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         Philosophy Publications:     more books (100)
  1. Current Issues in Teleology (CPS Publications in Philosophy of Science) by Nicholas Rescher, 1986-01-30
  2. Freemasonry, its meaning and significance: An exposition of its ethics, religion and philosophy (Publications of the Masonic Book Club) by Otto Caspari, 2000
  3. The Promise Of History: Essays in the Political Philosophy (Publications of the European University Institute, Series C: Political&Social Sci, Vol 2)
  4. Philosophy of Education 1995: A Publication of the Philosophy of Education Society (Philosophy of Education, 1995 : 51st Annual Meeting)
  5. Problems of the philosophy of religion (Chandler publications in philosophy) by John K Roth, 1971
  6. History and society (Chung Chi philosophy of life publication series) by Noah Edward Fehl, 1965
  7. Frontiers of science and philosophy (CPS publications in philosophy of science)
  8. Europe: the emergence of an idea (Edinburgh University publications; history, philosophy and economics, no. 7) by Denys Hay, 1968
  9. The Essentials of Philosophy and Ethics (Hodder Arnold Publication) by Martin Cohen, 2006-09-14
  10. Problems of political philosophy (Chandler publications in philosophy) by Jean H Faurot, 1970
  11. Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy (American Maritain Association Publications)
  12. Theory of demonstration according to William Ockham (Franciscan Institute publications. Philosophy series) by Damascene Webering, 1975
  13. What makes possibility possible? (University of California publications in philosophy) by George Plimpton Adams, 1969
  14. Modes of referring and the problem of universals,: An essay in metaphysics (University of California publications in philosophy) by D S Shwayder, 1963

21. Publications Available From The PDC
philosophy. The Philosopher's Index Thesaurus. Biographische Enzyklopädie deutschsprachiger Philosophen. Conference Proceedings and Society publications World Congress of philosophy
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22. The Directory Of Hindu Resources Online
Hindu directory, with links to resources on ashrams, teachers, events, publications, philosophy, deities, arts, pilgrimages, and non violence.

The Latest News

Upcoming Events


  • Scripture ...

    This site is a public service inspired by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
    Who is a Hindu? "Acceptance of the Vedas with reverence; recognition of the fact that the means or ways to salvation are diverse; and the realization of the truth that the number of gods to be worshiped is large, that indeed is the distinguishing feature of the Hindu religion." B.G. Tilak's definition of what makes one a basic Hindu, as quoted by India's Supreme Court. On July 2, 1995, the Court referred to it as an "adequate and satisfactory formula."
    Dedication is dedicated to Hindu solidarity, culture and the dissemination of the vast and timeless knowledge of our great Sanatana Dharma to all the people of the world. This is a public service of Himalayan Academy , publishers of Hinduism Today Magazine Goal
    The goal of is to publish and connect all Hindu organizations, leaders and resources such as news, events, publications, Vedic sciences, art, music and culture on the Internet's World Wide Web. About Submitting Your Hindu Sites For information about submitting a Hindu website to this directory, please


24. CTI Centre For Textual Studies
Features links to resources in Literature, Linguistics, philosophy, Religious Studies, Classics, Film Studies, and Theater Arts. Also offers a calendar of events and publications. Hosted by the Humanities Computing Unit at the University of Oxford.
Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies,
Online Publications
The CTI Centre for Textual Studies closed in 2000. This Web site is not being updated and is likely to close during 2002. Publications such as Computers and Texts and will continue to remain online, though via an alternative service. The
Computer-assisted Theology Gateway
will be integrated with the Humbul Humanities Hub Guide to Digital Resources 2000
New and improved Guide available in print Computers and Texts
Our journal containing articles on using computers in teaching, reviews and announcements.
Final issue, number 18/19, online now

Beyond Art? Proceedings
Other Publications
About CTI Textual Studies
Who we were
We were also partners in the TLTP Aster Project Search Resources Guide The Whole Site for: The CTI Centre for Textual Studies was part of the Humanities Computing Unit at Oxford University and was one of 24 CTI Centres funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and the Department of Education for Northern Ireland and was supported by the University of Oxford
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25. Department Of Philosophy: University At Buffalo >> Journals
publications. Barry Smith is editor of The Monist An International Journal of GeneralPhilosophical Inquiry, one of the oldest and most prestigious philosophy
PUBLICATIONS The Samuel P. Capen Chair presents yearly symposia, from which several books have been published. Additionally, the members of our philosophy department actively publish within the philosophical community. Faculty publications are extensive; many of our alumni have successful publication records.

26. Index Of Thinking Allowed Transcripts
Intuition and philosophy Transcripts publications. Intuition in BusinessTranscripts publications Friends of the Network publications.
Intuition Network A Thinking Allowed Television Underwriter Presents the Following Transcripts from the Series THINKING ALLOWED Conversations On The Leading Edge Of Knowledge and Discovery With Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove Index of Transcripts
also Related Publications
Categories Intuition and Personal Growth
Publications Intuition, Psychology and Psychotherapy ...

