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         Philosophy Publications:     more books (100)
  1. Aesthetic Factors in Natural Science (CPS Publications in Philosophy of Science) by Nicholas Rescher, 1989-12-24
  2. Philosophies and philosophers (Chandler publications in philosophy) by Milton D Hunnex, 1971
  3. Reason and unreason in society: Essay in sociology and social philosophy / Morris Ginsberg (Publications of the London School of Economics.New general series) by Morris Ginsberg, 1948
  4. Analytical Philosophy and Phenomenology: American University Publications in Philosophy by H.A. Durfee, 1976-12-31
  5. Social studies and objectivity, (University of California publications in philosophy) by George Holland Sabine, 1941
  6. Bibliography of Islamic Philosophy: Alphabetical List of Publications (Handbook of Oriental Studies/Handbuch Der Orientalistik) (Handbook of Oriental Studies/Handbuch Der Orientalistik) by Hans Daiber, 1999-06-01
  7. Perspective and context in the meaning situation, (University of California publications in philosophy) by Gustavus Watts Cunningham, 1935
  8. Evald Ilyenkov's Philosophy Revisited (Kikimora publications) by Vesa Oittinen, 2000-12
  9. Frontiers of Science and Philosophy (CPS publications in philosophy of science)
  10. Life - Phenomenology of Life as the Starting Point of Philosophy: 25th Anniversary Publication Book III (Analecta Husserliana)
  11. Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science: The Classical Origins Descartes to Kant (CPS publications in philosophy of science) by Gerd Buchdahl, 1988-08
  12. Analyzing philosophical arguments;: An introduction to philosophical method (Chandler publications in philosophy) by Ian Philip McGreal, 1967
  13. Carnap and Goodman;: Two formalists (Iowa publications in philosophy) by Alan Hausman, 1967
  14. Studies in the history and methods of the sciences (Edinburgh University publications; history, philosophy, and economics) by Arthur David Ritchie, 1958

41. SOCTP :: Society Of Online Christian Theology And Philosophy :: Publications
SOCTP membership; new web site resources for scholars, instructors and students ofChristian theology and philosophy; listing of recent publications of interest
Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy All Society members receive access to the most current issues of SOCTP's primary publication, Quodlibet (QUOD), the only scholarly online journal in Christian theology and philosophy. Aiming to reach scholars world-wide in the fields of Christian theology and philosophy, QUOD is quickly distinguishing itself as the premier international online theological publication. SOCTP Quarterly Snail Mail Newsletter All Society members receive the SOCTP's quarterly email newsletter featuring the following:
  • the most recent internet and software developments relevant to SOCTP membership
  • new web site resources for scholars, instructors and students of Christian theology and philosophy
  • listing of recent publications of interest to members
SOCTP Email Newsletter All Society members receive the SOCTP's quarterly email newsletter featuring the following:
  • the most recent internet and software developments relevant to SOCTP membership
  • new web site resources for scholars, instructors and students of Christian theology and philosophy
  • listing of recent publications of interest to members
The Quodlibet Year on CD All SOCTP members will receive an annually cumulative listing of articles appearing in Quodlibet Journal . The Quodlibet Year CD will provide annual QUOD articles in printable format unavailable otherwise, including, in certain instances, articles in their original languages.

42. Plum Publications: Martial Arts Newsletter, Books & Videos
Books, tapes, articles on Chinese Arts. Plum Branch Newsletter. Wushu, internal work, philosophy, diet. Santa Cruz, California.

DVDs Videos VCDs ... Contact
You've reached PLUM PUBLICATIONS , specialists in Chinese Martial Arts; Energetics ( like Ch'i Kung and T'ai Chi); philosophy; theory and critique. We not only specialize in discussions about KUNG FU and TAI CHI but tackle the topics of history, teaching and appreciating KUNG FU. Our network is international, with contributions from all over the world. We view and critique many products that are often offered without comment. We have a huge selection of DVDs, Videos, Books and VCDs. But we also run articles, how to pieces and reviews of products. You are walking through a Kung Fu garden and may see a pavilion on the right, a waterfall over to the left. Stroll a while and enjoy. New VCDS New Articles and other writings New DVDS New Tapes ... Wild and Wonderful new things...

