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         Philosophy History General:     more books (100)
  1. History of Western Philosophy (Routledge Classics) by Bertrand Russell, 2004-03-29
  2. History of Philosophy, Volume 5 by Frederick Copleston, 1993-12-01
  3. A New History of Western Philosophy: Complete Four Volume Set by Anthony Kenny, 2007-12-15
  4. History of Philosophy, Volume 8 (Modern Philosophy) by Frederick Copleston, 1994-02-01
  5. History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education with PowerWeb: Health and Human Performance by Robert A Mechikoff, Steven G Estes, 2001-08-24
  6. A New Philosophy of History
  7. A History of Western Philosophy: Kant and the Nineteenth Century, Revised, Volume IV (History of Western Philosophy) by W. T. Jones, Robert J. Fogelin, 1975-10-03
  8. History Of Philosophy (1903) by William Turner, 2007-11-03
  9. Companion Encyclopedia of the History and Philosophy of the Mathematical Sciences
  10. Capoeira: A Brazilian Art Form: History, Philosophy, and Practice by Bira Almeida, 1993-02-01
  11. History of Philosophy, Volume 7 (Modern Philosophy) by Frederick Copleston, 1994-02-01
  12. Philosophy of Science, Logic and Mathematics in the 20th Century: Routledge History of Philosophy Volume 9 by Stuart Shanker, 2003-05-01
  13. The Renaissance and 17th Century Rationalism: Routledge History of Philosophy Volume 4 by H. Parkinson, 2003-05-01
  14. History of Political Philosophy

81. Philosophy Of History
On the philosophy of history. Jacques Maritain. Table of Contents. FOREWORD. PRELIMINARY NOTE. CHAPTER I The philosophy of history in general.
Jacques Maritain Center Readings
On the Philosophy of History
Jacques Maritain
Table of Contents
CHAPTER I: The Philosophy of History in General
  • Is any Philosophy of History possible?
  • The Hegelian Delusion
  • Spurious and genuine Philosophy of History
  • Philosophy of History and Moral Philosophy adequately taken
CHAPTER II: Axiomatic Formulas or Functional Laws
  • The law of two-fold contrasting progress
  • The ambivalence of history
  • The law of the historical fructifications of good and evil
  • The law of the world-significance of history-making events
  • The law of prise de conscience
  • The law of the hierarchy of means
CHAPTER III: Typological Formulas or Vectorial Laws
  • The theological notion of the various "states" of human nature
  • The theological notion of the various "states" in the historical development of mankind
  • The destiny of the Jewish people
  • The false Hegelian and Comtian laws of various states or stages
  • The law of the passage from the "magical" to the "rational" regime or state in the history of human culture
  • The law of the progress of moral conscience
  • The law of the passage from "sacral" to "secular" or "lay" civilizations
  • The law of the political and social coming of age of the people
CHAPTER IV: God and the Mystery of the World
  • God and history
  • The world and its natural ends
  • Christ's mystical body
  • The mystery of the world
  • The good of the soul and the good of the world
  • Thy Kingdom come
CHAPTER V: Final Remarks
  • Philosophy and History
  • Philosophy of History and supra-philosophical data

82. University Of Queensland - School Of History, Philosophy, Religion, And Classics
Each discipline area also provides a range of general information relating to its Authorised by Head, School of history, philosophy, Religion, and Classics.
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics World Class: Be Part of It Search UQ:



... Student Information General Information
General Information

Library Orientation Activities The University offers guided tours for students new to this university. Tours commence at the beginning of Orientation Week so check with Student Centre for further information. Introductory sessions to the libraries' on-line catalogue will also be offered, as well as instruction in the use of CD-ROM databases and the Internet. Please check at the main Library Reference Desk for details. Additional Information Students seeking more information than is provided in this website should contact the School Office to make their enquiries. Contacts are as follows: E-mail: Phone: Fax: + 61 (7) 3365 1968 and 3365 3071 Main office: Room E316, Forgan Smith Building (St Lucia 1) Each discipline area also provides a range of general information relating to its own requirements and activities. Use the menu at left to access the information you require.
Authorised by: Head, School of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics

83. University Of Queensland - School Of History, Philosophy, Religion, And Classics
general Information Prospective students should first determine whether they wish to undertake Ancient history Ethics history philosophy Studies in
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics World Class: Be Part of It Search UQ:



