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         Philosophy Medieval:     more books (100)
  1. La Filosofia De La Edad Media/ the Philosophy of Medieval Times by Etienne Gilson, 2007-05-18
  2. A HISTORY OF MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHY by Copleston. F. C., 1972
  3. The Philosophy of Peter Abelard by John Marenbon, 1999-09-28
  4. Dissent and Philosophy in the Middle Ages: Dante and His Precursors (Applications of Political Theory) by Ernest L. Fortin, 2002-09-15
  5. Medieval Philosophy: Selected Readings from Augustine to Buridan by Herman Shapiro, 1964
  6. History of Philosophy, Volume 1 (History of Philosophy) by Frederick Copleston, 1993-03-01
  7. Logic and the Philosophy of Language (The Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Texts, Vol. 1)
  8. The Cambridge History of Medieval Political Thought c.350-c.1450 (The Cambridge History of Political Thought)
  9. Medieval Philosophy by Armand A. Maurer, 1962
  10. Philosophies of Existence: Ancient and Medieval
  11. Quodlibetal Questions: Volumes 1 and 2, Quodlibets 1-7 (Yale Library of Medieval Philosophy Seri) by William of Ockham, 1998-05-25
  12. History of Philosophy, Volume 2 by Frederick Copleston, 1993-03-01
  13. Conscience in Medieval Philosophy
  14. Medieval Jewish Philosophy: An Introduction (Curzon Jewish Philosophy) by La Cohn-Sherbok, 1996-10-29

61. Timeline Of Western Philosophy [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
medieval philosophy Early Middle Ages Origen, PseudoDionysius, Augustine; High Middle Ages Anselm, Lombard, Aquinas,; Late Middle
Timeline of Western Philosophy

62. Sophismata
Article on this common form of medieval philosophical writing, by John Longeway. From the Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy.
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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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sophisma sophisma is an ambiguous, puzzling or simply difficult sentence that has to be solved. As an important element of scholarly training in universities, closely related to different kinds of disputations, the sophismata not only served to illustrate a theory but, from a more theoretical point of view, were also used to test the limits of a theory. The so-called sophismata -literature assumed more and more importance during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and it is not an exaggeration to claim that many important developments in philosophy (mainly in logic and natural philosophy) appeared in texts of this kind, where masters could feel free to investigate problems and develop their own views, much more than they could in more academic and strictly codified literary genres.

63. Johannes Sharpe
medieval scholar, prominent among the later Oxford Realists. Article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy, by Alessandro Conti.
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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Johannes Sharpe
1. Life and Works
lector ordinarius He established a reputation as a philosopher and a theologian. The number of extant manuscripts of his works and their widespread distribution attest to his importance and notoriety throughout the 15 th century. The following writings are attributed to him:
  • a treatise on universals ( Quaestio super universalia QsU ] his only edited work); a commentary by questions on Aristotle's On the Soul Quaestio super libros De anima In De anima ] 8 mss.; all references are to the ms. Oxford, New College 238); a commentary by questions on Aristotle's On Physics Quaestio super libros Physicorum 7 mss.); a treatise on the properties of being ( De passionibus entis 3 mss.);

64. Thomas Of Erfurt
Life and work of this Modist medieval philosopher, by Jack Zupko. From the Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy.
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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Thomas of Erfurt
Thomas of Erfurt was the most influential member of a group of later medieval philosophers known as the speculative grammarians or Modistae (Modists), after the central place they assigned to the modi significandi (modes of signification) of a word in the analysis of human discourse. The notion that a word, once it has been imposed to signify, carries with it all of its syntactical modes, or possible combinations with other words, had been around since the 12 th century. What the Modistae did was to explain the origins of the modi significandi in terms of parallel theories of modi intelligendi (modes of understanding) and modi essendi (modes of being). The result was a curious amalgam of philosophy, grammar, and linguistics. Thomas of Erfurt's De modis significandi became the standard Modist textbook in the 14 th century, though it enjoyed even greater fame later thanks to its misidentification as a work of Duns Scotus. The text was eventually printed as part of Scotus's

65. Philosophy Topics: Main Page
What s new in this section? Historical Time Periods. Ancient philosophy; medieval philosophy; Renaissance philosophy; Modern philosophy; 19th Century philosophy;
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66. Topics Results
medieval philosophy. In the Western tradition, medieval philosophy refers to the period after Ancient philosophy, but before Renaissance philosophy.