43. :: Filozofski Fakultet Družbe Isusove U Zagrebu ::
Zagreb studies course information, history, degree program highlights, and admission requirements. Faculty contact and society publications resources.
Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove . Sva prava pridržana. Developed by
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Kontakt na mail:

44. Institute For Philosophical Research - Department Of History Of Philosophy - Pub
History of philosophy publications. Milkov, N. - “A Case for SocialismOn the Use of Theoretical philosophy in Political Theory


Ph.D. Students
History of Philosophy - Publications
  • Milkov, N. - “A Case for Socialism: On the Use of Theoretical Philosophy in Political Theory,” Labyrinth (International On-Line Journal for Philosophy, Vienna, ISSN 1561-8927) 3 (2001). Milkov, N. - “Frege in Context,” British Journal of the History of Philosophy 9:3 (2001, October), pp. 557–70. Milkov, N. - “Mesocosmological Descriptions: Towards an Extensionalist Ontology of History”, Session of the Society for the Philosophy of History, held with the APA 99th Central Division Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnessotta, May 3–5, 2001. Milkov, N. - “Political Philosophy in Bulgaria—A Fresh Start?,” Studies in East European Thought 53:1 (2001), pp. 145–56. Milkov, N. - “Pure Forms in Biology”, ISHPSSB [International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology] Meeting 2003, Vienna, Austira, July 16–20, 2003. Milkov, N. - “The Geometrical Method in Analysing Practical Reasoning,” 23th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg/Wechsel, Austria, August 13–19, 2000. Milkov, N. -

45. Merkos Publications
Publishing division of ChabadLubavitch featuring works on Chasidic philosophy, mysticism, biographical information, education, and stories for children. More than 2,000 titles to choose from.
VIEW CART CHECKOUT CUSTOMER LOGIN Home ... Help by Title, ISBN, or Keyword What's New Seasonal Titles English Titles Hebrew Titles ...
New Arrivals
all our latest arrivals Latest addition to the Chasidic Heritage Series! Oneness In Creation
a chasidic discourse by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn of Lubavitch This discourse explores G-d's animating presence in all existence and in everything that transpires.
read more


Chumash, Tehillim, Tanya Now available, a new version of the Chitat! New features include:
  • Sturdy flexible cover Super strong binding Real bible paper (thin yet strong) Rounded corners Larger clearer Chumash with Rashi Larger clearer Tehillim Hayom Yom in original Hebrew/Yiddish version
read more Absolute CGI A comprehensive guide ensuring a successful camp experience. read more
Chassidic Soul Remedies
Inspirational insights for life's daily challenges. read more
Seasonal Titles
Biurim L'pirkei Avot - 2 vol. set