Intuition and Personal Growth
Click Here for a Growth Publication List
Thinking Allowed Transcripts:
Running from Safety with Richard Bach

Intuition and Imagination with Richard Bach

Using Intuition with Marcia Emery

Obstacles to Intuition with Marcia Emery
Mind Power with Bernie Zilbergeld
Intuition, Psychology and Psychotherapy Click Here for a Psych Publication List Thinking Allowed Transcripts: Goddesses in Every Woman with Jean Shinoda Bolen Humanistic Psychotherapy with James Bugental Philosophy in Psychotherapy with Albert Ellis Spiritual Crisis with Christina Grof ... Putting Psychotherapy on the Couch with Bernie Zilbergeld Healing and Intuition Click Here for a Healing Publication List Thinking Allowed Transcripts: The Healing Path with Sree Chakravarti The Philosophy of Healing with Sree Chakravarti Biofeedback and Self-Control with George Fuller Von Bozzay Healing and the Unconscious with Brugh Joy ... Healing and Shamanism with Alberto Villoldo Intuition and Spiritual Paths Click Here for a Spirituality Book List Thinking Allowed Transcripts: Creation Spirituality with Matthew Fox Self Expression with IsanaMada Spiritual Work with IsanaMada The Practice of Meditation with Jack Kornfield ... The Seat of the Soul with Gary Zukav Consciousness and Science

27. Contemporary European Philosophy
Homepage of the Department for Contemporary European philosophy and Gender Studies of the Institute for Philosophical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Includes information of its international activities, research projects, seminars, meetings and conferences, and publications.

28. UNESCO Philosophy At UNESCO
UNESCO pursues its work in the field of intercultural philosophy, including studies of cultural difference and cultural dialogue, and publications bringing together an arrays of views on philosophical and ethical themes.

29. Leemon McHenry
publications and online papers from a philosophy department lecturer at CSU Northridge
Leemon McHenry Department of Philosophy California State University 18111 Nordhoff Street Northridge California Email: Office: Sierra Tower Office Phone: 818-677-4710
Last updated: Leemon McHenry (Ph.D. University of Edinburgh, Scotland) joined the department as a lecturer in 1997. He taught philosophy at Old Dominion University Davidson College Central Michigan University Wittenberg University and Loyola Marymount University and held visiting research positions at Johns HopkinsUniversity and UCLA. His research interests center on metaphysics, philosophy of science andclassical American philosophy. He is the philosophy review editor for ProcessStudies.
Papers On-line Work in Progress
The Princess and the Philosopher

Ancient Philosophy

Modern Philosophy
Critical Reasoning ... Philosophy of Science

30. Henry Flynt Philosophy
Henry Flynt is an original philosopher and opponent of traditional science and mathematics. He has called for a higher civilization based on incredulity and the mutability of the experiential publications. Henry Flynt selected unpublished manuscripts. Photos of Henry Flynt. Photos of Henry Flynt art works. philosophy
These presentations may have unexplained omissions; they still should be helpful to the intended audience. These presentations do not establish date of writing or publication; that is a matter for archival bibliographies of my works. The research continues; and recent results allow some of these presentations to be appreciably strengthened. They are posted here without the updates in the interests of quick availability. We have chosen html and have chosen to insert word equivalents for characters not in plain-text.
Henry Flynt's music is now available. CD recordings of Henry Flynt's music are available on Recorded Ampersound , and Locust Music. A list of articles about Henry Flynt's music is available here. SELECTIONS OVERVIEWS
Henry Flynt: abbreviated list of publications
Henry Flynt: selected unpublished manuscripts
Photos of Henry Flynt

Photos of Henry Flynt art works

Show in Advance of Its Existence
The Flaws Underlying Beliefs

Primary Study: Informal Paraphrase

Philosophical Reflections

Is Incredulity Self-Defeating?
... Rhetorical Appraisal of Theories META-TECHNOLOGY Uncompromising Positioning Part I Uncompromising Positioning Part II Meta-Technology: An Analytical Sketch Lessons in Meta-Technology ... Mathematics, Tokenetics, and Uncanny Calculi: 1961 Concept Art in Retrospect

31. Cover
Game designer and theorist. Archive of columns published in Gamasutra, other articles, list of print publications, pages describing game philosophy.
The Designer’s Notebook Ernest W. Adams
Table of Contents Index (Home) Pag e Consulting Client List ... Site Map
a member of
serving clients and teaching in

32. Philosophy Of Mind
philosophy. philosophy of Mind And Dennett's publications list preprints from D. C. Dennett. Valerie Hardcastle. Professor of philosophy at Virginia

33. Bernard Boxill
Sample publications Morality of Reparations, Social Theory and Practice (1972); SelfRespect and Protest, philosophy and Public Affairs (1976); The
graduate program

undergrad program


Pardue Professor
Bernard Boxill works in social and political philosophy and African American philosophy. He is the author of Blacks and Social Justice (1984), and is currently finishing a book, Boundaries and Justice, on international ethics and distributive justice . Sample publications: "Morality of Reparations," Social Theory and Practice (1972); "Self-Respect and Protest," Philosophy and Public Affairs (1976); "The Morality of Preferential Hiring," Philosophy and Public Affairs (1978); "Sexual Blindness and Sexual Equality," Social Theory and Practice (1980); "How Injustice Pays," Philosophy and Public Affairs (1980); "Global Equality of Opportunity," Social Philosophy and Policy (1987); "Equality, Discrimination and Preferential Treatment," in