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68. Welcome To The Abbreviationes™ Website!
can be ordered directly from Dr. Olaf Pluta, KUN Center for medieval and Renaissance Natural philosophy, Erasmusplein 1, NL6525 HT Nijmegen (The Netherlands).
Program Availability and Requirements
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Main Dictionary
Application Features
The Information Area in the left part of the window provides users with the following information (read from the top down): the abbreviation as it may be written in your manuscript, the transliterated form in parentheses, the transcription, the period of time in which this abbreviation was used, and one or more sample manuscripts in which this abbreviation can be found. In cases of rare or unique abbreviations, the manuscript date or provenance has also been included.
User Interface
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There is no additional charge for postage and packaging. We accept checks, MasterCard, Visa, and corporate or institutional purchase orders. Checks should be made payable to Dr. Olaf Pluta. If you require further information, please contact Dr. Pluta at

69. 20th WCP: Medieval Philosophy
Archive of contributed papers in the subject area of medieval philosophy. medieval philosophy. medieval philosophy. Author s Name, Affiliation, Paper Title.
Medieval Philosophy The papers indexed below were given at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10-15, 1998. Additional papers may be added to this section as electronic versions are aquired and formatted for the archive. These papers will be listed for a period of time at the What's New? page. Regarding browser support: The papers published in The Paideia Archive please contact the project's webmaster and provide details of the difficulty.
In addition to browsing the numerous subject indexes, you may also enter a name or subject keyword in the space below and hit the search button. Medieval Philosophy Author's Name Affiliation Paper Title Peter Adamson University of Notre Dame Johannes Brachtendorf Self-knowledge and the Sciences in Augustine's Early Thinking Darien C. DeBolt University of Oklahoma George Gemistos Plethon on God: Heterodoxy in Defense of Orthodoxy Victoria Erhart Catholic University of America The Context and Contents of Priscianus of Lydia's Solutionum ad Chosroem Sharon Kaye Dalhousie University Russell, Strawson, and William of Ockham

70. Academic Info: Medieval Philosophy
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Academic Info
Medieval Philosophy
Home Search Index Contact ... Medieval Advertisers - Find Books on Philosophy
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71. Philosophy - Academic Info
philosophy Directory of Online Resources Sections include Digital Library ; General Links ; Ancient philosophy ; medieval philosophy ; Modern philosophy
Academic Info
Philosophy - Directory of Online Resources
Sections include: Digital Library ; General Links ; Ancient Philosophy ; Medieval Philosophy ; Modern Philosophy ; Existentialism ; Philosophy of the Mind ; African Philosophy ; Chinese Philosophy ; Indian Philosophy.
Search Index Contact ... Humanities Philosophy Table of Contents
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72. Society For Medieval And Renaissance Philosophy
The Society for medieval and Renaissance philosophy was founded in December 1978 to foster research and teaching in the field, to organize scholarly meetings
W ELCOME! The Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy was founded in December 1978 to foster research and teaching in the field, to organize scholarly meetings and conferences, to publish a newsletter and a monograph series, and to cooperate with other learned societies in projects of common interest. Please take time to visit the rest of our site by following the links to your left, or at the bottom of this page. Membership information is listed below; you may also print out an application MEMBERSHIP: There are three classes of membership in the Society: Regular, Associate, and Student. Only regular members have the right to vote. Regular Membership in the Society is open to all scholars and teachers of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, scholars and teachers whose scholarship and/or teaching is professionally related to Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, and those others whose achievements are judged by the membership committee to warrant regular membership. Those qualified for regular membership who wish to provide additional support for the activities of the Society, may become contributing members by paying a higher rate of dues. Associate Membership in the Society is open to those, including individuals with non-academic careers, who have a demonstrated interest in the work of the Society.

73. Ancient Philosophy Conference Program: Preliminary
philosophy Department. Fordham s philosophy Department. FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESENTS Ancient and medieval philosophy, 2003. Date Friday
Philosophy Department Fordham's Philosophy Department
Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, 2003 Date: Friday, October 31- November 2, 2003
Place: Fordham University, Lincoln Center
33 W 60th St. New York, NY 10023
Including the annual meetings of scholarly societies in the history of ancient and medieval philosophy The 21 st annual meetings of Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (SAGP Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science (SSIPS International Society for Neoplatonic Studies (ISNS); the 4 th annual meeting of Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA), Council for Philosophical Studies of Neoplatonism (CPSN), and others Registration : Lobby, Fordham Lincoln Center, Friday 4-8:00 and Saturday 9-12:00 Dinner and Plenary Session th Floor Lounge, Friday 5:30-9:00 Sessions th floor classrooms, Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 9:00 Conference Information Desk; Book and Journal Exhibits rd floor Lounge Refreshments th floor; the Lowenstein Cafe on the Plaza level See page 11 (below) for additional information about Conference arrangements.