46. Indology Net | Indian Philosophy, Religion, Science, Technology & Culture: News,
Indological studies past and present academic Indology publications and forum discussions of topics in the history of Indian philosophy, religion, science and culture.
An academic Indology site. Join the community!
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    People Online: Visitors: Members: Total: Guides Complete Yoga Wisdom Link Wisdom Link Welcome to Indology Net! Indology Net is dedicated to promoting academic and independent scholarly research in the History of Indian Philosophy and Logic, Science, Technology, Religion, and Medicine. Please, register to be able to Submit Papers for publication in the electronic JOURNAL OF INDOLOGY , or discuss scholarly work , or take part in the open panel talks at the India My Love! forums. Please, select your interface language (right menu, down) and go ahead. Oriental News Categories Top stories Science Technology Sikhism ... Yoga Dharmakirti's Theory of Inference Reviewed Rajendra Prasad. Dharmakirti's Theory of Inference : Revaluation and Reconstruction. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2002. xliii + 257 pp. Glossary, bibliography and index. ISBN 019 565 7845. Reviewed by Richard Hayes* Rajendra Prasad, a retired professor of philosophy who has written on a wide range of topics in classical Indian thought, has turned his attention in this book to the inferential theory of one important Indian Buddhist philosopher, Dharmakirti. As Prasad points out in his preface (xiii), it has only been recently that philosophers writing about Indian philosophy have produced books investigating the work of a single author, rather than exploring an entire school, and even fewer books have been dedicated to extensive investigations of a single treatise by a single author. It is his aim, therefore, "to present Dharmakirti's logic as an individual logician's work
  • 47. Pawe³ Kawalec Home Page
    Private website of Pawel Kawalec, a philosophy researcher at the Catholic University of Lublin, with information about his publications, research projects and favourite links.
    Pawe³ Kawalec
    Personal panel: Homepage Publications Research Teaching ... Links
    Public panel: University Library BN Database BJPS ... PhS
    Pawe³ Kawalec ADDRESS:
    Faculty of Philosophy
    Department of Methodology of Science
    al. Raclawickie 14
    PL-20-590 Lublin/Poland
    tel. (++48 81) 445 40 44; 445 45 40 Contact:
    OFFICE HOURS: Mon. 9.00-10.30, 44 (040) (KMN) CURRICULUM VITAE Pawe³ Kawalec. All rights reserved

    Updated: 2002.10.15

    48. Clark, David Anthony Tyeeme
    Intellectual and professional interests; Includes his curriculum vita, statement of teaching philosophy, course syllabi, and excerpts from forthcoming publications and works in progress. Professor in American Studies at the University of Kansas.
    David Anthony Tyeeme Clark
    We we ne si ne ta we be ma ki, wa ya tti!
    The People are beautiful, already!


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    49. Spirit Teaching
    The publications and philosophy of spirit, through trance voice medium Mick Avery and trance physical medium, Sylvia Avery.

    50. Pragmatism Archive
    A research resource offering information on famous pragmatists, directories of centers and societies, philosophy lists, conferences, and publications.
    William James Pragmatism asks its usual question. "Grant an idea or belief to be true," it says, "what concrete difference will its being true make in anyone's actual life? How will the truth be realized? What experiences will be different from those which would obtain if the belief were false? What, in short, is the truth's cash-value in experiential terms?"
    Pragmatism Read more quotes
    from William James

    PRAGMATISTS Classical
    Charles Peirce

    William James

    F. C. S. Schiller

    John Dewey
    C. I. Lewis
    Pragmatists: W. V. Quine Hilary Putnam Richard Rorty Nicholas Rescher ... Cornel West More Philosophers on Pragmatism: Donald Davidson Jürgen Habermas ORGANIZATIONS Centers for the study of pragmatism Societies involved with pragmatism RELATED PHILOSOPHIES Constructivism Humanism Personalism Phenomenology ... More Philosophies PHILOSOPHY LINKS Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy Noesis: Philosophical Research Online Episteme Links Philosophy in Cyberspace ... MORE LINKS... visitors since August 1999 visitors since September 2002 The Pragmatism Cybrary The Pragmatism Cybrary is a not-for-profit site for academic research and communication, and receives no compensation for links to other websites.

    51. Robert G. Meyers
    Selected publications from the Professor of philosophy, University at Albany, New York.
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    Selected Publications
    Robert G. Meyers Professor of Philosophy
    Department of Philosophy
    University at Albany (SUNY)
    Albany, New York 12222

    Welcome to the home page of Robert G. Meyers of the Department of Philosophy, University at Albany, New York
    University at Albany Home Page
    Philosophy Department Home Page Now is the time to take the bull by the tail and look the situation in the eye.
    -W.C. Fields Semiotics: rapid-firing weapons for spreading confusion, usually found in one's Peirce.

    52. Institute For History And Foundations Of Science
    Masters program in History and philosophy of Science, faculty and contact information, links to publications.

