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         Philosophy History General:     more books (100)
  1. The appropriating process: A brief study of its history and philosophy, general characteristics and its application to New Mexico by Maralyn S Budke, 1964
  2. The modern mystery: Or, Table-tapping, its history, philosophy, and general attributes by J. G MacWalter, 1854
  3. Health by exercise: Showing what exercises to take, and how to take them, to remove special physical weakness : embracing the history and philosophy of ... summary of the general principles of hygiene by Geo. H Taylor, 1884
  4. Synopsis of sciences and arts: Arranged under the general heads of philosophy, history and arts : to which is prefixed a chart showing at one view the ... sciences and arts, now known in the world by Peter Birkman, 1829
  5. Reason in History : A General Introduction to the Philosophy of History by Robert S. Hartman, 1953
  6. Philosophies of Music History;: A Study of General Histories of Music, 1600-1960 (Dover Books on Music) by Warren Dwight Allen, 1962
  7. Florentine Codex: General History of the Things of New Spain. Book 6--Rhetoric and Moral Philosophy (Florentine Codex, General History of the Things of New Spain, Book 6) by Arthur J. O. Anderson, 1970-02-08
  8. Reason in History: A General Intoruction to the Philosophy of History (The Library of Liberal Arts)
  9. Philosophies of Music History A Study of General Histories of Music 1600-1960 by Warren Dwight Allen, 1962
  10. Reason In History; A General Introduction to The Philosophy of History by Georg and Friedrich Hegel; Robert S Hartman (translated with an introduction by) Wilhelm, 1954
  11. REASON IN HISTORY:A GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY.Translated with introduction by Robert S.Hartman by G.W.F. Hegel, 1981
  12. Managerial decentralization: A study of the general electric philosophy (Hive management history series) by Ronald G Greenwood, 1982
  13. Reason in History: a General Introduction to the Philosophy of History by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 1954
  14. The life and letters of John Locke,: With extracts from his journals and common-place books. With a general index (Philosophy and religious history monographs, 93) by Peter King King, 1972

161. Bethel College & Seminary, St. Paul, MN
A fouryear, liberal arts institution committed to a distinctly evangelical Christian philosophy of education, sponsored by the churches of the Baptist general Conference and affiliated with Bethel Seminary.
Quick Links Benson Great Hall bethelnet Blackboard Campus Store Career Services Child Development Centers Computer Resources Doctor of Ministry Focus Heart and Mind InMinistry InterCom Map/Directions Security and Safety Seminary St. Paul Commencement: June 12
Department of Business and Economics receives community service award

Bethel College business students featured in
Star Tribune ...
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162. Independent Living Resources / Family Village
Links to papers on Independent Living philosophy and lists of Independent LIving Centers.
The Family Village
Independent Living Resources Back to [ General Information Library Family Village Home
Coffee Shop ... Information
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163. Silver.Cat.Studios - Signs & Graphics - 215.917.8303
A downto-earth webzine covering environment, politics, philosophy, and life in general.
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164. Wm. Kent Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S., P.A. -- General Surgeon
Houston general Surgeon. Offers descriptions, explanations, and treatments of common surgical problems. The importance of practice philosophy, scope of practice, and credentials are emphasized. (Texas)
American Board of Surgery
American College of Surgeons

Hernia Resource Center

Susan G. Komen Breast

Cancer Foundation
A Risk Assessment Tool For Developing Breast Cancer

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will find the answers to any questions you might have about general surgery and my practice. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact us at (281) 893-2288. Wm. Kent Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S., P.A.
General Surgery
17203 Red Oak #203
Houston, TX 77090 Practice Philosophy: There are two criteria that should be met before any surgical procedure is performed. Illnesses and Injuries: Get descriptions and statistics on some of the illnesses and injuries that general surgeons treat. What is a General Surgeon?

165. Sparsabhumi - Buddhist And Indological Studies
Selected Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Indian philosophy and Culture and the Encounter between India and the Western World (Buddhist Texts in Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Central Asian Languages, Chinese and in Modern European Languages, Sanskrit Literature in general, Other Indian Languages Texts, Buddhist and Indian Art and Western Classical Texts of Interest to the Indologist and the Buddhist Scholar)
Buddhist and Indological Studies Selected Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Indian Philosophy and Culture and the Encounter between India and the Western World (Buddhist Texts in Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Central Asian Languages, Chinese and in Modern European Languages, Sanskrit Literature in General, Other Indian Languages Texts, Buddhist and Indian Art and Western Philosophical and Literary Texts of Interest to the Indologist and the Buddhist Scholar) The author is a member of... [ANU Home Page] [Faculty of Asian Studies] Last update 20 August 2000