... Postgraduate Study General Information
General Information

Prospective students should first determine whether they wish to undertake postgraduate studies in a Research Only program, a combined Research/Coursework program, or a Coursework Only program. Research only programmes Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy): research on a major topic leading to a thesis of 80,000 words. Normally takes at least three years. M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy): research on a somewhat smaller topic leading to a thesis of 40,000 words. Normally takes about two years. Coursework only programmes M.A. (Master of Arts): this degree was once a research-only degree, but it is now used for coursework qualifications. A coursework M.A. in the School may include a short thesis (20,000 words). Grad.Dip.Arts (Graduate Diploma in Arts): this programme is equivalent to one year's full time study and is based on regular classes (though there is also opportunity for independent project work). A wide range of individual courses is available within the following programmes: Ancient History
Philosophy Studies in Religion Classical Languages East and West Environment and Humanities Grad.Cert.Arts (Graduate Certificate in Arts): equivalent to half a Grad.Dip.Arts, i.e. one semester's full time study.

84. Philosophy / History
The general principle at York is that students should take modules flexibility of this combined course, students studying history and philosophy may adopt
Philosophy and History Combined course
The History/Philosophy (Equal) combined course is very flexible, and makes it possible for students to pursue their interests in either subject. Although the title of the course implies that the subjects are combined in equal proportions, this is not mandatory and students may, if they choose, obtain up to two-thirds of their credits in either subject.
General structure of the courses
The general principle at York is that students should take modules from which they obtain 120 credits for each of their three years at York. Because of the flexibility of this combined course, students studying History and Philosophy may adopt a policy of distributing these, each year, in any of the following proportions: 80/40, 60/60, 40/80. In more detail -
First year programme
The aim of the first year introductory modules in philosophy is to introduce students to major debates in philosophy, to give them some acquaintance with the work of important philosophers from the past, and, above all, to familiarise students with the discipline of writing and discussing philosophy. In each of the first two terms, students take one Philosophy module (together with one History module)

85. General : History And Philosophy
Return to OCIS Directory. general history and philosophy. 5 results found, 1 5, Evolutionary paths in imaging and recent trends Optics Express, Vol.
[Return to OCIS Directory]
General : History and philosophy
5 results found Evolutionary paths in imaging and recent trends
Optics Express, Vol. 11 Issue 18 Page 2093 (September 2003)
Joseph N. Mait, Ravi Athale, Joseph van der Gracht The Telescopes of Seventeenth-Century Italy
Optics and Photonics News, Vol. 14 Issue 6 Page 34 (June 2003)
Giuseppe Molesini Condensed-phase optical refrigeration
JOSA B, Vol. 20 Issue 5 Page 1037 (May 2003)
Anton Rayner, Norman R. Heckenberg, Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop Seventeenth-century Telescope Optics of Torricelli, Divini, and Campani
Applied Optics, Vol. 41 Issue 4 Page 644 (February 2002)
Mara Miniati, Albert Van Helden, Vincenzo Greco, Giuseppe Molesini Skerrylike Mirages and the Discovery of Greenland Applied Optics, Vol. 39 Issue 21 Page 3612 (July 2000) Waldemar H. Lehn MY ACCOUNT ABOUT INFOBASE SUBSCRIBE HELP ... HOME

86. Letters, Arts & Social Sciences
English history philosophy Journalism Mass Media Foreign Languages Literatures. Interdisciplinary Programs general Studies Faculty Staff Listings.




General Studies

College News Sarah M. Nelson
Foreign Languages David Giese PROFESSOR Fine Art Rick Fehrenbacher PROFESSOR English For more information contact the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences at 208-885-6426 or at This site best viewed with Internet Explorer 6+ or