74. Philosophy Links
Ancient Roman philosophy. Bjorn s Guide To philosophy; medieval philosophy. Modern philosophy. philosophy in General. medieval philosophy.
System Of Life Institute's
Last updated September 3, 2000
To visit
System Of Life Institute, click here.
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... , click here.
Table of ContentsClick on a subject below for a quick link to that subject
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Ancient Roman Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Philosophy in general including the Tao Te Jing.

75. Philosophy In Cyberspace
medieval and Later medieval philosophy http// medieval Logic and philosophy http//

Section 1
Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 ... Section 5 12th Century Logic HomePage
This page, maintained by IWAKUMA Yukio (, provides access to various papers and resources in Medieval Logic. Aquinas
Part of Stephen Loughlin's ( home page, this page provides biographical details on Aquinas, as well as links to Aquinas' works. St Thomas Aquinas
This site provides a short biography, selected quotations and links to online texts. It is maintained by Robert Sarkissian ( St. Thomas Aquinas Five Ways
Maintained by Patricia Weiss (, this web page details Aquinas' arguments for the existence of God and provides a link to a page on Paley's Teleological Argument Argos

76. Medieval Philosophy Texts Online -- Ziniewicz
medieval philosophy Online Texts. General Sites. The Early Church Fathers The Early Church Fathers is a 38volume collection of
Medieval Philosophy
Online Texts
General Sites
Anselm of Canterbury
Augustine 354 - 430
Thomas Aquinas

77. Ziniewicz On Medieval Philosophy
Question How is human nature both ennobled and degraded in the medieval perspective? 9. In the philosophy of the modern ages, we will see what happens when

by Gordon L. Ziniewicz
Question: Does focus on one aspect of context necessarily lead to neglect of other aspects of context? Why or why not? Question: Why do human beings seem to need to believe that something is reliable? 3. The ancients struggled with the relation between the individual and the community. But three basic presuppositions about human nature and human society generally prevailed: (1) the importance of the polis as the enabling context (or inhibiting context) of individual development. In both negative and positive ways, one's individual condition seemed bound up with the organization of one's fellow citizens. With the Epicureans and the Stoics, the emphasis upon citizenship in a particular city-state declined, but the importance of community and friendship was maintained by the Epicureans. It was the Stoic view that was most aloof, but even the Stoics maintained a sense of this-worldly activity. (2) The ancients (like most Chinese philosophers) maintained the original innocence or potential goodness of human nature. Not only was non-human nature seen to be reliable, but human nature (within limits) could be counted on. For example, Aristotle maintains that humans have positive intellectual and social tendencies.

78. English Books > Philosophy > Medieval
English Books philosophy medieval listing of 101 titles. Free worldwide delivery.

English Books

German Books

Spanish Books

Sheet Music
... Philosophy Index of 101 Titles
First page
Prev Next Last page ... Aesthetics Of Thomas Aquinas Translator Bredin, Hugh Eco, Umberto Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 0674006763 An Exposition Of The On The Hebdomads Of Boethius Aquinas, Thomas Schultz, Janice L. Paperback; ; ISBN: 0813209951 An Exposition Of The On The Hebdomads Of Boethius ST Thomas Aquinas Translator Synan, Edward A. Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 0813209943 An Introduction To Medieval Islamic Philosophy Leaman, Oliver Leaman, Oliver Paperback; ; ISBN: 0521289114 Ancient Writing And Its Influence Ullman, B. L. Brown, Julian Paperback; ; ISBN: 0802064353 Anselm And Nicholas Of Cusa Translator Manheim, Ralph Jaspers, Karl Paperback; ; ISBN: 0156076004 Aquinas Sources: The Notre Dame Symposium Smith, Timothy L. Paperback; ; ISBN: 1587310279 Augustine: Political Writings Atkins, E. M. Paperback; ; ISBN: 052144697X
First page
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Government and corporate Purchase Orders accepted without prior account application.

79. Collaborative Programme In Ancient And Medieval Philosophy
Information on the Collaborative Programme in Ancient and medieval philosophy at the University of Toronto, including Programme resources, admission
University of Toronto. Site design and maintenance by A.N. Speca
Last substantial revision on 1 August 2000.

80. E-J Miner Results
EJ. Browse Titles, Browse Subjects, Colorado EJ s, Titles with the Subject Heading philosophy, medieval . 1 EJournals. Traditio Studies, Medieval

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