More a general introduction to the enterprise of Vico presents the entire course of Vico s philosophical thought as in his new science of the history of nations
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    • This includes many textbooks Some scholarly monographs Some special issue periodicals
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    Recommended New Titles:
    Some thing light for the Summer reading list
    by John Pryke, (Model Railroader Magazine: Kalmbach Publishing Company) Expertly compiled and edited by model railroading expert John Pryke, Steam Locomotive Projects And Ideas is an impressive resource ideal the novice and welcomed by advanced railroad modelers alike. Clear, direct instructions and full-color photographs detail the basics of a variety of model railroad activities including detailing, kitbashing, scratch building, painting, weathering, improving performance, and more. An excellent selection of well illustrated model railroading ideas. Assemble your own fleet of well-detailed and fine-tuned model steam locomotives using the tips and techniques included in this contemporary collection of articles from Model Railroader Magazine.

167. Yi Hwang (T'oegye)
Article adapted from the 1994 Routledge Encyclopedia of philosophy, briefly discussing this philosopher's relation to Korean NeoConfucianism in general.'oegye.htm
Yi Hwang (T'oegye) Yi Hwang (1501-1570) best known by his honorific name T'oegye, is one of the two most honored thinkers of the Korean Neo-Confucian tradition. His fully balanced and integral grasp of the complex philosophical Neo-Confucian synthesis woven by Chu Hsi during China's Sung dynasty marks the tradition's arrival at full maturity in Korea. His "four-seven debate" with Ki Taesŭng established a distinctive problematique that strongly oriented Korean Neo-Confucian thought towards exacting investigation of critical issues regarding the juncture of metaphysics and their all-important application in describing the inner life of the human heart-and-mind
He took the civil service examinations and served in government for a number of years, but his true longing was for a life of quiet study, reflection, and self-cultivation. He retired from office in his late forties to pursue his dream, and the following two decades were a period of tremendous productivity in spite of frequent recalls to office as his fame as a scholar and teacher grew. The differing orientations crystallized into bloody clashes and purges by the end of the fourteenth century as young men steeped in moral rigorism began to move from the countryside into government.

168. Jiyushinkai Aikibudo
Dojo locations, photographs, seminars, books and videos, teaching staff, philosophy and general information.

169. Jean-Jacques Rousseau | Philosopher
Biography and some general philosophy links.
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Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Philosopher Never exceed your rights, and
they will soon become unlimited.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
was born on June 28, 1712 in Geneva, Switzerland. His mother died shortly after his birth. When Rousseau was 10 his father fled from Geneva to avoid imprisonment for a minor offense, leaving young Jean-Jacques to be raised by an aunt and uncle. Rousseau left Geneva at 16, wandering from place to place, finally moving to Paris in 1742. He earned his living during this period, working as everything from footman to assistant to an ambassador. Rousseau's profound insight can be found in almost every trace of modern philosophy today. Somewhat complicated and ambiguous, Rousseau's general philosophy tried to grasp an emotional and passionate side of man which he felt was left out of most previous philosophical thinking. In his early writing, Rousseau contended that man is essentially good, a "noble savage" when in the "state of nature" (the state of all the other animals, and the condition man was in before the creation of civilization and society), and that good people are made unhappy and corrupted by their experiences in society. He viewed society as "articficial" and "corrupt" and that the furthering of society results in the continuing unhappiness of man. Rousseau's essay, "Discourse on the Arts and Sciences" (1750), argued that the advancement of art and science had not been beneficial to mankind. He proposed that the progress of knowledge had made governments more powerful, and crushed individual liberty. He concluded that material progress had actually undermined the possibility of sincere friendship, replacing it with jealousy, fear and suspicion.

170. Index To The New Zealand Health Information Network
Classes in hatha yoga and meditation, individual yoga therapy. Christcurch and Kaiapoi class locations. Site includes general information about yoga philosophy and practice.
The New Zealand Health Network
Health - Education - Business - Information Your Health: Home Page
Animal Health


Common Diseases
New Zealand: Travel
Hotels Motels
and cartoon friends

Welcome to New Zealand's Health Information Web Site. Health Care Information - practical information on many health problems and issues.
Learn about Ayurveda , this widely used medical system is closely related to naturopathy and it's healing methods are excellent in treating acute and chronic conditions. Read other opinions on cancer and other common diseases , learn about some of complementary therapies Health Practitioners directory of trained and qualified people who provide guidance to better health and prevention of illness. Health Products to relieve symptoms and even reverse the progress of many diseases.