87. Science, Philosophy, And History And Philosophy Of Science Links
On Chemistry; Chemistry Resources; general Chemistry Glossary; Chemistry Glossary; John Dalton s A New System of Chemical philosophy ; A short history of the
The gull sees farthest who flies highest
Listen To Your Ideas
Science, Philosophy, and History and Philosophy of Science Links
Back to the Courses Page Back to the Main Page
The links below will be updated and restructured on a regular basis. If you find websites relevant to the topics discussed in class, please let me know and I will include them here.
Note: The structure of this page will be completely revised later in the summer (Sunday, 11 May 2003; 12:09 PM).
Note 2: The summer was extremely busy and I will try to revise the structure of this page during the Fall semester or when I find the time (Monday, September 1, 2003, 11:22 PM).
Philosophy and Philosophy of Science
  • Online Book: History of Philosophy by William Turner
  • Essential Logic: Basic Reasoning Skills for the 21st Century by Ronald C. Pine
  • Science and the Human Prospect by Ronald C. Pine
  • Philosophy: Selected Internet Resources ...
  • Edmund L. Gettier - Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? [From Analysis 23 (1963): 121-123]
  • General Science
  • - Science Vertical Portal
    general. WorldWide Web Virtual Library history of Science, Technology Medicine history of philosophy of Science HOPOS-L history
    History of Science Links
    Astronomy and Cosmology Biology and Medicine Chemistry Earth Sciences ... Basic Celestial Phenomena
    History of Science Department of the University of Oklahoma
    Offers Masters and Doctoral degree programs in the history of science from antiquity to the present. This web page contains links to further Internet science studies resources.
    History of Science Collections of the University of Oklahoma
    Contains 100,000 rare volumes in the history of science.
    Worldwide Guide to Science Studies
    Sponsored by the University of Missouri at Kansas City.
    History of Science Society
    Linda Hall Library
    A private library on the campus of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, with excellent resources for history of science.
    History of Philosophy of Science: HOPOS-L
    History and Philosophy of Science and Science Teaching: HPSST-L
    Early Instruments
    Greek Science
    Medieval Science Discussion List: MEDSCI-L
    The Art of Renaissance Science
    Inventory of Sources for History of Twentieth-Century Science
    WWWVL History of Science and Technology ...
    WWW Virtual Library Listing for History of Science, Technology and Medicine
    Includes a large number of history of science, technology, and medicine links. Sponsored by the University of Melbourne's Australian Science Archives Project
    Humboldt Scientific Locality Index
    A database project that attempts to provide an analytical framework for understanding the globalisation of Western science.

    89. Original Articles On History, Science, Religion And Philosophy
    Articles and Essays on history, Science, Religion and philosophy. Articles are categorised as academic, suitable for a general reader or deliberately
    Articles and Essays on History, Science, Religion and Philosophy
    Table of Contents for Original Articles
    Here is a table of contents featuring all the original articles in Bede's Library whether written by me or a guest writer. It also contains articles that I have written that are hosted elsewhere. Articles are categorised as academic, suitable for a general reader or deliberately popular in outlook. History of Science: essays and articles on the historical relationship between science and religion
    Copernicus and his Revolutions: exactly what Copernicus achieved and how he used his ideas (academic)

    The Mythical Conflict between Science and Religion: the invention of the conflict in the 19th century (general)

    Medieval Science, the Church and Universities: the thriving culture of science in the Middle Ages (academic)

    On the Development of Scientific and Religious Ideas: methods to figure out how science and religion progress (academic)
    How Christianity Helped us Think Straight: a short summary of how Christianity led to Science (popular)

    History of Religion: essays and articles about the growth and effect of Christianity
    The Mysterious Fate of the Great Library of Alexandria: what happened to the fabled stock of books? (popular)

    90. CD-Delivered Books - Free Delivery - 23,590 Title Database
    Literature ~ general. 243 titles. Literature ~ history Criticism. 71 titles. Nature/Animals/Pets ~ general. 54 titles. philosophy ~ general. 15 titles.

    English Books

    German Books

    Spanish Books

    Sheet Music

    CD-Delivered Books 23,590 Title Database
    Antiques/Collectibles ~ General
    10 titles Architecture ~ Architecture - Specific Styles 79 titles Art ~ Commercial - General 102 titles Art ~ Fine Arts 301 titles Art ~ General 10 titles Art ~ History - General 67 titles Art ~ Painting - Specific Subjects 62 titles 129 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Business Communication 21 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Economics 170 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Finance 420 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Industrial Management 130 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Management 643 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ New Age (Self Help) 126 titles 232 titles 1 titles 76 titles Children's/Teenage ~ General 123 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Language Arts - General 768 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Lifestyles (City Life) 36 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Mathematics - General 414 titles 81 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Reference - General 20 titles 282 titles 114 titles Computer ~ Advanced Applications 292 titles Computer ~ General 250 titles Computer ~ Integrated Software - General 2,078 titles

    91. Audio Books - Free Delivery - 42,266 Title Database
    Literature ~ general. 904 titles. Literature ~ history Criticism. 95 titles. Nature/Animals/Pets ~ general. 87 titles. philosophy ~ general. 71 titles.