    53. Eric Scerri Summary
    Leading researcher on history and philosophy of chemistry, especially of the Periodic Table. Contains list of publications and research interests.
    Dept Home Biochemistry Home Contact Info Research ... Group
    Lecturer BSc, University of London; C.P.G.S. University of Cambridge; M. Phil, University of Southampton; Ph.D. from King's College, University of London; Postdoctoral Fellowship, California Institute of Technology; Editor of Foundations of Chemistry . Previous positions in US: Bradley University and Purdue University Research In recent years there has been a worldwide upsurge of interest in philosophical aspects of chemistry. In my own work I examine the extent to which chemical concepts can be explained through fundamental theories in physics, especially quantum mechanics. I also focus on the implications of this work on chemical education and the manner in which chemistry is presented in textbooks and general chemistry courses. More specifically, I am interested in issues surrounding the teaching of atomic and electronic structure. I also work on historical and philosophical aspects of the Periodic System of the Elements and several other areas in history and philosophy of chemistry. More detailed information on Research In Philosophy of Science Complete Publications Editorial 16, Foundations of Chemistry, 6, 1-2, 2004

    54. Summy-Birchard Shinichi Suzuki The Man And His Philosophy Closeout (Publications
    SummyBirchard Shinichi Suzuki The Man and His philosophy (publications) StringsBand Orchestra Strings Musical Instruments - Your one stop shopping place
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    Summy-Birchard Shinichi Suzuki The Man and His Philosophy Closeout (Publications)
    Waiting for price drop?

    55. The Aesthetic Realism Of Eli Siegel
    Teaches the philosophy founded by educator, poet, and critic Eli Siegel through public presentations, consultations, and publications.
    img1 = new Image img1.src = "AR-ES-head-2b.gif" img2 = new Image img2.src = "xparent-square.gif" img3 = new Image img3.src = "redline_with_shadow.gif" Welcome to Aesthetic Realism Online
    You will learn why people feel so comprehended by this very needed education

    Travel instructions and contact information

    The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known
    Toward “Respect for What Is Real”!

    June 2, 2004
    In this issue: "The one means of understanding how ordinary Americans came to humiliate and torture other human beings day after day and obviously enjoyed doing so, is in Aesthetic Realism’s explanation of contempt..." Click here for more Upcoming Events
    Thursday, June 10

    6:30 pm — Public Seminar
    Saturday, June 12
    8 pm — Dramatic Presentation
    HOW CAN A MAN BE RIGHTLY SURE OF HIMSELF? Arnold Perey, Robert Murphy, Bennett Cooperman
    See Seminar schedule
    HOT AND COLD TELL OF POETRY On Walt Whitman’s Specimen Days and the Civil War, Eli Siegel says: “The meaning of hot and cold is something unavoidable, because to live is to have a rhythm of hot and cold. Whenever art occurs, you have to feel hot and cold at once. There is no exception! And there is hot and cold all through the Civil War.” THE YES AND NO OF SELF Aesthetic Realism Lesson Eli Siegel. There is an association in America, as in most countries, with weakness in saying yes. Take that wonderful phrase “Oh, what a beautiful morning”: does that show decrepitude?

    56. David A. Reidy
    philosophy professor, University of Tennessee. Includes research, politics, courses, curriculum vitae, online publications.
    David A. Reidy, J.D., Ph.D. Office Address Department of Philosophy
    801 McClung Tower
    University of Tennessee
    Knoxville, TN 37996
    USA Office Phone, Fax and E-Mail 865-974-7210 (office and voicemail)
    865-974-3255 (department)
    865-974-3509 (fax) (email)

    Teaching Research ... Personal
    Some Folk Art: Envelope Illustrations from Ticket Orders Rec'd by the Grateful Dead Back to UT Philosophy Department Homepage

    57. Unisa Online - Philosophy : Publications
    philosophy publications. Accredited Journals Other Journals Books Chapters in Books Published Papers Published Research Reports