34. Avshalom C. Elitzur àáùìåí àìéöåø
Senior Lecturer, BarIlan University. Includes an autobiography, a curriculum vitae, and a list of publications in quantum mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, evolutionary theory, philosophy of mind and psychoanalysis.
Avshalom C. Elitzur
Research Interests
Physics: Quantum measurement, Nonlocality, Thermodynamic and other time-asymmetries, Foundations of physics.
Biology : Applications of thermodynamics and information theory to evolutionary processes, Biological complexity.
Psychology : Suicide prevention, Empirical research of psychoanalysis, Humor, Religious experiences, Causation of psychopathology.
Philosophy : The mind-body problem, Consciousness and causality, Environmental ethics.
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35. University Of Warwick: Computer Science: :
A philosophy for distributed systems engineering. Introduction, publications, and tools available.
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36. School Of Philosophy- Publications 1995-6
Selected publications,19956 earlier. Books. Bozickovic, V, Schopenhauer on Kantand Objectivity , International Studies in philosophy, XXVIII(2) 35-42 (1996).
Library S earch People ... Admin

Bozickovic V, Demonstrative Sense , Aldershot, Avebury, 140 (1995). Garfield, J, Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika . Oxford University Press, New York, 1995. Norris, JA, The Validity of A's View of Tragedy with Particular Reference to Ibsen's Brand , Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 15 (1996) White, F, Kant's First Critique and the Transcendental Deduction , Avebury, Aldershot, 140 (1996) Dowe, P, Nicholls, M, Shotton, L, (eds) Australian Philosophers , Pyrrho Press, Hobart, 144 (1996) Journal Articles and other Refereed Papers and Book Chapters Bozickovic, V, "Schopenhauer on Kant and Objectivity", International Studies in Philosophy XXVIII Dowe, P, 'Causality and Conserved Quantities: A Reply to Salmon', Philosophy of Science Dowe, P, 'What's Right and What's Wrong with Transference Theories', Erkenntnis Dowe, P, "Backwards Causation and the Direction of Causal Processes", Mind Dowe, P, "Recent Work on Leibniz on Miracles", Leibniz Society Review Dowe, P,

A site specialising in publications about Gnostic philosophy. Offers a correspondence course.
Welcome to the website of The Circle for Investigation of Gnostic Anthropology (Australia)
"The society is the individual. The world is the individual. If the individual fundamentally changes, the world will inevitably change."
- Samael Aun Weor Gnosis in Australia, Gnosis in the world

From ancient times humanity has sought a knowledge which might provide answers to their spiritual inquietudes - the origin of the universe, the purpose of life... Gnosis is a practical study, whose
principal theme is man's knowledge
of himself, his physical, psychological
and spiritual possibilities, his
relationship with himself, with the
universe and with Divinity.
The study and practice of Gnosis
serves to enrich one's life and provides the means of liberation from the pain and suffering which afflicts today's humanity. Gnostic Anthropology researches and studies mankind via the four pillars of human expression: ART, SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY

38. School Of Philosophy- Research & Publications
are Logic and philosophy of Science European philosophy Applied philosophy.publications by Members of the Department Forthcoming.
Library S earch People ... Admin

The School's three main research areas are:
Logic and Philosophy of Science
European Philosophy
Applied Philosophy
Publications by Members of the Department:

Courses N ...
Please direct questions and comments about this page to: Webmaster

39. PES Homepage
PES is the national society for philosophy of education in the U.S. This site provides information about PES, its services, history, and publications, and links to online resources relevant to the philosophy of education.
Home page Constitution/Bylaws of the Society Membership Information Contact Information ... Publications (including Update) Minutes of meetings Services to PES Members Directory of PES Members Calendar of Meetings/ ...
the Philosophy of Education

Home Page
Welcome to the web site of the Philosophy of Education Society. Here you'll find information about the Society, its services, history , and publications, how to join the Society, and links to Internet resources relevant to the Philosophy of Education. You can now join the society or pay your membership dues ONLINE! Click here for details
Quick links:
  • The 2005 Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society will be held from March 18 to March 21, 2005, at the Crowne Plaza Union Square in San Francisco . Details will be posted as soon as they are available.
    The 2004 Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society was held from March 26 to March 29, 2004, at the Holiday Inn on King Street in Toronto.

40. KU Philosophy Department Web Links Index
An index of pages related to academic philosophy departments, instructional tools, online papers, software, journals and publications, personal homepages, organizations, and historical references. Maintained by the University of Kansas.
Philosophy Web Sites 2. The KU List of Philosophy Links Quick Jump to Sections on This Page:
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Back to the Link-Page Categories KU Link-List Sections:
Individual Departments
Instructional Tools Papers On-line Software Programs ... Misc Departments Instructional Tools Papers On-Line Software Presses Journals Personal Homepages

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