    English Books

    German Books

    Spanish Books

    Sheet Music

    Audio Books 42,266 Title Database
    Antiques/Collectibles ~ General
    1 titles Architecture ~ Architecture - Specific Styles 4 titles Art ~ Fine Arts 696 titles Art ~ History - General 15 titles Art ~ Painting - Specific Subjects 23 titles 482 titles Biography/Autobiography ~ Literary 53 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Business Communication 20 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Economics 31 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Finance 200 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Industrial Management 210 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ Management 581 titles Business/Finance/Selling ~ New Age (Self Help) 569 titles 1,542 titles 6 titles 132 titles Children's/Teenage ~ General 755 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Language Arts - General 1,918 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Lifestyles (City Life) 99 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Mathematics - General 63 titles 143 titles Children's/Teenage ~ Reference - General 2 titles 31 titles 141 titles Computer ~ Advanced Applications 9 titles Computer ~ General 2 titles Computer ~ Integrated Software - General 6 titles Computer ~ Internet - General 5 titles Computer ~ Networking - Local Area Networks (L 7 titles Computer ~ Operating Systems - General 12 titles Computer ~ Programming - General 3 titles Cookery/Craft ~ Beverages (non - alcoholic) 51 titles Cookery/Craft ~ General 3 titles Diet/Health/Fitness ~ Health Care Issues 749 titles Education/Student ~ Vocational Guidance 7 titles Family Reference ~ Education 167 titles Fiction ~ General 16,528 titles

    92. HIST 506: Philosophy Of History
    Carl G. Hempel, The Function of general Laws in in Patrick Gardiner, ed., Theories of history (D16.8.G33 the integral text of Analytical philosophy of history
    HIST 506:
    Philosophy of History
    Spring 1998
    Monday 3:30-6:00
    Randall 212
    Allan Megill

    Randall 221
    Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-4:30
    Phone: 924-6414

    Course Description and Requirements

    Course Reading
    Syllabus/Selected Bibliography ... Library Resources
    Course Description and Requirements
    Contacting the Instructor: Office Location: 221 Randall Hall. Office Hours: Tu Th 3:30-4:30, and by arrangement. You should not feel confined to my scheduled office hours. An efficient means of arranging appointment times is by e-mailing me, at; but because it is sometimes hard for me to connect to e-mail from off grounds, it is best to e-mail me a day or two in advance. Note: Sometimes I may have to cancel office hours because of other obligations. It is helpful, therefore, to contact me ahead of time even if you plan to come during regularly scheduled hours. Telephone Numbers: office, 924-6414 (voicemail after several rings if there is no answer); home, 971-8744 (answering machine after several rings; you should not hesitate to phone me at homeif we are otherwise occupied we generally don't answer the phone; but avoid 5 pm-8 pm, and don't phone later than 10:30 pm). E-mail:

    93. Acacia - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Rensselaer Chapter
    general information about the fraternity, its philosophy, and greek life. Includes frequently asked questions, history, current events, membersonly community, virtual tour of their house, members, and alumni.

    94. General History Courses
    history, it serves as a kind of general overview of the of past thinkers was to come to grips with history. students up to speed in the philosophy of history
    Graduate Courses in General History
    Fall Semester, 2001
    HIST 506 PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY Mr. Allan Megill This course combines philosophy of history with a history of historical writing and thinking. Philosophy of history has been a lively field in recent years, with relevance not only to history but to such other disciplines as anthropology, literary studies, religious studies, art history, and philosophy. The course focuses primarily on past and contemporary theories of historical writing and research. While at the time of writing I have not definitively established the book list, books that I have used in the past include Fritz Stern, ed., The Varieties of History from Voltaire to the Present ; Hayden White, The Content of the Form (possibly selected essays only); R. G. Collingwood, The Idea of History ; Michel de Certeau, The Writing of History ; Paul Ricoeur, Time and Narrative , vol. 1; and Ewa Domaska, ed., Encounters: Philosophy of History After Postmodernism . There will also be a photocopied course packet. Every semester that I teach this course I have one or more writing projects underway in the field. At the moment I am particularly interested in issues of historical narrative and in the ethics of history. Students potentially interested in the course are invited to see me ahead of time. It should be noted, also, that last year's syllabus is available on my website. The course is intended to serve different purposes for different students. For students (especially graduate students) outside history, it serves as a kind of general overview of the discipline's ways of thinking. For advanced undergraduate and graduate students in history, in offers a selection of intelligent discussions of the conceptual and practical problems of historical research and writing. To both groups, it offers a crosscut through modern European intellectual history, since one concern of past thinkers was to come to grips with history. Finally, it brings students up to speed in the philosophy of history field itself.

