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  1. Psychological and Social Structures by Sandor B. Brent, 1984-08

61. KU Philosophy Department Web Links Index
An index of pages related to academic philosophy departments, instructional tools, online papers, software, journals and publications, personal homepages, organizations, and historical references. Maintained by the University of Kansas.
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62. The Math Forum - Math Library - Prof. Assoc/Societies
assoc/Societies. and teaching in the history and philosophy of mathematics
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  • Adult Numeracy Network (ANN)
    A community dedicated to high-quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. ANN conducts pre-conferences at the annual NCTM national meetings; publishes the Math Practitioner Newsletter ; sponsors the Numeracy List, an adult electronic forum; and obtains funding to enable adult ed math teachers, learners, and other stakeholders to participate in a national planning project for system reform. List of Internet resources for adult numeracy. (Formerly the Adult Numeracy Practitioners Network.) more>>
  • American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC)
    A service for members and other interested professionals to review and receive current information on AMATYC's programs and activities and the activities of affiliates. Conference information, Job listings, list of available publications, how to join the mailing list. more>>
  • American Mathematical Society (AMS)
    e-MATH, the home of the AMS on the Web. A searchable site with information on members and activities, government affairs and education, publications and research tools, employment and careers, authors and reviewers, meetings and conferences, what's new in mathematics, and an online ordering and customer service center. Also at
  • 63. Spiritual Crossroads
    Educational and service organization assisting spiritual organizations in communicating and publicizing the philosophy behind their beliefs.
    A non-profit
    educational and
    service organization. HOME ABOUT US CALENDAR WISDOM SERIES ... Awareness through Breath
    By Dennis Lewis The quality of our breathing, of our inhalation and exhalation, reveals a great deal about our stance toward life. By observing, by sensing, our breathing we can greatly increase our awareness of ourselves. As we observe our breathing we (more) Peace Quote In separateness lies the world's great misery; in compassion lies the world's true strength.
    Buddha Download the sample Common Ground
    (Need Acrobat Reader
    This quartlery newsletter includes articles on spiritual topics, personalities and events. There is also a community calendar and classifieds section.
    Contact us
    for advertisement information. Search Spirit-X
    Common Ground

    This is a special release of our most recent newsletter. Focusing on peace - both inner and outer - this is an issue you will treasure during these troubling world times.
    (This is in pdf format - 730kb. You will need

    64. APCO UK Public Affairs & Strategic Communications
    Government relations, corporate communications, internet communications in the UK and worldwide. philosophy, services and practice areas, company news and reports, and links to affiliated organizations.

    65. Welcome To GoPBI!
    Univ. of Delaware American Philosophical assoc. Professional organization offersmembership information, publications association for philosophy in Schools

    66. Rivergum Investors
    Specialists in improving the investment process, enabling organizations to align their investment philosophy with existing corporate values.
    Rivergum Investors Pty Limited Turning Values Into Process Contact
    Forum Dates
    Investment Process
    Rivergum Investors works with investment managers in a constructive and creative way to improve the total investment process from investment philosophy to day-to-day investment decisions. Contact Information Paul Dortkamp
    Telephone 61 2 9544 3790
    Fax 61 2 9544 1039
    Email : pdortkamp AT rivergum DOT com River Red Gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis The river red gum is wide and spreading, blooming profusely with white flowers. It grows naturally along river banks, but adapts to any fairly deep soil, including salty ones. It prefers full sunlight.

    67. 15/16/22 Liberal Arts And Sciences Philosophy Max Fisch Papers
    Arts and Sciences. philosophy. Max Fisch Papers, 19281967Box 1 Professional OrganizationsAmerican Council of and His Book, "Bull. Medical Library assoc. ( July, 1943) - Article

    68. Search Results For Organizations - Encyclopædia Britannica
    Annotated directory of links for philosophy organizations and academic departments

    69. Wilson Research Strategies
    Opinion research firm serving Republican candidates, conservative organizations, public affairs campaigns, and major corporations. Services, philosophy, personnel, and partial client list.

    70. Search Results For Organization - Encyclopædia Britannica
    organizations Annotated directory of links for philosophy organizations and

    71. Frontier Organizations On The Web
    A list of organizations engaged in frontier and visionary work such as future studies, philosophy, personal and social liberation, and advanced technology
    Frontier organizations
    This is a list of organizations engaged in various things advanced and frontierish.
    (This means grand-scale futurism, philosophy, personal and social liberation, and advanced technology).
    I am working hard to make it complete.
    Note: I also include a few organizations here which are strong or extremist or just interesting enough to know; please do not consider every entry here as my endorsement.
    The best organizations you may want to join
    Extropy Institute - the citadel of transhumanist thought.
    If you think your life may be worth extending, LEF may give you some advice on the latest life extension research, products and therapies.
    World Transhumanist Association
    Transhumanist Web Alliance builds websites related to transhumanism.
    World Future Society (Greater Boston Chapter) WFS is the largest organization of professional futurists in the world. While not as visionary as Extropy Institute, it is engaged in a number of interesting activities. The Boston Chapter Website has many links of futurist interest.
    Edge Foundation - except for the Clock, has some interesting people and projects

    72. Council Of Georgist Organizations
    Coalition of groups that adhere to the philosophy of Henry George. Links to related groups, membership, conference, events information.
    CGO Conference Speakers Click Here CGO Conference Speakers Click Here