    58. Mental Stirrings
    Portal features articles and links for philosophy, literature, religion, history and art. Offers categories devoted to education, publications, as well as museums and specialty bookstores.
    Welcome to Mental Stirrings, a humanities and academia website.
    We now have 378 links, 645 texts, and hundreds of graduate school program links.
    While you're here, don't forget to sign up for a Mental Stirrings
    e-mail account.
    Raphael's School at Athens
    In Communion

    "Dostoevsky's View of Evil" by Richard Peaver
    - Essays
    Cambridge University Press
    - Bookstores
    Graduate School Programs

    The Teaching Company
    - Education AbeBooks - Bookstores "The Humanities in a Technological Society" by John Paul Russo - Essays American Academy for Liberal Education - Education Baudrillard on the Web - Contemporary Philosophy Journal of Technology Education Labyrinth Latin Bookcase - Foreign Languages - Philosophy Humor Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory POOH-POOHING POSTMODERNISM 'The essays that the graduating BAs would submit with their applications were often brilliant. After five or six years of PhD work, the same people would write incomprehensible crap. Where did they learn it? They learned it from us.' Frederick Crews, Emeritus professor of English at the University of California at Berkeley, is telling me about his time spent dealing with graduate admissions to the university's PhD programme. He subsequently retired from academic life, to slate it in his new book

    59. Philosophy Documentation Center
    A nonprofit organization that produces and distributes a variety of high-quality publications, including philosophical directories, bibliographies, scholarly journals, and instructional software for philosophers.
    The Philosophy Documentation Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable access to the widest possible range of philosophical materials. Established in 1966, the PDC has earned a reputation for excellence with the publication of scholarly journals, reference materials, conference proceedings, and instructional software. This year the PDC is pleased to welcome Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought Newman Studies Journal , and Radical Philosophy Review . Subscriptions to each journal can now be placed online, and current subscribers can renew their subscriptions or update their personal contact information through our secure website. Subscription, membership renewals, and related correspondence may also be sent by regular mail, phone, fax, or e-mail as follows: Philosophy Documentation Center
    P. O. Box 7147, Charlottesville, Virginia 22906-7147
    Tel. 434-220-3300, Fax: 434-220-3301, E-mail The PDC is committed to providing affordable access to all back issues of the journals it publishes, and this year we will complete the digitization of the back issues of Augustinian Studies Idealistic Studies International Journal of Applied Philosophy , and New Vico Studies . Within the next 18 months we will also digitize all back issues of International Philosophical Quarterly , and over a hundred issues of American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

    60. Philosophy
    philosophy. The African Origin of Greek philosophy An Exercise in AfrocentrismInnocent C. Onyewuenyi 9782299308 320pp. Foundations of African philosophy.
    The African Origin of Greek Philosophy: An Exercise in Afrocentrism
    Innocent C. Onyewuenyi
    9782299308 320pp. 1993 [publ. 1994] Univ. Nigeria Press $27.00/Pound14.95
    African Philosophical Projections and Prospects for the Indigenisation of Political and Intellectual Discourse
    Archie Mafeje
    Ethics. A Basic Course for Undergraduate Students
    H. Odera Oruka
    9966846042 149pp. 1990 Nairobi Univ. Press $16.00/Pound8.95
    Foundations of African Philosophy. A Definitive Analysis of Conceptual Issues in African Thought
    Godwin Sogolo
    9781212373 223pp. 1993 Ibadan Univ. Press $33.00/Pound18.50
    An Introduction to Philosophy
    Clement M.P. Oniang'o
    9966466436 134pp. 1994 East African Educ. Publ. $12.50/Pound6.95
    Our ModernityNEW TITLE Partha Chatterjee [no ISBN avail. ] 20pp. 1997 CODESRIA $7.95/Pound4.25 Philosophy, Humanity and Ecology. Philosophy of Nature and Environmental Ethics. Vol. 1 Edited by H. Odera Oruka 9966410864 367pp. 1994 [publ. 1995] Academy Science Publ. $27.00/Pound14.95

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