    95. Servilibros | Subjects Index | B
    15739 philosophy (general)(For general philosophy treatises, see BD10). 69-5739 history and systems (Including philosophers and schools).
    Català Español Français Deutsch Quick Search: Titles Authors Editorials Series ISBN Subjects General Works
    Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

    Auxiliary Sciences of History

    History General and Old World
    Login User ID:
    Pintor Fortuny, 26
    08001 Barcelona
    Subjects Index A General Works B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion B PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. RELIGION Ancient phylosophy Philosophy (General)(For general philosophy treatises, see BD10) History and systems (Including philosophers and schools) Medieval philosophy ... Modern philosophy by region or country BC LOGIC Logic (General) BD SPECULATIVE PHILOSOPHY General philosophical works Speculatiive philosophy Epistemology. Theory of knowledge Methodology ... Metaphysics BF PSYCHOLOGY Parapsychology (hallucinations, dreams, hypnotism, mediums) Occult sciences (ghosts, demonology, witchcraft, oracles) Psychoanalysis Experimental psychology ... The hand. Palmistry BH ASTHETICS Aesthetics BJ ETHICS. SOCIALS COSTUMS. ETIQUETTE Religious ethics Ethics. Social usages. Etiquette Ethics. Character. Virtue Social usages. Etiquette ... History and systems (Including ethical philosophers) BL RELIGION Hinduism (History and principles) Religion. Mythology. Rationalism

    96. Publications: Philosophy: A Brief Guide For Undergraduates
    Premedicine and Other Health Professions. Extra work in the general area of ethics should be useful. Aesthetics and the history of philosophy may enhance
    Site Map

    Contact Us

    National Office News
    Paper Submissions


    Board of Officers

    Board Meeting Minutes

    Permission Fees
    Profession Data APA Statements Average Faculty Salaries Advertising Advertising Advertising in JFP Resources Conferences, Seminars JobSeeker Database Teaching Committee's Online Resource Center ... Merchandise list Public Archive: APA Newsletters Other Publications Member Services Membership Info Becoming a Member Members Only Section Login Member Section Index Services: Membership Directory Resources: Jobs for Philosophers APA Newsletters Member Home Pages Sabbatical Housing
    Philosophy: A Brief Guide for Undergraduates

    97. CWRU General Bulletin 93-95
    are not permitted to take a second major in philosophy or to minor either in philosophy or in history of technology and science. general Bulletin 19931996
    Case Western Reserve University
    General Bulletin a Past Issues CWRU Home Page
    Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
    214 Mather House
    Phone 368-2614; Fax 368-4681
    Alan Rocke
    • Program Faculty
    • Undergraduate Program
      James M. Edmonson, Ph.D. (University of Delaware) Curator, Howard Dittrick Museum of Historical Medicine, and Assistant Professor Patsy A. Gerstner, Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University) Chief Curator, Historical Division, Cleveland Health Sciences Library, and Associate Professor Chin-Tai Kim, Ph.D. (Harvard University) Professor and Chairman of Philosophy Miriam R. Levin, Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts) Assistant Professor of History Colin McLarty, Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University) Assistant Professor of Philosophy Carroll W. Pursell, Ph.D. (University of California) Adeline Barry Davee Professor of History Alan J. Rocke, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Professor of History
      The Department of Philosophy and the Program in History of Technology and Science together offer an undergraduate major in the history and philosophy of science and technology. The purpose of the major is to develop a humanistic understanding of the nature and development of technology and science through the combined use of philosophical and historical methods. The major provides a foundation for graduate study in a range of academic disciplines and for careers in business, medicine, law, public policy, and science journalism. It also may be profitably combined with a program in one of the sciences. Within the major, a student may seek an emphasis on technology, physical science, or biological and medically-related science.

    98. The Physics Library - History And Philosophy Of Physics
    Special relativity history. Special relativity - philosophy. general relativity, gravitation - history You can limit with keyword/title word
    UiO - web pages UiO - persons WWW - Google About The University Academics Student Life Research ... Physics library
    History and philosophy of physics
    Subject search in the collection of the Physics Library
    Only the most recent collection (from about 1975) will be retrieved If you seek a particular book, you should search by author and/or title in the Bibsys database

    99. New American Studies Web
    Suggest a Site or read a SiteScene Review. philosophy general. history of philosophy Contributed and editorial essays about the history of philosophy.

    100. Cornell Press - Just Released
    2004 ISBN 08014-4244-3 $45.00s LITERARY CRITICISM / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh philosophy / history Surveys / general history / Europe

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