    73. University Of Tennessee: Student Organizations
    Behavior and Evolution Graduate Student assoc of the Mu Phi Sigma Kappa PhilosophyClub at Political Science Graduate Student Organization Portuguese Language
    Registered Student Organizations Welcome


    Below is a list of all registered student organizations at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. For information about an organization, please click on the name. For information about registering student organizations on campus, please contact the Dean of Students office at (865) 974-3179. A B C D ... Z
    AFROTC DET 800 Cadet Wing
    Adventist Christian Fellowship
    African Student Association
    All Campus Theatre ...
    Asteria-Greek Dancers B
    Baha'i Association at UT
    Bangladesh Students Association
    Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)
    Beta Alpha Psi - Alpha Lambda Chapter (Accounting) ...
    Bowling Team at UTK C
    Campus Christian Connection
    Campus Crusade for Christ
    Canoe and Hiking Club
    Catalyst for Change ...
    Cycling Club D
    Daily Beacon
    Dance Marathon
    Dance Society at the University of Tennessee
    Daughters at the University of Tennessee Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution ...
    Delta Zeta E
    Earth and Planetary Sciences Student Association
    Economics Club at the University of Tennessee
    English Learners' Workshop
    Equestrian Team at UT ...
    Executive Undergraduate Program F
    Federalist Society at the University of Tennessee, College of Law

    74. Welcome To Persilat WebSite
    The International Pencak Silat Federation founded by Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Berunei Darussalam has its main office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Information on global activities, associated organizations, philosophy, contact facilities.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    75. World Association Of Soil And Water Conservation
    Theory to Practice. Sister organizations. WASWC is closely associated andTechnologies (WOCAT). The WASWC philosophy. WASWC philosophy is that
    World Association of Soil and Water Conservation
    ABLH Home Page
    ABLH's approaches

    ABLH UK / Membership

    Goodbye to Hunger!
    Links to other sites

    The World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC) is an international non-government organization of professionals and informed laypersons dedicated to promoting the sustained use of the earth's soil and water resources. WASWC provides a forum through which soil conservationists can be kept up to date on world-wide developments in their field, obtain information and contact people working on similar problems. WASWC has a worldwide network of some 500 members, 8 vice-presidents representing major regions of the world and a governing council of 5 officers who are presently located in 4 different countries. For US $10 you can become a member of this network and be informed and involved at an international level.
    The Benefits
    International meetings. WASWC organizes and sponsors international meetings that focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of soil and water conservation. Over the last 15 years WASWC has sponsored and co-sponsored a number of workshops and conferences,including those on steepland and hillslope farming in Puerto Rico, Indonesia and Taiwan; conservation farming conferences in Kenya and Tanzania; headwater conferences in the former Czechoslovakia and India; soil conservation extension in Thailand; rangeland desertification in Iceland and land degradation in Thailand. WASWC has also co-sponsored Conferences with the International Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO) in Belgium, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Thailand, Ethiopia, Australia and Germany. WASWC meetings are usually held in conjunction with ISCO and the Soil and Water Conservation Society's meetings.

    76. Montessori Education - Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)
    provides members and organizations with training guidance and resources to preserve and promote the Montessori philosophy.
    Welcome to the website of the
    Association Montessori Internationale Please wait while the site downloads,
    or you can click on the logo to move directly to the website.

    77. Student Development - Valencia Community College
    LASO Latin American Student Organization. Muslim Student association. PuertoRican Student Union. SGA - Student Government assoc. Spectrum (philosophy).
    Home Contact Directory Feedback ... Text Version
    Student Clubs and Organizations
    Valencia provides numerous opportunities that can add to your classroom experience. You can explore your interests, meet people or just have fun. 
    -club web page link
    -club email link
    Brain Bowl Forensics Valencia Source
    East Campus
    A2CS - African-American Cultural Society ACLU@Valencia Campus Crusade for Christ Chess Club Culinary Student Assoc. Cultural Dance Society Dive Club Graphic Design Club Guitarists Unplugged L.A.S.O. - Latin American Student Organization Muslim Student Association One Earth Club Peer Educators Phi Beta Lambda(Business) Phi Theta Kappa(Academic Honorary) Puerto Rican Student Union SGA - Student Government Assoc. SGA East Spectrum (Philosophy) V.I.C Valencia International Club Valencia Dance Club Valencia Volunteers Welcome Team
    Osceola Campus
    Campus Crusade for Christ Caribbean Students Assoc. Chalice L.A.S.O. - Latin American Student Organization MARS – Motivated and Reliable Students Phi Beta Lambda (Business) Phi Theta Kappa(Academic Honorary) Platform Theatre Co.

    78. Index
    Dedicated to spreading the Communist philosophy by providing outlines of Marxist thought and concepts, history of communist movements, and links to communist parties, periodicals, and organizations.

    79. Remnant Saints International Patriot Alliance
    Coalition of individuals and organizations opposed to world government. Statement of beliefs, listing of signatory members, and essays on God, political philosophy, and the United Nations.

    80. Links To Dental Organizations And Companies - Park Ave. Periodontal Assoc.
    HOME SERVICES What We do Periodontal Treatment philosophy Our Services LecturesHygiene Club Surgical Lectures. Links to Dental organizations and Companies.

    What We do

    Links to
    Dental Organizations and Companies
    Dental Societies

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