171. VKFA Entrance
Teaching Yin Style Baguazhang in the lineage of Dr. Xie Peiqi. Includes curriculum, class schedule, staff, philosophy, guidelines and general information.

172. Saybrook 404 File
general reference aids, and specific resources in humanistic psychology, general psychology, sociology, religion, and philosophy.
Saybrook Home Contacts
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173. Brahms' Rules Of Musical Composition
His philosophy and techniques are explored along with those of other composers. Also MSPlus desktop theme and a general music bibliography.
Welcome Here you will discover some interesting insight into the great composer Johannes Brahms's mind regarding his philosophy and techniques on composing and inspiration. As well as a special link which demonstrates the other great composers' thoughts on their inspiration. Very informative to those who wish to discover the inner workings of these great genius' minds. Plus an exhaustive bibliography is included listing some very important books in the complete art of music, including film scoring. Plus a new Desktop Theme!
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Brahms' Rules of Musical Composition

is owned by Dimitrios Markatos and is part of
The Classical Music Web Ring

The free linking service hosted by Classical Music UK
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174. Physical Arts - The Holistic Approach To Martial Arts, Health And Personal Fitne
Extensive description and media on general martial arts training with information on martial arts philosophy and coming events.

175. Troop 651 Boy Scouts Of America In San Marcos, California
Includes links, calendar of events, general troop information, and troop philosophy.
BSA Troop 651 and Crew 651
San Marcos, California

Sponsored by San Marcos Lions Club Revised September 18, 2003 WHAT'S NEW:
Our Troop Philosophy
  • Work toward BSA aims through growth in moral strength and character, participating citizenship, and development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness.
  • Family-oriented Troop to promote individual and family involvement in Scouting.

176. Pagan-Shadows
More philosophy than not. general pagan information.
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177. Linux Security
general overview of security issues that face the administrator of Linux systems. It covers general security philosophy and a number of specific examples of how to better secure your Linux system from intruders.

178. June 2004 Synthetic Zero
A personal journal on art, philosophy, design, science, postmodern culture, architecture (in the general sense), ideas, events, observations.
zero events synthetic zero contact ... deeper
June 8, 2004 This is the odd thing; at every era in history, we have tended to think: "Now we have got it all figured out. We know pretty much everything, except for a few small details which still need to be worked out." The Greeks thought they had it worked out, except for a few details. The Egyptians. The ancient Chinese. The Romans, the Christians, the Incas. In every case, not only did it turn out that they didn't have it all figured out, but what they hadn't yet figured out was vast, incredible, earth-shatteringly bizarre. And now, here we are and yet again, we as a human civilization think that we have it all figured out, except for a few details. We're close to a grand unified theory of physics, they say, M-Theory, a "Theory of Everything", but, you know, there are just a few pesky details to work out. These theories are, in fact, remarkably successful ... yet, who is asking the question: how do we really know that our current theories about the world actually correspond to reality? Physics, in fact, works remarkably well for many things, yet - it is still not unified. The major theories (quantum mechanics and relativity) are incompatible - though there are many promising attempts to unify them, none have yet been successful. But how do we really know that even a unified theory would actually correspond to reality at all scales? Starting from the atoms and particles, we can't even begin to compute what something as big as a human being would do. How can we be really sure that we know

179. Martial Arts International
Organization based in New Jersey, USA. Features class timetable, instructor biographies, philosophy, events and general background information of interest.

180. The Stoic Forum
International Stoic Society's Open forum. You are welcome to post practically anything you care to about the philosophy, content or aims of Stoicism in general or the society in particular.
The Stoic Forum
We'd like to welcome you to the International Stoic Societies open forum.
You are welcome to post practically anything you care to about the philosophy, content or aims of Stoicism in general or the society in particular.
We hope that you will also use this page to communicate and share ideas with each other.
If you have arrived on a search from somewhere, you will find more on the International Stoic Society here , and more about Zenon here. The page got too big so archives of all posts prior to 18/12/99 are here New postings will now be most recent at the top.
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Remote Name: Date:
11 June 2004
I am serious student of stoic philosophy. not many books are available on the subject in India. I would like to understand the ideas and thoughts propounded by Great Stoics. My e-mail address is lmgor@indiatimes .com
Remote Name: Date:
02 June 2004
auxien Date: 27 March 2004 I am a college student that wants to do a paper on the Platonic theories of justice and the allegory of the cave concerning the movie The Passion of the Christ. If anyone has any suggestions or places to get cites, please email me. I love suggestions and criticism. Thank you.

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