Theory, Hermeneutics and Deconstruction; Ethics including Applied Ethics; Political and Social Philosophy; Applied Philosophy; Feminist Philosophy; Aesthetics; Teaching Philosophy.
Interdisciplinary Research
Joint Submissions
Treatment of Evidence
  • Research Plans and General Observations (RA5 and RA6) Research Students and Studentships (RA3a and RA3b) External Research Income (RA4)
  • Research Output (RA2)
    Research Students and Research Studentships (RA3)
    External Research Income (RA4)
    Textual Commentary
    Information is requested on the following: Research Structure and Environment Staffing Policy Research Strategy Self Assessment
    Evidence of Esteem Individual Staff Circumstances Contributions by Non Research-active Staff
    Working Methods
    Last updated 17 April 2000 Home About the RAE2001 Panels Guidance for panel members ... Contacts

    98. Journal Of Nurse-Midwifery
    Timely information which is consistent with the philosophy of the American College of NurseMidwives. Tables of Contents available.

    99. Global Scholarly Publications
    member of GSP, the Society for the Study of Islamic philosophy and Science GSP isparticularly engaged in expanding its publications in the Chinese and East
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    What's New?
    Journal Of Chinese, Buddhism, And Islamic Cultural Relations

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    Conditions of Use Contact GSP Welcome to Global Scholary Publications Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in ? Or would you prefer to create an account Please Note: All upcoming orders will be processed after June 28 th . We apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Upcoming Books Date Expected Journal Of Chinese, Buddhism, And Islamic Cultural Relations International Journal Of Decision Ethics Plotinus and the Platonic Metaphysical Hierarchy Dao Journal Volume III.2. Summer 2004 New Books For June Philosophies of Peace and Just War Plotinus and the Platonic Metaphysical Hierarchy International Journal Of Decision Ethics Shopping Cart items Bestsellers The Metaphysica of Avicenna (IBN SINA) Greco-Arabic Sources of Avicennist Augustinism Aristotle on the Soul with Commentary Aristotle's Categories and Concerning Interpretation With Commentaries -Volume I. The Organon ... The Mystical Philosophy of Avicenna Reviews There are currently no book reviews Friday 11 June, 2004

    100. Department Of Philosophy
    Offers undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and a range of postgraduate and research activities. News and information about the department and its activities, course details, information for current and prospective students, staff profiles and publications.

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